Millennium Love Scott 22 & 23

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Inside was a beautiful, gold ID bracelet. I smiled shyly at Brian before setting the box on the table, holding the bracelet in my hands. It was a simple design; just what I liked. I quickly noticed the engraving. On the top was my name, inscribed in a bold font. I turned the bracelet over and noticed a smaller inscription on the back. "My saving Angel Luv B". Again the tears welled up and I pulled Brian into a hug.

"It's beautiful Love," I whispered. "Thank you." I pulled back from him. "Will you put it on for me?"

Brian smiled and nodded. He unhooked the clasp and fixed it around my wrist. He clasped my hand in his and raised it to his lips. Our eyes met. "I love you Scott," he said simply.

I smiled. "I love you too, Brian."

Chapter 22

I lost myself in Brian's expressive gaze. I wasn't even aware that our bodies and our lips were slowly moving closer together until I felt the soft warmth against my mouth. The pent up passion we had both contained burst forth as my arms wrapped around Brian's waist. I felt his arms around the back of my neck, holding me close as our lips did battle, rediscovering each other's secrets. I felt Brian's tongue run over my lips and I automatically responded to the unspoken message by opening my mouth. I knew where he was heading and waited for the erotic sensation.

Ah, there it was. His tongue traced over the inside of my lips and my body shuddered in response. If Brian hadn't remembered where we were, I would have started undressing him in my haze of passion.

But Brian slowly pulled back until our eyes met again. He smiled gently and his fingers gently brushed my cheek. "Dinner is going to get cold Angel," he murmured.

I blinked and looked around, finally remembering where we were. I heard Brian giggle and looked back at him with a grin. He grasped my hand and directed me back to my chair. He walked over to the bar and picked up the open bottle of wine before taking his place opposite me. He poured some for himself, then raised his glass.

He smiled and I could see the beginning of a blush. "Now don't laugh, okay?" I nodded. "Here's to your birthday Angel, and hoping that I am by your side to celebrate your next eighty or ninety birthdays," he said as a toast.

People may say it was a cheesy toast, but to me it was an incredibly beautiful sentiment. I smiled at Brian. "Love, I will definitely drink to that." Our glasses clinked and we each took a sip of wine.

We finally turned our attention to the food and ate in silence for a few minutes. I could feel the weight of my new bracelet as I ate and couldn't help but glance at it. Then I would automatically glance at Brian.

He noticed and grinned. "You like?"

"I love. But I love you more," I said softly. The silence returned for a few more minutes.

"Why do you love me?" Brian asked suddenly.

I stared across the table at him and he continued. "I'm not doubting you love me Angel, but why?"

I smiled slightly. "How do I love thee, Let me count the ways," I quoted and Brian laughed softly.


I smiled and glanced down at my newly empty plate. "I don't know if I can put it into words Brian," I said softly as I tried to form the thoughts and words to tell him what he wanted to know. I could feel him looking at me intently and wondered where the question had come from.

"The first thing I noticed about you was your eyes, Love. When you looked at me in the felt like you were looking right into my very being. Then you smiled at me." I looked up at Brian. "Do you know that right from the start you have had a way of smiling at me, that I've never seen you use for anyone else. Its like you're smiling about some secret that only you and I know."

I ran my fingers through my hair and took a sip of wine. "That first night we spent talking, I felt a connection. It's hard to explain Brian. You were so sweet and funny, and even a little naïve. The more we talked, the more I realized that we were looking for the same The original, forever and ever, kind of love. No one-night stands, or a relationship that lasts for a month or a year." I paused as I thought for a moment. "You are the most sincere and genuine man I've ever met, Brian. I know you have to be 'Brian Littrell, the Backstreet Boy' when other people are around. But when it's just been you and I, or even the other guys or your family, you are just Brian, the cute, smart and sexy man. When you are with me there are no pretenses. You know who you are and what you want." I smiled to myself then. "And for reasons I sometimes can't understand, you want me," I said softly. "And now I can't imagine my life without you in it," I added, as I met his clear gaze across the table.

The room was quiet for a minute as our eyes silently communicated. I could easily read the love in his eyes.

"You know," Brian said softly. "When I was running from that mob of fans, I was praying; praying for help, or a sign of some kind. And then you were there, Scott." Brian grinned and leaned forward in his chair. "I'm not going to get all fanatical religious on you, but I do believe you were sent to me. And then you smiled and I thought 'Wow'. But I think I knew you were really something special when I saw the recognition in your eyes, yet you didn't change. You took my public image in stride, and didn't change how you treated me." Brian paused. "The first time we kissed, outside the restaurant, do you remember?" I nodded and smiled remembering clearly that moment. "My entire body felt...I guess the best word is recognition. My heart and soul recognized yours and I knew you were the other half of me."

"Where did all this come from, Brian?" I asked curiously.

Brian sighed and smiled slightly. "I guess its being back on tour, Scott. I don't know if you realize just how chaotic its going to be. I got spoiled over Thanksgiving," he added with a grin.

I smiled back at him and poured us both more wine, before sitting back in my chair. "Tell me about it Brian. I know we've talked about it a little, but tell me what the schedule is like for you." I really wanted to know. Not just because I hopefully would be joining the tour in the new year, but because it was my boyfriend's job and I wanted to know what his work was like, and not just the public perception of it.

Brian told me about the good, the bad and the plain old boring aspects of touring. The bus travel from place to place could get very monotonous. As could the hotel rooms. Especially in Europe where they were even more popular, sometimes they couldn't get out of the hotels due to throngs of fans. The bad was the constant threat of being mobbed by fans. The fans didn't just stop the guys to talk; they would ravage the singers. Brian admitted that he and Nick usually took the brunt of the fan obsessions.

Brian smiled as he began to talk about the good stuff. "I love the performing. Being on stage is one of the best parts. And meeting special fans, like terminally ill children...that part is amazing. The fact that just by meeting me and talking to me can bring a smile to the face of a child who is suffering so truly is awe inspiring. It's stuff like that which makes putting up with everything else worth while."

Then Brian gave me a goofy grin and I could see a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "Of course, once in a while we meet a fan who doesn't get all hysterical on us...and may even help us out. We sleep with those fans!"

I raised my eyebrows as I looked at him. "Well, I'm afraid that practice is going to have to stop on this tour."


I nodded, trying to look serious. "Yeah. I don't think the bunks on a bus would be big enough for three."

Brian laughed out loud and stood up. He walked around the table to my side and pulled me up. I looked down into his crystal-like eyes. "Well, I suppose I could wait till we get to a hotel. The beds would be bigger," he said, continuing the little game.

I leaned down so my face was only an inch from his. "Let me put it this way, Love. If I find anyone but me, in your bed...this is what you'll be missing..." I lowered my mouth to his and held him tightly against me as I passionately assaulted his lips. I kissed his as I had that day at the mall in Lexington. When we finally separated, I was holding him up on his feet and he struggled to regain his breath and balance. His eyes slowly opened and gazed at me, full of love and lust.

"Okay," he said softly. "No sleeping with helpful fans," he gasped out with a slight giggle. I smiled as I continued to hold him until his breathing had slowed and he was steadier on his feet.

He reached up and ran his hand through my hair. "I wish I could stay all night with you Angel. I want to kiss you and feel you next to me. I want to make love to you half the night...then have you make love to me the other half."

I tenderly kissed his forehead. "Me too, Love." I glanced at my watch and realized that it was almost eleven. We had to get to the airport. "We'll just have to hold those thoughts for three weeks. I'll see you on the 28th and we'll have almost a week to 'catch up'," I kissed both his eyelids softly. "Thank you for my birthday surprise Brian, I never expected it. I never expected you. I will always remember this, and always wear this," I added, holding up my arm with my new bracelet. "Its time," I whispered.

Brian rose up on his toes and kissed my lips softly. "I'll miss you, Angel," he whispered back. Then he pulled away and walked to the door. I followed a few steps behind. Brian found the waiter and took care of the bill while I stood quietly in the hotel lobby. The day had been a whirlwind, first with Drew, then Nick and then Brian. It had been a complete surprise. I wished we were going to the same terminal at the airport so I could spend just a few minutes more with him. But it was better if we parted at the hotel. I didn't want to risk anyone recognizing Brian while he was with me in case rumors began. I watched as Brian walked across the lobby towards me. The perfect man in my eyes. He smiled my special smile as he reached my position.

"You ready to go, Angel?" he asked softly.

I smiled. "No. But do I have a choice?"

He grinned and we both turned to walk out the front doors. The doorman hailed a cab and Brian walked over with me. I paused in the open door to glance at him again.

"Love you and miss you," I whispered so only he could hear.

Brian smiled again. "Love and miss you too, Angel," he whispered back to me. I climbed into the cab and told the driver which terminal at the airport. I didn't turn around.

Chapter 23

"I can't believe we're here!" Sheri exclaimed for at least the hundredth time. Drew and I both grinned at her excitement.

We were walking through the airport in Orlando; it was December 28. We'd spent Christmas at home with the family, but New Years was ours. Brian and I wanted to welcome the New Year together and he thought Sheri and Drew might like to come along. I had barely managed to get the question out before they both had said yes.

We picked up our luggage and headed for the exit. Brian had said he would send a car for us, so we just had to look for our name.

Sheri spotted it before we did. "There it is!" she said, pointing out a huge limo. The driver was holding a board with my name on it. We walked over to the man.

"Hi, I'm Scott Waters," I introduced myself. He immediately reached to take the suitcases from us.

"Mr. Waters, Miss Waters, Mr. Taylor nice to meet you. My name is Pete," he said as he opened the trunk and put our luggage inside. He then walked around to the back door and held it open. I played the polite host and allowed Sheri and Drew to get in first.

I heard Sheri's exclamation of "Oh my God!" as I stepped in behind Drew and the door closed behind me.

I looked up to find five hot looking men grinning at us. I looked at them. "You know," I said casually, "I thought the giant limo was a little overkill for just the three of us."

Everybody laughed and Brian stepped over outstretched legs to squat down in front of Sheri. "Sheri, nice to see you again," he said with a genuine smile before looking over at Drew. "And Drew, it is very nice to finally meet you, my co-conspirator!" Everyone laughed as Drew shook Brian's hand. Then my man moved to sit on the other side of me.

I realized Sheri was a little stunned and tongue-tied and Drew wasn't much better. I decided to do introductions although they knew who everyone was. "Sheri, Drew, let me introduce you to Chris, Justin, Joey and J.C." They looked at me in shock and Brian giggled beside me. "Oh, sorry, wrong group. Let me try this again. That's Howie, A.J., Nick and Mother Hen."

"Hey!" Kevin objected, blushing slightly and throwing an empty water bottle at me.

"Oh, sorry, wrong again. That would be Kevin."

Kevin was sitting closest to Sheri so he leaned over and shook hands with her. "Hi, Sheri. Nice to meet you," he said with an easy smile, then nodded at Drew. "Nice to meet you Drew."

Sheri returned the smile. "Nice to meet you too Kevin, and A.J., Nick and Howie. Thanks for letting me tag along."

"Hey, a beautiful face is always welcome," A.J. said with a grin. Sheri blushed and A.J. continued. "It gets very boring when we always have to look at the same ugly mug." He nodded in my direction. "Are you sure you two are related?" He joked, but I could have sworn he took a second look at Drew. Interesting!

It was my turn to toss the water bottle at A.J.

A.J.'s comments helped Sheri and Drew both relax a little and they began chatting with the guys. It gave me a chance to turn my attentions to the gorgeous man sitting beside me who had been running his fingers lightly up and down my arm, sending shivers through me. I turned to face Brian and he immediately cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. It had been three weeks since my birthday. He leaned back against the wall of the car and I leaned into him, putting my head on his shoulder. We tuned everyone out.

"So, Angel, miss me?" he asked softly.

I looked up into those sky-blue eyes, unable to hide my desire. I heard him inhale sharply. "Yes," I whispered. "Did you miss me?"

He kissed my forehead and whispered, "I'll show you how much when we're alone." It was a promise and a tremor went through me.

The car sped through the city. I simply laid back against Brian, relaxing in his strong arms and listening to the conversation. Nick and Kevin were talking to Sheri, asking her questions about university and her courses. She answered and asked questions of her own. Howie and A.J. were talking to Drew about his finance business. They were both impressed at how successful he was, particularly because he didn't look the part.

I suddenly realized I didn't know where we were going. Brian read my mind and before I could ask he whispered, "It's a surprise, Angel." The way he said angel melted me.

A few minutes later we pulled up outside a large gated house. The gates rolled back and the car pulled around to the side of the house. The car door opened and we all let the lady out first. It was sweet how considerate the guys were being.

"You guys live here?" Sheri asked, staring at the mansion.

Howie laughed. "No, actually Kevin, Brian and I share an apartment in the city. Friends of ours are gone for a month and gave us the use of the house. This way we can all have friends and family visit without overcrowding."

"Cool!" Sheri said.

Nick grabbed her hand. "Come on, Sheri, I'll show you around." They disappeared into the house but not before I heard Nick ask, "You don't play video games by any chance?"

She didn't, but maybe she was willing to learn. We unloaded the suitcases and Howie's girlfriend came around the side of the house from the pool. Howie quickly disappeared with her. A.J., Kevin, Drew, Brian and I took the luggage into the house. It was huge.

We walked up the stairs and Kevin took Sheri's suitcase into a bedroom, while A.J. showed Drew where he would be sleeping. I followed Brian to the room at the end of the hall.

I manage to walk through the door before Brian flung the door closed and tackled me to the bed, straddling my stomach. His hands found the bottom of my shirt and he had it pulled over my head before I realized it.

"Brian," I gasped as he lowered his sweet mouth to my chest and grabbed a nipple between his teeth.

"Mmm?" was all he managed as he moved across to the other side. His hands were busy at my belt buckle. I knew I should be stopping him, but I couldn't, I wanted him as much as he wanted me. His hands slid down the front of my jeans and beneath the waist of my boxer-briefs. His fingers wrapped around my growing cock.

"Oh god Brian," I gasped, then moaned as my cock throbbed and he gently squeezed. Sitting across my hips, Brian ripped off his own t-shirt. My hands immediately found his muscled chest and began running up and down his body. All thoughts of other people in the house fled as my needs and desires consumed me.

Brian lowered his mouth to mine and teased me. His tongue darted in and out, licking my lips, nibbling my lips, and driving me crazy. Finally, he gave me his tongue and I welcomed it. Our mouths entwined, our tongues danced, giving and taking, while hands roamed everywhere.

Brian rolled to one side and pulled off his shorts and boxers in one movement. He quickly grabbed my jeans and pulled them down. I lifted my hips and the boxer-briefs followed. He knelt on the bed beside me admiring my body. I let my eyes roam his perfect form, dropping my attention to his erect cock. I reached out to stroke it lightly and Brian threw his head back, moaning loudly.

I watched through half closed eyes as Brian dropped his lips, engulfing my straining cock in one swift motion. My body jerked and I thrashed on the bed, moaning. "Oh yeah love, god your mouth is magic," I told him. I wanted more though. I pulled his head up and brought his mouth to mine, tasting my own precum on his lips. "I want you, Brian, make love to me, fuck me, please?" I begged needing to feel him inside of me.

He looked deeply into my eyes, then kissed me passionately, ravaging my mouth. He reached to the bedside table and pulled out some lube. I could feel my own cock throbbing at the anticipation and hoped I wouldn't cum too soon. I pushed myself back on the bed, propped against some pillows. I grabbed the lube from Brian's hands. He was moving too slowly. I applied it liberally to his long, hard cock. He raised my knees and began working my ass, gently massaging a greased finger into my hole. I couldn't wait. I pulled him to me and raised my legs over his shoulders. "Now, babe, please." I pleaded, thinking I would die if I didn't feel him soon.

He placed the head of his slippery cock at the entranced and pushed slowly, allowing me to adjust. The pain was fleeting compared to the pleasure and feeling of fullness. Using my legs, I brought him into me completely, gasping at the pressure, pleasure and little bit of pain. The combination was exquisite.

"Oh yeah." I sighed in heaven. Brian leaned forward and found my lips again, kissing me, flitting his tongue in and out creating excruciating pleasure. His hips began to move and he pulled his cock almost completely out of me, leaving me empty, before driving all the way back in, sending delightful shudders through my body. He continued these long strokes, pulling out until I begged for him, then slamming all the way back in. We were both covered in sweat and breathing hard. Brian looked at me and our eyes locked. We stared into each other's souls as he continued to torment me with long slow strokes. It was even more erotic watching each other's faces erupt in ecstasy.

I knew I wouldn't last much longer, and Brian sensed it too. Using one hand to balance himself, he reached between us and grabbed my neglected cock. His hand was still greased and his fingers slid easily up and down the shaft, stopping to rub the leaking head like a gearshift. My body began to tremble and I knew I was going to erupt. My moaning increased as I reached the most intense pleasure I'd ever had. Our eyes remained locked.

"Oh, god baby, I'm gonna cum, Brian, love, I'm cumming," I moaned as Brian's hand kept working. I exploded, cum shooting up between us, covering both our chests.

My orgasm caused my ass to clamp down on Brian's cock still deep within me. Watching my face, Brian delivered one more stroke, deeper than any before and exploded, shooting his cum deep within me. "Angel, I'm cumming angel, can you feel me, shooting my load into you?"

I could. Shot after shot went into me giving me more pleasure than I thought I could stand. As his orgasm subsided, Brian collapsed on my cum-covered chest. We wrapped our arms around each other and remained locked to each other as our breathing returned to normal. I moaned at the loss when Brian's limp cock slipped out of me. I felt so empty without it.

A little while later I came back to myself. I rubbed Brian's back, wondering if he'd fallen asleep.

"Mmm," he sighed contentedly, and raised his head to smile that angelic smile at me. "That was nice," he said.

I looked at him, feigning hurt. "Only nice?" I asked.

He grinned and kissed me. "Okay, that was the best lovemaking I've ever had, so far. Of course, its all still very new, so I still need some practice before I can say positively that it was the best."

I grinned at him. "Oh, well, I'm sure we'll get some more practice in, love," I told him.

I looked over at the clock. We'd been in the bedroom for two hours. "Do you think we should see what the gang is up to?" I asked.

He sighed and rolled off my chest. "Yeah, I guess we better. I think showers are in order first, though," he said with a laugh looking at our cum-encrusted bodies. We showered together; simply washing each other's bodies. We changed into swim trunks and t-shirts before heading back downstairs.

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