My Immortal Beloved [2/?]


JT Poole


TimberNick and others




I don't know any of the celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexuality or any other bit of information about the people mentioned.  This story is all fiction, for entertainment purposes only.


Alternate Reality/Universe


Yep things in Orlando are really getting stranger.  Justin thinks he's losing his mind; JT and Julie are freaking out because of the strange guy and that black book and something strange was awakened in a graveyard.  What else could possibly happen in Orlando?


Standing there in the doorway looking at JT and Julie, Wade and JC walked into the house and approached JT and Julie with caution.  Not wanting to scare the two, Wade raised his hands, in a way to show that he wasn't a threat to the two.  Not getting the hint, JT grabbed Julie's hand and the two ran up the basement stairs.

"Wade what is really going on here?"  JC asks him.

"Well it seems your two unknown friends running there found the `Book of Souls' and set in motion a bad prophecy," Wade says, looking around the room as he spots the book laying on the floor.

"How are you involved in this Wade?"  JC asks him.

"My great grandfather was a special person, he was a watcher.  Before grandpapa died, he trained me to be a watcher if the need arises and performed a magical ceremony to enhance my mind, body and spirituality.  When I left you and Justin's house earlier, I felt something pulling at me.  I let that force lead me here where I found you.

"What is this `Book of Souls', what does it do?"  JC asks him.

"It's a very powerful book.  That book contains spells and legends of a bygone era," Wade tells him.

"A bygone era?  What kind of era is that?"  JC asks him.

"The book tells about the world of magic and how that magic ruled this Earth."  Wade tells him as he closes his eyes.

"What's happening to me?"  JC asks him, looking around at everything in JT and Julie's house.

"It seems someone activated the books magical defenses and transformed you and two others into the `Fabled Power of Three'.

"The Fabled Power of Three?  Are you talking about the `Charmed' TV show?"  JC asks him.

"Something like that, but you are real," Wade says, touching JC's head and looking into his eyes.  "You're the last one that was transformed.  Whoever the first is, Nadya Strong will be searching for so she can steal his or her power."

"Who is Nadya Strong?"  JC asks him.

"She's a timeless soul.  Nadya is a age-old witch that was around in the thirteenth century when witches, vampires and other ungodly creatures existed and dominated this plane," Wade says as there was a strange disturbance outside of the house.

"What's that!?!"  JC screams as he and Wade look at the stairs.

"It came from up there, let's go!"  Wade shouts as he and JC runs up the stairs.


Walking into the house, Justin walks over to the phone and picks it up dialing the number to JC's cell phone.  Hearing the cell phone ringing in the room, he hangs up the phone and walks over to the sofa where the cell is and picks it up.  Wondering where JC could possibly be, Justin puts the phone in his pocket and walks out the front door.

"Josh where could you possibly be?"  Justin asks to no one in particular.  "This has been one of those strange nights."

"What's strange Justin?"  Lance asks, scaring the hell out of Justin as he jumps back and grabs the door knob.  "Justin it's me.  What's wrong man?"

"Oh Scoop, it's you.  What're you doing back here?  I thought you had some things to work on for Free Lance?"  Justin asks him as he got his breathing under control and let the door knob go.

"I came over because I needed to talk to Josh about something," Lance says, looking at Justin closely.  "Justin you don't look so good.  Do you feel okay?"

"I'm fine man, I just think I'm losing my mind."  Justin tells him as he looks around quickly.  "A few minutes ago I was in the backyard and I could have sworn I heard someone talking to me in the fog."

"Fog? What fog?"  Lance asks him as Justin grabs Lance's hand and pulls him to backyard.

"That fog," Justin says, pointing at the backyard.

"There's no fog back there Justin.  It's all clear."  Lance tells him as he takes a closer look at Justin again.  "Justin man have you been drinking?"

"No!  I haven't been drinking damnit!"  Justin screams as he holds his head down and starts to cry.  "I'm not drunk!  I know there was fog!  I know I heard someone...someone that sounded very much like Lou, but that's impossible!  Lou's dead damnit!  We were all at his fucking funeral!"

"Yeah he is dead Justin, but..."  Lance states, but Justin interrupts him.

"Yeah the fucking bastard's dead, but I still heard his voice!  It was like I could feel him around me!"  Justin shouted as there was a loud noise close by.

"What the hell was that?"  Lance asks as he and Justin turn around to see that there was a strange glow in the sky.

"Lance look!"  Justin screams as he grabs Lance's hand and pulled the man back towards the front door.  "I don't like the looks of that!"

"I don't either.  Something doesn't feel right, I just don't know what it is," Lance says as Justin closes the door and stop in his tracks as the appearance of a ghost-like image appears before them.

`Justin, Lance...where's Josh?  I need to find Josh, something's wrong with him!'

"J-Justin are you seeing what I'm seeing?"  Lance asks, stuttering as he grabs Justin and pulls him close.

`Don't be afraid Scoop, it's me Christina,' the ghost-like voice says.

"You're not any Christina I know!"  Lance shouts as he fumbles with the doorknob trying to open the door.

`Stop!  Don't leave.  I need your help guys!'  The ghost-like voice says as the image changes to look like Christina Aguilera.  `Now do you believe me?'

"Fuck this!"  Justin shouts as he and Lance ran out of the house.


Breathing heavy and sitting on the door to his bedroom, JT looked around quickly as he slid up the door quickly and looked down at Julie.  Helping her up, he tiptoed over to the window to see what was going on with the loud noise they had hears just moments ago.

"Julie I don't like the looks of that," JT says, waving her over to the window to look out in the backyard.

"What is that?"  Julie asks as they look at the strange looking vortex there.

"I looks like some kind of doorway," JT says, as his eyes start to glow.  "We need to get down there now."

"What?  I'm not going down there.  Are you crazy JT?"  Julie asks him as he shakes his head.

"That's a doorway Julie, we can't let nothing come out of it," JT says as the sound of energy crackling could be heard and then the sound of someone banging on the door.

"Could you please open the door!  We're not here to hurt you, we're trying to help you," Wade says, trying to open the door turning the doorknob.

"Julie open the door for him," JT says as she looks at him strangely.  "Just do it.  I feel like he's telling the truth."

"Okay if you're sure," Julie says as she slowly opens the door as Wade and JC stood there.

"What is it that you want?  How are you trying to help us?"  JT asks Wade as he walks into the room followed by JC.

"Both of you are witches and have been transformed into the `Power of Three'," Wade says, looking at JT, Julie then JC.  "I believe you three are the ones that the book chose as it's protectors."

"The book needs protectors?  Why is that?"  Julie asks.

"This book is one full of magic.  If this book was to fall into the wrong hands, this world would truly end," Wade says, stepping closer to JT and Julie.  "All three of you touch the book at the same time."

"Why?"  JT asks.

"Just do it."  Wade tells him as JC, Julie and JT place there hands on the book and it starts to glow and the ground starts to rumble.

"What the hell is going on!?"  JT shouts as his body starts to glow.

"The book is finishing what it started," Wade says as Julie and JC starts to glow too.

The glow around the bodies of JT, JC and Julie got brighter and brighter as Wade stood there and watched everything that transpired.  When the glow faded, the book floated in mid air of its own accord.  Looking around the room at each other, Julie smiled at JT, JT smiled at JC and JC looked at Wade nervously.

"We're the witches of the night, we're so hot we're out of sight!"  JT shouts as he, Julie and JC bodies started to glow again and the there of them disappeared leaving Wade there alone in the room.


Walking around his hotel room angry, Kevin Richardson decides to go out for a while to calm down and to have a little bit of fun.  Deciding to go out to a club, Kevin grabs his room key and the keys for the rental car as he grabs his jacket and walks out of the room.

"I don't know why the fuck I married that bitch any damn way.  If she's not happy about the direction we're going in with our music, then that's her own fucking problem.  She acts like she has to be in control of every fucking thing.  I'll show her damn ass."  Kevin says, as he gets into his car and drives around for a few minutes, looking for a place to party.  "Looks like a happening place.  I hope I don't need security to go in here with me.  I just want to be plain ole Scott Richards tonight."

Parking the car and getting out, Kevin grabs his jacket and puts on a pair of shades.  Walking around the building to the entrance, Kevin bumps into another man.  Apologizing to the man, Kevin helps him up and the two walk into the club together.

"Hi there, my name is Jeremiah.  Thanks for helping me." The guy tells Kevin as he opens the door and waits for him to go into the club.

"Thanks, I'm Scott," Kevin says, smiling at the man as the bouncer looks at the two men and turns his attention back to the door.

"Nice to meet you Scott.  Would you like to get a drink?"  Jeremiah asks, smiling at Kevin.

"Sure, why not," Kevin says as he follows behind the man as they arrive at the bar.

"What will you have?"  The bartender asks them.

"I'll have a Jack Daniels straight up," the man says looking at Kevin.

"I'll have a Vodka and Orange Juice," Kevin says as he smiles at the man and wait for the bartender to fix prepare his drink.

"That'll be five fifty for the JD and four fifty for the Vodka and J," the bartender says as he places the drinks on the counter.

"I got it.  It's the least I can do for knocking you down," Kevin says, handing the bartender a twenty dollar bill.  "Keep the change."

"Thanks," the man says taking his drink and holding his hand out, waiting for Kevin to walk away.

The man watched Kevin closely as he walked behind him.  Watching the gloves of Kevin's ass move, the man smiled to himself and sat down at the small table with Kevin.  As the night wore on, he and Kevin started dancing out on the floor.  Getting lost in the flow of things, the man could only smile as he watched Kevin's body move.

Wanting a little more action, the man pulled Kevin close and kissed him on the lips.  Being caught off guard, Kevin pulls away from him and looks at him as something strange happens and he's mesmerized by the man.  Smiling and looking at the man, Kevin wraps his arms around him and kiss him like he wasn't even a married man.  Happy with what was going on, the man escorted Kevin from the building and out to the parking lot.  Standing next to Kevin's car, the man starts nibbling on his neck and bites him.  Feeling no pain, Kevin closes his eyes and smiles wider as the man sucked at his neck.


Atop the Jive Entertainment building, three lone figures appear there holding a strange looking book in there hands.  Looking over the edge of the building, JC raises his hand to the sky as lighting starts flashing and thunder starts booming.  Taking the hint from JC, JT raises his hand to create his own lightning and controls his own form of thunder.  Feeling full of power, Julie looks at JT and JC, smiling evilly raises her hand and creates a strange beam of energy around her hand and levitates the three of them as the lightning flashed around their bodies.

"This is so exhilarating!"  JC shouts as he looks at JT and grins.

"Yes it is.  I feel so powerful right now!  I feel so powerful that I can do this!"  JT shouts as his eyes started to glow and JC moved a little closer to him.

Looking at the white man, JT leans in and kisses him full on the lips with tongue.  Pulling back from JC, JT mentally says something to Julie, causing her to turn and smile at JT.  Turning his concentration back to the moment at hand, JT moved his hand along the book closer to JC's hand and made contact.

"I felt you in my mind," JT says, smiling at JC.

"I know.  I felt that I wanted to know what you were all about," JC says, smiling back at JT.

"That's why I kissed you so you could see what I was all about," JT says as they landed on the ground.

"So we're witches.  This is nothing like it is on TV guys," Julie says, still smiling at JT.

"I know, this seems why out of Charmed's league," JT says as the strange field that was protecting their bodies faded.  "Oh God!  He's awake!"

"Who's awake?"  JC asks.

"The Dark One has awakened!  He's already claimed a victim!  Don't you see it?"  JT asks as tears started to flow from his eyes as Wade runs over to the three of them.

"What the hell did you three do?"  Wade asks them as he stopped in front of them, trying to get his breathing under control.  "What you guys did back there at that house was a great display of power.  I think you're the strongest ones ever."

"We didn't do anything, someone else did.  The book needed to move us, so it did!"  JC shouts looking at JT and Julie.

"What has happened?"  Wade asks.  "I can feel something's wrong!"

"Something is wrong! The Dark One is awake," JT says as he closes his eyes and falls to the ground.


Looking around the corner of the Jive building, Nick Carter stood there watching as JC, JT and Julie used their magical powers aided by Wade.  Scared of what was happening a few feet away from him, Nick pulled out his cell phone to call his best friend.  Not getting an answer from Brian or Kevin, Nick slid down the wall and held his knees to his chest as the things going on around him continued to take place, blowing his mind.

"What the hell is JC doing over there?  He looks like one of those super heroes or something," Nick says to himself, almost a whisper.  "That looks like Wade Robson with him, but I don't clearly know what the hell is going on."

"I can help you child if you follow me," Nick hears a voice say as he turns around and sees nothing.

"What the hell?  I hear you, but don't see you.  What the hell is going on?"  Nick asks, stepping back as he turns around and bumps into JT.

"Who the hell are you?"  JT asks him with his eyes glowing, scaring the hell out of Nick as he takes off running in the opposite direction.

"Come back here!  Why the hell are you running?"  JT asks as he blinks and reappears in front of Nick, causing the man to slide and fall down.

"What the hell are you people?"  Nick asks, crawling backwards on his hands.

"The question is, who the hell are you?"  JT asks as he waves his hand and Nick starts to float.  "You're coming with me."

"Oh God help me out here!"  Nick screams as his body is moved without him moving it.


Deep in a heavy wooded area on the outskirts of Orlando city limits, a man steps out of a car and walks to the back of the car.  Opening the trunk, the man retrieves what looks like the body of Kevin Richardson and hefts it up on his shoulders.  Walking into the woods, the man starts to laugh as the whole area starts to fill up with a strange fog that seemed to appear out from no where.  Within seconds, the man and Kevin are gone, leaving nothing there but the car they arrived in.


To Be Continued...