Millennium Love Scott Chapter 29

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"Let's go Angel," he said, holding out his hand for me.

I grasped the outstretched hand and we headed off the stage. As we walked we heard footsteps fall into step behind us.

"Is there a car we can take back to the hotel, Marcus?" Brian said without turning around.

"Yeah, there are a couple out the back," Marcus replied from behind us.

The three of us walked to the back exit and after a quick check by Marcus, climbed into the car. Marcus joined the driver in the front seat. Brian closed the blackened glass window between the sections.

He turned to me. "Now where were we?" he asked as his hands crept under my shirt.

Chapter 29

"Ha! I won again!" I shouted, tossing the controller onto the floor and raising my hands in victory. Nick glared at me and shut the system down. Brian laughed from his position behind us on the couch.

We were in the last day of the three day break. Nick, Brian and I had decided to stay in Vienna and just tour around the city. The other guys took off for a number of different cities, but were due back today.

It had been a nice respite from the grind of the tour, and Brian and I had taken advantage of the hotel room! We included Nick in most of our daytime activities (outside the hotel!) and I enjoyed getting to know him better.

Nick had been nice enough to call a three day truce on the war. He said it was to give Brian and I some peaceful time together, but I think he just wanted time to devise the best plan of attack.

Nick stood up and stretched. "Well, I guess I should go to my room and pack," he said with a sigh.

Brian laughed. "You mean you haven't started yet?" he asked in horror and looked at his watch. "I don't know Frack, I don't think eight hours is going to be enough time to organize that disaster zone!"

Nick stuck his tongue out at Brian and left the room. I had to agree with Brian, I have never seen a room in such disarray as Nick's. And it was only made worse, because we'd been in the same place for five days in total.

I stood up as well and stretched before walking over to the couch and sitting down beside Brian. He'd been going over some minor schedule changes while I kicked Nick's ass at video games.

Brian set the papers on the coffee table and turned to me, opening his arms. I leaned against him and felt his embrace. Brian kissed my ear.

"You do know that you've just made things worse, right?" he asked softly. I could hear the laughter in his voice.

I pulled back so I could see his face. "Maybe. But don't you think Nicky would be pissed if I faked my abilities and lost to him all the time? He doesn't need to be patronized," I said.

Brian softly kissed my lips. "You're right. Sometimes its hard to see him as an adult, because he's been a kid as long as I've known him," he replied. I nodded. I could understand that. For me though, I'd only know Nick for a few months and despite the games and jokes, I could tell he was a mature, responsible young man.

Brian lay out on the couch and I stretched out, half on top of him. We dozed for a while, something that had become a daily ritual. It was a way to have 'us' time, without offending or ostracizing anyone.

We'd already packed up our stuff and were just waiting for the others to return in the evening. The rest of the crew were already in Munich, or would be arriving that day. The singers had decided to maintain Vienna as a base for the break. Once the others were back, we'd pile onto the bus and arrive in Munich the next morning.

I'm not sure how long we lay there but suddenly we heard laughing and loud voices as the door to the suite opened and Howie, AJ and Kevin walked in.

AJ looked over at us. "Have you guys even moved in the past three days?" he asked.

Brian spoke up. "Why should we?"

AJ just shook his head and carried his load of shopping bags into his room. It was obvious what he'd been doing with his time off. Howie and Kevin crashed onto the other chairs.

"Where's Nick?" Howie asked as he looked around. Brian giggled.

"He JUST went to start packing!" I said. I watched as both Kevin and Howie looked at their watches, then each other and shook their heads. It was apparent that they were familiar with Nick's habits.

Brian stirred beneath me, so I sat up allowing him to stand.

"We should go pack too Angel," he said quietly.

I frowned. "But Brian..." I looked up at him and saw the smirk on his face. I quickly stood up. "I guess you're right Bri, we should go pack," I said quickly as I grabbed his hand and began pulling him towards our room.

Howie and Kevin started to laugh as I slammed the door behind us.

"That was a little rude Angel," Brian laughed as I began to unbutton his shirt.

"Hey! You suggested it!" I protested as I threw his shirt on our already packed suitcases. I stared into his bottomless blue eyes. "Want me to stop?" I asked softly.

Brian's answer was to pull my face to his so our lips could meet.

A few hours later we were on the bus and on our way to Munich. The six of us sat in the lounge while Kevin, AJ and Howie told us about their adventures.

The three had headed out together but went their separate ways for a couple of days before meeting again to return to Vienna. We heard all about the places they went, and all the money AJ spent on clothes he really didn't need! It gave us a good laugh.

Finally everyone tired and began to migrate to the back of the bus and the bunks. Brian and I were the last ones and we both stripped down to our boxers before crawling into the lower bunk. Brian was closest to the wall, and I rolled onto my stomach, throwing my arm across his chest. Even though we really hadn't been that active in Vienna we were both exhausted and quickly fell asleep.

I'm not sure what time it was when we woke up but the bus had stopped moving. Brian was just waking up and we snuggled quietly together for a few minutes before rolling off the bunk. We each grabbed a t-shirt and wandered into the kitchen. The others were already there, sitting around drinking coffee or juice. Brian flopped down onto a chair and I continued to the sink to put the kettle on for tea.

It was then that I heard the snickering begin from behind me. I filled the kettle, plugged it in and turned to look at everyone. Their faces were covered in smirks as they tried not to look at me. I looked at Brian and he too was trying not to laugh. I stood and glared at them wondering what Nick had done. I just knew it was Nick, and that the battle was underway.

Brian finally stood up and walked over to me. "Ya know, Angel, I love you and I know you love me," he paused, "But I don't thinks its necessary to tell the world that your ass belongs to me!" he managed to get out before bursting in laughter. Brian's laughter sent the others into giggle fits.

I wasn't too sure what he was talking about but decided I'd better find out. I walked back to the bathroom and tried to turn halfway around so I could see my back. I couldn't see much, but enough to know that there was writing on the back of my boxers that had not been there the night before. I shook my head. Nick was good! I'm usually a light sleeper and was surprised that I didn't feel him. I walked to the bunks and grabbed a new pair of shorts. I quickly changed and held up the boxers to read what was written.

In bold, red letters Nick had written "This ass belongs to Brian Littrell!" and there was a small caricature of Brian's face beside the words. It was very impressive work, considering it was done in the middle of the night while someone was wearing the boxers.

I returned to the kitchen and found the guys still snickering. I grinned and shrugged. "Well, at least he's not printing lies!" I said, as I poured the boiling water into my cup.

Brian came back over and kissed my cheek. "I think I should have a t-shirt made up for you, just to keep any cute guys from getting too close!" he whispered.

I turned and kissed his nose. "Like they would stand a chance against you Love," I whispered back.

I finished fixing my tea and turned to look at Nick. "Score one for the blond," I said as I raised my mug in salute. Nick grinned happily.

I found out that the bus was at the arena in Munich. They guys would go for sound check shortly then we would check into a hotel. They had two concerts in Munich before we would head to Milan.

They went back to the bunks to get dressed quickly and I wandered around the lounge drinking my tea. I paused to look at the tour schedule posted on one of the kitchen cupboards. I realized that we would be in Rome for Valentine's Day. I decided I would have to do something special for Brian.

While the guys were on stage testing their mics, I sat in the seats out front and debated on how I would get revenge on Nick. In my mind, I went through some old pranks that we used in university. I quickly discarded the kool-aid in the shampoo bottle or anything else that would change Nick's coloring. Having Nick's skin dyed blue probably wouldn't go over well with the fans or management.

My mind was wandering when I suddenly heard shouting up on the stage. I quickly looked up and saw the guys standing around Jeff, the tour manager. It was Brian who was shouting.

"Who the hell do they think they are?" he yelled. I had no idea what was going on, but it didn't sound very good. I jumped to my feet and ran to the nearest ramp leading up to the stage. Brian continued to talk loudly.

"Do they think they own us? There is no way I'm going to do that. No!" he said forcefully. By then I had reached the group and quietly walked up beside Brian.

"Bri?" I said softly. He turned quickly to look at me and I could see that his eyes were red from unshed tears and anger. I couldn't remember seeing him that upset before. I tentatively reached out and ran my fingers down his cheek. He inhaled a deep, shaky breath and closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them again, he was calmer.

I ignored everybody else. "Bri, love, what's wrong?" I asked quietly, staring into his eyes.

He sighed. "Jeff just told us about a fan contest the label has arranged," he said softly. He reached up to grasp my hand and entwined his fingers with mine. "The fans write in saying who their favorite 'boy' is. Then one fan for each of us is selected and the ten of us, plus hoards of media are supposed to go out for a romantic dinner." He lowered his eyes.

I could see why he'd be uncomfortable with the concept, but it was only one night, and he wouldn't be alone. I knew there was something else going on. "When?" I asked, looking at the others.

They all looked away, uncomfortably. Brian raised his eyes. "When we're in Rome. Valentine's Day," he whispered. I felt a surge of anger course through me. Was the record company so into making money and selling records that they really didn't care about the real lives of their artists? I clenched my teeth for a moment then looked at the others again.

"Did they run it by any of you?" I asked, mainly looking at Kevin. Kevin felt my stare and raised his eyes.

He sighed. "We all knew that they were going to plan a few fan contests. But they never once mentioned Valentine's Day until now." He looked at me intently. "I'm really sorry Scott," he said sincerely. "I should have been on the ball more." He shook his head sadly.

I could see that they were all really upset about this, and mainly it was for Brian and I. I was angry too, but it wasn't directed at any of the guys, but the record label. But things couldn't be changed now, so we just had to accept things and adapt.

I looked back to Brian and saw that he was looking at the stage. "Have they set a time for when you have to meet the fans, and how long dinner is?" I asked, never taking my gaze from Brian.

Jeff answered me. "According to the information I received, those details are for us to decide. Why?"

They were all looking at me. I shrugged. "Well, you meet the fans at about four local time, in a reception room at the restaurant and allow one hour for mingling and pictures. So you sit down at five for dinner. The restaurant knows ahead of time, so the food arrives quickly. Finish dinner at six thirty, seven at the latest, then a few minutes to say thanks and goodbye. You're all back at the hotel by eight." I moved to Brian and raised his face. "Then the rest of the evening is ours," I said intently. Finally my love smiled again. I smiled in return.

The others were all quiet and I turned to look at them. They were smiling. Jeff was scribbling information down in his book. He looked at me. "I'll make the arrangements, and let the others at The Firm know so that this can be written in stone," he said.

"Thanks Jeff," Kevin said as Jeff walked down off the stage, pulling his cell phone out as he went. Kevin turned back to Brian. "You okay Bri?" he asked his cousin.

Brian put his arm around my waist. "See why I keep him around?" he asked the others with a smile.

"Yeah, I guess he's worth all the trouble!" AJ piped up. Everyone smiled in relief.

The sound check was over, so we walked back to the bus for the short drive to the hotel. No one said much in the bus. We reached the hotel and got our room keys. An entire floor was reserved and through some 'miracle' Brian and I had adjoining rooms. I would have to thank Jeff for helping Brian and I out. We each went into our separate rooms, but after throwing my suitcase on the bed, I went to the dividing door and opened it. Brian already had his open and was standing there waiting for me.

"Can I have a hug?" he asked quietly. I stepped over to him and wrapped my arms around his body. He held on to me tightly. We stood like that for a few minutes before his grip relaxed a little. I pulled back so I could see his face. "I'm sorry about that scene at the arena, Angel," he murmured. "I don't want you to think I'm just a spoiled pop star," he added with a slight grin.

I smiled and shook my head. "Nope. I'd never think that Love. And I understand why you were upset. I was looking forward to spending all of Valentine's Day with you too. But I promise we'll make due with what time we have, okay?" Brian nodded.

I leaned forward and kissed him. I would have liked to stay in the room all afternoon, but I had a better idea. Revenge. "Brian, love, how deep of a sleeper is Nick?" I asked as I kissed along Brian's neck. Brian giggled as my tongue tickled him.

"Usually very deep. Why?" he asked, pulling back. I had an evil grin on my face and Brian began to smile. "Ah! Have something planned do you?" he asked.

I nodded. "Do you think you can disguise yourself and arrange for Marcus to join us on a little outing to a mall?"

Brian just kept on smiling and walked over to the phone. He dialed the registration desk and asked for Marcus' room.

"Hey Marc, its Brian," he said as Marcus picked up the phone. "Could you arrange for a car for a few hours? Scott and I have some 'shopping' to do... It's probably better if you don't know. I'm sure you don't want to get involved in our wicked games," Brian said smiling at me while he talked. "Sounds good Marcus, thanks." Brian hung up the phone and looked at me. "Marcus said he'd arrange for the car and get back to us in a few minutes."

I walked to where Brian was and sat down on the chair behind him, pulling him down to my lap. "So what shall we do for the next few minutes," I asked seductively as I ran my fingers down Brian's spine, sending shivers through him. Brian turned into my body and grabbed my face, kissing me forcefully and passionately.

I have no idea how much time passed when the phone started to ring again. Brian reached over and picked it up while I was trying to remember where exactly I was. He smirked at me while he talked to Marcus again.

The arrangements were made and we were to meet Marcus in the hall in five minutes. Brian slid off my lap and went to his suitcase, pulling out a hat and reading glasses with plain glass lenses. He put them on then turned to look at me. "What do you think?"

I stood up. To me it was obvious who he was. But I guess that's because I knew him so well. Hopefully any fans would only see the superficial and pass over him. I nodded.

"Looks good Love. Lets go."

We left the room and found Marcus waiting by the elevators. We went to the lobby then along a couple of other hallways to a back door. A car was waiting and the other security man, Chris, was driving. Marcus got into the front seat allowing Brian and I to sit together in the back. Once we were sitting the car drove away.

Marcus turned to look at us. "Okay, I know you both know this, but I'm supposed to say it anyway. Remember no PDAs anywhere outside of the hotel, bus and secure venues. I know it sucks guys, but that's the way it goes."

Brian and I both nodded. We'd heard the whole spiel before and could almost recite it word for word. I wondered if the other guys, like Howie, got the same lecture when he and Melissa went out. Not likely. I forced a smile and watched where we were going. Marcus had turned back to face the front and Brian looked out the side window.

"Course, no one can see into the car, and despite what you guys may think, I don't have eyes in the back of my head," Marcus muttered.

I smiled genuinely then and glanced at Brian. He had turned to look at me. We both glanced down at the seat between us and simultaneously our hands moved to the middle and our fingers entwined. It wasn't much, but it was enough.

The four of us walked casually into the mall. Both Marcus and Chris were very good at blending with the public and I didn't feel like I was under lock and key. Brian and I headed to the health and beauty section. Brian didn't know what I was planning, but trailed along, anxious to find out.

We reached the nail polish section and I stopped to look at the huge selection. I shook my head in bewilderment.

"Brian, would you find the brightest colored nail polish you can?" I asked him. He grinned at me and walked to the counter. I looked around and decided I should also buy a bottle of nail polish remover. I could blackmail Nick with it, and I knew he would need it with what I had planned.

I saw one of those small metal hand baskets and grabbed one, putting the bottle inside. I turned back to Brian. He showed me what he had. He found two bottles of polish, a bright fluorescent orange and a horrid lime green. I laughed aloud when I saw the colors. He just grinned and added them to the basket.

We continued wandering around the cosmetics and I found black eyeliner. I decided on make up instead of a marker because I knew the makeup would come off easier.

I noticed Marcus off to one side watching us and shaking his head. I grinned and we continued walking. Next stop was the toy department. We walked up and down the aisles until I found what I wanted, a bag of small plastic spiders; perfect. I grabbed a small bottle of non-toxic glue as well. Brian was figuring out what I was planning and began to giggle as we walked to the check-out counter. I paid for the stuff and we met up with Marcus and Chris at the exit. We had made the entire trip without Brian being recognized.

Once we were back in the car, Marcus turned to us. "Please tell me when you're going to do this! I really want to be around to see it," he said with a laugh. Chris started laughing too.

"Please tell me you aren't going to start on anyone else?" Chris asked.

I just grinned. "Um, sorry! No promises!" I said and sat back. Brian's hand found mine again and we rode in a comfortable silence back to the hotel.

The concert went perfectly and we arrived back at the hotel without any major delays by the fans. Brian and I went to our rooms, supposedly to sleep. Once the door was closed, Brian ran over and grabbed me into a hug.

"Guess what I have, Angel!" he asked excitedly.

I grinned at his enthusiasm. "What?" Brian reached into his pocket and pulled out a key-card. "So?" I asked dumbly. He handed it to me. The room number was for a room down the hall, Nick's room.

I laughed. "How did you manage it?" I asked him.

He shook his head. "That's a secret Love. But it should make things easier," he said. I had to agree.

We had made final preparations in the afternoon, and decided to go to bed for a few hours. I set the alarm clock for three AM.

We crashed onto Brian's bed and quickly fell asleep. It felt like only minutes later that the alarm was buzzing beside my head. I turned it off and made sure Brian was awake.

"You sure you want to help with this?" I asked as we pulled on some dark clothes.

Brian grinned and nodded. "Oh yeah! I owe Nick for so many jokes he's pulled on me over the years. This should be good. You going to get him up in the morning to take a picture?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yup. I'll knock on the door and take my digital camera with me. You ready?"

Brian walked to the door. Silently we crept out of the room and into the hall. We could see one of the security guys at the end of the hall. He saw us and recognized Brian. He grinned and turned his back, so he could honestly claim he saw nothing.

Silently we walked down to Nick's room. Brian swiped the card and the door clicked softly. He pushed it open and we slipped inside. There was enough light coming from outside that we could see easily around the room.

Brian had the nail polish and gently lifted the blankets from Nick so he could put the ghastly orange and green on his fingernails and toenails. I proceeded with my part of the prank and quickly drew lines all over Nick's upper body. Once or twice, the eyeliner must have tickled a little and he moved, but he never woke. Once that was done, the nail polish coated plastic spiders were pulled out of pockets and with a dab of glue on each one, placed at the end of each little spider web.

By the time we were done, Nick's body was covered with glow in the dark spiders and fingernails. I had to cover my mouth so I didn't burst into laughter. Brian pulled me quickly to the door and we slipped out.

We ran down the hall to our rooms and once inside, began to laugh hysterically. If we could get Nick in the morning before he saw himself, it would be perfect! I glanced at the clock. We had been in Nick's room for an hour. I re-set the alarm for eight, knowing that Nick normally wouldn't get up before ten.

Brian and I returned to bed and snuggled close before drifting back to sleep.

To be continued...