Millennium Love Parts 5 & 6 - Scott

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As Before: This story is a little different. For each section, you have a choice to read the story from the view point of one of the two main characters: the fictional Scott Waters or Brian Littrell. BUT: If you read the story from both view points you'll get the entire story, particularly when the characters are not together.

I apologize if I seem to be in a bit of a time warp, but the idea for the story came to me and it fit the time line (hence the story's name Millennium Love). The story starts in October 1998 and runs up to the new millennium. Also, if some events don't coincide with real events (i.e. I moved the Much Music Awards from September to October!), remember, it's only fiction!

Legalities: This story is fictitious. It is not meant to imply anything about any of the Backstreet Boys or anyone else. No, I am not Brian Littrell, or Scott Waters. If you're offended, go away. If you're curious, keep reading, you might like it ;-)

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Millennium Love Parts 5 & 6 - Scott

Part 5

"So where do we go from here?"

It was what I was thinking, but Brian put it into words. I could see tears welling up in his eyes and all I wanted to do was make them disappear. I swung my legs off the bed and picked up the tray, setting it on an empty chair. I returned to the bed and pulled Brian to me, holding him tightly.

"We will make this work, Brian. Weíll rack up some hefty phone bills and maybe some air miles, but I wonít give up without a fight. Not after just finding you." Brian murmured something against my chest. "What did you say?"

He lifted his head. "I said I get all your air miles!" A smile was back on his face. I grinned.

"You may have to fight me for them," I told him. Wrong thing to say. While I was about four inches taller, Brian had had the past five years to practice wrestling with the other guys. I suddenly found myself flat on the bed with my arms above my head and Brian sitting on my abdomen, wearing a victorious grin.

"Now, what were you saying Scott?" he asked innocently, before leaning in and nibbling on my chin. He released my arms, but I no longer wanted to wrestle. I wrapped my free arms around Brian and lowered my jaw so our mouths met. If I was dreaming, I never wanted to wake. It had been so long since Iíd been intimate with anyone and I knew that this was more than just filling in the emptiness. Brian was making me whole.

His lips were soft, yet demanding. He forced my mouth open and I felt his tongue run around the sensitive inside of my lips. A shiver went through me, so he repeated the movement. The fire had been stoked and the heat began to grow. Our kisses became more urgent, wanting more in return. Brianís hands were roaming freely along my body and I followed suit, loving the feel of his muscled back and firm ass beneath my wandering hands. Brian reached for the buttons on my shirt and our eyes met. We both realized that if I started to undress, we wouldnít stop; we knew this wasnít the time or place.

Brian rolled off me, onto his back beside me. We were both out of breath and flushed. "You can have the air miles," I whispered and we both laughed.

Once Brian regained his breath, he told me about his schedule for the day. "We have three or four interviews this morning, a rehearsal this afternoon, then the music awards tonight." He sighed, then brightened, "But I am free for an early dinner! Interested?"

Brian rolled off the bed and went to get a shirt, knowing his cousin would be knocking at any moment. He pulled out a dark blue silk shirt to go with the black cargo pants he was already wearing. He looked over at me, a smile on his face and a glow in his eyes that hadnít been there yesterday. Had I done that?

I reluctantly got off the bed and picked up my shoes, sitting down to pull them on. "Dinner sounds perfect. What did you have in mind?" I asked as I watched him run a brush through his unruly hair. Before he could answer, I told him my plans. "I thought I would go home, get cleaned up and maybe take a nap. But I can come back to the city anytime."

Brian walked over to the dresser and picked up some paper and a pen. He wrote down something then handed me the pen and paper. "Write down your phone number, hereís my cell number," he said as he handed me the number. "I donít know what time the rehearsal will finish, but Iíll call you when I find out, and we can decide what to do, okay?" Brian laughed suddenly, "that sounded like a stereotypical morning-after ĎIíll call you sometimeí line, didnít it?"

I didnít want to admit it, but it had!

There was a knock at the door. "Iíll be there in a minute Kev," Brian said to the door and then looked back at me. He came over to where I was standing, reached up and took my face in his hands. "I promise I will call you. In fact, youíll be so sick of hearing my voice, you probably wonít want to have dinner!" He stood on his toes and kissed me.

"I donít think I could ever get tired of listening to you, Brian, but good luck trying." We both laughed and left the bedroom to join the others.

I thought I would feel awkward, seeing the others again, but A.J. quickly took care of that. "What? Are you still here?" he looked around at the guys. "I thought we got rid of you." He was looking at Brian, not me. "Oh, hi Scott!" he continued and we all laughed after Brian punched A.J.ís shoulder.

We walked to the elevator. Brian and I stepped on first so we were at the back. I felt Brian reach over and take my hand, giving it a squeeze. He held on until the elevator dinged and the door began to open. He whispered, "Iíll miss you," before everyone stepped off the elevator into a crowd of about twenty-five fans who had managed to sneak into the parking lot. I decided it was best to make my escape quickly and disappeared in the confusion.

Somehow, I managed to make it home despite my mind racing in a hundred different directions trying to digest everything that had happened in less than twenty-four hours. I had just walked through the door of my cottage (It was a house, but on a lake shore so I called it my cottage), when the phone rang. It was probably Mom and Dad calling to invite me home for Sunday dinner. I debated whether to answer it, but decided Iíd better. It could be a work emergency.


"I miss you," the voice on the other end said in a slow Kentucky drawl and my heart did somersaults.

"I miss you too," I said with a laugh. "How did you know I just walked in the door Brian?"

"You said it was a ninety minute drive, so I waited ninety minutes and started calling." He sounded so happy over the phone I had to smile to myself.

"How are the interviews going?" I asked.

He sighed, "The usual - ĎWhatís your ideal girl? Whatís it like touring? Do you guys ever fight? - we always give the same answer."

"So what is your *ideal girl*?" I asked him sweetly as I began pulling off my day old clothes.

"Well, Iíd have to say my ideal *girl* is over six feet tall, has curly, shaggy black hair and beautiful green eyes," he said in his most formal drawl.

"You donít say," I said, actually feeling myself blush.

"Damn, Iím being paged, Scott. I just wanted to hear your voice and make sure you got in safe. Iíll talk to you later, okay?" I could hear a little uncertainty in the way that Brian phrased the question so I tried to calm his concerns.

"Brian, you can call me anytime, day or night - no matter what. Just to talk, unload, or Iíll talk if you just want to hear another voice. Alright?" I meant every word I said, knowing that I would to this man any chance I had just to hear his voice, and maybe his amazing laugh.

The tension had left his voice when he answered. "Thanks Scott. Bye."

"Bye Brian," I said, smiling as I hung up the phone.

I decided to shower and shave first. Once cleaned up, I felt better and realizing that it was almost eleven, decided to get something to eat. Remembering the pancakes Brian had eaten earlier this morning, I went to the kitchen and began mixing some of my own. I had just flipped the first pancake in the frying pan when someone knocked at the door.

I opened the door to find Drew standing there.

Part 6

I opened the door to find Drew standing there.

"Where the hell have you been?" he demanded as he stomped into the house. He looked terrible. Looking at him with his spiky, red hair and multiple earrings, no one would ever know he ran a successful small investment firm. His green eyes were bloodshot from a lack of sleep. During the workweek, he lost the jewelry, tamed the hair and dressed the part. But weekends were for the real Drew Taylor to come out. It was only at that moment that I remembered we had had tentative plans to go out Friday night. Drew felt it was his job to try to fix me up, so every so often I agreed to go clubbing to make him feel better.

I suddenly smelled burning pancakes and went back to the kitchen. Drew followed.

"You never answered the phone, or called me so I though Iíd come by and see if you were still alive." He slumped down onto a chair. "Got any coffee?" he asked.

I reached into a cupboard and pulled out a jar of instant coffee, setting it in front of him. He knew that I didnít keep regular coffee because I never used it. I continued making pancakes and eventually Drew realized that I wasnít going to make the coffee for him. With a sigh he got up, filled the kettle and plugged it in. So it just happened that he was standing right beside the phone when it rang.

Before I could react, Drew picked it up. "Hello."


"No. Whoís this?"

I finally yanked the phone out of his hand. "Hi, this is Scott."

"Hi," Brian said quietly, "its me."

I couldnít help but smile and I saw a mischievous look cross Drewís face. I ignored him. "Iím sorry about Drew. We had plans last night but I got Ö distracted. He stopped by to check on me."

"Oh," was all Brian said and I realized that maybe he was jealous. I noticed that Drew had taken over making the pancakes so I took the phone, went down the hall to my bedroom, and closed the door.

"Brian, Iím alone now. Are you okay?" Hoping that he hadn't hung up.

He sighed, "I was a little surprised to find Drew there." He paused, "I guess maybe Iím a little jealous that heís there with you and Iím here taking a quick break before another interview." There was another silence. "Scott, what are you going to tell him? About where you were last night, about me?"

I could tell from the tone in his voice that he was a little concerned. I couldnít be angry though because I realized what an unplanned Ďcoming outí could do to him, his career and the other ĎBoysí. "Bri, Iíll tell him enough, but no names, I promise. I told Kevin last night that I wouldnít do anything to hurt you or the others."

"I know you wonít Scott," he said with certainty. "Iíve got to go, Kevinís calling me. Next time I call I should be able to give you details about dinner, okay?"

"I canít wait," I said truthfully. "And BrianÖ"


"I miss you."

"Me too."

We both hung up. I set the phone on the bed and remained there for a minute as I realized just how much truth was in that little sentence, ĎI miss youí. It had only been a few hours since Iíd seen Brian, but I really did miss him, which meant that I cared for him - a lot. ĎHow much more complicated could our relationship get?í I asked myself. A little voice asked another question - Ďdoes it matter?í When my entire being responded with a resounding ĎNO!í I relaxed. All we could do was wait and see where things went.

I returned to the kitchen to find Drew drinking his coffee and eating pancakes. A second plate stacked with pancakes sat on the table. I smile at him as I poured syrup on the stack. "Thanks Drew," I said and began to eat.

"So?" Drew finally asked.

"So what?" I asked innocently.

"Scott!" he said exasperated.

I grinned across the table. "Okay Drew. Yes Iíve met someone. But I canít tell you much about him because of his career. I can tell you some things, but not others. Not yet, anyway. So go ahead, ask."

"Who is he?"

"Canít tell you." From the look on my face, Drew knew better than to push me for an answer.

"Howíd you meet?"

"By accident. I saw him in the street and he needed a hand so I offered my help."



"Yesterday!" he repeated with a grin. "Wow, did you move fast."

"Hey, its not like that," I protested, kicking him under the table. "He bought me dinner, to thank me and I had a few too many drinks so he offered me a place to stay. We talked and realized that maybe we should become better acquainted. So weíre having dinner tonight." I couldnít contain my excitement and a silly grin burst out.

Drew looked at me intently. "Wow, Scott, this is serious, isnít it?"

I looked directly at him, "I think it could be, Drew. I hope so, but we have to wait and see; itís rather complicated."

Drew knew me better than anyone did. He nodded thoughtfully, "You have it bad, my friend. I hope it works out, because you deserve a little happiness."

"Thanks Drew, for not pushing, and for forgiving me for last night. When Iím able to tell you more, I will."

Drew helped me do the dishes and told me about his adventures from the night before. I promised to call him in a few days and tell him how things were going. It was after noon when Drew left and I decided that a nap might be a good idea.

As soon as I fell asleep I began to dream. Iíd had the dream before, but this time it was more real, probably because I now knew the man in my dream.

Iím lying naked on a bed when Brian walks in. Just the sight of him arouses me. He is completely naked too. He slowly walks over to the foot of the bed, smiling *that* smile. I feel myself get harder. Brian crawls onto the bed. He starts with my feet, slowly kissing and sucking each toe on one foot, then moving to the other. Just his touch sends shivers throughout my body. Ever so slowly, Brian works his way up my legs, kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling. I begin to tremble. He approaches my groin, but instead of providing me the release I desperately want, he carefully avoids touching my engorged penis. Instead, he moves to my abdomen and resumes his trek; licking my belly, kissing my ribs. Reaching my chest, he nibbles and licks first one nipple, then the other. All I can do is moan my approval. Iíve never been made to feel this way. I close my eyes and arch my back, raising my hips, asking for release. Still he moves up, along my throat, across my Adamís apple, along my jaw, finally reaching my mouth. His lips assault mine as his tongue darts into my mouth, once again running along the sensitive inner edge of my lips.

Suddenly, Brian breaks off contact and looks down at me with a smile, his eyes glowing a brilliant blue. I moan my displeasure at losing his touch. When I donít think I can stand it any longer, he finally lowers his head and engulfs my throbbing member. Every nerve ending in my body spasms. His soft lips begin another mission at the base of my seven inches, slowly working their way up and around, working up to the sensitive head. One of his hands is cupped around my balls, squeezing gently, while the other is entwined with mine. Our fingers constrict as I near the breaking point. Just as Iím about to explode, Brian moves his warm mouth to the pulsing head of my cock, licks the precum seeping from the end before swallowing my entire length as my entire body constricts and jets of my warm juices begin shooting down the hungry channel of his throat.

I woke up in a sweat, immediately noticing the aroused state of my body. It took me a moment to realize what had wakened me; the phone was ringing. I reached over and grabbed it.

"Hello," I said, still breathless from my fantasy.

"Scott? Are you okay," the man of my dream asked. I had to laugh.

"Oh yeah. But you just interrupted the best dream, Bri."

"Was I in it?" he asked.

"Most definitely!" I replied, trying to calm my breathing and my body.

"Mmm, sounds good. Tell me about it," he said.

"Are you alone?" I asked him.


"Then I think Iíd better tell you some other time," I said with a laugh.

"Oh!" I could almost hear him blushing, and I could hear the guys in the background razzing him.

"Brian, tell them I said theyíre to leave you alone." He repeated my message, then the phone was suddenly taken from Brian. It was Nick.

"Sure weíll leave him alone - if you tell me what you said that made him turn such a *purtty* shade of red!" I laughed and Brian grabbed the phone back.

"Sorry, Scott, weíre all getting a little giddy. Itís been a long day." I glanced over at my alarm clock; it was two fifteen. Brian continued, "Weíre just getting through rehearsal and should finish up soon. I was wondering if you would come back to the hotel for about four thirty?"

"No problem, Bri. What are we doing for dinner?" I was already thinking ahead to when I would see him again.

"Itís a surprise. You sure you donít mind driving back?"

"Brian!" I said, exasperated.

He laughed, "Okay, Okay! I just didnít want to assume anything, thatís all."

"Iíll be there at four thirty Brian. Um, how will I get in?" I asked suddenly, remembering that there would be added security to prevent unwanted fan intrusions.

"You have photo I.D.?" Brian asked.


"Iíll leave your name and description at the front desk. Youíre our new friend we made while playing basketball, and are coming for dinner. Sound good?"

"Okay Brian, see you then," I said, before adding, "Miss you."

"Miss you too," he said before hanging up.

I rolled out of bed and decided to take another shower. That dream had me all hot and sweaty. Once out of the shower I had to decide what to wear. Iíd forgotten to ask Brian how formal or informal so I settled on something in the middle. I pulled out a pair of black chinos and a dark green shirt.

I had butterflies in my stomach and realized I was nervous, like a teenager going on a first date. I told myself I was being a fool - Iíd already *slept* with the man - but it didnít help.

I made it out the door by three, giving me exactly ninety minutes to get there, assuming I didnít run into any traffic problems. The entire drive into the city I played my compiled Backstreet Boys CD, singing along to much of it, but listening to Brianís parts, loving the sound of his voice.

I reached the hotel with five minutes to spare. The butterflies were still fluttering in my gut, but I ignored them. I found an empty parking spot, then walked into the hotel. There were about one hundred young female fans on the sidewalk outside. The doorman didnít try to stop me (I guess he thought only girls were Backstreet fans!). I gave them my name at the front desk and once I showed them photo I.D., I was handed a card key. It would allow me access to the private elevator and the twenty-first floor suite.

Once on the elevator, I took a few deep breaths to calm myself. Before I knew it, the bell dinged and the door slid open.


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