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My Lance Part 3

        The tickling war had settled down, and Lance and I were totally out of breath.

        "Oh my God," Lance said, "I don't think that I've had that much fun for a long time."

        "I don't think I have laughed that hard for a long time," I replied.

        "Truce?" Lance asked.

        "Truce," I said, as we bumped each other's fists together.  "At least for now," I added slyly.

        "So Lance, what do you want to do now?" I asked.

        "I am feeling kind of hungry," he said.  "How far is that restaurant from here?"

        "Oh, it's about a half an hour drive."

        "Well then, we had better get ready."

        "I am ready, I just have to put on my shirt, which happens to be in my Jeep.  So, I am just waiting for you Lance."

        "O-kay, let me go change," he said.

        I watch as he entered his bedroom.  He closed the door halfway, and I just had to sneak a peek.  I watched as he took off his shirt.  It was a sight!  His skin, which is normally albino white, was a light tan.  It looked so soft, and yet so firm at the same time.  Lance often wears baggy clothes, and I didn't realize that he had such a body.  His chest wasn't too big, but it was big enough.  He has a six-pack that was perfect.  I turned around, leaving Lance to his privacy.  I didn't want to see too much, too quickly.

        "Wow!" I think to myself, "I can't believe that I am actually taking Lance Bass to dinner.  I can't believe that I actually got to kiss Lance..."

        Lance interrupted my train of thoughts as he said, "Ready?"

        "Giddy up," I said.

        We exited the room and made our way back to beach and my Jeep.


        The road to Hanapepe, the home to the Green Garden Restaurant, is long, but also is one of the most scenic on the island.  As one drives that stretch of "highway" (at least it's a highway by Kauai people's definition) one can pass the Koloa tree tunnel, the Hanapepe Canyon (which leads to the more spectacular "Grand Canyon of the Pacific", the Waimea Canyon), and see the bright clusters of color that are formed by blooming bougainvillea on the Hanapepe roadside.

        As the sun sets on this, the dry side of the island, it appears as if the hillsides are ablaze with fire.  It is at such a time that Lance and I make out trek down this stretch of road.

        "This is so beautiful," Lance said.

        "I know," I replied.  "It's one of the things that I will really miss about this island when I move."

        "But a person could really get to like it here," he said.

        "I guess that's true," I said.

        "Do you really hate it here that much?" Lance asked.

        "You know, I really don't hate Kauai, the place.  It's more like I hate Kauai, the people, and even that's not accurate.  I love the beauty of the island, and to some extent, even the people, but I hate that closed-mindedness.  For the most part, the people are awesome, but it only takes those few to make it bad for the rest," I said.

        "I guess I know what you're saying," Lance said.

        "Visiting here is just so different than living here.  I feel like... well like this island is suffocating me.  I can be myself around my friends and stuff, but it's like I take on a different persona when I'm elsewhere.  And I have to take on that persona because that's the way it is on this island.  It's almost like what we were talking about earlier, in order to survive on this island, you have to be who others want you to be."

        "It's a shame."

        "What's a shame?"

        "Well, it's a shame that others don't know you.  At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, it's a shame that other people on this island can't accept you for who you are.  Personally, I like the person I am sitting next to right now," Lance said as he leaned in to kiss me on my cheek, and as I pulled into the restaurant.

        I turned my face, and returned the kiss, our tongues dancing together.

        "Thanks Lance," I said.

        "For what?"

        "For everything."

        The Green Garden Restaurant is a family-run business.  From the outside, it looks like a rundown house that has been made into a restaurant, but on the inside, it's a beautiful area, full of private rooms and a peaceful garden.

        As Lance walked over the carved stone path, he stopped and looked around.  The sound of water falling into a pond of water could be heard.  Lance glanced in the direction of the pond.  He took in the beauty around him.  Within the pond were colorful fishes called koi.  A Japanese pagoda was lit in the middle of the pond.  Also, many exotic plants and trees grew about the garden.

        "This seems so tranquil," Lance said.

        "I know.  It's one of my favorite places to come."

        We continued on the stone path to the restaurant's entrance.

        "Auntie," I said to the old lady at the door," Long time no see!"

        "Stevie boy!" she exclaimed, "How are you?"

        "I am fine."

        "And who is this good looking boy with you?" she inquired.

        "This is my friend, Lance," I said as I introduced them, "Lance, this is Auntie Ethel."

        "Friend eh," she said, winking at me, "Come this way, I'll get you your favorite room."

        "Thanks Auntie."

        Auntie Ethel walked Lance and I to a secluded room, far away from the main dining rooms.  As we entered the room, I removed my shoes, and had Lance do the same.  It's an old Japanese tradition, I explained to Lance.  Auntie Ethel sat us and gave us menus.

        "You boys have fun o-kay," she said as she left, "And Stevie boy, you behave.  Lance, I need to warn you, watch out for him, he can be a wild one," she added with a small chuckle.

        "I will Auntie Ethel," Lance said, chuckling himself.

        "Don't listen to her Lance," I said, trying to hide myself behind my menu.

        "Nah, Stevie is a good boy.  He will treat you right," she said.

        "O-kay Auntie.  Thank you," I said.

        "O-kay, o-kay, I go, I go," she replied, shutting the rice paper door as she left the room.

        "What was that all about?" asked Lance.

        "Oh, that's just Auntie Ethel," I replied.  "She was one of the first people I came out to.  We used to be neighbors and she babysat me.  She's like a mother to me."

        "That's cool.  She seems like a really nice old lady."

        "Don't let impressions fool you," I said as I chuckled.  "But yea, Auntie Ethel is awesome." I smiled as I remembered the time I spent with her.

        "Earth to Steve," Lance said.

        "Huh?" I said, being interrupted from my stroll down memory lane.

        Lance laughed, "You know Steve, you are one funny guy."

        "Really Lance," I said as I leaned up towards him and kissed him lightly on the lips.

        Lance returned the kiss, and my gentle kiss became a passionate one, the kind of kiss that everyone fantasizes about: Our lips were locked, our tongues danced together, and our faces drew in even closer.  I closed my eyes and raised my hands to Lance's head, embracing that wonderfully blond, spiky mane.  I could feel Lance doing the same, running his fingers through my hair.

        Suddenly, the door opened, and a young woman stood in the doorway.  "Steve Nakayama," the woman practically screamed, "what do you think you are doing?"

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