My Immortal Beloved

Chapter - 8
by JT Poole and Julie S.

Things in Orlando have gotten a little bit freakier with the things that went down last time.  Where do we start?  Let's see, Kevin and Brian had a strange sexual scene, Howie hurt Wade and tossed his body in a trash dumpster, Jeremiah is still trying to use Nick in his plan, even though Nick isn't the person he needs and Christina is in a strange state of being.  Maybe the guys can figure out what's going on before it's too late.  Let's find out what happens next in our saga...

Downtown Orlando


We've been out here searching for hours and we still haven't found Wade.  Where could he be right now?  I know he didn't just run out on us and shit.  We're not ready, hell we're not able to handle this evil threat by ourselves.  We don't know how to fully use our powers.  Hell I don't know what my powers are.  I've just been going with the flow, letting my emotions control things.  I can't keep on doing that or we might all die.  Wade where the hell are you?

"Calm down Josh," JT tells me as he walks past me, getting a little bit agitated himself.

"You can't tell me to calm down at a time like this!  We have to find Wade!  He's the only one that can tell us what we need to do!"  I shout as JT turns around and looks at me as my heart melts at the expression on his face.  "I'm sorry baby, I shouldn't have yelled at you.  It's not your fault that Wade is missing.  Will you please forgive me?"

"Yeah, I will.  I know you're stressing too, we just need to calm down," he tells me as I walk over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist and kissing him as Julie clears her throat.

"Oh hush up woman, you were freaky all damn night!  None of us barely got any sleep," I tell her as she starts blushing.

"Maybe we should just go back home and see if he's there," he suggest as I figured it wouldn't hurt anything.

We joined hands and closed our eyes, visualizing ourselves back at our home and within a flash of light, we were all gone.

The Witches' Five Home


We're home and still no Wade.  Where the hell could he be hiding?  I've tried using that trick he showed me to search for him, but it's not working.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I've tried some of everything he's showed me and I still can't get a lock on him.  I can sense everyone else including Justin which is strange, but not him.  When we find him, I'm going to put my foot in his ass for stressing us out like this.  I bet he and went off after tail or something.  Since Howie went on towards the hotel to check on Brian, he didn't come back with us.  I think he and Wade are going to hook up for a booty call.  That's the only thing I can think of to explain where Wade could be.  He's somewhere hiding from us, getting his freak on with Howie. 

"Are you sure that's what he's doing baby?"  Josh asks me as he sits down next to me.

"These days, I'm not sure about anything anymore," I tell him as he frowns at me.  "What are you frowning about Josh?"

"Are you sure about us?"  He asks me, looking down at his hands, a tear falling from his eyes.

"Oh Josh, sure I'm sure about us, I'm talking about everything else.  You know very well how I feel about you," I tell him, leaning in and kissing him on the lips.  "I love you and I hope you never forget that during all this madness."

"I love you too JT," he tells me as our bodies start to glow and the book appears before us.

"Ahhh, where did that come from?"  I ask, looking at him and then over to Julie and Christina.

"The book is trying to talk to you two," Christina says, standing up weakly.  "You're Witch Alpha aren't you?"

"Witch what?"  I ask as she walks closer to me.

"You're Witch Alpha, as in you're the first witch the book sought out," Christina says, looking at the two of us.

"I don't get it," I say, standing up as the glow around our bodies got a little bit brighter.  "I was out exploring through the woods the other night and I was walking through a cave and I found the book."

"Not really, the book led you to it.  It needed you to find it so that it could reactivate us and our powers," Christina says, floating in front of us now.  "You're Alpha, Julie's Beta, he's Gamma, I'm Delta and someone else here is Epsilon."

"Who could that be?  AJ?"  Julie asks, standing up now, walking over to where Christina was floating.

"I don't think it's AJ, I think it's Justin.  Remember how he shocked me and Wade earlier," Josh says as Christina's body started glowing too along with Julie's and to our surprise, Justin appeared and he was floating within the circle with us.

"It is Justin," I say, looking at him as the book opened and it was like it was projecting an image for us.

** Flashback **

18th Century Egypt A Secret Location

"We barely beat him now, how will the rest of the world and the future be protected from this threat of Jeremiah Rage?"  Jonas Poole asked, sitting next to his lover Arthur Chasez as they held hands.

"We'll just have to keep our bloodlines going," Randolph Timberlake said, sitting down next to Elizabeth Sheridan as they held the `Book of Souls'.  "'Lizzy you saw the future, did you really see our future selves fighting Jeremiah again?"

"Yes I saw that Rand," Elizabeth told him.  "You know my premonitions are always correct, just as correct as the moon rises and the sun sets."

"I figured you were going to say that," Randolph said, standing up with the book.

"I think we should include a spell in here for the book to call our future selves if something else happens to bring the threat of Jeremiah Rage or his kind back," Jonas said, standing next to Randolph.  "The book would only be our only hope again."

"But what happens if someone else finds the book instead of one of us?"  Arthur Chasez asked, standing up now, moving next to Jonas.

"The book can only be touched by one of us or our line," Mary Saint Augustine says, walking into cavern.

"But what if in the future, one of us isn't good, what if that person be evil or distort?"  Arthur asked, looking up at Jonas.

"I trust that our line won't be tainted," Jonas answered him.

"How is your line going to continue anyway?"  Randolph asked, turning his attention to Jonas and Arthur.

"We'll marry women and procreate.  We love each other, but we must do what we have to so our line will continue," Jonas stated, leaning down to kiss Arthur.

"Well we all know what we must do," Mary said as they all joined hands and started chanting a spell.

** End Flashback **

Oh my God, I think we just experienced a piece of the past.  It felt so real, like we were actually there with them, as though we were them.  This is so strange, but a little bit of what we just saw makes some sense.  I said that very same spell the day I found the book and now here we all are.

"I'm glad you said the spell JT," Josh says as he turned to me and we kissed.  "We had so much love for each other back then, it radiated out to everyone around us."

"Yes I know, I felt it too," I tell him as Christina and Julie smile at us as Justin opens his eyes and starts crying.

"Justin are you alright?"  Christina asks, looking over to Justin as he continued to cry.

"I can understand why they're gay and together, but why wasn't I gay back then?"  Justin asks, looking at me and Josh.

"Who's to say you weren't?"  I ask him.

"From the looks of things, my past self was with her past self," Justin says, pointing at Julie.

"That does seem like that's what was going on, but I'm sorry, you're gay and I have AJ, I can't...I don't see myself with you, regardless if it was supposed to be," Julie says, not trying to sound mean, but none the less, it sounded that way anyway.  "I wasn't trying to be mean JT."

"I know you weren't, but it sounded that way anyway girl.  Stop reading my thoughts," I tell her as the thought of us being mentally connected was becoming annoying to me.

"Everything is annoying to you," she says as Christina shakes her head and we all stop glowing.

"I think the book wanted to give us a history lesson," Christina says as the pages started turning by themselves.  "Here's a spell to find a lost watcher."

"Well let's say it, we need to find him and get him back here and soon," I say as Julie and Christina read the spell.  Within a few seconds, there was a flash of light and out of nowhere; Wade appeared on the floor, a bloody mess.

"Oh my God!  What happened to him?"  Josh asks, moving away from me, kneeling down next to Wade and lifting his head, holding him in his arms.

"We need to get him to a hospital, he doesn't look good.  He's barely breathing and he's blooding really bad," Josh says as Justin touches his shoulder and kneels down next to him, placing his hand on Wade and his wounds started to heal.

"Oh my...God, he...he has healing powers," Julie says, her eyes wide as we all watched what was going on.

"What...what happened?  Where's Howie?"  Wade asks, sitting up quickly, looking around strangely, and surveying the scene.

"Howie isn't here?  He took off after we found Christina," Julie tells him as he gets up off the floor and walks over to the sofa.  "What happened to you Wade?"

"I don't know Julie," he answers her.  "I was searching for Christina and the next thing I knew, everything had gone black."

"I don't understand why we didn't sense anything happening to you," I tell him, walking around to him.  "You say we're all connected, but we had no idea of what happened to you."

"You guys are connected.  I'm just your guardian so to speak.  I can hear and sense you guys, but you can't always sense and hear me," he says, holding his head in his hands.

"What's wrong?"  I ask him, not liking the expression on his face.

"Don't worry about me," he replies, getting up and rubbing his head like there was still a wound there.

A Strange Cave on the Outskirts of Town

Brian's POV

What the hell is going on and where the hell am I?  The last thing I can fully remember is being at a club last night with some girl.  My head is pounding something wicked and I don't understand why.  I've had hangovers in the past, but nothing like this.  Why aren't there any lights on around here?  What in the world is that God awful smell?  Smells like something from the sewer and it's close to me, like it's right under my nose or something.

"Hello Cousin," I hear somewhere around me.  "How are you feeling?"

"Kev is that you?"  I ask, not being able to see anyone.  "It's too dark in here, I can't see."

"Let me provide some light," the person says as I hear the sound of a match striking and the strange smell of the fire as the room is lit up with a candle.  "How is that Cousin?"

"Oh good, it is you Kev.  Why are you calling me Cousin?  That sounds so corny man," I tell him as he sits down next to me and places his hand on my leg.

"You are my cousin Brian," he tells me, looking at me closely.  "How are you feeling?"

"I feel way hung over," I tell him, rubbing my temples as his hand crept a little bit further up my leg.  "Kev what are you doing?"

"Making sure you're okay Cousin," he tells me, moving closer to me as he leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

"No Kev, don't...don't do that," I tell him, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him closer to me.

What the hell was I doing?  I'm wrapping my arms around Kevin as he kissed me.  This is totally wrong, but I so want to do this with him.  I don't know what has come over me.  I know what I'm doing with Kev is wrong, but I want...need this, I need to feel him.  I want him...

"I need to feel you," he says to me as though he had read my mind.

" did you know what I was thinking?"  I ask him, pulling back as he smiled evilly at me and started kissing my neck.  "Mmmm, I love that."

"I know you do Cousin," he says, letting his hand slide down to my balls, massaging me there as I moaned.

"Oh God Kev, I can't describe what I'm feeling right now," I tell him, spreading my legs wider as he played with my balls more and moved towards my ass.  "Oh God, I'm so hot right now..."

"I know you are Cousin," he tells me, somewhat hovering above me as though he was flying or floating.  "I know what it is you want."

"What is it that I want Kev?"  I ask him as he lowered himself down on top of me, pushing my legs wider and lifting them up over his shoulders.

"You want me to make love to you," he tells me as he kisses me again and I felt him enter a place no one has ever been before.

"Oh God!"  I screamed out, closing my eyes to the pain that overtook me at that very moment.  "Stop Kev!  It hurts!  It hurts like a muthafucker!"

"Your pain will soon become pleasure," he tells me, kissing my neck again, this time biting me as he thrust into me again.  "I love you Cousin."

"Oh God...this is so wonderful," I say out, breathing hard and fast as he moves in and out of me ever so slowly.  "You feel so good in me.  I've never felt something like this before."

"You feel good around me," he tells me, kissing me again.  "I love you Cousin.  I would never do anything to hurt you."

"I know Kev," I tell him, feeling this strange feeling rush through me.

"You feel it too?"  He asks me, rubbing my legs gently as he made love to me.  "You need to feed Cousin.  You need to replenish your energy."

"Feed?  What do you mean feed?"  I ask him as he leans down to me, placing his neck in front of my face.

On instinct, I grabbed the side of his face and attacked his neck.  I didn't know what was coming over me; I just felt I needed to do that to continue living.  As he was enjoying fucking me, I was enjoying the meal he was feeding me.  I didn't know what all this meant, but I knew at that moment that I would forever be immoral because I was enjoying the feel of my cousin's dick buried in my ass.  I don't care what anyone has to say, I love him more now than I ever did and I want to be able to feel him within me until the day I die.

"That will never happen Cousin, we're immortal now.  You'll never die," he tells me as he pulled away from my sucking mouth.

"No!  I need more...I need more!"  I shout at him as he shakes his head, pulls his dick out of me and stands over me.

"You've had enough for now," he tells me, pulling me up to him as I tried to get my breathing under control.  "We'll need to find you someone to feed you."

"You can feed me Kev," I tell him, licking at the blood on his neck.  "Please Kev, I need more."

"You've had enough," he tells me as a strange feeling took over me and I slapped him.

"Give me more damnit!  I need more!"  I scream at him as he shook his head and held me back from him.

"No Cousin, you need to rest now.  It's almost sunrise, we need to sleep," he tells me as he pulls me further into the room we were in.  "I promise you, once it's time, we'll have fun feeding later."

"You better keep your word Kev," I tell him as he pushed this rock like thing in front of the opening and we were once again in the dark.

A Few Miles from the Cave

Nick's POV

I've been walking for a while now and I still haven't seen any sign of other people.  Where the hell could I be right not?  It's almost daylight, but I have no clue of where I am or what direction I need to go.  Walking past a tree that looks familiar, I finally believe that I've been walking around in circles.  Leaning up against the tree, I close my eyes and start crying.  I wish Justin was here with me so I wouldn't be so scared right now.  I need him so badly right now.  Please Justy, if you hear me, help me find you...

`I hear you Nicky,' I hear Justin's voice around me.

"Justin?  Where are you?  I can't see you..."  I say aloud, looking around, moving around in a circle trying to find him.

`Calm down Nicky, don't get upset,' I hear him say as I'm still trying to find him.

"I can't calm down, I'm scared Justin...I need help...I need you," I say as a ghost-like image of Justin appeared before.  "What the hell!"

`Nicky calm down, you're okay right now,' I hear him say as the ghost thing came closer to me.  `Give me your hand and let me guide you.'

"Guide me where?"  I ask him as he smiles at me and from his ghost-like touch, I can feel his love radiating for me.

`Guide you to me my love,' I hear as I start walking through the woods again.

The Witches' Five Home

Justin's POV

Thank God, it's a miracle I've finally found him.  After listening to the things Josh and that JT guy were saying, I decided to give it a try to just try and talk to him like I have been for the last few times that we talked.  I'd been sitting here in silence listening for his voice and I finally heard him.  Doing what Josh told me, I did my best to focus my thoughts and I was able to appear in front of him.  I'm sure that him seeing me like that scared the hell out of him, but feeling me, my love for him, that calmed him down.

We talked while he walked and he told me he had been walking for what seemed like hours.  He waited for Jeremiah and Nadya to leave him and once he was free to escape, he took advantage of that and ran away.  Thank God for allowing the sun to rise again for another day I say.

He's now traveling down one of the main highways back into town with a trucker and will be within reach of the others soon.  Josh told me as soon as he was away from the woods and a considerable distance out of reach of Jeremiah's range of communication, then they would bring him here to me.  If you ask me, I think this stuff is still crazy and scary, but my best friend Josh assured me that we're the good guys.  I have to believe that since it's been revealed that I'm one of them and I have powers just like they do.  It's hard to figure me as a super hero, as if.

"Is he within range?"  I ask, walking over to Wade who was sitting down on the sofa next to Josh and JT.

"So far we don't know.  It's your job to tell us when he's back in town," the JT guy tells me as I close my eyes again to search for Nicky.

"He's downtown now.  The trucker just let him out and he's standing in front of a grocery store called Albertson's all alone and scared.  Can you guys get him now?"  I ask, opening my eyes again as Josh, JT, Wade and I disappeared.

Downtown Orlando


Here we are again, back downtown trying to find someone.  >From what Josh and Justin are telling me, it's the blonde haired guy from the other night that we captured the first time we used our powers.  I'm a little bit skeptical about this small mission.  It's strong that we're going to get this guy and bring him back to our home.  If it's true what Justin said about him being with Jeremiah and some other vampires for the last couple of days, then nine times out of ten, he's a fucking bloodsucker waiting to attack us.  I've seen the movies and shit.  He's either a vampire or a vampire lackey.  He can't just escape from the HViC (Head Vampire in Charge) and not be a vampire.  I think Justin is letting his love for Nick trick us into revealing ourselves.  I'm not buying the line that Jeremiah wasn't able to turn him.  I believe this is a trick to draw us out.

"You do realize I can hear you too," Justin says, glaring at me.

"No one told you to be eavesdropping on my thoughts Justin," I said, giving him the finger as Josh, smacked my arm.

`Baby behave,' Josh mentally says to me as I frown and turn my attention back to things at hand.

`There he is guys.  Wade do you sense any danger around us?"  I ask, getting into position to appear next to Nick and grab him quickly so that Wade could teleport us in a hurry.

"No I'm not sensing anything out of the ordinary, but that doesn't mean trouble couldn't be nearby," Wade says as Justin takes a breath.

"I'll go get him, you stay here with Josh and be ready to help if something happens," Justin says as me and Josh looked at him.  "Oh stop that.  Just get ready."

With that, Justin was gone and standing next to the guy.  Exchanging a few words with the young man, Justin took his hand and the two of them started walking towards us.  As they walked over to us, our surroundings started to change and it was getting dark around us.

"Something's going down!"  I shout, grabbing Josh and moving quickly as a black woman and a white guy stood in front of us.

"Lou!"  Josh screamed, holding my hand and pulling me back.  "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Sorry, wrong answer Joshua," the ugly grotesque man says as his body started to shift form and he looked like someone totally different and hot.

"What the hell is going on?"  I ask as Wade ran up behind us.

"No!  Jeremiah!"  Wade screams, grabbing my hand and Josh's.  "Come on guys we have to go!"

"What about Jus..."  I ask as the man smiled and knocked Josh and Wade down.  "What the hell is going on?"

"I take it you're the newly created witches to defend this realm from me!"  The man identified as Jeremiah shouts, trying to punch and grab for me.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I say, running from the man.

"Why are you running?  I can sense the power radiating through your body.  You're a witch!"  Jeremiah screams as he hits me, causing me to fall to the ground.

"Don't try that again!"  I shout at him as he smiles and punches me again.

"This is too easy," Jeremiah says, grabbing for me again as the Nick guy and Justin disappears.

"Not on your life mister!  I'm never easy!"  I shout at him, getting up off the ground and standing up bold before him, scared as hell as I was.  "Alpha!  Witches' Assault!"

I don't know what came over me, but at the sound of my name and those words, a strange magical force expelled itself from me and attacked Jeremiah.  Knocking him down, I looked over to Wade and he smiled at me.  Giving me the thumbs up, I jumped into the air, landing directly on top of Jeremiah and started punching him.  When he regained his ground, he disappeared from under me and appeared behind me, punching me and knocking me to the ground.

"Do you really think you were going to best me?"  Jeremiah asked as I turned around and got up again.  "You're a weakling.  You don't compare to the others in the past. They were stronger, they had kick."

"I'm stronger!  I have kick!"  I shouted at him, running and jumping into the air to nail him with a flying kick to the side of the head.

`Use your power to attack him again,' I hear Wade's voice in my head.

Smiling, Josh and Justin ran over to me while Wade and Nick watched from behind trash dumpster.  I looked at Josh, kissed him quickly and closed my eyes as knowledge from the past filled me and I knew of other ways to use my power.

"Alpha!  Night's Revenge!"  I scream as Jeremiah was surrounded in a black colored cloudlike fog that he couldn't see through.

Flying over to where Jeremiah was fighting against invisible hands and feet, me, Josh and Justin started hitting him as our surroundings started to change again and the sunlight was able to shine through in our area.

"No!  No!  The sunlight!"  Jeremiah screamed as I grabbed at his arm, pulling him more into the light as his arm broke off and disintegrated.  "I'll get you for this miscreant, mark my words!  You haven't heard the last of Jeremiah Rage!"

"Yeah whatever man," I say as he and the black woman disappeared.

"Baby I think we did it," Josh tells me as he wrapped his arms around me and the sunlight rained down on us.  "Cool how you kicked his butt."

"It was cool baby," I say as we kissed and Justin walked over to Nick, the two staring deeply into the other's eyes.

Watching the two of them together, I didn't know what they were saying, but whatever it was, was enough to cause Justin to pull Nick into his arms and the two shared a very deep and passionate kiss.  Deciding to let them have a moment, we left Wade there to watch over the two as we left to go back home and make up for unneeded sleep.  When we get up later, I'll be sure to remind Julie of her noisy sex games and hopefully she'll not do it again and remember to have some consideration for her fellow roommates.


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