Millennium Love Scott Part 21

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By the time Drew dropped me at my house I was smiling and laughing. I invited Drew to stay over so he didn't have to drive back to the city, but he refused. We agreed to meet for lunch on Thursday, since I had to be in the city for meetings with clients. I decided to wait till then before mentioning New Years in Orlando to him. I would have to call Sheri during the week as well.

I decided to unpack and fix some dinner, before doing some work. Brian was going to call later that evening.

Chapter 21

The first part of the week I threw myself into work. Kevin and I managed to chat on ICQ a couple of times and we ironed out the details of our proposal. Howie, AJ and Nick had all loved the idea of personal web pages.

I talked to Brian every night. Just the sound of his voice was enough to help me relax so I could fall asleep.

On Tuesday, I called my sister. She was finishing up her semester and would be starting exams the next week. I decided to give her an early Christmas gift.


"Hey Sher, its Scott."

"Scotty! How are you? What's going on? Why haven't I talked to you in two months?" she complained.

I did feel a little guilty. We'd talked through emails a couple of times, but that was all. "Sorry kiddo, I've been busy," I apologized.

"So how was Kentucky?" she asked.

I laughed. I knew that would be one of her first questions. "It was ... amazing, incredible. God, Sher, I love him so much," I said softly.

"I know you do Scott. So, what do I owe this call to? Not that I'm not happy talking to you anytime, but..." she trailed off.

She knew me too well. I smiled to myself. "Well, I was wondering what you were planning for New Years?"

"Hmmm. Not much. Some friends are going to Nathan Philip Square, so I might tag along. I was invited to come back to New York and go to Time Square, but I think that would be too crazy. Why?" she asked curiously.

"Would you consider a couple of concerts in Orlando too crazy?" I asked with a laugh.

I pulled the phone from my ear when I heard her scream.

"Are you serious Scott?" she asked, trying to calm down. "I mean, I don't want to be a third wheel and interfere with your time with Brian."

I grinned. "I'm serious Sheri. I'm gonna ask Drew too. It was Brian's idea. They have concerts on the 30th and 31st. I'm going to head down on the 28th or so. I really want you to come," I pleaded. Then I played my ace card. "Don't you want to meet Nick?"

Sheri giggled. "You little bastard! You know I can't say 'no' now! So I guess I'm going to Orlando!"

I laughed. "Great. Once I talk to Drew, I'll make the flight arrangements. Good luck on your exams, by the way. I'll see you at Christmas!"

"Okay Scott, talk to you later, and thanks!"

"Bye Sheri." I hung up. I was happy that she would be there with me. I loved Liz and Charlie, but Sheri and I had always had a special bond.

By Wednesday, I was missing Brian terribly. Since we had moved to the next level in our relationship, the separation was even worse. I missed his scent, the feel of his bare flesh next to mine, his kisses, his piercing blue eyes - everything.

I was so busy pounding away on the keyboard, trying to keep busy, that I almost didn't hear the knock at the door.

I dragged my attention from the monitor and stood up, stretching out the kinks in my back as I walked to the door. It was a delivery man, standing there with an envelope.

"Scott Waters?" he asked.

I nodded. He held out the signature computer and I signed, thanking him for the envelope.

I walked back into the living room and opened the package. I sat on the couch and emptied the contents onto the coffee table. I found an airplane ticket for New York City. The flight left late Monday morning, and the return flight was late that same night. Monday was my birthday.

As I flipped through the papers a small piece of paper fell out. Picking it up I noticed the writing on it.


I heard you were going to be alone for your birthday. Care you join me for dinner? Meet me at the top of the Empire State Building at 6 pm.

An Admirer

I was confused. I knew Brian would be too busy with the tour to do something like that, but who else could it be? It didn't look like his handwriting, but...

Glancing at my watch, I tried to figure out in my head where Brian and the guys would be. It was two in the afternoon and they had a concert that night. They were in Atlanta for the second of two concerts before busing north to Raleigh for a concert Friday night. I decided to try his cell phone. If he was in a meeting or rehearsing, I would get his voice mail.

I heard the phone click, then that beautiful sound came on. "Hello?"

"Hi there sexy!" I said, making him giggle.

"Ya know, my boyfriend Scott wouldn't appreciate you calling me," he said, trying not to laugh.

"What, doesn't he like people telling the truth?"

Brian laughed. "Hi Angel, I miss you. Everything okay?"

I looked at the airplane ticket on the table. "Yeah, everything is fine. I was wondering though, did you courier me anything?"

Brian paused for a moment. "No," he said slowly. "Why? Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing wrong. Just got a strange delivery today, but if you didn't send it, I'm not going to pay any attention to it," I told him. I was curious who sent it, but why would I go to meet an unknown admirer when I had Brian?

"What was it Scott?" he asked, sounding strange...maybe a little concerned.

"Brian, forget it. It's not important. I love you and I really miss you."

"I miss you too Angel," Brian said softly.

"I talked to Sheri about New Years, and she agreed to come. I'm having lunch with Drew on Friday so I'll ask him then," I told him, trying to change the subject. I didn't want to start crying on the phone.

"That's great Scott. I'm looking forward to seeing Sheri again and I really want to meet this Drew," Brian said.

I laughed softly. "Yeah, well he is a unique guy, I'll say that much. So are you at rehearsal right now?"

"Yeah. We're just on our way there from a TV interview. Then after the concert its back on the bus. God Scott, I can't wait till New Years. When are you planning on flying down?" he asked.

"I thought we'd come down on the 28th, if that's okay? I guess we'll need hotel reservations or something. I doubt Howie and Kevin would appreciate three houseguests in your apartment."

I could almost hear Brian smile. "The 28th it is. And don't worry about anything. I'll make the arrangements, just get your butt down here!"

I laughed. "Yes sir!"

Brian sighed. "We're at the arena now Scott. I'll give you a call tonight, when we're back on the bus, okay? If that's too late, I can..."

"Brian! You know that I will talk to you whenever you call. Besides, most days I make my own schedule so I can sleep in, if you happen to call at three in the morning!" I said.

"Okay Angel. I don't think it will be that late. Love you," he said softly.

"Love you too," I replied just as softly and hung up.

I put the airplane tickets back in the envelope and stuffed it all in a drawer. It took a little while but I was finally able to get back to work.

Brian and I only talked briefly that night at about 1:30 in the morning. I could hear the exhaustion in his voice. As much as I loved listening to him talk, I knew that if he got over-tired he would get sick, which wouldn't help anything. So after a brief overview of the concert and a few 'I love you's', I told him to hang up the phone. We would be able to talk more the next night.

Thursday went by surprisingly quickly. I talked to clients on ICQ and the phone which kept me busy. Brian and I talked for almost two hours that night.

I was looking forward to having lunch with Drew. I knew that with my new job I wouldn't be in the city as much. When I worked downtown, we would have lunch once or twice a week. I drove the ninety minutes into the city and met with one of my largest clients in the morning. The meeting went well and all of my recommendations were accepted.

I met Drew at the Moven Pix on Bay Street at noon. He was already at our reserved table, the benefits of being your own boss! We went our separate ways to get the food we wanted, then returned to the table.

"So I see you made it through this week," Drew commented as we began to eat.

I smiled and nodded. "Barely. The first couple of days were okay, but the last few have been hell," I told him.

Drew grinned. "Ya know, it is really good to see you so much in love Scott. Even if you have to do the long distance thing for a while. I've never seen you so happy or content."

I nodded again. "I am Drew, I really am. I never thought I'd feel so much for one person. Too bad he isn't just your average banker or stockbroker," I said with a grin.

Drew smacked my arm. "There ain't nothing average about me boy! You know that," he said in his best 'queen' voice. We both laughed. "Seriously though Scott, the performer in him, is part of what makes you love him. So if he did anything else, you may never have met or fallen in love."

It always surprised me how observant Drew could be. "I know, Drew. And I wouldn't change anything about him, he's perfect the way he is." Drew just rolled his eyes. "I have a question for you Drew," I said.


"Are you doing anything really important for New Years?" I asked.

Drew shook his head. "Nah. I haven't planned anything. You know me, wait till the last minute and see what's happening." That was typical Drew.

"Oh, so I guess you wouldn't want to plan ahead to go to Orlando for two Backstreet Boys concerts? I suppose I can ask someone else..." I looked at him innocently while my comments were processed.

A grin spread across his face. "Well, I've always been meaning to stop procrastinating so much. Maybe making plans would be a good idea," he commented seriously.

I laughed. "Okay Drew. We're leaving on the 28th, you, Sheri and I. I'll make the flight arrangements and Brian is going to take care of accommodations." Drew now had a permanent grin on his face.

We talked more about our trip to Florida, then Drew's cell phone rang.

"Excuse me, Scott," he said as he answered the phone. "Hello...Oh, how are you? ...Yes...Yes, that's right...Excuse me? ... Oh, I see. That makes perfect sense. Just let me get a pen. Okay. So you want me to buy more high tech shares but not Microsoft, then fax a copy of the transactions to you in New York? ...Yes I believe it looks good... Yes, I'm well aware of that. ... No, that was never an option. ...I will do that. That's what I'm here for. I guess I will see you before the New Year? ...Yes, I'm looking forward to it as well. I'll let you go now. Everything looks good, but I'll let you know if I have problems. ...Bye."

I basically ignored Drew's phone call once I realized it was business. I looked around the restaurant deciding if I would have desert or not. I glanced back when I saw Drew pull out a piece of paper and begin to write down the information that his client was telling him. It only took me a moment to realize his handwriting looked familiar. I sat back and stared at the paper. I couldn't be positive, but I was pretty sure the note I'd received with the airplane ticket, was written by Drew. I smiled to myself and relaxed in the seat. It made perfect sense now. Drew wouldn't let me sit at home and wallow over my absent boyfriend.

Drew finished up his call and hung up. "Sorry about that Scott." I waved it off. "So I never asked what you're doing for your birthday. Going home to visit the folks?" Drew asked casually. I could hear the change in his tone, now that I knew what was going on.

"No, actually I'm going to meet up with a friend in New York," I told him.

"Oh! Well we'll have to celebrate when you come back. I'm flying out to Newark on Sunday and have meetings Monday and Tuesday. When I get back, we'll have to go out to a club or something." The more I listened, the more I detected the nervousness in his voice. I knew it was him. But I'd let him keep the surprise.

I decided I would go to New York to meet my 'admirer'. I'd kill Drew when I saw him, but we'd still have fun, and it would help me stop missing Brian so damn much.

The next three days dragged by. Brian and I kept our promise to talk every night. But every time I hung up I had to fight back the tears. It was still over three weeks before I would see him again. It felt like an eternity.

I didn't talk to Drew during that time but I figured I would see him on Monday. I would have a few choice words for him for teasing me like that, with the anonymous note. Our flights were scheduled to leave at about the same time, so Drew had suggested I drive to his apartment, then we take one car to the airport. Why he bothered to book a separate flight for himself when he would just have to arrange transport to New York, I wasn't sure. But if he wanted to keep up the pretense, I wasn't going to burst his bubble.

Monday finally arrived and after dressing in some nice khakis, a forest green shirt and my brown leather jacket, I drove to the city to meet Drew. We took my car to the airport since I was supposed to be coming back before him. I have to give the man credit. He managed to act normal and never let anything slip.

I said goodbye to him at his terminal. His flight was leaving about 45 minutes before mine. I walked through the airport to my designated spot and waited for the boarding call. I was happy Drew was doing this for me. I knew Brian and the others had been in Washington the night before, and were playing Baltimore Tuesday. Brian had told me about an interview that they were supposed to do tonight. He hadn't been sure if he'd get a chance to call me. I knew he felt bad about missing my birthday, but I really did understand.

I boarded the flight and sat back, enjoying the relatively short flight from Toronto to New York. Upon arriving in the massive city, I had a few hours to kill before I was to meet Drew at the Empire State Building. I decided to wander around the massive skyscrapers gracing the skyline. Toronto has some tall buildings, but nothing like what New York has. Yeah, Toronto has the CN Tower, but office buildings were a different story than a 'needle' sticking into the sky.

I checked my watch every five minutes or so, until it was five thirty. I couldn't wait any longer and headed for my meeting with Drew. As I walked I began going over in my mind what I was going to say to him.

I paid my seven-dollar admission and waited my turn for the elevator. I was surprised how quickly it rose to the 102nd floor. Another quick glance at my watch showed that it was a quarter to six. I wandered around the observatory, looking for Drew. Once I'd wandered all the way around, I stopped at one of the stationary binoculars and gazed out over the city.

Finally I felt a hand on my shoulder. "About time you showed up Drew," I commented as I turned around. I found myself looking at bright blue eyes and straight blond hair. "YOU?" I said in disbelief. He grinned and I pulled him into a hug.

To be continued...

Nah...I don't want to be a bitch...keep scrolling!

I couldn't believe that I turned around expecting to see Drew...only to find Nick standing in front of me. I pulled back. "What the hell are you doing here Nicky?" I asked in confusion. Although we hadn't spent much time together, Nick was the kind of person I immediately felt at ease with. He kept grinning at me.

"It's your birthday," he said calmly, with a shrug.

"I thought you guys had an interview to do tonight?" I said.

Nick nodded. "Yeah, but they only wanted a couple of us, and insisted Brian be one because they wanted to ask him about the surgery and lawsuit," he explained. That made sense.

I was still a little in shock. "So you and Drew planned this whole thing?" I asked, trying to sort everything out.

He nodded again. "Yeah. I tracked him down and got him to help, sending you that note and the airplane ticket," Nick explained.

Another thought occurred to me. "Does Brian know what you planned?" I asked curiously.

Nick's blush basically answered that question for me. He shook his head and looked sheepish. "I didn't tell him because I knew he'd be pissed that I would see you and he couldn't. But I thought this would be a chance to get to know each other a little better. And give you a surprise for your birthday."

I couldn't help but laugh. "Well, this was definitely a surprise. I thought I had it all figured out, but you pretty much shot me out of the water," I admitted.

He grinned again. "Good. Gotta keep you sharp for when you join us on tour. Anyway, let's get out of here. I have dinner reservations for us at a nearby hotel."

I followed him along the observatory walk towards the elevator. We took the next one down to the lobby and Nick hailed a cab for us. We talked idly as the cab drove.

"So how is the tour going so far?" I asked him. I knew how Brian thought it was going, but I was curious to hear a different view.

Nick sighed. "It's going." He looked out the window. "Don't get me wrong. We love the fans and love performing. But this year has been hell for us. We had Brian's surgery, the lawsuit, Denniz died." He turned to look at me and smiled ruefully. "Sorry Scott, didn't mean to get depressing. This is your day."

I shook my head. "That's okay Nick. Brian has basically been saying the same thing as we talk. It has been a trying year for you guys. Hopefully 99 will be better," I said, trying to cheer him up.

Nick grinned. "I'll toast to that."

The cab stopped and we got out. Nick paused to pay the driver before leading me into the hotel. He walked over to the man at the front desk and spoke quietly with him. Then Nick waved for me to follow him as we walked down a nearby hallway. Another man met us.

"You have the private dining room reserved sir?" he asked. Nick nodded. "Follow me please." Nick and I walked behind the man as he opened one of the doors off the hall. We stepped inside. I was impressed. It was not a huge room, but tastefully decorated. Music played lightly in the background and a table set for two was in the middle of the room. Nick directed me to sit in the nearest chair, and took the one opposite me. "Your food will be along shortly Sirs. There are beverages at the bar," he indicated a small bar along one of the walls. "Please let me know if you need anything else," he said before leaving the room.

Nick watched the man leave then stood up and walked over to the bar. "So what would you like Scott?" he asked, looking over the selection.

I thought for a moment. "Is there any wine?" I asked him. He nodded and grabbed a bottle of red wine. He popped the cork and poured me a glass. Walking back over to the table, he set it down in front of me. "I'll be back in a couple of minutes Scott. I just want to check with the hotel staff to make sure no fans find out that I'm here and burst in on us. Okay?"

I nodded. I knew the concerns all the guys had and understood what he was saying. "Sure Nick. I'll be here," I said with a smile before raising the glass to my mouth.

I heard Nick close the door behind me and glanced around the room. This day had certainly turned out different from what I'd thought. I would really have to have a few words with Drew when I got back to Toronto.

Suddenly I felt arms creep around my waist and someone kissed the back of my neck. I sprung out of the chair. "What the hell?" I shouted, wondering what Nick was thinking. I froze. It took a moment for my brain to register what my eyes were seeing. The most beautiful face, the most beautiful person was standing before me. I had to blink to be sure I wasn't hallucinating. I tentatively reached out to touch his cheek, wanting to be sure he was real. I knew he was when I felt the warmth of his skin as he tilted his head against my hand.

"I do hope that this is the last of the surprises for today," I managed to say softly. Brian opened his eyes and gave me one of his blinding smiles.

"Well if you don't like it I can always go back to Baltimore," he said, with a contained grin.

Like hell! I reached out and wrapped my arms around my Love, pulling him tightly to my chest. His arms went around my waist and we stood there silently. Enjoying the feel of each other's bodies.

"Did you plan all of this?" I asked quietly. "Drew and Nick?" I wondered if this day could get any stranger.

Brian nodded against my chest before pulling back so he could see my eyes. I knew what he'd see. I couldn't help the unshed tears. I was in awe of the trouble he went through to be with me.

"Scott, I love you. And as long as I have a say in it, I'm going to be with you for as many special occasions as possible. If I hadn't been able to make this plan work, I would have flown you to Baltimore, so I could be with you," he explained.

I smiled at his words. "Brian, Love, I know you love me. And I know that we can't be together all the time. That you went to all this trouble amazes me. You amaze me."

A knock on the door prevented either of us from saying more. "Hold that thought Angel," Brian said softly, stroking my cheek, setting my skin on fire. Brian moved out of my arms to open the door and admit a waiter pushing a completely filled cart.

"Your food as requested Sir," he said. He stopped the cart beside the table and set the main entrees at each place setting. "Will there be anything else?" he asked.

"No, thank you. I will notify the hotel, when we are leaving," Brian told him. He nodded and closed the door as he left. I watched Brian walk to the door and flick the lock, preventing any unexpected interruptions.

Brian returned to where I was standing and reached up to pull my face to his, our lips met in a wonderfully tender kiss. When we finally broke apart, Brian reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small wrapped box. I looked at it, then him, shaking my head.

"You are going to spoil me you know," I whispered with a smile. I took the box from his hand and pulled on the wrapping paper until it tore. I realized immediately that it was a jewelry box and my breath caught in my throat. I slowly opened the lid.

Inside was a beautiful, gold ID bracelet. I smiled shyly at Brian before setting the box on the table, holding the bracelet in my hands. It was a simple design; just what I liked. I quickly noticed the engraving. On the top was my name, inscribed in a bold font. I turned the bracelet over and noticed a smaller inscription on the back. "My saving Angel Luv B". Again the tears welled up and I pulled Brian into a hug.

"It's beautiful Love," I whispered. "Thank you." I pulled back from him. "Will you put it on for me?"

Brian smiled and nodded. He unhooked the clasp and fixed it around my wrist. He clasp my hand in his and raised it to his lips. Our eyes met. "I love you Scott," he said simply.

I smiled. "I love you too, Brian."


To be continued...