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My Lance Part 4

 Suddenly, the door opened, and a young woman stood in the doorway.  "Steve Nakayama," the woman practically screamed, "what do you think you are doing?  How dare you!"
 Lance and I immediately separated, out kiss abruptly interrupted, as we both looked at the person who entered.
 She was s short, young woman, probably in her 20's.  She had long black hair, and would have had a very beautiful face, if not for the horrible scowl she gave Lance and me.
 "Aira?!" I partly asked partly exclaimed.  "Aira Kato?"

 "Steve!" she exclaimed as she ran up to hug me in my seated position, "How dare you come here without saying `Hi' to me!"  She then noticed Lance sitting with an extremely confused look on his face.  "Oh hi!" She said to Lance, "I'm Aira."

 "I guessed at that," Lance said still really confused, "I'm Lance.  But what I'd really like to know right now is what's going on here?"

 "Lance, this is Auntie Ethel's daughter, and once of my very close friends, Aira," I explained.
 "Oh," Lance said as he had a moment of clarity, "so you two aren't..."

 Lance was interrupted by Aira and me saying "No!" in unison, which was immediately followed by, `Ewwwww, that's gross."

 "Aira and I practically grew up together," I said.  "We went to high school together, I mean she saved my life when..."
 "Steve," Aira interrupted.

 "Aira, it's o-kay, I mean he has a right to know about my past," I told her.  I smiled inside, Aira had protected me all my life, and I was grateful for that.

 "Lance," I said, "Aira saved my life when I attempted suicide.  I kind of skipped over that part earlier.  It was a very difficult time, and when I hit rock bottom, Aira was there for me."  I started getting teary eyed at the memory.
 "Steve," Lance said, "I am so sorry, I didn't know."

 "It's o-kay," I replied, "That was a long time ago, almost like a lifetime ago, and it's not your fault.  I didn't tell you."

 "Wow" Lance said, "It seems that Steve and I owe a lot to you Aira."

 "Well, I try," Aira replied as she blushed.  "Steve, where did you ever find this charming stud?" she asked me.
 "Actually Aira, it's funny you ask that question.  You two already have one thing in common, you both save my life."

 "Huh?  Steve... you didn't..." Aira said as a look of concern came across her face.
 "No," I laughed, "It's nothing like that at all.  I am fine, and I am over that.  I went surfing today, and I was kind of showing off for Lance here... well, I sort of wiped out, and Lance gave me CPR, and that's how we met."

 "Awwww," she said, "that's so sweet, but tell me Lance, why haven't I seen you around before?  I would definitely remember you."
 "I am visiting the islands," he said as his face turned red.

 "Oh my gosh!" Aira exclaimed, "Are you o-kay?  You're not choking or anything are you?  Steve, do you know CPR?"

 I couldn't help but start laughing.  I mean this was too funny, Lance just sat there, and turned a shade of crimson that I thought was humanly impossible.

 "I'm fine," Lance said, a little embarrassed.

 "Gosh, I have never seen anyone turn that red, that quick.  But I do think that it's kind of cute..." Aira said.

 "Aira," I said, "Stop now, you're embarrassing him.  And hands off, he's mine."

 "O-kay, o-kay," Aira said, "I know when to back off, but Lance, if you ever come to bat for my team, Steve has my number."

 Lance turned purple.  I mean there was no other color to describe it, it was purple.

 "AIRA!" I exclaimed.

 "For your information Aira," Lance said softly with a sly smile on his face, "I bat for both teams.  In fact," he added as he stood up and walked next to her, "I think you're kind of cute."

 I watched in horror as Lance kissed Aira on the neck and asked her, "Is there a place where we could be alone?"

 "Sure, just follow me," Aira said as she and Lance walked away and closed the door.

 I was heart broken.  I didn't know that Lance would be this cruel, or that Aira could betray me like this.  I started crying, but then, I got angry.

 "Lance!" I cried out in tears.  I ran to the door only to get a big "Gotcha" when I opened it.

 Lance and Aira stood in the doorway laughing at me, and after a while, I couldn't help but join in.  Lance was so cute when he laughed.

 "Aira Kato," I stammered between laughs, "How dare you!"

 "Don't look at me Steve," she said, "It was all Lance's idea."

 "And by the looks of it, we got him good," Lance said as he and Aira exchanged high fives and giggles.

 "Lance, Lance, Lance," I said as I shook my head.

 "Hey," Lance replied, "You're the one who started this with that tickling war earlier."

 "Oh no," Aira groaned, "Steve got you into a tickling war?  Those are bad, especially coming from him."

 "Tell me about it," Lance said.
 "Hey," I retorted, "That was all in the name of fun."

 "Sure it was," Lance said, "I am sure that you didn't enjoy feeling every little part of my body."

 Now it was my turn to blush, and I did, right as Auntie Ethel came up with a tray of hot tea and sake.

 "Aira," she said, "You aren't disturbing our guests again, are you?"  She entered the room and put the tray on the table.

 "No Ma," Aira replied, "I'd never do that."

 "Auntie," I said, "Aira isn't bothering us, she may be annoying us, but it's no bother."

 "Yea," Lance added, "We're all just getting to know each other a little more."

 "Well, that's o-kay then," Auntie Ethel said, "but Aira, I need your help tonight.  Robert called in sick, so it's just you and me tonight.  Room 3 need more water, Room 6 needs tea, and don't bother Lance and Stevie boy."

 "Yes Ma," Aira replied.

 "Aira, it was nice meeting you," Lance said as he offered her his hand.

 Aira ignored the hand and just hugged him.  "It was nice meeting you too," she said. "Take good care of him, o-kay, he's a really nice guy," she whispered in his ear.

 "I will," Lance whispered back.

 "And what am I?" I asked, "Chopped liver?"

 "You get a hug too mister," Aira said running up and hugging me.

 "It was good seeing you again," I said.

 "It was great seeing you too," Aira replied, "Don't be a stranger, come and visit sometime."  She also whispered, "Steve, I think he's a keeper."

 "Thanks," I whispered back.

 "Go Aira, now!" Auntie Ethel interrupted.

 "Yes, Ma," she said as she took off.

 "And this if for you boys, on the house," Auntie Ethel said to us.

 "Thanks Auntie Ethel," I said.

 "Thanks Mrs... uh.." Lance said as Auntie Ethel interrupted, "Call me Auntie Ethel, if you are a friend of Stevie boy, you are basically one of the family."

 "O-kay, thanks Auntie Ethel," Lance said.

 "Hey, Auntie Ethel," I said, "Can I just order two of the usual?"

 "No problem Stevie, I already put that order in anyway.  Now, you two have fun tonight, and I will leave you alone," she said as she closed the door behind her.

 "You know Steve," Lance said, "You have some pretty cool friends."

 "Yea," I said, "Aira and her mom are awesome!  Gosh, if I ever did move from here, I'd miss those two the most."

 "I think that I would miss those two too."

 "We go way back."
 "I can tell, "Lance said.

 There was a silence in the room for a few minutes, but it wasn't an awkward silence, it was more of a reflective silence, the silence that comes before some type of great realization.

 "Steve," Lance said as he looked deeply into my eyes.

 "Yes," I replied as I returned his gaze.

 "I was wondering, what am I eating tonight... you told Mrs., I mean Auntie Ethel to give you the regular, what is that?

 "Oh, it's what I normally have here.  California Roll sushi, Sashimi, Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura and Steamed Rice.  It's all really good."

 "Sounds interesting," Lance said with a very sexy, yet disturbed look on his face.

 "Don't worry too much Lance," I said, "It's not that bad, and if you are still hungry afterwards, I'll pick you up some Taco Bell or something."

 "Sounds like a plan."

 "O-kay, now that that's done with, have you ever had sake before?"

 "Yea, I've had it a few times."

 "Well, you've never had Auntie Ether's special blend of sake before!" I said as I poured out two cups. "The traditional Japanese toast is `Bonzai!' so toast with me Lance.

 We both picked up the cups and tapped them together as we both said "Bonzai."

 Suddenly, I didn't feel very good.  I could feel the color coming out of my cheeks.  I became very cold.

 "What's wrong Steve?" Lance asked with a growing look of concern on his face.

 "Nothing... I don't know, I need to go to the bathroom," I said as I tried to stand up.  As I stood up, I fell back down and passed out.  The room went black, and the last thing I heard was Lance crying out, "STEVE!"

To Be Continued

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