Millennium Love Scott - 18

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Brian came back in the room and whistled, walking over to kiss me. "I knew that shirt would look good on you." He turned to look in the mirror as he brushed his hair. "You know, it's a good thing that we're the only gay people here or I would have to lock you in the room for the evening." I heard a little insecurity in his voice. I hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you for the shirt, Love, but you wouldn't have to worry even if everyone downstairs were gay." I told him, and then we both laughed as we pictured that.

Walking hand and hand, we went down to join Brian's family in the living room before dinner.

Part 18

The huge Littrell Thanksgiving dinner went very much as I had expected. The family was very close and everyone made me feel welcome, but I couldn't even begin to remember the names of all of Brian's relatives. It reminded me of my own family gatherings but on a much larger scale. After dinner, everyone stayed, lounging around the living room or taking short walks along the stream. Brian and I remained, being sociable and I got to know some of Brian's relatives better. By the time everyone left, it was late. When Brian and I finally went up to bed, we stripped and fell into bed, quickly falling asleep.

The first thing I did when I woke up was to reach out, only to find the space beside me empty. I hated how that felt. I opened my eyes and looked around. Brian was nowhere to be found, and there were no sounds coming from the bathroom. I debated whether to wait for Brian to come back but decided I'd rather find him myself. I jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on and went downstairs after stopping in the bathroom. I wandered into the kitchen where I found Kevin and Harold eating breakfast.

"Hey, guys," I said as I walked in.

"Hi Scott," they said in unison. I walked over to the counter, turned the kettle on and put some bread in the toaster. Then I turned back to the two at the table.

"Do either of you know where Brian is?" I asked, trying not to sound too curious. I did manage to catch the quick look they exchanged. I walked over to them. "Okay. What's going on?" I demanded.

"I think I better go," Harold said with a grin and quickly made his escape. I stood staring at Kevin.

He just sat there, grinning at me. "Ya know you won't get anything out of me," he said before standing up. "However, I might suggest that you eat, shower and meet me at the barn. We're going for another ride today." Kevin turned and walked away, leaving me staring after him.

My brain went into overdrive as I quickly ate my breakfast and tried to figure out what Brian was planning. I loved that he liked to surprise me; it was so sweet. But I would be just as happy simply sitting and losing myself in his bottomless blue eyes.

I ran back up to our room, showered and dressed. A half-hour after seeing Kevin in the kitchen, I was at the stables.

Kevin was just finishing saddling the second of two horses. He saw me approach and handed me the reins to Beau the white mare I'd ridden the day before. He mounted and waited for me. Once set, I directed Beau to follow Kevin and his appaloosa gelding.

"Kevin, where are we going?" I asked as we walked away from the house and barn.

He looked over his shoulder. "I told you, we're just going for a ride." He touched the sides of his horse and began to trot. I sighed and increased Beau's pace. I watched what Kevin did and copied him. Soon enough I caught on to the rhythm and began to enjoy myself. We traveled a different path than the day before and Kevin acted as a tour guide, pointing out old ruins of houses and wells from a century ago.

"I see that the 'Mickey Mouse' training has paid off," I quipped as he continued his lecture.

He grinned at me. "Okay, I get the point. Come on, we're almost there," he said and began to canter.

'Almost where?' I wondered. Beau didn't need much encouragement to follow Kevin and his horse. I decided I much preferred to canter than trot, once I found my balance and the right rhythm. I could see Kevin slowing by a large pond and I reined Beau back. We'd been riding for almost an hour.

Kevin dismounted and walked his horse to the water for a drink. I followed suit, finding my legs a little unsteady after the hard riding. Kevin grinned. "You'll get use to it. You just need to ride a little more often."

Once the horses had drunk, we walked them over to a tree and loosely tied the reins so they could graze. I decided against asking anymore questions of Kevin. I flopped down on the short grass and admired the view. The pond was located at the base of a series of small, tree covered hills.

Kevin was busy with his horse, so I lay back and relaxed. A few minutes later I heard music playing and quickly sat up. Looking around, I saw that Kevin had a small portable CD player, which he set on a rock near the pond.

He walked back over to me. "So, you want to learn how to dance or what?" he asked, offering me a hand up.

I grinned. "Does Brian know about this?" I asked as I followed him to the worn ground near the water's edge.

Kevin shook his head. "No. I'm just supposed to keep you busy," he said, giving me more information than he had all morning.

Kevin's training as a ballroom dance instructor kicked in and he began showing me the basics of dancing. At first I was tense and kept messing up. He cracked a few jokes, making me laugh and I relaxed. After some practice Kevin put on a slow song and put his arm around my waist. He led, while I managed not to step on his toes. I was finally beginning to feel comfortable dancing with someone.

"Would you two like to be alone?" a voice suddenly asked, scaring both Kevin and I. We turned to find Brian standing by the horses, grinning at us. He walked over. "I ask you to keep my boyfriend busy for a few hours only to find this," he said trying hard to frown.

I ran over to him and threw my arms around his neck. "Oh thank you for rescuing me Brian. Kevin forced me to go with him and I thought I'd never see you again," I said in my best damsel-in-distress voice.

Kevin threw up his hands in disgust. "I'm out of here." He picked up his radio and untied both horses. He mounted the gelding and led Beau as he left.

"Thanks Kevin!" Brian called after him, then turned back to me.

Before he could say anything I pulled his face to mine, tasting those lips that I'd missed in the morning. "Next time leave a note," I whispered.

Brian ran his fingers through my hair, which always sent a shiver through me. "Sorry, angel," he said and tenderly kissed my lips. Then he turned and pulled me by my hand. "Come on."

We walked around the pond and along the base of the hills for about ten minutes. Finally we approached the hills and I realized there was a small building dug into the side. Only the front and roof were visible. A thin wisp of smoke filtered out of the chimney. I looked at Brian but he just grinned. I spotted a four-wheel ATV over by a tree, which explained how Brian got here.

We approached the door and Brian turned to face me, taking both my hands. "Close your eyes, Angel," he said softly and I did so without hesitation. He kicked open the door and led me through.

Suddenly I felt lips on mine. I assumed that meant I could open my eyes and did so. The place was amazing. It was a small one-room shack built from giant logs. Candles and old oil lamps lit the room, as well as the fire in the stone fireplace. It wasn't cold outside but I could feel the dampness from the earth around the building and recognized the need for the fire. There was a double bed in one corner and a door leading further into the hill. The small table was set with candles, food and wine.

I turned to look at my love. "You never cease to amaze me," I said as I stroked his cheek, delighted in the pleasure his face showed.

"It was an old shelter but I like to come here for some solitude, so I had it fixed up a little. Now its our place," he said, pulling me to him. 'Ours,' that was an amazing word. "Let's eat, Scott," Brian said and took my hand, walking over to the small table. He had sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries. He poured us each a glass of wine. Our eyes met and Brian raised his glass. "To us," he said huskily. I could read the smoldering passion in his eyes and knew I was feeling the same.

We fed each other the sandwiches and strawberries. I grabbed Brian's fingers and licked the melted chocolate off them. I lost myself in his sapphire eyes. I began kissing his fingers, slowly working my way up his arm. When I reached the inside of his elbow, I decided I didn't want the table between us. I stood and took Brian's hand, leading him to the bed.

We stopped and I took him in my arms, kissing him passionately. He opened his mouth allowing my probing tongue to dart in, dance an erotic dance with his tongue before I changed tactics and began planting tiny kisses all over his face, each eyelid covering those windows to his soul, that perfect nose and angular jaw. I returned to his sensuous lips, grabbing the lower one between my teeth. Brian moaned softly. My fingers began unbuttoning his shirt. I watched his chest rise and fall as the shirt fell from his shoulders. His eyes were half closed as a shudder went through him. I bent and kissed his chest, licking lightly from one nipple to the other. Then I grabbed one gently in my teeth and Brian groaned at the sensation.

Soft kisses covered his muscled abdomen as I worked down to his bellybutton, running my tongue inside. I walked around behind, my hands cupping his firm ass cheeks, then running up his smooth skin to his shoulder blades. Standing up, I tenderly kissed the back of his neck, feeling the tremor go through his body. I wrapped my arms around his chest, pulling him back against me. Slowly I ground my growing cock against his ass, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from Brian. He reached back, grabbing my ass and pulling me tighter to him. Finally he spun around and grabbed my t-shirt, hauling it over my head. He pulled my lips back to his and ran his hand frantically over my body, down my back and up my chest. His kisses became almost desperate.

I grabbed his hands. "Brian, love," I whispered softly in his ear and he slowed his frantic movements.

I moved back and unbuttoned my jeans, stepping out of them when they fell to the floor. I watched Brian watch me and grinned when he licked his lips. 'Oh yeah love, soon,' I thought. Brian stripped off the rest of his clothes and stood there, his cock standing at attention, bobbing slightly like a flag in the wind. I knelt down before my godling and reached out, gently stroking his shaft with one finger.

He let out a loud groan. "Yeah Angel."

I looked up at his face. His eyes were almost closed and his jaw was clenched. Leaning forward, I licked the head of his swollen member, loving the salty, yet sweet taste of the precum dripping out. The touch of my lips caused Brian to buck forward. I took the opportunity to swallow his cock to the base. Then I pulled back, letting the entire length of him slip from my throat. Before taking him back into my mouth, I reached around with both hands to cup his ass cheeks, running my fingers along his crack. I pulled him to me, my mouth sucking and licking his throbbing cock, while my finger ran up and down his ass. His cock began twitching in my mouth and I knew he was close to cumming. I pulled back, leaving him cock fluttering. I took my fingers and collected some of the increasing drips of precum. When my hand was saturated, I returned my lips to sucking while my hand returned to Brian's ass. This time my fingers found his virgin hole.

As I increased the pace of my sucking, I gently worked a finger into his tight hole, causing him to gasp loudly in surprise. He tensed up, clamping his ass muscles down on my finger. I used my other hand to massage the cheeks, all the while bringing him closer to orgasm. When I felt his entire body spasm, he shouted out my name and his cock erupted, shooting load after load down my throat. As I greedily swallowed his juices, I inserted my finger as far as I could in his hole. Brian's legs began to give out, but I held him up while I finished milking his loaded cock.

Finally his orgasm subsided and Brian began to collapse to the floor. I grabbed him by the waist and lifted him back onto the bed. I crawled up beside him and stroked his chest as his breathing gradually slowed.

Brian wasn't about to stop. He rolled me onto my back and bent to pull my boxers off, freed my own twitching cock. He bent and gently kissed the head, sucking off the precum. I closed my eyes and groaned, enjoying the unbelievable sensations. I felt the bed move and opened my eyes to find Brian reaching into a bag beside the bed. He moved back up the bed and looked deeply into my eyes.

"Make love to me, Scott," he pleaded, his eyes overflowing with love and desire. I caught my breath. He was offering me his virginity.

I lifted my head to kiss his slightly swollen lips. "There's nothing that would please me more than to make love with you," I told him truthfully and took the tube of lubricant from his hand.

I ran my fingers down his cheek, our eyes never breaking contact. Brian rolled over on his back and propped pillows under his head. He watched me, breathing hard, panting in anticipation. I squeezed some of the lube onto my fingers and raised Brian's legs. I watched his face closely as I inserted one finger into the tight opening. The lube helped and I pushing in past his sphincter. I watched the uncertainty on his face change to pleasure. My finger began moving in and out, lubing his hole generously.

When I thought he was ready, I inserted a second finger. He let out a small gasp as he felt himself stretched. I just left the fingers there for a few seconds to allow him to adjust. Then I began a more vigorous finger fuck, moving my finger rapidly in and out. I watched the pleasure spread across his face and could see his cock beginning to rise again.

With my free hand I squirted a large glob of lube onto my straining cock and began spreading it around. I wanted this to be as painless as possible for Brian. Brian had begun to move his hips in unison with my finger thrusts. I pulled my hand away and he moaned. Moving up between his legs, I kissed his lips passionately and positioned the head of my cock at his opening.

"You ready, love?" I asked him softly, closely watching his face. He smiled a tender, loving smile and nodded. I slowly moved my hips forward and felt the tightness of his hole resist me at first. Finally the head of my cock popped through the barrier and Brian let out a little cry of pain. I stopped and kissed him, letting his body adjust to my invasion. I noticed a tear drop from the corner of his eye.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked softly. He looked at me and shook his head. A few seconds later he nodded his consent and I began moving forward, slowly sliding my engorged cock into his virgin ass. The tightness of his chute was incredible and I felt my cock twitching at the sensations. My eyes never left Brian's face and I knew the moment that the pain and uncertainty changed to pleasure and fulfillment. I bent to kiss his chest as I pulled my hips back so I could thrust back into him. Brian gasped in ecstasy. I'd forgotten how it felt to have my cock encased within someone, and the fact that it was Brian almost made me lose control. I wanted to give him so much pleasure. As I continued my long slow thrusts, I reached between us and grasped his fully erect cock in my hand.

"Oh god, Scott, Angel, yeah that feels so incredible. I can feel your cock reaching right into my soul," Brian said huskily. I slowed down the speed of my thrusts to try to prolong the pleasure but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. Finally I increased my thrusts faster and faster and moved my hand quicker up and down Brian's cock. One, last deep thrust and I began to cum, the most intense orgasm I'd ever had as load after load of my juices shot into Brian.

As soon as I let lose, Brian could feel me shooting into him and it pushed him over the edge. His entire body went taunt and his cock began to fire, streams of warm cum covered our sweaty chests as both of us lost control of our bodies, giving everything in our hearts and souls to each other.

My limp penis slid out of Brian and he moaned loudly. I crawled up beside him on the bed and wrapped my arms around his trembling body. I noticed a little blood on myself and swore silently, holding Brian tighter.

I ran my fingers tenderly through his hair and kissed his forehead. "Are you okay, Love?" I asked softly, concerned that I had hurt him.

He put his head back to look at me. I inhaled sharply at the look of absolute love and adoration I saw in his eyes. He gave me the sweetest smile and just nodded, unable to trust his voice.

We lay there together, listening to the sound of the fire crackling in the fireplace, both of us lost in our thoughts. I wished we could stay in this little cabin forever, but knew it wasn't possible. I hoped we'd be able to recapture the sense and feeling of this day, again and again.

A little while later Brian stirred in my arms. He rolled off the bed and held out his hand to me. "I want to show you something," he said, smiling softly.

I joined him but couldn't resist whispering, "How come you're walking funny?"

He turned and grinned at me. "Just wait, your turn's coming!"

I stole a kiss. "Promise?"

I followed him through the one door in the small building and discovered a natural wonder. A natural spring flowed through the hill and a waterfall had been created within the room. Pipes had been added for a toilet in the corner, but it was natural limestone rock that captured the water in a shallow pool, before a small stream drained it away and back underground.

"Wow!" I was amazed. Brian pulled me by the hand into the shallow water and under the waterfall. It was a perfect temperature, not too cool, but refreshing.

We let the water wash the sweat and dried cum off our bodies. I felt like we were living in a fantasy world. I couldn't get enough of my blond godling and pulled him to me, until the entire length of our bodies touched. I took Brian's face in my hands.

"I love you," I whispered before covering his mouth with mine. I wanted to crawl into Brian; become a part of him; join with him body and soul. I never believed I would have such overwhelming feelings for another living soul.

We stepped out of the pool, our lips never separating. I picked Brian up; both of us dripping wet. He wrapped his legs around my waist and we walked back into the other room. I fell back onto the bed, Brian on top of me. I needed him; now.

"My turn Bri. Make love to me, right now," I panted. I grabbed the lube and squeezed some into Brian's hands. I shoved back up the bed and spread my legs. I was panting and licking my lips; the thought of Brian inside of me was driving me wild.

Brian watched my face and grinned as he oiled up his erect member. He crawled up over me. "So what is it that you want?" he asked me, running a finger over my hole, his eyes glued to mine. My ass tightened and I groaned.

"I want you love. I want to feel you all the way inside of me, now." I pulled him to me. I could feel his flesh at my entrance, then I had an idea. "Wait!" I said, and lifted my legs up over his shoulders allowing him greater access to me.

Brian grinned and pushed forward. I gasped loudly at the initial sharp pain. It had been over three years since I'd had a real male cock enter me. Brian stopped moving and looked at me, concerned. The pain was fleeting, leaving only the incredible fullness. I pulled Brian's face to mine, causing his hips to move forward, quickly filling me completely. I sighed - it felt so good. We could have just stayed like that for hours, but I knew it would only get better once he started moving.

"Oh yeah babe," I said, encouraging him. Brian pulled back, withdrawing his cock almost totally from my ass, leaving me empty, but only for a moment because he soon pushed all the way back in until I could feel his balls against my flesh. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling. "Harder love," I said softly.

Brian withdrew, then slammed forward, hard, causing me to gasp.

"That's it babe, do it again," I begged and Brian obliged, withdrawing then shoving all the way into my soul. His thrusts sped up and I reached down, grabbing my own throbbing erection. I began jerking myself as Brian continued to drive into me.

Before I even realized it, I began to cum. "Oh god, Brian!" I shouted as my entire body went rigid. I felt my ass clamp down on Brian's cock. He slammed into my ass one more time before his own body began to fire.

"Oh, yeah, Angel, can you feel it?" he asked as our eyes locked. I could feel the loads of his juices firing into me. It was the most erotic sensation I've ever felt. I thought our simultaneous orgasms were never going to end there were so intense.

Finally, our bodies relaxed and I lowered my legs from Brian's shoulders, pulling him up on my chest. Once again we were both covered in sweat and cum, but we didn't care. Brian tucked his head against my shoulder and neck, wrapping his arm across my chest. We both fell into exhausted sleep.

We woke up a few hours later, still in each other's arms. I couldn't believe how incredible I felt simply lying in that bed with Brian.

Brian rolled over to look at me and smiled.

"Do you have any idea what that smile of yours does to me?" I asked softly, running my fingers down his cheek.

"Tell me," he said as he kissed my chin, then began moving along my jaw.

"It makes me believe that anything in this world is possible. It makes me sit in awe that you are here with me and that you want *me*, out of millions of other people - ME." I knew it sounded corny, but I wanted to try to explain it to him.

He continued to smile as he looked into my eyes. "Just remember that. There is no one else that makes me feel as loved or in love as you, Scott."

I pulled his lips to mine for a tender kiss. We resumed holding each other for a few more minutes. Then my stomach growled and Brian giggled.

"What? Its you fault that I'm hungry, ya know," I said jokingly.

"Uh-huh." He rolled off my chest and climbed out of the bed, stopping to pull some boxers on. I could see that it was dark outside and glanced at my watch. It was just after 8pm.

I watched Brian walk over to the little kitchenette. He started pulling more food out of the large cooler he'd brought.

"So when do we have to go back?" I asked, as he started putting food on the small table. He glanced over at me.

"I told Mom and Kevin we'd be back around lunchtime tomorrow. I want to show you some of the city before we have to leave on Sunday. Is that okay?"

I grinned and climbed out of the bed, pulling some shorts on before walking over to my love. I grabbed him into a tight hug. "As long as you're with me, I don't care where we are."