"Get Ready...Tonight...Gonna make this a night [love] to remember." by Shalamar

My Kinda Guy
A Love To Remember
Chapter -- 3
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

New York, NY - The Soffitel - Nick and Justin's Room -- Dec. 31, 2004 (After Midnight)

Justin's POV

I rolled over in bed and licked my lips.  The taste of the previous night's drinking had condensed all of my senses and caused a loud thumping noise in my mind.  The sight besides me on the bed softened my senses and brought a smile to my face.  Since marrying Nick, I've discovered some new things about my husband. I'd gotten to know Nick in some very sexual and kinky ways over the last few months and those things turned me on more sexually.

He laid on his side, facing me, a disheveled angel whom decided on a whim last night to get a hair cut and get rid of his spiked blonde hair.  He tried to convince me to get my hair cut too, but I'm not giving up my locks just yet.  The moonlight bathed his chest in blades of silver, casting a strange looking glow around his body.  I was in heaven watching him sleep.  Nick's jaw, full and defined was developing a nice line of stubble since his last shaving.  His lips, full, soft and pink looked so good and I just had to kiss them.

"Hi baby what's up?"  He asks me, wrapping his arms around me.

"I just had to kiss you baby."  I tell him, letting my lips graze his again.

"Mmmmm, I like it when you do that baby."  He expresses, pulling me closer as we share a passionate kiss.  "What are you doing up baby?"

"I couldn't sleep baby, I'm worried about Kev and JT."  I tell him, laying my head on his chest.

"Why are you worried Justy?"  He asks me, running his fingers through my hair.

"I'm worried that we're going to lose him."  I say, thinking back to each time JT had flat-lined yesterday.  "He could have died yesterday."

"I know Justy, I know."  He says, kissing the top of my head.  "JT's a fighter.  I don't think he's going to leave us that easily."

"I know baby, I'm just scared for him is all."  I say, not wanting to think about our lives without JT in it now.

"Baby it's pretty late.  You know we have to be up and ready to go in a little bit."  He says, reminding me that we were leaving in the morning.

Glancing at the clock on the stand beside the bed, I realized that in nine hours we would be boarding a plane off to Orlando, not knowing whether or not we would see JT again.  Damn record contracts.  If I didn't have commitments to do for Jive, I would stay but I can't and Nicky can't either because he and the BSB guys have commitments of their own to deal with.  I don't want to leave JT, but I have no choice in the matter.

I'm a little bit horny right now and I feel like starting something with Nick, but we're both tired from the drinking and we both need our rest.  Hell, the last thing I want to do is drag on to a plane and sleep all the way home.  I just don't like planes, but you can't travel in a timely fashion without them.  I might can slip my hand up his leg and into his boxers and suck him off or maybe I can roll on top of him and let his cock slide up into my crack, but that's just more work than needed.  Hell I should just go back to sleep since he already has.

Los Angeles, CA - Club Escalade - Last Call @ The Club

"Come on man this is last call.  Are you going to order something else or what?"  The bartender asks.

"No man I'm cool."  AJ says, slamming back his beer.

"Hey man what's up?  You want to get out of here?"  AJ hears as he turns around to see a tall, dark and handsome black guy standing behind him.

"No thank you, I'm with someone."  AJ replies, turning back around and getting up from the stool.

"He must be invisible.  I don't see nobody here guy.  I ask you again, do you want to get out of here and like let's go out back and you suck my cock?"  The guy asks as AJ walks away from him.  "I'm talking to you man!"

"Obviously you didn't take the hint."  AJ says, walking down the aisle and out of the bar.

"Stupid little bitch!  You ain't all that!"  The guy shouts, walking out of the bar behind AJ.  "Hey you!  Bitch!  Don't walk away from me!  You ain't all that!"

"I'm enough, thank you very much."  AJ sarcastically says, walking down the street in the direction of his car.

"Get your ass back here bitch!"  The guy shouts, grabbing AJ's arm and pulling him close.  "I didn't say you could leave."

"I don't need your fucking permission."  AJ says, pulling away from the guy and walking away again.

"Look fucker you're not leaving until you polish my knob!"  The guy hollers, pushing AJ down to the ground.

"I'm not going to do any fucking thing."  AJ says calmly getting up off the ground as the guy pushes him backwards against the wall and starts hitting him.

"I said polish my knob!"  The guy shouts at AJ.

"I said no d..."  AJ says, being hit in the stomach by the guy and then kicked in the side.  "Owww!"

"Stupid trick!"  The guy shouts, kicking AJ repeatedly in the side.  "That'll teach you to play hard to get!"

"Hey!  What's going on over there?"  Someone asks coming out of the bar.

"You're lucky this time you little bitch.  Next time I tell you to do something, you do it damnit!"  The guy shouts, kicking AJ a final time and then running off before the other person could see him.

"Are you okay guy?"  The person asks.  "Damn you don't look so good.  I'm going to get an ambulance; you need medical attention and quick."

Someplace in Europe

"Hello?"  A young woman answers her cell phone, rolling around on the bed she was lying in, trying to get into a comfortable position.  "Who is this?"

"This is Steve.  Are you in bed right now?  Isn't it like the middle of the day right now in Europe?"  Steve asks, as the woman moves around on the bed, knocking something off of it.

"Yeah it's the middle of the day darn it, but I wasn't feeling well and decided to take a nap.  Is that a crime Steve?"  The young woman asks.  "What's up, why are you calling me right now, I know you have better things to do."

"You need to come back home.  Our brother has been killed."  Steve tells the woman as the sound of crying could be heard through the phone.

"What!  Oh God no!  What happened to Joey?"  The young woman asks, crying herself now.

"Not Joey, its Michael.  Michael was killed the other day.  Mom and I need you to come home for his funeral."  Steve says, sniffling.

"Oh God Steve, who killed him and why?"  The young woman asks, loudly blowing her nose.

"I don't know who killed him.  There's still an investigation going on."  Steve says, wiping at his eyes with his sleeve as someone walks into the room he's in.  "Just please catch the next flight back to New York, Mom just need all of us home so we can attend his funeral."

"I'm going to pack and I'll be on the next Red Eye out."  The young woman says, looking around the room.  "Tell mom to be strong."

"I will.  Just get here soon."  Steve says as the two of them disconnected the call.

New York, NY - Bellevue Hospital - JT's ICU Room - Just Before Dawn

"Good morning Mr. Poole, how are you feeling?"  The nurse asks, walking over to the bed and picking up JT's chart.

"Good morning nurse.  I feel okay, just waiting to go home."  JT replies, pulling himself up in the bed.

"Well I have no control of that Mr. Poole.  What I do have control of is you getting out of bed and walking down the hall for a bit.  We don't need your muscles to degenerate on you," The nurse says, pushing the bed rails down and handing JT his robe.  "Should I leave and come back later?"

"No we can go on and do it now.  It's not like I have anyplace else to go, " JT says, getting up out of bed with the help of the nurse, standing on wobbly legs.  "So when are they going to remove this thing?"

"Well someone should have removed the catheter already.  If you want I can remove it now or you can wait until you are done walking.  The choice is totally up to you."  The nurse tells him, as she unplugs the IV monitor.  "Use the IV monitor for support, it does wonders as a walker."

"I bet it does, it looks like a big giant cane with a mailbox on it."  JT laughs, following the nurse out of the room.

"Well some people view it as a coat rack.  I've never heard of it being referred to as a giant cane with a mailbox on it.  I will have to keep that one in mind."  The nurse states, closing JT's room door.

Back at the Hotel - The Main Suite

"Kevin...Kevin wake up," Nick softly say, shaking Kevin lightly.  "Come on Kevin you got to wake up man."

"Wh-what's wrong Nick?"  Kevin asks, sitting up on the sofa, looking at Nick strangely.

"Don't you remember?  The taxi is outside waiting to take us to the airport."  Nick answers him.

"You and Justin go ahead.  I'm not going.  I have to go see JT first.  Then I will catch the next flight out."  Kevin tells him, standing up now.

"What?  That's not the plan bro.  Management wants us back in Orlando today by one and no later."  Nick tells him standing up now.  "We can't change our plans now, it's too late Kevin.  I know you don't want to leave JT, but we have no choice, we have to go."

"Fuck what management wants!"  Kevin shouts, turning away from Nick and walking over to the other side of the room.  "I'm tired of jumping at their every whim!  I'm not leaving JT; I'm staying here with him until I get ready to go back to Orlando!"

"Hey hey, what's going on you two?"  Justin asks, walking into the room.  "Why are you two doing all this shouting out here?"

"He's trying to get us into trouble with management," Nick says, throwing his hands up.  "We're already behind with this damn tour and now he's not going because he doesn't want to leave JT."

"I'm not and I won't leave him.  I will return to Orlando if and when he's by my side, not before then."  Kevin responds as Nick stomps his feet and runs into the bathroom.

"Kevin are you sure about that man?" Justin asks him.

"Justin you know better than to ask me something like that."  Kevin replies, glaring at Justin evilly.  "You know how I feel right now about leaving JT.  I don't know why he's ackin' like a bitch.  He would do the same thing if it was you."

"Yeah I know he would Kev, but Nicky isn't thinking about that right now.  With all the things that have happened with us already, you guys are really behind.  Nicky told me that your Management people are freaking out because of it and they are thinking about pulling the plug on you guys' recording time."  Justin tries to explain to Kevin, Nick's way of thinking.

"Do you really think I give a damn about any of that?  JT is what matters to me, not the damn Backstreet Boys!"  Kevin shouts, holding his head down as Justin hugs him.  "I'm not leaving my husband alone until he's better."

"Kevin just calm down," Justin says, rubbing Kevin's back as he allowed his friend to cry on his shoulder.

"I can't calm down Justin.  It's like...it's like he doesn't care that JT was hurt," Kevin says, sniffling, "why is he ackin' so heartless?"

"I don't know Kev, I don't know."  Justin answers him as their room door opens and Nick walks back into the room.

"I'm sorry Kev.  I shouldn't have gotten upset with you like that."  Nick states, walking over to Kevin and Justin and wrapping his arms around the both of them.  "I hope you forgive me Kevin.  I don't want you to be mad with me.  Why don't we all go to the hospital and see JT?"

"We can't, we have to catch a plan in an hour and a half."  Justin says, looking at Nick strange.

"We will have time to drop Kevin off and get to the airport," Nick says, smiling evilly to himself.

"Sounds like a good idea," Kevin says, smiling as he kisses Nick on the cheek.  "Get your stuff and let's go."

20 Minutes Later -- In the Limo to the Airport

Nick's POV

What the hell is he thinking?  He waits to the last minute to pull this crap.  I'm not going to let him ruing things for us.  I know he loves JT, but love can wait, this is our fucking careers he's playing around with.  I'm not going to let him ruin things for me.  I've worked too fucking hard to get where I am and I'm not going to let one old, over the hill man squash all that.  I got plans, I got plans bigger than Kevin and only God can stop those plans.  I'm going to take control of this right now and get us to where we belong.

"Baby what's on your mind?"  Justin asks, looking over at me.

"Nothing much baby, just thinking about all the stuff that has happened to us lately."  I answer him, looking over at Kevin.  "He looks so good when he's sleeping like this."

"He does look cute."  Justin replies, smiling at me as I lean closer to Kevin, placing my hand on his chest.  "Baby what are you doing?"

"I think he's hot.  I want to feel his body."  I tell him, leaning closer to Kevin's body and nipping at his ear.  "Oh God his scent is so enticing."

"Baby now isn't the time for this sort of thing."  Justin says, as I run my hand down to Kevin's crotch, unzipping his jeans and slipping my hands into the fly, noting that he wasn't wearing underwear.

"Justin this is the perfect time."  I tell him, pulling out Kevin's cock and leaning down to sniff it.  "Oh God, that manly scent, damn he smells so good."

"Nicky!"  Justin shouts at me.

"Mmmm that feels so good baby."  Kevin moans, as I ease my mouth down on his cock.

"Why don't you join me Justy, we can both have fun at this."  I tell him, reaching for his hand as he moves out of my reach.

"Now isn't the time damnit!"  Justin shouts at me as Kevin wakes up from his sleep. 

"What's going on guys?"  Kevin asks, looking at Justin and then me.  "Did I miss something guys?"

"Kevin tuck yourself in."  Justin tells him, pointing to his dick that was sticking straight up out of his fly.

"Wh-what's going on here?"  Kevin asks, looking down, noticing his manhood was out in the open.

"Lover boy there was trying to have fun with you while you slept."  Justin tells him, glaring at me, looking like he was ready to beat me down.

"I don't see the problem.  He was stressed earlier and I was trying to give him something to make him feel good.  You know JT's not able to give him anything right now."  I tell him, licking my lips.

"Nicky be quiet!"  Justin shouts at me, a tear rolling down his cheek.  "Now isn't the time."

"Where are we going?"  Kevin asks, looking out of the window.  "I thought we were headed to the hospital?"

"We are headed to the hospital," Justin says, pressing the button to let the window down.  "Driver where the hell are we right now?"

"We are a few minutes from the airport."  The driver answers.

"What!"  Kevin shouts, looking at Justin and then at me.  "Driver turn this fucking car around!"

"I can't sir, traffic is backed up on the freeway."  The driver replies as Kevin punches the divider window.

"Why didn't he go to the hospital?!"  Kevin shouts, looking at the two of us.

"Kev calm down."  Justin tells him.

"No damnit!  I want to know why the driver didn't take me to the fucking hospital to see JT!  I'm not leaving New York until I see him!"  Kevin shouts again, kicking the seat.

"We couldn't stop by the hospital Kev, we're already behind.  We need to get to the airport and then to Orlando."  I tell him as Justin slides over to me.

"Baby you told the driver to take us directly to the airport didn't you?"  Justin asks me.

"Yea I did..."  I tell him as he slaps me.  "Justin!"

"That's what you were doing!  You were trying to damn distract Kevin so he wouldn't know that we were not at the hospital!"  Justin shouts, turning away from me as Kevin grabs me by the collar.

"How the fuck could you do this to me?"  He asks, tears falling from his eyes.  "I thought you were m-my friend!"

"I am your friend Kevin," I say as he pushes me in the seat across from him and moves to hit me, but stops.  "You're not worth hitting right now!"

"Kevin I did it for us," I say, moving back over next to him.  "You know we need to do this, we're behind and management's pissed."

"Fuck this shit Nick.  You fucking tricked me!  I thought you were my friend, but I guess I was wrong.  I'll never forgive you for this.  Fuck you and the Backstreet Boys, I quit!"  Kevin shouts, looking out the window quickly and then getting out of the car.

"Kevin!  Kevin where the hell are you going?"  Justin asks, getting out of the car too.  "You can't walk away like this!"

"I'm going to the hospital where my husband is!"  Kevin screams as Justin gets back into the car.

"Look what you have fucking done!"  Justin shouts at me.  "Because of your stupid and childish actions, he's gone!"

"Oh God, is he crazy?"  I ask, opening the door and looking out.  "He's out of his mind.  He's trying to ruin us!"

"Nicky I don't know what's gotten into you.  Why did you do this?  We had plenty of time to stop by the hospital to see JT before we left!"  Justin shouts at me.  "That's all he wanted was to see his husband mean ass.  I'm sure Kevin would have come with us after being with JT for a few minutes."

"No he wasn't baby; he wasn't going to leave him.  You know Kevin is stubborn.  When he puts his mind to something he does it.  We both know very well that he wasn't coming with us."  I tell him, crying now that Kevin has fucked all of us in the worst way.  "I had to do it Justin.  We're behind schedule because of JT and Nikki now and you know it.  Because of them, we're going to lose our studio time and God knows what else management wants to take from us."

"You can't blame this all on JT and Nikki.  Both of them are part of our family Nicky!"  Justin shouts at me.

"Yeah the part that's always throwing a wrench in our plans!"  I yell back at him as he slaps me again.  "Stop hitting me damnit!"

"I wouldn't have hit you if you hadn't done something totally stupid!"  Justin shouts at me as the door opens and the driver is standing there watching the two of us.

"We have arrived at the airport sirs."  The driver speaks, still holding the door open for us.  "I will get your luggage and have it transported inside.  "The plane is currently delayed."

"Delayed?  Why is it delayed?"  I ask him.

"Some kind of mechanical problem," The driver says, walking around to the back to get our bags.  "Security is waiting over there with Mr. Richardson."

"Kevin?  Kevin's here?"  Justin asks, getting out of the limo past me.

"He's right over there with the security guys."  The driver replies, loading the bags on a baggage cart.

"Kevin are you okay?"  Justin asks, walking over to Kevin.

"Justin just leave me alone.  I'm not in the mood right now."  Kevin replies, turning away from me.

"Kevin man come on, please don't close me out.  Come on, let me explain, I don't know what all happened in the car, just know that I had nothing to do with it.  I'm not responsible for Bozo's actions back there," Justin says, looking around to see me walking closer to him and Kevin. "Frankly, I think he's fell and bumped his head or something.  You know I would never do anything to keep you from your husband, but I don't mind if you keep mine at bay right now."

"I don't know what's wrong with Nick.  He's been acting strange since before Christmas.  Has he been taking his meds like he's supposed to?"  Kevin asks, looking back to see Craig walking over to him and Justin.

"As far as I know of he's taking his meds Kevin, but I do agree that he's been acting strange for a while."  Justin states just as they see a man walk over to their general direction.

"The Jive group?"  The man asks, holding the door open.  "You will be boarding the plane first."

"Great."  Nick says, walking past Justin and Kevin.

"Kevin are you actually going back right now?"  Justin asks.

"Yeah I'm going to go back and basically say what I need to say and then I'm coming back here to be with JT."  Kevin answers him, looking down as they walked down the corridor.

A Bathroom on the opposite side of the Airport

Brian's POV

I had been waiting on the guys for about an hour now and hell I was tired of waiting.  I was told by management that our flight would be scheduled to leave here by seven and it's clearly after eight now.  I can't take this waiting any longer.  I got...need to get some action from somewhere, but from who is the question.

Walking down the corridor towards the bathroom I spot him.  Damn he looked hot and looked as though he needed someone to work him over.  Damn I want to taste him so bad, he looks like the jock from school that you always wanted to fuck.  I guess it's my turn to have fun with the jock.

"Hey could I talk to you for a minute?"  I ask him, looking him up and down.  "How about we go into the bathroom...I think that would be a better place to ask my question."

"What do you want to ask man?"  He asks, giving me a strange look that spelled out confusion.

"I want to know what I have to do to get in that ass man?"  I tell him, as he steps back from me, looking at me like he was going to bolt towards the door.  "Man you look tight.  I don't know why you ackin, you know what you got and I bet you know how to use it to your `vantage."

"Man I ain't into that type of shit.  Step off man," He says, stepping back again as I move closer to him.  "Come on man get back."

"So it's like that.  How much you go for?"  I ask him, pulling my wallet out and taking out a few bills.  "$50?  $100?  $200?  What's your price man?"

"Man I just told you, I ain't down with that shit!"  He shouts at me as I wave my hand at him, trying to get him to quiet it down.

"Every trick has his price man; I just need to know what's yours."  I tell him, pulling out another hundred dollar bill.  "I have $300 right here.  All I want from you is a little bit of action.  What's your price?"

"I'm not for fucking sale man.  Go find someone like you."  He tells me as I put my money back into my wallet and grab him by the arm.  "Let me fucking go man!"

"Shut the fuck up trick!  I tried to be fucking nice to you and this is how you fucking repay my niceness.  Here I am complimenting you and telling you how hot you are and you turning me the fuck down.  That's not the right choice.  I will get what I want."  I tell him, pushing him into the bathroom stall as he starts struggling with me.

"What you doing man?!"  He shouts at me, as I unzip my pants and grab for his.  "Quit it man!"

"I told you I was going to get what I want damnit!"  I shout at him as he knees me in the crotch, pushes me backwards, causing me to fall on the floor as he runs past me out the bathroom.  "Owww shit!"

Hotel Soffitel -- The Main Suite

"Well guys, it looks like it's just the three of us," Nikki said as she smiled at the twins, who sat on the floor watching a Baby Einstein© DVD.

She settled on the floor between them, watching as the boys became enthralled with the movie, which just happened to be one that named the parts of the human body. She sat patiently as CJ and Joshua poked and prodded her, naming parts as they went. When they finally lost interest with that DVD, she popped in a copy of "Baby Geniuses" certain that would keep them entertained for at least another hour.

About fifteen minutes into the movie the phone rang, so she left the boys where they sat and ran to get it before the call went to the hotel message service.

"Hello?" Nikki said softly, smiling at Joshua who had decided he was more interested in dancing to an *NSync CD. CJ watched his brother for a few seconds, and then decided that he wanted to join in.

"Hey beautiful," Howie said, laughing as he heard the boys begin to sing. "They could at least have picked a Backstreet Boys song to sing... but no, my sons had to go and fall in love with "Do Your Thing" by *NSync. I am so ashamed."

"Whatever!" Nikki snapped playfully, bouncing to the beat of the song that her sons were now singing. "They are half *NSync after all, so what did you expect? Anyway, how are things going back there? Is everything okay at the club?"

"Everything is fine," Howie replied, smiling on his end. "Tabu is fine—but that's not where I am right now."

"What do you mean, "that's not where I am right now?"" Nikki asked suspiciously, smiling when Joshua and CJ ran over to her and grabbed her hands, wanting her to join them dancing. She leaned down, kissing each of them before shooing them. "Let Mommy finish talking to Daddy, then we can dance, okay?"

"Dada!" CJ said exuberantly, reaching for the phone now. Nikki rolled her eyes, shaking her head when Joshy joined his brothers clamoring to speak to Howie.

"Your sons want to speak to you," she said, running her fingers through their curls. She could hear Howie laughing on the other end, and she knew he loved this as she held the phone so that they could take turns talking to their Dada.

They both shouted "Dada!" and then proceeded to almost trip over themselves to talk to him. Nikki sat down on the couch, putting the boys on the couch on either side of her as they talked. It was the first time she had really relaxed all day, and she was glad for the chance to talk to Howie.

Suddenly Joshua pushed the phone back at her, yelling "Bye-bye Daddy!" as he followed his brother back over to their play area and began building things with his blocks. Nikki brought the phone back up to her ear, grinning when CJ too great delight in knocking down the tower of blocks he had meticulously built.

"You have fun talking to your boys?" she asked, resting her head on the back of the couch.

"I sure did—I miss you guys so much," Howie replied, sighing deeply as he stared at the ownership papers for his big surprise for his wife. "I don't know how I'm going to stand being away from you while we finish the rest of this stupid tour. At least I know Joey will be at the house with you and the boys until I get home."

"How is he going to be at the house with us when he lives in Orlando babe?" Nikki asked, rubbing her stomach as it lurched for the gazillionth time that day. "Ugh! I hate having morning sickness that lasts all damned day!"

"You not feeling any better?" Howie asked, concerned for his wife and unborn child. Nikki smiled, imagining the sweet smile on his face as he talked and missing him so much it made her start to cry.

Damn hormones! She thought as she willed the tears away. She grabbed a tissue from the box on the table near the couch, wiping her eyes and trying to blow her nose without alerting Howie to the fact that she was crying, but he heard her anyway.

"Don't cry querida," He said softly, obviously choking back his own tears. "I'll only be gon for a few more weeks... and you'll be busy getting everything set up in our new house to even notice I'm missing. So hush now."

"I'll notice at night when you're not there to—wait a minute... what new house?!" Nikki replied, looking at the phone in consternation. "Howie, what did you do?"

"Well... you know how we talked about opening another club in Orlando?" Howie asked grinning from ear to ear as he pictured the look of utter confusion on Nicole's face. When she murmured a "yes", he continued, "Well, since you were busy, I decided to make it happen now instead of waiting. You have to admit, this would be a perfect time to get this started, with you being pregnant and well... it would move us closer to Joe. He loves the idea by the way."

"So Tony knows too?" Nikki asked, her irritation building. "You could have at least discussed this with me D. I mean, how the hell am I going to be able to get all this stuff done while I'm pregnant? I would have to get our stuff packed up in Miami, move it all to Orlando, decorate the new house... and all while I'm dealing with a set of rambunctious almost two year olds. How is this going to work?"

"Sweetie, that's what interior designers are for," Howie replied patiently, knowing this was just another manifestation of her pregnancy hormones. "If you don't want an interior designer, you'll have my Mom and Polly there to help you as much or as little as you need. Besides, we're not selling the house in Miami. I still need to go back to check up on the club there, so we can keep it for that, or we can use it for a vacation home when we need to get away from everything and everyone. Now say you're excited."

"Oh my GOD!" Nikki screamed, making the boys look at her in surprise. She sat down on the couch, grinning like a madwoman as she began to pepper him with questions. "So tell me all about this new house you bought for our family."

They spent the next half hour pouring over details about the house, with Nikki's excitement building as she learned more details about the seven-bedroom house they would be sharing, hopefully with Joey. After one last round of tear-filled "I love You's", they both hung up, promising to call each other every day for the duration of the tour. Once Howie was gone, Nikki spent the rest of the evening with her sons, playing and reading to them before putting them to bed and falling into a deep sleep herself, dreaming of all the things she would do with their new house.



I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.