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My New Life
By James

Last Time

Marc awoke to the phone ringing.  He reached for the phone.  "Hello" 
 "What!" "Okay, okay, I'll be right down,"  said Marc as he slammed the phone

 "What's wrong?" asked Lance.

 "Pete found out about Josh, Chris, and Joe's night out."

 "He's pissed isn't he?"

 "I think that's an understatement,"  said Marc as he got out of bed.

 "I hope he doesn't blame you for their stupidity,"  Lance said as he watched 
 Marc dress.

 "I won't know until we talk.  James, do me a favor.  Get everyone up and 
 order breakfast.  I don't know how long this is going to take."

 "Okay, it's going to take a lot to get our party goers up."

 "Here take my key, and drag them out of bed if you have to," Marc said 
 switching keys with Lance.

 "How come you have a master key?" asked Lance.

 "Did anyone notice Pete was not on this floor?  As Pete's assistant, I am 
 responsible for you guys.  He felt if anything happened, I needed to be able 
 to get into all your rooms,"  Marc said as he pulled on his shoes.

 "I haven't realized how much you've been taking on."

 "It's not that much.  Most all of it has been fun."

 "I don't think this is going to be fun."

 "Neither do I,"  Marc said as he leaned in for a kiss.  "But I know where to 
 come to make me feel better,"  he said with a smile as he turned to go.


Part 21 
The Morning After

Lance and Justin were eating their breakfast when Chris, Josh, and Joey finally  made their appearance.  Each took a large cup of coffee and sat down.  
Lance looked up at the three party animals and smiled at their appearance.  They were all nursing their cup of coffee.  It was obvious each had a hangover.  

"Well, how do you three feel this morning?" asked Lance smiling .  

Wincing, Chris put his hands to his head,  "Not so loud, my head is killing me."  

"I've felt better,"  answered Josh, as he rubbed his temples. 

"I'm okay, my stomach is just queasy,"  answered Joey.  

"No wonder,  since you lost everything last night,"  Lance pointed out. 

"Yeah, that could be it.  Where did you guys go last night?"  Joey asked. 

Breaking in to a wide grin, Justin answered, "Marc took us to church." 

"Oh, that sounds like a fun time,"  said Chris sarcastically.  

"Actually, we did have fun.  Marc has a friend, Father Andrew, who is youth pastor at a nearby church.   He's also director of the youth choir.  We sat in on their rehearsal,"  said Lance.  

"How did they sound?"  asked JC.  

"Terrible.  But Marc worked with them and in the end, they sounded pretty good,"  said Justin.  

"After the rehearsal we all went down to the parish hall, to listen to music and dance,"  said Lance.  

"It was great  to be in a group of people, and not feel out of place,"  said Justin with a smile.
Chris gave Justin a funny look, not knowing what he meant.  Lance explained,  "Last night most of the kids were around Justin's age.  For once he wasn't the youngest person in the room."  

"I had the best time last night," Justin said with enthusiasm.  "It's been so long since I've been able to hang, with kids my own age."  

"We've been together so long, we tend to forget how old you are,"  said Josh.  

"But it seems Marc and Lance could see what you needed,"  said Joey.  

"I like going out with you guys.  I have a lot of fun when we do.  But there  are so many places that won't let me in, and that gets to be a bummer,"  said Justin.

" Too bad we didn't all go with you.  I wouldn't have this hangover,"  said Chris. 

"Yeah, you really missed out on something great.  After the kids had to go home Marc disappeared on us,"  said Justin.  

"Where did he go?" asked Joey. 

"Back up into the church,"  said Lance. 

"Yeah, he went up and started playing the organ.  It was awesome!"  exclaimed a grinning Justin. 

Seeing the lack of understanding in their faces, Lance added, "Marc started playing  from his heart.  It was beautiful." 

"Marc must have played for over forty minutes.  And when he was finished, he got a standing ovation,"  added Justin.  

"Where did the audience come from?"  asked Josh. 

"They came in, off the street.  They were all drawn in by the sound of the music," answered Lance. 

"By the way,  where is Marc?"  asked Josh. 

Lance and Justin looked at each other,  losing their smiles.  "Pete called first thing this morning.  Marc had to go down and explain about last night,"  said Lance. 

"Explain about us, you mean,"  noted Joey sadly. 

Walking down the hall toward the lounge/ dining room, Marc could hear voices.  
Entering, Marc found all five of his friends at the table.  The three party animals were nursing large cups of coffee. 

"Good morning,"  Marc said politely.

"Morning, Marc,"  they all answered. 

Marc went to the food carts and got himself a plate of pancakes, with bacon and eggs.  Grabbing a large glass of orange juice, he went and sat next to Lance.  
As Marc ate his breakfast in silence, he looked up to find Chris, Josh, and Joey watching him.  "You guys need to eat breakfast, you have a long day ahead of yourselves,"  Marc said. Looking directly at Joey, Marc advised,  "You especially need to eat.  That coffee is not good on your empty stomach.  Milk would be better.  Stay away from the meats and fruit juices, they will be hard on  your tummy."  

"You're right, Marc, thanks,"  said Joey as he went to the food carts, followed by Josh and Chris. 

Lance leaned in and quietly asked,  "What happened?" 

Looking at the three at the food cart, Marc said,  "Just sit tight.  And I need to see you, after breakfast."  

Marc finished his breakfast, pulling out the  newspaper he had brought in with him, and started to read it. Lance and Justin were talking between themselves while the others finished their breakfast.  Turning the paper around so the main story was facing Joey, Chris and Josh,  Marc waited for one of them to notice the headline. 

"Oh, shit!  We're dead,"  moaned Josh.
"I wonder if Pete has seen that yet?" asked Chris. 

Looking over the top of the paper, Marc saw all three looking at the main article.  Turning the paper back around he glanced at the headline and photo.  "Oh, that.  He's seen it." 

"I'm surprised he is not here chewing us out,"  said Joey.
"He won't be chewing you out,"  said Marc. 

"He won't!  Why?"  exclaimed Chris. 

"Because first thing this morning, he called me to his room and he chewed out my ass," said Marc curtly.

"Why did he do that?"  asked Josh.  

"For not letting him know about you three coming in drunk,"  said Marc.  

"You didn't call him?"  asked Chris, incredulously. 

"No.  You were all back safe.  I didn't see any need,"  said Marc. 

"And you got chewed out for not telling him?"  asked Joey. 

"That and the  newspaper story.  By the way, which one of you was groping the girl?"  Marc asked, not expecting an answer.  "Guys, when Pete hired me as your web master, it was with the understanding I was also to keep you all out of trouble."
The three of them sat there, not able to look Marc in the eye.
"Up until this morning, I never gave that part of the job any thought.  We would go out together, have fun, and get back to the hotel without any problems.  Last night, Justin, Lance, and I didn't go with you, because Justin couldn't get into the clubs.  So, I made sure he wasn't alone last night I thought you were mature adults; that you would be all right on your own,"  said Marc.  "But I was wrong."
"What is Pete going to do?"  asked Chris.  

"He's going to do nothing."  Marc answered. 

"Nothing?"  asked Josh with a slight smile coming to his face. 

"No, he's going to do nothing.  Instead, he dropped it into my lap," said Marc rather curtly. 
"You're mad at us, aren't you," said Joey.  

"I'm disappointed in you; in your stupidity; in your lack of self control," said Marc. 

"And I'm also mad.  Mad that I got chewed out for something I didn't do.   I wasn't even there.  I'm mad at Pete for dropping this all into my lap to handle." 

"What are you going to do?"  asked Josh.  

"Quite honestly, I don't know,"  said  Marc.
"Marc, I'm sorry we dragged you into this.  It's unfair for Pete to blame you for our actions,"  said Chris.  

"You're too old to lock in your rooms.  And you have too little freedom on tour as it is.  I'm going to have to think about this.   Whatever I come up with, it has to be something, that we all can live with,"  stated Marc. "For now, when we go out, we go out as a group.  There  aren't any free nights until Detroit.  I'll have to come up with something by then."

"We'll go along with whatever you come up with,"  said Joey.  "I know you'll be fair.  And I'm sorry you got caught up in our mess."  

"Well.  I hope you're all packed.  You have half an hour before you have to leave for your interviews.  You all need to meet Pete at the elevator at nine fifteen.  Be on time,"  Marc said. 

"It sounds like your not coming with us," Justin observed. 

Pushing his chair back from the table, Marc stood up to leave.  "I've got too much to think about.  And I need to work out some of these frustrations.  I'm going to work out with Joel and your dancers." 

"You will be at the sound check?"  asked Joe. 

Marc smiled for the first time.  "Yeah, I'll see you all at sound check.  Have a good interview,"  said Marc as he went to his room.  

Marc was standing at the window looking at the view when Lance came in.  Walking up behind Marc, Lance wrapped his arms around Marc's waist and laid his chin on Marc's shoulder.  "You all right?" Lance asked softly.
"No.  But you holding me helps," said Marc, as he turned to face Lance. 

Lance pulled Marc closer as Marc wrapped his arms around Lance's neck.  They stood holding each other for a long time. 

"Marc, what are you going to do?"   Lance finally asked. 

"I'm not sure.  I have to come up with some way to keep everyone out of trouble.  Let everyone have some freedom.  And still keep everybody happy." 

Lance smiled.  "Maybe shoving them out the window would have worked."  

Marc laughed.  "Only if they would have landed on Pete."  

Marc gave  Lance a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.  "Let's get our bags out into the hall.  Pete's due any minute." 

Marc and Lance were the last to get their bags onto the luggage cart.   As they approached the elevator, it chimed and out stepped Pete.  Spotting Marc, Pete asked, "Marc, you got a minute?"  

"Sure, Pete, we can talk in the lounge," said Marc. 

Pete closed the door behind him, indicating he wanted a  private conversation. 

"How did it go?"  Pete asked. 

"It depends on how you look at it.  From their point of view, they think I'm pissed at them for last night.  They know what they did last night was stupid, and they're sorry.  They will accept whatever punishment I come up with.  >From my point of view,  I yelled at my friends, made them  feel bad, and I don't like that one bit.  I now have to come up with a way of keeping them out of trouble.  In a way that will not destroy our friendship,"  said Marc.  "So I guess it went  well and it went bad., depending on which point of view you take."  

"Marc, I'm sorry to put you in the middle of this.  I have been  through this with them, several times.  And  whatever I came up with never stopped it from happening again.  I'm hoping your friendship with them will get them to think about their actions,"  said Pete. "Did you come up with any ideas yet?"  

"No, nothing yet.  Since we have no free time until Detroit, I have some time to come up with something.  Until I figure something out they have agreed, we go out only as a group,"  said Marc. 

"I can live with that,"  said Pete.  Pulling an envelope out of his jacket pocket he added,  "I have what you asked for."
"Thanks, Pete," Marc said taking the envelope.  With a slight smile, Marc added,  "Pete, do  me a favor.  Don't mention last night.  They're expecting you to go off on them.  It will drive them crazy if you say nothing."  

Smiling, Pete agreed, "Now you are starting to think like management." 

"No.  I am thinking like someone who is still a little pissed at them for being so stupid." 

Pete and Marc rejoined the others.  As Marc walked up to Lance, he noticed Lance looking at the envelope in his hand.  Leaning in to Lance., Marc quietly explained,  "It's tickets for Andy and the kids." 

"They're going to like that,"  Lance said, with a smile.  

"I'll swing by St. John's on my way to the arena,"  said Marc, as they entered the elevator.  

As Marc's cab pulled up to St. John's, he noticed Andy  on the playground, refereeing a basketball game.  Marc asked the driver to give him five minutes to make his delivery. 

Spotting Marc crossing the playground Andy said, "Morning, Marc,  I didn't expect to see you again." 

"Morning, Andy, just stopped by to bring you something,"  said Marc. 

'Oh, what would that be?"  asked Andy. 

"Just something for  your kids.  Is there  anyway to call  an early rehearsal?" 

"Yeah, sure, why?" Andy asked.
"Justin, Lance and I had a good time last night.  So, we want you and the choir to be our guests tonight at the concert.  I have tickets for everyone plus four adult chaperones,"  said Marc. 

"Oh wow!  That's great.  I'll get a hold of everyone right away.  Most of them are here anyway. We will get permission slips signed right  away.  And I need to arrange transportation too,"  said a stunned Andy. 

Marc smiled at Andy,  "Transportation has already been arranged.  A charter bus will be here at six o'clock," said Marc, as he handed Andy the envelope of tickets.  Turning to leave, Marc had a thought.  "Andy, you may want to invest in ear plugs for the adults.  I know  firsthand, you will need them." 

"Thanks for the warning, Marc,"  

"I'll see you all tonight at the arena,"  said Marc as he headed for his cab.  

Marc entered the rehearsal hall to find Joel working with the dancers.  Going over to the far corner, Marc changed his shoes and started stretching.  As he stretched, he listened to Joel trying to explain the concept of the piece.  "What we need with this number is to give our stars enough time to make their costume change.  The best way to describe it is a drum solo without the drums.  We will use what ever happens to be on the. . . ."  

Justin leaned into Lance as they walked down the hall after their interview,  "What's up with Joey?" 

"I don't know.  He didn't say ten words during the interview.  Maybe he is still hung over," said  Lance.  

"No, I don't think it's a hangover.  Something is bothering him.  Maybe we should get him to talk to us,"  suggested Justin. 

"When he is ready to talk, he will.  Let's not push him.  He just may be having a bad day," suggested Lance.  

"Hey, Marc," said Beth, one of the Nsync dancers. 

"Hey, Beth," answered Marc, as he  wiped the sweat from his brow.
"For a long-haired musician, you're a great dancer.  How long have you been dancing?"  Beth asked, as she handed Marc a bottle of cold water.
"Thanks, Beth," said Marc as he took the offered bottle.  "I started dancing as part of my physical therapy three years ago.  I took a Ballroom Dancing course to help me with my coordination.  And it just took off from there."  

"Marc, can I ask you something?"  

"Sure, Beth," said Marc.  

"We here are kind of a big family.  So, rumors have been flying about you.  Is it true that you have amnesia?" Beth asked. 

"Yeah, I suffer from amnesia.  A little over three years ago, I awoke from a comma.  Everything seemed okay, but when I came to me, there was nothing in here," said Marc, tapping his head.  "All memory of who I am was missing.  No memory of family, home, school, or life before my  injuries."
"Wow!  That's heavy.  How did you ever cope?" 

Smiling, Marc said, "I had a great support team at the hospital.  My doctor and his daughter, who was my nurse; they're  the greatest.  They helped me over the  rough times.  They put up with my mood swings, made me talk out my problems, pointing out the positive and the negative of each problem.  Gave me support when I needed it, and kicked me in the ass when I needed that too."  

"Sounds like great people,"  observed Beth.  

"Yeah, they're the greatest.," said Marc. "We kind of became a family.  I now have a  sister and dad."  After a slight pause.  "Now that I've answered your question.  How about answering one for me?" 

"Sure, what is it?" asked Beth.  

"What's everyone thinking about me?  The guys come back from a vacation, dragging me along.  There must have been a few comments about me," asked Marc.  

"You were a big topic of conversation for the first week," Beth said with a smile.  "Marc, we have been on tour for quite a long time, needless to say, it got very tense the last few weeks before vacation break.  There were a few of us who were thinking about not returning from the break.  The guys were so into themselves, it seemed every time there was a problem it was always someone else's fault, never theirs.  Then they came back with you.  I swear, these are not the same five guys that went on vacation.  They're human again."  

"I guess rest and being away from the tour helped," said Marc. 

"Possibly, but we now think you had more to do with the change.  When we heard you were joining us, as web master, we thought okay, that explains why you were here.  But when you were put on the top floor with the guys, that opened up a whole new can of worms.  We couldn't figure out what the relationship was all about,"  said Beth. 

"And my actions the first week must have created more questions," said Marc.  

"That's an understatement.  It wasn't until the day of the concert, word got out about what you were doing all week.  Finally what you were up to, started to make sense,"  said Beth.  

"But I don't think that information cleared up all the questions," Marc observed. 

"No, the mystery just deepened.  What would a pop group find in common with a classical musician.  It had us all stumped until we started hearing how you interacted with the guys. We heard you say things to them that no one else would dare say to them.  You wouldn't take their star shit from them.  And they accepted your comments without any hesitation.  It became clear that the connection was not music, but friendship," said Beth. 

Smiling, Marc agreed, "Friendship, is our main connection.  I don't make friends easily, when we meet, something just clicked.  Now they're my best friends."  

With a sly smile Beth softly asked, "How's your love life been going since you came on tour?" 

"What love life?  Who's had time to meet anyone?"  said Marc.  A little concerned at what Beth was hinting at.
"I think one spiked-haired blond would not agree about not having any time," said Beth. 

"Shit, Beth!  How many people know?"  Marc asked on the verge of panic. 

Placing a hand on Marc's arm, "Relax, Marc.  There are not many secrets in this family.  We all have seen you and Lance together." 

"Pete is going to kill us.  No one is suppose to know,"  said Marc. 

"Know what?"  asked Ed, Beth's dance partner. 

"The top floor romance,"  said Beth casually. 

"Beth!" Marc pleaded. 

Laughing at Marc's  panicked expression, Ed asked,  "He hasn't a clue?" 

"No.  He's been shielded on the top floor,"  Beth said with a sly smile.
"What are you talking about?" asked Marc.  

"Marc, like Beth said, we are a family.  Secrets are almost impossible to keep here.  We all noticed the two of you.  How you look at each other.  And then after your concert, the change in Lance,"  said Ed. 

"Lance has been on cloud nine," laughed Beth.  "I've never seen anyone smile as much as he has." 

"Yeah, he has been smiling a lot lately," said Marc with a growing smile. 

"Well?  Do you have anything to do with his smiles?"  Beth asked. 

With the blush rising, Marc acknowledged, "Guilty.  We got together after my concert." 

"That's great, Marc.  You two make a great looking couple,"  said Beth.  

"Guys, how many know about us?" asked Marc. 

Beth and Ed looked at each other, and then turned to Marc and both said, "Everyone!" 

"Everyone!  I'm dead," moaned Marc.  

Laughing, Ed said, "Marc, chill out man.  Remember who knows.  We all signed confidentiality agreements.  What happens within the family stays in the family.  

Besides we're all cool with you two." 

Breathing a long sigh of relief, Marc said, "Thanks guys.  I don't think I could handle another problem today."  

"Would your other problem be the picture in the newspaper?"  asked Ed. 

"Yeah, Pete was not too happy to find that picture this morning,"  said Marc. 

"We kind of heard.  I think the whole floor heard Pete chewing you out this morning," said Beth. 

"Now I have to come up with some way to keep everyone out of trouble.  I have no idea on how to do it.  Other than locking everyone in their rooms,"  said Marc in frustration. 

"Well, Lance wouldn't mind that, if you were locked in with him," joked Ed.
"He's not my problem child.  But I've got a few days to come up with something.  We won't have any free days until Detroit,"  said Marc.
"Is the whole day the problem?" asked Beth. 

"No, it's the club scene that's the problem.  When they start drinking, they get stupid."  

"Can't you just go with them, to supervise?" asked Ed.  

"That would work if it wasn't for Justin.   There are a lot of places he can't get into.  I won't leave him by himself," stated Marc.  

"How many free days do we have coming up?"  Beth asked. 

"I think we have four free days before we head out to L. A. not counting our stay in New York.  The schedule there is pretty full."
"Okay, I may have a way to fill those free evenings, keep everyone out of trouble, and everyone still have a good time,"  said Beth.  

Marc was working at his computer aboard the tour bus when his instant messenger chimed in. 

"From: Not a Angel
"To: Phoenix Rising
Hi, Marc.  How is the tour going? 

Phoenix Rising
Hi Angel girl.  Hectic.  But I'm having fun. 

Not a Angel
You still in Chicago? 

Phoenix Rising
Yes, we have a concert tonight. Then head for Indianapolis for tomorrow night's concert, then on to Lansing for a concert the next night. 

Not a Angel
It sounds like you won't get much rest. 

Phoenix Rising
We will be able to sleep on the tour bus. 

Not a Angel
We?  Is there room for the Colonel? 

Phoenix Rising
Yes, plenty of room.  To change the subject.  How are your studies?  Have you caught up yet? 

Not a Angel
Yes,  I am caught up.  Now I am trying to get ahead so I  can visit your country. 

Phoenix Rising
You're coming!  When?  Where?  For what? 

Not a Angel
Starting the last week of August.  I will be working on my new album.   I  will be recording it , in New York. 

Phoenix Rising
Great!  After the tour ends, I'm suppose to appear with the New York Symphony in mid September.  Hopefully we can finally meet in person. 

Not a Angel
I want to do more than just meet.  Marc, I want you to work on the album with me. 

Phoenix Rising
Oh, wow!  If it could be arranged, Yes I would love to work on your new album. 
Have your people contact my manager, Lynn Harless  she can be reached through BMG, in Orlando. 

Not a Angel
I will get my manager right on it.  I do hope we can work together. 

Phoenix Rising
So do I.   I can't wait to tell the Colonel about this.  Oh wait, I can't tell him about working with you.  Until he figures out who you are. 

Not a Angel
How about if I start e-mailing Colonel?  Maybe if we talked he would figure it out. 

Phoenix Rising
Sorry.  Only the Colonel can give you his e-mail address.  How about I give him your instant messenger ID?  Go in and remove your ID from you personal information.  I will bet he will try that first thing. 

Not a Angel
That should work.  I will do it right away.  Lets see how long it takes to figure it out.  Have you been able to perform with the boys yet? 

Phoenix Rising
No not yet.  I will be in the band for sound check today.  If everything goes alright maybe the band leader will let me do a show soon. 

Not a Angel
Well good luck with your sound check.  I want to get started on everything.  Hope to get back to you in a couple days.  Have fun. 

Phoenix Rising
Okay, Angel.  Talk to you later.  Bye. 

Marc was shutting down his computer when he saw the limo pull in.  Locking his laptop in a cabinet, Marc went to find Pete and tell him about the "plan." 


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