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Route 66 Rocks!!!

This is the story of the last concert in *Nsync's No Strings Attached Summer Tour.  And what happens when they meet one of their fans, late that night in the hotels hot tub.  This story pairs Joey with one of their fans.

A Step out of Time

Is our history written in stone?  What would happen if one thing in a person's life could be changed. See what happens when the Backstreet Boys take a ski trip that change their lives, for ever.

My New Life
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical groups  *Nsync, Backstreet Boys (And who ever else shows up in the story.) and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync or the Backstreet Boys  are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Infinite Love

This ia a story that spans the generations.  Lance finds love and romance with   someone he feels he has known all his life.

Lance, Mikey, & a

Angel named Ethan

This is my newest short story I posted just before Christmas.  Lance has returned home after not being able to complete his life long dream, going into space.  He feels his life has no meaning and he struggles to regain his self worth.  He finds what he is looking for in the form of an abused little boy and his friend Ethan

Chapter 72

‘What is he talking about?’  A.J. thought.  A series of lightening flashes lit up the room and for a moment he could see the intensity in Marc’s eyes.  Eyes he has looked into before.  Eyes, that were the same, but some how different.  Yes, he had looked into those eyes before, he knew it.  But at that time the eyes were so vacant, and at the same time, scared.

As Kevin and Lance stood off to the side watching, the others from the kitchen began to filter out into the pool area.  Standing together they watched their friends, not knowing what was happening, only knew something was going on.

“Alex, please,” Marc pleaded.  “Tell me about Johnny.”

A.J. felt a shiver move up his spine.  ‘How could he know about Johnny?’  A.J. thought.

“We, we had just finished our first European tour for Lou,” A.J. softly said as he thought back those many years ago.  “We were so young then.  Maybe too young to realize what we were getting ourselves into.  The schedule was unreal.  Interviews, photo shoots, rehearsals, and performing day in and day out.  In one city; one day, another the next.  We slept when we can, usually while we traveled.  We got good at sleeping setting up.  We were lucky to see a real bed once a week.”

A.J. paused for a long moment.  “It was really hard on us.  We were all home sick.  Nick had it the hardest. Most nights we could hear he crying himself to sleep.  Brian was the only one who could seem to give him any comfort.  I think that’s why the two of them became so close.”

Brian looked at Nick, they both nodded, at A.J.’s truth.

“Now instead of crying, you could hear the two of them whispering late at night.     They kind of formed their own support group.  Then I noticed Kevin and Howie were doing the same thing.  They would sit together and talk quietly when ever they got a chance.”

“You know what the worst thing about being a Backstreet Boy was?  Being the fifth guy in the group.  There was no one to talk to.  Know one to share my problems and fears with.  They had each other.  I had no one.  That was until I met my best friend.  His name was, alcohol.

“When ever we had a chance for a night out we would go clubbing.  It was a good way to vent.  The clubs really loved it when we showed up.  We didn’t need to pay to get in, the manager would meet us at the door and escort us in.  We’d be taken to a VIP area and the club would pick up the tab for the night.” 

“At first it was just a couple drinks to relax before hitting the dance floor.  Then a couple more while I rested between sets.  Before I knew it, I was shit faced and I was being carried out to the waiting car.”

“I didn’t think I had a problem.  I was sober when we worked.  I only drank after the shows. . . . .  That was at first.  Near the end of the tour I started having problems.  I wasn’t sleeping and my energy level was low.  I started taking pills to help me sleep then pills to help me get going again.  Kevin saw what was happening and tried to talk to me.  I denied I had a problem and told him to mind his own business.”

“Kevin didn’t say anything more for the remainder of the tour, so I thought he had dropped it.  Man, was I wrong.”

“Lou met us at the airport, when we returned to Orlando.  We were whisked off to Lou’s office.  When we asked why our families didn’t meet us he told us they would meet us at the office.  But when we got there none of our families were there.”

“Lou said our families would be along soon but first he needed to have a meeting with us.  I should have known something was up.  It turns out Kevin and the others have been talking to Lou about my behavior.  Lou flat out asked me if I wanted to remain part of the group?  I told him of course I wanted to remain in the group.” 

“Lou said the only way I would remain in the group, is if I got some help.  He had made arrangements for me at a place outside of Houston that would give me the help I needed.”

“As soon as I agreed, he had two of our security waiting to whisk me away.  I didn’t get a chance to see my family, my two body guards and I were on a flight to Houston in, less then an hour.”

They had a car waiting for us.   We went straight to the “clinic”.  We drove for over an hour, this place was to far out in the middle of nowhere.  The place didn’t look too bad.  Actually it kind of looked more like a spa then a clinic.  I didn’t see any bars on the windows.” 

“They were waiting for us to arrive.  In less than twenty minutes I was checked in and my body guards had left with all my personal possessions.  They left me nothing, no money, no ID, no credit card.  I was given a pair of pajamas and slippers, then taken to my room to start treatment.  I spent the next week in my room drying out.  I didn’t realize how much I had become dependent on the pills and alcohol.  The cramps and the cold sweats were terrible.  But that was nothing to the nightmares I was having.”

“When the second week rolled around I was given a bathrobe and started counseling.  I was allowed to leave my room for the first time.  I was able to eat with the other residents in the dinning room.  We could go out and spend some time in the garden; which wasn’t bad early in the morning or early evening.  The day time temperatures was way too high to spend much time out in the midday sun.  So you end up spending most of your time either in the TV room or the sun room.”

“On the second day of my release from my room; and after my first counseling session of the day, I drifted into the sun room.  The residents for the most part seemed like normal people.  Most of us were being treated for some form of addiction or eating disorder.  The sun room was pretty full.  There was a checker game going on at one table.  Several of the tables had card games going on.  Several of the residents were sitting by the windows reading.  I was looking around, hoping to find a card game to join, when I first saw him.  There was this guy, sitting off by himself in the corner.  He must have been in a bad accident, his head and hands were wrapped in bandages.”     

The room was supervised by a nurse.  I must have had a confused expression on my face because she asked me if something was wrong.  I asked her about  “What happened to him?”  I asked, indicating  the guy in the corner.” 

The nurse looked across the room.  “Oh, that’s our John Doe.  He arrived last week.”

“John Doe?”

The nurse nodded, “That’s what we call him.    No one knows his name.  We can’t get him to talk.  He’s been through some sort of trauma.”

“How badly was he injured?”  A.J. asked.

“That’s the thing.  He isn’t injured.  He hasn’t been disfigured in any way.”

“Why the bandages?”

“From what the doctor has been able to figure out is he thinks he’s been badly burned.”

“He won’t talk or can’t talk?” A.J. inquired.

“Wont talk.  The other night when we had that thunder storm, he found his voice.”

A.J. gave the nurse a questioning look.

“He totally freaked out during the storm.  It took three nurses, two orderlies and a sedative to get him under control.”

Looking across the room he saw an orderly approach the mummy boy and lean down to say something.  The boys reaction was to turn away and pull himself into a tight ball.

“Does he do that with everyone?”

The nurse looked across the room and nodded.  “Pretty much.  When he’s like that we just talk softly to him repeating several times what we need him to do.  As long as we don’t touch him, he will come out of his shell and do what is asked of him.”

“What if someone touches him?”

“He cries out as if he is in pain.”

“I sat and watched him for the rest of the afternoon.  He just sat there looking out the window up at the sky.”

“When he left the sun room he walked past me.  He kept his eyes down, almost as if he was afraid to make eye contact.”

“The next day, after my therapy session, I found him sitting in the sun room in the same spot as yesterday.  I went over and set in a chair near the windows, but not too close to him.  I could watch him in the reflection of the windows.  Every once in a while he would glance over at me.”

“As the days passed, I would sit a little closer.  Near the end of the week my doctor had to cancel our session for the day and I managed to get to the sun room before he arrived.  I wondered if he would come and sit next to me or find another seat.  I got quite good at being able to watch what was going on in the sun room by watching the reflection in the windows.  I spotted him when he entered the sun room.  He stopped looking my way.  I knew this would be the moment of truth.  You could almost see the conflict going on behind those bandages.  He surveyed the room for other possible seats.  I knew there were several to choose from but was relieved to see him making his way to his usual seat.  For the first time I turned to look at him as he sat down.  We made brief eye contact.  I smiled at him and gave him a nod.  He gave me a quick nod before breaking eye contact.” 

“I didn’t know it at the time but our actions were being observed and noted by the charge nurse.  The next day my doctor made a comment about our little greeting.  He encouraged me to continue.  I was the first person to get any form of reaction from him.”

“One of my main complaints about the rehab center was the lack of style in what we had to wear.  The doctor laughed and asked what I would suggest.” 

“The next day I was brought several outfits; lightweight shorts, tank tops, and lightweight warm-up pants.  That day my session with my counselor was the best one I’ve had.  He noted my attitude change.”

“When I went to the sun room the boy was setting in his normal seat.  I didn’t get any reaction from him until I sat down.  We had settled into a routine I had continued to watch his reflection in the window.  The first glance from him came shortly after he sat down.  But unlike other times the he didn’t break his gaze.  This was something new and I didn’t know what the cause was.  Slowly I turned in my seat; expecting him to look away, but he didn’t.  He was staring at my arm, actually, staring at my tattoos.”  

“I flexed my arm for him and I received a little smile.  Slowly his gaze moved up.  I was smiling at him and I gave him a wink when our eyes met.  He started to look away but he seemed to force himself to look back.  Since he hadn’t crawled into his shell I decided to try something.”

 “You like tattoos?”  I asked him.

He started to nodded but quickly shook his head.

“Not sure?”  I chuckled.

He shook his head no.

“Do you have any tattoos?”  I asked.

He quickly shook his head. 

“My name’s Alex,” I said introducing myself.  “And your name is. . . “

He looked away slowly shaking his head. 

“Wont you tell me your name?”

Again he shook his head.

“Or is it you don’t know your name?”  I asked him.

He slowly nodded.

“That sucks!”

He nodded in agreement.  And I could see a hint of a smile.

“What was it the nurse called you?  I know.  John Doe,” 

The boy cringed at the name.

“Yea, I agree, it sucks.  John Doe, it lacks style.  You need a name with more style, more class, savior-faire.  How about Johnny?”

The boy just shrugged.

“I know it’s not that great,” I said with a laugh.  “But you haven’t heard the whole name yet.  We have to come up with something other than Doe.  Doe is a female deer.  Soft, furry, big eyed, cuddly deer.  No that wont do.  With a name like Doe, I’d rather have no name at all.”

The boy nodded in agreement.

“That’s it!”  I said having a brilliant idea.  “How about no name?

The boy eyes looked perplexed.

“I don’t mean calling you just Johnny.  I mean your name should be Johnny Noname.  Yeah, Johnny Noname, now that has style.”

With a slight tilt of his head you could almost see him mulling over the name. 

“What do you think?”  I asked him.

He glanced over at the duty nurse.  A mischievous smile formed as he nodded his approval.

“A new life started that day.  Johnny Noname was born.”

“Our interaction did not go unnoticed by the day nurse.  She picked up her phone and within minutes two of the doctors were there.  They stood off watching our interaction, mostly one sided , but still the first spontaneous interaction by Johnny.”

“I was encouraged by my doctor to continue to work with Johnny.  So each day we would meet after our sessions and our day would begin.  Johnny still didn’t say anything.  I would start just rambling about this topic or that.  When Johnny would find something that interested him he would touch my arm.  Most of the time he liked hearing about touring with the Backstreet Boys.”

“About a week later; when I met Johnny in the sun room, something new came into our relationship.  Johnny had a note pad on his lap and when he saw me he held up his pad where he had written the word, Hi.  Two way communication, of sorts, had begun.”

“I had to be careful with my questions.  I didn’t want to send Johnny back into his shell.  I started with simple yes and no questions.  Eventually I asked him his name.  A mischievous smile, he wrote, Johnny Noname.  I asked him what had happened to him.  After a long pause he wrote, ‘I don’t remember.’  I could see this line a questions were beginning to upset him so I changed to topics I knew he enjoyed.”

“The weather had been typical Texas weather, hot and dry.  We spent most of our day in the sun room or watching TV in the cooler media room.  One afternoon while we were watching TV; a low rumble could be heard, and it wasn’t coming from the TV.”

“You need to understand, life at the clinic is not what you would call exciting.  Very little changes from day to day, so when something unusual happens everyone tends to investigate with is going on.  Everyone figured the sound had come from outside so most of the inmates, I mean residents, went to the sun room.  Off to the north the sky was full of dark clouds.  After the first flash of lightening I felt someone grab my arm.”  

“Johnny was about to freak.  I could see him starting to withdraw into his hiding place.  I pulled him in front of me and wrapped him in a hug from behind.  I kept telling him he was safe, there was nothing to be afraid of.  He seemed to relax as I held him.  Every time there was a flash of lightening I’d say “Wow!”  Then the thunder would roll in and I would laugh and say “Yeah!” 

“We watched as the thunder storm moved across the sky.  With each flash Johnny would flinch a little and as the thunder rolled in he would tense up.  But after awhile I noticed he still jumped a little with the lighting but he didn’t seem to be tensing up when the thunder came.  And I noticed he was laughing with me when I’d say “Yeah!”

“As the storm moved out of the area, as a kind of grand finale, there four streaks of lighting at once and the loudest roll of thunder yet.  We laughed together then Johnny said “Yeah!”  I don’t think he realized it at first, that he had spoken.” 

I gave him a hug, “That wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

He nodded with a giggle.

“It’s one of the best shows around,” I told him.  “There’s nothing produced by man, that can compare to Gods spectacular display,”

“Yeah,” he said as we watched the storm move father away.

“Our breakthrough in communication was short lived.  Johnny returned to his silent self.  None of the staff could get him to say anything and I only got a “yeah” once in a while.”

“One day as my session with my shrink was about over the doctor asked if I was ready to go home.  Of course I was excited with the prospect of going home.  He gave me a referral to a shrink in Orlando and I agreed to continue with my therapy.  When I walked out of the doctors office I found Lou waiting for me.  He was there to take me home.  We left immediately for the air port.”

“You left without saying good bye to Johnny,” Marc said softly.

“I looked for him; as we were leaving, but he was still with his doctor.”  A.J. said in his defense.  “It was late the next day, when I finally had some time alone, I was able to call the clinic.  The switchboard wouldn’t put me through to Johnny, instead they connected me with his doctor.  I told him I felt bad about leaving with out telling Johnny good bye and I just wanted to talk to him for just a minute to make it right between us. 

“The doctor told me Johnny was no longer there.  He left some time during the night and in the morning all they found was a think you note for all the help they had given him and a pile of bandages.”

“Did you ever find Johnny?”  Nick softly asked.

A.J. stared at Marc for a long time.  “Yeah, . . yeah I did.”

“What happened to him?”  Chris asked.

Still looking into Marc’s eyes he asked, “Why did you leave?”

“That’s the question I kept asking myself about you.  Why did Alex leave without saying good-bye?  When I couldn’t find you, I got upset.  Your doctor noticed there was something wrong and when he asked me if he could do something for me?  I managed to stammer out, “Wh, whe, where is, is Al, Alex?”

“The doctor was surprised that I had managed to ask the question.  He told me you had left to go back to your life.”

“I managed to thank the doctor then went to my room.  I lay there thinking to myself why couldn’t you have just said good-bye before you left.  Before I knew it the thoughts in my head became words coming out of my mouth.  The safety I felt at that place was no longer there.  You were no longer there.  I needed to feel safe again.  So that night when everyone was asleep I was able to sneak out of the clinic.”

“Where did you go?”  Alex asked.

“To the one place I felt safe.  To the ranch and Cowboy.”

Lance moved next to Marc slipping his arm around Marc’s waist.  “Who is, Cowboy?”

“I don’t understand,” Justin whispered to Joey.  “What’s going on?”

“Marc is remembering,” Joey replied.

“Remembering what?”

“His past,” Joey managed to choke out.  “Marc, is remembering his past.”

Marc turned into Lance’s arms.  Lance was surprised to see tears flowing down Marc’s cheeks.  “Boo, what’s wrong?”

“Oh God!  Their dead,” Marc wailed as he clutched Lance to him, as uncontrolled sobs over took him.  

The guys moved in to give their friend their love and support. 

Ryan looked up at Mr. Uriel with concern.  “What’s wrong with Boo?  I thought he was going to get his memory back.”

“He did get his memory back.  He remembers everything about his past.  Including the accident that took you and your family.”

“But why is he crying?”

“He is grieving for his family.  Your brother has just remembered what happened and now he is very sad.”

“Is there anything we can do to help him?”  Ryan asked.

Mr. Uriel observed the support Marc was getting from his friends.  “No, there’s nothing we can do.  Your brother is getting the help he needs from his friends and family.  It’s just going to take time for him to come to terms with his loss.”

“But Boo, knows he really haven’t lost us,” Ryan pointed out.

“And that knowledge will help him come to terms with his loss.  The best help he will get will come from these men; his family and friends.  Come on son, you brother is in good hands.  We have another job to do,” Uriel said as they turned into the light.

“Where we going?”  Ryan asked as they stepped into the light.

“I think it’s time you met an old friend of mine.  Have you ever been to Texas?”

Colonel Jannie Anderson, had been dozing off and on, on the extremely long flight from Landstuhl  RMC, in Germany to her duty station at Walter Reed AMC, in Washington DC.  She had just completed a four week inspection tour of the Army Medical Centers in Germany.

“We’re still an hour out, Ma’am,”  Staff Sergeant Janet Moir informed the Colonel.

Colonel Anderson smiled then nodded toward the empty seat next to her.  “Have a seat Sergeant.”

The sergeant looked around the cabin nervously, “Ma’am?”

“Please Janet, sit with me for a while.  We’re the only passengers on this flight.  No one need know.”  The sergeant slowly sat down.  “Relax, Janet.”

“Yes Ma’am.”  The colonel gave her a look.  “I mean Jannie.”

“That’s better.  You’ve been my aid, what?  Almost five years?”

“It was six years last week,” Janet corrected.

“Six years.  Somewhere I seemed to have misplaced a year.”

“I think it was getting the new training school up and running.  That was ten months of nonstop work,” Janet said.

“Aren’t you due for some leave time?”  Jannie asked.

Janet nodded.  “I have three weeks coming.”

“As soon as you can arrange it get that leave scheduled.”

“I already have.  I start tomorrow.”

Jannie frowned, “Who approved it?”

“You did.”

“I did?  When?”

“Last month,” Janet said with a smile. 

Jannie closed her eyes and sighed.  “I don’t remember.”

“Maybe you need to take some leave time.”

“I agree.  Make a note; to remind me, to think about taking some leave time.”

“Consider it noted,” Janet laughed. 

Jannie smiled.  “Where you going to spend your leave?”

“I’m going home, to San Francisco.  My baby brother is getting married.”


“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Didn’t he just graduate from high school last year?”

“No.  It was four years ago.  He’s just graduated collage and seems ready to settle down.”

“Four years?  Where has the time gown?”

The fasten you seat belts sigh came on.  “And it looks like this flight is over,” Janet pointed out.

“Well if I don’t see you before you leave, give your family my best, and give Jimmy a kiss for me.”

“I will.  And don’t forget you have a meeting with General Ford in the morning.”

“Yes, the General,” Jannie said with a sigh.

“May I ask?  Have you came to a decision?”

“No, I haven’t.”  Jannie said as they felt their plane touch down.

Joey returned from the backyard carrying the still full plate of food. 

“Still no luck?” Howie asked.

Joey shook his head.  “Marc won’t eat anything.”

“What about Lance?”

“He won’t let go of Marc long enough to eat.  The two of them are just sitting under the tree, looking into the night sky, and rocking.”

“Has he stopped crying?”

Joey nodded, “I don’t think he has any tears left.”  Looking around the pool area he noticed someone missing.  “Where is J.C.?”

“He got a call a little while ago and left.  He said he’d be right back.”

Just then the sound of the front door could be heard opening then closing.  All heads turned when J.C. stepped out of the kitchen followed by Marc’s father.

“Doc Tom!” several of the guys called out when he stopped out of the kitchen. 

Tom was soon surrounded buy Chris, Joey, and Justin. 

“How is he doing?”  Tom asked as he looked around the pool area.

“Not too good,” Justin answered.

“Where is he?”

“He and Lance are sitting under the big tree,” Joey said as he pointed out into the yard.

Marc was staring up into the night sky so he didn’t notice the person approaching.

“Son,” Tom softly said.

The sound of Tom’s voice brought Marc back to earth.  “Dad?” he said looking up.

Tom opened his arms and Marc sprung into his arms.  “I’m here now, son.”

Lance got to his feet as Marc wrapped his arms around his dad and began to cry.

Tom saw the concern in Lance’s face, as he pulled his son into a tighter embrace.  “It’s going to be all right son.”

Lance backed away, giving Marc and Tom some time together.

“Here comes Lance,” Chris said as Lance all but sprinted through the door.

“Lance, what’s wrong?”  J.C. asked.

“I got to pee,” he called over his shoulder as he slammed the bathroom door.

The guys looked at each other before they began to laugh.

Colonel Anderson, leaned against the door to her quarters surveying the musty smelling apartment.  Everything was as she had left it four weeks ago.  As she walked down the hall she flicked on the air, hoping to clear the air.  Standing at the window she looked out into the rain sweep street.  “Lord, what am I going to do?” she said softly.

“That’s up to you,” a voice answered.

Jennie quickly looked around the room.  “Who said that?” But there was no one their.

‘I must be losing it,’ she thought.

“Why would you think that?” the voiced asked.

‘Either some one is playing a joke or . . .’

“Or what?” the voice asked.

“I’ve lost my mind,” she said softly.

“You haven’t lost you mind.  Look at the window.  Tell me what you see.”

Jannie looked out the window.  “It’s dark out.  I can see lights in the building across the street.  It’s raining so you can’t see much more.”  She was not sure what she was suppose to be looking for when the reflection from the room came into focus. 

She smiled when she recognized the reflection of the man standing next to her.  “Mr. Uriel.”

“Jannie,” Mr. Uriel softly said.

“It’s good to see you again sir.  It’s been a long time.”

“Yes it has.  The last time we talked you were trying to figure out how to tell your family about your decision to join the Army Medical Corps.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Now you have another decision to make,” Mr. Uriel pointed out.  “But we both know you have already made your decision.”

“Your right.  I’ve enjoyed my time in the army.  But lately something has been missing.  I know I’m not going to find what I’m looking for in the army.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“I just don’t know where to start looking,” Jannie said with a sigh.

“You can’t find what you are looking for here.  So I would suggest your answer lies out there,” Urial indicated the world out the window.

Jannie stared into the night.  “Where do I start?”

“How about were we last talked,” Mr. Ural said as he faded from sight.

Jannie tilted her head slightly as she pondered Mr. Urial’s statement.  “I think it’s time to go home,” she said with a sigh.

Lance looked up as Tom and Marc entered the pool area.  “Are you all right?”

Marc nodded as he joined Lance in an embrace.  “I’m doing better,” Marc said as his stomach growled.

“Do you think you could eat a little something?”  Lance asked.

“I think so,” Marc replied looking around the pool area.  “Did everyone leave?”

Lance nodded, “Almost everyone.”

Marc got a puzzled expression.  Lance’s eyes indicated upstairs. 


Lance nodded with a smile.

“It’s about time,” Marc chuckled.

“Something tells me I don’t what to know what’s going on,” Tom said.

As they went into the kitchen they found Joey sneaking out the other doorway with a plate piled high with sandwiches.

“Hi Joe, got the munches?”  Marc chuckled.

“Oh, um, yeah, munches.”

“I hope you are being a good host, and plan to share them with Howie,” Marc said with a grin. 
Joey looked between Marc, Lance and Tom.  ‘Oh, shit!  What is Tom thinking?’  Joey thought as he began to panic.

“Those sandwiches look good,” Tom said.  “Is there enough left for a few more?”

“Yeah, there’s plenty,” a red faced Joey answered.

“Good, I’m hungry,” Marc said as he opened the refrigerator.

Joey turned to leave.

“Good night,” Tom called after Joey.

Lance woke from his slumber, with his arm spread across the empty bed.  The sheets were cold, telling him Marc had been up for quite awhile.  The sound of the shower coming on, narrowed down, Marc’s location.  Slipping out of bed, he approached the bathroom door.  Marc’s running shoes were sitting outside the door as Lance slowly pushed open the door. 

Marc was standing under the shower head, letting the warm water wash over him.  When he felt a pair of hands grab his ass.

Marc chuckled as the hands moved up his back as he moved against Lance.  Slowly his hands moved around to his front making sure he brushed his fingers against Marc’s nipples.

Leaning back, he felt Lance’s erect member sliding up his butt crack.  Marc moaned softly as he pressed against Lance’s erection. 

Marc reached behind him, pulling Lance closer.  “I need you, James.”

Lance’s hands moved down until he encountered Marc’s erection.  His head was slick with pre cum.  Spreading the natural lubricant along the shaft he could feel Marc shutter.  “Want to move this to the bedroom?”  Lance whispered into Marc’s ear.

“I’d love to,” Marc gasped.  “But my dad is down the hall.”  Marc spread his feet and bent over.  “Please, make love to me.  I need you in me.”

Lance squirted some shower jell into his hand and used it to loosen his lover up.  Coating his member with more jell he positioned himself at Marc’s puckered opening then slowly slid in.

Howie looked up at Joey as he lay panting with his eyes closed.  As he gave Joey’s penis head one last lick.   He had to chuckle at how sensitive Joey got, after ejaculating.

Slowly he crawled up Joey, stopping along the way to kiss and nibble various areas. 

Opening his eyes he looked into Howie’s smiling face.  “That was incredible,” Joey managed to say.

“Then I take it you liked it?”  Howie said as he settled himself on top of Joey.

“Oh, yeah,” Joey replied as he wrapped his arms around Howie.  “Just give me a few minutes and I’ll do you.”

“You don’t have to,” Howie said as he snuggled onto Joey’s chest.

“But I want to.  It’s only fair.  You gave me so much pleasure and I want to give you some.”

“Oh, you did,” Howie held up his wadded up boxers.  “I was so turned on I couldn’t help my self.”

Joey smiled, “A hair trigger?”

“Not normally,” Howie said as he rolled off of Joey and dropped his soiled underwear next to the bed.

Howie pulled the sheet up over them as they snuggled together. 

“Joe, I know this is all new to you.  And we agreed to take things slow.  I guess I just want to know what you are thinking about all of this?”

Joey leaned down and kissed the top of Howie’s head.  “I’m asking myself why did it take me so long to tell you I was interested.  God!  This feels so right, holding you in my arms.”

Tom was sitting at the breakfast bar with a cup of coffee when Lance and Marc entered the kitchen.  “Good morning,” he greeted.

“Good morning, Tom.”

“Good morning, Dad.”

“How are you doing son?”  Tom asked Marc.

“A lot better,” Marc said with a sigh.  “Thanks for coming on such short notice.”

“Where else, would I be?  I knew my boy, needed his dad.”

“I did,” Marc said.  “When do you need to get back?”

“I should be returning this afternoon.  I’ve got surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning.”

Marc looked to Lance, “Can you get away for a few days?”

“I’ll have to check with Johnny.”  Lance went into the study to give Johnny a call.

“You going to spend some time at the lake?”  Tom asked.

“No, I need James to meet someone.”

Tom gave his son a questioning look.

“Dad, there is still a year between my leaving the clinic and showing up in your emergency room.  I need to show James where and who, I spent that time.”

“I agree.  What you told me last night is hard to believe.  And I don’t think he would truly understand if you just told him.”

Lance came back into the kitchen with a big smile on his face.

“Good news, I hope,” Marc said.

“I’ve got the next week off.  Johnny said he only needed Josh and Justin.  They need to finish the mixing of the new songs.”

“A week, good,” Marc said with a smile.  “That will give us some time to spend with the boys.” 

Lance offered to call for plane reservations.  Marc gave Tom a wink and told him, “Everything was arranged.”

“When do we leave?”

“As soon as we can get packed,” Marc replied.

“Oh, okay,” a puzzled Lance answered.  “What should I pack?”

“Come on, I’ll help you pack,” Marc said as he and Lance headed up the stairs.

Marc drove the three of them to the airport.

“You’re going to miss our exit,” Lance said pointing at the sign to the terminal.  “You missed it.”

“Relax.  I know where I’m going,” Marc said as he slowed for the next exit.

“This is the wrong terminal,” Lance tried to point out.

“No, this is the right one,” Marc said as he pulled up to the private flight terminal.

An attendant rolled a luggage cart to their van and started unloading their bags.  Marc turned the keys over to the valet, informing him they would be returning in six days.

“If you gentlemen would just follow me,” the attendant said as he headed into the terminal. 

Lance was completely lost as to what was going on.  He expected to find some type of ticket counter when they entered the terminal but there was none.  They walked through the building and out the other side to an awaiting private jet.

Lance had stopped about ten feet from the plane, wide eyed, with his mouth open. 

Marc turned back to his partner, and chuckled. 

“Are, are we going to fly on that?” Lance managed to ask.

“Only if we get aboard,” Marc said as he guided Lance forward.

At the top of the stairs they were greeted by a pretty female attendant. 

“Welcome aboard.  Marc it’s good to see you again.”

“Thank you.  Jill, I’d like to introduce your other passenger, Lance Bass.”

“Welcome aboard, Mr. Bass.”

“Please, it just Lance.”

“Very well,” she smiled.  “As soon as Eric has all you luggage stowed we will be ready to leave.  If you would take your seats.”

With his hand on the small of Lance’s back, Marc prodded him into the main cabin and into a seat.

After buckling their seat belts Marc leaned over to Lance, “I know you have a thousand questions.  Once we get to level flight I’ll tell you a story.”

The door was closed and the cabin pressurized.  A slight yawn helped relieve the pressure in their ears.  Lance was waiting for the engines to start and was surprised when the craft began to move.  ‘Had the engines been idling the whole time?  If so they sure were quiet running,’  Lance thought.             

In a matter of minutes they were in the air and climbing to their cruising altitude.

When the fasten your seat belts sign went off Lance seemed to relax somewhat.

Jill came to their seats.  She smiled briefly at Tom before turning her attention to them.  Marc looked across the aisle to find his dad was already napping.  “Did he sleep on the flight down?”  Marc inquired.

Jill nodded, “The whole flight.  Can I get you gentlemen anything?”

Marc looked to Lance.  He nodded yes. 

“Ice Tea?”  Marc asked. 

“Yes, sweet please,” Lance replied.

“Make that two,” Marc added then looked at his dad.  “Can you bring them to the conference room?”

Marc lead Lance through the door at the back of the cabin.  They entered a large room that seemed to take up a third of the craft.  A large table dominated the center of the room with eight high backed chairs positioned around the table.  Marc went to the chair at the head of the table and gestured to the one on his right. 

As Marc took his seat, Lance’s eyes were drawn to the insignia on the wall behind Marc’s seat.  Marc turned to see what had captured Lance’s eye and smiled.

“Now, where have you seen that before?”  Marc said with a smirk.

“It’s your phoenix tattoo.”

“Actually, my tattoo was based on the logo for the Phoenix Foundation.”

“That’s the ones paying for your education?”

Marc nodded, “And a lot more.”

“This jet belongs to the foundation?”  Lance asked.

“The foundation leases it.”

“Ok, but why are we using it?”

“My Dad wanted to get down to Orlando in a hurry, he asked to use it.”

“Why would they let him us it?”

“Because he is a member of the board of directors.”

Lance still looked confused.

“Remember me telling you about Marcus  Long?”

Lance nodded.  “He set up a trust to pay your education.”

“That’s right, at least that’s what I thought.  But a week ago when I flew out to L.A.  I flew on this plane.  My lawyer, who is also a member of the board, so I wasn’t surprised that we were using it.  What I didn’t know at the time there were other passengers.  It turns out the governing board was also with us.”


“Well, they were here to bring me up to date on my position with the foundation.  It seems Marcus also left me the title of Chairman of the Board, among other things.”

“What other things?”

“The foundations holdings is considerably larger than I had been led to believe.”

“How much more?”

“Ah, within a month it’s worth should surpass a billion dollars.”

Lance’s mouth dropped open.  “You control a foundation worth a billion dollars?”
Marc nodded, then continued to fill Lance in on his new position. 

Before they knew it they were descending into the Madison airport.  As the plane pulled up to the terminal Lance saw Toms 4X4 waiting on the tarmac.  After a quick good-bye at the bottom of the planes stairs, Marc and Lance were headed into the wild blue yonder, (actually headed for San Antonio, Texas) to meet with someone Marc refers to as  Cowboy.


Well, Marc got back his memory back.  And for those of you who didn’t quite understand the key part.  There was two key things, that had to come together.  The first was A.J. who Marc had met earlier.  And the second was the thunderstorm.  A.J. and the thunderstorm together formed the key to his memory. 

Joey and Howie finally got together.  Now they are off to find someone named Cowboy and the final missing year of Marc’s life. 

The next chapter is in the works and I’m hoping to get it out a lot quicker them this one.

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