Millennium Love Chapter 24 Scott

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I looked over at the clock. We'd been in the bedroom for two hours. "Do you think we should see what the gang is up to?" I asked.

He sighed and rolled off my chest. "Yeah, I guess we better. I think showers are in order first, though," he said with a laugh looking at our cum-encrusted bodies. We showered together; simply washing each other's bodies. We changed into swim trunks and t-shirts before heading back downstairs.

Chapter 24

Everyone was out by the pool, and looked up as we approached. The guys were leering at us and I could feel myself blush.

"You know Brian, you really should have chosen the sound proof room for you two," Howie quipped before diving into the pool. I turned about ten shades of red. They weren't going to give up.

"Oh, I don't know. Once we turned the music up loud we pretty much drowned everything out, didn't we?" Nick asked no one in particular.

Even Sheri got in on it. "Pretty much," she agreed. That was the final straw. I walked over to her and picked her up, tossing her into the pool. Then I looked at the guys.

"Anyone else have a comment they want to share?" I asked.

"Oh sure, tough guy, pick on a helpless girl," Kevin said from his lounge chair. I looked at Brian. Together we grabbed Kevin, a leg and arm each, and tossed him into the pool with Sheri. We looked at A.J., Drew and Nick.

A.J. and Drew held up their hands in surrender. "Hey, we didn't say a word," Drew said with a grin that told me exactly what he was thinking. Nick just shook his head, already having got his dig in.

The others dragged themselves out of the water laughing. Brian and I sat down on one of the loungers and relaxed. The group was scheduled to play two concerts in Orlando, December 30 and then New Years Eve. Drew, Sheri and I were going to get to see both concerts; a first for all of us.

We hung out at the pool until Nick's stomach announced that it was dinner. It grumbled loudly and we all laughed at him.

"So what are we doing for dinner?" he asked.

Brian coughed and everyone looked at him. He grinned. "I was thinking we'd do something a little different for us. Actually get dressed up and go to a good, fancy restaurant. You know, celebrate the holidays and all?" He looked around, waiting for a response.

"Sounds good to me," Howie spoke first.

"Yeah, I like that idea," A.J. agreed. The rest voiced their agreement.

"Well, the reservations are for seven, so I guess we should all go get ready."

Everyone stared at Brian. He was rarely one to plan ahead. "What?" he asked. "I do know how to make reservations ya know. Just because I never do, doesn't mean I can't."

We all laughed and moved into the house to get ready.

I realized I hadn't brought anything dressy to wear only pants and shirts, no suits. Back in our room Brian headed for the bathroom.


"Yeah Angel, check the closet."

I looked at the bathroom door. What was he talking about? "What?" I asked in confusion.

He stuck his head out the door. "I said check the closet!" He grinned and returned to brushing his teeth.

I slowly walked over to the closet and opened the door. Hanging up was a black suit and green shirt. I looked at the label - Armani and my size too. "Brian!" I said softly to myself.

"You like?" he said, directly behind me, making me jump.

I turned and smiled at him, pulling him into a hug. "You know I do, but you didn't have to. I could have brought a suit with me."

He gave me one of his brilliant smiles and kissed me. "I know, but I like giving you things, Angel." He pulled back, but I held his face.

"I can think of other things you give me that are even better." He blushed and kissed me again before pulling away.

"Behave, you. And get dressed."

I took the new suit out and began getting dressed. Twenty minutes later we were set, me in black and green, and Brian in gray and dark red. We went downstairs to wait for the others.

Howie was already waiting and Nick soon joined us. Drew and A.J. walked in a couple of minutes later. They were becoming fast friends and I decided to ask Brian about it later.

"Wonder what's taking Kevin so long?" Brian whispered with a smirk as he walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink. We both had noticed Kevin looking at my sister.

Kevin finally arrived and the two girls walked through the door about five minutes after him. I didn't notice them arrive until I heard Nick let out a whistle.

"Wow!" he said and we all looked.

Sheri looked amazing. She was tall and had long, black curly hair, and almost the same green eyes as me. Because she was a dancer, she had a gracefulness that other girls hated. I could see that Nick and Kevin were impressed. Howie only had eyes for Melissa, while I was still trying to figure out A.J. I couldn't help but walk over to Sheri and kiss her cheek, whispering "Knock 'em dead, sis."

She grinned. "You don't look too shabby yourself."

"Let's go people," Brian ordered.

Everyone just smiled and filed out to the limo. It sat the nine of us comfortably. We relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Brian held my hand the entire trip. We arrived about twenty minutes later and piled out. It was a small Hungarian restaurant called Zarda's.

As we entered, we were greeted by the maitre'de. "Good evening, Mr. Littrell, a pleasure to see you again. Your table is ready." It immediately became apparent that we were the only customers in the restaurant. Brian reached over and took my hand. I looked at him in surprise. The only other people in the restaurant were a waiter at the long table and a pianist.

We sat down and ordered drinks. When the maitre'de and waiter left, everyone turned to look at Brian. We were still holding hands, on top of the table.

"Brian, what have you done?" Kevin asked.

Brian grinned. "Well, it's the holidays. I wanted to go out and have dinner with my friends and loved ones. This was the only way I could 'really' do that," he replied, holding up our entwined hands. Then he leaned over and kissed me.

"Awe!" was the resounding response.

Brian and I giggled.

Our drinks arrived and we ordered dinner. While we ate appetizers, the pianist began to play some slow music. Howie and Melissa got up to dance, and Nick asked Sheri to dance. Brian leaned into me. "Want to put those dance lessons to practice Angel?" He was referring to the lesson Kevin had given me in Kentucky.

I just smiled and accepted the hand he offered. It was the first time we'd ever danced together. I thought I'd gone to heaven, it felt so wonderful to be held in his arms and move slowly to the rhythm of the music.

We sat back down for dinner; everyone was laughing and talking. After dinner we danced again. I saw Kevin and Sheri dancing. I walked over to the pianist and asked if he could play a waltz. Walking back to the table, I sat beside Brian.

"What'd you do?" he asked softly.

I just smiled. "Wait."

The waltz started and Kevin and Sheri looked at the piano player, then at each other. They began to spin around the room while the rest of us watched.

Brian leaned forward. "Nice one," he whispered.

When the dance ended, Kevin and Sheri were out of breath but we all applauded. More danceable music began and Howie and Melissa returned to the dance floor. Drew asked Sheri, while Brian pulled me back out. After a while, Nick interrupted Howie and stole Melissa for a dance. Kevin did the same thing with Drew. I decided to stir things up. Brian and I danced over to Kevin and Sheri.

"May I cut in?" I asked. Kevin stepped back letting me dance with my sister. Instead, I grabbed Kevin and twirled him away, leaving Sheri and Brian laughing. Not to be left out, Howie pulled Drew out onto the dance floor.

The rest of the evening was spent dancing, swapping dance partners and laughing. It was well after midnight when we finally decided to head home.

Brian took care of the check while we went out to the limo. Once he joined us, the car sped off. Brian sat back beside me, my arm around his shoulders. I kissed his ear.

"Thank you Love. That was the best time out I've ever had!"

He turned his head until our eyes met and we smiled at each other. No other words were needed.

As we walked back into the house I noticed Sheri walking between Nick and Kevin, while Drew and AJ were walking close together. I was happy both of them were with us.

A few of them decided to have a nightcap. Brian and I said goodnight and went to our room. We stripped out of our suits down to our boxers and crawled into bed. It felt so right to just lie beside each other and hold each other.

"Brian, love?" I said quietly a few minutes later. Brian was lying in the curve of my arm and shoulder, while my hand rested over his heart.

"Mmm-hmm?" he murmured.

"Did you notice Drew and AJ this evening?"

Brian stopped his snuggling and turned a little so he could see my face. He smiled softly. "Yeah," he said with a nod. "I'm not sure what that is about. AJ has never said anything, but I've always wondered if he's been interested in both sides," he commented. "They would make a cute couple."

I couldn't resist kissing his nose. "You've never seen Drew in his 'real' clothes have you?" I asked with a grin. Brian looked at me strangely. "The Drew you've seen so far is still mostly the businessman Drew. The real Drew, the weekend Drew... well, lets just say imagine the weirdest AJ has ever been and you have Drew."

Brian stared at me for a minute, then raised his eyebrows. "You mean we may have to deal with two of them?" he said in horror.

I laughed and hugged Brian tightly.

We were quiet for a few minutes, and then Brian sat up suddenly. "Oh, I'm such an idiot!" he exclaimed.

He scrambled out of the bed and went over to his suitcase, which was sitting on a chair. I sat up in the bed and looked at him. "Brian love what are you doing?" I asked confused by his actions. I watched as he pulled a small parcel out of the suitcase and brought it back to the bed. He sat down on the side and looked at me intently.

"Now I know we agreed not to buy each other Christmas gifts this year," he started. "And I didn't...BUY one that is." He had a silly grin on his face making me want to kiss him. "It's not a big gift, but its something I want you to you know how much I love you," he added softly.

I reached out and tenderly stroked his cheek. "Thank you love. You know I don't need any gift to tell me that you love me. I can feel it in my heart every time you look at me." I knew he would insist I take the gift, so I did.

I tore the wrapping off the small box and found a CD case. I looked up at Brian to find him grinning. He took the CD out of my hands and walked over to the entertainment center. He took the CD out and put it in the player. The music began almost instantly. It only took me a few seconds to recognize the tune. It was My Angel, My Heart. I stared at Brian as the tears slipped down my face. The song had been done in the studio. It was still acoustical, but had other instruments including drums and bass. I recognized the guys' voices singing back up.

Brian remained by the CD player as we listened to the entire song play through. He took the CD out and returned it to the case before returning to me. He put the case in my trembling hands and squeezed with his fingers.

I really didn't know what to say. The song was so beautiful. I would have been happy simply remembering the first time he performed it for me at his family's home in Kentucky. But now I had my own personal copy recorded just for me.

Brian gently wiped the wetness from my face. "You like it?" he asked softly.

I smiled weakly, trying not to cry. "It's incredible love," I whispered. I pulled him against my chest. "You are the most amazing man I've ever met," I whispered into his ear. "Thank you."

Brian pulled back and stared into my eyes. "I was going to say the same thing about you, Angel. We had some extra time in the studio and I asked the band and the guys to help me. We did it in one live take after about half an hour of rehearsing. The song just recorded itself," Brian explained. "I have the original DAT, and you have the only burned CD, so the song belongs to us only, and always," he added forcefully. I knew he meant it. The song would never be added to a BSB CD.

Both of us leaned in at the same time for a sweet, gentle kiss. Then it was my turn. I had brought a gift for Brian as well. It was no where as incredible as his gift, but I wanted to give it to him anyway. I crawled off the bed and walked to my suitcase. I pulled out a flat, wrapped box and returned to the bed.

"See, you aren't the only one who breaks the rules," I said with a grin. Brian blushed slightly. I handed the gift to him and sat down facing him so I could watch him open it.

I had to smile at Brian's expression. His eyes widened and a joyous smile crossed his face. He brought the box up to his ear and shook it gently. It rattled only slightly.

Finally he began to pull of the Christmas paper. He lifted the lid on the box and spread the folded tissue paper. Inside was an 8" by 10" picture frame. The frame was wood, with an intricate design carved into it. The picture inside was one of the photos Sheri had taken at my parent's home on our Thanksgiving. Brian was sitting in a chair with his arms over my shoulders, while I sat on the floor in front of him. Both of us were smiling happily.

I watched Brian slowly run his fingers down the glass, as though he was stroking my face in the picture. He looked up at me and I could see tears glistening in his eyes. "This is our first family photo," he said softly. A wondrous smile spread over his entire being as his words sunk in for both of us, 'family photo'. At that moment, those were the most magical words I'd ever heard.

Brian hugged the picture to his chest and began to move the box out of the way, when he noticed it wasn't empty. Inside was a small, wallet-size laminated copy of the same photo. I grinned sheepishly. "I have the same one in my wallet," I said.

Brian took the smaller picture out, set the box on the bed and walked over to the dresser where he had set his wallet earlier. He opened it and found an empty slot, where he slid in the picture. Setting the wallet back on the dresser, he walked back towards me.

Brian stopped at the side of the bed, and gently pushed me back onto the mattress. He crawled up on top of me and lay down. The entire length of our bodies was touching. Brian raised himself up slightly and kissed my cheek. "Just when I think I can't love you any more than I already do, you do something to awe me and I find myself loving you even more," he spoke softly, yet intensely.

I smiled at the sweet comments, but didn't trust myself to speak. I simply held him tightly to me and we soon fell asleep like that.

Brian was still asleep, curled up to a pillow when I woke up the next morning. I slipped out of bed, pulled on some shorts, visited the bathroom and went quietly downstairs. I could have stayed in bed, but I was feeling so awake, so alive, I knew I would disturb Brian.

I made my way to the kitchen, turned the coffee on for the others and put the kettle on for myself. Kevin was the next one up.

"Morning Kevin," I said cheerfully as he walked into the kitchen

"Hey Scott," he said and grabbed a mug, filling it with coffee. He sat down at the kitchen table across from me. We sat in silence for a few minutes before Kevin spoke. "Scott, can I ask you something?"

I looked up at him to find him watching me intently.

He broke eye contact. "Never mind."

I grabbed his arm as he began to get up. "Kevin, ask me." I had an idea what was going on, but decided to hear him out.

He sat down again. "I was just wondering if you would have a problem with me asking your sister out sometime."

I shook my head in confusion. "Why would I have a problem with that Kev?" I asked him.

"Scott!" he said exasperated as though it should be so obvious to me. "Look at my life! I'm 27 years old. I'm lucky if I'm home for five week of the year. I spend my time in hotels, on planes and buses."

I could tell this was really bothering him. "Kevin." He looked at me. "You know what I see? I see a thoughtful, mature, caring man with a slightly crazy career." I paused before adding," And he's pretty cute too!"

He smiled and visibly relaxed. "Seriously Scott, it wouldn't bother you?"

"Honestly Kev, no. But it's not up to me, is it?"

AJ stumbled into the kitchen at that moment. Kevin and I smiled at each other and let it drop. We'd reached an understanding. I thought about talking to AJ about Drew, but decided now was not the time.

Instead, I decided to go wake up my sleeping beauty. I slipped into the room and stood by the bed watching Brian sleep. He looked so young and innocent. I smiled to myself remembering the events of the previous afternoon. Maybe not so innocent!

"Are you gonna stand there all day or come over here and wake me up?" a muffled voice asked from the bed. I grinned. I didn't need a second invitation. I crawled up the bed beside Brian who was stretched out on his stomach. I lay down on top of him and nibbled his ear.

"Morning Love," I said softly. He turned his head till our lips met. I laughed and pulled back. "Morning breath, love!" I said.

Brian began to move and I suddenly found myself beneath him; another of those wrestling moves he'd learned from Nick.

"Ya know Angel," he began as he licked my chest, "it's not nice to insult somebody first thing in the morning." He was straddling my hips and moved his hand behind him. I gasped. "Now, are you going to apologize or do I have to teach you a lesson?" he asked. His hand was becoming more adventurous.

"Well," I gasped again. "Since I was only telling the truth, I don't think I can apologize." I managed to get the last word out before Brian lowered his mouth to mine, silencing me.

We necked, yes like teenagers, rolling around on the bed until we rolled one too many times, and crashed to the floor. We rolled apart, lying on our back laughing.

"Are you two okay?" a voice called from outside the door. We just looked at each other and continued giggling.

I glanced over at Brian again and stopped laughing. "God I love you," I said. Brian rolled over and stood up, standing over me. He held out his hand and pulled me up until we were face to face. Our eyes were locked.

"I love you too," he said before kissing me gently on the lips and turning to go into the bathroom. I sighed and went back downstairs.

To be continued...