"You've taken my heart to a higher place; you've lifted my soul to a better plane...Your love upheld the both of us, only to have it all come shattering down painfully...Our love is a vessel that carries us everywhere we go, work, home, everywhere...The pain of losing that love would cause such heartache and pain..." -- JT Poole

My Kinda Guy
A Love To Remember
Chapter -- 17
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

Feb 3 -- Someplace in New York -- An Unknown Hotel

After things had settled down after the Backstreet Boys concert in New York a few days ago, JT, Kevin, Justin and Nick returned to their lives, unaware that someone had been watching them daily, documenting their every move. With the BSB tour ready to wind down, other things were starting up for the guys, among those things, Brian's criminal court cases, Nikki and Lydia delivery times and lots and lots of drama in the lives of the gang. Keep your eyes open for what happens in the next installment of My Kinda Guy...Heartache and Pain. Let's rock and roll...

"Man, I've been waiting here for three hours. Have you got the pictures developed yet or not?" A strange man asked, walking into the hotel room.

"Man I don't see any reason to get the pictures developed now that they came out the other night. Millions of people were watching that broadcast, so it would be no use and trying to expose them for being gay," the second guy says.

"That's not for you to make that decision! I want those pictures developed and soon. If I don't get those pictures before five today, you don't get full payment for your work," the man says, turning around and walking to the window. "I'm not going to have you ruin my plans at ruining the people responsible for taking the love of my life away from me!"

"I'm sorry man. I'll get the pictures to you as soon as possible," the other guy says, zipping up his jacket and turning to walk towards the door.

"Do it by five damnit!" The man shouts as the other man opens the door and walks out. "It's so hard to get quality work these days."

Albany, NY -- JT and Kevin's House

Justin's POV

Things are starting to look up for the two of us now. I'm starting to feel a little bit better about what's going on between me and my brothers Jon and Steve. When I found out what was going on, I almost lost it. It's hard handling a problem like that, but I'm sure the three of us will get past this sooner or later. I thought this shit was done when dad came to my and Nick's wedding, but I guess I was wrong. Now that Jon has admitted that he thinks he's gay too, dad has been beating the hell out of him and Steve. Why in hell is he beating on them like that? I'm pissed with Lisa for not stopping him from doing it and more so, furious she didn't tell me this crap was going on. I told the both of them that if he didn't stop, I would take action and both of them would be behind bars. I didn't want to say that to Lisa, but if she can just stand around and watch Randy beat on them, then she needs to go too.

"Justin are you okay?" Nick asks me, sitting down next to me and kissing me on the cheek. "You must've gotten up way before daybreak."

"I came out here a little after two this morning," I tell him as he entwines his fingers with mine.

"Justin why won't you tell me what's going on?" Nick asks me, kissing the top of our fingers. "You've been moping around here for the last couple of days. I'm sure JT and Kevin are getting worried just like I am."

"I'm alright baby," I tell him as he sighs and stands up. "Baby where are you going?"

"I'm going outside to hang out with JT and the boys before we leave to go back to Orlando," he tells me as I get up and wrap my arms around his waist. "You can sit around in here and mope, but I'm going to have some fun today."

"Baby I'm not moping," I say as he pulls out of my arms and walk into the kitchen. "Nicky..."

"No Justin," he says, walking through the back door, leading to the pool area. "I don't want to hear it."

"Baby don't..." I say as he turns around and looks at me.

"Don't what Justin?" He asks me, looking me dead in the face. "I've done everything imaginable to try to help you with this problem you're going through, but like always, you close me out. Now it's my turn to do the closing."

"I'm not trying to close you out," I tell him as he sighs and sits down in the lounge chair closest to the door.

"Then why won't you tell me what's going on with you?" He asks me. "Are you worried about Christina? What is it that has you acting this way? Why are you drinking again Justin?"

"I...I...I don't know," I tell him, not really wanting to tell him about what was going on with my brothers.

"Well fine then Justin. If you don't know what's making you act the way you do and drink the way you are, then I think we shouldn't be here talking right now," he tells me, getting up out of the chair and walking towards JT and the boys.


Ut-oh, it looks like they're at it again. When are those two going to get their act together? I don't know what to say about their actions, but it's starting to get on my nerves. They act like we don't know that they're having problems again. Whatever the hell is wrong with Justin, he needs to get the hell out of his funk and get ova the shit. I'm tired of Nick crying and whining all the damn time. He's starting to act like Josh and that's not a damn compliment.

When we got up this morning, Kevin went to the kitchen to start breakfast, (I thought I was going to have to call the fire department), Justin was already up, sitting at the table drinking a damn bottle of wine. That boy is truly looking for trouble. If he keeps on with what he's doing, I'm going to give him some. I don told him about making Nick cry. I'm not going to put up with that incessant whining and crying from two grown men. I don't mind the crying from Jaken and Toby, but Nick and Justin is just fucking wrong.

"Are you two at it again?" I ask as Nick turns to look at me and then back up to Justin.

"No, we're not up to anything," he says as he gets up from the chair, takes off his shirt and jumps into the pool.

"Looks like a whole lot to me," I tell him as he surfaces. "We don't need any more drama, got it?"

"Yeah I got it," Nick answers me as Justin nods his head. "Could we please get back to having fun now, I don't like bad moods."

"Sure you don't," I say as I see the door open and Kevin steps outside with us. "Hello handsome."

"Hi baby," Kevin says, walking over to the edge of the pool and sitting down. "How are you and the boys doing?"

"The small boys are doing fine, the big ones are the one's causing problems," I tell him as Nick glares at me and Justin shoots me the bird.

"I see," Kevin says as he leans down and kisses me. "So are we going to be ready to hit the road later on today?"

"I think so," I tell him as Toby splashes him with water.

"Kevin!" Toby screams, almost close to my ear.

"Hey little man," Kevin says as Toby reaches for him, pulling on his shirt, causing Kevin to fall into the pool.

"Lawd, the child trying to drown my husband," I say, going under to grab for him and Kevin. "Kevin baby are you all right?"

"Yeah <cough> I'm okay, what about Toby?" He asks me, looking around as Nick had Toby in his arms.

"He's cool," Nick tells him as Toby had this saddened look on his face.

"You okay little man?" Kevin asks him as Toby nods at him.

"Sowwee Kevin," Toby says as he reaches out to Kevin again and this time not pulling or anything, just waiting like a normal kid would.

"I think you need to get out of the water Kevin, you don't need to catch a cold," I tell him, knowing he had been out in the New York weather for the last half hour.

"Baby the pool is heated," he tells me. "I'm sure I won't catch cold in this warm water."

"Sure you won't," I tell him as the doorbell sounds. "Justin since you're out there, could you go get that?"

"Sure why not," Justin says, walking into the house to answer the door.

"I wonder who that could be. Are you expecting anyone baby?" Kevin asks me as Jaken and Toby were splashing each other in the water, having fun like best friends would.

"JT its Nikki and the rest of the gang," Justin calls out as I look at Kevin and he looks at me.

"Well bring them on back!" I shout as I passed Jaken over to Kevin for a second so I could get out and then grabbed Jaken again, standing him up and taking his floaters off.

"Hey puddin," Nikki says as she steps out into the backyard with Joshy, CJ, Briahna, Joey, Howie, Leticia and JC.

Lawd she brought Josh to my damn house. What the hell is she thinking? She knows good and damn well that Josh doesn't belong here with anyone. Please Lawd, please give me the strength to not drop kick his ass across the yard and then spike him like he was a damn football and I was a player at the damn super bowl. Better yet, Lawd please give Kevin some restraint so he doesn't do anything stupid around the cherin.

"Hey CJ, Joshy...how you doing?" I ask the two little boys as CJ hugged me around the neck.

"Hewwo Jaytee," CJ says as he pulls back and puts his finger into his mouth while looking at Jaken.

"Hewwo," Joshy says as Kevin finally pulls himself out of the water and pulls off his shirt.

"Brrrrr," he says as I smile at him. "I'm going inside to change into something dry."

"Okay handsome," I say as Joey walks up to Nikki and takes Briahna from her arms. "You guys are welcome to get into the pool."

"Sounds like fun boys. Do you want to play in the pool for a little while?" Nikki asks, both of her sons nodding their heads quickly, looking as though their necks would snap in an instant.

"Alright, follow me so we can get you into something," Nikki says, leading both boys back into the house just as Kevin was walking back outside with the phone.

"Baby you have a phone call," Kevin says, walking over to me, kissing me on the cheek and handing me the phone.

"Thank you," I say to him, noticing that Justin was still sitting by himself over on the other side of the yard. "Hello, this is JT, may I help you?"

Kevin's POV

Please God, don't let Josh being here at this house today cause any unneeded stress. Things have been going great for all of us the past few days and we don't need that going to hell in a hand basket right now. Things are already a little bit shaky with the stuff going on between Nick and Justin; we don't need anything piled on top of that right now. Justin seems to be in a funk and that's causing a rift between him and Nick. I wish he would just go ahead and tell Nick what's eating at him and then maybe they can move on past this.

"Hey there," I say, sitting in the chair next to Justin. "What's eating at you handsome?"

"Kev I'm not in the mood," Justin tells me as I follow the direction in which he was looking in.

"Well if you talk to him, things would get better. Just don't close him out. He's your husband Just. You're supposed to share your feelings with your husband, not push him away," I tell him as he looks down. "Why don't you go get him and the two of you go talk about what's causing you to be upset."

"I can't talk to him about this," he tells me as JT turns around quickly and walks into the house.

Wondering what was going on with JT and wanting to know how to solve the problems between our friends; I got up, grabbed Justin by his hand and pulled him out of the lounge chair. Pulling Justin in the direction of Nick, we walked over to him and I grabbed him too. Holding on to the both of them, I pulled the two of them into the house and stood in front of the kitchen counter as the both of them watched me as though I had lost my mind. Smiling at them, I waved and walked to the door.

"You two need to talk and get this...whatever this is over with. We live together darn it and we don't need this small drama spilling over into the lives of everyone in the house," I tell them as Justin looks down at the floor as a few tears fell from his eyes. Whatever it is, it's beating the hell out of him.

New York -- Ryker's Island Prison

Phyllis' POV

I can't believe I'm in a place like this. Never in my whole entire life have I ever been treated to this kind of hostility. All of this happening to me all because of that fucking bitch! She won't get away with any of this, I promise. When I get the hell out of the place and the chance arises, I'm going to fuck up her life more than what it already is. How and the hell can they lock me up like a fucking animal like this for trying to keep that bitch away from my granddaughter? Nikki belongs here in this place, not me. That bitch has destroyed countless lives since she's been alive, and I'll be damned if I let her destroy anymore from my family!

I tell you, a bitch like that doesn't deserve to be a mother to those beautiful boys. Hell she doesn't even deserve to be alive right now! Oh she just wait until I get out of this place. I already know what I'm going to do to her. Once I'm out of this place and she gets what's coming to her, things will finally be right. She'll never plague me or anyone in my family again. The bitch has crossed the wrong one now and she's going to pay for it with her damn life, if I have anything to say about it.

"Open C-5," the guard says, waiting for the cell door to open. "This is your new home for the next thirty days, courtesy of the state of New York. I hope you enjoy your stay here at Shay Rykers."

"You may mock me now, but you'll pay for this impudence," I tell the woman as she laughs at me and pushes me into the cell.

"I get paid every week," the woman says, still laughing as the cell door closes and she walks away. "Stay out of trouble Fatone and your time won't be so hard to do."

"I don't belong here! When I get out of here, all of you will pay! You don't know who I am!" I shout as I hear a noise behind me, turning around to see two other women in the cell with me. "Oh no! Guard!"

"Looks like we got us a real powerful woman on our hands Muriel," the woman says, poking me in the shoulder. "I wonder if your pussy is as big as your mouth..."

"My what?" I ask, stepping back from the woman as the other one got up off the bed and stood up behind me.

"You heard what I said bitch! Is your pussy big as your mouth?" The crazy ingrate asks me as the other one slides her arms through mine, holding me tight as the first one starts yanking my pants down.

"Do it girl," the one behind me says, still laughing as the one named Muriel starts tracing designs on my panties with her finger.

"What the hell are you doing? Get the hell off of me!" I scream as Muriel slaps me while the other one continued to hold me.

"Shut the hell up bitch and show me what you working with!" The heffa screeched, getting my panties down now and invading me with her finger.

"No! Stop that!" I screamed as the other one holding me starts to laugh.

"This is going to be really fun," Muriel says between my legs as I felt something wet enter me.

"Go with the flow bitch! Stop struggling," the one behind me says as I'm hoisted up into the air and laid down on a bed.

"Stop it! Let me up!" I screamed as Muriel pinned my legs wide opened and resumed her position between my legs as I felt her tongue working on me as I felt her fingers slide in and out of me. "Oh Gawd stop!"

"I don't know why you're struggling bitch! I know you like what she's doing to you! If you don't want her to do it, then I'll give it a try. I like to nibble and bite," the bitch over me says as she starts drooling, some of her spit falling on my face.

"No! No stop!" I screeched as Muriel hit something deep within me that felt somewhat nice.

"Look Judy, she stopped struggling. I bet she likes it now," Muriel says as the one over me releases my left arm to wipe her mouth.

If I just let them do what they want, maybe they won't hurt me too badly and I can get out of here alive. I don't care about my dignity right now; I just want to be able to get out of this place still breathing. When I finally get out of here, that damn Nikki is going to pay for this, pay for my humiliation in here!

"Good girl," Muriel says, sitting up on the bed smiling at me as I was panting now. "Judy you want her to do you?"

"Nah, I want to taste her too," Judy says as she looks down at me and then back over to Muriel as we could hear footsteps approaching us. "Maybe next time, I believe the guard is coming."

"You best keep quiet or we'll get you tonight and you'll never see the outside again," Muriel says as she helped me pull my clothing back up and straighten up.

Brentwood, CA -- The Muniz Home

Aaron's POV

How could they...he do that to me? Doesn't he love me like I love him? I thought he loved me more than that, but I guess I was wrong...again. I don't even know why I let my guard down around that jerk Justin! I should've trusted my instincts when I felt that there was something going on between the two of them. Why does this keep happening to me? Why do I always get my heart broken? It's been two fucking years and I don't know if I can ever trust in the love we shared. I don't know if I can ever believe that he ever really loved me. He told me that it was only one time, but I'm sure it happened more than once. They were together for four years before we even got together! Four fucking years on a damn television show, they've had sex a whole lot more than one time! They probably were fucking like bunnies whenever I wasn't around. I'm such a fool.

I can't deal with this anymore. I'll just go stay with Nick and Justin and try to forget about him and all I've lost. I think if I try to move on, I'll finally be alright. All I have to do is not think about him or the sex. If I do, it's all over for me and my sanity. Two fucking years we were together gone down the drain. I guess I'll call Nick and see if it would be okay for me to go stay with him and Justin.

"Hi Nick, it's me Aaron," I say into the phone as I wiped my face.

"Hey bro, what's going on?" he asks as I let my emotions get the better of me and I start crying again. "Air you alright?"

"No Nick, I'm not! He doesn't love me anymore," I tell him as I sat back down on the bed, wiping my face again. "He doesn't love me anymore."

"Who doesn't love you anymore? Frankie?" He asks me.

"Yeah that two-timing creep Frankie! He's been cheating on me with Justin!" I shout, rolling over on the bed.

"What? You're kidding me right? I don't think Frankie would do something like that to you," he says as I sat up on the bed, pulling my knees up to my chest.

"I caught him and Justin the other night! They were in our damn bed fucking like jack-rabbits!" I shout, forgetting to be calm with Nick.

"Aaron calm down," he tells me. "Where are you now bro?"

"I'm in Brentwood still," I tell him. "I need to get away from here Nicky, I can't stay here anymore and I don't want to go to dad or mom's place."

"Aaron calm down. Just take a breath or something," he tells me as I try to calm down. "We're all getting ready to head back to Orlando. You can go there and stay with us if you want."

"Are you sure that would be okay? I heard that you guys moved into a big mansion with JT and Kevin. Would it be okay with them if I was there?" I ask him.

"Yeah it's okay. We all have our own sections of the house and it's not a mansion. It's not that big man. It's just a big house that we all paid for," he tells me.

"Why?" I ask him.

"Why what Aaron?" He asks me.

"Why did you guys move into a big house with JT and Kevin?" I ask him.

"Well we decided that since we're all friends and so close, it would be good if we lived together," he tells me as I continue packing my things. "If you want to come stay with us, then come on. We'll be home in a few hours hopefully. If not, JT's sister Lydia will be there."

"I...I don't know Nicky. Would it cause any trouble with anyone for me being there? I don't want to set JT off or make anyone else mad," I say, pushing some more of my stuff into my bag as I could hear him laughing. "What?"

"You're not going to set JT off. You might set me off, but not JT. He and Kevin have their hands full with two little boys. You would be the least of their worries," he tells me, still laughing. "We all have sections of the house for ourselves. JT and Kevin have theirs, we have ours and Craig and Lydia have a section too. We all have tons of space for company. The place was like this elaborate house for a movie star that had wild parties. We bought it and had it fixed up to our liking."

"Hmph, it still sounds like a mansion to me," I tell him as he laughs again.

"Okay it was a mansion, but to us it isn't. It's our home and it's just our space," he says as I look around the room in a hurry, checking to see that I had everything that belonged to me and then walked out of the room with my bags. "Well since you think of it that way, then it doesn't matter to me."

"I'm done packing my stuff, I'll call you later on with my flight information," I tell him as we said our goodbyes and such.

Back in Albany, NY -- JT and Kevin's House

"Okay people the vans will be here in a bit," JT says, walking out into the backyard. "I just got word that you guys should anticipate some problems when we get back to Orlando..."

"What's going on baby?" Kevin asks, getting up and walking over to JT.

"Well at the arena you guys are supposed to be performing at, someone called in a bomb threat," JT tells him as a few gasps went out around the room.

"What? Why would someone do something like that?" Nick asks, standing up now.

"I don't know, but the bomb squad is searching the place up and down to find any signs of explosives," JT says, turning around and picking up a folder. "Also, I got this letter yesterday and it's very strange."

"A letter? What kind of letter?" Nikki asks him, a panicked look on her face.

"It's just a letter Nikki," JT says, passing the letter to her as she took it and started reading.

"I don't get it," Nikki says, handing the letter back to JT.

"I don't either," JT tells her as he took the letter and placed it back into the folder. "Everyone keep your eyes open for anything strange. I've beefed up security for us and I've even got a guard for Johnny."

"He doesn't need a guard, just a beat down," Justin says, sitting down next to Nick. "Hmph, the nerve of some people to think they are above the law and shit."

"Calm down Justy," Nick says, leaning in and kissing Justin on the mouth.

"Yeah whatever," Justin says as Nick got up and walked away from him, shaking his head. "Nicky!"

"Here we go again," Kevin says, hugging JT around the waist. "Is there anything else baby?"

"Nope, that was it," JT says as Tyler came into the room with Jaken and Toby. "Hi there you two, how are you feeling?"

"Hi Jaytee," Jaken says as he wraps himself around JT's leg. "Me hongree."

"Are you really? What do you want little man?" JT asks him, picking him up and holding him in his arms as he looks over at the clock.

"I dunno," the little boy answers him, shrugging his shoulders.

"Well if you don't know what you want, how am I supposed to fix it for you?" JT asks him, tickling the little boy.

"Toby are you hungry?" Kevin asks, picking up Toby, holding him in his arms as well.

"Not hongree," Toby replies, lying his head on Kevin's shoulder.

"CJ, Joshy are you two hungry? Briahna, how about you sweetie, are you hungry?" JT asks as the two little boys turned around quickly as Briahna just sat in Joey's arms, not moving.

"Boys JT asked you a question. If you're hungry, you best say something," Nikki says as both boys nodded their heads.

"How does Grilled Cheese Sandwiches sound?" JT asks as Briahna sat up and looked up at Joey.

"I want that Jaytee," Jaken replies as CJ and Joshy nodded in agreement.

"Alright then, I guess its official then," JT says, walking over to the sofa and placing Jaken on a pillow cushion. "I'll go cook up some Grilled Cheese Sandwiches."

"Me help," Jaken says, climbing down off the sofa and attaching himself to JT's leg again.

"Okay kid you can help," JT says, picking up Jaken and walking into the kitchen. "Alright Jake grab the bread and cheese from the frig."

"Otay Jaytee," Jaken says, walking over to the refrigerator and pulling the door open.

"Can you reach it?" JT asks as Jaken nods his head, standing on his tip toes trying to reach the bread. "Are you sure?"

"Yes Jaytee," Jaken says, still on his tippy toes, still not able to get the bread.

"Why don't I help you," JT says, picking Jaken up as he's now able to get the bread and cheese. "Let me get the PAM and we can get things started.

A Few Minutes Later -- Out in the Family Room

"I want more juice," Toby says as Kevin shakes his finger at him. "Can I have some more juice?"

"Yes you can," Kevin says, taking Toby's cup and turning around. "Does anyone want anything while I'm up?"

"Bring me some too please," JT says as the doorbell rings. "Oh wait, I think that's the airport vans ready to take us away."

"No it's not, its cop cars," Justin says, looking out the window.

"Cop cars?" JT asks, getting up now and walking to the window. "Oh this is just great! Johnny's going to have a cow!"

"What's going on JT?" Kevin asks, walking over to the window too.

"They have Brian out there. Seems he's gotten into trouble again," JT says, sighing and moving past Kevin and Justin. "Let me go see what he's done now."

"Baby calm down," Kevin says as JT gets to the front door and opens it to see an officer standing there.

"Afternoon officer, may I help you?" JT asks, standing there waiting for the officer to speak.

"Are you JT Poole?" The officer asks, pulling out a small notepad from his jacket.

"Yes I'm JT, what's going on?" JT asks as the officer turns around and motions for the other officers to come on up.

"We have Brian Littrell with us sir. When we spoke with his lawyers earlier, they stated for us to deliver him into your custody and that you would get him back to Orlando Florida," the officer spoke as JT's eyes went wide.

"Okay, why do you guys have him? Did he break the law somewhere?" JT asks, looking at Brian, ready to beat his ass.

"Well he got into an altercation at a bar in downtown New York. Since he wasn't the one at fault, we decided to take him to his place instead of arresting him. When he found out that his party had already checked out, he called his lawyer and was informed that you and your party had yet to leave back for Florida. After talking to his lawyer, he requested that we take Brian to you and that you would be able to handle Mr. Littrell until you were back in Florida," the officer explains as JT just shook his head.

"Oh alright, I guess I can handle that task," JT says, waving his arms as the officers retrieved Brian from the car and escorted him into the house. "Brian sit over there, I'll speak with in just a minute."

"Now that's taken care of, we'll be on our way," the officer states. "You stay out of trouble Mr. Littrell and Mr. Poole, you have a good night."

"You too sir," JT says, putting on a fake smile for the man, turning around and closing the door. "What the hell have you gotten into now Brian?"

"You heard what he said," Brian says, not even looking up at JT. "It wasn't my fault. I was at a bar minding my own business when these guys tried to jump me."

"Why did they try to jump you Brian?" JT asks, standing right in front of Brian now.

"I don't know, fucking jerks if you ask me," Brian says, burping loudly as JT jumped back, waving his hand in front of his face.

"You could've at least said `excuse me' man," JT says, picking up the Lysol can and spraying it up in the air. "Man that just stinks. So I take it your things are still in New York at the hotel?"

"No, I had my stuff shipped back to Orlando already," Brian says, smirking at JT as he stood up.

"I didn't say you could move from that spot. Sit your ass back down Brian. You're not leaving from that spot until we leave to go back to Orlando," JT says as Brian gives him a strange look and then he spots Joey.

"Fine, I'll sit right here then, damn," Brian says, as JT shakes his head and turns around as someone else knocks on the door.

"Oh this better not be the cops again," JT says, opening the door to see the airport shuttle vans parked outside. "Everyone it's time to jet!"



I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay). This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that. This is for entertainment value only folks.