Hey Nifty Readers.  I have been an avid reader of Nifty for the past 3 years and I simply love
the fiction.  Especially, the Boy Band stuff.  This is my first attempt at writing a Boy Band story,
so bare with me.

Thanks Raymond for being my most dedicated reader!!!!

This is a piece of fiction.  None of the non-celebrity characters are real. I am not implying any
thing about the sexual orientation of any of the members of NSYNC.  In addition, I am not
affiliated with the band or Jive Records.  Of course if I was, I wouldn't be writing any of this.

Also, if you are under 18 and/or not open to Male-Male relationships, please
do not continue.  Thank you

By Joseph Wallace


Joey pulled me closely as we spooned.  When he pressed against me, I could feel him grinding his erection into me.

"Joey!  Where the hell did that come from?"

"What?"  Joey laughed as he poked me some more.

"Are you a horn dog or something?"

"Lets just say that it has been a while and Mr. Italy is trying to stock up."  He said while laughing.

"You call your penis Mr. Italy?"

"Yeah.  Don't you think it is cute."  he blushed

"No.  I think it is adorable, but I am exhausted.  It is like 4 AM in morning."  I said while yawning.

"I know.  I am tired as well.  Mr. Italy just needs a warm spot.  Don't worry.  He will be asleep in a moment."

Joey, Mr. Italy and I fell asleep with in five minutes.  All night long I clung to my Fantasy Man while dreaming of endless love making with the famous Joey Fatone in my arms.


The sun pierced through the curtains of the hotel room and landed directly on my face.  The warmth caressed my cheeks and woke me from a very restful slumber.  My mind drifted back to last night's events and a smile came to my face.  I had the opportunity to share a moment with Joey Fatone and it was breath taking.  'What more could I ask for?' I thought

When my eyes finally fluttered open, I realized I was alone.  Joey must have been in the bathroom or something, so I slowly got out of bed and stretched.  After doing a hundred push-ups and two hundred crunches, I realized that Joey still hadn't returned.  I put on the hotel's robe that was laying on the chair and searched the suite.  Joey wasn't in the kitchen or the lounge, so I decide to check the bathroom.

I walked to the bathroom door and was going to open it until I heard a muffled voice.  I decided to knock, but didn't because Joey begin to yell a little.

On the other side of the bathroom door, Joey sat on the floor with a look of despair on his face.  He had a beautiful time with his new found friend, but something was disturbing him.

"Look Chris, I know I have to tell her, but we've been in a relationship for awhile   I really do love her."  Joey yelled.

"Joey, I know this is hard and we all supported you when you came out as bisexual, but don't you think you are making things difficult for yourself by not telling her the truth?" Chris inquired.

"She's one of my best friends Chris."

"Are you still IN love with here?"

"No. We've been having so many problems lately.  We really have grown apart and we only argue when we are together."

"Are you sure you really like Phil.  Man, you only have known him for a night.  The sex couldn't have been that good"  Chris chuckled

"I haven't felt this way in a while.  I know it is premature, but I want to just see where it goes and the sex really was THAT good!"

"Well, save the details for dinner.  Anyway, you have to decide what you want.  You have to break up with Keri if things are going right.  Clearly, she must feel it too.  If she is being distant, then it might be a mutual thing.  I don't think you should pursue something with anyone until you have brought closure to the relationship you are in now."  Chris reasoned.

"I know Chris.  I am just so use to having Keri in my life that it is scary to be without her.  I do want to be with a guy in a relationship though and Phil is so cute.  I have thing for chocolate you know."

"If you really feel this way about Phil, although you just met him, what are you going to tell him?"

"I don't know.  I don't think I should say anything yet."  Joey sighed

I had no idea what was being said on the other end of the phone, but sure I didn't like what Joey was saying, even if he did have a thing for chocolate.  My eyes begin to mist over, but I refused to let the tears fall.

'I know that this was to good to be true and I feel so stupid for letting myself go.  What was I thinking?  We just spent one night together and I know he wasn't going to propose, or anything.  It was just so nice to be comfortable for once.'  I thought

I decided that I didn't want to be there when Joey finished on the the phone.  I got dressed quickly, forgetting my underwear. Before throwing on my jacket and running out the door, I scribbled a note and left it on the bed.

"Well, at least my dream came true for a night."  I whispered to my self.

I ran down the hall and pressed the elevator.  This scenario was a reminder of all of the other mediocre encounters I've had with men.  I promised I wasn't going to cry, but I just begin to sob quietly as a  thousand thoughts ran through my mind.

Not paying attention, I rushed into the elevator and bumped into Lance.

"Sorry about that Lance."  I said through my tears

"No problem.  It's Phil, right?"

"Yes" I said while wiping my eyes.

"Hey, What's wrong?"

"Nothing.  I'm fine.  I am kind of tired. I didn't get much sleep." I said with a strained laugh.

"Where is Joey?"  Lance asked while wiggling his brows up and down.

"He is in the bathroom talking to someone about his girlfriend.  Now if you will excuse me, I have to go."

Lance stood there dumbfounde.  I helped kindly moved him out of the way with a slight push.  As the elevator doors closed I could see Joey in the distance holding the note in his hand.

"Oh God.  Please just leave me alone."  I sighed

"Lance, stop that elevator!"  Joey screamed

"I immediately pressed door close and fell against the elevator wall, relieved that Lances efforts to stop the door failed.

The elevator moved quickly to the lobby.  I was praying that Joey wouldn't come after me.  I walked quickly and pushed through the crowd.  There were still a lot of left over celebrities from the previous night's event.  I ran towards the door and was stopped by none other then Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit. 'Is this guy following me?' I thought

"What's up man?  I didn't get a chance to say good by before you left out with that NSYNC dude.  You hurt my feelings."  He said with a pout

"Well Fred, I am sorry if I spoiled your evening.  Maybe I can make it up."  I said seductively.

If I was going to be nothing but a star fuck, I betta start doing the best of them.

"Yeah--Yeah, I like the sound of that.  How does one connect with you." he asked excitedly

I quickly reached inside of my jacket pocket and handed him one of my cards.

"Oh, you do PR. That is cool."  Fred said

"Don't worry, when we hang out, it wont be about business.  Will it?"  I said sensously.

"Naw.  Absolutely not."  He said while wiggling his eye brows.

At that very moment I heard someone yell my name.  When I turned around I saw Joey and Lance running towards me.  I immediately excused my self from Fred and dashed towards the door.

"Damn, they ran down 19 flights of stairs pretty fast."  I said to my self.

"What?"  Fred asked.

"Oh, nothing.  Call me Fred.  Dinner will be my treat."

"Will do."

I ran out of the door and a cab pulled up immediately.   I jumped in slamming my jacket in the car door.

"Take me to Brooklyn Heights!  If you get me out of here immediately, You get a $20.00 tip."

The cab pulled off just as Joey and Lance stepped out of the door.  I could hear them screaming after me.

"Phil.  You are mistaken.  Don't go?"  Joey yelled.

'Whatevah!' I thought.

When I looked out the back window I saw Lance and Joey dragging back inside of the hotel.

"What was he talking about?  I was mistaken?"

"Did you say something sir?"

"No.  Nothing at all."  I sighed as I fell back in my seat.

Later That Evening

Rob and I sat in my living room reaccounting all of the previous nights events.  Rob was pretty bummed out because he and Chris broke up.  I felt guilty because I had instigated the whole break because I kissed Rob, but I didn't like Chris any way.  He was a hood rat and Rob had to much class for him.  As we started drinking our second bottle of wine, I told Rob all about Joey and I.  He couldn't believe that I got a little bit of NSYNC booty. Well, more like Joey got a little bit of my booty.

"I can't stand you Phil."  Rob said


"Because you got to fulfill every teen aged girl's dream while I argued with Chris all night.  We were only dating for a month.  Bastard.  I kept telling him that we were just best friends and that you wouldn't let me have sex with you."

"Rob!  I can't believe you said that.  You basically implied that you would if you could."

"Well, you know me."

"Yeah, to well."  I mumbled.

"What did you say, Phil."

"Nothing."  I giggled

Rob lunged at me and begin to tickle me.

"I am sorry.  I..I am sorry daddy."  I screamed

"You betta be.  Lets get the hell out of here!"

"What do you mean?"  I asked.

"Well, we are two eligible bachelors and we should be out having fun.  Lets go to dinner."

"I don't know Rob.  I am tired."

"Look, we are going out.  It will be your treat since you made me break up with my man."

"Since you put it that way.  I guess I owe you."  I laughed.

"Can we go to Windows of the World?  You know that is my favorite."  I asked

"Sure.  Now go get dressed."

"I am dressed."

"Come on Phil.  You look like you are going jogging.  Put on something sexy so that you can find some nice guy to buy us drinks and take our worries away."

I laughed and went in the room to get dressed.  I didn't want to give getting dressed to much thought, so I just threw on a purples stretch button-down and a pair of black slacks that hugged me in all the right places.


"Nice.  I think this night is going to be really interesting." Rob smiled with a sinister grin.

Back at the Hotel where NSYNC was staying.

"Joey, I wish you would stop mopping around.  Goodness, he was just a piece of ass."  Justin laughed

"Yeah but it was a nice piece"  JC piped in

Once again everyone turned around and gave JC that look.

"Well you know, for a guy."  JC said shyly

"Whatevah Josh.  We all know you like boys.  No need to hold back anymore."  Chris said

Everyone looked at JC and nodded.

"Lets get back to Joey.  We can deal with my issues later.  Anyway Joey, Phil seems like a really cool guy, but you did just meet him."

"Everyone keeps saying that!  I know I just met him, but you guys don't understand how difficult it is to find someone that you are attracted to.  When you are gay and in this business you have to take it where you can get it.  I'm tired of being lonely."  Joey said while staring out the window.

"I know who you feel. " JC thought

"Why did he run off?"  Justin asked

"I think he overheard me talking to Chris about Keri."

Joey retrieved the note that Phil wrote out of his pocket.

"He left this note: 'I had a wonderful time Joey.  I hope when you sort things out with your girlfriend and that you find out what you want.    I will always cherish the time we had, but I can't help you cheat on her. - Love Phil"

"Smart guy."  Justin said

Joey threw a pillow at Justin, hitting him in the head.

"You know Justin, I am beginning to think that you aren't on my side." Joey said as he pouted.

"Joey, we all love you, but you are going to have to break it off with Keri once and for all.  When was the last time you even spoke to her?"  Chris asked

"I actually haven't spoken to her in about 2 weeks."

"Goodness Joey.  That is a while for two people supposedly in love.  Maybe you are both just afraid to make the first move."  JC said

"I just don't want to tell her over the phone.  I was going to wait until after we get back from the Latin Grammys.  Now, it seems like I may just have to clear my conscience and tell her the truth soon.  Well, at least I'll tell her that I think we should see other people.  She doesn't need to know about the bisexuality thing yet."

"Good idea.  We wouldn't want her to act out of anger and have a big press conference.  That is all we need is to have your angery chick spread the truth about you swinging both ways."  Chris chuckled.

"Guys, I am hungry.  Are we going out for dinner or what?"  Justin asked.

"Yes we are.  The time is now 7:35 and our reservations at Windows of the World is at 8 PM."  Lance said.

"Lets go guys.  I just want to get my mind off of everything.  I think I am going to get drunk tonight."  Joey said

"You can't!  We have to do TRL tomorrow afternoon!"  Lance pleaded.

"Don't worry Scoop, I promise to drink lots of water before I go to bed."

With that said, the guys walked out of the door, not aware of what the evening would bring.

I know that this is a little short guys, but it seems like it took forever to get out.  Writers block is a bitch.  Anyway, your feedback is very much appreciated and encouraged.  Please let me know what you think!  You can reach me at pammonds@rocketmail.com.  Toodles!!!