"You've taken my heart to a higher place; you've lifted my soul to a better plane...Your love upheld the both of us, only to have it all come shattering down painfully...Our love is a vessel that carries us everywhere we go, work, home, everywhere...The pain of losing that love would cause such heartache and pain..." -- JT Poole

My Kinda Guy
A Love To Remember
Chapter -- 18
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

Feb 3 -- Somewhere Over Virginia


We've been in the air for almost two hours now and we're almost home.  Since boarding the plane, there hasn't been much going on with anyone.  Nikki and her crew seem to be okay for right now.  Nick and Justin are finally talking about whatever it is that is causing him pain and whatever it was that started him back to drinking again.  Joey and Josh on the other hand are sitting together and talking about things calmly, which is a shocker for me because I don't think I've actually seen them sitting and talking before without arguing.  From the look on Joey's face, it has to be something bad, probably the two of them talking about Josh going back to the sanitarium or something along those lines since I overheard them talking about that earlier at the house.  I must admit that the two of them look good together.  I'm just glad that I'm not the one stuck with Josh now. I surely would have lost what's left of my sanity already.

While scoping out the surrounding area, checking for any possible signs of trouble, I notice that Brian has this look of utter joy on his face that conveys that he's found something, probably something that would cause trouble for all of us.  Following his line of vision, I end up at an older man and his younger companion.  Sighing, I put Jaken in the seat next to me, kissed him on his forehead and I got up.  Walking over to Brian's seat and sitting down next to him, I patted him on his leg and shook my head in a disapproving fashion at him.  He turned away quickly and smiled at the young man down and across the aisle from us and then looked back at me as he caught the angry expression on his face.  About to say something stupid, I held up my hand to stop him from making a fool of himself.

"Don't even open your mouth Brian," I tell him as he closes his mouth and turns away from me.

"You're not the boss of me," he tells me as I nod my head, indicating that I was the boss of him...well until we got back to Orlando anyway.  "What do you mean by that?"

"I'm the boss of you until we get back to Orange county," I tell him as I get up and stand in front of him, blocking his line of vision, stopping him from making eye contact with the young man.  "I suggest you stop looking over there at those two men."

"And what if I don't?"  He asks me, smiling evilly at me.

"Then I move you to another seat Brian," I tell him forcefully, pulling him up out of the seat and dragging him to the front of the plane is he thrashed around.  "Stop struggling with me Brian!  Don't make me cap you on this plane! You know I'll do it."

"What's going on here?"  One of the flight attendants ask me as I smile at her, pull my badge out and continue to push him towards the front of the plane.  "That's enough explanation for me."

"JT you can't do this," Brian says as I push him down into a seat.

"I suggest you not move from this spot.  If I have to, I will cap you," I tell him as he frowns at me.  "I'm going back to my seat.  Read a magazine or something Brian. Don't let me catch your eyes on anymore men on this plane. If I do, you'll regret it mister."

"Fuck you JT," Brian says as I smile and shake my head.

"Not even if you had Kevin's dick," I tell him, turning around and heading back to my seat.

Getting back over to my seat, I smiled when I sat down next to Kevin who was asleep with Toby in his arms who was asleep also.  That's a very cute scene, I need a camera right abut now.  I best cherish this moment, I just wish that boy was always this quiet.  Looking back at Tyler, who's is now sitting in the back, alone looking out of the window, I wonder what's bothering him.  For the last few days he's been down about something.  I've been meaning to talk to him, but when I get the chance to get him by himself, something else comes up.  Just the luck of the draw I guess, but something's eating at him and I would like to know what it is.  Picking up Jaken and sitting him in my lap, I pick up the book I was reading to him earlier and picked up from where I had left off.  Getting enthralled into the story again, Jaken was soon in dreamland like Kevin and Toby.  They're sleeping, I should take a nap too, but I'll wait until we get home.  I'd rather stay awake so I can keep an eye on Brian, make sure he doesn't cause any unneeded stress.

Orlando, FL -- Florida Hospital

Craig's POV

I'm glad I came home when I did.  Lydia's been complaining about the baby doing a lot of painful kicking, but after the way she sounded on the phone last night, I decided to take an earlier flight and come on home.  I'm glad I did, or my baby might not be alive right now.  We, being myself, my sister Liz and my brother David have been here for the last couple of hours waiting for any news the doctor can give us about what's wrong with Lydia.  When David came to get me, we came straight here and that's it.  I haven't been to the house yet; hell my only concern is for my wife's safety.

"Bro you need to just calm down.  You've been pacing back and forth for the last couple of minutes.  If you keep doing that, we're going to have to get the hospital new carpeting in here," David says as he walks up to me and places his hand on my shoulder.

"Don't tell me to calm down damnit!"  I shout at him as he just looks at me and lets it roll off of him.  "I'm sorry Dave."

"It's alright man.  If my wife was in here, I'd probably be acting like you too," he tells me as the door opens and the doctor walks in.

"What's wrong with my wife doctor?"  I ask as the man raises his hand and takes a breath.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Petersburg," he says, shaking my hand and then Dave's as he motions for me to sit down.  "The missus is going to be okay."

"Oh thank God," I say as he looks down at the floor.  "Wait a minute.  Why are you looking down at the floor?  Did something happen to the baby?"

"Mr. Anderson I'm afraid..."  he says as I already know the answer to my question.

"Oh my God!"  I scream out as Dave and Liz are holding me now.  "No!  No!  Oh God, no!"

"Shhh bro it's going to be alright," Liz tells me as the doctor backs out of the room leaving only the three of us there as I cried.

"It's not going to be alright," I tell her as the both of them continue to rub my back.  "I need to go see Lydie.  I wonder if she knows."

"I'm sure she does Craig, a mother always knows," Liz says as I looked into her eyes, remembering that she's gone through this experience before herself.

"I guess I'd better go see her," I said softly, hugging Liz one more time before I went to see my wife.

At the Airport

Kevin's POV

Thank you Lord for watching over all of us and letting us arrive home safely.  I'm so glad we're on the ground again; I don't know how to act.  I use to didn't mind flying, but now after nine eleven and the crap that's going on over in Iraq, I'm scared that some terrorist faction is going to highjack the plane or something.   I know most airports have beefed up their security detail and procedures, but hell, I'm still skeptical.  Security can't stop everything. I know that from personal experience.

So far, we're walking through the airport with the boys and nothing is going on out of the ordinary.  I'm not expecting anyone to notice us since all of us are wearing dark shades and baseball caps.  Hell JT even went us far as putting baseball caps and the little kids' sunglasses on the boys.  He claims they need to hide their faces too since my little stunt in New York, when I introduced the world to him and the boys.  He thinks people might remember what the boys look like and might take it upon themselves to try to make the boys famous.  As if. The paparazzi are bad, but not that bad.

"So what are we doing the rest of the evening baby?"  I ask JT as he looks over at me and smiled.  "Hmmm, someone is thinking naughty thoughts."

"Oh no, I'm not. That's your dirty mind you dirty old man," he says, smacking me on the arm playfully.  "Besides I'm sure the boys will probably be in with us tonight."

"Probably so baby," I say as we arrived at the baggage claim.

"What is that Jaytee?"  Jaken asks, pointing at the carousel of bags.

"That's the baggage carousel," JT answers him as I smile at the both of them.

"I want serial," Toby says, yanking on my pants leg.  "Daddee Kevin I want serial."

"Toby my man, you can't have cereal right now.  You have to wait until we get home first.  Once we're there, then you may have some cereal," I explain to him as he got that look on his face that only told that he was ready to go off.

Before I knew it, Toby had fallen on the floor and was kicking and screaming like a child that was getting a beat down in the bathtub with a wet washcloth.  Bending down to pick him up, he was doing his best to try to get away from me.  At that moment JT turned around and started shaking his head.  I knew what was going through his mind, but I wasn't going to allow any negativity into this situation.  I know he believes I should be more firm and forceful with Toby, but I don't believe that's the route to take with him.

"Come on Toby, stop it," I tell him as he thrashed around in my arms, trying to get out of my arms now.

"Down!  Put me down!" Toby screamed at the top of his lungs as JT walked around in front of us and forced Toby to look at him.

"Toby you must want yo lil ass whooped this evenin'," JT tells him in a calm, but firm tone.  "If you want me to git in that ass, you keep on doin' what you doin'.  Cut that shit out or else boy."

"Leave me alone J-jaytee," Toby tells him as he kicked me, almost getting me in the jewels as I quickly put him down.

I don't like the way this is heading.  Toby has that freaked out look on his face, the one he gets when he's really scared, but don't want to back down when he really wants something and then there's JT.  JT has that look that tells he's ready to give out beat downs and take names later.  Stepping back, I pick up Jaken, grab our remaining bags and placed them on the cart to be taken out to the truck.  As I kept my eyes on them, hoping that JT wouldn't knock the hell out of him and drag him to the truck like a dead bear or something.


What the hell wrong with this lil hellion?  I know he ain't trying to Bogart me! I'll beat his lil ass and leaving him left for dead in the middle of the damn flo.  Who the hell does he think he is, going to bow up at me like that?  He best sit his lil ass down before I give him something to huff about.

"Baby I think you need to breathe and calm down," Kevin says, touching my shoulder.

"Shut up Kevin," I say, turning my attention back to Toby as he stood there watching me like were in the old Wild West in a standoff.  "Boy you need to get yo lil azz in gear.  Apologize to Kevin right now.  Then apologize to me for acting ugly."

"No!"  Toby shouts, getting the attention of other people in the airport.  "Leave me alone Jaytee!"

"Honey are you gon let him sass you like that?"  An older woman says, turning around to us.  "He's been feisty since you guys walked over here.  I think you need to take some action."

"What's all the commotion over here?  What's doing?"  Nikki asks, walking over with her crew. 

"This gentlemen's son is sassing him," the older ladies tells her as I raised an eye at her.

"Toby what's your problem?"  Nikki asks him as he just rolls his eyes at her.

"Boy, don't make me come down into your world and make changes," she says as I wanted to laugh, but kept a straight face.

"Is everything okay here?"  Howie asks as I wonder how many people were going to ask that.

"Everything is fine.  Just having a few issues with Toby," I say as he shakes his head.

"Ya'll need to give him one of them ole school back in the Mississippi delta ass whipping's," Howie says, wrapping his arms around Nikki.

"You know I don't usually advocate for spankin chilren, but in this case, beat his lil ass," Nikki says, watching the little boy that was giving me so many troubles.

"'Licia's right.  Ya'll need to beat `im," Howie says Kevin walks over to him.

"Will you guys stop that?  I don't think we need to handle him that way," Kevin says, trying to get Nikki and Howie away from me and Toby.

"Maybe if you beat his lil ass, he wouldn't be acting the way he's acting now," Howie says as Toby stuck his tongue out at me and I took the belt the lady had in her hands and went to town.

Lawd I didn't know what had come over me, but whatever it was, it was right on time.  As soon as that belt was in my hand, I let loose beating his lil ass.  The boy is definitely a thrasher when it comes to trying to get away from an ass whippin.  He was screaming, jumping and moving in every direction his lil ass could move, but he didn't jump far, I held his arm so he would always go around in a small circle, right back to the end of that belt.  When I had stopped, people were standing around clapping.

"I don't think we'll have to discuss this again," I said to Toby as he sat there on the floor crying as I handed the woman her belt back and picked his lil ass up.  "We're going home and when we get there, you're going straight to bed."

"O—otay," Toby said through his tears.

"And clean up that face before I give you some more," I tell him as he started wiping his face on his shirtsleeve.

After the crowd of people around us had died down and we had all of our bags collected, we headed towards the airport exit so we could load up and head home.  At that time, I noticed that we were missing someone.  Looking around, I started counting people: Kevin and the boys, Nikki and her kids, Howie, Joey and Briahna, JC, Justin and Nick.  Who was I forgetting?  Got damn, where the hell is Brian.

20 Minutes Previously Back on the Plane

Brian's POV

I don't care what JT fucking says, I'm going to have some fun and he can't fucking stop me.  I'm tired of him acting like he's the shit when in actuality he's nothing but a wannabe.  He gon fuck around and I'm going to kick his ass and give him what we all should have given him a long time ago.  I tried to tell Kevin not to marry him, but he ignored me.  Now look where he's at now, stuck with a bitch wannabe for life.  Oh well, glad it's not me.  I see something I want and I'm about to go get it.

Walking over to the cute blonde I had been watching earlier, before JT interrupted me, I gave him that smiled that always got me noticed and he smiled back.  Motioning for me to follow him, we walked to the back of the plane and stopped in front of the bathroom door.  He opened the door and pulled me into the small space with him.  Pushing me up against the sink, he quickly unzipped my pants and slid his hand into the fly.  Massaging my dick now, I start moaning as he pulls my head down and we start kissing.  This guy looked hot and I'm betting he's even hotter naked.  Breaking the kiss, I push him up against the back of the door and start unbuckling his belt and snapping the button to his pants.  As his zipper went down, his pants fell to the floor to reveal his nice hard member standing at attention.  I like a guy that goes commando, tells me that they want it quick and fast.

"Oh God, you're hot," the guy says, pulling me back to him as we start kissing again.  "I can't wait to feel that dick of your ramming in and out of me.  I want you to fuck me."

"Yeah man, I want to fuck you," I tell him, leaning back against the sink as I pushed him down between my legs.  "Get me ready for your ass."

With that, he smiled at me and opened wide to receive me.  Fumbling around in my pocket, I found what I was looking for.  Holding the condom up and opening it, I pushed the guy back and stood back up.  Rolling the condom on, I turned him around and pushed him up against the door.  Entering him in one move, he took in a sharp breath and started breathing hard as I pressed my body up against him and bit his ear.

"What's your name man," I ask him, pulling out a bit and pushing hard back into him.

"Evan!"  He shouts out as I pull out again, this time almost all the way and slamming right back into him again as I could feel his legs trembling.  "Oowww yeah... shit."

"Evan what?"  I ask him, pulling out again, almost all the way and stopping, waiting for him to answer me.

"Evan Douglas," he says, panting as he started sweating as I eased back into him slowly.

"Evan Douglas what do you want?"  I ask him, pulling out again, almost all the way and stopping, waiting for him to speak again.

"I...I want you to fuck me," he says as I slam back into him again as he physically hit the door, making it rattle.  "Owww shit!"

"Be quiet Evan," I tell him, moving in and out of him now, trying to establish a good rhythm to make this last for as long as I wanted.  "We don't need any unneeded company."

"No we don't," he says, as I start moving in and out of him faster now as I latched on to his neck, sucking and biting, sure that I was going to leave a wide ass hickey on his neck.

"Do you like this Evan?"  I ask him, still slamming into his ass fast and hard.

"Y-yeah I like it," he weakly says as I sped up my movements in and out of his ass, feeling my orgasm boiling in my balls.

I was getting close to shooting and from the feel of things, this boy was a cherry.  He reminds me of Adam and Bruce.  He has a tight ass just like they did.  Hell, where they at now, I'm sure they're not tight any longer.

"A-ah, ah God...shit...you're...hurting me," he says as I was now slamming in and out of him as fast as I could, his body hitting the door, actually making a beating noise now.  At the rate I was going, I'm sure someone around was hearing this, but I didn't fucking care.  I was close and I wasn't about to slow down or stop and ruin this orgasm.  Covering his mouth to muffle his moans and whimpers, I sped up some more and before I knew what was happening I wrapped my other arm around his waist and pulled him to me as close as I could get him, trying to bury my dick as deep as I could in him as my orgasm took over and I was shooting my load.

"Oh damn, that's it...shit you're good...don't move...right there," I say, thrusting hard and deep a few more times to make sure that I had emptied all of my load into the condom.

Pulling out of him, I took the condom off and lifted the toiled lid and deposited it there.  Pressing the button to flush the toilet, I tucked myself back into my pants and zipped up.  Looking down at the guy, he was still leaning up against the door trembling.  Reaching out to touch him, he jerked away from me and hurriedly pulled his pants up. 

"Evan what's wrong?"  I ask him as he smiled weakly at me and moved into the corner of the bathroom.  "Evan..."

"Could you like please leave now," he tells me as he looks down.

Frowning, I tried to touch his hand, but he jerked it away again.  Sighing, I turned the latch on the door and opened it.  Turning back to look at Evan, he wouldn't meet my eyes.  Stepping through the door and closing it, I went back to my seat and gathered up my things and walked towards the exit so I can get into the airport and leave.

"There you are!"  I hear as something hits me and I'm lying on the ground.  "I don't know where the hell you've been, but I've had it with you."

"What the fuck is your problem?"  I ask JT as he stood over me, waving his fist at me.

"Funny, I was about to ask you that very same things," he says, not moving from the spot he was in as I slid back on the ground and got up.  "I don't know where you've been, but I have a slight feeling it has something to do with that young man over there."

Turning and looking in the direction he was pointing, I saw Evan walking off the plane.  Our eyes made a quick connection, but he hurriedly looked away from my gaze.  I don't get what happened.  One minute he's hot and now he's running on cold.  I'll have to find him later and maybe talk.  I would like to know why he treated me the way he did back there.

"Answer me damnit!"  I hear JT shout, snapping me out of my trance.

"What?"  I ask, turning back to him.

"I asked what the hell you did!"  JT shouts at me again, clearly making a scene and drawing unneeded attention to us.

"I didn't do anything that's your business," I tell him as I grab my bags and walked past him as he followed me into the building.

When we got into the airport, two police officers and my lawyer was waiting.  Looking back at JT, he smiled at me and wiped his hands like he was cleaning them of something.  Sighing, one of the police officers walked over to me, cuffed me and began reading me my rights.  Apparently, the bar I was in the night before decided that I was the one that caused the trouble and told the police some bogus shit that I was in the bar making sexual advances towards straight men that didn't want my attention.  What a bunch of bullshit.

A Few Hours Later -- The Richardson/Anderson/Carter Estates
Kevin and JT's Bedroom

Kevin's POV

I'm so glad we got the boys settled into their new bedroom trouble free.  It seems Lydia did a good job on the room decorating and an even better job on picking out toys that the boys liked.  When we got home and put them in their, they ran over to the toy box and within a matter of minutes, toys were thrown all over the place.  To say the least, they like their room.  As for JT, and me our new bedroom looks dull.  Why in the world didn't he allow Lydia to decorate in here, this place looks so...so drab.  Redecoration for this room would require the use of a wrecking ball and maybe some jackhammers.  Hell, I think if we gave the boys some crayons and letters, they could probably make this room look somewhat livable.

"What's on your mind baby?"  I ask him as I roll over on the bed and wrap my arms around him.

"Your cousin," he tells me as I was wondering when he was going to bring up what happened between him and Brian.  "He called me a fucking wannabe celebrity and then as the cops were dragging his ass away, he called me a bitch wannabe, whatever the hell that is.  What is the problem with him?  Why is it that he has to make our lives so complicated?"

"I don't know baby," I tell him, not really wanting to get into another argument about Brian.  "This is our time baby, the boys are asleep...why don't we concentrate on us."

"Hmmm, sounds like daddy Kevin is trying to be naughty," he tells me, smiling as he wraps an arm around my back and pulls me close to him as we kiss.

"Damn skippy," I say, rolling over on top of him now as he puts his folder down and wraps both arms around me now.  "Daddy JT wants to be just as naughty as I do."

"Maybe, maybe not," he says as I kiss him quickly and move into a straddling position on his hips.  "Now that you've changed positions, maybe I do."

"Mmmmhmmm, I kinda figured you would change your answer baby," I say, gyrating my hips a bit to put some pressure on his growing erection.  "You like that baby?"

"You know I do baby," he says, placing his hands on my hips, holding me in place as I started to wiggle, trying to tease him more.  "Keep that up and I'm going to throw you on the bed and tease you back."

"Hmmmm, maybe that's what I want you to do baby," I tell him, leaning down and kissing him on the mouth.

"Uhhhhhh!"  We hear as we both look towards the door.

"What was that?"  He asks, looking back up at me.  "Sounded like Nick."

"Yeah it did sound like him," I say, wondering what he and Justin were doing.  "If they are fucking, they a little bit too loud."

"You telling me," he says as we both wondered what those two were doing since we could hear them all the way over here in our part of the house.  Four walls of concrete separate us; we shouldn't be able to hear them over here.

"Owwww!"  We hear again as we both determined that it was Nick we just heard scream in pain.

"Could they be fighting?"  I ask him as he sat up, with me still straddling his hips.

"I don't know Kevin," he says as I wanted to go check things out.

"Why don't we go check things out," I tell him as he stopped me from moving off of him.

"Kevin that ain't our business," he tells me as I looked down at him strange.  "Keep your nose out of it.  That's between the two of them, not the two of us.  Remember our boundaries Kevin.  They are not in our house, they are in their own."

"Yeah that's true baby, but their house is right down the hall and it sounds like they are fighting or something," I tell him as we hear what sounds like something or someone falling.  "We need to go check on them baby."

"No we don't Kev.  I just told you that's not our business," he says as I got up off of him and walked out of the bedroom to the front door of our part of the house.  "Kevin, where are you going?"

"I'm going to see what's going on," I tell him, opening the door and walking down the hall towards their part of the house, stopping at the pool where I heard the most of the commotion.

15 Minutes Previously -- The Pool Area

Nick's POV

Thank God that we're home again.  We've had a very long day and a very tiring night as well.  When we got back into town today, the police were waiting at the airport to take Brian into custody for his actions back in New York.  I don't know what the hell is wrong with him, but he need to stop that shit he's doing before he actually ends up in jail doing some hard time.  He was lucky the last time, but I don't know what's going to happen on Monday when he goes to court for this new stuff he's gotten into.  I tell you, the harder we work, it seems Brian, AJ or Kevin tries to fuck that up.  It seems like me and D are the only ones that still have the heart to continue this band.  Oh well, the tour is over for now and we're back home. 

Now that we're home again, we have some vacation time coming and I want to take Justin away to some place nice and quiet.  It seems that things between us have been a little bit strained, but I hope the vacation will solve that problem.

When we got back here, I was expecting to see Aaron, but he's nowhere to be found.  I hope he's okay, when we last talked, he was so upset.  I want to know what's going on with him and Frankie, but I have my own problems to deal with here at home with Justin.  I just wish all these problems would just go away.  I'll go out and get him and maybe we can have a nice hot bath together.  I hope that settles him down a bit.  I don't know how to get through to him and I'm afraid he's going to start drinking more than he already is.  I just wish he'd talk to me and tell me what's going on.  I know it has something to do with his brothers, I just don't know what it is.

"Justin baby wake up," I softly say, shaking him lightly as something fell off of him onto the floor.

"Huh?  What the hell do you want?"  Justin asks, patting his chest for whatever it was that just hit the floor.

"Baby it's getting a bit cold out here.  Why don't you come back inside," I tell him as he finds what he's looking for on the ground, opening it up and taking a drink.

That's where he's been keeping it.  I thought that was a medicine bottle and he actually has alcohol in there.  He's getting smarter.  I threw all the other bottles out and he puts it in a medicine fucking bottle.

"I don't fucking care if it's cold or not.  Fuck off," he says, putting the top back on the bottle and placing it in the pocket inside of his jacket.

"Justin I don't want you to catch cold.  Come on into the house," I tell him as I reach for his hand and he snatches his hand away from me.

"Don't fucking touch me bitch!"  Justin shouts, hopping up out of the lounge chair and pushing me backwards.  "Don't you fucking touch me!"

"Justin?  Justin what's wrong?"  I ask him as he stood there breathing hard with a strange expression on his face I'd never seen.

"Get away from me!  Get away from me now!"  Justin shouts, pushing me backwards again.

"Justin, stop it!"  I shout at him, turning around quickly as he continues to watch me, still breathing hard.

"You!"  He shouts, pushing me backwards up against the wall of the pool house.

"Justin what are you doing?"  I ask him as he turned around and then smacked me hard across the face.  "Owwwww!  What the hell are you doing?"

"Shut the fuck up bitch!"  Justin shouts at me, grabbing me by the collar of my shirt and pulling me along with him.

Not wanting him pulling me the way he was, I pushed him and moved away from him.  I guess he didn't like that because he grabbed me again and tried jacking me up.  I smacked him in the face and he let me go.  Holding the side of his face, he looked at me with a strange form of hatred in his eyes that I'd never seen before.  Jumping on me, he pushed me down to the ground, causing me to hit my head and he grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and dragged me into the pool house.

"Stop it Justin!"  I screamed at him, struggling to get away from him.

"Shut the fuck up bitch!"  He shouts at me as he smacked me again, pushing me into the bedroom in there.  "I'm going to teach you a fuckin' lesson!"

He smacked me again and threw me down on the bed.  Smiling, he jumped on the bed, scaring the hell out of me as he crawled on top of me and tried kissing me.

"Justin, don't do this!"  I shout at him again, trying with all my strength to push him off of me again.

Holding me tightly, he leaned down and kissed me, almost me biting me in the process.  Laughing at me, he smacked me again and started pulling at my clothes.  Snapping the buttons off of my shirt, he started working on my belt buckle and pants.  Getting my pants loose, he started fondling me and I was able to push him off of me finally.

"What's the matter bitch?  You don't want me now?"  He asks me, pushing me up against the wall in the room.  "What's the problem now?  You fucking bitch and whine and now when I'm here with you, you want to fuckin' push me away.  Well that's not going to happen.  You wanted me, not you got me.  Ain't no turning back baby!"

"Justin stop it please," I tell him, holding both of my hands out in front of me to try and stop him.

"No!"  He shouts, jumping towards me again and then pushing me hard against the wall.

"No Justin, stop it!  Please don't do this!"  I shout at him as he pushed my head into the wall hard and turned around quickly.

"Shut the fuck up bitch!  I'm tired of hearing you," he says, snaking his arm around my neck and covering my mouth.  "When I'm done with you, you'll know when it's time to talk and when it's not."

"Justin, please don't!"  I scream at him as he pushed my pants the rest of the way down and I heard him unzip his pants.  "Justin please baby, please!"

"Shut up!"  He shouts, pushing my head against the wall again.  "I bet this is what you wanted bitch!" 

Like my body, my head was aching, hell my head was pounding like I was at a concert standing next to the speakers.  Justin had his hand around my neck still holding me in place as I now felt him moving in and out of me fast and hard.  If it was sex he wanted, all he had to do was ask, not beat me like this.  Why did he have to hurt me like this?

Kevin's POV

What the hell is going on with the two of them?  Sounds like they are having a round of rough sex, hell it sounds like they are fighting and seems like Justin's winning.  Walking into the pool area, I pushed the gate open that lead to the pool house and followed what looked like a trail of blood.  Stopping outside of the pool house, I peeked into the room, looking around at all the furniture and other items out of place.  Looks like a fucking tornado passed through here.  Hearing muffled groans and moans, I walked towards the bedroom and opened the door.  What I saw then almost knocked me on my ass.  There against the wall was a bloody-faced Nick with Justin standing behind him and he was fucking him rough and hard as Nick just stood there crying.

"What the hell are you doing Justin?"  I ask, running over to the two of them and snatching Justin away from Nick.

"Fucking hell!"  Justin shouts at me.  "I should have known!  You and Kevin got something going on!"

"Justin, what the hell's wrong with you?"  I ask him as he tried getting up off the floor, but falling backwards.  "Nicky are you okay?"

"Don't you touch him!"  Justin shouts at me, getting up off the floor now and lunging at me.  "He's mine!"

"Justin, stop it!"  I shout at him as he punches me in the stomach and pushes Nick down to the floor.

I don't know what was going on with Justin, but the smell of alcohol was sickening to me.  I punched him in the face, knocking him down again. He slid across the floor and held his face.  Kneeling down to Nicky, I held him in his arms as he just laid there crying.

"Justin, do not get back up!"  I shout at him, helping Nicky up off the floor and laying him on the bed.

"You fucking hit me!"  Justin shouts, moving to get up again.  "I'm going to fuck you up!"

"No you're not," I hear JT say behind me as he pushes Justin down and sat on him.  "What the hell is going on down here?"

"Justin raped Nick!"  I shout, not meaning to, but my anger was getting the best of me.

"Justin did what?!"  He asks, looking down at Justin and grabbing him by his hair.  "You want to run that by me again?"

"He's drunk, he didn't mean it," Nick weakly says through his tears as he held his head back against my chest.

"Drunk or not, he has no right to do this!"  JT shouts at him, getting up off of Justin and throwing him up against the wall in the room.  "How dare you hurt him like that?"

"JT baby calm down," I tell him, hoping he doesn't get carried away with beating on Justin.

I can't believe Justin would hurt Nicky like this.  What the hell is going on in his fucking mind to make him do something like this?  He has no reason to hurt or rape Nicky.  There has to be a reason behind this and I want to know what it fucking is.

"How dare you hurt your husband like that?  You want to hit somebody, hit me damnit!"  JT shouts, smacking Justin in the face as he just stood there, sliding away from JT on the wall.  "Naw muthafucka, you ain't sliding up out of here!  Get yo narra azz back over hur and take this damn ass whoopin!"

Watching JT and Justin tussle around in the corner, I looked down at Nick.  Oh man, he doesn't look so good.  He has so much blood on his face and his nose looks to be broken.  Justin did a number on him for both of his eyes to be black and swollen like this.  Looking down his chest, I see that he has some bruises on his chest and a few on his sides.  Justin knows better than to do something like this.  I thought he loved Nicky, but I don't know.  He'd have to be a fucking animal to hurt his husband like this.  Nicky is barely moving and I don't know if he's actually breathing or not.

Oh God, Oh God, Nick's not moving and his skin is getting cold.  Lord please let him be alright.  Looking back over to where JT and Justin were, JT had Justin in the corner by his collar and was punching him in the stomach over and over.  Not caring if he killed Justin or not, I got up off of the bed and laid Nicky on the pillows softly.  Oh God, his whole body looks terrible and there's blood seeping on the sheets from in between his legs.  Oh damn, he's blooding internally.  This is looking worse by the second.  Calling JT's name to get his attention, he threw Justin into the corner and kicked him in the stomach.

"Kevin what's wrong?"  JT asks me, sounding out of breath.

"He's blooding bad and it's down there," I tell him, pointing down at Nick's crotch area.

"Oh God, he must have some internal injures," JT says, turning around and punching Justin who trying to get up off the floor again.  "We need to get him to the hospital."

"I'll call an ambulance baby," I say as he shakes his head.

"No time for that, we have to take him ourselves," he says, turning around and punching Justin again as he helped me get Nick into the house so we can put something on to cover him before we ran for the cars, desperate to make it to the hospital before it was too late to help Nick.



I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.