Hey Nifty Readers.  I have been an avid reader of Nifty for the past 3 years
and I simply love the fiction.  Especially, the Boy Band stuff.  This is my
first attempt at writing a Boy Band story, so bare with me.


This is a piece of fiction.  None of the non celebrity characters are real.
I am not implying any thing about the sexual orientation of any of the
members of NSYNC.  In addition, I am not affiliated with the band or Jive
Records.  Of course if I was, I wouldn't be writing any of this.

Also, if you are under 18 and/or not open to Male-Male relationships, please
do not continue.  Thank you.

By Joseph Wallace

I don't know why I was so nervous, but a thousand butterflies fluttered
around in my stomach.  I guess it was hard for me to believe that I was
actually going to see the MTV Video Music Awards up close and personal.
A friend of mine had gotten tickets because he use to be an intern at Paper
Magazine.  I guess, Sleeping with the Director of PR does have it's advantages.
I knew that every magazine and media person in NYC would use their clout and
press passes to spend the night with music's elite.  I was just happy to be
one of the "Chosen Ones."  I would certainly have to find away to thank Rob
for this little surprise.  Who said that Monica Lewinsky gave interns a bad

Ever since I discovered that Rob and I would be attending the VMAs, I went
into a frenzy.  I scanned every fashion magazine possible to find out what
people were wearing.  I had to get the perfect outfit to make me look like a
star.  I wanted just the right combo of New Fall and and Departing Summer
to dazzle anyone that looked at me.  Mind you, Rob tells me about the VMAs
on August 26th which gave me less then 2 weeks to shop. AAAHHHHH!!!  Of course
anyone who knows me, knew that I would be up for this minor shopping crisis.
Needless to say, I got a fabulous outfit and I prayed that I would run into
at least one member of my favorite band, NSYNC.

"Damn.  What time is it?"  I thought.

I looked down at my watch and saw that it was 4 PM and I was still waiting
for Rob to pick me up from my barber.  Sometimes that boy could be so flighty.
I stood outside of the closed shop and cursed him for being late,  AGAIN.
All of a sudden I felt someone sneak up behind me.

"Don't look so down sexy.  Daddy is here."

I instantly knew that it was Rob.  His voice had that distinctive touch the
Caribbean.  Also, I smelled him immediately.  Versace Blue Jeans was his
fragrance of choice.

"Rob where the hell have you been?  I've been waiting out here forever.  Now
we have to rush, get dressed and run to dinner."

He looked at me with his big brown eyes and pouted.

"Come now Phil.  Don't be such a worry wart.  We totally have enough

As he poured his excuse in my cup he flashed me his million dollar smile.

'Goodness!  We have been best friends since college, screwed around once and
he still pushes my buttons.' I thought

"Anyway, Chris lent me his car, so that we can drive to Brooklyn, get dressed
and meet him at the Shark Bar by 6 PM."

"Rob, the show starts at 8 PM, shouldn't we get there early so that we can
get in on time."

"Honey, we are fabulous.  The show isn't going to start until we get there.
Besides, these things never start on time."

"Fine. Lets just go." I sighed

Rob and I jumped into the Navigator and Dashed towards the Brooklyn Bridge.
Thank God there was no traffic.  We arrived at my Brooklyn Heights apartment
from the East Village in 15 minutes.

"See Phil?  I told you we would make good time."

"Yeah.  This time we did." I playful hissed.

After collecting our last minute purchases form the back of the car, we went
inside to start the transformation.

Once inside, I immediately popped in my CD single of "Bring it ALL" by Blaque
and JC from NSYNC and pumped up the volume.  While Rob was in the shower, I
laid out my outfit and shoes.  I had been dying for a pair of butterscotch
leather pants and this was the perfect occasion for them.  The accompanying
3/4 length leather jacket was a light tan.   OH!!!  I was gonna be off the
hook.  I poured myself a glass a wine and started singing along with the

"Oh Baby Bring it all to me.  I don't need no fancy car or diamond rings."

Just as JC's part was about to begin Rob got out of the shower.

"Eww!  I thought I heard a dying cat." He said as he chuckled

I grabbed one of the sofa pillows and threw it at him.  Then, he conveniently
dropped his towel.

"Look what you made me do."  "Oh please Rob!  Any chance you get to show off
your piece, you will."

"You know it and you love it."

"What ever  Rob!  I've already had it and I don't want any more of it.
Anyway, if I recall correctly, weren't you the one that was begging for seconds!"

"In the immortal words of TLC, 'I Ain't To Proud to Beg.'"  He said as he
danced around the living room.  Boy did his meat look good bouncing all over
the place.

"Whatevah! I'm going to take a shower."

Rob started towards me with his towel in hand and I begin to give him a
nervous smile.  Although we were best friends there was this intense sexual
energy between us.  Anyone would love to have Rob because he is hot as hell.
He is 6 feet tall and weighs about 155.  His body is off the hook and the
only thing he does is push-ups and ab exercises.   He has the most beautiful
cafe con leche skin with a complement of curly dark brown hair.  I would be
lying if I said he didn't make me hot, but we tried dating in college and
discovered that we worked better as friends.  Unfortunately, we still have
this "thing" between us that still puts us in these awkward situations.  With
each step that he took, I noticed that his penis increased in size.

"Rob, stop right where you are."

"What, I just want to tell you something."

"What is that?" I asked  nervously.

Rob got really close to my face and I could smell the freshness of his clean
wet skin.  We were looking eye to eye, his penis was pressed against my
crotch and I couldn't breathe.  He whispered with his lips touching my

"Phil.  I just wanted to tell you that you are gonna look hot tonight and I
know that every guy in the place is gonna want you just as much as I do right

I popped an instant erection and nearly dropped the glass of Chardonny that
I was holding.
"Uhm....Uhm Rob?" I stuttered

"Yes." in a voice filled with lust

"I am going to take a shower now."

With that said, I awkwardly squeezed by him,
brushing up against his penis.

"By the way, Chris called."  "Really?  I didn't hear the phone."

"Well, he did call." I said.

Hopefully, me saying that his boyfriend called would calm him down.
I cared for Rob a lot, but I just couldn't be with him.

By the time we got dressed it was 5:45.  There was no way we were going to
get to the Shark Bar by 6 PM, but thanks to Rob's crazy driving arrived at
the Shark Bar at 6:15 PM.  .  Chris, Rob's "boyfriend" was waiting for us at
the table. Rob greeted Chris with a hug.

"Hey Rob Baby"

"Hey Pooh Bear."

"Oh goodness,could you guys sit down before I get sick." I said while making
a gagging motion.

"Oh hey Phil."  Chris said.
"Don't be jealous Phil.  Rob loves you too."

"More then you know."  I mumbled under my breathe.


 "Oh nothing Chris.  Guys, I am starving.  Lets order!"

Part II

OOOHHH!!!  I was so happy to be at the awards.  We had just been seated and
we were sitting between Michelle Williams from Dawson's Creek and Julia

"Rob.  Can you believe that is the Dawson's Creek chick over there?"
I squealed.

"Sorry Phil.  I don't watch that show, but I think that is the girl from that
"10 Things I Hate About You."

We all turned around and looked
at Julia Styles and she smiled at us.  Of course we all cooed.  The show was
SPECTACULAR.  Britney's performance was scandalous and I almost gagged
when NSYNC performed.  Since we had awesome seats and were sitting in the front,
I stood throughout their whole performance and I couldn't take my eyes off of
Joey.  I mean, the other guys are hot, but nothing compares to my Joey.
At one point during the performance, it seemed like Joey smiled at me and
was singing to me.  Of course I was in awe and quite delusional.  Then, right
towards the end of the song, he winked at me!

'Was I imagining things?' I thought.

Well I guess I would have smiled and winked at me to since I was the only
one standing up in the aisle dancing.  At the close of the show I was
completely on a high and nothing could get me any higher.
As we were getting up to leave, Rob swung around and started laughing.

"Phil.  Guess what I have behind my back." Rob said with a hint of mischief
in his voice.

"Back stage passes!!"

"Are you serious."  I asked on the verge of hyperventilating.

"Yes!  Now tell me whose the man."

At that point I felt very mischievous and I placed my hands on both sides
of Rob's head and pulled him in for a very soft and lingering kiss.  When
I released him, his eyes were closed and he stood frozen.

"Hey!  What the hell did you do that for?"
Chris, Rob's boyfriend screamed.

"Come on Chris.  I was just kidding.  I thanked him the best way I know how.
Do you want a kiss as well?"

"No that will be ok." He snarled

Chris and Rob started arguing about the kiss.  In a way I was
glad.  I didn't particularly care for Chris.  He wasn't good enough for
Rob.  I was sick of waiting for them to gather themselves, so I preceded
to go back stage and I headed for the reception area.  Thank goodness they
were serving my favorite, white wine.  It didn't matter what kind, as long as
it was ice cold.  I drink and chattered about the performances with some
blond chick who clearly had to much to drink.

"Wasn't the performances awesome!"  She slurred

"Yeah.  I am a big NSYNC fan and I can't believe I saw them tonight."

"Yeah I now what you mean.  I love that little Justin!"  As she pledged her
Luv for Mr. Justin Timberlake, she stumbled a bit and splashed wine on
someone.  I found her to be quite entertaining.

"Opps.  I am a such a kluts. He, he." she said stumbling against this
cute guy.  At least he was cute from the back.

"Hey sweetie.  You betta be careful."  The man said as he turned around and
caught her in his arms.

When he turned completely around, I couldn't believe that it was Joey Fatone
from NSYNC. 'AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!' I screamed inside!!!!

"Thanks for saving me sexy." the blonde said
"I am going to sit down now because I think I've had to much to drink.
Hey.  Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Joey from NSYNC?"
She said as she fell into his arms, again.

"Yeah they tell me that all the time, but I am certainly not as hot."

I stood there dumb founded.  I wish that Rob was here to catch me if I fainted,
but he was off in the corner, still arguing with his stupid boy friend.

"Hold this please?"  Joey asked while handing me his wine glass.

"S...Sure" I stuttered.

Joey walked the drunk blonde to a near by lounge area and placed her in a seat.
He then started towards me with a "Some people" look on his face.  I couldn't
believe how cute he was.  So tall and beefy.  I thought I was going to die.

"Was that girl your friend?"  He asked.
"No.  I was just chatting with her about the show.  By the way, you gave
a great performance."

"Thanks a lot.  It is easy for me to give it 100% when I have attractive
people in the front row dancing their hearts out and giving me lots of

Oh my God.  I can't believe that he saw me. And he said I was attractive.  I
felt my face get warm with a blush. 'Wait, maybe he was referring to someone
else.' I thought.

We stood in silence for a moment. I kept staring at the floor, to nervous
to look up.  When I did, he was staring at me intensely and smiling.

"So, I heard her say which one was her favorite band member.  Which one is
yours."  He said in a low husky voice.

'Is he flirting with me?' I thought

I couldn't help but flash him a smile as I turned away slightly.

"Well, I really like that Italian guy a lot.  He is so tall, cute and beefy."
Now it was his turn to blush.  I can't believe I am flirting with Joey
Fatone from NSYNC.  It doesn't get much better then this.

"What is your name."  He asked

"Phil."  I sighed

"Now Phil, you wouldn't be saying that just because that beefy, tall, cute
Italian guy is standing in front of you."

"I think he knows he is my favorite, because I stared into his big brown eyes
for the whole performance."

Joey started to chuckle and he kept blushing. I think if I were to die right
now, I would be ok.

For a moment we just stood in a comfortable silence, neither one of us knew
what to say.  We kept smiling and he gave me a friendly push on the shoulder.

"Would you like to meet the rest of the guys."  He asked

"I guess.  Although I quite content with talking to my favorite one."

"I bet you say that to all the pop stars."

"No. I don't.  Are you always this nice to all of your fans?"  I asked.

"No.  I'm only nice to the ones that I want to get to know better."

I never thought I could smile hard enough for it to hurt, but I did.  Just
when Joey was about to take me to the dressing room area, Rob came over with

"Phil?"  Rob said sadly

"Yeah what's up?"

"Chris and I are gonna go and I just don't feel like dealing with the hoopla
any more.  I have a terrible headache."

"Is everything ok?"  I asked

Just as Rob was about to reply I think he noticed that Joey was standing
behind me.  He kindly pushed me out of the way and stood in front Joey,

"Oh my God!!  You are that guy from NSYNC!!!!"  Rob Screamed.

"Yeah that is me.  It is nice to meet you.  My name is Lance." Joey said
while laughing and extending his hand.

"Whatevah.  You are Joey.  I should know who you are because you are all
that my friend Phil ever takes about.  He loves you!  Do you know that he
even has posters..."

I immediately pulled Rob to the side and gave him a good chastising.

"Rob if you don't be quiet right now, I am going to beat you to a pulp!"
I whispered harshly

"Phil, Please.  He probably meets fanatics like you all the time.  Anyway
what will you do for me if I shut up."

I pulled Rob deeper into the shadows of backstage and whispered in his ear.

"Look Rob, if you are a good boy, I will give you a reason to get rid off
Chris forever."  I said while pressing my lips really close to his ear and
rubbing his crotch lightly with my hand.

Rob shuddered from my touch and gave me the cheesiest grin.

"You know what Phil, you are such a damn flirt.  I am going to get you one

"Whatever.  If you breakout now, I will give you some everyday for a week."

With that said, Rob ran and grabbed Chris' hand, said his goodbyes to Joey
and left.  Little did that boy know that I was never going to sleep with him.

I walked back over to Joey and smiled because I was so happy that he was still

"Hey Joey.  I am sorry about that.  My friend really likes to exaggerate. He
is sort of a drama queen."

"Believe me, I understand.  Between Justin and JC, I'm not sure who is more
of a drama queen.  So, you have poster of me?"

"Well, their not like cheesy posters.  I got it from and artist in Times
Square.  They can draw anything for you."

"Awww.  That is cute."  He teased.

I was getting a little nervous and I didn't want to hold him up from his
band mates so I thought it was time to depart.

"Well Joey.   it was nice talking to you.  I don't want to hold you up from
your friends."

"It is ok Phil.  They are back there changing for the after party at Club
Twirl.  Besides, it is nice to chit-chat with fans especially when they are
as nice and cute as you are."

I wish this guy would stop making me smile.  My cheeks were hurting.

Joey and I found a seat and we sat and chatted for about a hour.  I learned
that he has a passion for Superman and clubs.  He is also very fun and
has the most intense eyes anyone has ever seen.  When I was talking he
never took his eyes off of me.  I felt like I was the most important person
in the world.

As we continued to chat we were approached by 4 loud very loud people.  When
I looked up, I realized that it was the other member of NSYNC.  I thought I
was going to die right there.

"Joey could you resolve and issue for us."  JC yelled.

"Yeah, Yeah.  Just stop screaming."

"Joey.  Don't listen to him.  I told him that I didn't want him to wear
that gay looking jacket he wore tonight."
"Well no offense to you Joe."  Justin said

'Wait a minute.  Could Joey really be gay?'  I thought.

"None taken.  Anyway Justin, why are you arguing with JC about his
jacket?  Do you want to wear it?"  Joe said as he chuckled

"Jus, let him wear what he wants.  We are going to a club for heavens
sake.  Don't you think other people are going to be there with "interesting"

"Fine.  I won't say anything else.  I will just get drunk and spill a
drink on him."  Justin chuckled.

During this whole fiasco.  No one even noticed that I was sitting there.
Then, all of a sudden, everyone just turned around and smiled at me.

"Who's your friend Joey?" Chris said in a teasing tone.

"Oh, this is Phil."

I extend and shook the hand of each one of the members.  I was so
excited that I felt like I had to pee.

"You have to watch out for our Joey, Phil.  He is a frisky one."

"I am not worried about Joey.  He is nice as a kitty kat."  I giggled

"I bite you know"  Joey said while smiling

"That is okay.  I will just bite you back." I said while turing around
to meet those big dark eyes.

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity, just staring and smiling
at one another, until Justin brought us back to reality.

"Ok Joey.  Are we ready to go to the club?  I am ready to get my dance on!"

"Sure.  Just give me a second."

"Hey Joey, why don't you just bring Phil with us?  That is if he wants to
hang out with us?"  JC said

"Do you want to go with us?"  Joe Asked

"Sure.  Do you guys mind?  I know it is probably a little unorthodox for
you to pic up strangers and hang out with them."

"We don't mind!!!"  They said in unison.

Well.  This is just the beginning of the story.  This is my first boy
band story, so I wanted to build a foundation for the story.  I hope
you all liked it.  Please write me at pammonds@rocketmail.com with
questions, concerns, suggestions and words of encouragement!!!