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My New Life
By James

Last time:

Marc was working at his computer aboard the tour bus when his instant messenger chimed in. 

"From: Not a Angel
"To: Phoenix Rising
Hi, Marc.  How is the tour going? 

Phoenix Rising
Hi Angel girl.  Hectic.  But I'm having fun. 

Not a Angel
You still in Chicago? 

Phoenix Rising
Yes, we have a concert tonight. Then head for Indianapolis for tomorrow night's concert, then on to Lansing for a concert the next night. 

Not a Angel
It sounds like you won't get much rest. 

Phoenix Rising
We will be able to sleep on the tour bus. 

Not a Angel
We?  Is there room for the Colonel? 

Phoenix Rising
Yes, plenty of room.  To change the subject.  How are your studies?  Have you caught up yet? 

Not a Angel
Yes,  I am caught up.  Now I am trying to get ahead so I  can visit your country. 

Phoenix Rising
You're coming!  When?  Where?  For what? 

Not a Angel
Starting the last week of August.  I will be working on my new album.   I  will be recording it , in New York. 

Phoenix Rising
Great!  After the tour ends, I'm suppose to appear with the New York Symphony in mid September.  Hopefully we can finally meet in person. 

Not a Angel
I want to do more than just meet.  Marc, I want you to work on the album with me. 

Phoenix Rising
Oh, wow!  If it could be arranged, Yes I would love to work on your new album. 
Have your people contact my manager, Lynn Harless  she can be reached through BMG, in Orlando. 

Not a Angel
I will get my manager right on it.  I do hope we can work together. 

Phoenix Rising
So do I.   I can't wait to tell the Colonel about this.  Oh wait, I can't tell him about working with you.  Until he figures out who you are. 

Not a Angel
How about if I start e-mailing Colonel?  Maybe if we talked he would figure it out. 

Phoenix Rising
Sorry.  Only the Colonel can give you his e-mail address.  How about I give him your instant messenger ID?  Go in and remove your ID from you personal information.  I will bet he will try that first thing. 

Not a Angel
That should work.  I will do it right away.  Lets see how long it takes to figure it out.  Have you been able to perform with the boys yet? 

Phoenix Rising
No not yet.  I will be in the band for sound check today.  If everything goes alright maybe the band leader will let me do a show soon. 

Not a Angel
Well good luck with your sound check.  I want to get started on everything.  Hope to get back to you in a couple days.  Have fun. 

Phoenix Rising
Okay, Angel.  Talk to you later.  Bye. 

Marc was shutting down his computer when he saw the limo pull in.  Locking his laptop in a cabinet, Marc went to find Pete and tell him about "The plan." 

Part 22
The Plan

"Has any one seen Marc?"  asked Lance.

"Haven't seen him, but I heard Marc call Pete over the walkie talkie.  He needed to talk to him.,"  said Chris.

The door opened and all heads turned to see Marc come in with a big grin on his face.   "Hi guys, how the interview go?"  Marc asked as he went over to Lance. 

"It went alright.  How did your morning go?" asked J C.

"I had a good workout.  It helped me get things back in order,"   Marc replied.

"Have you figured out what to do about us?"  asked Joey.

"Sure did,"  said Marc.  Putting on his serious face, he looked at his three problems.  "Pete has agreed with this.  You three are to write a  1,500 word essay on the evils of drinking in public."

"What?!?"  all three shouted , stunned at their punishment.

"To be typed, double-spaced, two copies, and it has to be done by next Tuesday," said Marc, as he turned to Lance and gave him a wink.

"You can't be serious," sputtered Chris.

"I don't believe this!"  said J C.

Turning back to the guys Marc's smile grew to a broad grin.

"Shit, Marc, this is a joke.  Isn't it?"  asked Chris.

" Yeah, I was only kidding,"  admitted Marc. 

"Well, what did you come up with?"  asked Joey.

"Well, I didn't come up with this, Beth did."  said Marc.

"Beth, our dancer?"  asked Justin.

"Yeah, she came up with the idea,"  said Marc.

"Well what is it!"  everyone said together.

"On our free night in Detroit, we all  are attending a 50's sock hop.  Correct costume is required,"  said Marc.

"What?"  exclaimed Chris. 

"To keep you guys out of trouble, I have made arrangements with the hotel for a large  private meeting room.  Some of the dancers and I will decorate it as a 50's high school sock hop.  All Nsync  personel will be invited for a evening of dancing and fun,"  Marc explained.

"How many will be attending?" asked Lance.

"It will be just the touring staff, no locals.  If everyone shows up sixty-four." 

"There aren't that many people on tour with us," said Chris.

Shaking his head, Marc said, "You guys need to visit the lower floors once in a while.  There's more  than your band and dancers.  You have almost fifty support staff traveling with you; makeup, wardrobe, sound, lighting, and security just to mention a few." 

"I just did not realize we had that many people on tour," said Justin.

"Well there  is that many, and you guys need to get to know them.  Talking with them can be real enlightening," said Marc.

"In what way?" Josh asked.

"It seems that there were five unnamed performers  who were so into themselves and on  an ego trip, that several of the dancers had considered not returning after vacation break.  But luckily, for everyone, those five did not return," Marc said as he watched his five very embarrassed friends. 

"I guess we were becoming a pain in the ass,"  Joe said softly.

"Like I said, luckily they did not return," said Marc.  "Now what do you think about our solution to the problem?  Think it will work?"

"Is it just a dance?" asked Justin.

"No.  We are planning more than just a dance.  At one end of the hall, we will set up a Malt Shop.  That's were the food well be.  We're planning burgers and  fries, hot dogs, chili dogs, shakes, malts, and a full ice cream setup for sundaes and banana splits.  I did mention that costume is required; well we are planning to award prizes for best costumes.   Also a talent contest is planned.  Oh! It has been decided you guys can not enter as a group.  Solos, duets, or a trio will be permitted.  You just can't perform as your normal group."

"And who decided this?" asked JC.

"The committee, and if you don't like it, you can volunteer to be on the committee for the next dance," smiled  Marc.

"How many of these dances are you planning?" asked Lance.

"Four for right now.  Each will have a theme.  The first one being a 50's Sock Hop."

"What are the other themes?"  asked Justin.

"Well, we think we will be doing a Country Western theme, we also talked about a Mardi Gras and a surfing theme.  I suggested a toga party, but was shot down by the girls," Marc said with a smile.

"Yeah!  Toga Party!" shouted Justin. 

"Toga, Toga, Toga," all the others began to chant.

Marc just shook his head and laughed.  "If you want it, you need to get involved," said Marc.  "Right now the girls won't permit it."

"I know, we can get Marc to dress up as a Roman Gladiator and show the girls what they'd be missing," suggested  Chris.

"I'd like to see that," Lance said .

Marc just grinned at Lance as the blush rose, and everyone else just laughed at his reaction.

The door opened as Pete stuck his head in.  "Are you guys ready?  Marc, Brian has been looking for you."

"Thanks, Pete," Marc said as he got up to leave. 

The sound check went off without any problems.  They went through all the numbers, but one, once.  Joey had some problems with Giddy Up, coming in late.

After the sound check, Marc joined Lance and the guys for something to eat.

"Boy, Marc, it didn't take you long to fit into our band,"  observed Chris.

"When are you going to join us on stage for a concert?" quizzed  Justin.

"I don't know.  It's up to Brian, when he thinks I'm ready he'll let me do a concert with you," said Marc.

"Well you sure sounded ready," said Chris.

"Did you get over to St. John's?" asked Lance.

"St. John's?" asked Josh.

"Yeah, where the other half of us went last night," Marc said with a smile. "I dropped off tickets for tonight's concert.  Father Andrew and the choir will be in the first two rows."

"I hope they didn't have too much trouble arranging transportation at the last minute,"  noted Lance.

"I had already arranged for a charter bus to pick them up.  All Andy had to do is get permission slips signed.  Most of the kids were already at the church.  I don't think it took to long to get everyone signed up." 

"What time will they be arriving?"  asked Josh.

"If no one's late, the bus should be leaving St. John's at six.  They should be here by six-thirty.  Why?"  Marc asked.

"Half of us haven't met your friends,"  Josh said.  "How about you bring them back stage for a meet and greet."

"Yeah!  That's a great idea," Justin eagerly agreed.

Marc was out front of the arena watching for the charter bus to arrive.  He spotted it turning into the bus unload area.  Running to meet it, Marc was able to reach it before anyone had a chance to get off.  As the door opened, he stepped aboard and was greeted by Andy.  "Hi, Marc, anything wrong?"

"Not really.  We're just changing the location of where you all are getting off,"  said Marc.  Leaning into the driver, Marc gave him directions to the secure area.

"Can I have everybody's attention,"  Marc shouted.  "I'm glad to see everyone made it tonight.  There has been a little change in plans."

"Yeah, our tickets aren't any good,"  shouted someone from the back of the bus.

"No!  Your tickets are good; it's just I kind of have to sneak you in the back door.  And hide you out until the first act starts,"  Marc said, while giving Andy a wink.

"What you do double book the seats?"  asked Andy with a grin.

"In a way.  I told my boss the tickets were for a group of twelve-year-old girls.  And I did not expect to see him here tonight." 

"But he did show up," Andy injected.

"Yeah, but the good thing is he always leaves right after the first act goes on stage.  So, when he sees the seats empty he will assume no one is coming.  And once he leaves you all can take your seats,"  Marc said pleased with his little story.

Andy gave Marc a `what are you up to look.'  Marc and Andy got everyone off the bus and lined up.  Going to the front of the line Marc announced,  "You have to be super quiet.  I will take you to a safe room to wait until the concert starts.  Now everyone stay together."

Marc knocked on the door and it opened a crack.  "Is it clear?" Marc asked someone on the other side.  The door opened wide, and Marc  led the group inside and down a long, dimly lit hallway.  Taking several turns until Marc was sure no one knew where they were.  Stopping at a door, Marc opened it to  reveal a darken room.  "Ok everyone just follow the wall on your left, when everyone is in we can turn on the lights."

One by one, everyone entered the room and followed the wall until everyone was in.  Marc closed the door behind him throwing everyone into total darkness.
Reaching for the lights, Marc slowly brought up the light level, not wanting to blind anyone with bright lights.  As everyone's eyes adjusted to the new light Marc's guests were greeted with smiling faces of NSYNC sitting at a table on the other side of the room.

Faking surprise, Marc exclaimed, "Oh, hi ,guys!" 
Joey's smile faded as he turned his attention to Marc.  "So, Marc, I see you're up to your old tricks, selling bootlegged tickets again."

All heads turned to see Marc's reaction.  "Who me?"  Marc asked indignantly. 

Turning to his guests, Marc said, " Ladies and gentlemen, please take a seat," indicating the folding chairs in front of them.

With his nose still out of joint, Marc walked up to the front table ignoring Joey. "Bootlegged tickets, indeed," Marc said while snubbing Joey.
" Ladies and gentlemen,  may I present you hosts for tonight, Justin, Chris, Lance, JC, and what's his name,"  bringing on a round of giggles from the choir. "Also known as NSYNC!!"

Marc made his way to the back of the room to watch his friends conduct the meet and greet, each one make opening remarks introducing himself to the group of fans.  Then the floor was opened up for questions, and  ended with everyone getting autographed photos.  The  boys spent over forty minutes with the room of fans, but it was time for them to get ready for their show.

Taking his  guests on a more direct route, Marc showed them to their front row seats. 

"Marc, thank you for everything.  It's more  than we ever expected,"  Andy said.

"Andy, enjoy the concert.  We leave right after the concert so I won't get to see you again.  You've got my e-mail,  let's keep in touch," Marc said as he shook Andy's hand.

"Have a good summer, Marc.  Enjoy your time with your friends.  And take care of your guy. I think you have found what you have been searching for," said Andy.

As Marc was returning to the backstage area one of the stagehands called out, "Marc, Brian is looking for you."

"Thanks," Marc  replied as he went off to find Brian.

As the opening act was into their last number Lance and the guys were playing around with the  hackey sack.  "Lance, have you seen Marc?"  Justin asked.

"No.  Not since the meet and greet," Lance answered.  "He's probably still visiting with Father Andrew."

Pete came in and said, "It's time guys, you ready?"

"Yeah,  let's do it," Justin said with enthusiasm.

Everyone followed Pete out of the dressing room to the backstage area where their band and dancers were waiting for the prayer before the show.  Everyone formed a circle holding hands waiting for Justin to say the prayer.  As Lance and Joey were about to join hands, Marc stepped between them taking their hands.  Each turned to look at Marc, who was dressed in the costume of a member of the band.  The three friends smiled as Justin gave the prayer.  Giving his  friends' hands a tight squeeze, Marc stepped back breaking contact.  Taking his  drumsticks out of his back pocket, he gave Lance a wink as he went to take his place on stage.

The show rocked.  And before the last song the guys introduced their dancers and band.  Lance and Justin had switched  whom they would introduce so Lance could introduce Marc.  Which he did with gusto, 
" Sitting in on percussion, a great musician, composer, and awesome friend.  From Big Bear Lake, Wisconsin.  Give it up, for Marc Newman."

The show had ended a half hour ago and everyone was getting cleaned up.  Lance sat on a couch in the dressing room waiting for his turn at the shower.  There was a knock at the door,  and then Marc entered still in costume, carrying his backpack.  Smiling up at Marc, Lance asked, "Where have you been?" 

"Doing the work you guys don't see.  I had to help pack up the  instruments," Marc answered.

Justin came out of the shower room still drying his hair.  Spotting Marc, his face lit up in a big grin.  "The man with the beat.  Great job tonight, Marc."

"Thanks, Just.  I had a blast tonight," Marc said.

"The shower is free, who's next," Justin announced.

Lance was getting up out of his seat when Marc made a dash for the shower and closed  the door in Lance's face.

"Hey! I'm next," Lance shouted through the closed door.

Justin and Chris began to laugh at Lance yelling at a door.  Grinning, Joey said, "Scoop, you need to move faster with Marc around.  I'm surprised he didn't invite you to share the shower."

Just then, the door opened,  Lance was pulled in, and the door slammed shut.  Shaking his head, Joey went up to the door and pounded on it a couple times.  "You two behave yourselves, and don't take all night in there,"  he shouted.

Pulling Lance through the door, Marc stopped all protests with a deep kiss.

Pulling back, all Lance could say was, "Wow."

Smiling at his love, Marc asked,  "Want to share the shower?"

"You bet," Lance said as he started to pull  Marc's shirt up over his head.

JC entered the dressing room after a talk with Pete.  Looking around he saw everyone either had changed or was in the process of dressing.  Counting heads, he asked, "Lance in the shower?"

"Yeah, he and Marc are in there,  `Taking a shower'," Chris said, bobbing his eyebrows. 

"At least I can hear the water running," said Justin with a grin.

"The next few days are going to be hard on them.  There won't be much time they can be alone together,"  Joey pointed out.

Justin had been  sitting  with his ear to the wall, trying to listen to what was coming from the shower.  Josh tossed a pillow at him, "Justin get away from there.  Let them have some privacy,"

A little embarrassed at being caught, Justin said in his defense,  "They can't be doing much.  I only heard them talking with the water running."

With their showers finished and dressed in clean outfits, Marc was at the mirror combing his still damp hair.  Lance came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Marc's waist as he looked over Mark's shoulder.  "Feeling better?" Lance asked.

  Marc smiled at their reflection.  "Yeah, it turned out to be a great day," Marc said, turning in Lance's arms.  "And thank you for the introduction tonight.  It meant a lot to me."

"You don't think I may have over done it a bit?" Lance asked.

"You did have me a little worried.  I was afraid you weren't going to end with awesome friend," Marc said with a chuckle.

Smiling shyly, Lance admitted, "Justin wouldn't switch with me until he knew what I was going to say.  He had to edited my introduction." 
"He did!  What was left out?" Marc asked.

"Let's see.  Handsome, sexy, great kisser, and passionate lover,"  Lance answered.

Marc's eyes grew big with surprise and he said,  "I'm glad he edited your speech, or we both would have been looking for new jobs."

Leaning in, Lance gave Marc a soft kiss, "I would have been telling the truth."

"Just remember that when we can't find any private time over the next few days," Marc pointed out to him.

"Don't remind me, It is going to be torture," Lance said looking around the room seeing if they had forgotten anything.  "Wonder what's going on out there, no one has been pounding on the door trying to hurry us up."

Going to the door, Marc put his ear to the door.

"Justin!  Get away from the wall, stop trying to listen in on what they are doing in there,"  Josh said.

"I can't hear much, all they do is talk," Justin said a little disappointed.

Returning to Lance with a big grin, Marc reported., "Justin has his ear to the wall."

Smiling, Lance suggested, "Should we give him something to listen to?"

"James, you're reading my mind,"  Marc said as they went over to the wall where they knew Justin must be sitting.

Giving the wall a bump with his hip, Marc started, "Oooh yeah, that's it!  Right there,  yes! Yes!"

"Marc, are you sure you want this?  I don't want to hurt you,"  Lance said  struggling not to giggle.

"Yes, James, I want it.  Just be gentle,"  Marc panted.

"Oh, God! This is tight."

"Slow down, James,  "it"  will fit, just push harder,"  Marc said with a low raspy voice.

"I'm pushing harder, I'm afraid it will break if I push too hard."

"There must be something blocking the way.  Reach in and see if you can clear the way," Marc said while grinning at Lance.

"I don't think I can do this,  Marc. My hand is too large."

"Yeah,  you're right.  You're too large.  Maybe Justin can do it, he's a little smaller."

Joey had been reading a magazine when he looked over to Justin,  who had the strangest expression on his face and  began to blush.  "Justin, what's wrong?""Joey asked with concern.

Just then, the door to the shower room opened a crack and Lance stuck his head out.  With a straight face asked, "Curley, you got a second?  Can you come in here for a sec and help me with something?"

Justin's eyes got as big as saucers and he violently shook his head no.  "N N No!  No way!  EEEUUUUUU!" he shrieked. 

Marc's head popped out above Lance's.  Talking to Lance, he asked,  "He doesn't want to help,  does he?"

"No,  I think he's busy," Lance said, fighting to keep his straight face.

"Oh, my god!  I don't believe you two,"  Justin shouted as he tried to cover his ears.

"I do think we managed to gross him out,"  Marc said as the two of them started to laugh at Justin. 

Lance and Marc came out of the shower room fully dressed.  Looking up at them Justin said, "You  assholes."

JC, Chris, and Joey were rolling on the floor with laughter.

Marc leaned into Justin,  "If you weren't so nosey, little brother, you would not have fallen into our trap."

Marc and Lance went out to the bus and, as they were climbing aboard, George looked up.  "Hi, guys.  You're early, we won't be pulling out for another hour."

"That's ok, I just wanted to get my laptop and check my mail," Marc said as he removed it from the locked cabinet.  Taking a seat at the table, he plugged in and booted up.  Lance slipped into the seat next to Marc.  Looking at Lance, Marc asked, "And what do you think  you're doing?" 

"Just seeing what mail you got," Lance answered.

"No you're not.  Where's your laptop?"  Marc asked.

"Down in the luggage compartment.   Why?"

"Go get it.  And set it up,"  Marc said.

With George's help, Lance was able to find his laptop.  Setting up opposite Marc, he got hooked up and booted up.  Marc handed him a disk.  "Here, load this."

Lance loaded the program and asked, "Now what?"

"Log on to the net,"  Marc instructed.

Lance logged on and to his surprise an instant massager box popped up.

To: Colonel
From: Not an Angel
Hi Colonel,  want to join Phoenix and me for a chat?

Looking up from his laptop Lance grinned at Marc.  "Cool."

"Don't say it, type it," Marc said with a chuckle.

From: Colonel
This is cool.  Hi Angel.

From: Phoenix Rising
Hey what about me!!  This is a three way.

From: Colonel
Sorry.  But you're sitting across the table.

From: Not an Angel
Hehe  this is fun.  How did the show go?

From: Colonel
The show was great.  But the drummer kept dragging the beat.

From: Phoenix Rising
I did not!!!! 

From: Not an Angel
Phoenix, you got to play, good for you.  When did you find out?

From: Phoenix Rising
About 10 min. before the opening act went on.  Colonel and the guys didn't even know until just before they went on.

From: Colonel
He showed up in costume, did not say anything, just grinned and pulled  drumsticks out of his back pocket and took his place on stage. 

From: Not an Angel
Sounds like everyone was surprised.

From: Colonel
We sure were.  But he did a great job.

From: Phoenix Rising
Stop!  Stop!  No more about me.  Angel I am going to leave you two to talk.  I want to see if my sister is still up.  Bye.

One by one, each of the others made it onto the bus.  Marc gave up trying to get  hold of Sara; either she was not up or she was talking to Josh again.  Marc made his way back to the lounge area.  Chris and Joey  were sitting on the floor playing a video game.  Justin was being a back-seat-driver, cheering them both on
 Turning back to look in his bunk for his notebook, Marc stopped in the walkway between the bunks, hearing the quiet sounds of a hushed voice.   Smiling at a thought, Marc pulled his cell out and dialed Sara's number.  Getting a busy  signal, he grinned as he dialed JC and waited for his call waiting to kick in and for JC to answer. 

"Hello," JC finally answered.

"Hi, JC, it's Marc."

"Where are you and why are you calling me ?" JC asked.

"I'm outside your bunk.  Will you give Sara a message for me?" Marc asked.

Pulling back the  curtain to his bunk, JC saw Marc standing with his cell to his ear.  "This is too weird.  How did you know we  were talking,"  JC asked.

"I couldn't connect with her  online and her phone was busy.  And who else would she be talking to this late,"  Marc said.

Laughing softly, Josh offered,  "Would you like to talk to her?"

"Yeah, just for a sec,"  Marc said.

Switching back to Sara, Josh said, "Hi I'm back.  I have this pest that wants to talk to you…  Ok, I'll put him on."

Grinning, Josh  handed the phone to Marc.  "Hi," Marc said softly.

"Hi yourself.  What's up?"  Sara asked.

"Just wanted to let you know to check your e-mail.  I sent you a long one.  It has a list of some stuff I will be needing and how to get it to me,"  Marc said.

"Ok.  I'll be sure to check.  Oh! Josh told me about tonight.  Did you have a good time?"  she asked.

"Yeah, I had a blast," Marc said.  "I'll keep this short, just wanted to let you know about the e-mail and tell you I'm missing you."

"I miss you too.  Give Lance a kiss for me.  Love you," Sara said in parting.

"Love you, Sis.  Bye,"  Marc said.

Handing the phone back to Josh, Marc said,  "Thanks, Josh. I didn't mean to interrupt."  and he turned back to the lounge.

Marc found Justin sitting quietly, staring out the window.  This was curious, for just a couple minutes ago he was cheering on Chris and Joey.

Marc sat down next to Justin.  "What's up?" Marc asked.

"Hi, Marc," Justin said. "Can we talk?" 


Looking around the room, Justin said,  "Not here."

"Ok,  let's go up front," Marc suggested.

Going through the bunk area, soft talking could still be heard coming from JC's bunk.  Looking at each other, they started to giggle as they reached the kitchen area.  "I would hate to see what JC's phone bill is going to be at the end of the tour,"  observed Justin.

Glancing forward, Marc could see Lance still at his laptop.  He had headphones on and his head was bobbing to whatever music he was listening to as he typed away.  Marc saw Justin glance at Lance.  "He's out of it.  He's talking with Angel," Marc said.  "What's up?"

"Marc, there was something you said earlier tonight that has stuck in my head," Justin said.

Frowning, not knowing what he was talking about Marc asked,  "What did I say?"

"When you told me if I weren't so nosey, I would not have fallen into  your trap."

"Yeah, I remember," Marc said, still not knowing what he was getting at.

"You called me little brother."

"Oh, I guess that did slip out,"  Marc said softly.  "Just, if you're uncomfortable with that, I'll try not to call you that again."

"NO, that's not it.  I was just wondering where it came from?" Justin asked.

With a little smile, Marc tried to explain.  "I think you may have noticed during the past few weeks that I have kind of grown attached to you guys.  Some of you more than the others."

"Yeah, like Scoop," Justin grinned.

"Yeah, him I'm in love with," Marc said with a growing smile.  "And there is also you."

A little shocked Justin asked, "You're in love with me?"

Marc laughed  softly. "No! I love you.  There is a difference in being in love with you, and just loving you."  Marc sighed, then continued.  "I love you as a younger brother, Justin.  I care a lot about you.  I tend to want to protect you.  And I don't want to see you hurt in any way.  I don't know if this is making any sense."

Grinning at Marc, Justin said,  "I know where you're coming from.  We think of ourselves as a family,  and being band mates, we think as each other as brothers.  But with you there is a difference.  I kind of like the idea of having you as a big brother."

"Then knowing that I love you doesn't make this too weird?" Marc asked.

"No.  If knowing that I love you also is all right," Justin added.

"That would be great.  Does this mean it's alright if I think of Lynn as mom?"

Laughing, Justin agreed. "Yeah, I'll share her with you.  She has already adopted you as one of her kids, she tends to do that with her clients." 

"I must remember to move your name on my Christmas list from best friend to kid brother,"  Marc said.

"Why can't I be both?"

"You already are," Marc chuckled.

"Does that mean I get two gifts?" asked Justin.

"Only if you're good."

"I'm always good." Justin said with a grin.

"That's not what I hear."

 "Hey!" protested a grinning Justin.  "Well, it's late and I'm going to head for my bunk." 

"I'm not that far behind you.  Lance should be  losing his connection at any time we're getting pretty far out of town."  Marc observed.

Justin pulled Marc into a hug.  "Good night Marc, I love you bro."

"Love you too, little brother.  Now go get some rest," Marc told Justin.

Marc watched Justin go to the bunk area, then turned back to find Lance looking over his laptop.  His headset was hanging around his neck and he was smiling up at Marc.

"What?" Marc asked.

"Now that was a Kodak moment." Lance said softly. 

"How much did you catch?" Marc asked.

"Only that your family keeps growing," Lance said with a grin.

"Speaking of family, are you about ready to turn in?" Marc asked.

"Sure, I lost Angel's connection.  We must  have moved out of range."

"Did you figure out anything about Angel?"  Marc asked.

"No.  She's still a mystery.  For a girl she really doesn't say much about herself.  But she is fun to talk to." 

"Yeah, I know what you mean.  It took me almost 6 months before I could pin her down," Marc said with a yawn.

"Sorry to keep you up so late,"  Lance said as he closed down his laptop.  "Let's get some rest."

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 23:35:56 -0500

Hey Angel Girl,

I couldn't find you on line tonight.  Just finished the concert in Indianapolis.  I got to play again tonight.  Keyboard this time.  The  bandleader wants to keep me on keyboard for a while.  He wants me to be comfortable with that position so when we get to New York so I can handle their TV appearances. 

Colonel has been bugging me about you.  Please don't string him along too long.  Give him a little something to get him off my back.  And no wise cracks about him being on top.

It looks like another night on the bus, I'm glad we are playing arenas at least I can get a shower.  I tried the shower on the bus and no one told me it was not a good idea to use it while the bus is in motion.  Pops thought it was funny when I got bounced out of the shower and into the hall.

Well it's late, we are still an hour out of Lansing.  Hope we park away from the semis tonight so we can get some rest. 

Will get back to you.

Your friend,


Date: Thu., 24 Jun 1999 14:20:11 -0500

Hi Angel Girl,

This has been a bad day.  When we got in to the arena we found out that the air conditioning was not working.  They had repairmen working on it all morning.  Got everything running by noon.  We did a quick sound check the arena was still too hot.  I hope they can get the temp down before show time.  Bounce and Colonel seemed to be bothered the most by the heat.  I plan to keep an eye on them tonight.

The only good thing about today is it is just a couple hour's drive to Detroit.  I can't wait to get a real bed with a shower that doesn't move.  And three nights of being able to rest.

Well I need to go.  I still need to update the web site before tonight's show.

Hope to connect with you while in Detroit.

Your friend,


"Pete, where is Marc?"  Chris asked.

"The last I saw him, he was loading the band bus.  You guys ready to get out of here?" asked Pete.

As the guys approached their bus, Lance noticed the band's bus pulling out.  Lance was concerned that Marc was  nowhere in sight.  Climbing on the bus, Lance was about to ask George if he knew where Marc was.   But before he could speak, George pointed to the back of the bus and said,  "He's in the shower." 

"Thanks," Lance said with a smile.

Going back to the bunk area, Lance found Marc pulling a t-shirt over his head.  Grabbing Marc as his head cleared the shirt, Lance said.  "Hi, sexy."

Smiling at his guy, Marc  lowered his arms around Lance's neck, pulled him in for a kiss saying, "Hi yourself." 

"Jesus! Will you two get a room,"  Justin said as he  passed them on his way to the lounge.

"We plan on doing just that,"  Marc said with a grin.

Marc and Lance joined the others in the lounge.  "Man that was one hot concert, and I mean hot,"  Marc said.

"Thank you, I was quite good tonight," Justin said with a smirk.

Marc threw a pillow at Justin.  "That's not what I meant and you know it.  Security told me they treated almost 40 people for heat related problems,"  Marc said with concern.

"There's no way we should have preformed tonight.  It must have been 110° on stage," Chris said.

"I'm getting tired of this shit.  Not only did they put our health on the line but our  fans' also," said JC with  disgust.

"I hate it when people lie to us.  They knew there was no way to cool the arena before the concert," Lance said.

"But who do you blame?  The arena management for telling our people everything was going to be all right?  Our own stage crew for not informing management about the conditions in the arena?  Our own management for not reacting to the problem?   Canceling and rescheduling the concert  was an option.  It's easy to put the blame on someone else.  But did anyone here say anything to Pete?" Marc asked.

Joey softly replied, "We could have said something but we didn't."

"Don't feel bad.  I should have said something to Pete but I didn't,"  Marc added.

"I never thought a hotel room could look so good," said Marc wearily as he and Lance walked into their room.

"I never thought this day was ever going to end," said Lance as he fell across one of the two queen size beds.

"Hey!  No fair crashing before we get our bags,"  Marc said as pulled Lance off the bed.

"Oh, I was just getting comfy," a sleepy-eyed Lance complained.

"If you were so comfortable, maybe you should go to bed.  By yourself,"   Marc said as he released Lance, letting him fall back onto the bed. 

Going back into the living room of the suite they were sharing with the other guys,  Marc bent down to get their bags off the cart as Lance called after him, "Marc, get back in here. I want to sleep with you."

The guys were gathering their bags but they all froze at Lance's  declaration.    Now waiting to see what was going to happen, they all looked at the door as Lance came out.

"Marc, please sleep with me," Lance pleaded,  then froze when he saw his band mates and Marc grinning at him.

"My, my, Mr. Bass.  What will the neighbors think,"  Marc said while fluttering his  eyelashes.  "I'm afraid they will think I'm a person of loose morals."

Feeling the blush rise, Lance decided to get even.   Walking over to Marc,  he grabbed the front of  Marc's shirt and pulled him toward their room.  "My good sir," Lance said with his southern accent returning in full force, "You all may be many things, but loose isn't one of them.  Now get your tight ass into that room," Lance ordered.

"Yes, sir! Colonel Sir!" Marc replied.  "God, I love it when he talks that way." 

The guys were roaring with laughter as Lance closed the door.
"Yes, sir!  Colonel Sir!"  Justin said while saluting the closed door.

Marc awoke with his James cradled in his arms.  He inhaled deeply the sent of his lover.  Listening to Lance's steady breathing, Marc felt the warmth of  contentment come over him.

From the other room, Marc heard Joey announce, "Breakfast is here."

Marc quickly glanced at the alarm clock.  "James."


"We overslept.  Come on, breakfast is already here," Marc said.

"Oh, man.  This is not the way I wanted to start today,"  Lance exclaimed as he bolted out of bed.

"Go get in the shower.  I'll get you something to wear,"  Marc urged.

Heading into the bathroom Lance stopped  and asked,  "You want to join me?"

"No!  You're already running late.  MOVE!"  Marc ordered.

"Yes, Sir!" Lance said with a grin.

JC sat down with his plate of food.  Looking around at the `guys he sighed,  "Are they up?"

Joey laughed, "I think they overslept.  I heard Marc trying to get Lance moving."

"Marc never sleeps in," observed Justin.

"Lance must have kept him up all night," Chris said with a grin.

"James, your outfit is on the bed.  I'll have your breakfast waiting when you get done,"  Marc said through the bathroom door.

Wearing shorts and t-shirt, Marc came out of the bedroom and went to the food cart.  "Morning, guys,"  he greeted them.

"Morning, Marc," they all said together.

"You two oversleep?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, I forgot to set the alarm," Marc admitted.

"Oh, I thought you  might have had a hard time sleeping.  Maybe the mattress was too hard for you.  Kept you up all night," Chris said with a cheesy smile.

Marc finally caught on to what Chris was hinting at and he began to blush.  Going to the table with two plates of food, Marc looked  at Chris, opened his mouth to say something but he couldn't come up with a response. 

Lance came out of the bedroom and went over to sit next to Marc.  Seeing Marc's red face, he asked, "Marc,  what's wrong?"

"Chris wanted to know why we overslept.  Wanted to know what may have kept me up,"  Marc answered.

Lance looked at Chris, who  was taking a drink of his juice.  "I kept him up,"  Lance said casually.

Chris choked on his juice, not expecting that kind of response from Lance.

Marc and Lance grinned at each other and exchanged props.

" What're your plans for today," Justin asked Marc.

"We're going to decorate the banquet hall this morning, then I have rehearsal for the talent show this afternoon,"  Marc answered.

"What are you going to do for the talent show?"  Joey asked.

"That's a secret.  Show up tonight and find out." 

There was a knock at the door then Pete let himself in.  "You guys ready?"

"Yeah  we're ready," Lance answered.

Marc walked Lance to the door.  Lance gave Marc a good-bye kiss, then  leaned into Marc's ear and whispered, "You need a shower."

Marc smiled and said softly, "That's my next stop.  Have a good day.  Love you."

The group exited the elevator and started across the lobby when Lance put his hand in his pocket and exclaimed, "Shit! I forgot something.  Be right back."  He turned and got back on the elevator.

"What did you forget?"  asked Justin.

"My cell," Lance said as the doors closed.

Lance entered his room and found his cell on the dresser where he had left it.  He could hear the water running in the shower.   Then, he heard something else.
He could not believe what he was hearing.  He sat on the bed stunned.  The water was turned off and Lance could now clearly hear it. 

Marc came out of the bathroom drying his hair to find Lance sitting on the bed  staring at him.  Marc's smile quickly disappeared when he saw Lance's face.
"James, what's wrong?" Marc asked.

"Who's in the shower with you?" Lance asked with a shaky voice.

"No one.  Why?"  Marc asked confused.

"You're lying to me," Lance said sternly. 

"I'm not lying.  There is no one else in the bathroom." 

"You've been lying to me all this time.  The one thing that means the most to me, the one thing that we could have shared. You denied it time after time.  You lied to me."  Lance shouted.

Marc finally realized about what Lance was talking .  "James, please.  Calm down and let me explain."

"What else have you lied about?  What other things are you keeping from me?"
Lance demanded angrily as he got up to leave.

"James, please let me explain.  Don't go like this!"  Marc pleaded.

"I'm late.  And I don't have time for this.  I need to think about this and what it means to us,"  Lance said sternly as he walked out of the room.

"James, please.  I'm sorry I never told you that  . . .  (door slams shut) . .I can sing."

The guys were waiting for Lance in the lobby when they saw him get off the elevator and  stomp across the lobby heading for the limo.  Justin and Joey looked at each other and softly said,  "Oh, shit!"

"Lance, what's wrong?"  JC asked as Lance stormed past  him.

"Nothing!"  Lance snapped.

"Come on, Lance.  Something happened.  What is it?"  JC prodded.

Lance quickly turned to JC, and brusquely stated, "I said there is nothing wrong.  Now just drop it!  Come on we're late."

Everybody climbed into the limo.  Lance took the seat against the far door and sat there staring out the window as the limo pulled away.

The guys looked at each other, knowing something big had happened and it had to involve Marc. 

Lance's cell phone started to ring.  Lance flipped it open, looked at the caller ID, then turned the phone off and slipped it into his pocket.  Starring out the window, Lance did not see the passing city.  And no one could see the single tear run down his cheek.

Marc stood at the window of their room watching the limo pull away.  He slowly removed his cell phone from his ear.  Now watching the limo disappear down the street, Marc softly said.  "Please, James.  Not like this,"  as a single tear ran down his cheek.


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