My Immortal Beloved

Chapter - 7

by JT Poole and Julie S. (

Things in Orlando aren't looking good at all yet. Christina's magical teacher Nadya Strong has been taking over by darkness. As we last saw, Jeremiah attacked her and changed her. Jeremiah's forces are being built before the witches have fully learned how to use their own powers. Christina is no where to be found and as for Nadya's sake, Christina will be needed to help her. On a lighter side, Justin snapped out of his trance with the knowledge of what's going down with Nick. Is that a sign of impending danger or what? Let's find out...

Somewhere in Orlando A Cave in the Midst of the Forest

Nick's POV

What the hell is going on? I bet this man is this Jeremiah person Kevin was talking about before. He keeps going on and on about a damn barrier. What is this barrier he's talking about? Each time he tries to touch me he gets a small electrical shock or something. I'm glad that he can't touch me. That means he won't try to hurt me like Kevin has been trying. Right now, I really wish Kevin couldn't teach me either. That would totally make me feel so much better. Since Kevin is still able to touch me, he's not a danger, just a small threat since he can still bite me. Since he's not pure enough to change me, I shouldn't worry about him for right now.

From what I understand of the ongoing conversation, Kevin isn't a pure breed vampire and since this barrier is around me, he can't change me like Jeremiah wants. This is causing a problem for Jeremiah, but he can't touch me. I thank you God for keeping me safe. I might be slow when it comes to this kind of stuff, but I'm starting to put two and two together to get that big bloody four. As long as Jeremiah can't touch me, and Kevin isn't pure, I'll stay human so to speak.

"Someone is protecting him damnit!" Jeremiah screams as he slaps Kevin across the face. "We must find out who's protecting him. My plan won't fully work without him!"

"What plan is that Jeremiah?" I hear a woman's voice close by, but don't see anyone.

"Well it didn't take long for you to come to my side. I'm glad you could join us Nadya," Jeremiah says as a black woman steps into the light.

"Well this is what you wanted Jeremiah. You willed it and I'm here," the woman tells him as she stands next to the other guy from the hotel.

"Well what I want right now isn't happening!" Jeremiah screams, turning his attention back to me and Kevin. "I want Nick Carter damnit! He's the soul for Nickolas Lazer and he needs to be here!"

"Now now, you can't have Nickolas Lazer Rage," Nadya tells him. "Lazer isn't dead. His soul cannot be in this young man. This can't be him."

"What do you mean Lazar isn't dead?" Jeremiah asks her.

"Just as I said Rage," Nadya tells him. "Lazar is in London where he has been for the last seven hundred years."

"He can't be in London. I don't sense him there, I sense him here!" Jeremiah screams, walking over to Nadya and looking deep into her eyes. "You aren't lying to me are you? Are you doing this to try to ruin my plans?"

"I'm under your control Rage, you know I can't lie to you," she tells him as he steps back from her.

"This is impossible," he says as he turns around and looks at Kevin and then the guy from the hotel. "I don't need you!"

"What are you doing?" The guy asks, as Jeremiah stabbed him in the chest with his hand and pulled out his heart and started eating it.

He stood there eating the guy's heart as the body caught on fire and disintegrated right there in front of us. Looking at me again, he walked over to me with the bloody remains around his mouth as he leaned down and let the remnants drip down on my face. Trying to move away from him, Kevin walked over and held me in place, forcing my mouth open to catch the foul remains.

"Oh God no!" I scream, almost choking, trying to keep from swallowing the God awful smelling and tasting crap.

"I might not be able to touch you, but Kevin here can. Believe me boy, I have plans for you. You might not be Lazer, but you look just like him," Jeremiah tells me as he smiles at me and steps back as Kevin let me go and I pass out again.

The Witches' Five Home

Wade's POV

I don't believe what I'm hearing right now. Justin's telling us that he's been in contact with Nick Carter for a long while now. He also told us that Nick is with Kevin Richardson and a guy named Jeremiah. I can only assume that he's meaning Jeremiah Rage since he's the master of the night. Trying to figure out where Justin was and how it was possible that he and Nick communicated is puzzling me. Is Nick or Justin psychic in some way?

Justin has calmed down a bit, but now he's gotten his second wind and it's like he won't stop rambling. He's vividly telling us how each time that Kevin would try to turn Nick into a vampire; Nick would end up with him in the strange void. He then went on to tell us about that's how he and Nick got together, that they never confessed their love for each other in real life. Hearing all of this, is it real or is this just some strange thing going on in Justin's mind? He seems to be truthful, but I don't know what to make of all of this.

"So wait a minute Justin, you've never told Nick you loved him before you were in the trance?" Josh asks him.

"No Josh, I just said that," Justin answers him.

"So did any of this really happen or is this some kind of dream?" Josh asks him, apparently picking up on what I was thinking.

"Yes it happened damnit! We have to find Nick and save him!" Justin screams, his eyes glowing as Josh is thrown against the wall.

"What the hell!" Lance screams as he steps back away from Justin, leaning against the wall. "What the hell did that?"

"Josh are you okay?" JT asks, helping Josh up off the floor.

"Yeah I'm okay," Josh answers him as he turns to look at Justin.

"I'm assuming you didn't use your own powers to do that?" JT asks, turning around to look at Justin as well. "Wade what's going on here?"

"I honestly can't say," I answer him, not really knowing what was happening. "It seems Justin has some talents that are just now revealing itself to all of us."

"That's more than a talent Wade," JT says, glaring at me.

"Well I don't know what to call it JT, I don't know what it is," I tell him as Justin drops to his knees, still crying.

"We have to save Nick before Kevin or Jeremiah tries to turn him into a vampire again!" Justin shouts as I walk over to him, trying to touch him, but got a small electrical shock.

"Ouch! Man what the hell is that?" I ask, looking at Justin closely as his body looked perfectly normal.

Trying to touch Justin again, I got the same shock. Pushing him away from me, with him falling to the floor, JT and Josh didn't move an inch to touch him. Finally gaining his composure enough to move, Lance moved over to Justin and helped him up. Lance was able to touch Justin and it seems nothing happened to him.

"Okay that's not funny Justin!" I shout as he and Lance jumped, scared of my booming voice. "How is it that Lance can touch you, but I couldn't?"

"I don't know Wade," Justin tells me. "You're the expert here, not me."

"Have you ever experienced something like this before?" Josh asks me, walking around Justin and Lance to get to me.

"No I haven't. This crap is freaking me out!" Justin shouts, hugging onto Lance now. "All I want to do is help Nick and get away from all of this crap!"

"If what you're saying about Nick is true, then it won't be easy Justin," I tell him as he lays his head on Lance's shoulder and starts crying again.

"We have to save him. I can't let that Jeremiah guy and Kevin hurt him!" Justin screams as the whole house shook.

"Justin calm down!" JT shouts, walking towards him.

"JT don't touch him!" I shout, stopping JT from doing anything to Justin.

"Why not? I can't help it if you couldn't touch him Wade," JT says as he steps closer to Justin and pulls him away from Lance. "You're going to tell us the truth and now!"

"Well Wade maybe it's just you," Josh tells me as JT was holding on to Justin and nothing was happening.

"I guess it is," I say, turning around and thinking about what just happened here. "JT are you able to see into his mind?"

"That's not my department man," JT tells me as I shake my head at him.

"You all have the same powers. You can all dip into the other's power. That's why you all are connected," I tell him as he and Josh both look at me.

"Oh really? Well that probably explains why I feel like I've been having sex all night," he tells me as I just walk over to him, touch him and then use his powers to see inside of Justin's mind.

"Don't worry about that right now, you'll learn more about your powers later," I tell him as I turn my attention back to Justin and his thoughts.

Down in Julie's Room

Julie's POV

I knew I was having a vision but I just couldn't claw my way out of it. Clawing at AJ's chest I fell completely into the vision.


I stood back and watched as the familiar looking blonde woman walked like she was either half asleep or drugged. She bumped into people and almost fell down. People just ignored her and walked on passed. I followed her down the street. It was easy to navigate a busy street when you weren't really there. She looked so familiar to me and then I remember where I had seen her. It was Christina Aguilera!

I watched as she stopped in front of a club with loud thumping music. She looked around like she was completely lost and didn't know how she even got to the club. She then did something that no one else I had a vision about did. She looked right at me like she was actually seeing me. I put out my hand to her and she jumped and ran into the club.

`Nothing like that has ever happened before' I thought, taking off after into the club after her. A really big man ushered her into a VIP section and looked around the room suspiciously. `He's probably looking for me since I'm the one that spooked her. Good thing he can't see me.'

End Vision

I sit straight up in bed, the sheets pooled around me. Looking around the room wildly I scream for JT, "JT! Get your ass in here!"

"AJ I'm so sorry about all this.", I tell AJ, looking at him as I sighed.

He was looking at me like I had grown a second and a third head. Shaking his head, he caressed my cheek and smiled.

"Its okay baby, don't worry about it. I love you regardless."

"I love you too," I smiled at him with tears in my eyes.

I looked up when JT came running into the room with a lot of people in tow. "What's wrong?"

"JT I had another vision," I tell him as I looked at him and the other people standing behind him.

"Well get your ass out of bed! Stop with the lovey dovey stuff. We need to go talk about that now," he tells me as me and AJ sat on the bed blushing.

"Ah could you hand me my robe or something first?" I ask him, eyeing my robe behind him hanging on the back of the door.

"I don't know missy, the way you two kept us up all night, I think I should make you run around naked and stuff. Give the rest of us a show," he tells me, laughing.

Was he out of his mind or what? He best be kidding or I'm going to kick his ass. How dare he put me on the spot like that? Oh he's going to really get it when I get him alone. He's going to wish we didn't have these strange powers. Looking over at AJ, he started blushing, while reaching down beside the bed searching for something with his hand. Grabbing his boxers and his shirt, he looks at me and smiles weakly.

"Here babe, you can wear my shirt," AJ tells me as he looked up at JT.

"Thank you," I tell him, smiling as I reached down, grabbed my underwear and slid them on and then pulled AJ's shirt over my head.

Throwing the blankets back on the bed in front of him, Josh, Justin and Lance, I got up out of the bed and smiled at him as I slapped him playfully in the face as I walked past him. Standing in the hallway, I looked back at him, waiting for him and the other to follow.

"Where's Wade JT?" I ask him.

"He's still in the other room," he tells me, pointing towards the room that Justin and Lance were in.

"He's not in there JT, he went back downstairs," JC tells him as I walked over to the staircase, still looking at them and then down the stairs to find Wade.


Wade was sitting now on the living room sofa as we all bounded down the stairs.

"Well if it isn't the noise maker of the night," Wade tells Julie as he looked over his shoulder to see us coming down the stairs.

"Oh shut up Wade," Julie tells him, blushing as we got to the bottom of the stairs. "So I got a lil freaky tonight. Get over it man. AJ's not complaining and he's the only one that counts in the matter."

"Ooooooh, she doused you man," JT howls from the stairs.

"I had a very strange vision Wade," Julie says, giving JT a strange look.

"About what?" Wade asks her, standing up now.

Julie went on to explain her vision. She was telling him speedily about what she had seen. Getting a little bit emotional with what was going on, tears came to her eyes and JT walked over to her and held her as she was standing there closing her eyes.

"I had no clue who it was until I really looked at her, it was Christina Aguilera and she looked like hell! She's in trouble Wade and she needs our help!" She screams as JT held on to her as her emotions got away with her and she was physically hitting him in the chest as she was standing there experiencing more flashes of the vision as we were all now able to see and feel what she was seeing.

"Julie girl calm down," JT tells her, rubbing her back as she started thrashing in his arms.

"No! She's in danger! I don't know what's happening to her! Brian Littrell! He's the key, he's with her now! I don't know what going on but something's not right! We need to save her damnit! No one, I mean no one in my visions have ever been able to see me, but she could! She turned and looked right at me!" Julie screams as AJ came running down the stairs and stopping at the bottom as he sat what was going on with Julie and JT.

"That's because she's the Delta witch. She has powers too. She was only able to see you Julie, because she's just like you and the others. We have to get to her before she gets really hurt and found out by our unknown foe," Wade tells her as he closes his eyes.

"What's going on?" AJ asks as JT turns around quickly with his eyes glowing and accidentally slams AJ against the wall.

"Oh God!" I scream, floating over to where AJ landed to check on him. "Be careful baby. He's okay, but you could have killed him!"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to," JT says as Julie pulls away from him, the surroundings in the room changing again to show us her feelings for the man I was tending to.

"Is he okay?" Julie asks me.

"Yeah, I'm going to take him back to your room and let him sleep it off," I tell her as she frowns and then looks up at JT.

"I know you didn't mean to JT, but be careful damnit!" She shouts at him too as me and AJ disappears.


We were all ready to go when the connection between Julie and the rest of us was broken. The vision she showed us and the after effects of it scared me to death. I've never felt so much fear and anger in one person at the same time. We turned to the door to leave when Josh appeared next to me.

"Look whose being freaking, coming outside in her draws," Josh says, walking over to me as he points at Julie and she starts to blush.

"Oh God," Julie says, looking down as she wraps her arms around her middle.

Josh smiled and hugged her. "You might want to go inside and put something else on. It's cold out here. But then again, the girl got some gams. Look at those legs," he tells her as she blushes even more.

"Quiet man," She says, smiling as she looks around. "Don't worry about me. I'll use these powers of ours to remedy that."

"We're wasting time here guys!" Wade shouts, frowning as Julie's clothes started to change and she was dressed like the rest of us. "Did you happen to see the name of the club?"

"No I didn't Wade," Julie tells him, shaking her head no.

"No worries. When Brian's in town, he only goes to one club," Howie says, shaking his head.

"That totally helps. Glad you're around. What club is that?" Wade asks, smiling at the man he was developing a crush on.

"He's at The Crystal Palace," Howie answers him as I noticed the look of fear and hatred in his eyes.

Wade's eyes started glowing and before you know it, there was a flash of light and we were all gone.

Somewhere Downtown The Crystal Palace

Brian's POV

This place is jumping tonight. As soon as I walked into the door, it was like I had to push people out of the way just to get to the bar. I know they say Ladies' Night is a good night to score, but I think I would have had more fun staying home and using my hand. Standing in the corner of the room, I see a person that looks much like Christina Aguilera walk in. I don't know what's going on, but I think something's wrong with her.

"Christina are you okay?" I ask her as she shakes her head strangely, looking like she was half asleep or drugged up. Maybe she was with someone here at the club and they slipped her some X or something.

"I don't remember anything man. All I know is what my name is. I think I know your face, but I don't know what your name is. Who are you?"

To say the least, I was shocked. Someone must have slipped her some good shit if she couldn't remember my name. Hell, I'm Brian Littrell, no woman can forget about me.

"Christina, I'm Brian Littrell. I sing in the Backstreet Boys. Do you remember the Backstreet Boys?" I ask her, frowning at her a little as she looks at me, her legs giving out as she falls into my arms.

"I don't remember you. I just told you that. I don't remember anything," she tells me, shaking her head.

"It's okay. How about I get you back to your hotel and I call someone for you?" I ask her as she looks up at me, a strange glint in her eyes.

"I don't know if there is anyone to help me. All I know, there's this girl following me. That's about it," she tells me as I look around quickly.

"Christina where are your bodyguards?" I ask her as I look around to see my guy standing a few feet away against the wall watching me.

"Why would I need bodyguards for?" She asks me, looking at me confused.

"Girl you're really messed up. Did you take something?" I ask her as she shakes her head at me. "You're a pop star, a singer. You've been doing that for a long time girl. That's your career."

"I sing? Really? Am I any good?" She asks me, smiling as I got a little weak with holding her wait and walks with her over to a booth.

"Oh yeah, you're some good. You're the best," I tell her as she smiles again.

After she had rested up a few minutes, I had finished off my drink and we both got up. Looking around the room, I guess for the girl she claimed was following her, she smiles at me, takes my hand and then we get up. I motioned for my bodyguard to follow us like he would normally do and we walked out of the club together.

"So where are you staying Brian?" She asks me

"The Marks," I tell her, pointing to a huge hotel down the street.

"Seems familiar, I think I am too," she tells me as we walked.

A Bit Away From Christina and Brian

Wade's POV

When we appeared again, I visualized us a few feet from the club so no one would see us appear. We don't need another person finding out about us or our powers. So far, there are too many people that know our secret know and that's got me on edge a little bit. I don't really mind Howie knowing about us since I like him, but Nick, Justin and Lance knowing could very well be a danger to all of us. We're looking around now, physically searching for Christina. It's very important that we find her in time before the evil forces around have a change to get to her. If Jeremiah Rage got his hands on her, all would be lost for sure. A witch of her power shouldn't fall into the wrong hands.

"So are we close to the club?" I ask Howie as he nods.

"Yea its right up here on the right," Howie tells me as my heart skips a beat at the way his voice sounds.

The five of us were searching around frantically trying to get to Christina before she fell into the wrong hands. Turning my attention back to Howie for a second, I felt something strange from him when everything went black. I don't know what was going on or what had happened, but the farthest thing from my mind at the moment was Christina Aguilera.

"Wade we've found them! There they are!" JT shouts as I could faintly here him in my mind as my whole body started to ache. What was going on with me? "Wade? Wade what's wrong?"

I heard him calling my name over and over again, but it didn't matter to me. All that matter was enjoying what it was that was going on right now.

"Look there, it's Brian!" Julie shouts out as all sounds faded away too.

A Few Minutes Later

"What the hell!" Brian screams, turning around to see Julie, JT and Josh running towards him.

"Brian, we need to take Christina with us," Julie says, looking at him closely as her eyes start to glow.

"No way lady, she's sick and I don't think she wants to go with you guys," Brian tells us, shaking his head, looking at us as JT's eyes start glowing and AJ appears. "Alex what are you doing here in your boxers man?"

"Wh-what am I doing here?" AJ asks, looking around to see Julie smiling at him as he looks back to Brian.

"I asked you that first man. What are you doing here in your boxers man?" Brian asks, staring at AJ.

"Don't worry about that man. From what I understand, Christina needs to come with us Brain. Let her come with us man," AJ tells him as JT and JC look at him.

`Where's Wade? I haven't seen or felt him since we got over here,' JT mentally thought to JC and Julie.

`Where's Howie? He was with Wade. I think may be they are doing something sexual together,' JC mentally thought to JT.

"Christina's not doing good right now. I don't think she needs to go with any of you right now," Brian states, glaring at AJ and Julie.

"That doesn't matter Bri, they need to take her with them," AJ says, shaking his head.

"No man, she needs to see a doctor, not go with you and your strange friends," Brian says, shaking his head, trying to make sense of what was going on.

"We can help her Brian. She just needs to rest and remember who she is," Julie tells him as he looks at her and then remembers the conversation he and Christina had earlier about the girl following her. "Let me help her."

"I don't believe you can," Brian tells her as he steps in front of Christina, blocking Julie's path to the woman.

"Brian listen to me closely. We need to take Christina with us to get her the help she needs. Remember Brian, she's sick and we can help her," Julie tells him, smiling as her eyes start to glow.

"Okay miss, but please make sure she gets the help she needs. She doesn't look so good," Brian says as his eyes glaze over and he nods.

"We'll take care of her," Julie tells him, nodding as Brian steps out of the way as Christina looks at him and then at Julie.

"Christina, I can help you remember everything," Julie tells her as they touch hands and their powers start to mix.

"Okay, I'll come with you," Christina says, biting her lip and turning around to Brian. "Will he be all right? He doesn't seem like himself right now."

The guys all watched as AJ ushered Brian towards the hotel, said a few words to him and then walked away from him. Standing next to Julie and Christina, he leaned in and kissed Julie on the cheek.

"He'll be fine. The bodyguard will only remember Brian was drinking a lot and Brian will believe the same thing," Julie says as they all started to walk away. "Where's Wade?"

Behind The Crystal Palace

Howie's POV

This would be a totally different situation if you weren't a witch Wade. I know you have feelings for me. I've seen how you've been watching me since I've been around you. I wish I'd met you under different circumstances, but I have a mission to complete and I can't allow you and your friends to interrupt my mission. I have to stop all of you. I know you're doing things for the greater good, but you're still witches.

"I'm sorry Wade for having to do this, but you're a witch. Maybe if I wasn't a Druid, the two of us could have a life together, but right now that's not possible. You do have a place in my heart, but I must do my job. When this is all over, maybe there's a chance, but not right now."

Hefting his body over my shoulders and tossing his body into the trash dumpster, a few tears escaped my eyes as he landed hard inside and I close the lid. Brushing off my clothes, I run off in the direction of the others, hoping that I could hide my thoughts well enough to keep what I just did secret. Please high one, keep my thoughts safe.

In Brian's Hotel Room

Kevin's POV

Why am I here waiting on Brian? Am I supposed to seduce him like Nick? He's my cousin, that's just not right. I guess I have no choice in the matter. Jeremiah said he wants Brian and I must obey him. I'm sitting here in the chair waiting for him to get here. It's a little after two right now, so he should be making his way back here with some slut he picked up from the club. I'll take him and her too if I have to. Anything to keep Jeremiah happy.

"Hello Cousin," I say as Brian walks into the room looking a little bit drunk.

"K-Kev is that you?" Brian asks me, falling on the bed, lying face first as he just lied there. "Oh God, I think I drank too much tonight."

"Really? What did you drink Cousin?" I ask him, standing up and walking over to the bed, taking my blazer off and laying it in the chair.

"I think I had too many Fuzzy Nipples," he tells me, rolling over on the bed as he looks up at me, a glazed over look in his eyes. "My head is pounding Kev."

"I'm sorry Cousin," I say, sitting down next to him on the bed. "If you like, I can ease your pain."

"Yeah right Kev, you can't get rid of my hangover man," he tells me, sitting up and looking me in the eyes. "I feel like I've been ran over by a truck."

"I know you do Cousin," I tell him, looking him in the eye as I reach over and undo his pants, pulling his shirt out and then pulling it over his head.

"Kevin what are you doing?" He asks me, giving in to my touch.

"I'm getting you ready for bed Cousin," I tell him as he smiles at me.

"What's with this Cousin thing? It sounds corny as hell Kev," he tells me, grinning as I take off his shoes and tosses them to the floor.

Standing up, I unzip his pants and pull them down his legs. Leaving him only in his boxer briefs, he smiles up at me again as I walk around to the other side of the bed. Turning the lamp on and then walking over to the light switch, I turn off the other lights in the room. Walking back over to the bed, he groans as I pull the covers back and he moves his legs under. Lying down on the bed next to him, I whisper in his ear and he smiles and then giggles like a school girl.

"That's just naughty Kev," he tells me as I move a little closer to him, caressing his cheek as he just lay back against the headboard. "No I didn't get any tail tonight. You're the only one in my bed right now Kev. So that should be a sign to you that I wasn't lucky."

"Well that's about to change dear Cousin," I tell him as I start kissing his neck as he pulls away from me.

"Kev what the fuck are you doing?" He asks me, pulling away from me as I grab his hand and pull him back closer to me. "Man I don't swing that way."

"It doesn't matter if you do or not," I tell him as I crawl over his body, leaning over him as I start kissing his neck and he tries to push me away.

"No Kev, stop it!" He shouts at me, pushing me off of him and jumping up out of the bed. "What the hell did you drink Kev?"

"I didn't drink anything Cousin, but when I'm done, you won't feel like that anymore. All your hostility will fade away. You'll enjoy what I'm doing," I tell him as I get up and walk over to him, caressing his cheek as I stood in front of him.

"Kev man, stop this. I don't want you doing this," he tells me as I lean down and start kissing his neck while massaging his dick through his underwear. "That feels so good, but I don't want that from you Kevin. Stop it please. It's not right."

"It is right Cousin," I tell him as I slip my hand into the fly of his underwear, stroking his dick as he starts moaning and moving his hips, thrusting into my hand as I move around and kiss his lips. "How does that feel Cousin?"

"It feels...feels wrong Kev," he tells me as I start stroking him faster as his body starts to convulse as his orgasm starts to over take him. "Oh God, I'm cumming!"

"That's right Cousin, go with the flow," I tell him as I lean in, kissing him on his neck as I go in for the kill and do what is required of me by Jeremiah.

Not knowing what was happening, he starts to thrash about as I wouldn't let go, holding him in place as I drunk in the glory that was his soul. Screaming at the top of his lungs, I let him go and he falls back into my arms. Carrying him back to the bed, I lay him down and climb in next to him. Covering the two of us up, I wrap my arms around him to keep him warm as he adapts to the change.


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