Millennium Love Part 2 - Scott

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As Before: This story is a little different. For each section, you have a choice to read the story from the view point of one of the two main characters: the fictional Scott Waters or Brian Littrell. BUT: If you read the story from both view points you'll get the entire story, particularly when the characters are not together.

I apologize if I seem to be in a bit of a time warp, but the idea for the story came to me and it fit the time line (hence the story's name Millennium Love). The story starts in October 1998 and runs up to the new millennium. Also, if some events don't coincide with real events, remember, it's only fiction!

Legalities: This story is fictitious. It is not meant to imply anything about any of the Backstreet Boys or anyone else. No, I am not Brian Littrell, or Scott Waters. If you're offended, go away. If you're curious, keep reading, you might like it ;-)

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Millennium Love Part 2 - Scott

I had just made it out the door when I heard footsteps behind me.

"I'm sorry I attacked your cousin like that Brian, but..." I stopped as I turned around to find Kevin standing in front of me.

He smiled apologetically, "Brian wanted to follow you but he was, um" he coughed, "detained."

I smiled to myself as I imagined the scene of the three other guys trying to hold Brian back. He was small but I imagined he was very feisty. I sighed then. "What can I do for you Kevin? I'm doing what you wanted, aren't I? I'm leaving."

He looked down at the cement steps we were standing on. "I wanted to apologize, Scott. I was a jerk in there. We have to be so careful and I was worried about Brian. He looked like shit when you both walked in and with his history of heart problems..." Kevin stopped talking and looked at me hopefully, wanting to be forgiven. I was confused.

I should explain that I was not the type to surf the web or read tabloids to find out more information about a celebrity, a downside to that little reality check in my head.

"Heart problems?" I asked and Kevin looked at me with surprise.

"You really don't know?" He took my arm and directed me back into the restaurant. "I really misjudged you Scott. I'd like to start over."

We were back at the table and the guys finally released Brian. He stood up, looking at me with genuine concern. "Are you okay Scott? I'm so sorry about of all of this." I could see he was upset and hated to see the frown lines on his forehead.

What I really wanted to do was kiss them away, but instead I put my hand on his shoulder, "Brian, Its okay. Kevin apologized. Just relax, eh."

The guys all laughed at me and I realized what I had said. I joined in and sat down in the empty chair in front of me. I picked up the menu, conscious of five pairs of eyes watching me. Instead of reading the menu I looked up and asked, "So what do you recommend?"

Immediately the four who had already eaten gave me their suggestions. When the waiter arrived a minute later I ordered the fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, Nick's suggestion. Brian ordered the same.

Once the waiter left there was a moment of silence. Finally A.J. spoke and asked the question they'd all been wondering about. "So what exactly happened this afternoon?"

I was surprised. I thought Brian would have told Kevin, and Kevin the others. I glanced at Brian sitting next to me, wondering how much he wanted told. He shrugged and picked up his glass of water.

I recounted the fateful meeting. "I was just driving home from work when I saw this guy running across the street looking over his shoulder. All the cars slammed on their brakes." A shudder ran through me as I thought about how close I had come to hitting him. "I almost ran into him, but managed to stop. Then I noticed the mob of about fifty girls that had been following him. Brian had hid beside my car." I shrugged, "I could see this guy was tired and afraid so I rolled down my window and offered an escape route. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I recognized him."

The guys had become very quiet until Nick broke the silence. "Thank you," he said seriously. "Not many people would help a stranger like that." The others nodded their agreement.

I decided to lighten the mood. "Yeah, well it's gotten even stranger as the day's gone on." Success. Everyone laughed and visibly relaxed.

Howie finally spoke up, "So are you really a Web administrator? That sounds cool."

I made a face. "Not really. Its pretty boring, basically a regular day job with the occasional after hour crisis."

"Oh, sounds terrible. A normal nine to five job; home every night." Kevin said with a look of mock horror.

I laughed, "Well compared to the excitement of your lives..."

"It's not everything people make it out to be," Brian said quietly.

Before I could say anything, the waiter arrived with our meals. Once he left, I tried to start up the conversation again. "So you guys are here for the music awards tomorrow night?" I asked as I began to eat. They nodded.

"Yeah, we arrived this morning and thought we'd spend a few days here. Toronto really is a great city." A.J. said.

"Well I've only been working here a few months, but if anyone wants a tour let me know." I sensed Brian perk up at my offer and looked over at him. "Someplace you want to see, Brian?" I asked, secretly hoping that I would get one more chance to spend time with this incredible man. God why couldn't he be gay? Of course, if he were he'd be taken for sure.

He smiled. "Maybe," he said.

The others all smirked, like they knew something I didn't. I let it go; I didn't care because I was sitting having dinner and a conversation with five of the hottest men in the world.

"So tell us more about your *normal* life Scott," Howie suggested.

I looked around the table and they all looked genuinely interested. I told them about where I grew up; about running for the track team and playing basketball; university life and work, leaving out the 'coming out' part. They didn't need to know and I didn't want it to ruin the evening. I had heard that they were all fairly religious guys and I didn't want them turning against me.

"What about a girlfriend?" A.J. suddenly asked.

I hated to lie so I compromised, "No one special in my life right now A.J." I said thinking 'But I wouldn't mind getting to know the man sitting beside me better.' Apparently, I missed the looks that the five men exchanged in response to my answer.

We remained sitting in the restaurant talking and ordering fresh drinks until almost ten, when I began to yawn. The guys laughed and Kevin asked, "Are we boring you Scott?"

I smiled, "No. But I have been up since five thirty this morning and" I looked at the empty glass in front of me, unsure of how many drinks I'd had. "I'm not used to the alcohol," I admitted, feeling suddenly very much the country hick. Here I was, sitting with five men who had traveled the world over, more than once, and I began to feel uncomfortable. "I really should go guys," I said. As I stood up, my head began to swim. I must have had more to drink than I thought and I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of Brian or accidentally let my secret slip.

Before anyone could speak, I said, "Thanks so much for the dinner and conversation, guys. I'm glad I got to know a little bit of the *real* Nick, A.J., Howie, Kevin and Brian." I almost choked on Brian's name. The alcohol was turning me into a weak-kneed infatuated fool. I didn't trust myself to say anything else so I simply turned and walked out of the restaurant.

I reached my car and felt my jacket pockets for my keys. I must have left them in the restaurant. I wasn't about to go back in and get them. I rested my spinning head on top of the car, enjoying the feel of the cold metal. It was Friday night, I didn't have to work the next day, so I decided my best option was to take a cab to the nearest motel and get my car in the morning.

I remained where I was until the sound of whispering attracted my attention. I lifted my head to discover five men standing in front of the restaurant having an intense conversation, and frequently looking in my direction. I turned around and slid down against the car door, wishing I could just disappear. No such luck.

Less than a minute later Brian came around the hood of the car holding my keys. He squatted down in front of me, grabbing my chin and forcing me to meet those damn soul-searching eyes.

"You know Scott, friends don't let friends drink and drive," he said with the gentlest smile on his face.

'God, how I wanted to kiss him. Why did he have to be so sweet?'

He sat down beside me and reached over, unclenching my hands so he could take my icy left hand between his glove covered hands. "The guys are going to go out to a club, but I thought maybe we could just go get some coffee?" he said softly.

I didn't care that the alcohol was making me think and hear things that just weren't possible. For the second time that day, I did something completely spontaneous. I turned to Brian, leaned over and softly kissed those sensuous lips. The kiss was better than I had ever fantasized.

My eyes popped open as I realized what I had just done.

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