My Immortal Beloved

Chapter - 5
by JT Poole and Julie S.

Yep things in Orlando are still getting stranger and stranger. Julie had some visions about possible danger. Nick and Justin make contact in a strange way, while Kevin is trying to rape him. Jeremiah instructs Kevin to bring him all of his friends. Can things get any worse than that? Let's find out and see.

Orlando, FL -- In the Midst of the Forest in a Cave

Kevin/Scott's POV

The last few hours have been kind of foggy. I don't know what I've been doing, but I feel like I've fucked up somehow. Looking around the dark and dank cave again, I see that some of the candles had either burned out or melted to the floor. Noticing something lying in the corner, I got up from my spot on the floor and moved over to whatever it was. Touching it, the thing didn't move. Pulling the tarp back that was over the item, I notice that it wasn't a thing, it was a person, it was my best friend and brother Nick Carter.

"What's going on? What have I done?" I ask myself, picking him up and holding him in my arms. "What did I do to you?"

`You did what I told you to do Kevin,' Jeremiah mentally says as his ghost-like image appears next to me.

"Why did you want me to hurt my friend, my brother?" I ask him as smooth Nick's hair back.

`He's not hurt! You didn't do anything to him! I told you to bring me your damn friends; he's not one of us!' Jeremiah shouts in my mind. `Why didn't you turn him?'

"I did to him what I did to that ranger I met," I say, looking around, not seeing that guy from earlier. "He was turned, why didn't it work on him?"

`Something or someone is protecting his soul Kevin! Find that person or thing and he will be mine too. Do as I say damnit!' Jeremiah shouts as his image disappears. `Don't make me punish you for your impudence. My punishment is harsher than what I've already done to you Kevin.'

"Oh Nicky I'm so sorry. I don't know what I've fallen into, but I didn't mean to hurt you. I hope that you can forgive me one day." I tell him as I pick him up and place him on the slab-like bed and cover him up with the tarp.


Nick's POV

What the hell is going on with the world today? It's like the whole world has gone mad. First I see some strange shit at Jive, then I get captured by some strange black guy, next Kevin is getting freaky in an elevator with a guy, after the fact he rapes me and I appear here. Why am I here again and what exactly is here is? If I'm here again with...with Justin, maybe something else happened to me again like last time, I just don't know what else could have happened to me to bring me back here again.

"Justin? Justin are you here?" I ask, looking around through the fog and darkness trying to get my eyes to adjust to my surroundings.

It was like I had been walking around through this fog for hours and I still hadn't seen any sign of Justin or anyone else for that matter. What is this place? Is this some strange kind of limbo or something? Where the hell could I be?

"Hi Nick," Justin says as he appears and walks over to me. "Why are you here again? Did something else happen to you?"

"I don't know what happened to bring me back here Justin. The only thing I remember was you kissing me, darkness and now I'm back here again. I don't know what's going on Justin, I'm scared." I tell him as he hugs me.

"I know you are Nick, I'm scared too. There's something bad going on, but I can't really say, because Josh won't talk to me." He tells me as our surroundings change.

"Why did everything change like this? Not less than a minute ago, it was all dark and foggy, now it looks like a summer day. Where are we Justin?" I ask him.

"I don't know where we are Nick. I was hoping that you could answer that." He tells me, as he turns around to look at everything as he touches a butterfly.

"This place is so beautiful and peaceful. I wish this was a real place where we could be together." I tell him as he looks at me and smiles.

"How do you know it isn't real?" He asks me.

"I don't know Justin. I can feel it when you touch me, but I know that as soon as something changes we both disappear from here. I see darkness and I don't know where it is you go." I tell him.

"When I'm not here with you, all I see is nothing." He tells me as he hugs me. "I don't want to be in that place seeing nothing. I want to be here seeing you."

"I want the same thing Justin, but I feel that sooner or later, this will all change again and we will be back to where we were. I don't know how this is happening, but I wish it never stops." I tell him as I look deep into his eyes and kiss him and he disappears again.

End Mindscape

Somewhere in Downtown Orlando


I don't know what's going on with Julie. Since before this madness started, I had always thought Julie was strange. In the past, she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming about this or that and it would always come true. Now that we are these witches, I'm starting to piece together a little bit of how she operates. I know that sounds strange, but having the ability to see the future like that can be a very scary thing and since I've known her, she hasn't always gotten the chance to have a good night's sleep.

Tonight is no different. Me, Wade and Josh were trying to help Lance and Justin. Before we could get things situated within our new, hidden and unheard of home, Julie was screaming Wade's name and the three of us felt it. Talking about good lungs, the girl screamed and it almost shook the house apart and she wasn't even there. Teleporting to her, she tells us about a vision she just had and one she had earlier that night. Joining hands, she mentally shared what she saw with us and we took that as a cue to teleport to that very spot in Downtown Orlando so that we could save the two people in her vision.

"There they are," Julie says as she points the two men out. "They are about to be attacked. Come on, get the lead out guys."

"Women, always giving orders," I say as we ran down the street approaching the two men.

Before we could actually get to them, the whole area got foggy and the two men were joined by two other men and what looked like a wolf or wild dog. Grabbing Wade and Julie's hand, I stop them from getting any closer and I closed my eyes. Not fully knowing what I was doing, a ghost-like image of myself appeared next to the guy named AJ and I pushed him down to the ground as the guy named Howie, pulled out a crossbow gun and started firing arrows all around. Not hitting anything, the first guy moved past me and knocked Howie to the ground and started wrestling around as the other guy wearing a forest ranger uniform jumped towards me.

Things were not looking good now. The guy named Howie was getting beat down badly by the first guy that he identified as Kevin and the ranger was trying to beat me, but his hands kept passing through me, like I was really a ghost, but I don't know how I was able to touch things and not be touched. Cool huh. After pushing the Kevin guy off of Howie, he shot an arrow into Kevin's leg and he disappeared. Helping him up and grabbing the AJ guy, I mentally contacted Wade and the three of us disappeared, followed by him and Julie.

Someplace Strange, Hidden and Unheard of

Wade's POV

This is all starting to make sense to me now. It seems that the Dark One that JT sensed the other night has started working already. I wasn't expecting to see these guys here like this, but knowing what Julie has seen in her vision and shown us, I'm totally convinced that whoever this Dark One is, he has some connection to the Backstreet Boys and he's using Kevin Richardson to do his dirty work for now.

Like clockwork, we found AJ and Howie where Julie's vision said they would be. I'm starting to think that she is somehow in sync with what happens to AJ since she's had two visions about him and from what I've seen in her mind and heard from JT, they've never met. I think she's in love with him secretly, but I don't really know.

"What's the deal here Wade?" JT asks me as he looks at the two guys lying on the sofa. "Is it true that these guys are part of the Backstreet Boys?"

"Yeah it is JT. Why?" I ask him as he closes his eyes and start thinking about something.

"Isn't Josh part of that group N Sync?" He asks me.

"Yeah he is JT. Why?" I ask him again as his eyes start glowing.

"Justin, Lance and Josh are part of N Sync and these two guys plus Nick Carter and that strange guy in the fog is part of the Backstreet Boys. I think someone that knows these two groups personally has something to do with the Dark One. I can see this guy so clearly in my mind; I just don't know who he is." He tells me as he turns to see Julie walking over to AJ body lying on the sofa as she reaches out and touches his hand.

Julie's POV

Walking over I sat on the edge of the couch and laid my hand on top of AJ's to make sure he was okay. I felt myself get a little light headed and knew what was coming.


AJ laid me on the bed with my head on some pillows. I was already breathless from the heavy make out session we just finished with. He lifted me gently and finished taking my clothes off.

I blushed, as he stood there fully clothed staring at me with such wanton lust in his eyes.

"AJ I think this would work a lot better if you got undressed too." I tell him.

AJ smiled wickedly and took his sunglasses off and threw them on the nightstand.

"You think it would do ya?" He asked as he pulled his wife beater over his head and threw it to the ground.

I smiled and continued to watch the striptease that AJ was doing for me. AJ threw his clothes off to the side and climbed into bed with me.

"Is this better?" He asked as I almost melted right then and there.

"Yes that is so much better." I tell him as I ran my hands up along his naked sides and over his firm butt

End Vision

I gasped and fell back off the couch. I couldn't believe what I just saw. Is this really going to happen? Am I going to end up in bed with this guy? I turned and looked at Wade quickly.

"Everything I see is what's really going to happen Wade?" I ask him as he shrugs and looks at me strangely.

"Why, what did you see Julie?" He asks me as I'm sure I was flustered as I thought about what I just saw when I touched him.

"Nothing earth shattering. Well maybe to me but not to the whole earth." I tell him as he and JT gave me this weird look that showed that they weren't okay with the answer I gave, but would except it for now.

"Well okay if it's nothing serious." He tells me as he and JT turn back around to continue talking about whatever it was they were yapping about.'

`Julie is there something wrong?' JT mentally asks me as I look at him with wide eyes.

`I said it was nothing didn't I? Don't worry about it. Just concentrate on what it is you two are talking about. I think I'm going for a walk or something.' I mentally tell him as I move away from the couch, not wanting to touch AJ again and see something more.