"Get Ready...Tonight...Gonna make this a night [love] to remember." by Shalamar

My Kinda Guy
A Love To Remember
Chapter -- 11
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

Jan 28, 2005 -- Albany, NY -- The KITT Foundation


This is starting to be one of those high-strung Fridays for the three of us. Instead of us waiting until next week to go back to New York with the rest of the tour, we're here today to try and see what's going to happen with our adoption paperwork. Like clockwork, Kevin opted for the three of us to take a side trip to New York while the other guys ride along to Washington for the next show. I don't know why he's in such a hurry to get this taken care of, it's not like they're going to give us a child and send us away that easily, there's too much red tape to go through first.

I know we're all a little bit edgy and Ann is starting to get on my nerves. I know she means well and all, but she can say some fucked up shit at times. I know mother-in-laws like to meddle and dip into the lives of their children, but I'm not the one to sit idly by and watch her create drama and then step back like she didn't fucking do anything. The other day when we told her that we were adopting a child, she told us that it was totally our decision on what child we would pick. After reading the compatibility reports of the children we had picked, she basically scratched off the three kids that I thought would be a nice fit with us. After asking her what was wrong with the kids I picked, she told me she didn't think I had an idea of what kind of child me and Kevin should raise. Instead of going off on her, I just walked out of the room and let Kevin deal with here. Lawd knows I'm glad that I'm not stuck with her twenty-four seven or I would have to commit suicide or something.

"Baby are you okay?" Kevin asks as we walk into the KITT Foundation building. "You look like you're lost. Should I send a search party into your head to get you out?"

"Oh ha ha ha Kev, don't get beat down in front of everyone," I say as he smiles at me.

"You can beat my meat when we get back to the house tonight," Kevin says as Ann's eyes went wide.

"Kevin watch your mouth, your mother is with us." I tell him as she looks down and shakes her head.

"Oh JT you act like I don't know what you two be doing in the bedroom. I've read some stories online about gay celebrities and stuff." Ann told me as I look at her strange.

"You've read some stories about gay celebrities?" I ask her.

"Yeah I have JT. You can find all kinds of stories on the Internet," she tells me as I look up Kevin. "They call it slash fiction. I've read some funny stuff online."

"Such as what Ann?" I ask her.

"There's this story called `If I Ain't Got You'. I think the story was inspired by that singer you two hosted a party for last year. The story is really good, it's about this handicapped guy married to Mark Wahlberg, the guy from that movie `Fear' and also the story has Kevin in it married to a woman named Angela Sebastian, but before marrying her, he was dating JC. After I found that story, I got drawn into it. It's like it's this real story being played out..."

"Oh God, people are writing stories about me. That's like the fantasies of the Internet I bet." Kevin tells her as he wraps his arms around me. "I'm gay and this is my husband. No Angela Sebastian is going to get me and JC ain't either."

"Okay that's just strange. I'll have to look into that one day when I have nothing better to do," I say as the elevator dings on our floor. "Oh well this is it."

"Yeah it is," Ann says, looking at the two of us. "You two go on in and I'll just wait around out here."

"No mom, we want you to help us with this," Kevin tells her.

"No son, this is totally a decision for you two to make. I can't help you two with that." Ann tells him as I open the door to the office and takes Kevin's hand.

3 Hours Later

Kevin's POV

After all of that talking, I'm surprised that they okayed all the paperwork and said that we were fit to be parents. When I heard that, I literally jumped up for joy and spun JT around as though he weighed nothing. I'm so happy right now; my dream is finally coming true. Now that all of the legalities are out of the way, we're talking with the social worker that has been assigned to us to oversee our case. From what he says, its required that he see us with the child or children twice a month for the first six months and that he also has the right to make surprise visits to us to see how we're adjusting to family life. It all seems normally to me, it's not like we have something to hide or anything. I'm sure JT feels the same way I do about that matter.

"So do you two have a child in mind?" Eric Foster, the social worker that has been assigned to us asks.

"Yes sir," I say, pulling out the compatibility folder for the little Asian boy named Jaken that me and JT had chosen the first night we read through the folders and hands it to Eric. "We're interested in Jaken."

"Ah Jaken Cho is a wonderful kid. Would you two like to go see him now?" Eric asked us.

"Sure we would," I say as JT smiles at me and we all get up to walk out of Eric's office.

Orlando, FL -- Wright Entertainment

"Johnny turn to channel four quick! I think there's something on "Access Hollywood" you would want to see," Shelia, Johnny Wright's assistant says as she burst into his office.

"What's wrong Shelia?" Johnny asks her.

"Just turn there now..." Shelia tells him as Johnny turns on the television to see that the report has already started.

...During the Christmas holidays, The Backstreet Boys and «N Sync had a good time in a hotel in New York City. Sources say that while the guys were staying in The Soffitel in New York they had a wild party that destroyed some furniture in one of the bedroom suites. We contacted the hotel employees for confirmation of what happened, but they refused to release the names of which members of the teeny bopper band members that were responsible for the damage. All we have are these pictures of a broken bed, holes in the walls and what looks stains on the walls and floors..." Nancy O'Dell reports as they go show the pictures again and move on to the next story.

"Oh my God, what the hell did they do in that damn hotel?" Johnny asks as he gets on the phone and starts dialing numbers.

Later on in Washington, DC -- The Essence Hotel -- After Lunch

Nick's POV

Things are going somewhat okay for us that we've arrived in Washington. This is like the fourth stop of the last eight of this tour so we're doing good, now that we're back on schedule. Now that Kevin and JT went back to New York with Ann, I'm really bored. When the two of them were here with me, I didn't miss Justin so much, now that they're gone, all I can do is think about whether or not he's getting groped by Faith Evans or not.

I know I shouldn't be jealous of her like I am, but I'm married to one of the hottest men that ever lived. It's like every man and woman wish they had what I have with Justin Timberlake-Carter. I know he loves me and all, but I sometimes feel like I'm competing with the world for his love, affection and time. I know I shouldn't feel that way, but I guess this is the price way pay for being popular celebrities. It's a strange thing my jealousy, I really don't know why I act that way, I have nothing to worry about, Justin loves me and only me. The way things have been happening over the last few months, I best shape up or he might get upset with me again and would really want to leave me.

"Why don't I give him a call and see what he's up to," I say, pulling my cell phone out and pressing the speed dial number to call him.

"Hey, you got Justin's phone, who's calling?" I heard some unknown voice ask.

"Who are you?" I ask the person.

"I asked you first," the person says, as I get a little bit annoyed at the line of questioning as I hear the phone changing hands and a throat being cleared.

"Hi baby, how are you doing?" Justin asks me as I start to smile.

"I'm doing good honey, how are things going with you?" I ask him.

"Things are really going well. We've gotten a lot of work taken care of and we're almost done. With all the work we've done, I should be able to meet up with you guys really soon." He tells me as I know my smile got brighter.

"Really? That sounds good; I can hardly wait to see you, I miss you so much baby," I say as I lean back against the sofa. "So who was that on the phone?"

"Oh that was Usher babe, he's still helping us with some tracks," he says as D walks out into the main room with Nikki and the kids following him. "So are you guys in Washington yet?"

"Yeah we got here about an hour ago baby. We're getting ready to head over to the Nissan Pavilion to do a walk through and then we're all going out for some sight seeing." I tell him, smiling at little CJ as he waves at me and moves back behind Nikki, still shy around other people.

"That sounds cool baby, sounds like a wonderful idea for D and Nikki to take the kids for an outing. Be sure to keep security with you guys and you do what you can to keep your eyes open for anything suspicious. We don't need a repeat of the holidays." Justin tells me as I frown about what happened during the Christmas holidays. "So baby, how are things really going with you and the guys? Are you and Kevin still getting along? You haven't gotten into any fights with Brian again have you?"

"Things with Kevin are okay baby. We're getting along just fine; you don't have to worry about me and him. Brian on the other hand is a different story altogether baby. I don't care if he ever changes his ways again, he's done too much crap for me to ever forgive him." I tell him as I can hear the frustration in his sigh.

"Baby you work with him and he was your best friend. I remember a time when no one could separate you from Brian's side. I know you miss hanging out with him," he says as I shake my head.

"I might miss the things we use to do, but I can never trust Brian again and you know that. He's done too much shit to people, hell he's done too much shit to me. I'm not putting myself in the position to get hurt again." I tell him.

"I guess I can understand your logic on that, but you have to forgive people some time." He tells me as I run my fingers through my hair.

"Maybe one day, but not anytime soon," I say, smiling as Nikki walks back into the room. "Nikki and CJ are here. You want to speak to them real quick?"

"Sure baby, why not." He tells me as I wave her over and hand her the phone.

"It's Justin. I'm going to wash up, I'll be back in a minute," I say as I get up and head for my room.

"Hey Nikki what's up girl? How are you and the kids doing?" I could hear Justin ask her as I smile at her.

"Hey honey bun, me and the kids are doing good. How are you doing?" Nikki asks him as I close the door to my room.

"I can't wait for us to have kids of our own. That's the only thing that's missing from our perfect relationship," I say grabbing a washcloth to wash my face.

Back in Albany, NY -- The KITT Foundation


After visiting with the other kids we had compatibility folders on, we're now heading to see Jaken Cho, the little boy we chose to be our son. Ann seems to be going on with the flow, but for some reason, I don't think she wants us to pick Jaken. Somehow sensing her wishes, Kevin suggested to Eric that we see all the kids available to us before we made a decision. After the four of us sat with the ten little boys, we still had our minds set on Jaken. (go figure lady) This is it I guess, we're about to embark on a new journey I guess. All that's left now is rather or not Jaken really likes us. I hope he does, this will be the third time we've seen him and I'm sure we could all be the little family that Kevin sees in his heart. Yeah I know that sounds kind of corny, but I'm scared as hell of this, I don't know how to be a daddy, I'm only good at being the best uncle to give candy, money and gifts.

This day is really scary to me in a small way because me and Lydie didn't have a dad around when we were growing up. All we had was a crazy momma, our grandma and that was all until we got put into foster care after grandma died. I guess you can say I don't really know if I could trust myself to not screw up since I really don't know how a real father should act. When I say this is all new and exhilarating, that's what I mean. I can honestly say I've never done this or anything like it before. I'm about to be someone's parent and I don't know if I'll be good at doing it. This isn't like me being good at being a cop, a security agent or a special bodyguard, I can do those things, I've never been a parent before. Will I be good at that or will I be a fuck up? Who knows, only God and whatever other omniscient presence up there in the heavens can answer that one.

Oh God we've stopped walking, so I guess we're at the room where he is right now. I guess this is it; this will be the final answers of all answers of kids. Will he want to be with us?

"Hi Jaken, I have some people here that would very much like to see you again." Eric told the little boy that was sitting next to another little boy playing with ©Star Wars action figures. "I have the Richardsons here. Would you like to see them again?"

"Hi Mista Ewic, I guess I can, day cool wit me," Jaken says as he turned around to see me, Kevin and Ann standing there. "Hey Kevin and JT."

"Hi kid, how are things going with you?" Kevin asks him as he kneels down in front of the little boy and shakes his hand.

"Things good. Did you come adopt me?" Jaken asks, looking up to me and then looking strangely at Ann.

"Do you want us to adopt you Jaken?" I asked him, kneeling down next to him.

"Yes, but me can't go with you," Jaken says as I look at him, fear and shock evident on my face as I look over to Kevin and then over at Eric.

"Why can't we adopt you Jaken?" Kevin asks him, fear and shock apparent on his face too.

"You can, but me would be sad. Can't leave buddy Toby behind. He like my brother, can't leave him. He my only friend in world." He told us as I smiled at him and then looked over at Kevin.

"Ah Jaken, why don't you go back over and play with Toby, I need to speak with Mr. Eric for a few minutes." I told the little boy as we all got up.

"Okay JT," Jaken says, walking back over to the table and sitting next to Toby to resume their playing.

"Is there something wrong Mr. Richardson?" Eric asks me.

"Well not really. What's the deal with Toby? Is he able to be adopted?" I ask him. "I don't remember seeing a folder for him."

"He's able to be adopted; I think he didn't appear in your compatibility results are because he's a special needs child..." Eric started to explain as I interrupted him.

"Special needs? What's wrong with him? He looks perfectly fine from here," I say, looking back over at the little boy.

"Well there's nothing physically wrong with him, he just has abandonment issues and when he gets around people he gets really clingy." Eric tells me, looking back at Toby. "That's probably why you didn't see a folder for him."

"Hmmm, I don't see nothing wrong with that. Kevin has that disorder too sometimes," I say as Kevin turns around and smiles at me as Ann starts laughing. "Besides that, what's the back story on him in 100 words or less?"

"Well his mother died after his first birthday, he has no other known living relatives and he's been here since then. He's only been adopted once, but the family that adopted him brought him back because they felt they couldn't deal with him." Eric told us as we watched Toby played.

"That's just wrong," I say as Kevin looks at me and smiles.

"Well that's what happens to kids when the adopted parents get overwhelmed," Eric says as I shake my head.

"Eric, could we talk to Toby too?" I ask him, while looking over at Kevin. "I think we'd be interested in adopting him too since it looks like him and Jaken have a close bond together and I don't think it would be right to rip them apart from each other."

"Ah sure you can, but are you sure you would want a special needs child?" Eric asks me, while trying to gauge my reaction. "A special needs child requires a lot of time and support. Someone needs to be around to show the child that he or she is loved."

"Eric I'm sure we can handle a special needs child. Since I have an office in both homes, I'll always be around to be with the kids, if need be and there will be other adults in the home as well." I tell him as he smiles at me.

"Well if he likes you two, then I don't see why it would be a problem," Eric says as he turns around to look through the glass to see the two little boys still playing. "You two can go back in there and talk to Toby; I'm going to make a phone call to see if I can get Toby added to your file."

"Okay," Kevin says as we walk in to go talk to the little boys together.

Philadelphia, PA -- Pennsylvania Hospital -- The Morgue

"Did she come in with any form of identification?" The medical examiner (ME) asks, looking over the woman's body that had just been brought into the morgue.

"They are still going through the wreckage sir, there were only twelve passengers on that plane that we've counted," the coroner's assistant (CA) says. "The investigators are going through the wreckage now and they are trying to retrieve the information from the black box."

"So they don't know what caused this plane to go down?" The ME asks, unzipping the zipper to the next body bag.

"Bill thinks it was sabotage with the way the plane fell out of the sky, but we don't fully know yet." The CA tells him as the phone rings. "Morgue."

"We've retrieved the flight manifest and were able to find some personal items. I have names for your three bodies down there. The woman is Kelly Baldwin, the black man is Richard Bellson and Todd Jesup is the white guy." The person on the phone states.

"Thanks Bill, we'll tag them as necessary. Call someone in Special Affairs and see if we can get some contact information for our DOAs." The CA told the person.

"Well do. Call me if there's anything else you two need down there," the person says as the phone goes dead.

"Well this lady is Kelly Baldwin, this is Richard Bellson and that's Todd Jesup," the CA told the ME. "They all look so young."

"They're so young. What a terrible way to go," the ME says as he zips the body bag back up.

Orlando, FL -- Pleasant Valley Sanitarium -- Mid Afternoon

Kalin's POV

This is one of those days where you wished you kept your ass home and hadn't come to work. When I got here this morning, I was met with more hostility from JC Chasez-Fatone as usual and other issues with all the people he had crossed wrongly. I don't know why I'm even wasting my time trying to help a person that does nothing but give me his ass to kiss. Mother always said I was too nice for my own good; I should have listened to her ass.

Now that things have somewhat got under control around here I need to talk to Mr. Chasez to find out what is floating around in his head. I don't know what the deal is with Joshua nowadays. Since being here, he's done nothing but bitch and complain about any and everything under the sun. If I was married to him like Mr. Fatone, I wouldn't know how I would be able to deal with that on a daily basis.

"Good afternoon Joshua," I say to him as I walk into the group therapy conference room.

"What do you want?" He asks me as he turns away from me.

"Mr. Chasez your current attitude isn't acceptable here anymore. I'm not going to continue to tolerate it any longer. Either you ship up or I can have you placed in solitary confinement." I tell him as he turns around in his chair to look at me.

"You'll what?!?" He asks, screaming at me.

"You heard what I said Mr. Chasez, your current attitude isn't acceptable here and I won't tolerate it any longer. It's demeaning to me and it distracts the other clients here from getting better with their treatments. I'm not going to allow you to jeopardize their success." I tell him as he looks at me with wide eyes. "Shape up Mr. Chasez or else."

"Excuse me! You can't talk to me that way, have you forgotten who I am?" He asks me, standing up now as I push him back down in his chair.

"You're not Rick James so shut up and be quiet," I say to him as the other participants in today's events start to walk into the room.

"Well I nev..." He starts to say but I interrupt him.

"Keep it up and you never will again darn it. I've had it with you Mr. Chasez and if I have to, I will have you placed in solitary confinement." I tell him as he crosses his arms and looks away from me.

"Bitch," he says as Dan Miller walks into the room and sits next to him.

"Hi Josh," Dan says to him as I notice the closeness developing between the two of them.

"I heard what you said Mr. Chasez and it's noted. One more hateful word out of you during this session, you know what will happen." I tell him as he sinks lower into his seat, trying to ignore me and Mr. Miller.

In Los Angeles -- The Muniz Estates -- The Backyard

Justin's POV

I know I fucked up, but I wasn't feeling it around his parents. What was I supposed to do, let his brother beat the hell out of me? I don't think so damnit; I don't take that shit from my own friends and relatives, why should I take it from his damn brother? Oh well, that only proves to me that we weren't right for each other in the first place.

"Justin are you out of your fucking mind?" Frankie asks me walking out into the backyard.

"What now?" I ask him.

"Jesse's here and he's really upset about what you did! You need to go in there and apologize to him right now!" Frankie shouts at me as I turn my head and take another drag off the blunt I was smoking.

"If I want to talk to Jesse I'll go talk to him, right now I don't so send his lil crazy azz away. I don't feel like being bothered right now. If he fucks up my high, I'll fuck up him." I tell him as he waves it off and walks away.

"Just talk to him damnit and stop ruining each relationship you get into!" Frankie shouts as I hear the back door slam and opens again and out walks Jesse into the backyard.

"What do you want?" I ask him as he stands in front of me with his hands shoved into his pockets.

"I came to talk to you Justin," he says as he moves to sit next to me.

"I don't want to talk to you right now," I say as I take another drag.

"Justin please...I'm really sorry for how my family treated you. I had no idea what dad or Timmy was doing to you. Could you please forgive me for subjecting you to that?" He asks me.

"Why should I? You knew that your dad and your brother didn't like gay people. I'm sure they told you at some point in your life Jesse!" I shout at him as he closes his eyes and starts crying.

"Yeah, I knew, but I didn't think they would treat another person the way they treated you. That wasn't called for and I'm sorry baby. Please don't hold that against me, I really like you and ..." He tells me as I look at him and take another drag. "You don't really care do you?"

"Right now I don't. If you really liked me, you would have never taken me there in the first place if you knew they were capable of that," I say as he looks down again.

"I'm sorry Justin; would you please give me another chance here? I really really like you and I don't want what we were trying to develop to end over my fucking family," he says

"Well maybe you should have thought about that beforehand..." I say as he leans in and kisses me hard on the mouth.

I must say that when we connected like that all the anger I had for him and his family just melted away. I had developed a liking for him, hell I was starting to fall in love with him and I didn't want to lose that and be faced with my feelings for Frankie again. Holding him in my arms like this was all I needed to know that what I had been feeling was real and not fake. My happiness meter was back to normal a little bit, regardless if I was high or not.

"I've missed you," he says, pulling back as he lays his head on my shoulder.

"I've missed you too Jesse." I tell him as I lean in and kiss him again.

"Justin I really do like you and I don't want this to end. Could you please forgive me?" He asks me.

"I like you too Jesse and I forgive you, just don't let that happen again." I tell him as I stand up and grab his hand. "Why don't we take this inside handsome?"

"Sure baby," he says as we walk towards the house.

Back in Albany, NY -- The KITT Foundation -- Before Dinner

Kevin's POV

The two little boys are wonderful together and they seem to like me and JT very much. I think we're making a positive move here by adopting both little boys. I feel this is going to work out wonderfully. Eric came back a few minutes ago and had us sign a few more forms. Looking at him strangely, he and JT stepped out into the hallway and started talking, leaving me in the room with Toby and Jaken.

Jaken Cho, a three year old Asian boy that was born here in New York to a young girl that was raped has been here in this orphanage since his birth. The young girl not wanting to have a reminder of her dishonor, the young girl gave Jaken up and cut all ties to him. Jaken is a very smart little boy and I think he would fit in good with me and JT.

Toby Adams, also a three year old is a mixed race child that was born somewhere in Georgia. It seems all of Toby's immediate family is dead, the reason for his abandonment issues. Toby's mother and father died in a car accident and his grandmother, whom took care of him after his parents death died early this year. With no one in his family left to take him in, he was a ward of the state of Georgia for awhile until he was adopted by a couple here in New York that couldn't handle him because of his abandonment issues and returned him, so in return he was made a ward of the court again and was brought here to the KITT Foundation. After talking to Toby for a bit, I can see why Eric and others here believe that he's a special needs child. He's afraid that everyone around him is going to die and/or leave him. I feel so sorry for him, but in the same breath, I want to show him that there are people in the world that won't leave him. I want to show him that me and JT would never abandon him.

"How is everyone doing right now?" Eric asks as he walks over to us. "Is everyone having a good time?"

"Yes Mr. Ewic," Jaken says as he smiles up at him and then looks at me and blushes.

"How about you Toby, are you having a good time?" Eric asks him.

"Yes sir, I okay," Toby says, not looking up from his coloring.

"How would you two like to go stay with the Richardson's?" Eric asks as Jaken stands up.

"Really? We go stay with dem?" Jaken asks him, looking at me and then back up at Eric.

"Sure do kid," Eric says, stepping closer to Toby and kneeling down to him. "Toby aren't you happy about going to stay with the Richardson's?"

"Yeah I guess so," Toby says, still not looking up from his coloring.

"Then why aren't you showing us a big smile?" Eric asks him.

"I dunno," Toby says as I knelt next to him and reached for his hand.

"Hello Toby. Don't you want to come stay with me and that person standing right over there?" I ask him as he looks over to JT and then smiles. "He will be there, I will be there and your best friend Jaken will be there."

"Yes I want to go stay wit you. You eva gon leave me?" Toby asks me as I look at Eric and JT, not really knowing how to answer that question.

"Well I can't really give you an answer to that question Toby," I say as he looks down and frowns at me.

"When you need us Toby, we'll always be there for you, don't worry about that." JT tells him as I smile at him and Toby looks up at him and smiles again.

"Okay, I can stay wit you den," Toby says as he hugs me and then reaches over to hug JT.

A Little After 7 PM -- JT and Kevin's House


So far it seems like things are going well. We're here at the house now with the two little boys and Ann. I thought she would have at least had something to say about the decision we made to take both boys, but she didn't. I'm kinda shocked that she's been quiet since we left the KITT Foundation. The car ride home was filled with chatter between the four of us as she remained quiet. I wonder what she's thinking about.

A few weeks back Kevin and I had one of the guest rooms set up for Jaken, but now that we have Toby too, we had to make a quick change and we put them in Levi and Junior's room. None-the-less the both of them enjoyed how the room looked and we decided to let them have that room and we would set up the other room for Levi and Junior later. I'll just have to move the boys things to the other room the next time we're here.

I thought things would be a little bit awkward, but things are strangely normal. Kevin seems to be happy about how things are going, but like me, he noticed how quiet Ann has been. I know he wants to say something to her, but I don't think they should talk around the boys because I'm sure of what she has to say is going to be bad. I shouldn't think like that, but when Ann Richardson is quiet for the amount of time she's been quiet, it could only mean one thing. I might have to slap her or something later.

"Hey hey, boys stop running around before you hurt yourselves," I say as Jaken stops quickly and sits down on the sofa.

"Me sorry JT," Jaken says as I close my eyes and mentally kick myself for sounding so harsh.

"You don't have to be sorry buddy, I just didn't want you to fall down and get hurt." I tell him as he smiles and reaches out to hug my neck.

"Alright everyone I've made our flight arrangements and we should be leaving soon. Our flights leave at nine and we should land in Washington around one in the morning." Kevin tells us as Ann stands up.

"I hope you four have a nice time, but I need to be heading back to Kentucky," she says as she walks over to Kevin.

"Mom? Is everything okay?" Kevin asks her as I get up with an evil look on my face.

"Everything's fine. You've done what you two needed to do. My work here is done. I have things to get back to in Lexington." She tells him as she turns around to see me standing behind her.

"Is that really the case Ann?" I ask her.

"What's going on here?" She asks me as I turn around to look back at the two little boys that were sitting down on the sofa.

"Well is there a problem Ann? Do you not like those two little boys over there?" I ask her in a whisper. "We just got them, and I feel like I've known them for a long time. I actually feel like that something that was missing in my life isn't missing anymore."

"I feel the same way mom. So what's wrong? Do you not agree with the decision we made? What is it that has you leaving like this?" He asks her.

"You two asked me here to help you with this, you've done it now, so I'm no longer needed here. I can go home now," she says as she heads to her guestroom.

"Ann..." I start as she raises her hand at me.

"I'm done JT, let's just drop this." She tells me as she walks into the room and closes the door.

"Baby don't worry about this. We'll talk to her later. Right now we need to make arrangements in Washington for our little family." Kevin tells me he held my hand and leaned in to kiss me as Toby and Jaken made gagging noises.

"Hey, no comments from the cookie crowd," I say as they start giggling like school girls. "They're going to fit in just find around here."

"Yes they are baby," he says as we kiss again.



I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.