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My New Life
By James

Last Time

Returning to his room Marc booted his computer and logging on to one of his remote sites as he prepared himself for a morning of work on the animation's for the web site.  An hour later his instant messager kicked in with a invitation
for a chat.

From: Holy Roller.
To: Phoenix Rising

Marc, do you have time to talk?

From Phoenix Rising
To: Holy Roller

Do I know you?  How did you get my I D?

From: Holy Roller.
To: Phoenix Rising

Sara gave me your I D.  Tried to call you but the hotel would not put me

From Phoenix Rising
To: Holy Roller


From: Holy Roller.
To: Phoenix Rising

Bingo.  Call me.  555-2749

From Phoenix Rising
To: Holy Roller

Okay,  I'm dialing now.

Marc dialed the number.  "Good morning St. Johns."

"Good morning, I'd like to talk to Andy,  Father Andrew please.  This is Marc Newman calling."

"One moment Mr. Newman.  Father Andrew is expecting your call."

"Hay Marc glad you could call."

"Hi Andy,  What's up?"

"I was hoping we could get together for lunch."

"That would be great,  I have an appointment at one.  How about a early lunch, say eleven?"

"That would be fine.  Why don't I meet you at your hotel.  The grill has fantastic food."

"Sounds good Andy, see you at eleven."


 Part 19
 Friends Old and New

Sitting back Marc smiled. It had been almost two years since he had last seen Andy.  Thinking back to the day they first met.  It was his first day at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  Marc had just completed  a lengthy interview with the Dean of Admissions for the School of Music.  Marc had been assigned a mentor to help him get adjusted to life on the campus.  His mentor turned out to be Andy O'Rialy  a grad student a few years older than himself.  They hit it off right away, and became good friends.  They would meet each night at the student union to go over Marc's day and try to work out any problems.

One afternoon, one of Marc's classes had been canceled do to the teacher being out sick.  He decided to audit a class on theology.  Sitting at the back of the lecture hall Marc was surprised to find his friend Andy teaching the class.
Unfortunately for Marc this was the largest lecture hall at the university and Marc had a hard time seeing Andy, but knew it was him by his voice.  It was not until near the end did Andy open the floor for questions.  And the first question floored Marc.  It started out with `Father Andrew'.  No time during their weeks of meetings did Andy mention that he was a priest.  He was always dressed as any student, never any indication as to what he was.

As the class ended and the students filed out Marc remained in his seat.  Father Andrew noticed someone still sitting in the last row.  Thinking that the student may have fallen asleep he spoke loudly.  "The class has ended.  You need to get to your next class."

Picking up his books Marc slowly walked down the steps, smiling as he was recognized by Andy.  Stopping in front of  Andy,  "Father Andrew, I hear confession is good for the soul.  Is there something you'd like to tell me?"  Marc smiled as
he remembered Andy's reaction.  That night their talk lasted late into the night.  Andy filled Marc in on his life.  And that  this  was his final year at the university.  Marc in turn told Andy his story, including that he was gay.

Marc stepped off the elevator, looking out across the lobby he spotted Andy as he came in the front door.  Rushing over they greeted each other with big smiles, a quick hand shake, then a big bear hug.

The guys were in the limo heading for a quick lunch before their Meet &  Greet.  Lance had his phone to his ear as soon as he sat down.  He had dialed Marc's room but was not getting an answer.  Closing his cell Lance put it back in his
pocket,  a little disappointed he had not reached Marc.

"What's wrong Scoop?"  asked Justin.

"Nothing, I just called to see how Marc was doing.  I got no answer."

"Did you try his cell?  He may have left the room for something.  Maybe he went to get something to eat."  Justin offered.

"Your probably right.  I just don't want him to think I tracking him down."

Smiling at the conversation Joey asked.  "What do you think Marc is up to this afternoon?"

"I don't  know, every time I asked he changed the subject.  But I have an idea of what he's up to."

"What would that be?"  asked Chris.

"Last nights show, he spent a lot of his time with the band.  Don't be surprised if he doesn't show up in the band soon."  said Lance.

"I think there's a chance he's going to join our dancers too."  said JC.

"How do you know?"  asked Justin.

"I heard Joel talking to Pete about Marc."

Laughing, Joey said.  "I think we let the genie out of the bottle,  he's going to try everything."

"Yeah Joe,  if he could sing he'd be after your job."  piped Chris.

"No.  I think his range would be more in your area Chris."

Lance sat there thinking about last night when he got the giggles.

"Scoop, what's so funny?"  asked JC.

"Just thinking about Marc's cyber girl friend."  said Lance with a grin.


After placing their orders Andy and Marc were finally able to talk in peace.

"Marc you are one very hard person to get a hold of."

"How did you know where I was?"

"After your concert, I contacted the Madison Symphony hoping to give you my congratulations.  I was told you had already left and was touring with a well known rock group."  laughing softly.  "I must admit, the person I talked to would not name the group, but when she found out I was a priest she did give me a few hints."

"I guess there weren't that many well known rock groups touring Wisconsin."

"No not all that hard.  But there was no way to contact you in Madison.  The arena would not put through any calls to the band without a pass word.  And when I  asked for you personally, no one knew who you were."

"That's not surprising.  We don't arrive until noon,  and the only people I had contact with was our own staff.  As soon as the concert was over, we were on the road, heading for here."

"The local stations this morning had stories about Nsync fans waiting outside this hotel hoping to get a glimpse at the boys."

"So you knew where we were staying."

"Yes, but that still did not get me past your security."

"Yeah, without the proper phrase no one gets through."

"I remembered your sister was a nurse, at St. Johns Hospital.  I just took a wild chance and called.  She was working, and she remembered me.  She told me the only way to contact you was with the internet.  If you were working on the computer I could contact you with your instant messenger."

"I'm glad it worked.  It's been too long since we talked."

"Marc, it would be an understatement to say how impressed I was with the concert.  I didn't realize the range of your interest.  Classical to rock in the same program."

"The rock part was a last minute addition.  But I managed to pull it off."

"And now you're on tour with Nsync.  How did that happen?"

"I met them a couple weeks ago, while they were on vacation.  We hit it off and became good friends."

"Do they take all their friends on tour with them?"

"No.  They saw some of my web sites and they offered me a job as their tour web master."

"Web Master?  Not as a musician?"

"They weren't aware of the extent of my musical talents until the day before the concert."

"That must have been a surprise."

"They were."

Father Andrew sat there looking at Marc for a moment.  "Marc, there's something about you that seems different."

"Andy it's been over two years,  I've grown up,  and a lot has happened in my life."

"I realize that.  What I was referring to is the look in your eyes.  The look of a happy man and there's also an inner piece."

"Andy, I am the happiest I have ever been.  My musical career it taking off, and I'm working this summer with my best friends .   I couldn't ask for more."

"I'm happy for you Marc."

"Thanks Andy.  What have you been up to?"

"I was assigned to St. Johns a little over a year ago.  I'm the youth minister and choir director."


Four stunned band mates sat staring at a laughing Lance.

"Did, did, you say girl friend?"  asked Chris.

Laughing harder at their reaction.  "Yeah girl friend.  Actually she is his internet pen pal.  They have been friends for a couple years."

Placing a hand over his heart,  "Damn Lance, don't do that to me.  I almost had a heart attack.  I just got use to him and you together.  Then you tell us he has a girl friend."  said Chris.

Looking at Chris, Lance started to laugh even harder.

"Tell us about her."  said Justin as he bounced in his seat in anticipation.

The bouncing Justin sent Lance into another wave of laughter.  Looking away from Justin to try to regain his composure, his eyes landed on Joey and his red hair.  That's all it took, Lance just rolled up in his seat in uncontrolled laughter.

JC sat there shaking his head.  "That boy really has a problem."

Finally calming down Lance sat up, wiping the tears from his face.

"Would you care to explain what was so funny."  quizzed  JC.

"Marc's "Friend" who I only know by her chat name. " Not an Angel."  Caught up with him last night before we went to bed.  It seems he sent her a video tape of the concert, and she called him to congratulate him on his performance."

"Has he told her anything about being with us?" asked Justin.

"No not directly.  He had told her about meeting new friends.  But he never told her our names.  Instead he gave us code names."

"What's my name."  asked Chris.


"Pop!!  Why pop?"  Chris asked with his hand back over his heart.

Giggling Lance said.  "Now don't have a heart attack Chris.  I think it's just because you're the oldest."

"And mine?"  asked a smiling Joey.


Frowning.  "Viking?"

"It started out as Eric the Red.  But it got shortened to Viking."

Justin was at the edge of his seat grinning at Joe's name.

"Curly, yours is Bounce."

Smiling.  "Not too original."  said Justin.

"JC your Smooth."

"I like the sound of that."  said  JC.  "What's yours?"

"The Colonel"  Lance said with a small smile.

"Pops!!"  muttered Chris.

Laughing at Chris's reaction, Joey asked.  "What's Marc's internet handle?"

"Phoenix Rising."  said Lance.

"Phoenix Rising??"  quizzed  Justin.

"It's perfect for Marc.  Justin the Phoenix, is a mythical bird that was consumed in flames.  And out of its ashes, it arose to live again."

Thinking for a moment.  "Yeah, I get it.  Like the Phoenix, Marc started with almost nothing and arose to live a new."

Joey sat there deep in thought.  Then a smile spread across his face.  "We need to go shopping."


Marc and Andy had completed their lunch they sat and talked for another hour, catching up on each other's lives.  "Andy, I need to get going or I'll be late for rehearsal."  said Marc.

Smiling Andy said.  "Well get out of here, and go play.  If you have time tonight stop by and meet my kids."

Getting up to leave Marc thought for a moment.  "Would it be ok if I bring a couple friends along?"


Marc walked into the arena and found the band in a lower level rehearsal studio.

Brian, seeing Marc enter goes over to greet him. "Marc you ready to work your ass off?"

"Yeah, do you have the music?  Or do I try this by ear?"

"I have it right over here."  Brian said, indicating a stack of music on a table.

Marc went over and picked up the top score and read through it.  Placing it down he picked up another and did the same with it.

Jim the drummer leaned into Brian.  "What's he doing?"

"If what Pete has told me is right.  He's memorizing everyone's parts."  said Brian.

"There's no way anyone can memorize that amount of music that fast."  said Jim.

Marc had just finished scanning the last score.  Picking up one he had sat aside.  Looking up at the band with a smile.  "When did the guys start doing Larger than Life?"

Everyone busted out laughing, Marc had found the joke Brian had hidden in the stack of music.

"Marc, where do you want to start?  What's your strong areas?"  asked Brian.

"I'm strongest on keyboards, percussion, and brass.  But I can handle most everything else."

"Well let's start with keyboards."  said Brian as he indicated for Marc to take his place at Brain's keyboards.


Marc had made it back to the hotel about time the guys were finishing their photo shoot.  Giving him time to get ready for tonight's outing.

Marc was in the lounge watching TV when he heard the elevator open and a noisy group emerged.  There were a lot of giggling and shushing as they approached the open lounge door.

Chris sticks his head in.  Seeing Marc.  "He's in here."

Marc looks up as Chris walks in leaning on a cane.  "Chris what happened?"

"Oh this.  Nothing really, just my old age catching up with me."

JC enters gliding across the carpet like a skater.  Marc just gives him raised eyebrows.

Hearing a thud, thud, Marc looks over to the door just as Justin bounces in on a pogo stick.

Marc started to grin as he realized Lance had spilled the beans about Angel.

Watching the door Marc waited for the last two to make their entrance.  In walks Joey with a Viking hat complete with horns.  "Nice hat Joe."  Marc said.

"Thanks, I thought it fits quite well."  said a grinning Joey.

In strolled Lance,  dressed all in white, white shoes, white pants, white shirt, long white coat, and black string tie.

"I see the Colonel has been filling you in on Angel."  Marc said.  Getting up he walked over to Lance.  Looking him up and down.  "I like that outfit." Marc said as he gazed into Lance's eyes.

"Thanks."  said Lance.

"No.  I really, really like that outfit."  Marc said as he moved closer.

"Thanks." Lance said again a little surprised at Marc's tone.

"I really, really do like that outfit."  said Marc as he reached up and took James face between his hands.  Pulling him close he kissed him deeply.

"OH I can't believe he's doing that in front of us."  said Chris.

"Get a room." laughs Josh as he covers Justin's eyes.

Breaking the kiss Marc has to hold Lance a few moments as he regains some strength in his rubbery legs.

"Wow!  You really do like this outfit."  said a breathless Lance.

Giving Lance a wink, he turns to Joey.  "Yes.  Almost as much as I like Joe's hat."

Moving toward Joey.  "I really, like that hat."

Backing up Joey said "Thanks"

"I really, really do like that hat.  It's so, so, horny."  Marc said as he backs Joey up against the wall.

Pulling himself as tight against the wall as possible Joey nervously asks "Marc, your not going to kiss me now are you?"

Placing his hands against the wall on either side of Joey.  Leaning in close to Joe's face.  Marc answers in a low sexy voice.  "You don't know what a man in horns does to me.  It's such a turn on.  I don't know if I can control myself."

Joe's eyes got as big as saucers as Marc leaned in closer.  With no where to go Joey just closed his eyes

When Joey closed his eyes Marc smiled and planted a very wet kiss on the end of Joe's nose.  Grabbing the hat off his head Marc turns in triumph.

Justin and JC applaud Marc's performance.  As a red faced Joey wipes  his nose on his sleeve.

"Now that we are done screwing around I thought we were going out tonight." said Marc.

Everyone heads to their rooms to get cleaned up.  Marc follows Lance into their room.

Marc went over to his computer.  Logging on he checks his mail.

Lance quickly jumps into the shower.

Walking into the bathroom, Marc takes a bath towel and has it ready when Lance comes out.

"Thanks." says Lance as he dried off.  "What were you up to today?"

"Finished the graphics,  and got a message from a old friend."


Smiling, "Yeah, we had lunch today."

"Ok."  said Lance not sure where this was going.

Looking into Lance's green eyes.  "His name is Andy O'Rialy,  he was a grad student when we met."  Marc noticed fear come into Lance's eyes.  "Oh god James it's not what you thinking.  Andy was assigned as my mentor my first year at the University.  We just became friends."

Lance visibly  relaxed.  "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because you and Justin will meet him tonight."

A frown comes across Lance's face, still not understanding.

"James, Andy, or I should say Father Andrew, is youth minister at a near by church.  He is also the choir director of the youth choir.  They have their practices each evening, then they have several hours of music and dancing for the members."

"Now I see where you're going."  said a relieved Lance.

"It will let Justin have some time with kids closer to his own age.  And in a place where liquor is not being served."

"Does that bother you, when we go out and I have a drink?  I noticed you don't drink."

"No not at all.  I like a cold beer from time to time.  It's just I don't feel right exposing Justin to alcohol."

"I noticed when we went out last week you didn't drink."

"I care about Justin a lot, enough to be sure he doesn't feel left out."

"You know Marc, you'll make a great big brother."

Smiling.  "That's kind of how I feel about him.  I love him as though he was my little brother.  A six foot tall, little brother."

"Do you think you may have had a younger brother?  In your other life."

"Maybe, I may never know."  looking at Lance.  "As much as I love looking at you with no clothes, you need to dress so we can get moving."

Marc sat on the edge of the dresser as Lance dressed.  Marc enjoyed watching him, enjoyed the way he moved, his grace.

Lance slipped on his shoes, and looked up to find Marc watching him.  "What are you doing."

Blushing a little.  "Making a memory." Marc said with a smile.

"Of me dressing?"

Marc nodded.  "Adding it to my other memories of you."


"Yeah,   The look on your face after you jumped into the lake. Your expression after you found my target on your rear end.  How excited you got over a mystery gift.  The light in your eyes when you asked to go running.  And the best memory, of looking up at you from the stage after I completed Jubilation and seeing the approval in your eyes.  That's when I knew for sure, I was in love with you."

Walking over to Marc, taking his hands in his own.  "I fell for you the first night at dinner.  I knew I had found someone special by the way you treated us.  The concern you showed for Justin that night told me what kind of person you are.  And that night when I went to bed, I couldn't stop thinking about you."

Gazing into each others eyes they leaned in . . . .

Pound, Pound, Pound  "You guys ready?"  shouted Chris through the door.

Smiling at Chris' timing.  Marc shouts back.  "Be right out!"

Dinner that night was at a little Bistro just down from the hotel.  Marc had called ahead and made arrangements for a private dining room.  The conversation came around to Marc's day.

"Lance, did you ever find out what Marc was up to?"  inquired Josh.

"Only what he did this morning.  What happened after lunch, he hasn't volunteered any information."  said Lance, as he gave Marc a crooked smile.

Looking around the table Marc thought. `Now do I give them a straight answer, or have some fun.'  "While you all were out doing those boring interviews, I was auditioning for a new job."

"What new job?  With who?"  asked Chris with concern.

Laughing Marc answered.  "Take it easy Chris.  I auditioned for your band.  And I was hired as a backup musician, and I will be your music director for special appearances."

"Special appearances?"  asked Joey.

"Like when were in New York,  your scheduled to do The Rosie O'Donnell Show, the Tonight Show and David Letterman.  Your scheduled to do two numbers on each and Brian doesn't like doing them so I get to do them for him.  We put together a quartet for shows without their own band.  And for those shows with a house band, only I will go."

"Who's in the quartet?"  asked Josh.

"Jim on drums, Jeff on bass, Phil on lead, and I'm on keyboard."

Smiling, "So your going to be on stage with us.  When do you start?"  asked Joey.

"I'll be doing the sound check with you tomorrow.  After that it's up to Brian."

"What will you be playing?"  asked Justin.

Beating on the table.  "Percussion."  Marc said with a smile.

"Cool."  said Chris.

Our waiter approached with the check.  Chris quickly paid the bill.  The waiter thanked us and informed Marc the transportation was waiting.
JC asked.  "What transportation?"

"When security found out our plans they insisted we not rely on cabs.  So we have a car and driver at our disposal all evening."  said Marc.

As they walked out Justin started to make his good byes intending to return to the hotel.  "I guess I'll see you all later."

"Sorry you can't come with us." said Joey.

There were two limos waiting outside for them.  The doorman opened the door to the  front limo, as they approached.  Lance and Marc hung back by Justin as Joey, JC, and Chris climbed  in and the doorman closed the door.  The limo pulled away with three faces looking out at Marc and Lance smiling and waving bye.

"Hey what's going on?" asked Chris.

The driver lowered the partition and delivered his message.  "I was told to inform you that Mr. Newman and Mr. Bass would not be joining you tonight.  And that they well see you back at the hotel."

"Guys, you don't have to baby sit me.  I'll be all right back at the hotel."  said Justin.

Marc nodded to Lance as they each took one of Justin's arms and picked him up and carried him to the other limo.  "We're not baby sitting.  We're kidnapping you."  said Marc pushing Justin into the limo.

Climbing in, Lance and Marc took up positions on either side of Justin.

"Guys what are you doing?"  asked a nervous Justin.

"Justin relax , we're not going to let you spend the evening in the hotel alone." said Lance.

"But where we going?"

"To church." answered Marc.