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My Lance Part 5

 "What's wrong Steve?" Lance asked with a growing look of concern on his face.

 "Nothing... I don't know, I need to go to the bathroom," I said as I tried to stand up.  As I stood up, I fell back down and passed out.  The room went black, and I could hear Lance call out, "STEVE!"

 I walked through a tunnel of haze and darkness.  A thin white mist surrounded me.  All around I could hear voices.

 "Steve," a deep voice said, "Steve, oh God, please wake up."

 "Lance," another voice said, "Let's go to the hotel, you need some rest."

 "No Joey," the deep voice said, "I want to be here when he wakes up."

 "Joey," someone else said, "Let him be, ok..."

     The voices clouded over and I felt alone in the darkness again.  I was lost in this black void of nothingness.  It was cold there too.  After an eternity, well it seemed like an eternity because I had no sense of time there, I heard that deep voice again... oh that deep voice, how I loved it.  It added warmth and light to the place I was in.  And then I could hear that deep voice singing:

You sheltered me from harm,
Kept me warm,
Kept me warm.
You gave my life to me,
Set me free, set me free.
The finest days I ever knew
Were all the days I had with you,

And I would give anything I own
Give up my life, my heart, my home.
I would give everything I own,
Just to have you, back again.

You taught me how to love,
What it's of, what it's of....
You never said too much,
But still you showed the way,
And I knew from watching you.
Nobody could ever know,
The part of me that can't let go.

And I would give anything I own,
Give up my life, my heart, my home
I would give everything I own
Just to have you, back again.

Is there someone you know,
Someone's loving them so,
But taking them all for granted
You may loose them one day,
Someone takes them away,
And they don't hear the words you long to say....

 "Steve," he sobbed as tears streamed down his face, "Please come back to me..... There's.... just so much..... that I need to tell you.... So much I want to show you...."

     It gradually got warm and super bright, and my eyes shot open.  I could feel a moistness around my own eyes as I weakly called out, "Lance?"  I looked in his direction, and saw his eyes closed, the trails of tears that he had cried.
 "Lance?"  I once again called out.

 Lance's eyes opened slowly, and the expression went from one of deep sorrow to one of relief, to one of great joy.

     "Thank you God," Lance whispered.  "Steve!" he almost shouted as he gave me the biggest hug.  "You're ok!  I was so worried when you passed out and... and..."  Lance stopped what he was saying and looked down in to my eyes.  It was an unmistakable look, it was a look of passion, a look of love.  He leaned over me and gently pressed his lips against mine.  I greedily kissed back as Lance thrust his tongue into my mouth.  Our tongues danced an intimate dance, on that spoke volumes.  I tried to memorize that moment, that kiss.  I tried to remember the last time that I had a kiss like that, but I could not.  That moment will be forever frozen into my memory.  For Lance and me, time stood still.  Nothing but Lance mattered to me at that moment, I didn't care about my surroundings.  Sadly, like most kisses, this one had to end.  We broke our kiss when we finally had to breathe.

 "Wow!" I exclaimed as I gasped for air, "Remind me get myself into the hospital more often."

     Lance just blushed as he tried to gulp air.  He was about to say something as someone knocked on the door.

 "Ahem," the doctor entered, clearing his throat, "So, I see that our patient is finally awake."

 "Yeah," I said.
 "Very good," he replied, "I am Dr. Shitake, but you can call me John."

 "What's the prognosis doc?"  Lance asked.

     "Well Mr. Nakayama here gave us quite a scare," John said, "From what you told me earlier, your... um... brother, suffered a concussion from his surfing accident.  His brain didn't swell immediately, but it did slowly.  It was lucky that you got him to the hospital when you did, a moment longer, and we may have had a few problems, but since you got Steve here when you did, we just need to hold him overnight for observation.  He should be good to go in the morning."

 "Great," Steve said.

 "John," Lance said, "you mean that Steve could have..." his voice trailed off.  The look in Lance's eyes was of worry and pain.  His big green eyes looked like they were holding back a floodgate of tears.

 "Yes Lance," John replied, "but he isn't going anywhere.  I give him at least sixty more years."

 "Thanks John," I said.

 "Yeah, thank you for saving his life," Lance said.

 "No, if you didn't bring him here so fast, Steve would not be awake right now.  I didn't save his life Lance, you did," John whispered to Lance.  "If you excuse me now, I need to make my rounds," John said out loud as he left the room.

     I had heard what John said to Lance, so trying to make light of the situation, I said, "Wow Lance, that's twice in one day.  I think that that's a personal record."
 "Just promise me that you'll never scare me like that again," Lance replied.

 "Ok," I replied, "but can I get another kiss?"

     "I have a better idea," Lance said with a sly smile as he walked over to the door and locked it.  Lance walked up to the bed  "Close your eyes Steve."  I complied.  I could feel Lance hop onto the bed and rolled up next to me.  The next thing I knew, the sheets were off the bed, and Lance had untied my hospital clothing, and came up upon me.  "I noticed your little problem while Dr. John was here, and I think that I have the cure..." he whispered.  Lance then kissed me with desire.  He nibbled on my ear.  I was in heaven.

     Lance slowly worked his way down my body with kisses.  He started at the neck, and then to my chest.  I shuddered with desire as Lance licked my nipple.  Lance licked his way down my abdominals.  He followed that light treasure trail until he found his treasure.  "Mmmmmmm, it looks like I've struck gold here," Lance said.  And without further warning, Lance took down my manhood with one fluid motion.  I moaned in ecstasy.
 Lance had never done anything like this before.  It was moving oh so fast, but at the same time, he realized that he couldn't live without Steve.  There was something different about him.  It was as if they were meant to be together.  Lance learned as he did.  All Lance had on his mind was making Steve happy.  He knew what it was like to have a blowjob, Danielle was very good at doing that, but now he was giving the man he loved a blowjob.

     Lance hungrily slid his mouth up and down my shaft.  Although I knew I was gay for a very long time, I had always been afraid to act on those feelings, so I had never had any sexual encounters.  "Lance...." I called out, "please, don't stop."  I moaned from the sheer pleasure of the experience.  I ran my fingers through Lance's spiked blond hair, and worked my down to his back, feeling his muscular shoulders on the way.

     "Ohhh!," I moaned, "I am cumming." I tensed as my organ spasmed.  Lance swallowed it all down, and even tried to get more out as he let his tongue swirl around the dickhead.

     "Lance," I softly said, "That was incredible.  Thank you babe, but why?  I mean, from what we talked about earlier, I didn't think you would be ready for that."

     Lance came up to the head of the bed and looked me in the eyes.  As I gazed into those big green eyes, and Lance looked into mine, he said, "Steve, this is strange, but when you were out of it, I did some thinking.  I don't want to be apart from you.  I want to be with you."

 "I'd like that," I replied as I snuggled my head into his chest.

 "And I have a confession," Lance whispered, "My name is James Lance Bass, I am a member of  *N SYNC."

 "I knew that from the moment I saw you," I calmly replied.

 "What?" Lance asked a little surprised, "and you didn't freak or anything.... I think I like that."

     "Well, I figured that you get that a lot, and that you wouldn't want people to freak when they met you.  I also figured that you introduced yourself and didn't mention anything about the group, you didn't want to talk about that.  And then that conversation in the hotel room, well that confirmed some things to me."

 "So, you figured everything out?"

     "Yeah, and really, I don't care who you are.  Lance, I know that we have only know each other for less than a day, but I really like the person you are.  I want to get to know the real James Lance Bass, not the *N SYNC one that we see on TV all the time."

     "I think that I'd like that too," Lance replied as he squeezed me tight.  It felt wonderful to have a pair of strong arms around me.  I couldn't believe what had happened in the past day, but I was ready to start the adventure of a lifetime.

     I turned and gave Lance a kiss on the cheek, and with that, I drifted off to sleep.

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