"Get Ready...Tonight...Gonna make this a night [love] to remember."  by Shalamar

My Kinda Guy
A Love To Remember
Chapter -- 21, Part B
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

Feb 4 (Late Evening) -- Orlando, FL

The Richardson/Anderson/Carter Estates


Lawd things aren't going like they should around here.  I just found out that Willa Ford is a mommy and Nick might be the baby daddy.  Talk about drama, lawd this is just going to be one of those days.  I got up from where I was and walked over to her.  I turned her around, reached into my pocket to get the cuff key out and then took the handcuffs off of her.  Stepping away from her, she rubbed her wrists and then bent down and picked up the little girl.  Holding the little girl tight, she turned around as the little girl started to cry.

"Mommy did you find daddy?"  The little girl asks as I had to hurry and sit back down.

"No baby, mommy hasn't found daddy yet," Amanda answered as Aaron looked at me and shook his head and looked down.

"Why not mommy?  You said that this is where daddy was," the little girl says as there was a knock at the door followed by the doorbell ringing.

"I-I'll get that," I say, getting up and walking to the door to see who it was.

I opened the door to see Steve and about five other police officers standing behind him.  What in the hell was going on here?  Why are they all standing outside, I only requested that Steve come and pick her up.  Must be something else going on.

"Ah Steve, what's going on?"  I asked, looking at each of the police officers standing outside.

"You said you had Willa Ford here and she needed to be taken in," he says, looking around me.

"I do have Willa...I mean Amanda here.  What's going on Steve?  Am I missing something here?"  I ask him as he shakes his head.

"You don't know about Willa Ford, excuse me, Amanda Willaford?"  He asks as I turned around to look at her and then back at him.

"I know she used to date Nick way back then," I say, wondering what I was really missing here.

"That's right she dated him in the past.  She's not supposed to be here at all JT.  I thought you knew about the restraining order that Nick and the guys of Backstreet have against her.  She's not supposed to come within one hundred yards of him, his property or any of the other guys.  Since this is his house too, she's violated the terms of the restraining order and we have to take her in for that too," Steve explained as I turned around looking at her and then Aaron.  "Amanda was a very bad girl when she was with Nick."

"A bad girl?  How bad of a girl was she?"  I asked, still wondering what it was this girl had done and to Nick of all people.

"JT let's just say, she's similar to Justin, just worse and more frequent than he is," Aaron says as I turned around quickly, looking at him and then her, finally getting what she had done and was ready to pop a cap in her ass.  The only thing saving her from a beatdown was the little girl in her arms.

"Oh my, she...she beat on Nicky?"  I asked as Aaron shook his head to confirm what I was thinking.

"Yeah she beat him JT.  She beat him every time she didn't get her fucking way," Aaron says as I looked back to Amanda as she stood there holding the little girl in her arms, not even moving.

"You beat him?  Why would you do a thing like that?"  I asked her as she stood there acting like she was ignoring my words.  "Why did you do it Amanda?"

"I told you JT, she beat him because she didn't get her way," Aaron says, walking closer to the two of us now.  "So is Nick the father?"

"Haven't you figured that out already Aaron?"  She asks, not looking up at either of us.

"Well I just wanted a little verbal clarification you ..."  Aaron starts but I held my hand up to stop him from saying anymore.  He didn't need to be using bad words in reference to Amanda in front of the child.  I think the little girl has heard too much as it is.

"Nick is her father.  That's why we're here.  I wanted him to see his little girl," she replies as I step closer to her, wondering when she had the little girl.

"So how old is she Amanda?"  Aaron asks her.

"She's almost six years old," she replies, looking up at us now.  "I had her a few months after you guys had me locked up."

"You say it like we did it on purpose," Aaron sarcastically says.  "If we didn't stop you when we did, you'd killed Nicky."

"Whatever Aaron.  You act like it was all my fault," Amanda says, turning away from the both of us.

"It was your fault Amanda," Aaron says, frowning.  "You were the one that always started the fights.  You were the one that always beat him.  He never laid a finger on you."

"If he..." She starts but stops when she looked down at the little girl.  "I'm sorry Bella I shouldn't have brought you here.  I think I've made things worse than they already were.  I didn't think things through like I should have."

"Are we done with the history lesson now?"  Steve asked as he and his officer friends were ready to lead Ms. Amanda Willaford out of the house.

"I guess so," I say as I hear voices in the house, mainly in the back entrance area.  "Excuse me, you may carry on if you like."

Before I could get to the back of the room, I saw Kevin, Justin and Tyler walking into the room and they were talking very heatedly, probably arguing with Justin about Nick

"Baby what's going on out front?"  Kevin asks as he stopped in his tracks when he saw Amanda.  "You!  You fucking bitch!"

"Kevin calm down," I say as the next thing I knew, he had ran past me and was being held back by a few of the police officers.

"You shouldn't even be here!  Why are you here?"  Kevin asks, still struggling with the police officers.

"Kevin calm down," I tell him as he struggled more.

"You put us all through fucking hell!"  Kevin screamed as I stepped in front of him, hoping that would somewhat calm him down or stop him from struggling.

"I know she did Kev, but you have to calm down now.  Let the police handle her," I tell him as it was like he was ignoring me.  "Kevin Richardson Poole stop!  Get control of yourself!"

That got his attention and Amanda's too.  As soon as she figured things out, she started pointing at Kevin.  Glaring at her, he wrapped his arms around me and started to cry.  Okay, I'm really missing a lot here.  What in the hell did she do to these guys to have everybody ready to kill her.  I just found out she beat Nick, but what did she do to Kevin to have him like this.  I could understand his anger for Nick, but for him to be this angry there has to be something else going on.

"I think it's time we took her out of her," Steve says, surveying the scene between Kevin, me and Aaron.

"Steve wait," I say as Kevin pulled back and looked at me.  "Give us a few minutes."

"A few minutes?  A few minutes for what baby?"  Kevin asks, not noticing the little girl yet.

"Amanda did you really come here to tell Nick that your daughter, Bella is his child?"  I ask her as she nods her head.

"Arabella Nicolette Carter is his daughter," Amanda says, hugging the little girl closer to her chest.

"Nick has a child?"  Kevin and Justin ask in unison.

"Yeah, the little girl right over there," I say, pointing to the little girl as Justin sighs and walks out of the room and Kevin sits down in the nearest chair.

"So you were pregnant the last time we had you arrested," Kevin says, shaking his head.  "Nicky told us that you might have been pregnant, but we didn't believe he could've been the father with your history."

"Kevin I believe he's the father of that child.  Just look at her closely," I say as he looked back over to the little girl and then at Aaron.

"Well damn it all to hell," he says, getting up.  "So he's the father of the child.  What are you doing here Amanda?  You know you weren't supposed to violate the restraining order.  There were other ways you could have told him about this child."

"I wanted her to see her father in person," she says as a few tears rolled down her cheek.

"Well sorry to say, but Nicky isn't here right now," he says, getting up and walking over to Amanda.  "You'll just have to find another way to introduce him to his child."

"Whatever you cold-hearted prick," she says as Steve walked closer to her.

"Steve, just escort her out of the house and off of our property, don't take her to jail yet," I say as Kevin looked at me funny.  "Amanda you're getting a free pass right now, courtesy of me.  If you come here again unannounced, then you'll surely be arrested and taken right to jail.  You will not pass go and you won't collect two hundred dollars.  I suggest you contact a lawyer and have him contact Justin and Nick's lawyers to set up a meeting for him and his child."

"What!  Are you crazy?  I'm not looking to be ignored here," she says as Steve shook his head.

"Are you sure you don't want me to arrest her?" He asks, looking at Amanda with a whole lot of hatred in his eyes.

"I'm sure about it Steve, just escort her and her daughter off the property this time.  You can make an informal report and explain that all charges against her for this matter were dropped by me," I tell him as he shook his head and escorted Amanda and Arabella Nicolette out to the car they arrived in.

Later that Night -- Florida Hospital -- Nick's Room

Nikki's POV

"N-no... Justin please... don't!" Nick moaned, thrashing around in his sleep. I laid the book I was reading aside, sitting on the bed beside Nick and caressing his hair.

"Nick... wake up sweetie," I said softly, taking his hand in mine. "Nick, it's Nikki. Open your eyes sweetie."

"Justin... I'm sorry I made you mad," Nick moaned, pulling away from me. His eyes opened and he stared at me, but the glassy look in his eyes told me that he wasn't really seeing me. "Please, don't hurt me anymore."

"Justin isn't here Nick—and I'll be damned if I'll let him hurt you again," I whispered vehemently, stroking his hair until he relaxed and fell asleep again. His eyes opened again almost immediately and he stared at me for a second. "Hey there sleepyhead... How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay I guess," he replied through a yawn, rubbing his eyes and looking at me. "Have you been here all this time?"

"I sure have," I replied, showing him my book. "I finally got a chance to catch up on my reading, so I'm taking it and running. Kevin and Aaron just left, but I told them not to come back until they'd had a chance to rest and get something to eat."

"Has—has Justin been here?" Nick asked, his eyes filled with fear. I narrowed my eyes in anger, but the fear in Nick's eyes stopped me cold. "He's gonna come hurt me again, isn't he?"

"No he's not!" I snapped, holding his hand tighter. "Nick, I'll kick Justin's ass myself before I'd let him hurt you. Pregnant or not, me and him would have to be some fightin' mofos if he tried to hurt you again."

"Hey, no scrappin' allowed wife," Howie said from the doorway, smiling as he walked over to me. He kissed me briefly before turning his attention to his little brother. "Hey Nick... how are you doing little bro?"

"I'm okay D," Nick replied, smacking D's hand away when he tried to tousle his hair. "Cut that out!"

"Oh, I see how you're gonna be," D stated with a grin as he sat on the arm of my chair. "My wife, who you've only known for what—2 years, can rub your hair, but I can't? That's just wrong little bro. Even though I've known you since you were shorter than me. You're just wrong!"

"Whatever D," Nick snapped with the first real smile I'd seen on his face all day. The smile faded just as fast as it had appeared though and the fearful look came back. "So what happened when Justin came by earlier... did he try to see me?"

"Yeah he did, but Kevin told him to go home," D stated, ignoring the pointed look I was giving him. "Hopefully Big Daddy Kevin threatening to beat the shit out of him should keep him from bothering you anymore until you're discharged—which should be sometime--"

"Yeah but what about after I go home," Nick interjected, anxiety turning his eyes a brilliant shade of blue. "I can't go back to that house! I know if I do he's just gonna hurt me again—Nikki, can I come stay with you? I won't be any trouble and I'm really neat, so you wouldn't have to clean up behind me or anything..."

"Nick... you don't have to sell me on letting you live with us until you're ready to go home," I stated, looking at Howie for confirmation. He nodded, but something in his eyes told me that he wasn't exactly pleased with me.

Get ova yourself honey, I thought with a smirk, turning my attention back to Nick. "You can go home long enough to get what you need, or we can have JT & Kevin bring it over to the house... your choice."

"What about if Justin tries to come there to see me?" he asked, looking like a frightened child. I sat on the bed beside him again, hugging him as tight as his injuries would allow.

"Nick, somehow I don't think Justin's gonna want to fuck with me like that," I stated with an evil smile. "Besides, you've seen me in action before—would you want to cross me?"

"Not if I stay in one piece," Nick quipped, snickering as he remembered all the beatdowns I'd dispensed over the last few years that he'd known me.

"Well then that's settled," I said, gathering up my stuff so I could leave. I kissed Nick's cheek then stood aside while Howie did the same. "We're gonna head home so we can get your room ready for you. The boys are gonna be so excited to have Uncle Nicky with them. I'll try to come back to see you tomorrow morning, now get some rest."

"What if he tries—" Nick asked, but Howie cut him off.

"He won't try anything with the bodyguards out there Nick," Howie stated, standing beside me. "Kevin has them under strict orders not to let anyone who isn't me, him, Aaron, JT, or Nikki in here who isn't hospital staff... you'll be fine."

"Okay... I'll see you guys in the morning," Nick said, stifling a yawn as we walked out. I glanced back at his door as we waited for the elevator, nodding at the guards who stood by the door like hungry pit bulls ready to rip Justin a new one if he should happen to show his face in the hospital.

I hope he does show up... it would serve his evil ass right! I thought with a frown as D and I rode downstairs in silence. I think I'm gonna need a vacation!

Later that Night -- Back in Callahan, FL -- The Flash Foods Convenience Store Addie Mae was at previously...

"Son calm down and take a breath.  Now start from the beginning and speak slowly and clearly.  What happened here today?"  The police officer asks, doing his best to calm the store clerk down.

"I told you that crazy black woman tried to kill me!  She reached over the counter and tried to strangle me to death damnit!  When I got out of her death grip, she smacked me and told me to stop popping my gum," the store clerk says, tears streaming down his face.  "I was so scared.  She was cursing and screaming at me.  I didn't know what she was going to do to me."

"So all she did was rough you up a little bit?"  The other officer asks, laughing a lil bit as the store clerk started to blush.

"She got made with me because I didn't have enough money to give her back for the fifty dollar bill she had to pay for her stuff.  I just gave her what was in here and took what she gave me so she could leave," the store clerk says, blowing his nose on his handkerchief.  "I didn't want her to hurt me...I think she...she had a gun in her purse."

"What?  She had a gun in her purse?  Boy why didn't you say so earlier," the first officer says, turning around and walking outside.

"Oh we got us a chase now," the second officer says as he shakes the store clerk's hand and walks out the door behind the other officer.

"Man she didn't take anything.  I don't even think she had a gun," the other clerk in the store says as the first store clerks starts smirking.

"She might've had a gun, she might not have, who knows," he says, turning around and walking around the counter.  "That'll teach that bitch to go around attacking people the way she did.  Trying to embarrass me, I don't play that shit."

"Man you ain't right," the second store clerk says as the first throws his apron on the countertop and walks out.

"Well I don't care what you think, I'm going home, I deserve to take the rest of the day off; I almost lost my life today," the first clerk says, laughing and walking out of the store.

A Few Minutes Later -- Down Highway #1 Going South

"That's right guys, keep your eyes open for a red 1964 Cadillac with gold-plated rims and something about dropping switches.  The driver of said vehicle is a tall black woman with grey hair, heavy rimmed glasses, a tropical flower print sun dress that stops below the knee with white nurses shoes and support hosiery on," the police officer explains over the radio.  "Approach suspect with caution, she is said to be armed."

"If we drive faster boss, we'll catch and put the smack down on `er," the second officer says, moving around hyperactively in the passenger seat.

"Settle down Ellis," the first officer says, taking a bite of his donut.  "We'll catch her before the state cops do."

"Ooh weeeee!  I can't wait.  Speed up Charlie!  We gotta go faster," Ellis, the second officer says as Charlie sped up in hopes to catch their suspect.

Feb 5 (Early Morning) -- New York - Ryker's Island Prison

Phyllis' POV

Why do I even waste my time praying to be free again, when I know that damn bitch is on the outside prayer blocking?  Why is it that each day that goes by, I wake up to only find out that I'm still stuck in this fucking hellhole?  Why can't these people see that I'm right and that fucking bitch is wrong?  She's wrong in everything she does and she's going to ruin the lives of everyone around her.  It's not doing those little boys or my granddaughter any good if I'm stuck here in prison and can't take them from her.  They are still with that bitch and she's corrupting them more and more with each passing day.  I got to do something and now if I'm going to save those little children from her.

"Well well, look what we have here," Muriel says, walking into the room with Judy following her.  "Looks like Phyllis is ready for a little bit more action girls.  Tag her!"

"Please no," I say, getting up off the toilet and trying to get my clothes back up as I moved back against the wall.

"Don't be trying to pull those back up.  We're only going to pull them back down," Judy says, smiling wickedly as she moved closer to me.

"I don't even know why she keeps putting up a fight," Muriel says, moving to the other side of me.

"I told you, I don't like what you girls do to me," I tell her as Judy grabbed the side of my face and started licking me.

I don't need this kind of stuff happening to me right now, I need to be doing something to get my grandchildren to safety.  Standing here being assaulted by these funky ass bitches isn't helping me or those little babies.  I have to stop this right now.  What can I do to get me out of her right now?

"Please don't do this to me," I say as Judy stops licking and pulls back.

"Come on Phyllis, your mouth is saying one thing, but your body is actually saying another.  If you didn't like what we do to you, your body wouldn't respond," Muriel says, smiling as she punched me in the stomach and it felt like my insides were being torn apart.

"Owww!"  I screamed out as Judy covered my mouth as Muriel grabbed my pants and panties and pulled them back down, leaning closer to me as I felt her fingers enter me causing more pain to me.

"Damn she's gotten tight.  I wonder how that happened Judy," Muriel says, forcing her fingers into me faster.  "Damn, I think we might need to do this more often and she wouldn't be so damn tight.  I'm scared she's going to clamp down on my fingers and break them off or something."

"I bet she could do wonders for a man," Judy says from besides me as she started nipping at my ear.

"I bet she could.  I think she's doing this on purpose so I can't taste her," Muriel says, removing her fingers from me and then punching me again.  "Loosen up bitch!"

"Owww God, please stop," I beg as Judy kept nipping at my ear.  "I'm an old woman.  I don't deserve this."

"You deserve what we do you bitch," Muriel says, slapping me in the face.  "Stop begging, it's not helping your image."

"I don't care about my image, I just want you to stop," I say as she smiles, and kneels down in front of me and the next thing I felt was her tongue tickling me down there.

Oh God, please help me.  Please stop these attacks on me.  I'm in hell Lord.  I can't go on dealing with this torture.  If this is how hell is Lord, please help deliver me from evil.  I don't want to endure this for an eternity.

After 9 AM -- Orlando, FL -- Orange County Police Department

John Patrick's POV

I can't believe that bitch Willa Ford caused all those problems for the guys last night.  When Steve told me that she was a bitch, I thought he was just being malicious because of how she was acting when they drug her ass in here.  After reading all these reports about her, I know better now.  What a fucking evil bitch she is.  The woman needs to be put under the jail, not in it.  I feel so sorry for Nick Carter and Alex McLean.  She had no reason doing to them what she did.  Women like her need to be taught a lesson when it comes to domestic violence. 

Back when this matter first started, she got away scott-free.  When the guys called the police on her, no one actually believed that she was abusing Nick.  It took for Nick to actually be close to death in the fucking emergency room before anyone would believe that she had done anything to him.  After all the hospital reports and emergency room visits some officers were still skeptical about the whole matter.

With the way she's hurt Nick, it's no fucking wonder they all have restraining orders against her ass.  She's lucky it was them and not me; I'd bust her ass to hell if it was.  I'd treat her ass like a man and hit her ass back.  Women like her deserve very harsh and painful treatment when it comes to the stuff she's done.

Since getting back into town, JT has been on my case around the clock about taking care of certain things with my old job.  I know I should have taken care of this stuff before starting work with his company, but I just had to get away from that place.  Now that I've taken care of this, I'm finally free to be myself.  I can be the gay man that I know I am and I don't have to be scrutinized for it.  Now that I've finalized all of my paperwork and been released from the force, I'm totally a free agent, which means I can work for his company without any problems.  I bet he'll be happy this is done with.

Now if I could just get Brian Littrell to fall in love with me, I'll be alright.  I know JT said that starting a relationship with him wouldn't be good, but for the short time that I was with him, I've developed a heavy crush on him and I don't know if I'll ever get over that any fucking time soon.  Lusting after Brian is probably going to turn my life up fucking side down.



I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.