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We leisurely ate the large bowl full of berries and drank a glass of wine while we talked. He told me about the fan date and how the only way he could smile was to think about me. I blushed. We talked about the next few weeks of the tour. It was going to be hectic. Brian tried to find out my plans for his birthday, but I wasn't talking.

Instead I leaned forward and silenced him with a kiss. Very quickly the passion ignited and we quickly set our glasses on the table. Brian stood and pulled me to my feet. We walked over to the bed and Brian pushed me back onto it, before he straddled my waist.

"You, my Angel, are definitely over dressed!" he whispered as his hands pushed my shirt off my shoulders. He lowered his mouth to my chest and I was lost.

Chapter 31

I woke up the next morning snuggled close to Brian. I thought about the previous night's activities and smiled to myself. It had been fantastic. I momentarily wondered how things had gone with Drew and AJ; hopefully just as wonderfully.

I was wide awake and Brian still hadn't shown any signs of waking. Glancing at the clock I realized that we only had forty-five minutes before the time I'd set for breakfast with Drew. Brian looked so adorable that I didn't have the heart to wake him. Instead, I just held him in my arms and softly stroked his hair. Gradually the motion brought him to consciousness and he opened his clear blue eyes.

"Mmm. You feel so good Angel," he murmured. I leaned forward and kissed him tenderly.

"So do you love," I whispered. I would have enjoyed just staying in bed, but we didn't have that luxury. "But, we have to get up and dressed soon, Bri. Yesterday I invited Drew and AJ to join us for breakfast this morning."

Brian pouted, but leaned forward to kiss me. "Well, if it were anyone else, I'd say lets just lock the doors. But I won't." He rolled over and started to get up then turned back to look at me. "Besides, I'm curious about how their night went. Ours was pretty damn fantastic!"

I laughed and jumped up to follow him into the bathroom. We did get a little…sidetracked in the shower, but still managed to get dressed before there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and signed for the breakfast. Before I got the door completely shut I heard a voice down the hall.

"Hey! Hold that door!"

I grinned and opened the door wide, admitting Drew and AJ. I immediately noticed their clasped hands. Brian walked over to greet the men.

"Hey AJ! Good to see you again Drew," he said and shook Drew's hand.

"You too Brian," Drew replied.

The room we were in had a small table with only two chairs, so as everyone grabbed some breakfast, I offered the chairs to Drew and AJ.

AJ looked at the wooden chair and began to blush. "Um…Would you mind if I sat on the bed instead?" he asked me.

I looked at him closely then over to Drew. Drew was blushing too.

Brian noticed as well. "Hmm…Angel, I think they had a little more fun last night than we did!" he commented with a smirk.

I laughed. "Could be love." Brian was already sitting on the bed so I sat in the chair, letting AJ sit beside Brian.

It was nice to be able to catch up on what was going on at home. I asked Drew about the MakeBelieves…sorry the Maple Leafs. He filled me in on the details.

After a leisurely breakfast, Drew and AJ decided to return to AJ's room. They had the rest of the day until the concert to enjoy each other. Drew was scheduled to fly out later that night.

Brian and I returned to the room on the band floor. We let the others know we were back, but kept to ourselves for most of the day until the concert.

Drew and I sat in the wings and watched our men sing to thousands of screaming girls. We took turns peeking out into the crowd to read the multitude of signs confessing love for each of the guys. We had a contest to see which of our boyfriends had the most signs dedicated to them. I can happily say that Brian won…although not by much!

After the concert, Kevin, Nick, Howie, Brian and I gave AJ and Drew about an hour of time alone to say goodbye. In order to avoid a riot at the airport, Marcus and I took Drew to catch his flight.

When I arrived back at the hotel, Brian wasn't in our room. I thought about looking for him, but knew he would return when he finished whatever he was doing.

About half an hour later, the door opened.

"Hey Angel," he said softly as he walked over to me. I was sitting on the bed typing on my laptop.

I smiled up at him. I could see that his eyes were a little red. "How's AJ doing?" I asked as I set the computer aside. I figured he'd been talking to his friend and that AJ was upset about Drew leaving.

Brian looked surprised for a minute then smiled sadly. "He'll be okay. AJ is very resilient." He sat down on the side of the bed. "Did you know that they admitted their love to each other?" he asked softly.

Drew hadn't told me so, but I figured it out from his behavior. Drew had really been affected by AJ. I nodded. "I thought so. Drew was awfully quiet on the drive to the airport." I wrapped my arms around Brian's shoulders and he leaned against me. "I'm happy they found each other, and I'm sorry they have to be separated for so long," I murmured against his cheek.

"I am so grateful that you are here with me," Brian said softly. I could hear the held-back tears in his voice and hugged him tighter.

"Me too, Love. Me too."

Six days later we arrived in Venice. Since Valentines Day, the group had performed in Naples then flown to Athens for a concert. Brian and I enjoyed our day off in Athens as we acted the part of tourists and visited a number of the ancient ruins. After two days in Athens, we flew back to the mainland and bused up the coast to Venice.

The bus pulled into the hotel at three am local time. Everyone stumbled into the building and up the elevator to the rooms. No one bothered to worry about luggage until the following morning. Brian's birthday was in two days. They had a concert the next night, then were off for his birthday, before a concert the day after.

I'd been trying to plan a birthday surprise for Brian. I wanted to buy him something personal, yet not too extravagant for his birthday. Finally, I decided to talk to Kevin. I caught up with him during a break at the rehearsal the next day.

"Hey Kevin," I said as I walked over to where he was sitting. Nick had distracted Brian with a new video game challenge.

Kevin looked up and smiled. "Scott! How are you?" he asked.

I sat down beside him. "Good. I have a question for you though," I said.

Kevin met my eyes and nodded. "Okay."

"I've been trying to decide what to give Brian for his birthday. I mean what do you give someone who has almost everything they want?" I asked with a grin. Kevin laughed. "Anyway, I came up with an idea, but thought I'd ask you about it." Kevin nodded. "I noticed Brian has a really nice gold cross that he wears when we get dressed up or go out somewhere special."

Kevin nodded again. "Yeah, his parents gave it to him when he got his highschool diploma," Kevin explained. That made sense. I'd never asked him about the necklace, but I knew it was important to him. Kevin could obviously read my thoughts. "He doesn't wear it all the time because the chain is so fine. He's afraid it will get pulled or break and he'll lose it."

I sat quietly for a minute. "So do you think he'd wear a necklace regularly if it was a little stronger?" I asked Kevin.

Kevin grinned and nodded. "I think, Scott, that if you gave him one, he'd wear it twenty-four-seven." I laughed softly because he was probably right. "So what are your plans for his birthday?" Kevin asked.

"Well, we're all going out for dinner. I thought that would be nice since I do seem to be taking up most of his free time. I don't want any of you to feel neglected, Kevin. I don't want to interfere with the group dynamics," I said seriously.

Kevin looked at me intently. "Scott, you haven't been. I know many guys that would be possessive and demand all of Brian's time. But you make sure he spends time with us, and you spend time with us too, and I don't mean just as part of your job. I won't lie and say the dynamics haven't been affected by your presence Scott, but I think it's been for the better."

I digested what Kevin said. It made me feel good to know that none of them resented me. "Thanks Kevin, that means a lot. After dinner I have a surprise planned, but you'll have to wait and find out," I said. I wasn't about to spoil the after dinner plans I had made for Brian and I. I stood up. "I better go. Have some shopping to do and plans to make. I'll see you back at the hotel later," I said to Kevin.

I tracked down Brian and Nick by listening to Nick's shouts of victory. Brian saw me approaching and stood up to greet me. I walked over and kissed him passionately, leaving both of us breathless.

"That's your consolation prize," I said with a grin.

"Hey!" Nick objected.

I turned to him. "What? You want one too?" I asked as I started towards him.

Nick scrambled away. "No! That's okay. I don't need a prize," he said quickly. Brian and I laughed. I turned back to Brian.

"I'm going to shopping for a while, love. I'll meet you back at the hotel before the concert, okay?" I said, losing myself in Brian's bright blue gaze.

"What are you shopping for?" he asked softly as he started to stroke my arm.

I grinned. "Sorry. That's classified," I replied.

He pulled my face closer to his and kissed me again. I wrapped my arms around his body and soaked up the feeling of him against me. Eventually he pulled back.

"Tell me," he whispered seductively.

I pushed him back and laughed. "No way! You'll just have to wait," I said, resisting his charms (incredibly enough!).

Brian sighed and stroked my cheek. "Okay, I'll wait. But take Marcus with you, okay?" he said, as I knew he would.

I gave him one more quick kiss. "Will do! See you later love," I said and turned to look for Marcus.

"Bye Angel," Brian called after me.

I found Marcus talking to a couple of the other security guys. He smiled when he saw me approach. Over the past few weeks, we'd become almost friends, spending so much time together.

"So Scott," he said when the other two men left, "what's on the agenda?" he asked.

I laughed. "You're getting to know me pretty well. I want to go downtown. I have some things to pick up for Brian's birthday," I explained.

He nodded. "Okay, let's go."

I walked back into the hotel a couple of hours later. The first stop I made was Kevin's room. I left my purchases with him because I knew Brian would snoop given the chance. I continued on to my room and found Brian napping on the bed.

Kicking off my shoes, I stretched out beside him and rested my hand on his stomach.

A few minutes later he rolled over and I found his blue eyes staring at me. "I missed you Angel," he said softly, leaning forward for a kiss.

I smiled tenderly. "Missed you too," I whispered.

"So what did you buy?" he asked, as his hand began a distracting motion on my chest, lightly brushing over my nipples.

"Would you believe me if I said nothing?" I asked softly as I closed my eyes to enjoy the motion of his hand more.

"No," his voice whispered right next to my ear.

"You have to wait till tomorrow," I told him. If my eyes were open, I knew he'd be pouting. I blindly reached out and stroked his soft light brown hair. "Stop pouting! It's only a few more hours," I chastised gently.

I could feel his breath against my cheek. "How did you know I was pouting?" he whispered.

"I know you," I whispered back. Then his lips found mine. It was a tender, soft kiss. Our lips lightly tasted each other. Neither of us wanted or needed the kiss to go further. It was simple intimacy, no need for sex.

Our time together was short, as it always was. A few minutes later the phone rang. It was Kevin's reminder that we had to get ready for the concert.

The morning of Brian's birthday I fortunately woke before him. I slipped out of bed and went out to the lounge to phone room service. After ordering breakfast I returned to the bedroom to take a quick shower, then threw on some shorts and a t-shirt. By the time I was finished, I knew room service would be arriving any minute.

I opened the door of the suite just as the cart was being pushed down the hall. I signed the receipt and pushed the cart across the lounge and into our bedroom.

My gorgeous lover was still sleeping so, of course, I had to wake him. Walking over to Brian's side of the bed, I knelt down on the floor. I could have just sat there and stared at his beauty all day, but I knew he would eventually wake. And waking him was so much fun!

He was lying on his stomach facing me. Reaching out, I ran a finger softly down his cheek. He sighed in his sleep making me smile. Next I ran my fingers along his forearm, up his shoulder and to his bare back. His muscles rippled under my touch. The skin was so soft and smooth.

Feathery light, I stroked down Brian's spine to his tailbone then back up to the base of his skull. The skin and muscles twitched but I didn't change my pace or the pressure. After a few minutes, Brian began to stir. As he did, I leaned forward and took his earlobe into my mouth. I sucked on it gently and Brian moaned again. A few seconds later, Brian moved, rolling over and pulling my lips to his.

It was a slow, gentle kiss as he continued to wake. I pulled back and gazed into his open blue eyes. "Happy Birthday Love!" I whispered.

Brian smiled broadly. "Mmmm, I wish every day was my birthday," he said, his voice still husky with sleep.

I softly kissed him again. "Everyday can be, Love," I murmured.

Brian tried to pull me back into bed, but I resisted. "Un-uh, Love," I said, moving back.

He pouted, but I ignored it. I walked back to the cart and picked up the food tray. Brian grinned and pushed himself up into a sitting position, leaning against the headboard.

"Yummy! Breakfast in bed," he said happily.

I set the tray on his lap and crawled in beside him. I watched his eyes light up even more when he saw the large cheese omelet on the plate. There were also glasses of orange juice and a bowl of fresh fruit.

I picked up the fork and cut a piece of the omelet, then held the fork to Brian's mouth. He giggled and accepted the food. I fed Brian breakfast, occasionally taking a bite of food for myself.

It was a nice leisurely meal and for once, we weren't interrupted. Of course, that may have something to do with the death threats I issued to the other four singers if they bothered us! We lazed around in bed until close to noon. After a lengthy shower together, we dressed in casual clothes and went out to the lounge to join the others.

Kevin spotted us first. "Happy birthday Cus!" he said, walking over to give Brian a hug. The other three followed suit. They were just ordering lunch so Brian and I ordered some light food to eat with them.

No one had any major plans for the afternoon. Kevin and Howie were going down to the hotel gym to work out. AJ and Nick planned to do some shopping and sight seeing. Brian and I voted to relax and watch movies until dinner. By staying in the hotel suite we could be ourselves. That was all I wanted to do for the entire day was snuggle with my love, be able to kiss him when I wanted and whisper words of love in his ear.

Brian knew what the plans were for dinner. Kevin had helped me book a banquet room so the entire BSB staff could join us for a birthday dinner. Brian had explicitly told me he didn't want anything too fancy. After dinner would be our special birthday celebration.

Dinner time rolled around and the six of us went to our respective rooms and dressed. Brian had on brown pants and a dark blue shirt. The neck of the shirt was unbuttoned. After he finished dressing, I watched him walk to his suitcase. I realized he was going to put on the chain his parents had given him. I had planned on giving him his present after dinner, but decided the time was now.

"Love?" I said as I walked towards him.

Brian turned to look at me. He noticed the small wrapped box in my hands, and looked up into my eyes. "Is that for me Angel," he asked, his eyes twinkling.

I smiled and nodded. "I was going to give it to you later, but I think now is the right time."

Brian took the box and ripped off the paper. He popped the lid and looked inside. I watched his reaction closely and was relieved when a gentle smile caressed his lips and he looked up at me with glistening eyes.

"Its beautiful, Angel," he murmured as his fingers entered the box. He carefully pulled out the 24k white gold chain with the small medallion hanging from it. The medallion was a simple cross. Brian looked closer at the chain itself and a huge smile crossed his face. He pulled my head down to him for a kiss.

"That's so unique," he said, when the kiss ended. He was referring to the links of the chain. They were small outlines of fish, attached head to tail to form the chain.

I blushed at his compliment. "Well, I couldn't decide between getting you a cross, or your birth sign. This way, you have both." The fish represented his sun-sign of Pisces.

"I love it! I love you! Will you do it up for me?" he asked as he turned around and put the opened chain around his neck. I locked the clasp and he turned around so I could see. It hung perfectly, just hitting the hollow of his collarbone. I reached out to run my fingers down his cheek and Brian noticed that I was wearing the bracelet he'd given me. He grabbed my wrist and pulled it to his lips. "I guess we're both ready then," he commented. I grinned and we proceeded to join the others in the lounge.

Once we were all ready, the six of us took the elevator downstairs to the banquet room.

Dinner was a great deal of fun. There was about forty or fifty people, and everyone was enjoying themselves. Throughout the evening different people came to the table to wish Brian a happy birthday. Nearly three hours after dinner began, Brian and I were able to sneak off for the rest of my evening plans.

We crept out of the hotel without any fans spotting us. The city was beautiful. Lights highlighted the ancient architecture of many of the buildings. The numerous bridges spanned the multitude of canals as we walked along the road.

We didn't have that far to walk, until we reached a dock along one of the canals. Parked at the dock was a large gondola. The narrow boat had a large enclosed section for passengers that enclosed three of the sides, leaving the front and the top open. The gentleman that owned the gondola was waiting for us.

Brian realized what we were doing as we approached the small craft and he began to grin. The man helped us onto the boat and we settled into the protected enclosure. We sat down comfortably on the soft cushions, Brian sitting within my embrace in front of me. We could see out the front of the canopy to see where we were going, but no one along the shore would be able to see us. Even a person on another gondola would have to look closely to see us in the darkness.

We silently settled back and waited for the craft to move. It began to glide smoothly across the water.

"This is so incredibly romantic Scott," Brian said softly, snuggling back against me more. "I've always wanted to ride on one of these, with the right person," he added softly.

"And do you have the right person?" I asked quietly.

"Without a doubt," he whispered.

I kissed his ear. "Good answer."

The gondola slid across the smooth water of the canals as we traveled around the city. We caught glimpses of other historic buildings and bridges.

The driver was at the back, far enough behind us that he couldn't see into the enclosure. As the ride continued, Brian turned towards me so our lips could meet. Before long we were both stretched out on the soft pillows, Brian on top of me. His soft lips pressed against mine as his tongue occasionally slid into my mouth.

A while later, Brian tucked his head against my shoulder as we lay, watching the buildings pass us by. "Being in one of the most romantic cities in the world, with the man I love more than anything; this is the best birthday I've ever had Scott, thank you," Brian said sincerely.

I hugged him. "Anything for you my love," I replied honestly.

We fell silent and enjoyed the rest of the trip. Over two hours later the small boat pulled back into the dock we had left from. We stepped onto the dock and I discreetly paid the man and thanked him for the ride. Brian and I returned to the hotel through the dark streets of Venice.

The day after Brian's birthday the tour kicked into high gear. There was nine more cities spanning from Zurich when we left Venice, working our way to Dublin, Ireland, before the band had a scheduled week long break.

The time went by quickly as everyone fell into a pattern. There were concert days, when I worked on the websites for the band and for my clients at home; travel days when Brian and I would spend most of our time together on the bus; and free days. If I was not scheduled to spend a free day with one of the guys, then a group of us usually would try to go out for dinner or to a movie or a park. Something to get away from the grind of hotels, media and hysterical fans.

I found my days with the other guys to be most enlightening. When we reached Frankfurt, Kevin and I went to see the Lippizan horses. There was a performance of the beautiful white horses that Kevin just had to see. I must admit that the synchronicity and beauty of the proud animals impressed me. The horses performed flawlessly as far as I knew and Kevin sat enthralled by the show.

Afterwards Kevin spoke to someone and managed to get us a closer look at the horses. I watched as Kevin walked up to each stall and talked softly to the horse and gently stroked their noses, after allowing the horse to smell his scent. I'd brought my digital camera with me and managed to get a picture that showed the awe and love Kevin had towards horses.

When we left, we walked around the city a little and Kevin told me about the history of the horses and how civil wars in Eastern Europe had threatened their existence.

A few days Kevin and I spent our second day together in Brussels. We just toured the city and talked about the issues and causes that Kevin was concerned about. I knew cancer was close to his heart because of his father, but I also discovered he had a very strong interest in environmental issues. By the end of the day, I felt I knew a much deeper and observant Kevin than I thought existed.

After Brussels, the tour moved to London where I spent a day with Howie. We toured the fashion district during the day, then went to a play in the evening. I discovered how varied Howie's interests were. Not only was he a singer, but he owned real estate, and had a serious interest in acting. I was surprised when he told me that when Backstreet ended he would probably get out of the music business completely.

Liverpool was next on the tour and AJ and I spent a day off visiting famous Beatles sites including a museum dedicated to the 'fab four'. AJ wasn't quite the wild child the media made him out to be, but he did have his own style. He also had an incredible knowledge about all different types of music. At one point he confided that he would like to do some solo work, just so he could do a different music style. He made sure I knew he didn't want to quit the group, but just try something different. We also talked a little bit about Drew.

Finally, the first leg of the tour wrapped up in Dublin. Brian and I had discussed our plans for the week off. I had to return to Toronto for a few days and he was going to visit his family in Kentucky. We agreed to meet in Orlando on Friday so that everyone could fly out on the Sunday together. It was going to be strange back at my home without Brian. We had been sharing a bed for over two and a half months. I knew I would have trouble sleeping.

AJ decided to fly to Toronto with me to visit Drew for a couple of days before going to Orlando to see his mom.

AJ and I were flying out in the morning before the others left. We drove to the airport in silence. Brian had his arms wrapped around my chest and his head tucked in against my shoulder. I could feel his breath on my neck and cheek.

"I'm going to miss you Angel," he whispered very quietly.

I softly stroked his hands on my chest. I turned my head slightly. "I'll miss you too. I probably won't sleep for the next seven days," I said quietly.

"Seven days sounds like such a long time," he murmured.

The car pulled up at the airport. The deal was that Brian could ride in the car, but couldn't get out at the airport. I had to say my goodbyes now.

I turned in his embrace and found his eyes. "One week Love. Its not that long," I tried to convince us both, then I smiled. "Just think about all the fun we'll have next Friday night, catching up!" I said and kissed his nose.

He pulled me back for a deep, mind-numbing kiss. When he released me, I wasn't sure where I was. He grinned at my stunned expression. "That was to hold you until then," he said with a smile, although I could see the hidden sadness.

I decided to go quickly so neither of us broke down into tears. I opened the door and took one more look at him. "Love you, and miss you," I whispered.

"Love and miss you too, Angel," he whispered as I stepped out of the limo and closed the door.

An incognito AJ and I walked through the airport to our gate. I was grateful for his company and his silence. He knew what I was feeling and probably more because his separation from Drew had been so much longer.

The flight was uneventful and we arrived in Toronto in the late afternoon. I wasn't looking forward to going with AJ to Drew's. Their reunion would only remind me of how much I missed Brian, but my car was at Drew's house. We took a cab and half an hour later pulled up to Drew's house.

AJ wanted to surprise Drew so I walked up to the door and knocked while he stood to the side of the house, peering around the corner.

Drew opened the door and his eyes widened. "Scott! What are you doing here?" he asked as he opened the door. Just as he did, I could hear his phone ringing. "Come on in. Let me get that and I'll be right back," he said as he ran to grab his cell phone.

I listened to Drew's end of the conversation.

"Hello?" he said. I watched his eyes light up. "Alex! How are you? Hey, did you know Scott was coming back? He just walked in my door," Drew talked as he walked back to me and moved to close the door again. He paused. "What do you mean, don't close the door?"

Drew flung open the screen door and stepped outside. He froze and flipped his phone closed as he saw AJ standing at the corner. I decided to get them both back into the house before anyone noticed. I grabbed Drew's collar and pulled him backwards.

"Get in here AJ before someone recognizes you!" I said. He obeyed and walked into the house. Drew was still stunned. AJ grinned and waited patiently for Drew to react. After a minute Drew grabbed AJ and pulled him close.

"Jesus AJ, I missed you so much!" Drew said quietly as he hugged AJ tightly.

AJ hugged back just as tightly. "I kinda got that impression," he quipped making Drew laugh. They both leaned forward for a kiss and I tried to stare out the window. I could feel my loneliness for Brian starting to grow.

After a short, but passionate kiss, AJ pulled back and looked at me. "Sorry Scott!" he apologized.

I shook my head. "Its okay." I looked at Drew. "I just need my car keys and I'll get out of your way guys." I said.

Drew smiled sympathetically at me and grabbed the keys out of a basket before tossing them to me. "How long are you here for?" Drew asked.

"I'm here till Friday, and AJ is staying until Tuesday, I think." I looked at AJ to confirm and he nodded.

"I'll give you a call then before you leave again," Drew said. I could already sense his attention turning back to AJ and I didn't mind. I knew what they were feeling.

I walked to the door. "Sounds good Drew. You two try to behave," I said with a grin. They smiled and said goodbye as I walked out to my car.

I honestly believed the week would never end. I was busy the entire time dealing with current clients and acquiring a couple of new ones. I visited with my parents a couple of times as well. But there was a never-ending tug on my heart and attention. Brian and I talked every night for over an hour, but it wasn't the same as holding him and seeing him.

Just when I thought I couldn't take it any longer, Friday arrived. Once again, Drew took me to the airport.

Because I had booked a last minute flight, I ended up stuck among a family of five hyperactive kids and two exhausted parents. Lets just say, it was a long flight!

I gathered up my luggage and began walking through the airport. Brian wasn't sure if he'd be back in Orlando before me, but he had promised to send someone to meet me. I glanced around looking for a familiar face or a sign.


I heard a whisper behind me and looked around to find out where the sound came from.


I heard it again and looked again. This time I noticed a shoe sticking out from behind a large column. I smiled to myself and walked over, leaning up against the flat surface.

"So, you looking for a good time?" A quiet, but familiar voice said from beside me.

I shrugged. "Could be. What are you offering?" I played along.

I could feel him move closer. "How about a night of wild sex, with a cute celebrity?" he suggested slyly.

I pretended to think about it. "Nah, I don't think so. Thanks anyway." I said and waited for his reaction.

He was quiet for a moment. "So what are you looking for?" he asked.

"Well, I had been hoping to spend the night making passionate love with my boyfriend, but I don't know if that's possible," I commented.

He laughed softly. "Anything is possible Angel. You have shown me that," Brian said as he walked around the corner to stand in front of me. He was wearing the standard hat and glasses and looked completely edible. I had to restrain myself from leaning forward to kiss him.

He grabbed one of my suitcases and we walked out to his car. I vaguely remembered him telling me he owned a car, but I had become so used to riding in limos with Brian that it was strange to see him driving.

As soon as we got in the car, he reached over and grabbed my hand. "I want to kiss you so badly Angel, but I can't," he said sadly. "Not here. It takes about twenty minutes to get to my place, so we'll have to wait."

I smiled over at him and squeezed his hand. "I can wait. I'm just so happy to see you! And you smell so good!"

He grinned and started the car.

True to his word, we arrived at his apartment complex twenty minutes later. We carried my luggage into the building and up the elevator to the tenth floor. As soon as we walked into the apartment, Brian threw my luggage down and spun around to pull me into an incredible kiss.

I lost all track of time as I wrapped my arms around him and delved into his mouth. God, I'd missed his taste and scent so much. Our hands were roaming over each other as we tried to get closer to each other, despite still being fully clothed.

Over five minutes later, I became vaguely aware of voices around us. Reluctantly I pulled back from Brian and turned around to find Kevin and Howie grinning at us. I blushed in embarrassment.

Brian put his arms around me from behind. "Are you guys about ready to go?" he asked as he nibbled my earlobe.

"We were just on our way out, when you guys decided to block the door," Kevin said pointedly.

Brian walked us to the side. "There you go! Door is free. See you two on Sunday!" he said.

Howie and Kevin laughed.

"Okay Brian, we get the picture!" Howie said. "Good to see you again Scott, but as you've probably noticed, we are being kicked out of our own home!" he said with a grin.

I thought about feeling sorry for them, but I knew they both had places they could stay for a couple of nights. And I wanted to be with Brian!

"Thanks for giving us this time together guys!" I said sincerely.

"No problem Scott," Kevin said as they walked out the door.

Brian flicked the lock and spun me around, grinning at me. "Now, where were we?"

To be continued...