My Immortal Beloved
Chapter 10
by JT Poole and Julie S.

It seems things are looking up for the Witches' Five. Twice now, the guys and girls have kicked the head vampire's butt. Howie is on his way back to the US to find his man and is Nick Carter really a threat to the secrecy of the witches, since it seems Jeremiah was able to find him. Will the witches continue to have good luck while going up against Jeremiah Rage? Let's find out right now...

Orlando, FL -- Disney (Near Kissimmee)


Oh we've really needed this today. It seems like ages since any one of us did anything remotely normal. I wouldn't be upset if people didn't remember me at all. I'm glad I have plenty of money, if not, I would've lost my job by now. Talking about missing out on time, all of us have missed out on the last three months. Between the training, the fighting and the scared nights staying up watching each other's backs, too much time has gone by and none of us have seen much of our lives. Things need to change for us and quick.

When Jules suggested that we go out today and try to revive our fallen lives and try to get back to our rightful reality, all of us jumped at the idea. When we sat down to our meeting this morning, we talked again about how easy it was for Jeremiah to find us. The conversation turned back to Nick's involvement into the things that happened the other night which caused another argument from Justin. I know he's in love with Nick, but he has to look at things logically. How and why was Nick able to know that Jeremiah was coming and how did Jeremiah know where we were? It's all plain and simple really; Nick is some kind of beacon that Jeremiah can track. Trying not to deck Justin for his constant whining about Nick, we all decided that we would do our own thing today so we could stay out of each other's hair.

I don't see why any thing that we could possibly do together as a group or friends would really matter to me. I just don't want to waste any time running from unneeded stress or vampires. All I ask is that Justin and the others keep Nick away from me. If they can do that, then everything will be fine. It's just the two of us now and I plan on making the best of this time we can share together today. Since all of this started and we got together, we've never actually been on a real date. While we're off together today, we're going to have some fun, but before we do that, we're going to visit a few of his friends that he hasn't talked to since that dreadful day three months ago.

"Baby you need to lay off of Justin and Nick" Josh says, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me on the cheek. "It's not proven that Nick is some kind of beacon as of yet. We just have two coincidences of Jeremiah appearing near Nick. That's not enough to say he's a beacon baby."

"Two coincidences is enough Josh," I say, looking him in the eye as he shakes his head. "Jeremiah found us on that roof when we rescued him the first time and then second he appeared in our home the other night, not at the front door knocking, but in Justin's room where Nick was damnit."

"That's all true baby, but like I said, those are just coincidences," he says as I turn away from him. "Baby..."

"Josh I'm not going to argue with you about all of this. Why don't we just go ahead and get on with the day," I say, walking up to the door of the house with him. "Nick can very well be a damn bloodsucker for all we know. He's just waiting for a chance to attack us."

"Baby Nick isn't going to attack us. He loves Justin and if he was a vampire, he would've attacked us already," Josh says, knocking on the door again as the door opened and a tall cute white man stood there. "Hey, he's not cute, I am."

"Sorry," I say, giggling as he shook his head and turned back around to the man as something strange flashed in my mind. "Josh look out!"

Before I could get the words out of my mouth, the man was out of the house and pouncing on Josh, the two of them tussling around on the ground.

"Alpha! Witch Transformation!" I screamed out as my body starts to glow and I was soon wearing my Witch Alpha clothing.

`JT what are you doing?' I hear Josh mentally ask as I was about to grab the man from off of him when the strangest thing happened, we were all enclosed in a strange looking energy and then the next thing I knew, we were all gone in a burst of light and our surroundings had changed.

"What the hell just happened? Where the hell are we Josh?" I ask aloud, looking around trying to figure out where it was we were since we had some how teleported to some place else. "I don't like this Josh."

"I don't like it either," Josh says as he's able to throw the man off of him. "Joey what the hell is your problem?"

"This is Joey?" I ask, not really making the connection as this man being his best friend Joey from the picture he had shown me. "What happened to his red hair?"

"This is Joey and his natural hair color," he says as the man jumped into the air, moving faster than any other normal human being would.

"Move!" I shout, jumping in front of Josh to protect him. "Alpha! Night's Annihilation!"

Screaming those words just now took me and Josh by surprised as a strange beam of magical energy projected from my hands, knocking Joey down to the ground.

"What the hell was that?" Josh asks, looking at me and then over to his friend. "I hope you didn't kill him."

"I hope I did if he's what I think he is," I say as Joey got up and growled at us. "Well that proves a point, he's not human, he's a fucking vamp!"

"Oh fucking great!" Josh shouts, taking my hand. "We need to go and now. We can't do this now..."

"Oh you're going to have to do something Joshua," Joey says, stepping closer to us. "Jeremiah has plans for the both of you."

"Well I guess his plans won't get taken out," I say, grabbing Josh, hoping that we could teleport away, but nothing was happening.

"Maybe we're too nervous or something," Josh says as Joey rushed us, knocking me backwards to the ground and grabbing Josh. "No! Gamma! Witch Transformation!"

Joey had Josh trapped and he was trying to transform. What would happen to the both of them while Josh tried to transform. I didn't get to wonder, my fears were being answered right then when transformation spell started reversing itself and Josh started screaming.

"No Josh! Let him go monster!" I screamed out, projecting another beam of energy at Joey again, nailing him in the back as he let Josh go and fell to the ground. `Everyone we need help!'

"You're not going to get any help!" Joey screamed out as I looked up at him. Oh God, he heard my thoughts. "That's right I heard your thoughts freak."

"I got to get to Josh and get him out of here. He's not in any condition to fight like this," I say, jumping into the air, landing behind Joey, grabbing for Josh, but Joey pushed me backwards again, slinging Josh's unconscious form in the other direction.

"You're not going to get your boy-toy. I already told you that Jeremiah has plans for the two of you. He wants Joshua alive, but for you, he wants you dead!" Joey shouts, his voice echoing all around me.

"Well I'm sorry, but like I said before, those plans won't be taken out," I say, just as Joey smiled at me, and punched me hard in the chest, knocking me through a wall, sending me falling through the air towards the ground.

"Silly arrogant bastard. The master always gets what he wants," Joey says as my body hits the ground hard and I could faintly see him moving away from the hole in the wall, probably going to attack Josh now that I was out of the way.

Somewhere Across Town

Christina's POV

I'm glad that we decided on taking a little bit of time apart from each other today. With the way things have been going the past few weeks with all of us since I met them; I think we all need a vacation or something. Since I've been around them, I haven't been able to complete my original mission. Yeah that's really funny. Here I am a powerful witch, and I'm stuck with a group of guys and a girl trying to save the world. That's not me, that would never be me, I don't have that kind of chutzpah.

Before hooking up with them, I was trying to find Nadya to make sure that she was safe from harm and that she wasn't falling back along that old beaten path with dark magic. Before I could find her, my own powers kicked in and I somehow left my body. I still don't know how I did that, but thank God Julie heard me when she did or I might have died.

Now that I'm hot on Nadya and Jeremiah's trail, I wish there was some way that I could cut this psychic rapport that I share with the others. So far I don't know of any normal or magical way, but I wish I could. I don't want any of them getting in the middle of this and getting hurt. This psychic rapport is supposed to serve as a means of better communication, but it only helps us spy on the other. Talk about no privacy what-so-ever. Regardless of this, I have to do what I can to find Nadya and help her before Jeremiah does more damage to her.

So much time has gone by since I last talked with her. The last time we talked, she told me about all the bad things that Jeremiah had done to her in the past. I was appalled at the things that he did that she couldn't fight him on. I must...I will do everything in my power to stop that nasty monster from hurting her again. I wouldn't be doing this now if Julie would've let me help her the other night when we saw her. I know she's in danger, I can literally feel it.

"I'm quite sure you can feel a lot of things my dear girl," I hear from behind me as I turn around to see Nadya standing there looking back at me.

"Nadya, oh Nadya, I'm so happy to see you. Are you alright?" I ask her, stepping closer to me as hands start glowing.

"Stay back child," she says, moving away from me.

"But Nadya, I just want to see if you're okay," I say as she nods her head.

"You've seen me child, now turn around and go back to hence you came," she says as I notice the dark fog around her body. "There is no need for you to be concerned with my well being child."

"But Nadya you're not bad, he's making you do bad things," I tell her as she shook her head and smirked at me.

"He's not making me do anything child. I do bad things because that's how I am," she tells me as the fog around her started to expand and I could faintly sense something else near me. "Sorry child, but I must be going now. Have a good time."

She turned and disappeared, leaving me standing in the middle of the street thinking I was alone when all of a sudden, someone grabbed me. Holding me tight around my neck and waist, I did what I could to get away. Trying to concentrate on teleporting, I couldn't, something was blocking my powers and nothing was working.

"Delta! Psychic Transformation!" I screamed out as my body fell to the ground and I was in my strange-like spirit form again, hovering over my body. `Chris what are you doing?'

"I can see you bitch! Nadya made sure all of us were prepared for you guys' powers. She knows about your magic body and she knows about all of your friends powers too. We're going to kill all of you," he says as I try to listen in on the others as I could sense something was wrong with JT and Josh and I couldn't hear anything with Julie or Justin.

`Chris how did this happen to you?' I mentally ask him as he shook his head at me.

"Nah uh bitch, I'm not going to tell you that," he says, kicking my body as I expected to feel pain, but felt nothing. "I'm not going to tell you any fucking thing."

`Chris please stop this,' I mentally say to him. `Because they hurt you, doesn't mean that you have to help them hurt us. Please Chris, don't do this.'

"Hush bitch!" He shouts as he picks up my body off the ground and places me on his shoulder as we both vanish into thin air.

Outskirts of Town -- A Familiar Cave

Brian's POV

What the fuck is wrong with me? Since I've became this morbid thing of darkness, I've been running around the world like I have no kind of sense of morals anymore. My parents didn't raise me to act or behave the way I've been behaving as of late. If mom and dad knew what I've been doing with Kevin and the things I've been doing for Jeremiah, they'd probably have heart attacks and fall the fuck over and die where they stood. I miss them so much and my family so much. I wish I could go see them, but I'm scared of how any of them would react to this new vampire side of my soul. I miss more than my family, I miss my friends too. I know if I go to see any of them, I'll probably end up infecting them with this curse that I inherited from Kevin.

To say the least, Kevin is the only family I have left now since I'm a vampire. For the last month or so, we have been doing things to make up for my lack of family and love. I know it sounds strange and all, but the two of us have been making love or fucking like rabbits , whichever you prefer, non-stop since he inflicted this on me. Deep in his heart, I know he's hurting because of what he did to me, but there's nothing he or anyone else for that matter can do now. I'm a vampire and there's no way to change me back except for killing me.

I don't want to die yet, I'm too young, hell my child is too young to lose me just now. I know I was wrong for cheating on Leighanne, but I know now that I was wrong for the way I treated her. I love her with all of my heart. If it wasn't for Kevin and this damn curse he's inflicted on me, I would be home right now with my family. I know I haven't been a good father, but now that I can't be, I want to be. I don't want my son to suffer not having a dad around. I just wish that I could get another chance to show him that I would've been there for him.

"Damn! Damn Kevin!" I shout as there was a slight tingling in the back of my head, signaling me that another vampire, possibly Jeremiah was nearby.

"Damn right I'm nearby, I'm right here," Jeremiah says, appearing in the room with me and grabbing me by the throat. "Didn't I tell you what to fucking do already?"

"Y-yes you did," I say, weakly not able to talk with him squeezing my throat the way he was.

"Then why are you still here? You should've been in town going after those damn witches!" He shouts, throwing me through the air, causing me to fall on a ledge and to roll off, hanging on by a finger it seemed. "When I tell you to move damnit, you fucking move!"

"Y-yes sir," I say as I disappeared and appeared in front of him.

"If you do what I say and stop trying to reject what you are, you can do what I tell you and we wouldn't keep having this little dispute. When are you going to stop trying to save your fucking self and do what I tell you?"

"When God has truly abandoned me and I have no where else to turn," I tell him as he slaps me across the face.

"You stupid idiot, God has already abandoned you. When you were able to be turned, he abandoned you right at that moment. If God is with you, your soul can't be turned!" He shouts, slapping me again and throwing me down on the ground and kicking me in the side.

"Maybe you're right," I tell him as he was about to kick me again, but stopped.

"I am right," he says, looking at me. "You have to remember, you are no longer Brian Littrell my friend, you're Branson Lark now."

"I'll try to remember that," I say as he helped me up and started brushing my clothes off as he leaned in and kissed me.

"Go my friend and destroy those witches," he says as I nod at him as I concentrated enough to turn my body into a wolf and ran out of the cave.

Back at the Witches' Five Not So Secret Home

Wade's POV

I guess we actually did need a day off for just ourselves. We've been training, fighting and whatever else for almost three months now and it seems we're making a little bit of progress. I just wish with all that's going on around here, I had someone to love me like the others do. I thought Howie was the one, but from all the things I'm starting to remember and the things that JT and Julie suggested, maybe Howie isn't all that innocent like I thought he was. Where is it that he could've gone? I haven't seen or heard from him since that night we went looking for Christina.

I know there's a possibility that he might have been the one that hurt me, but I...I feel there's a stronger, deeper connection between the two of us. If he's the one that hurt me, I can kick his ass, but after I'm done doing that, I'd like to do other things to that beautiful body of his. I know if he'd just open up to me, we could make a relationship work. I just need a little time to convince him of that I'm not an evil or bad person. I know how he secretly feels about magic and I have to show him that all magic isn't bad, that some of us that use it are good people.

`You're wasting your time Wade,' I hear Justin mentally say as he and Nick walked past me out the front door.

"Where are you two going?" I call out as I could mentally see him turn back towards the door.

`We're going to catch a movie and grab some dinner afterwards. Do you want to join us Wade?' he mentally asks as I look down at the floor, not wanting to be a third wheel. `Okay then, it's your lose then buddy.'

`Don't worry about me. I'll be here keeping watch over things,' I mentally say, walking out of the house to sit on the front porch as he and Nick faded away into the distance.

One of these days, I'll find someone that would want to be with me and show me the love and affection I require. Until then, I'll just have to wait for my Mr. Right.

Up in Julie's Room

Julie and AJ stood in the room looking into each other's eyes. Since it had been decided that today would be an off day or what JT like to call a `Normal' day, the couple decided that they were going o go back to AJ's house for awhile. Taking AJ's hand in her own, within a flash of light, Julie had teleported them away.

"Wow, this place is huge!" Julie exclaimed, looking around at how big the room they had appeared in was.

"Nothing major babe," AJ said, shrugging his shoulders as she walked around the room, looking at the different things there.

"Nothing major! Good Lord baby, this place is great," Julie said, her eyes bugging out in the process, causing AJ to laugh.

"Come on honey. Let's go get ready for our day out and about," he told her, taking her hand.

"Oh I'm ready for something, but I don't think it's sight seeing," Julie said, smirking as she turned to face him, causing him to raise an eyebrow and smile back at her.

"Well then I'll show you the bedroom first," he said, taking off up the stairs as Julie laughed and chased after him. "Last one up is a rotten egg."

"That would be you then," she said, closing her eyes and disappearing.

"Hey that's no fair, you used your powers baby," he said just as Julie appeared in front of him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him.

3 Hours Later -- AJ's House -- The Bedroom


We laid in my huge feather bed just holding on to each other and looking deep into each other's soul. It had been one of the wildest three hours of my life with Julie here with me. I had no clue what my little hellion was capable of doing until I got her here alone in my house.

Smiling at her, she laughed at me and gave me that `What?' expression.

"Well my love, what should we do for the rest of the day?" I asked her as she laughed again.

"Do you honestly have enough energy to do anything else today after all we've done so far?" She asked, still laughing, that beautiful smile of hers, showing brighter than before.

"Not really, but I think we should try to do something. I mean who knows what's to come," I say, laughing at her, touching her nose and then kissing her lips again.

Julie closed her eyes and soaked up the little bit of normalcy I had to offer here at my house. From all that she and the others have gone through, it's been a while since things have been normal for them. So this little getaway was something she craved and needed.

"Alright, how about we just go downtown, maybe do a little walking around a bit?" She asks, looking up at me.

"Sure babe, whatever you want to do," I say, nodding at her. "There are quite a few things in Orlando that we could look at, not to mention, I can look at your beautiful body all day and night."

Blushing, she smiled at me as I leaned in and kissed her again. I don't think I'll ever get enough of kissing those beautiful lips of hers. I wish I could do this with her forever, but I'm sure this won't last that long since there's an evil mad vampire out there, hell bent on killing her and the rest of the world. She got up from bed and grabbed her clothes. Pulling he clothes on in a hurry, I got scared there for a second. Maybe she heard my thoughts like she could with the others.

"Well come on then slow poke, let's get going," she says, smiling down at me as she zipped up her jacket

Laughing at her, I got up and pulled on my clothes while she stood there tapping her foot like she was in a hurry or something. Dang, she's hot no matter what it is she's doing.

"Let me go downstairs and look for my keys," I tell her as she kissed me and sat back down.

"I'll be down in a minute," she says, smiling at me as she sat down to put on her shoes as I walked down stairs in search of my elusive keys..

Julie's POV

I actually did hear his thoughts and hearing him sound so sad like that made me feel sad too. I know tomorrow isn't promised to any of us, but I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't have him with me forever. If I had the chance, I'll propose to him, but he's a traditional guy, I'll do my best to wait and see if he proposes to me instead.

Finishing up with my shoes, I jumped up and run out the door to find him. Getting down the stairs and in the middle of the main room, I looked for him. Already missing his lips on mine.

"Alright hey, I'm ready too..." I called out but stopped when I saw Brian standing in the doorway. "What the hell are you doing in here?"

Looking around, I saw now sign of AJ and I couldn't feel him nearby. Something's wrong with him. If I can't sense or feel him, he must be...Oh God no. Please don't let him be... I couldn't bear it if he were dead. I need him. Looking at Brian, he just stood there smirking at me as I tried everything Wade taught me to try and seek out AJ's mind.

"Where's AJ at Brian? Don't make me ask you again!" I screamed out, still looking around, trying to listen for any sign of AJ.

"Don't worry about him. He didn't know what hit him bitch!" Brian screamed as he advanced on me.

Stepping back a little from him, he tried to grab for me, but I was able to dodge his hands.

"What the hell is wrong with you Brian? He's like your brother! What did you do to him?" I ask him as he smiled at me.

"Well I'm not really myself anymore bitch," he says as my eyes widen when I saw his fangs.

"You bastard! Where's my AJ?" I ask him as he jumped towards me to attack.

Throwing my hands up in the air to block him. I tried concentrating like JT did to use my powers. This is humiliating. Why is it that I'm still struggling to use my powers when everyone else is having a good time?

"What's the matter bitch? Scared of me?" Brian asks me as I could feel the temperature in the room drop and the floor got slick.

"No I'm not scared of you, just fucking mad!" I screamed as Brian slid across the floor.

Running around Brian and into the kitchen, I stopped in my tracks and gasped when I saw AJ lying on the floor. Running over and dropping to my knees next to him, I held his head in my lap.

"AJ baby please wake up," I said as I could hear Brian stumbling to get off the floor but falling back down because of my ice.

"Come out here you fucking bitch!" I heard Brian say as my surroundings started to change. "If I come in there, I'm going to kill both of you as slow and painful as I can. Come out here now and I'll make it as painless as I can. But I truly doubt it will be painless."

"Fuck off Brian!" I scream out as I felt something in the back of my mind tingly

"That's my line bitch!" He says coming into the kitchen and advancing towards me again.

"Beta! Soul Chill!" I scream out as a thin coat of ice surrounded Brian's body and he started screaming.

"OWWWWW! You fucking bitch!" He screamed out as his eyes started glowing red and my ice started to melt.

"No! Beta! Icy Rage!" I screamed out as it looked like a small ice blizzard was created around Brian's body and he was doing his best to fight off the effects of it all. "That should keep him busy until I could get AJ to safety."

While my back was turned, tending to AJ, I heard a crash behind me an that when's I felt the tap on my shoulder. Turning around, Brian smiled at me and waved.

"Say good night little witch!" He screamed as I saw Brian's fist come towards my face.

Damn he hit me, he actually hit me. Hell if he can take out a guy that's like a brother to him, hell, he'd do worse to me. In no time, the darkness over took me and I could feel myself slipping into unconsciousness as I fell on top of AJ's body. I bet he was smiling when he kicked me and walked out of the house through the back door.


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