"Get Ready...Tonight...Gonna make this a night [love] to remember."  by Shalamar

My Kinda Guy
A Love To Remember
Chapter -- 0
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

New York, NY -- The Soffitel -- Kevin and JT's Room -- Early Tuesday Morning

Kevin's POV

Hot damn!  We did it; we finally did it.  I've waited a long time for something like this to happen with all of us and it happened just like I planned.  So far he doesn't look like he's unhappy with what happened tonight, so maybe that's a sign that he enjoyed it all.  Hell from what I saw him and Justin doing, I am quite sure he enjoyed that.  Hell he put it on Justin like he normally puts it on me.  I just hope this doesn't backfire on me.

"Mr. Richardson what's on your mind?"  He asks, smacking me on the ass as I lean in and turn the shower on.

"Us baby."  I tell him, kissing him, pulling him closer to me.  "I really had fun this morning."

"I had fun too."  He says, kissing me.

"So we are really okay?"  I ask him, wrapping my arms around him.  "This isn't going to break us up or build a wall around us is it?"

"I already told you no Kev.  As long as Nick and Justin are okay with this, I'm okay with this.  As long as no one goes past the boundaries."  He says.

"Well baby I think it's too late for that.  We all heard what Justin said while you two were...were having sex."  I tell him.

"Kevin I know what he said.  He knows what he said.  But I don't believe he loves me the same way he loves Nick.  Nick is Justin's whole world.  I should know this, I have been around the two of them for a long time."  He says to me, looking into my eyes.  "I like Justin, but I don't love him like I love you.  Nick and Justin are our friends that had a fantasy they wanted to live out is all.  I don't think this will go any further than that.  Do you?"

"Honestly I don't know baby.  What happens if it does?  Will we still be okay?  Will we fall apart?"  I ask him.

"No Kevin we won't.  As long as you are okay, I'm okay about this."  He says, stepping into the shower and pulling me in with him.  "Come on in here.  You are my husband, prove it."

"Quite aggressive of you."  I say, kissing him around the neck as the shower spray rain down on us.

1 Hour Later -- A Little Ways Down the Block at I-Hop

"Seems like we walked around forever looking for some place decent to get food.  It looks rather cozy in here."  Justin says, rubbing his hands together to get them warm.

"Well walking is good for you mista."  JT says, smiling at Justin as he rubs Kevin's knee under the table and winks.  "Walking helps makes your legs stronger."

"I know of a lot of other things to make my legs stronger."  Justin replies, looking at JT, then Kevin.  "I think I can name a few of them right now, but I won't."

"That's a good thing.  Don't want anyone finding out any of your secrets."  JT says, emphasizing the word secret.  "Let's get food, I'm starving."

"I bet you are after all you have done."  Justin says, smirking as Nick passed the menus around the table.

"Baby what are you going to get?"  Kevin asks, forgetting to use JT's name.

"I don't know what I want yet KEVIN."  JT says, nudging Kevin in the side.

"Baby...JT okay."  Kevin responds, looking at the menu trying to decide what it is he wants.

"I think I'm going to get the breakfast platter."  Nick says, looking over to Justin.  "Want to share it with me?"

"What's all on it?"  Justin asks, trying to find the item on the menu.  "Does it have bacon or sausages Nicky?"

"It has both Justy."  Nick replies, turning his menu around to show Justin.  "Do you want to share it with me?"

"Sure.  I will just order some extra eggs and grits."  Justin states just as a waitress walks over to the table.

"Good morning gentlemen.  My name is Tanya, I'll be your server this morning.  What will you be having?"  The waitress asks.

"I'll have the `Cajun Omelet' with one biscuit with sausage gravy."  JT answers, sliding the menu to the front of the table.

"I'll have Eggs Benedict."  Kevin says, looking at JT. "What do you want to drink?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot.  I'll have a Café Mocha if you have it."  JT replies.

"We have that sir.  And for you?"  The waitress asks, looking at Kevin.

"I'll just have some coffee please, make it black."  Kevin says, putting the menu down, placing it on top of the other one.

"May I ask you a question?"  Justin asks.

"Sure can handsome."  The waitress replies, looking at Justin closely as Nick watches her out the corner of his eye.

"The breakfast platter, how many does people will that serve?  Can like two people eat off of it?"  Justin asks, watching the woman's expression.

"Sir I am sure that all of you at this table can enjoy the platter."  The waitress says, answering his question.

"That much?  Hmmm, Nicky you sure you want all of that?"  Justin asks, turning to look at Nick.

"Maybe not.  I think I'll have the number two."  Nick replies, pointing at the item for Justin.

"Make that two number twos please."  Justin states, taking Nick's menu and placing them with the others.

"What would you two be having to drink?"  The waitress asks.

"Orange juice for me."  Nick replies.

"Orange juice for me too."  Justin replies as the waitress writes down everything.

"Alright gentlemen.  Your orders will be up shortly."  The waitress states, smiling at Justin and then walking away from the table.

"She was flirting with you Justy."  Nick says, smirking at Justin.  "Only if she knew what we know about you."

"Baby we were outed on MTV News by Damien, believe me baby, she probably already knows."  Justin responds turning his attention to JT and Kevin.

"Baby are you...are you okay?"  Kevin asks, whispering into JT's ear.

"I'm fine Kevin.  Why do you ask?"  JT asks, looking at Kevin strangely.

"Why did you elbow me in the side earlier?"  Kevin asks, leaning closer to JT.

"You called me baby Kevin."  JT answers him.

"And your point being is what JT?"  Kevin asks, looking at his loving husband.

"We are in public Kev.  Your band mates don't need you bringing unneeded media attention into you guys' private lives right now.  Hell Brian has done that enough already."  JT says, looking up to see Nick's eyes on him.  "You guys just started promoting your new album.  You don't need any negative publicity right now."

"I don't care about any of that JT.  You know that already.  I'm not going to hide my feelings from the world for you."  Kevin says, placing his hand on JT's chin, pulling him closer as they kiss.  "Don't you forget that husband of mine."

"I don't want you guys having problems with the fans or the media."  JT replies, looking up in time to see the waitress walking back over to their table carrying three plates.

"Alright gentlemen.  Here's the two number twos and the one Cajun Omelet."  The waitress says placing the plates in front of their owners.  "I'll have your order in just a moment sir."

"Thank you ma'am."  Kevin says, entwining his fingers with JT's.

"You want some Kevin?"  JT asks, forking some of his omelet, holding the food up to Kevin's mouth.  "Be careful it has peppers in it."

"Sure baby."  Kevin says, accepting the food from his husband.  "Mmmmm, that's good.  What else is in there baby?"

"It has grilled onions, jalapeno peppers, spicy Monterey jack cheese, some salsa and spicy chicken."  JT replies, taking a bite of the omelet.

"I should have ordered that."  Kevin says, picking up his fork and taking another bite.

"Hey hey man.  You have to get your own."  JT says, giggling as Kevin pouts.

"Oh stop being mean to your husband and let him have some."  Nick pipes up.

"Excuse me blondie."  JT says, pointing his finger at Nick.  "You take care of Justin over there."

"Hey now handsome.  Be nice to my husband."  Justin says, nudging JT in the side.  "I might get offended and have to take it out on you later."

"Oh please man.  You have taken it out already and showed me everything."  JT says smirking as Justin starts blushing and juice goes flying.

"Now that was funny.  Glad I'm not in front of you.  You look cute when you blush Justin."  JT says, still laughing as Justin picks up a napkin and wipes his mouth.

"Baby don't tease him."  Kevin says, laughing now too.

"Kev he's an easy target and you know it."  JT says, leaning closer to Justin's ear.  "I'll make it up to you later handsome."

"I bet you will."  Justin gulps, taking another sip of his juice.

"Finally my food is here."  Kevin says as the waitress places his meal in front of him.

"Okay gentlemen is there anything else you need?"  The waitress asks, pulling her pad out of her apron pocket.

"No ma'am.  We are fine for right now."  Nick answers her.

"Alright then.  Just get my attention if you need anything else."  The waitress says, smiling and then walking away.

"She's still flirting with you Justy."  Nick says, laying his hand on Justin's leg.

Back at the Hotel -- Nikki and Howie's Room

Howie's POV

I don't know what made me start to wake up, but something is pressing me to open my eyes. I realized with a sinking heart just what it is that's tugged at my conscience so, dragging me out of a pretty sound sleep. Nikki is lying next to me in bed, moaning helplessly as she battles whatever demons her visit with Michael has managed to unleash. She's whimpering now, trying to fight her way free of the darkness, but I know from experience that she won't be able to do that without at least one other person there to guide her.

As I become more fully aware of my surroundings and open my eyes, I'm surprised, and aroused, at the sight that greets me. Nikki is lying on her side, the strap of her gown is down around her upper arm, revealing most of her upper body but that's only a part of what's gotten my attention. Joey's on the other side of her, one hand resting on his belly, the other one reaching for Nikki, like he knows she needs him. As I watch him, I can see now just how sexy he is even with the beard obscuring his full, kissable lips. It amazes me now when I think of him just how much I want him. He makes me feel safe when we're together and I know that he'd never do anything to hurt me. The fact that we both love the same woman and could possibly end up loving each other just takes my breath away.

"Please... no Michael... I'm sorry," Nikki mumbles, wincing and twitching as she tries to evade whatever that sick fuck is doing to her. "Please... stop... my baby... no!"

"Nikki, wake up baby," I say urgently, taking her in my arms and rubbing her back. "Come on mija, open your eyes for me."

"Noooooo... I'm sorry!" she cries over and over again, fighting to wake up now. She opens her eyes and she looks at me, but her gaze is unfocused as she begins to fight to get free. "Michael, you're hurting me!"

"Nikki?" Joey says, awake but still disoriented. When he sees me struggling to keep her from hurting herself, he's awake instantly. "What's wrong with her?"

"She's having one of the nightmares," I replied, grunting as I try to keep her from hurting one of us. Joey moves up behind her, wrapping his arms around her, pinning her arms to her body.

"Come on Nicole... you gotta wake up babe," he whispers in her ear, kissing her softly.

Suddenly her body goes completely limp as her eyes begin to flutter, opening again slowly. She looks around in confusion for a moment trying to get her bearings as I nod at Joey over her shoulder. He releases her, moving away reluctantly as she finally seems to wake up completely. While I'm grateful that Joe could wake her up so easily, it upsets me that I usually have to struggle to do it. But I guess that's just a part of their history... and their love for one another.

"D?" she whispers uncertainly, her eyes filling with tears as she moves into my arms, hugging me so tight it almost hurts. "He... he said he was gonna hurt my babies again."

"Shhhhhh... it's okay mija," I whispered, caressing her back reassuringly with one hand as I motion Joe closer with the other one. "I'd kill that bastard before I'd let him hurt you or our sons again."

"Kick, he can't hurt you anymore," Joey whispered softly, his arms snaking around her from behind again. Nikki stiffened involuntarily, probably flashing back to her nightmare, before she relaxed into him. "We would never let him hurt you sweets. You have to believe that."

"But the dreams..." she began but I stopped her.

"They're just that baby... dreams," I said firmly, kissing her tenderly at first, but when she began to respond, I couldn't help deepening it. I wanted to touch her, to bury myself inside her until Michael Valente was nothing more than a dream, easily forgotten in the light of day.

I reached out to touch her exposed skin, trailing my fingers over her arms and chest. When her breath hitched for just a split second, I knew in spite of the fear, she was becoming aroused by my touch. That's one of the things I love most about her, how the slightest touch can send her into orbit. I bring my mouth back to hers, fusing us together as my fingers continue to skate over her, until my hand touches Joe's and I pull away, leaving her looking incredibly sexy with her lips all swollen from our kisses.

"I'll leave you guys alone now," he says, trying to untangle himself from her but Nikki whimpers, grabbing and holding his hands.

"No," she says firmly, looking at me. I smile and nod; encouraging her to do what I know is in her mind. She turns without breaking the embrace he has her in, cupping his face in her hands.

"I need both of you to help me forget," she tells him, her voice husky and seductive as she sucks his earlobe. "I want you to make love to me until I forget Michael exists."

"Fuck!" Joey groans, kissing her with a savage passion I have only seen glimpses of until now, and I get hard as steel watching the two of them. I would never have thought I'd be this into watching my wife have sex with another man, but now I want to bury myself inside her and fuck her so long and hard she goes hoarse from screaming like a banshee. But then something changes between them, and the kiss becomes gentle, like the kind lovers would give each other. This is what I love to see, the love they share tempering the passion I know they feel for each other.

Nikki's hand gropes blindly for me as the kiss changes, becoming urgent and fevered again. I grab her hand and she pulls me flush against her back, grinding her ass into me. I know she wants me to fuck her but I want to watch Joey with her first. I move my hips back, grinning when she moans in frustration as Joey breaks their kiss too, moving out of her reach.

"Okay, somebody had better be getting ready to fuck me like now!" she snaps, kneeling in the middle of the bed and shedding her gown which she tosses aside and looks from me to Joe with a hungry and horny look in her eyes. "How are we gonna do this?"

"Joe first," I say immediately. They both look at me in surprise, Nikki's tempered with just a bit of amusement. "I want to watch you two make love."

"Are you sure D?" Joe asks, looking uncertain but sporting a dick hard enough to cut glass. "I don't wanna come between you two. We don't have to..."

"Tony hush," Nikki says, watching me intensely. Her smile begins to spread, but she still makes no move to go toward Joey, but instead comes over to me, her hand caressing my hard-on through my pajama bottoms. "You sure D?"

"Shit... yes... cut that out," I gasp, moving her hand away from me as she grinned impishly. I motion Joey over, turning her to face him and lean down to whisper into her ear. "Is this what you wanted querida? Both of us touching you and making you feel like this."

"Yes," she sighed as Joey came up to her, cupping her breasts and foundling her nipples. Her eyes fluttered closed and she relaxed against me, her moan loud in the suddenly silent room as her hands came up, tugging impatiently at Joe's shirt to get it over his head. He broke the kiss, but only long enough to snatch the offending garment over his head, as he came right back to her lips, kissing her until she was writhing helplessly against me.

They came up for air again and Nikki's head fell back onto my shoulder as Joe began to kiss down her neck. She squirmed and giggled when he hit her hot spot, but didn't really move to try to break contact with his lips. He moved down, suckling her breasts until she was practically begging him to fuck her, but he wasn't done with her yet. He looked up at me and then looked pointedly at the bed, indicating he wanted her lying down. I eased her onto the bed, our kisses teasing, breaking when I removed my own shirt and pajamas. Joe knelt on the opposite side of the bed watching us with a smile, but then he lay down on top of her, nudging my face until we were locked in a heated kiss as Nikki watched and caressed both of our faces.

Nikki's POV

I watched the two men I love kissing each other, and I must admit, it's nice. I never thought D would trust another man the way he does Tony, so it makes me happy to see him opening himself up to the possibility of loving someone as gentle as Tony. But at the same time, I'm feeling just a tad bit left out here, and since I'm all horned up now thanks to these two, I've decided to redirect their combined attention to my problem at hand in the least painful way possible.

"Hey... what about me?" I whine, pouting pitifully up at them. They break apart with a laugh, each kissing me until I can't help but to grin again.

Tony began to work his way back down my body, picking up right where he left off, tonguing my nipples until they stood at rigid, almost painful attention, and I was drowning in my own juices. Now I'm whining again, but it's for an entirely different reason. I almost jump out of my skin when his tongue delves into my belly button, and my infamous potty mouth starts working overtime. D thinks it's funny when I curse like a sailor when we're making love, but it also makes him fuck me like he hates me. It's always been one of Tony's turn-ons, and it seems to still be the case as he works me over, readying me for what is coming next.

Even though I knew it was coming I was still unprepared when he unleashed that oh so talented tongue on my already over stimulated clit. D watched my face in fascination, his eyes never leaving mine as I tried to keep my eyes from rolling as wave after wave of pleasure glided through me. D leaned into me, whispering dirty things in my ear that had my mind and body going out of control. When Tony's teeth grazed my clit I almost screamed, fisting the sheets. I can't take much more, but Tony has always been a total headhunter where I'm concerned.

"Is it good mija?" D asked breathlessly, his eyes glittering dangerously. I nod, gasping as Tony hits a particularly sensitive spot again.

"D... shit... T-T-Tony... fuck... yes!" I babbled, tangling my fingers in Tony's hair as he hooks his arms around my thighs, holding me fast in case I try to make a run for it. I think I'd forgotten just how much my boo loves eating my pussy, but I'm getting a hellified refresher course in How Anthony Gives Head 101.

"Fuck! D... he's gonna... I need," I said, trailing off as the first shockwave hits somewhere near my tailbone. I pull D's face down to mine, muffling my screams as the waves keep rolling since Tony shows no signs of letting up.

Finally when I can't take it anymore, I drag him up by his ears, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss that's flavored with me. D pulls us apart, kissing Tony and tasting me on his lips and tongue. I relax against the bed, sated for the moment but now I want to feel Tony inside me. It's been over a year since we made love the last time and now I'm feenin' him like a junkie denied a fix for too long. I can see in his eyes that he's feeling it too, so I hurry to open the drawer on the bedside table, pulling out the condoms and lube. Tony has never been one for a lot of preliminaries when we've been apart for a long time, so I know sucking him off is not necessary right now.

I tore the package open, my eyes on him as I take him in my hand and stroke once, twice, before preparing the condom for him to use. I lean up to kiss him, milking him as I slide the condom down over his leaking cock. I push him onto his back, straddling his thighs. Our lips met again as I feel D push me up, grabbing Tony's cock and applying the lube to it and then guiding me down onto him. I gasped as I felt him slip inside me, the fit snug as always as I adjust to him again.

Tony gripped my hips, rocking me against him. I couldn't help the moan that escaped as I began to move on my own. D watched us together; his eyes filled with so much love it made me want to cry, but even as I felt my eyes burning I could feel the pleasure Tony caused with every thrust of his hips up into me. My thoughts turned to him and I looked down, smiling at him then leaning down to tease his lips with my tongue. As good as this was, I was yearning for something that D and I had done on several occasions, but had stopped because we wanted to save it for something special. 

"D... I want... oh fuck... you too," I gasped out as I stopped moving on top of Tony, milking him with my muscles and causing his eyes to roll.

"Are you sure?" he whispered in my ear, his breath tickling me. I looked at him, my eyes bright with need.

"Y-yes... damn... I'm... fuck... sure," I replied as he got off the bed in search of another condom and I began to fuck Tony hard and fast.

"Shit girl... you gonna make me cum!" he panted, pulling me down into a roughly passionate kiss.

"Take it!" I snapped, increasing the force of my thrusts, meeting him as we fuck each other with an almost wild abandon.

He gripped my hip with one hand, slapping my ass with a resounding smack with the other, his passion raging out of control until I thought I was going blind. That's something else I missed about him. The way our passion for each other burns so fucking hot that we practically kill each other when we're together after a long separation, but fuck what a way to go.

D crawls back up on the bed with us, positioning himself between Tony's legs and watching us go at it. A stranger seeing us go at it would think we hated each other because of the way we're fucking, but nothing could be farther from the truth. We're just very, very horny for each other... always have been, always will be. But my mind comes back to the present as D pours lube into his hand, lubing up his own condom-covered cock, preparing himself to enter me.

When I slow down, Tony looks up at me in curiosity, until I lean to the side so he can see D behind me. He looks up at me, his face questioning as D stops my movement completely so he can lube my puckered hole. I grunt when the lube touches me, frowning at Howie over my shoulder.

"Sorry querida," he says apologetically, kissing my shoulder as he slips a lube-covered finger inside me, loosening me up. Soon that finger is joined by another slick digit and I'm grinding back into those probing fingers, anxious to have both of them inside me.

"I'm ready," I say impatiently as D finally removes his fingers and moves up behind me, kissing my shoulder as he guided himself to my opening.

"Relax baby," Tony says softly when I lay down flat on top of him. I flinched as D began pushing into me, my body fighting him involuntarily. I'd be lying if I said that shit didn't hurt at first, but once he's buried completely inside me, he stops and allows my body to adjust to this new sensation, and oh my FUCK is it good.

It took a few stops and starts, but suddenly they were in perfect harmony with each other and I'm almost passing out because it's so good. I could feel my body clamping down on them, and that increased the friction they were both feeling... and the pace they had set became more frantic. I know I'm about to scream cause my orgasm is ripping through me at somewhere close to the speed of sound. My moans were fervent, loud and demanding more, which they willingly gave. D's voice in my ear was husky with need and breathless with anticipation of release, and Tony was fucking me faster and harder, his look of intense concentration one I'm very familiar with. I'm holding back though, trying to get as much pleasure out of this as I can, but I know I can't hold out much longer... and so do they.

"Cum for us!" D whispered as Tony reached between us and played with my clit until my body arched and I locked down on both of them, my orgasm starting in my tailbone and racing outward for a second time.

Tony pulled me down and kissed me, muffling both our screams as he came right after me. D managed to thrust two more times before he erupted, his mouth buried in my shoulder as he filled the condom he was wearing. I collapsed on top of Tony, relaxing as D pulled out and discarded the used condom. I wanted to move, but my entire body felt like Jell-O, so D had to help me off of Tony so he could clean up too. I lay on the bed between them, a grin playing around the corners of my lips. I brushed my sweaty hair back, grinning at Tony as he leaned over to kiss me again.

"Was I as good as you remembered?" I asked Tony softly, turning to kiss Howie as he spooned into my back.

"Yes you were," he replied, kissing me then D. "Hell, I don't think it's ever been that good between us. Since when have you been into anal?"

"Since Howie likes to do it sometimes," I replied, stretching like a cat full of cream. "Damn, my legs are sore already. I think I need to take a shower or something. It's getting pretty late anyway and Joshy will be up soon. Might as well get started with my day. Either of you gonna join me?"

"I'll be there in a minute," Tony said, kissing me as I climbed over him to get out of bed.

My legs felt like lead as I slowly made my way to the bathroom, but hell, I just got fucked royally, so it's no surprise I'm all wobbly like a newborn foal. I start the bath, slipping back out into the bedroom, but stopping when I see my two men whispering to each other. Tony smiles and the two of them share a passionate kiss before he gets up to come join me. He takes me again in the shower, up against the wall while D watches and then they switch places. By the time we're done, it's almost eight o'clock, so Tony goes back to his room to change clothes, leaving me alone with my husband.

"D, are you okay with what happened?" I ask, slipping my arms around him from behind as he looks out on the New York skyline. He turns in my arms, kissing me until I'm melting against him again.

"I love you Nicole Dorough," he says softly, his eyes peaceful. "And no, I don't have a problem with this."

"Cool," I whisper, yawning as Joshy looks up at me from his crib just as Joey knocked and came back inside. He stopped by the baby's bed, picking him up and kissing his cheeks. I stand safe in the circle of D's arms, happy but for the fact that CJ is not here with us right now. I'm about to say something when there's a knock at the door, followed by JT calling for us to come into the living room.

An Hour Earlier -- Back at the Hotel -- The Main Suite

"So do you have any regrets about what's going on Nick?"  JT asks, taking a sip of his café mocha.

"Well at first I did."  Nick replies, not meeting JT's eyes.  "I got scared about all of this.  After thinking about it all, I started to think maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

"Oh?"  JT replies, looking over to Nick.  "You sound like a mistake was made."

"Well not actually a mistake, just an oversight."  Nick states, getting up and walking over to the balcony.  "I love him JT I really do, but I like Kevin too, hell I even like you more than married people are supposed to."

"Nick what are you trying to say here?"  JT asks, getting up and walking over to where Nick was standing.

"I'm saying that maybe we jumped into this too quickly.   I know this was supposed to be a fantasy thing, but I don't know if I can let go.  I have always loved Kevin and I have always loved Justin from afar.  Now that I have Justin, I think I might fuck it all up."  Nick explains, looking through the doors at Justin and Kevin standing outside.  "I'll give my life for Justin.  I love him with ever fiber of my being."

"I feel a but in there somewhere."  JT says, lifting Nick's chin.

"But I like you and Kevin too.  I feel after what we've done already it's going to fuck us all up."  Nick replies hugging JT.  "Is this the end for us?"

"No Nick it's not.  I felt the same way you are feeling now.  When Kevin told me about this a while ago, I really thought he was joking around.  We were sitting up one night, that night he left you guys in Seattle early...

Start Flashback

"Good morning handsome."  Kevin said as he walked into the bedroom.

"Baby you're home!"  JT exclaimed, rolling over in bed and then sitting up.  "I thought you guys were not getting back into town until later on tomorrow?"

"I finished up everything that management had set up for me. So after I was done, I took an earlier flight back here.  I just had to get back here to my handsome husband."  Kevin said, taking his clothes off, getting into bed and then placing a kiss to JT's lips.

"I'm glad you are here.  I was starting to get lonely Kev."  JT said, wrapping his arms around Kevin.

"I'm glad I'm home too.  Every time I closed my eyes on the plane I saw you baby."  Kevin said, kissing JT again.  "What do you have to do today?"

"Well I have to go to this boring meeting, called by Johnny to discuss the fundamentals of having too many security workers."  JT stated, sitting up.  "One of these days that man is going to get on my last nerve.  Friend or not, Johnny expects too much from me with the little resources he allots to the security department."

"Well baby don't worry about it.  You can always quit."  Kevin said, kissing JT again.  "I can support both of us."

"Oh yeah that's what I really need.  Like I want to hear Brian complain that you are taking care of me.  I can pull my own weight thank you very much."  JT stated, turning over and picking up the remote control.  "I'm wired now.  It's TV watching time."

"Oh yeah?  Why don't we put that energy of yours to use."  Kevin stated, taking the remote control from JT, getting up and getting out of bed, looking for something in the nightstand.

"What are you looking for Kev?"  JT asked.

"I had something here I wanted to see.  I picked it up in Houston the week before last and thought it would be good for us."  Kevin said, still ruffling the things around in the drawer.

"Okay was it a DVD of some kind?"  JT asked, getting up.

"Yeah it was baby."  Kevin said, stopping his actions.  "So you've seen it already?"

"Well not actually.  I did take it and put it out with the other movies."  JT answered, getting up and walking towards the door.

"What?  No baby.  That movie isn't meant to be out there with the others."  Kevin says.  "Oh God.  How long has it been out there?"

"Since last week when I found it.  Why Kev?"  JT asked.

"It's gay porn baby.  Have the kids been over since you moved it?"  Kevin asked, walking to the living room behind JT.

"No, why?"  JT asked, getting upset a little bit now.  "Is something going on Kevin?"

"Well let's just say that's not the sort of thing you want them to see."  Kevin expressed as he opened the DVD cabinet and located the movie.  "Here it is baby."

"That movie Kev?  The cover looks harmless.  Just looking at it doesn't show that it's a porn man."  JT said, taking the movie from Kevin.  "With a title like `Summer Fun' and four guys on the front holding a sign doesn't look like something harsh."

"I'll show you how harsh it is."  Kevin said, taking JT's hand and walking back into the bedroom.  "Let's watch."

"Kevin it's almost four in the morning."  JT said, looking at the clock beside the bed.  "Don't you think it's a little bit too early in the morning for porn?"

"No baby I don't."  Kevin said, inserting the DVD and pressing play.  "Come on."

"My perverted husband."  JT said, laughing as he got back into bed and laid down next to Kevin.

"Whatever baby.  Call me what you want.  I like sex."  Kevin stated, kissing JT and then pulling the covers over the two of them.  "I think I need to fast forward through some of this.  The good stuff is in the middle of the movie."

"What is it you are trying to see Kevin?"  JT asked.

"That."  Kevin spoke, pointing at the screen to show JT the scene.

"Damn baby.  Oh shit.  Are they all fucking at the same time?"  JT asked.

"Yeah baby."  Kevin answered, placing his hand on JT's chest as the two of them watched the scene unfolding in front of them on the TV.

"Do you like that sort of thing?"  JT asked, looking at the glazed over look in Kevin's eyes.

"Yeah baby.  I like to see stuff like that."  Kevin answered him, not taking his eyes off the guys on the TV.

"Kevin are you interested in doing that sort of thing?"  JT asked him.

"I would like to one day, but..."  Kevin trailed off, turning to look at JT.

"But you married me and never got the chance to do it?"  JT asked him.

"No it's not that.  It's just...I...I never found anyone else that I was interested in doing that kind of stuff with.  I didn't have anyone before that I could trust to do something like that with."  Kevin stated, a frown on his face.

"Oh."  JT stated blankly.

"Just `oh' baby?  Why say it like that?"  Kevin asked.

"Well I don't know what to say."  JT answered him.  "This is all new to me."

"You're joking right.  You've never seen nothing like this before?"  Kevin asked, turning around to face JT completely. "Well?"

"No Kevin I haven't.  Will and Josh are the only two guys I've been in a serious relationship with.  None of us watched porn."  JT replied, looking at Kevin in the eye now.

"I'm shocked baby.  Everyone watches porn."  Kevin said, running his hand under the covers and massaging JT's crotch.  "Porn is good for learning new sex tricks."

"Oh really.  What kind of sex tricks?"  JT asked.

"Well why don't we watch and see."  Kevin stated, wrapping his other arm around JT's shoulder and turning his attention back to the movie.

"Kevin we do this all the time handsome.  The only thing different is there are two other people."  JT stated, looking at Kevin.  "Are you trying to tell me something baby?"

"Well no...not really."  Kevin responded, not meeting JT's eyes.

"Kevin...Kevin I know that look."  JT said, caressing Kevin's face.  "Baby look at me."

"I'm looking."  Kevin stated, looking up at JT.

"Did you buy this movie to show me...show me what it is you want to do with someone else?"  JT asked.

"No baby, not anyone else, you."  Kevin spoke up, hugging JT.  "I love you JT and always will.  You are the only person for me."

"I might be the only person for you, but that doesn't solve the problem here Kevin."  JT stated, grabbing the remote and stopping the movie from playing.  "What is it Kevin?  Do you have a fantasy about this sort of thing?"

"Well yeah I do baby.  But it's only a fantasy."  Kevin answered him.

"Who stars in the fantasy Kevin?"  JT asked.

"Baby can we not talk about this right now?  I would rather we just go to sleep now."  Kevin stated, pulling the covers back over them and turning over.

"Kevin don't shut me out like this!"  JT shouted, shaking Kevin in the bed.  "Tell me who stars in this fantasy of yours?"

"Alright baby alright."  Kevin said, turning back around.  "There's you, me, Nick and Craig."

"Craig?  Craig Anderson?"  JT asked, looking at Kevin with a shocked expression.

"Yeah him."  Kevin answered, looking away.

"Craig is straight Kev."  JT stated.

"So what baby.  He's still hot."  Kevin stated as JT leaned in and kissed him.

"So my husband thinks my brother-in-law is hot."  JT stated, smirking.  "Lydia would have a field day if she knew what was going through your mind."

"Don't tell her baby.  I don't want her kicking my ass again."  Kevin said, smiling as he and JT kissed again.

"I don't want her to hurt you, I won't say anything."  JT stated, sitting back up again.  "So you have a thing for Nick too huh?"

"What?"  Kevin asked.

"Nick Carter Kevin.  You named me, you, Nick and Craig.  I'm assuming the Nick is Nick Carter."  JT stated as Kevin starts blushing.

"Yeah him too."  Kevin stated, not meeting JT's eyes again.

"So you have a thing for your band mate too.  This is getting good."  JT stated.

"Well I had a crush on him baby.  But it's not like it was.  You are my everything baby."  Kevin stated, kissing JT.

"Good answer baby."  JT stated as he and Kevin started kissing again.

End Flashback

"So I was right.  He did have a crush on me."  Nick says, looking through the balcony door again.

"Well yeah, I think he still does."  JT replies, looking through the doors too.  "But that's all alright with me as long as we have boundaries."

"Boundaries?"  Nick asks, turning to look JT in the face again.

"Yes Nick boundaries."  JT states, leaning in and kissing Nick on the cheek.  "As long as we are all okay with this.  Things should work out fine."

"True dat."  Nick says, kissing JT on the cheek.

"How do you feel about this Nick?"  JT asks, looking at the young man in front of him.

"I agree with you JT.  I just hope this doesn't end badly for us.  I love Justin and when I heard him say he loved you, that really scared me."  Nick explains, laying his head on JT's shoulder.  "I don't want to lose him to you or any other man."

"I love Kevin and I don't want to lose him to any other man either.  That's why I was concerned about all of this.  But he assured me that it's all pure fun between friends.  We are all friends here aren't we?"  JT asks, lifting nick's chin and placing a kiss to his lips.

"Yes we're friends JT.  Why would you ask a thing like that?"  Nick asks.

"We are friends Nick.  We wouldn't let this thing cause problems for us.  Our friendship will keep things working right."  JT replies.

"Are you sure of that JT?"  Nick asks.

"Yeah I'm sure of that Nick."  JT answers him.

"Okay JT.  I'm holding you to that."  Nick says, looking at JT in the eye.  "I have always loved Kevin.  I was too shy and scared to ever do anything with him.  When he came out to us, I never acted on my feelings because I was scared to.  Then things turned upside down when I met Justin.  I had conflicted feelings, but my heart and soul chose Justin.  I will always love him, just like you will always love Kevin.  So again, I hope this doesn't hurt our respected lovers."

"I am quite sure it won't hurt Kevin or Justin one bit."  JT replies watching Kevin and Justin kiss out on the balcony.

"I guess it won't."  Nick says, seeing the same thing JT did.  "Well looks like those two are having fun.  Why aren't we?"

"Why aren't we?"  JT asks, pulling Nick back over to the sofa.  "They are having fun Nick, we should be too."

"You have a point."  Nick replies, wrapping his arms around JT's neck and starts kissing him.

"I can still taste the pancake and syrup on your lips."  JT says, licking his lips and moving in to kiss Nick again.

"Well I hope you liked that."  Nick says as Justin and Kevin walk into the room, holding hands and walking towards his and Justin's room.  "Looks like they are going to get into trouble."

"Probably so.  Why don't we stay out here and let them be."  JT says, kissing Nick again.

In Nick and Justin's Room

Justin's POV

Just as I had done this morning with JT, I was doing the same thing to his husband Kevin.  I licked my way past his towering flesh of sexual power to that low hanging ball sack.  Kevin must have be really hot and bothered by now.  Precum is flowing from the tip of his dick like it was a fucking faucet.  I continued licking my way up and down his shaft, generously covering it with my spit so that I can be prepared for what's to come later.

Not wanting to end this too quickly, I move off of his dick and move down his leg, slowly kissing down until I get to his knee.  Stopping, I look up to see that he has closed his eyes, and had started licking his lips.  When he noticed that my mouth was no longer on him, he opened his eyes and sat up in bed.  Leaning down, I let me lips graze over his leg again and he closes his eyes and moans.

"You like that Kev?"  I ask him.

"Yeah I do."  He says, reaching for me as I smack his hand out of the way.

"No Kev, you are not allowed to touch me until I tell you to.  Don't make me go get your husband's handcuffs and cuff you to the bed."  I tell him, shaking my finger at him as he puts his hands above his head again.  "Thanks Kev."

"I really want to teach you Justin."   He says, almost whining.

"You can teach me when I am ready for you to touch me, not before then."  I tell him as I lean down and let my mouth touch his leg again and I start massaging his cock with my hand.

I move down to his feet where I begin to massage them with my hands and lips, kissing and rubbing them as I continued to move from each one.  Looking up again, I see his hands moving back and forth like he wanted to move them to me again.  Crawling back up the bed and kissing him, I capture his hands in my own, letting my ass hover above his hips, his cock right under my ass.

"I was trying to make the moment last longer, but I see you can be just as impatient as I can.  So I am going to give in Kev."  I tell him, sitting down on his crotch now, his dick at my entrance, begging to get in.

"Damn Justin I want you, I want you bad."  Kevin moans, struggling with me to move his hands.

I looked down between the two of us to see that his dick was getting bigger and the head was turning red, like it was about to explode or something.  I had never seen a dick like this before, a dick that looked so angry, dark and wet free flowing cum like this.  The faucet I was talking about earlier had turned into a small stream in our bed.  If I didn't know any better, I would have thought Kevin pissed the bed or something..

"Am I making you hot?" I coyly ask him.  "Do you want me Kevin?"

"You know I do Justin."  He says as I reach over to the nightstand, grab the condom I had sat out earlier and open it.  "Please stop teasing me."

I slid back on his legs, teasing him a little bit more as I went.  Bringing my face level with his dick, I couldn't believe me eyes.  Am I going to be able to take all of him?  He looks bigger than JT does.  This is going to hurt.  I stroked his dick with my hand for effect and then rolled the condom down his shaft as he starts to moan.

"I want you Justin.  I want you bad."  He moans, his hand settling on my leg.

"It's not everyday that I see a dick like this.  You might have to give me a few minutes."  I tell him, actually scared to take that thing on.

"Please," he moaned.

I closed my eyes and started praying to myself.  Please God; I don't want this to be the dick that does me in forever.  Please let this be painless.  I said over and over to myself as I maneuvered myself over his bulging erection.  Stopping, I reach for the lube bottle.  Opening the bottle, I let the liquid flow over his condom covered dick like it was the ending of a waterfall.  Stroking his dick with my hand again, I make sure he's slick enough for me.  Getting in position again, I sit down slowly as I can feel his dick prying my ass open.  Oh God, Oh God!

"Shit shit shit!"  I shout, probably alerting everyone in the suite.

"What's wrong Justin?"  He asks me.

"You're too big.  I can't take you."  I tell him as he places his hands on my hips.

"Go slow Justin."  He says, as he leans up and kisses me on the lips.

Wrapping his arms around me, still kissing me, the pain starts to lesson, but hell it still hurts.  After a few minutes had passed, I began my descent down his love pole.  My ass is now stretched wide open, that I am quite sure I can take him, JT and Nick at the same time now.  I am still sliding down his dick when he stops me from moving.  He's breathing heavy now, like he's out of breath or something.  Leaning up again, he kisses me and nips at my neck.  Letting me go, he lays back down on the bed and I continue my descent down his dick again.  Before we could even get a good rhythm going, Kev sits up in bed quickly and looks at me.

"Kevin are you okay man?"  I ask him.

"I'M CUMMMMMMIN!"  He shouts, holding on to me now as he starts shaking.

"Well damn."  I say, just as he falls back on the bed.

There he lay in bed panting, and heaving after what I must consider the shortest sex session I have ever had with anyone.  Getting ready to get off of him, he grabs me and stops me from moving.

"Not yet Justin."  He says, as someone starts knocking on the door.

15 Minutes Previously -- The Main Suite Room


Sitting here with Nick has been somewhat magical in a way.  For the last few hours, we've sat here and done nothing but talk and kiss.  It's like Nick has opened up to me more now than he has in the past few months that I've known him.  I know one thing though, get him talking and it's hard to shut the white boy up.

"...and you know how that went down.  I just wish we could...they must be having a good time in there."  Nick says as we both hear Kevin scream.  "He probably woke up everyone in here."

"Probably so Nick."  I say just as my cell phone starts ringing.  "Excuse me.  Hello?"

"Mr. Richardson, Officer John Patrick here.  I think there's a break in the case.  Someone has spotted a gentlemen with a baby matching Mrs. Dorough's missing baby's description."  Officer Patrick says as I stand up, looking around the room.

"JT what's wrong?"  Nick asks me, standing up too as I Shhhh him.

"Who is the man?  Is it Michael Valente?  Where is he?"  I ask him, walking around the sofa and grabbing my jacket, looking through it, trying to find my fact sheet.

"The man is currently at the Soffitel Hotel..."  Officer Patrick states as I cut him off.

"Wait a minute!  We're staying in the Soffitel.  What floor is this guy on?"  JT asks, walking towards Nikki and Howie's door.

"We don't know that right now.  He was spotted last night there and he hasn't left yet."  Officer Patrick states, as I knock on the door.  "Is he under surveillance as we speak right now?"

"Yes he is.  He's currently in the hotel lounge, but the baby is nowhere in sight.  We figure the baby is in a room somewhere in the hotel since we've had all exits covered."  Officer Patrick explains as I knock on the door again.

"Nikki!  Howie!"  I shout, beating on the door louder now.  "Come out, we got an update!"

"What's going on JT?"  Nick asks me as I walk over to his and Justin's room door and bang on it.

"The baby is here in they building."  I say to him, walking in the room to see Kevin and Justin sitting up in bed.  "I banged on the door for a reason.  We have to go find Nikki's baby."

"Where is the baby JT?"  Justin asks, getting out of bed, glaring at Kevin like he wanted to smack him.

"Somewhere in the building.  Come on chop chop."  I say, pulling the door closed and walking back into the main room to see Nikki, Howie and Joey standing there watching me.  "Officer Patrick should we start looking around in the hotel?"

"No need for that Mr. Richardson.  We've taken the guy into custody.  He has told us where the baby is and I've sent someone to go verify that the child is there."  Officer Patrick says, as someone knocks on the door.

"Someone answer the door.  Go on Officer Patrick, what is our next move then?"  I ask him.

"The next move is for us to arrest all parties involved Mr. Richardson."  Officer Patrick states as I turn around to see Michael sitting in the doorway with a gun in his hand.

"What the hell are you doing here?"  I ask him, walking over to where he was sitting in his wheelchair.  "You have no reason to be here!"

"Mr. Richardson what's going on?  What's currently happening?"  Officer Patrick asks as the line goes dead.

"I asked you a question Michael!  What the hell are you doing here?"  I ask as Nikki walks over to him with her fist balled up.

"Where the hell is my baby Michael!  I know you have something to do with this damnit!  You might have lied around your mother, but I...we know the real you!"  Nikki shouts, struggling with Howie and Joey to get free of their hold on her.  "Let me fucking go!  I know he has my baby, I just know!"

"Mija calm down."  Howie whispers to his wife.  "Let JT do his job."

"I want my baby damnit!"  Nikki shouts, pulling away from Howie and Joey, pushing both men away form her as she runs over to Michael and grabs him.  "Where is my CJ?"

"What makes you think I have him bitch?"  Michael asks, just as Kevin and Justin walk into the room.

"Why did Steve try to take my babies?"  Nikki asks him, slapping him across the face.  "Answer me that damnit!"

"I don't know what you are talking about Nikki.  I have nothing to do with any of that.  I have been in Liberty Springs recuperating remember?"  Michael asks, trying to answer her, pushing her away from him.

"Don't touch her you filthy bastard!"  Howie screams as Craig, Officer Patrick and some other police officers rush into the room.

"Is everything okay in here?  Mr. Richardson?  Mr. Dorough?"  Officer Patrick asks as his walkie talkie starts beeping.  "Go head."

"We have the baby, over."  We all heard throughout the room.

"I want my baby!  Where's my baby?"  Nikki asks, crying now as Howie holds her in his arms.

"Are you en route?"  Officer Patrick asks into the walkie talkie.

"We're en route to the hospital.  There are heavy signs of neglect.  The baby needs medical attention."  The officer speaks through the device.

"Oh God nooooo!"  Nikki screams as Joey wraps his arms around her too.

"What hospital?"  I ask, looking at Officer Patrick.

"Bellevue Hospital."  He replies looking at me then Nikki.

"You guys get on to the hospital, Craig take Mr. Valente here and follow me."  I say, walking over to Kevin and kissing him passionately before turning around and walking towards the door.  "I'll join you guys at the hospital.  Make sure you guys stay with them.  Come on Craig."

"Baby what're you doing?"  Kevin asks, walking over to me, a touch of fear in his eyes.

"I'm going to do my job."  I answer him as I grab my handcuffs and slap them on Michael's wrist and take his gun away.

"I hope you rot in fucking hell Michael Valente!"  Nikki shouts, crying in Howie's arms still.

Down in the Hotel Security Room

"So why are you here Michael?"  JT asks, sitting down in front of Michael.  "Did you come here to meet the person that stole Nikki's baby?"

"Man why you fucking with me?  I already told you that I didn't have nothing to do with that shit."  Michael says, slamming his fist down on the table as JT stands up.  "Yeah you better get up bitch."

"Look here Michael...I'm at my wits end already and I'm not in the fucking mood to put up with your fucking shit!"  JT says, shouting at Michael, grabbing him around the neck as Craig jumped across the table trying to stop him.  "Get back!  Now what did you just call me you fucking twat!?!"

"I called you a fucking bitch!"  Michael shouts as JT slaps him in the face.  "What the fuck!"

"Okay.  I'll ask yo' skanky ass again, what the hell are you doing here Michael?"  JT asks, as a security guard walks into the room.  "Answer me Michael!"

"I don't have to tell you shit.  If you can't take my first answer, then you shit out of luck."  Michael states, pushing away from the table as JT tries to grab for him and the security guard holds him back.

"Boy don't make me put this size thirteen up your ass!"  JT shouts, struggling with Craig and the security guard.

"JT just calm down.  Let the police handle him."  Craig says as Michael rolls back to the table.

"Fine, I'll tell you just to shut your fucking mouth.  I don't have time for this fucking shit.  I have other things to do with my fucking time."  Michael states, looking at JT as Craig lets him go.

"Tell me why you took Nikki's baby.  Why did you do that to her?  I know you hate her, but why have someone take another man's child?  Those babies are not years, they are Joey's.  I don't understand why you wanted those babies.  Did you really think that taking the babies would bring you to Joey or bring him to you?"  JT asks, waiting on Michael's explanation.

"I told you man I had nothing to do with that damn shit, but I know who did.  Maybe you need to talk..."  Michael states, but never got to finish his last words as the security guard pulls out his gun and shoots Michael point blank in the chest.  "Shit!"

"What the fuck!"  JT shouts, turning around to see who the man was.  "Simon?"

"Simon?"  Craig asks, leaning over Michael, assessing his wound.  "I thought he was arrested."

"I was arrested, but I'm out now.  I'm going to get the babies and you freaks can't stop me.."  Simon states, shooting the light in the room, bathing the room and complete darkness as he escapes, leaving JT, Craig and a dead Michael Valente.

45 Minutes Later -- Bellevue Hospital

"Move out the way damnit!  I need to find my baby!"  Nikki shouts, pushing past the hospital security guard.

"Mrs. Dorough, please calm down."  The guard says, stepping back as Nikki glares at him.

"My baby is somewhere in this damn hospital and you're going to tell me to fucking calm down!  Get outta my damn way!"  Nikki shouts, as Howie, Joey and JT look at her as she pushes the guard out of her way and keeps walking.

"Mr. Richardson we can't have her going off half-cocked in the hospital like that.  Nothing's going to happen to the baby here," Officer Patrick states as he walks down the hall with JT.

"Officer she hasn't seen her child in several days.  She just needs to make sure he's okay," JT says, as they all reach the Nurse's Station of the Pediatrics Ward.

"Look I'm Nicole Dorough and I want to see my baby," Nikki says speaking with the nurse at the desk.  "His name is Joseph Christian Fatone."

"I'm sorry ma'am that's not possible," the nurse says, stepping back from the desk, looking at the expression on Nikki's face.

"Would you mind running that past me again?"  Nikki asks, grabbing the woman by the collar of her uniform and almost pulling her over the counter.

"Nikki stop," JT says, walking up besides her, placing his hand on her shoulder.  "Let the nurse go."

"She's baby blocking JT! I want my baby and she's saying it's impossible," Nikki says, falling into his arms.  "I just want my son!"

"I know you do darlin, but you gotta let the doctors do what they need to first," JT says, looking at the nurse as she backs away from the counter and heads down the hall.  "I'm sure the doctor will be along any moment now."

"Mr. Richardson, Mrs. Dorough.  Do either of you know this man?"  Officer Patrick asks, walking over to us with Brian in tow.

"Brian?  What are you doing here?"  Nikki asks, struggling with JT.

"This gentlemen was found with the other gentlemen and the baby," Officer Patrick answers as Brian steps away from Nikki's clawing hands.

"Nikki stop!"  JT says, trying to hold her back.

"I'm not going to stop!  That little bitch had something to do with this!  He was helping Michael and Steve!"  Nikki says, stopping her struggle as she turns around and pushes JT and then jumps over and grabs Brian.  "Why did you do it huh?  You wanted to cause problems in my fucking life so bad that you had to help my worst enemy take my child from me?  You hated me so much that you could do that to a little baby?"

"Get this bitch off of me!"  Brian screams, as Officer Patrick, JT and Howie try to get her off of him.

"Nikki stop!  You're going to hurt yourself and..." Howie states, trying to remove her hands from Brian's neck.  "Baby please...think about the little ones."

"I'm going to jail today!  I'mma kill his ass for this!  He thought I beat his ass before, I'm going to kill him now!"  Nikki shouts, tears streaming down her face as she holds on to Brian's neck as he gagged.

"Baby please, stop this!" Howie begs, trying to stop Nikki, but she refuses to let go of Brian as he continues to gasp for air.

"Nikki stop this!  You're killing him!"  JT shouts, struggling with Nikki as Officer Patrick pulls out his taser.

"She best stop now or I'm going to stun her," Officer Patrick states calmly as Nikki stops thrashing, not letting Brian go as she turns to Officer Patrick.

"If you're going to do something to me, then do it damn it! He had something to do with kidnapping my child and I'm going to make him pay!"  Nikki shouts, punching Brian in the chest as hard as she could, just as JT grabs her, pulls her towards the door.  "Fucking bitch!"

"Nikki you have to stop this.  You're hindering work from getting done here," JT says, earning a slap from Nikki.

"You stop!  I want my son and I want my son now!"  Nikki shouts, pulling away from JT and walking down the hall that the nurse had gone.  "Who's in charge here?"

"I'm in charge madam," says a tall, distinguished Black man, stepping into the hallway. He came forward, extending a hand. "My name is Dr Caleb Tyler, and I'm in charge of your son's care."

"I'm Nicole Dorough... this is my husband Howie, and our friend JT Richardson," Nikki said by way of introduction. "Now please, take me to my baby."

"First we need to discuss Joseph's condition. Let's have a seat over here," Dr Tyler said evenly, indicating a row of chairs behind them. Once everybody was seated, he turned to Nikki and Howie, his expression somber. "Joseph has experienced some harsh treatment since he's been gone. I think you need to be prepared for that."

"Just tell us what's wrong with our son Doctor... we can take it," Howie said softly, his arm firmly around his wife's shoulders.

Dr Tyler looked from one to the other of them, his gaze lingering on an obviously distraught Nikki. "Well, whoever had him has not been feeding him or changing his diaper properly, so he's malnourished and he has a pretty severe case of diaper rash. He's severely traumatized, so he hasn't stopped crying since the Detectives brought him in."

"What else?" Nikki asked abruptly, her eyes narrowing.

"Baby, just let him talk," Howie said, his voice low but authoritative. Nikki frowned, but remained silent as the Doctor continued.

"You son was also sedated with a pretty large dose of Seconal to keep him quiet while he was bein transported from place to place, so he had some trouble breathing when he first came in—but we managed to counteract the effects of the drugs, so he should be completely fine in a day or two," Dr Tyler stated, his expression neutral.

"Oh my poor baby," Nikki whispered, covering her mouth as she cried for the pain her son had suffered at the hands of whoever had stolen him.

"When can we take him home?" Howie asked, squeezing Nikki's hand as she leaned on his shoulder.

"Well, we'd like to keep him overnight for observation, but he can probably go home with you tomorrow," the doctor replied, standing and walking over to a room where a child could be heard crying. He held the door open, smiling gently at Nikki. "Would you like to see your son now?"

"Yes... please!" she exclaimed, standing and following him into the dimly lit room.

CJ lay in a hospital crib hooked to several IV's and monitors. As soon as he saw Nikki walk into the room, he pulled himself up by the bars, his arms reaching for her, his eyes wide with fear as he began to cry, pleading with his mother to hold him. Nikki hurried to him, picking him up and cradling him close to her, raining kisses on him as she cried.

"Oh my baby! Mommy and both your daddy's missed you so much!" she said over and over as she held her son tight. She was so absorbed in him that she didn't hear Howie walk into the room until he slipped an arm around her, kissing the baby too.

"Hey my big boy," he said softly, kissing his wife's cheek as he held both of them close, his eyes misting over as CJ held his finger in a death grip. "I told Mommy you'd be back with us real soon. Mommy and Pop and I are never going to let you out of our sight ever again. I love you so much little man."

"Can we stay with him tonight?" Nikki asked the doctor who stood in the doorway, silently witnessing the happy reunion, her eyes never leaving her now sleeping son.

"Sure you can," Dr. Tyler replied, picking up the in house phone next to him and dialing. "I'll leave word with the nurses' at the desk that you're here, and that you'll be staying the night with him."

"Thank you doctor," Howie said, holding out a hand. Dr. Tyler shook it, smiling down at CJ in his mother's arms.

"Just buzz the nurse if you need anything," he said as he left to go check on his other patients.

30 Minutes Later -- Out in the Waiting Area

Kevin's POV

Something's bothering JT, I can see it in his eyes.  I don't know what it is, but he's not telling use something.  I wonder does it have anything to do with what happened back at the hotel with me and Justin.  Could he possibly know what happened or what didn't happen with us?  That was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me like that.  I don't know why that happened.  Here he comes, I wonder what it is that has him so tense.

"Baby come here for a moment."  I say, waving him over to me.

"What's up Kev.  Anything wrong?"  He asks me.

"I was just about to ask you that very same thing.  I know you baby and I know you're hiding something.  What is it baby?  What is it that you're not telling us?"  I ask him as Nick and Justin come over and sit down across from us.

"Not now Kevin."  He says, not looking up at me.

"Baby please..."  I say as he interrupts me.  "What's bothering you baby?  Is it something that Michael did?"

"Michael's dead."  He says, getting up from his seat.

"He's dead?"  I ask him as Nick and Justin look at him too.

"Yeah he's dead."  He says, turning around.

"Whoa.  How did he die?  Did you kill him?"  Nick asks, looking at JT closely.

"NO, I didn't kill him."  JT says, glaring at Nick.  "Simon killed him and swore that he was coming after Nikki's babies again."

"What?  Oh no!"  Justin exclaims, standing up.  "Nikki's been through too much, she doesn't need to deal with that bozo again.  Why didn't you stop him?"

"He shot Michael and then shot the lights so that we were in the dark.  Neither Craig nor I was able to see him.  Before he ran off, he said he was coming to get Nikki's babies and that we couldn't stop him.  He ran from the room afterwards and we called for police to come handle the scene with Michael.  Craig and me left the room and looked around the hotel for any signs of Simon, but we didn't find any.  Me, Craig and the other real security guys looked around for him around here, but we were not able to find him still."  He explains, turning towards me as I could see the tears in his eyes.

"Shhhh baby.  Don't cry baby."  I tell him, wrapping my arms around him.  "I have faith in you, Craig and the police.  They will find Simon and stop him before he gets another chance to take her babies."

"I hope you're right."  He says, sniffling as Craig and Lydia walks around the corner to join us.

"Hi guys."  Lydia says, walking over to JT and me.  "Bro I don't like that look.  What's going on?"

"So I guess that means you haven't told her Craig."  JT says, sitting back down again.  "Simon got out of jail and he swore to get Nikki's babies."

"What?  Oh no!"  Lydia exclaims, sitting down in front of JT.

"And Michael's dead too."  JT tells her as she looks on as though that bit of information didn't matter.

"I just don't believe this.  Has anyone told Joey his brother is dead yet?"  Justin asks, turning to look at JT and me with tears in his eyes.

"Not yet.  This just happened a lil bit ago.  We've been here since then.  Where is Joey anyway?"  JT asks, looking at us for that bit of information.

"I haven't seen him since...since you got here.  He was here, but he ah...well I think he left or something after the doctor told you all what was wrong."  Nick states, pointing at Lydia.

"Well he's been gone for a bit then."  JT says, looking at me.  "Kev why don't we go for a walk or something.  I just need to get out of here."

"Cool man, why don't the four of us go get something to eat and relax our minds."  I propose, pulling him up out of the chair.

"That sounds good to me."  Justin says, standing up, helping Nick up as well.

"Craig you stay here with Nikki and Howie and keep an eye on them very closely.  If anything happens regardless of what it is, I want to know about it.  If you see Simon cap his ass."  JT says, kissing his sister on the cheek and pulling me towards the exit.

Down The Street -- A Block from the Hospital

"So I guess you two had fun earlier?"  JT asks, sitting down on a bench in the park, patting Justin on the leg.

"Kev do you want to answer that?"  Justin asks, glaring at Kevin.

"Ohkay Kev what did you do?"  JT asks, turning to look at Kevin as he took a bite of his sandwich.  "Why is Justin looking at you like that?  Did you hurt him?"

"I don't think I hurt him, I might have pissed him off a little bit."  Kevin replies, taking a swig of his drink.

"A little bit?  A little bit?  Kevin that's enough to piss me off a whole lot."  Justin says, standing up now as JT and Nick look at him strangely.

"Justin?"  Nick asks.

"You want to know what he did?"  Justin asks, turning to face JT, getting next to Kevin.  "Let me tell you what happened.  We were in bed, when I saw his dick I was kinda scared to do anything because I was scared that it was going to really really hurt.  So after sucking and stroking him, I lube him up and prepare myself to let him in.  I'm sliding down on him, silently praying and freaking out that his monster was going to open me up some more.  When I'm all the way down on him, he cums and it's all over with."

"Aw hell naw.  Kevin you went off like a 357 Magnum in the hands of a crackhead."  JT says, laughing.

"Baby I...I..."   Kevin says in his defense as JT interrupts him.

"You was excited and couldn't contain it?"  JT asks, still laughing.

"I'm gonna get you for that baby."  Kevin says, frowning.

"No you're not Kev.  If you can't get Justin, you surely can't get me."  JT says, falling over on the bench in Nick's lap still laughing.

"It's not funny baby.  I...I...oh fuck it."  Kevin says, hopping down off the table and walking away from his friends.  "Damn it.  Act like it ain't never happened to them before."

"JT I think you hurt his feelings."  Justin says, sitting down next to JT on the bench.

"I know.  Let me go find him and talk to him."  JT says, getting up from the bench and spotting what looks like Simon.  "You two run!"

"JT what's going on?"  Nick asks, wrapping his arms around Justin as he looks around  as JT pulls out his gun.  "What's going on?"

"Simon's here.  You two get back to the hospital now."  JT says, pulling out his cell phone.  "This is JT Richardson, I've spotted him in the park one block from the hospital.  I need back up."

"Oh God there he is!"  Justin shouts, pulling Nick back the other way.  "We got to help him and Kevin."

"You heard what he said.  We need to get back to the hospital.  We don't need to get in his way."  Nick says, pulling Justin to him.  "We need to do what he says and go to the hospital."

"Simon stop!"  JT shouts, his gun out in front of him.

"I told you that you were not going to stop me!"  Simon shouts, running behind a tree.  "You can't stop me."

"I'm going to stop you Simon.  I'm not going to let you take Nikki's babies from her and cause her more pain.  I won't damnit!"  JT shouts as Simon fires at him and he fires back.

"Stupid fuck!"  Simon shouts firing again, getting JT in the arm.

"Oh God!"  Justin screams out.

"Justin!  I said go to the hospital!  Go!"  JT shouts as Simon fires again, getting him in the chest just as Craig shows up and shooting Simon in the back putting him down.

"JT!  JT are you okay?"  Craig calls out, running over to where JT was.

"No!  Baby no!"  Kevin shouts, running over to JT's body lying on the ground.  "Not again!"

"Oh no, JT's been shot."  Nick says, stopping as Justin turns around.

"He's been shot?  No!  No!  JT!"  Justin shouts, struggling with Nick to get over to where JT and Kevin were.

"No Justin we can't...we can't go over there."  Nick says, trying to hold Justin in his arms.

"No Nick, NO!  He's been shot!"  Justin shouts, tears streaming down his face.  "Oh God, please don't let him be dead."

"JT!  JT!  Baby say something to me!  I'm so sorry I got mad, please say something...please."  Kevin says, laying his head on JT's chest as he cries.



I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.