My Immortal Beloved
Chapter 12
by JT Poole

Updated on: 6/5/2006 10:48 AM

It seems things are still looking really bad for the Witches' Five now. The heavy hitters are still down for the count and it seems that some new things about Nick Carter have been revealed that may cause more problems than good. Will Justin and Nick be together like Justin wants or is this just another bad omen for the team? Let's find out right now...

Orlando, FL The Outskirts of Town

Julie's POV

I've been doing my best to track down the others to no avail. Stopping to rest a few minutes, I looked around at our surroundings and noticed that I had landed us on the outskirts of town, precisely the area where JT and I found that cursed book that got us into this in the first place. Still searching for the others with my mind, I used my powers and created an ice shield to hide us from any prying eyes. Trying to keep the two of us cool and protected, Alex looked up at me from his spot on the ground. Please God, keep him and my friends protected.

"Julie where are we?" He asks, rubbing his arms now. "You know the disappearing thing you do feels funny and strange."

"I know it does. Maybe one day you'll get the hang of it," I tell him as I felt something approaching us.

"What's wrong Julie, I recognize that look," he says, standing up now and looking around hurriedly.

"Something's coming for us and fast," I tell him as he moved closer to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"Do you know what it is? Is it a friend or a foe?" He asks, looking around again as whatever it was coming towards us rammed my ice shield and caused some ice fragments to fall down on us.

"I take that to mean it's a foe," I say, looking at him as something slammed into the ice shield again. "Get ready, we have to get out of here."

"Do what you gotta do baby," he says as I closed my eyes and the two of us faded away only to reappear back where we were.

"I don't know Julie, but doesn't look like we went anywhere," he says as I could feel his fear now.

"Alex calm down. The more upset you get, the more it affects my emotions and the use of my powers," I tell him as he did his best to calm down until whatever it was outside slammed into the ice shield again.

"Ahhhhh!" He screams as I opened my eyes and noticed that my ice was melting. "Julie please get us out of here!"

"Calm down Alex please," I tell him as more of my ice started melting and more ice fragments fell down on us.

"I-I can't," he says, pushing away from me now. "Go Julie, save yourself!"

"No Alex!" I scream out as he disappeared and more of my ice started falling until I was lodged under my ice unable to move.

Hours Later A Deserted Part of Town

"Epsilon! Heart Shatter!" Justin screamed, directing his power at Nick. "Please Nick, stop this! Don't make us hurt you!"

"You can't hurt me Justin," Nick says, laughing now as his eyes started glowing and he projected a beam of magical energy at Justin, knocking him down to the ground.

"No! Gamma! Cosmic Flare!" JC screamed out as beams of fire projected from his eyes, knocking Nick down to the ground now.

"Hold him down Gamma!" JT screamed out, jumping into the air and landing a super kick to Nick's chest.

"Silly fool!" Nick screamed, smiling now as he grabbed JT's arm and flung him into the air. "Do I have to keep telling you freaks that you can't stop me?"

"We're going to stop you!" JT screamed, flying towards Nick now at full speed just as some fog rolled in and the area got dark.


Oh no! Something's happening and I bet it has something to do with Jeremiah. Since we've been here fighting Nick I've felt something was up. Now that it's foggy and dark now, I think my suspicions were right. Jeremiah is around here and he's been waiting for Nick to get us closer to him. I knew this place seemed familiar. Disappearing and reappearing again to grab Justin and JC, I did my best to get the three of us away from that spot until I bumped into something hard. Getting up off the ground and rubbing my head, I didn't see anything but we all could tell it was barrier since Justin was floating near it.

"This doesn't look so good," I say, looking around. "I think Nadya is trying to box us in."

"I think you're right," JC says, looking at me now. "What are we going to do?"

"Justin are you okay?" I ask him as he nods at me as I floated up to him and pulled him down from the barrier.

"Why is this happening to us? Why can't these things just die like normal vampires in the movies?" Justin asks, looking down now.

"Sorry Justin, this isn't the movies," I tell him as he shook his head.

"No shit Sherlock," he says, turning away from me and leaning on Josh.

"I'm sorry Justin," I say as he looked up at me and then walked over to me.

"No JT, I'm sorry. I should've listened to you and Josh the first time when you said there was something wrong with Nick," Justin says, turning back to Josh and hugging him.

"Don't be sorry Justin. I don't think this is Nick's fault. If you have to blame someone blame Jeremiah and Kevin."

"Well it's not actually their fault either," Josh says, looking down now. "Where's Julie and Christina?"

""Hmmm, good question," I say, closing my eyes, trying to sense any sign of Jules or Christina. "I'm not able to sense or hear them. Something's not right."

"What does that mean JT? If we can't sense them or hear them, are they dead?" Josh asks, looking at me with a sad expression.

"I don't know Josh," I say, getting a little bit scared now.

"Don't be scared, where are they?" Josh asks, looking around now.

"I really don't know. I haven't seen neither of them since my fall down fifty flights," I say as Josh looks down.

"I haven't seen or heard from them since leaving the house this morning," Justin says, turning around quickly and holding up his hands. "Epsilon! Soul Smash!"

"How did they find us so fast?" I ask, looking around as Nick, Brian, Joey and Kevin were standing in front of us now laughing.

"I don't know baby but it doesn't look so good for us," Josh says, holding his hand out in front of him with fire surrounding his body. "If I'm going down, I'm going down fighting!"

"Right on," I say, smiling now as my body started to crackle with magical energy. "Alpha! Witches' Assault!"

Striking the first blow, I knocked Nick out of the way and flew into the air as Josh and Justin flew in opposites directions.

Somewhere in Jeremiah's Stronghold

Christina's POV

Damn my head hurts and I can't see or feel a got damn things. I don't know what the hell is going on and I surely don't know where the hell I'm at. When I get my hands on that Chris Kirkpatrick, I'm going to use these powers of mine to rip him a new one.

"I heard that bitch," I hear from behind me as I turn around to see Chris standing in the corner, looking back at me. "It's time for us to have some fun again!"

"I think not!" I scream out as Chris lunged for me and started clawing at me as I did my best to dodge his claws. "Delta! Mind and Soul Shock!"

"Sorry bitch, I already told you that we're ready for your powers!" Chris screams, knocking me against the wall now.

"I...I can't let you beat me," I say, looking up at him as he charged at me again. "No! Delta! Mind Revolt!"

That got him. He said that Nadya prepared them for our powers, apparently he was wrong. Getting up off the floor and dusting myself off, I knelt down beside him to make sure he was out. Using my powers to provide myself some extra light, I saw that I was in what looked like an old sacrificial tomb or something like that. Putting some distance between me and Chris I reached out with my mind and made contact with the others.

Back on the Outskirts of Town

Julie's POV

Oh God where the hell am I? Am I dead? Its totally dark around me and I can't see a damn thing. How long have I been out for? And where did Alex go to? Did I teleport him away of did one of the others get to him before everything started falling down on me? The air around me is stale and I can't seem to move my arms or my legs. Am I paralyzed or something? Please God, please don't let me be paralyzed. Closing my eyes again, I could faintly hear someone crying. Trying to move my head in the direction of the sound I could vaguely make out an image of Alex. What's going on here?

"Alex? Alex is that you?" I call out, trying to get whoever that is out the corner of my eye's attention.

"Julie you're awake. I thought...thought you were dead," Alex says, moving closer to me now.

"I'm not dead Alex. What's going on? I thought you were gone," I say as he was right in front of me now.

"No I'm not gone my love. I'm still here with you," he says, leaning down to me and touching my forehead with his own as he started to cry again.

"Alex why are you crying?" I ask him as he held up my hand and I didn't even feel it.

" saved my life and ruined yours," he says, looking down at me now as he started crying harder.

"What do you mean Alex?" I ask him as he looked away from me. "Alex just tell me."

"Your ice fell down on top of you and crushed most of your body," he says, looking down now as I could faintly see the images of what happened in his mind.

"Oh God no!" I screamed out as the vibrations from my voice started shaking the whole area.

"Julie...Julie calm down," he says, shaking his head now.

"I...I can't calm down," I say as my hand started to glow while he held it. "What's...what's going on?"

"I don't know baby. Are you doing it?" He asks, moving back from me now as something strange happened and my past self was standing in front of me. "Elizabeth Sheridan?"

"Yes my child," she says, vowing to me. "You're badly hurt. You can't fight evil like this."

"Can Epsilon fix me?" I ask, looking at her as she knelt down to me and touched my forehead.

"This is going to take more than Epsilon my child," she says, using her powers to remove the bigger chunks of the ice that were still covering my body.

"What's going to happen to me?" I ask, feeling the tears sliding down my cheeks.

"Until you're healed, I'll take your place my child," she says as she touched my forehead and everything went black.

Back at the Deserted Area of Town


We've been fighting for hours now and it seems like the harder we fight, the stronger they get. I can't keep going on like this. I'm tired as all hell and I know Justin and JT are too, I can feel it. Brian, Kevin and Joey are running us rampant and they know it. Taking it upon themselves to do what they could to kill us, they split off and faced us all one by one. Brian came after me, Joey and Jeremiah went after JT and Kevin and Nick went after Justin. If this doesn't end pretty soon, we're going to be dead.

"Stay away from me you creep!" I scream out, using my powers to push Brian away from me.

"Come on JC, I know you don't really want me to get away from you," he says, smiling at me. "I know you want to cross over into the darkness."

"I don't want to do anything that involves crossing over," I tell him, disappearing and reappearing on the ground just as he appeared in front of me.

"You can't get away from us JC. Why do we have to keep saying that?" Brian asks, smacking me in the face and knocking me down.

"Keep away from me Brian!" I scream as my eyes started crackling with fire. "Gamma! Soul Blaze!"

"Silly parlor tricks aren't going to stop me," Brian says, walking through my flame and grabbing me by my jacket.

"Get your filthy hands off of me creep!" I scream as I sensed JT heading towards the two of us very quickly.

"I'll do no such thing," Brian says, pulling me closer to him as he kissed me on the mouth. "You taste good. I wonder what your blood tastes like."

"You'll never know," JT says, appearing behind him and pulling Brian away from me and slinging him into the air. "Josh you okay?"

"I am now," I answer him as Brian got up off the ground where he landed and started walking towards the both of us.

"Two for the price of one, I like," Brian says, smirking now as he continued to walk towards us.

"I think not!" JT screamed wrapping his arms around me as we disappeared and reappeared on top of an abandoned building a few feet away. "We have to get Justin and get away from here Josh."

"I know baby but it's getting harder to sense him," I tell him as he nods. "What does that mean for him?"

"I don't know but I think if we concentrate on him hard enough we'll find him," JT tells me as he closed his eyes and I did the same.

A Few Miles Away

Justin's POV

I've been running for what seems like hours and I don't think I can run any fucking more. Nicky and Kevin have been after me since they tracked us down here. What do I have to do to escape them?

"There's nothing you can do to evade us Justin," Nicky says, floating in front of me now. "Why is it that you try to run from me?"

"Stay away from me Nicky!" I scream out, floating into the air now.

"Why do you want me to stay away from you Justin? Don'tcha love me?" Nicky asks, floating closer to me and grabbing me roughly. "I love you Justin, I love to kick your ass right now and turn you into a fledgling!"

"No! Get off of me!" I scream out, struggling with Nicky now.

"No Justin no!" Nicky screamed, slapping me in the face now. "Kevin he's ready now!"

"Ready? Ready for what?" I ask, looking at Nicky closely trying to read his mind but couldn't. "What's going on Nicky?"

"Why do you want to know that Justin?" Kevin asks, floating up next to me and grabbing me roughly from behind.

"Get away from me!" I screamed out as Nicky covered my mouth with his own, kissing me now.

"Now the fun begins Justin. Jeremiah is going to love having you on his side," Kevin says, snatching my jacket from my arms and then snatching my pants off of my hips.

"Stop!" I screamed out, using my powers to push Nicky away from me momentarily as Kevin wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.

"You've made a grave mistake now," Nicky says, floating back to me and resuming his kissing as Kevin tried to get my underwear down.

"No! Don't!" I screamed out, hoping one of the others heard me and could come to help me. "Epsilon!"

"Nah uh Justin, I'm not going to let you blast me," Nicky says, covering Justin's mouth with his hand as they were enveloped with a strange light and they disappeared.


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