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By the time we were done, Nick's body was covered with glow in the dark spiders and fingernails. I had to cover my mouth so I didn't burst into laughter. Brian pulled me quickly to the door and we slipped out.

We ran down the hall to our rooms and once inside, began to laugh hysterically. If we could get Nick in the morning before he saw himself, it would be perfect! I glanced at the clock. We had been in Nick's room for an hour. I re-set the alarm for eight, knowing that Nick normally wouldn't get up before ten.

Brian and I returned to bed and snuggled close before drifting back to sleep.

Chapter 30

The next morning was priceless. The alarm brought Brian and I out of a deep sleep, but as soon as I remembered the reason for the early wake-up, I grinned.

I threw some clothes on and grabbed my digital camera. Brian was right behind me. Brian knocked on the door and I snapped five or six quick pictures when our bewildered little 'Spiderman' answered the door. He was so out of it that he just glared at us before walking back into his room and slamming the door.

A few seconds later we heard the scream. Brian and I sat down in the hallway and laughed until tears streamed down our faces.

The next few days went by quickly. Nick and I alternated through the gambit of pranks from saran wrapping the toilet seats to short-sheeting the beds. The others just stood back and watched. While the 'boys' were rehearsing or at the concerts I was either working on web pages or planning for a big Valentine's surprise.

We finally arrived in Rome. We were staying for a total of five days, including two concerts. The first day off was AJ's. He and I toured Vatican City. I discovered he was much more spiritual than I'd thought. He was awed by the religious artifacts and buildings.

The second day off I'd promised to Brian, but when Nick found out we were going back to Vatican City he pleaded with us to let him come. Brian and I agreed. After all, we couldn't do anything 'together' while we were in public anyway.

Nick convinced us to go to the Sistine Chapel to see Michaelangelo's painted ceiling. The three of us stood in awe as we stared up at the incredible scene painted so many feet above us. Nick was entranced by the artwork and as he started explaining some of the history of the painting and building I realized more just how strong the artist was in Nick.

The third day in Rome was the night of the first concert. While the singers dealt with media interviews and sound checks, I made final plans for Valentine's Day.

Unbeknownst to Brian or the others, I'd called Drew and invited him over. I'd also tried to get the girls to come but for one reason or another they couldn't free up their schedules. But Drew had quickly jumped at the chance so he booked a last minute flight and I just had to pick him up at the airport on Valentine's day. I knew I would be free for the late afternoon while the guys went on their 'dates'.

Jeff had made sure the time frame for the evening was set in stone and he had used my suggestion. The record label wasn't completely happy, but the guys from The Firm quickly settled things after voicing their displeasure about the last minute planning and the date chosen for the contest.

The sunlight pouring into the hotel room finally woke me. I slowly rolled over and found Brian still fast asleep. He was lying on his stomach facing me. All I could do was stare at him, and wonder how I ever got so lucky. I knew the concert had tired him out, but I wanted to spend as much of the day with him as I could.

I gently wiggled my body closer and leaned forward to softly kiss Brian's chiseled cheek. His hand, resting in front of his face, tried to flick away the feather soft touch. I grinned and leaned forward again, this time making my kiss a little firmer and I moved my lips down his cheek to the corner of his lips.

Just the hint of a smile gave me all the evidence I needed that he was awake. I pulled back and waited.

"Ah, the kiss of an angel," Brian murmured softly, opening his eyes to gaze at me. A smile quickly spread across his face as he turned his head more so he could see me completely. "Morning Angel," he whispered. He raised his hand and gently stroked my cheek.

I grinned at him. "Morning Love. Happy Valentine's Day," I added.

Brian's smile wavered and I knew I'd hit a nerve. I lay back down and pulled him over on top of me. I took his face in my hands. "Brian, don't be upset. I know you're disappointed and so am I. But we can't change things. I knew that sometimes your work would interfere with our lives. That's just the way it is right now. In this case, it truly is the thought that counts. I know you want to spend today with me." I pulled his face down and softly kissed his lips, running my tongue over them before I pulled back. "And I want to spend it with you. But we will have tonight, and every other Valentine's after this. Let's just enjoy the fact that we're together."

I waited and watched for his response. He was quiet while I spoke then moved to straddle my hips. He gazed down at me and I could feel his love emanating from him. It flowed out of his body and enveloped me in a warm glow. Brian planted the palms of his hands either side of my head and bent forward.

"Scott, I make a promise to you, here and now, that I will not allow my work to keep us apart on special occasions. I know it may seem kind of silly, but days like today, and birthdays and anniversaries are special to me." He leaned forward and kissed my nose. "Not that every day, every minute and every second spent with you isn't special Angel. But those other days are extra special. Today is a day when I want to spend every second showing you how much I love you." He sighed and rolled off of me onto his back. "And I can't because I have to go on some phony date with an hysterical fifteen year old girl."

I turned onto my side and put my hand on his bare chest. I gently began to rub the smooth skin, running my hand from his navel up to his nipples. Brian closed his eyes and moaned softly at my ministrations.

"Brian, every second, every day I know how much you love me. I don't need fancy dinners or big presents. Just a simple glance or a gentle touch and I can feel your love. Yeah, the other stuff is nice, but don't feel you have to give it to me." I gently slapped his stomach and rolled off the bed. "Now, enough of this moping Love. Lets shower and get dressed and just spend the day together until you have to go. You won't be gone long, and tonight," I knelt back on the bed and found his lips with mine. "Tonight, you are all mine," I whispered.

Brian smiled and I was relieved he felt better. "I like the sound of that." He stood up and began to walk towards the bathroom. I simply watched his perfect butt bounce across the floor. He stopped in the doorway and turned. "Care to wash my back?" he asked with a grin. I scrambled across the bed and ran over the floor, flinging the bathroom door closed behind me.

"So how do I look?" Brian asked as he walked out of the bathroom later that day. I looked up at him from my laptop.

"God you're gorgeous," I said truthfully.

"That good huh?" he asked with a grin.

It wasn't that the clothes were exceptional, simply black dress pants and a midnight blue silk shirt. It's just that the man can't help but exude sex appeal. His wavy blond hair and clear blue eyes combined with that sexy smile just melted me.

I grinned back. "Better than good, Love," I replied and his smiled widened.

He walked over to the dresser to pick up his watch and looked at me in the mirror. "So you'll be here at eight when I get back?" he asked hesitantly.

I grinned at his reflection. "Where else would I be?" I asked.

He smiled and turned around. "Can I have a good luck kiss?"

I set my laptop on the table and walked over to him. "You don't need luck, Love," I said and gave him a quick kiss. I noticed that he hadn't put any of his cologne on and I smiled. Brian knew it was my favorite and didn't want to share. "Try to have fun okay? I'll see you in a few hours." I stepped back, but Brian followed and pulled me close for a more in depth kiss.

It was Kevin knocking on the door that broke us apart. Brian straightened his clothes and wiped his mouth while I grinned at him.

"I'm having Markus stay here so if you want to go anywhere he can take you. See ya soon Angel," he added as he walked out the door.

I locked the door behind him and made my way to the balcony. From there I could watch the hordes of fans down below and see when the limo with the five singers left.

I knew he'd waited till the last minute to tell me about Markus. I wasn't too worried because I figured Markus would willingly help me with my surprise for Brian and AJ too. A few minutes after the limo left, I grabbed the room key and my wallet and headed out the door.

I found Markus standing at the end of the hallway.

"Going somewhere?" he asked casually.

I smiled. "Yes, I guess WE are," I replied.

He nodded and walked to the elevator.

"So where are we off to?" he asked once the elevator began its descent.

"Well, lets see. We're going to the mall to pick up candles, a florist for flowers and the airport for AJ's surprise," I explained.

Markus looked at me. "AJ's surprise huh? That wouldn't happen to be a tall red-head would it?"

I grinned. "Could be."

Markus just shook his head. Most of the fans were gone when we reached the lobby. Markus went to the parking lot to get the rental car and pulled up in front to pick me up. I checked my watch and decided to go to the airport first.

By the time we made it across the city and to the correct gate, Drew's plane was already on the ground. Markus was the first to spot Drew, even though the two had never met. He decided to have some fun.

"Wait here," he said with a grin. Where I was standing it would be nearly impossible for Drew to see me. Markus walked up to Drew from behind and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Sir, will you come with me please?" Markus said, sounding very official.

Drew turned around startled. "What? Why?" he asked, his eyes quickly scanned the crowd looking for me.

"We've had a report that you may be carrying a concealed weapon sir," Markus said, never breaking a smile. I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from laughing aloud.

"A weapon? You must be joking. I'm just here for Valentine's day," Drew protested. Markus took his arm and began to lead him away.

"That may be sir, but we must still strip search you," he stated.

I decided to make my move. I quickly ran up behind the two men. "I'll say he has a concealed weapon! It's that hard rod in the front of his pants!" I stated loudly.

Drew spun around. "Scott! You asshole," he exclaimed before pulling me into a hug. Markus grinned at us.

When Drew released me from his hug, I introduced him to Markus and they shook hands.

"Nice to meet you Drew," Markus said. "I've heard a lot things about you," he said with a smirk.

Drew blushed, turning a very deep shade of red. "Um...Thanks," he murmured.

I laughed. "Okay guys, lets go! We have some stops to make and we have to get back to the hotel in plenty of time," I said as we began to walk out of the airport terminal.

The three of us drove around the city picking up everything on my list. When we got back to the hotel, Drew and I returned to my room while Markus went back to his.

"So did you figure out how to surprise AJ?" Drew asked as we sorted out our purchases.

I grinned and nodded. "Yup. I rented another room for tonight. Brian already knows I'm planning something so it won't ruin things if he has to go to another room. You and AJ can use this room." I paused for dramatic effect. "But please, no blood or other bodily fluids," I said. Drew smacked me on the head and I grinned. "Anyway, I'm going to have Markus meet the guys in the lobby and have him tell AJ I want to talk to him. Markus will direct Brian to the new room," I explained.

"Sounds good!" Drew said.

"Speaking of favors," I added, turning to look at Drew. "Do you think I could borrow a couple of things from you?" I asked as a new plan formed.

"Sure. What?"

I walked over to Drew's suitcase and opened it on the bed. "Well, what kind of toys did you bring?" I asked.

I'd told Brian I wasn't into the extremes and its true. But that didn't mean certain toys couldn't make things more exciting and erotic. Drew grinned and showed me the things he'd brought. I selected a pair of padded handcuffs and a blindfold, making sure I had the key to the cuffs.

"That's all?" Drew asked.

I nodded. "Yeah. You know I'm not into this stuff too much. I just wanted to give him something a little different tonight," I explained.

Drew smiled and sat down on the bed. "I'm happy you're so happy Scott. You really deserve it," he said seriously.

I smiled back. "We both do!"

I called room service and told them what I wanted and when I wanted it delivered. I grabbed a change of clothes, then took my purchases and went to the new room I'd booked leaving Drew to his own planning. I could only imagine what he had in store for AJ.

I began to set out the candles and flowers, spreading the rose petals throughout the room and onto the bed. I'd replaced the standard hotel bed sheets, with red satin sheets.

Glancing at my watch, I placed a call to Markus, to ensure he would send Brian to me, and send AJ to my old room. He happily agreed.

Once I was satisfied with the room I took a long shower and changed into a pair of loose black chinos and a green silk shirt. I decided to go without shoes and socks, and left the shirt unbuttoned. Finally, all I had to do was wait.

About five to eight, the phone rang. "He's on his way up," Markus said and hung up.

I walked over to the door and waited for Brian to knock.

When he did, I opened the door a crack and slipped out. I smiled at him and glanced both ways down the hall to ensure we were alone.

"Hi Love," I said quietly and gently kissed him.

"I missed you Angel," he murmured.

I smiled and held out my hands, showing him the blindfold. "Do you trust me?" I asked.

Brian didn't respond verbally. He just took the blindfold and put it on, then stood quietly waiting for my next move.

I opened the door and pulled him inside. I walked him over beside the bed and stopped him. Turning him to face me I slowly began to unbutton his shirt. I watched the rise and fall of his smooth chest, as his pulse increased.

My knuckles brushed over his nipples and he moaned softly.

"I've been thinking about you all evening," he murmured. I raised my hand and softly placed a finger over his lips to silence him. I finished with his shirt and slipped it off his shoulders letting it fall to the floor. Leaning forward I had my first taste of the soft skin at his throat. My lips could feel the blood coursing through his veins. I moved my hands down to the button on his pants and quickly undid them. A quick push and the material dropped to the carpet, leaving Brian in his boxers.

A gently shove and he stepped back causing the backs of his legs to touch the bed. He sat down. I knelt in front of him and yanked off his shoes and socks, before completely removing his pants. I pulled him to his feet and carefully walked him around to the side of the bed.

Once he was stretched out on his back I raised his arms over his head. Before he realized what I was doing I had the handcuffs around his wrists and fastened to the headboard. He gasped softly in surprise but didn't speak.

Slowly I walked back around the bed. I could see Brian turning his head, trying to figure out where I was in the room. His chest was rapidly rising and falling and I could see the beginnings of a light sheen of sweat on his skin. I couldn't help but lick my lips. The man was so beautiful and he was mine.

I crawled onto the other side of the bed and knelt beside Brian. Starting at his feet, I slowly and very lightly ran my hands up his legs over his hips and up his chest before trailing down either arm. Brian shuddered and goosebumps sprang up over his body. I smiled to myself. Again I started at his toes and lightly traced up the contours of his body to the tips of his fingers.

Now that his hands were restrained I moved down beside his body. My fingers reached for the elastic waistband of his boxers. Slowly I pushed the boxers down over his hips. Brian aided my actions by lifting his butt. The boxers moved down over his muscled thighs then knees and finally over his feet. I tossed the boxers over to the corner.

I sat back and stared at the sight before me. Brian was laying nude in all his glory. His chest was taut because of his cuffed arms and his manhood stood hard as a rock at attention. All I had to do was decide what to taste first!

I leaned forward and flicked my tongue over his closest nipple. That earned me a gasp and a shiver coursing through his body. I leaned across him and repeated the move on the other nipple. I smiled as Brian moaned.

My only goal was to give him pleasure. My hands and mouth began to roam his body, stroking, touching, licking and biting. Soon Brian was thrashing on the bed, moaning and gasping in pleasure. I moved my attention down his body and suddenly engulfed his member down to the base.

"Oh God Scott!" Brian shouted. He began twisting his torso on the bed, trying to find some release, but his cuffed hands prevented that. Slowly I pulled my mouth back, releasing him. I began to lick around the base working my way up like a melting ice cream cone.

Watching Brian carefully, I brought him to the brink, then stopped, waiting for him to calm before starting again.

After three times of near release, his body was covered in moisture, his breathing was a continuous pant and there was a constant low moan emanating from his mouth.

"Please Angel," he begged hoarsely, "Please let me cum!"

I decided I'd tortured him long enough and the food would be arriving soon. One last time I sucked his throbbing red cock into my mouth and throat. Like a vacuum I began to suck hard, teasing the wide head with my throat while my hands massaged his balls and nipples.

He quickly reached the edge and this time I let him go over. I wanted to feel his pleasure with him so as soon as his cock began to pump, I moved quickly up the bed and covered his mouth with mine. His body convulsed and my hands pumped his member and tweaked his nipples as I kissed him hard, tasting every part of his warm mouth.

His cries of ecstasy disappeared into my mouth. Slowly his body stopped spasming. My hands stroked his hot, damp flesh, calming his body. My kisses softened until my lips barely caressed his swollen mouth. I lay beside him until his body relaxed.

Reaching up, I unlocked the cuffs, carefully lowering his arms. He didn't make any move to remove the blindfold. I reached out and tenderly stroked his cheek before pushing the blindfold up and off his head.

Crystal blue eyes turned to gaze at me and love poured from them unhindered.

I smiled tenderly at Brian. "Happy Valentine's Day," I whispered.

He grinned at me. "Wow! I'm glad everyday isn't Valentines," he whispered. "I don't think I'd survive!" he added with a laugh.

I pulled him up against my chest and for the first time he got a look at the room. Rose petals covered the bed and floor. A couple of dozen candles flickered around the room while a dozen red roses sat on the small table.

Brian noticed the red satin sheets and ran his hands over them. "Nice! Can we keep them?" he asked wickedly.

I laughed and nodded. "Anything for you Love," I murmured.

Brian became serious and stared into my eyes. "This is amazing Angel. Thank you!" he said sincerely.

I leaned forward for a kiss. "I love you," I whispered.

As with all perfectly timed events, there was a knock at the door. Brian, remembering that he was naked, dove under the covers. I laughed as I walked to the door.

Ensuring that the delivery person couldn't see into the room, I signed the receipt and waited for him to leave before pushing the cart inside.

Brian poked his head out above the sheet. "All clear?" he asked.


He climbed out of the bed, pausing to pull on his boxers before walking over to me. I was putting the food, strawberries and melted chocolate, and wine, on the table.

Brian put his arm around my waist and leaned forward to smell the roses.

"I adore you Scott," he said softly as he kissed my cheek.

I smiled at him and held out the chair for him. He sat down and grabbed a strawberry while I opened the wine. He leaned back in the chair and watched me.

"So, why the room change?" he asked curiously.

I poured the wine then sat down, pulling my chair so it was right beside Brian's. "Well, you weren't the only one getting a surprise tonight," I said vaguely.


I grinned and leaned closer. "Where do you think I got the handcuffs and blindfold?" I whispered.

Brian laughed softly. "Drew!" I laughed with him.

I grabbed a strawberry and dipped it into the chocolate then held it to Brian's lips for him to bite. Our eyes locked and Brian leaned in, biting off half the berry. I quickly popped the other half into my mouth. They say strawberries are an aphrodisiac. I'm not so sure about the taste, but the actions of feeding each other and licking off any accidentally dripped chocolate, sure aroused both Brian and I.

We leisurely ate the large bowl full of berries and drank a glass of wine while we talked. He told me about the fan date and how the only way he could smile was to think about me. I blushed. We talked about the next few weeks of the tour. It was going to be hectic. Brian tried to find out my plans for his birthday, but I wasn't talking.

Instead I leaned forward and silenced him with a kiss. Very quickly the passion ignited and we quickly set our glasses on the table. Brian stood and pulled me to my feet. We walked over to the bed and Brian pushed me back onto it, before he straddled my waist.

"You, my Angel, are definitely over dressed!" he whispered as his hands pushed my shirt off my shoulders. He lowered his mouth to my chest and I was lost.

To be continued...