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My New Life
By James

Last time

"Guys, you don't have to baby sit me.  I'll be all right back at the hotel," said Justin.

Marc nodded to Lance as they each took one of Justin's arms,  picked him up and carried him to the other limo.  "We're not baby sitting.  We're kidnapping you." said Marc pushing Justin into the limo.

Climbing in, Lance and Marc took up positions on either side of Justin.

"Guys what are you doing?" nervously asked Justin.

"Justin relax , we're not going to let you spend the evening in the hotel alone," said Lance.

"But where are we going?"

"To church," answered Marc.

Part 20
"Us Time"

As the limo turned the corner Marc asked the driver to circle the block and let them out at the corner.  "I'll give you a call when we're ready to leave," Marc told  the driver.

"Why are we getting out here?" asked Justin.

"To keep attention away from the St. John's.  A limo pulling up in front of the church would attract attention," said Marc as they walked the half block to the church.

Entering through a side door, they could hear the choir.  Slipping into a pew the three sat and listened to the choir.

"Doesn't sound too bad, but something's not right," said Justin.

"Do you know what the problem is?"  Marc asked.

Justin listened for a moment trying to put his finger on the problem.  Lance leaned into Marc with the answer but was stopped, by Marc with a look.

"It has something to do with their balance.  Too many singing the high parts and not enough lower voices," said Justin.

"Good.  Now what are the other problems?"  Marc asked with a smile.

Justin frowned.  Not knowing the answer, he looked to Lance for help.

Lance gave him a hint.  "Look at the choir."

Justin watched the choir for a few minutes not sure what he was looking for.  Then it jumped out at him.  Smiling he said,  "They look like they aren't enjoying themselves.  No one is smiling, they're stiff."

"That's it exactly.  They're singing the words but there is no life in it," said Marc, happy Justin had figured it out.   "Now the last problem."

Lance and Justin both frowned, trying to figure out what the third problem was.  After a couple minutes, they gave up,  "I don't know." said Justin.

"Me either," said Lance.

"I didn't expect either of you to catch this one," said Marc.  "The person playing organ is a piano player not a organist."

"How do you know?"  asked Justin.

"It's the way she plays.  She's hitting the keys like a piano.  All the notes are there but the life is missing," said Marc.

As they were talking, some of the choir members had spotted them in the pew.  Before he knew it, Father Andrew lost control, as everyone's attention was drawn to the three visitors.

"That's an interesting ending to that hymn,"  laughed Justin.

Chuckling, Marc said.  "I think we've been spotted.  Come on let me introduce you to Father Andrew."

Getting up Marc walked up to Andy with Lance and Justin following.

"Hi, Marc, glad you could make it,"   said Andy as they shook hands.

"Andy, I want you to meet my friends, Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake.  Guys this is Andy O'Rialy I mean Father Andrew,  we go back a long ways."

Lance gave Marc a funny look.  Marc laughed at Lance.  "For me, three years is a long time."

Grinning at Marc's comment, Andy said, "Lance, Justin, welcome to St. John's."

From the choir the whispering was getting louder.  "I think our presence is disrupting your practice," said Lance.

"Well, the way they sound, any interruption is a blessing," said Andy.

"They don't sound that bad.  Shift some of you singers and they should sound alright,"  said Marc.

Skeptically looking at Marc, Andy said,  "If you say so.  Come on and meet the kids,"  said Andy. "Ok, settle down.  I want you to meet a friend of mine, Marc Newman."

"Aren't you the dude from the concert, on TV the other night?"  asked  one of the kids.

"Yes, I'm the dude," said Marc with a slight smile.

"That show sucked until you did the last number.  That really rocked,"  said another kid.

"Thanks, I think,"  said Marc hesitantly.  "Father Andrew, invited me to stop by and hear you guys."

"We really suck." said someone in the back of the choir.

"You're not that bad.  As I was saying to my friends, George and Larry here,  move a few people around and you would sound great."

"We're not stupid; we know who your friends are."

"You do?  Why are they famous?"  asked Marc teasing.

"Yeah, they're Justin and Lance from Nsync," shouted one of the girls.

Marc joked with the kids a little more.  He then went to work moving them into new positions, balancing out the sound.  Marc had Andy lead them through the hymn, and their sound improved greatly.

"Not bad.  Actually pretty good," said Marc.  "Now I want you all to do something for me.  I promise it will improve your sound even more.  I want you all to bounce up and down until I tell you to stop."  Getting strange looks from most of the choir Marc started bouncing.  "Come on, everyone bounce."

One by one everyone started to bounce.  When he saw everyone was bouncing and grinning he shouted, "Stop!"

Turning to Andy he said, "Let's try it now."

Andy led them through the hymn again and they were much, much better.

"Fantastic," said Marc.

"What did we do different?"  asked one of the boys.

"You were all smiling.  If you enjoy what you're doing, it shows in your singing and that's what made the difference."

Later in the parish hall, Marc was talking to Andy and as they talked, he was keeping a keen eye on Justin and Lance.

"Marc relax, they're safe and having a good time,"  said Andy.

"I know they are."

"It must be hard on them,  to try to have some semblance of a normal life, being in the business they're in," said Andy.

"Their life is far from normal.  They always have to be on guard.  I know fans don't mean to get out of hand, but when they do, I fear for their safety," Marc said.

"Well, when you asked about bringing two friends, I figured it might be someone from Nsync.  I had a talk with the choir about who might show up.  They promised to behave."

Marc gave a deep sigh. Continuing to watch Lance and Justin, he said, "Thanks, Andy. I really appreciate that.

Justin had joined a group of kids on the dance floor, and from the look on his face, he was having a good time.

Andy followed Marc's gaze.  He was watching Lance talking a group of three girls.  Lance looked up at Marc and gave him a big smile.  Andy looked to Marc and saw his face beam.

"Marc, earlier today I said I saw a change in you."

"Yeah, I remember," said Marc.

"Well, I know now what that change was.  You're in love."

"What are you talking about?"  asked Marc a little surprised.

"I'm not 100 % sure as to which one, but those two are more than just you're friends.  From the looks you're getting from Lance,  I'd say he means more to you than Justin," observed Andy.

Blushing Marc said. "You're right.  I love them both."


With a slight smile, Marc said, "Lance and I are together."

Smiling, Andy said, "Marc, I'm happy for the two of you."

With a raised eyebrow Marc said, "Andy I really didn't expect that response."

"Ah, you expected me to condemn you for your choice in life style.  Officially, the Mother Church says that your choice is wrong and we should not acknowledge the life style.  But personally, I feel that love is good.  And any relationship based on love, is good."

"Thanks, Andy, you don't know how much that means to me."

Andy looked up at the clock and sighed. "It's time I start breaking  this up.  These kids have a curfew."

As Andy moved off Marc asked,  "Andy, are the lights still on upstairs?"

Smiling at Marc, Andy answered,  "Yeah they're on.  I know it has been killing you, go ahead and play.  Just not too loud. Okay?"

Marc slipped away and headed up into the church.  Going to the organ console, he sat down.  Lightly running his hands over the keys, Marc closed his eyes and cleared his mind.

Lance and Justin were saying their good byes to the last of the kids.  Turning to Father Andrew, Lance asked, "Where is Marc?"  Just then music could be heard from up in the church.  "Oh, never mind.  I should have known."

The three of them went up into the church to find Marc at the organ.  Justin took a seat while Lance and Father Andrew stood together.

"What is he playing?  It's so beautiful," said Lance in awe.

"That, Lance, is pure Marc.  I've only seen him do this twice before.  We might as well have a seat, this could take some time."

"You mean he is just making this up as he plays?"

"I don't know how long you two have been together, but Marc is a man of extreme emotions.  And he expresses those emotions through music."

A little surprised at Father Andrew's statement, Lance asked, "Did Marc say something about us?"

Father Andrew smiled at Lance. "He only confirmed what I saw in his eyes. For a long time he has been searching for something to fill a void in his being. He has struggled with this for a long time. And at lunch today, he seemed, different. Something had changed. He told me he was the happiest he has ever been.  Tonight when I saw the way he looked at you, I knew he had found what he has been searching for. You see, Lance, you complete him. And this music is his prayer of joy and thanks."

As they sat and listened to Marc play, Father Andrew noticed Monsignor Connors, Father Timothy, the Reverend Mother and all the other nuns enter.

Noticing the new arrivals, Lance leaned in and softly asked,  "Could they be trouble?"

"I don't know," said Andrew.  As he watched them all take seats, he added. "I don't think so.  It seems they were drawn in by the music."

Hearing shuffling footsteps behind them, Father Andrew and Lance turned to see people coming in and taking seats.  Little by little, the church was filling up with people coming in off the street.  Each would quietly take a seat, with closed eyes sit and listen to Marc's music.

Lance slid closer to Justin, to make room for more people.  Justin turned and looked at Lance now setting next to him.  Lance noticed tears running down Justin's cheeks.  "Are you all right?"  asked Lance softly.

Justin nodded,  "I'm fine.  I've never heard anything, so beautiful," answered Justin as he turned his attention back to Marc.

Lance placed his hand on top of Justin's.  Turning his hand to interlace their fingers, Justin smiled at Lance, giving his hand a squeeze.  They both closed their eyes and lost themselves in the music.

Slowly Marc came back to the real world.  Having no idea how long he had been playing, he brought his music to a conclusion..  As the echoes of the last cords died, there were several seconds of silence.  Than Marc hear someone applauding.  The applauds grew as more people joined in.  Turning, Marc was astounded to find the church filled with almost a hundred people.

On the drive back to the hotel, there was an eerie silence.  Finally, Marc had to break it,  "Guys, you have to stop this."

"Stop what?" asked Justin.

"Stop looking at me like you are.  Both of you."

"Sorry Marc.  It's just I've never heard anything like that before," said Justin.

"Look guys, I only do that when I'm alone or. . . . "

"Or what?"  asked Lance.

"Upset about something," Marc said softly.

"You weren't upset tonight," said Lance.

"No.  Tonight was pure joy."

"Man, Scoop, how does it feel to be an inspiration?" asked Justin.

Lance couldn't reply; he just blushed.

"Well, Justin, how does it feel to be an inspiration?"  asked Mark.


"Justin, Lance is not the only reason I played that way tonight.  It's also you, Chris, Joey, and Josh.  You've all are the reason for what I played tonight."

Arriving back at the hotel, they found that the others had not returned.  Quickly changing into comfortable clothing, the three meet back in the lounge to watch some TV.  About thirty minutes into the program the elevator door chimed open.

"Sounds like they're back." said Lance.

From down the hall they heard someone stumble and the others laughing.
Getting up Marc went out into the hall to see what was going on.  To Marc's dismay he found all three of them sitting on the floor laughing.

Looking up, Joey saw Marc.  "Hey, Marc.  When did you get here."  Joey slurred.

Justin and Lance came out to see what was going on.

"Oh shit.  They're drunk," said Justin.

"Hi guys, glad you're finally joining the party,"  said JC.

"What are we going to do now?" asked Lance.

"Does pushing them out an open window sound like a good idea?" asked Marc.

"Marc!"  said a surprised Lance.

"Yeah, our luck, these three are so relaxed they would bounce back in the window.  Come on; let's get them to bed.  I'll take Joey," said Marc.

"I'll take Chris," said Lance.

"That leaves JC to me," said Justin.

"Can you handle him?" asked Marc.

"Sure, Josh is a light weight, Joey's the heavy one, you may need help."

"I don't think so.  But we do need to get their rooms unlocked."

"They must have their keys in their pockets," said Justin.

"No need to check, I have a master," said Marc.  Pulling out his key, he opened everyone's door.

Marc went over to Joey "Come on Joe, let's move the party into your room."

Looking up at Marc. Joey smiled.  "Hi Marc, when did you get here?"

Shaking his head, Marc said.  "Come on buddy, that floor must be awful hard."

"Floor?  Oh yeah I'm on the floor.  Chris must have pushed me down."

Marc helped Joey get up.  As he swayed, Marc pushed him against the wall to steady him.

Looking down the hall Joey asked,  "Are we on a boat?  The floor is moving."

"Come on Captain, you cabin awaits," said Marc as he bent down and threw Joey over his shoulder.

"Wee I'm flying." said Joe with out stretched arms.  "This is fun.  I'm the king of the world."

Giving Joe's bottom a good smack, Marc said,  "Be still, before I drop you captain."

"How dare you hit the captain's bottom.  I'll have you keel. . .keeled. . Keeled hull. . .   Walk the plank for that."

Looking at Lance, as he was leading a giggling Chris to his room.  "You sure I can't drop him out the window?"

"No you can't!  Just get him to bed,"  said Lance sternly.

Going into Joe's room Marc dropped him on his bed.

"Ohhhhhh I've crashed," said Joey as he started to giggle.

Taking each foot, Marc removed Joe's shoes and socks.  "Come on, Joey, sit up so we can get your shirt off."  Joey sat up with Marc's help.

"Oh neat.  I'm on a tilt-o-whirl," said Joey.  Suddenly he lost his smile.  "I think, I'm going to be sick."

Quickly picking up Joey, Marc rushed him into the bathroom.  Just as he got Joe's head over the toilet, he hurled.   Joe sat on the floor hugging the toilet as he threw up time, after time.  Marc leaned against the sink as Joe made his offering to the porcelain god.

After a few minutes, Joey just sat there moaning.  Reaching over Marc flushed the toilet.  "Joe, are you all right now?"

Looking up.  Joe croaked. "No, I'm dying."

"You're not dying," said Marc.  "But you're sure a mess," noticing the vomit down the front of Joe's shirt and in his beard.  "Let's get you into the shower."

Joey tried to unbutton his shirt.  "I can't unbutton my shirt,"  he whined.

"That's because you don't have any buttons on your shirt.  Lift up your arms,"  said Marc as he pulled Joe's shirt over his head.  "Can you stand?"

"I think so."

Helping Joe to his feet Marc got his pants and boxers off.  Putting the lid down he had Joey sit down.  "I can't put you into the shower alone,  You'll fall thru the glass door."  Marc quickly removed his clothes and helped Joey into the shower.  Placing Joe under the showerhead Marc handed him the soap and washcloth.  "Here, wash your face."

Joey made an attempt to get the soap and washcloth together but failed miserablely.  Taking them from him Marc washed Joe's face and chest.  Turning him into the spray, Marc instructed,  "Rinse off and rinse out your mouth.  Your breath is awful."

Turning from the spray, Joey looked at Marc.  "Marc."

"What, Joe."

"Lance is really lucky to have you."

"I'm lucky to have Lance,"  said Marc.


"Yes, Joe."

"You're mad at me aren't you?"

"Just a little."

Joe started to cry.  "Please don't be mad at me.  I, I don't know what I would do if you didn't like me."

"Joey, stop crying.  Just because I'm a little mad at you doesn't mean I don't like you."

Joey cried, "You, you only like me.  I thought we were closer than that."

Taking Joe's chin Marc raised it up until they were looking eye to eye.   "Joe, you and the guys mean more to me than you will ever know.  I love you guys."

"But you love Lance more."

"No.  I love Lance differently," said Marc.  "Come on, let's get you dried off and to bed."

Taking a towel Marc dried Joey off and got him into bed.  Returning to the bath Marc quickly dried off and put his pants on.  Grabbing his shoes, socks, and shirt he shut off the bathroom light.  Checking on Joey one last time before leaving, Marc asked, "You going to be alright?" .

"Yeah, I'll be alright."

"Okay, good night Joey," Marc said as he went to the door.

"Good night Marc.  I love you."

Marc turned back to look at Joe.  Not sure he heard him right.  Pulling the door shut he went to his room.

"Marc, that you?" asked Lance from the adjoining  room.

"Yeah, who else."

"What took so long?"

"Joe got sick.  I had to give him a shower."

"Couldn't he do that on his own?"

"He could barely stand.  I was afraid he would fall though the glass door.  So I went in with him and got him cleaned up."

"Did anything else happen?"

"Yeah, I found out Joe is a crier when he's drunk."

"What made him start crying?"

"He asked me if I was mad at him."

"Well are you?"

"A little."

"And that started him crying?"

"No.  He was crying because he thought I didn't like him any more."

"Well wanting to throw him out a window, may be one reason he thought that."

"Well I told him I was a little mad at him but I still loved him."

"You do?"

"Yeah, I love all you guys.  I just love you differently."


"I love the guys.  I'm in love with you.  Why are we talking between two rooms?

"Because I'm working on something."

"Can I see?"

"In a couple minutes."

Lance came to the adjoining door dressed only in his white Colonel coat.

"Oh, did I tell you how much I like that outfit?"  asked Marc with a big grin.

"I've heard that somewhere."  said Lance as he walked over to Marc.

Taking the lapels of Lance's coat, Marc pulled him close and kissed him softly.  Lance wrapped his arms around Marc's neck and deepened the kiss probing Marc's lips with his tongue.  Marc's lips parted permitting Lance to enter.  As they kissed, Marc's hands roamed down Lance's back to the flap in the back of his coat.  Reaching under, Marc found a very firm and bare butt.  Pulling back from the kiss and looking into Lance's eyes.  Marc noted, "Why Colonel sir, it appears you forgot your pants."

Just smiling at Marc and bobbing his eyebrows, he took Marc's hand, leading Marc into Lance's bathroom, which was lit by dozens of candles. Marc smiled when he saw the tub filled and covered by bubbles. "Bubble bath?"

Lance nodded as he undid Marc's pants and let them drop.  Bending down he lowered Marc's boxers.  Standing, he softly kissed Marc.  "Now some time, just for us."

"I like the sound of that," said Marc, unbuttoning Lance's coat, pushing it off his shoulders and letting it drop to the floor.

Stepping into the tub, they sat facing each other.  Lance took the washcloth and started washing Marc's chest, working down each arm.  Taking some bubbles, he started putting them on Marc's face.

"James, what are you doing?"

"Seeing what you would look like in a beard.  You have the perfect coloring for it."

"What about you?  Have you ever tried growing one?"

"Can't, I only grow hair on my chin.  I tried a mustache once, but no one even noticed."

"I would have.  At least when we kissed."

"Maybe I should try growing it again."

"If you start now it should be filled in by Thanksgiving,"  Marc said with a smile.

Leaning in for a soft kiss, Lance whispered,   "Just for that, I won't grow it."

"My aren't we sensitive tonight," chuckled Marc.

Taking the washcloth from Lance, Marc washed Lance, and than leaned in for a lingering kiss. "Turn around and let me wash your back," said Marc.

Lance scooted around, giving Marc access to his back.  Marc started at Lance's shoulders, working down his back with the washcloth. Placing the washcloth aside, Marc went to work on Lance's neck and shoulders, massaging the muscles.

"Oh, yea.  Right there."

Marc grinned at Lance's reaction.  "You like this huh?"

"You bet."

Leaning in, Marc kissed the side of Lance's neck.  "I'll have to figure out how to give you a back rub more often."

"You work on that," said Lance.  "Come on, let's switch."

Marc got up and turned around as Lance swung around.  Marc sat down between Lance's outstretched legs.

Taking the washcloth Lance washed Marc's strong back.  Switching to his hands, he massaged his neck and shoulders.  As he worked his way down, Marc arched his back giving him access to his lower back.

"You know you're getting pretty good at this.  With a little more practice you'll have it down."

Pulling Marc back against his chest and wrapping his arms around him he said softly.  "I'm willing to practice any time."

Lance began playing with the wet hair on Marc's chest and belly. Lance lightly rubbed the ridges of Marc's belly, then back up to his chest, sensuously caressing his nipples.

Softly Lance asked, "Marc have you given any thought to what you're going to do after the tour?"

"Yeah, some.  I'll be heading back to Wisconsin."

"Oh," Lance said with disappointment in his voice.

"I need to make arrangements for my last two classes.  Close up the cabin.  And move to Florida."

Grinning Lance said.  "So you're moving to Florida."

"Yeah, I hear Orlando is a nice place to live."

"I kind of like the area."

"You do?  Great, then you can help me find a place to live."

"I do have a house."

"Are you inviting me, to stay with you?"

"Yeah, Marc, would you like to move in with me?"

"Do I get my own bedroom?" Marc asked.

"If that's what you want.  I have a three-bedroom house, so you can have your own bedroom, if you want.  I was kind of hoping you'd want to share mine."

"Oh, I will share your bed.  I just wanted to be sure the neighbors don't have something to talk about."

Lance's left hand roamed down Marc's belly and continued lower.

"James what are you holding?"

"Uh, the handle to the bath brush?"

"There's no bath brush."

Giving Marc's erection a playful squeeze,  Lance said. "I'm not sure, what it is."

Marc twisted around enough to look at Lance.  Pulling his head to him, they kissed passionately.

"Come on let's get out.  I'm starting to shrivel up."

"Not what I got a hold of," Lance said with a sly smile.

Lance let go of Marc's erection as he stepped out of the tub.  Giving Lance a hand up, Marc lead Lance to the shower.  Pulling Lance in behind him, he turned on the water.

"Not another cold shower,"  whined Lance.

"No, just a rinse off," laughed Marc as he adjusted the temperature.  Pulling Lance close, they stood under the warm spray.

Marc smiled as he looked into James' green eyes. Leaning forward, Marc softly kissed Lance's lips, then his chin. and slipping lower, kissing the hollow of James' neck.

Lance's breathing quicken as Marc ran his tongue over his left nipple.  Teasing it until it hardened, then Marc began to lightly chew on it causing Lance to moan.

Looking up at the expression on Lance's face, Marc moved over to his other nipple and gave it the same stimulating treatment.

Marc softly kissed his way down Lance's belly, stopping to nibble on the belly button , causing Lance to squirm. Following the path of blond hair, Marc placed soft kisses on his lower stomach letting Lance's erection rub his cheek.  Kissing the other side of his stomach Marc again rubbed against Lance's erection.  By this time Lance was trembling.  Looking up at Lance's face, he could see the lust building.  Starting at the base of his cock Marc placed soft kisses up all eight inches of his erection.  The final kiss at the very tip and Marc got his first taste of Lance's precum.  Shifting his eyes up to look at Lance's face, Marc smiled.

"Please don't stop," Lance moaned as he held on to Marc's shoulders for support.

Marc opened his mouth and went down on Lance's erection, taking more than two-thirds of it into his hot mouth before he had to stop.  Slowly moving back up, Marc used his tongue on the underside of James' pulsating cock and was rewarded with an increased flow of precum.  Leaving only the head in his mouth, Marc used his tongue to stimulate him, then diving back down the shaft.

"OOOh, shit.  I'm so close," James hissed.

Letting James' cock slip from his mouth, Marc rose, took him in his arms and softly kissed him.  "Let's take this into the other room."

Grabbing towels, they quickly dried off.  Lance took Marc's hand and pulled him to the bed.

Laughing, Marc said, "James slow down, we have all night."

Turning Marc so he was backed up against the foot of the bed, Lance leaned in and softly kissed him, then pushed him back on the bed.  Marc scooted up until his head was on a pillow.  Lance climbed on top of Marc, straddling his hips.  Leaning forward, he started kissing Marc's face; his eyes, nose, chin, and neck.  Moving on to Marc's left nipple he attacked it , sucking and chewing on it until it was rock hard.  Using his tongue, he traveled to the other nipple leaving a path of wet hair.

As Lance attacked his nipples, Marc moaned.  "Oh yes, make them hard.  Oh, James, that feels so good."

Looking up into Marc's eyes, James asked, "You like this?"

Placing his left hand on Lance's cheek, rubbing his thumb across his soft lips,  "I love it.  And I love you."

As Marc rubbed across Lance's lips he opened his mouth and started to suck on Marc's thumb, running his tongue all around the digit as he sucked.  Releasing Marc's thumb, Lance smiled as he slid down Marc's body looking for something else to nurse on.  Reaching the large red head of Marc's eigh-inch cock, he placed a kiss of the very end.  Using his tongue, he swabbed the head, causing Marc to inhale sharply.  Lance was rewarded with the taste of precum.  Moving off the head, he worked his way down the underside kissing and nibbling.  At the base, he reversed direction and licked his way back up.  Reaching the tip he took the head into his mouth, catching Marc's increased flow of precum.

Marc reached down taking James' head in his hands, pulling him off his cock.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm too close, and I want this to last."

Smiling Lance slid up and gave Marc a tender kiss.  "So you were getting close?"

"Yes, very close."

"It didn't take to much to get you to the edge.  You must have not had any relief in a while."

"No, not since I found myself with house guests.  I've had roommates for the last several weeks."

"Well that must be very uncomfortable, not having any relief for so long."

"Well, Mr. Bass, how many opportunities have you had since we met?"

"Not any,"  Lance said with a grin.

Marc rolled them both on their side, giving James a soft kiss.  "I think we need to do something about all these pent up urges."   Turning around into a sixty-nine position, Marc went to work on James' erection, taking him all the way into his mouth.

Lance moaned at the feeling of Marc's hot mouth on his erection.  Leaning forward, he wanted to give Marc the same pleasure he was receiving.  After about five minutes, Lance pulled off Marc.  "I'm right on the edge."

"Me too," Marc groaned, engulfing Lance's manhood, determined to carry Lance over the edge and give him what he had been yearning for so very long.

It only took seconds before Lance let loose a mighty orgasm. Marc swallowed his first mouthfull, as he let loose his seed into Lances hungry mouth.  After filling Marc's mouth four times, Lance's orgasm slowed to a trickle.  Enjoying the unique flavor of his guy, Marc made sure he did not miss a drop.  Marc rolled onto his back, struggling to catch his breath, and looked down at his James resting his head on Marc's leg.

Slowly moving up on top of Marc, Lance gave him a tender kiss.  Reaching around Lance, Marc pulled him tighter to him.  Deepening the kiss, they lost themselves in their passion bring themselves to another climax.  Breaking the kiss, Lance laid his head on Marc's chest as they both caught their breath.

Marc reached up and gently stroked Lance's cheek.  "Have I mentioned today how much I love you?"

Taking Marc's hand, Lance genteelly kissed the palm.  "Your eyes tell me that every time you look at me."

Holding Lance, enjoying the closeness, Marc felt James relax and as his breathing slowed, he knew sleep was not far off. "James?"


"We need to take a shower."

"I'm too comfortable to get up."

"Well, you have to.  Or we'll be glued together in the morning."

"That means you'll be stuck with me."

"I have no problem with being stuck with you.  It's the pain of loosing my chest hair when we pull apart in the morning."

Looking down into Marc's eyes, Lance smiled as he slid his well-lubricated body over Marc's.  "We are a mess.  Come on, but I get to control the shower."

Getting up, Lance started toward the bathroom when Marc took his hand.  "We need to use my bath.  We used up all your towels."

The shower was quick and as they dried off they did not talk, but just smiled at each other.

Crawling into Marc's bed, Lance returned to his position on top of Marc with his head on his chest.  Laughing softly, Marc asked, "Are you comfortable?"  as he pulled the covers over them.

"Yes, very."  Lance said as he snuggled.  "Marc?"


"Did I rush this tonight?"

"No.  Tonight was the right time.  We were both ready for it.  I was just surprised you took the initiative"

"After the way you kissed me this afternoon, I knew I wanted more."

Hugging Lance, Marc said, "You can have as much as you want.  Just be sure we don't forget to pack that outfit in the morning."

Giggling, Lance said,  "My luck to fall in love with someone with a white coat fetish."

"It's not a fetish, you just look so hot, in it.  Almost as good as you do, out of it."

Marc could feel Lance smiling.  "Good night, James."

"Night, Marc"

Marc awoke to the phone ringing.  He reached for the phone.  "Hello"  "What!" "Okay, okay, I'll be right down,"  said Marc as he slammed the phone down.

"What's wrong?" asked Lance.

"Pete found out about Josh, Chris, and Joe's night out."

"He's pissed isn't he?"

"I think that's an understatement,"  said Marc as he got out of bed.

"I hope he doesn't blame you for their stupidity,"  Lance said as he watched Marc dress.

"I won't know until we talk.  James, do me a favor.  Get everyone up and order breakfast.  I don't know how long this is going to take."

"Okay, it's going to take a lot to get our party goers up."

"Here take my key, and drag them out of bed if you have to," Marc said switching keys with Lance.

"How come you have a master key?" asked Lance.

"Did anyone notice Pete was not on this floor?  As Pete's assistant, I am responsible for you guys.  He felt if anything happened, I needed to be able to get into all your rooms,"  Marc said as he pulled on his shoes.

"I haven't realized how much you've been taking on."

"It's not that much.  Most all of it has been fun."

"I don't think this is going to be fun."

"Neither do I,"  Marc said as he leaned in for a kiss.  "But I know where to come to make me feel better,"  he said with a smile as he turned to go.


Author's Notes:  Well guys and gals it had to happen.  Marc and Lance took the next step.  Like it, or hate it, it's done.  Now some news:  Due to it being summer, there will be only one chapter this month.  Between work, keeping up a house and yard, and family, my time is thin.

So for the next couple months, I am taking time for me.  (Including a rescheduled, Nsync concert.  Damn storm ruined a whole weekend!)

Never fear, this story is far from over.  Chapter 21 will be up in mid August.  In the mean time, with the help of a friend, we will be cleaning up my website, correcting spelling, punctuation, and try to clear up cloudy thoughts.  Hopefully by September, I will be back on schedule.

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Something to think about:
          Who is, Not an Angel? Hints have been given.
          Is this Marc's first association with an all boy band?
          What is Joey feeling?
          Is Marc hiding something from the guys?