Hey Nifty Readers.  I have been an avid reader of Nifty for the past 3 years and I simply love
the fiction.  Especially, the Boy Band stuff.  This is my first attempt at writing a Boy Band story,
so bare with me.

This is a piece of fiction.  None of the non celebrity characters are real. I am not implying any
thing about the sexual orientation of any of the members of NSYNC.  In addition, I am not
affiliated with the band or Jive Records.  Of course if I was, I wouldn't be writing any of this.

Also, if you are under 18 and/or not open to Male-Male relationships, please
do not continue.  Thank you

By Joseph Wallace


At Phil's Place, Rob and Phil were catching up on what happened at the VMA's and after.
Rob broke up with his boyfriend, Chris, after being kissed by Phil.  Phil heard Joey talking on the phone to his girlfriend and decided to leave with out making a scene.

"Well, we are two eligible bachelors and we should be out having fun.  Lets go to dinner."
Rob said

"I don't know Rob.  I am tired."

"Look, we are going out.  It will be your treat since you made me break up with my man."

"Since you put it that way.  I guess I owe you."  I laughed.

"Can we go to Windows of the World?  You know that is my favorite."  I asked

"Sure.  Now go get dressed."

Back at the Hotel where NSYNC was staying.

Guys, I am hungry.  Are we going out for dinner or what?"  Justin asked.

"Yes we are.  The time is now 7:35 and our reservations at Windows of the World is at 8 PM."
Lance said.

"Lets go guys.  I just want to get my mind off of everything.  I think I am going to get drunk
tonight."  Joey said

"You can't!  We have to do TRL tomorrow afternoon!"  Lance pleaded.

"Don't worry Scoop, I promise to drink lots of water before I go to bed."

With that said, the guys walked out of the door, not aware of what the evening would bring.


Rob and I were seated and were extremely glad that we could get a table with last minute reservations.  Initially, I was somewhat hesitant about coming out, but I was glad to be doing something other then thinking about Joey and his fucking girlfriend.  I guess I just turned a mole-hill into a mountain.  We had a good time and that was it.  End of story!!!  'If it was just a hook-up, why can't I get him off of my mind?' I thought

Can I start you gentlemen with something to drink."  the waiter asked.

"Yes.  Please give us a bottle of your best riesling.  Guerwartsriminer, if it is available."  I said.

"Goodness Phil.  You and your damn white wine.  One day you are going to turn into a grape."
Rob chuckled.

"Whatevah."  I said as I flipped him off.

"Any time you're ready."  He said while rubbing my leg under the table

"Rob.  Stop it before I kick your ass."

"Oh kinky!" he squealed

The waiter returned to the table and presented us with the wine.  After tasting it, I gave him a nod of approval.  Rob and I were already a little tipsy and the wine certainly wasn't helping any.  I scanned the menu looking for a starchy appetizer to help absorb some of the alcohol that we'd ingested.  I was ravenous at this point and decided to do a Caesar Salad with a side of brushetta.  Rob ordered the mushroom caps stuffed with crab meat.  While waiting for the food we became lost in idle chatter.

"Guess who I gave my number to today?"  I asked Rob

"Hmm...Let me guess.  Dennis Rodman?"

"Whatevah loser!  I gave it to Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit."

"Get Out!  I can't stand you!  I want him."

"Yeap!  He stopped me in the lobby of the hotel as I was making my exit.  I actually chit chatted with him last night after he squeezed my ass while I was on the way to the bathroom."  I said giddily.

"Some people get all of the luck.  Are you going to see him again?"

"I hope so.  I think he is kinda sexy.  If I'm going to be treated like a whore for the stars, I mind as well act like one."  I said sadly while taking a sip from my glass.

"I knew it."  Rob said with a look of frustration.

"You knew what?" I asked

"I knew that we would not be able to get through this evening without you feeling sorry for yourself."

"Well, I am sorry that I upset you.  I will just shut the fuck up."  I sneered.

"Come on Phil, don't even go there.  You know how much I care about you and it hurts to see you so down on yourself all of the time.  You are bright, young, cute as hell, humble, and kind.  Those are just the obvious traits you possess.  Don't beat yourself up because you keep running into assholes.  What, did you think Joey was going to be any different just because he is a pop star.  Believe me, I've been there and done that.  They are all the same: DOGS!"

Rob ranted while caressing my hand.  I really did love his ability to come to my rescue.  Thank goodness he was my friend.

"Thanks Rob.  But if I'm so great, why do I keep getting played?"

"It has nothing to do with you.  Don't change a thing.  Guys you meet just can't take all that you have offer.  It isn't your responsibility to make them better men."

"I guess you are right.  Lets drink to that."

Rob and I downed the rest of the wine in our respective glasses and poured more.  The waiter arrived with the food and we turned into ravenous harpies.  Before leaving, the waiter took our entree orders.

"The Shrimp Scampi and Roast Duck are excellent choices sirs."

"Thanks!"   we said in unison.

Both of us continued to eat our food and were totally oblivious to the hustle and bustle that was going on around us.  Unbeknownst to us, the guys from NSYNC had just arrived and the staff was doing everything but rolling out the red carpet.

Lance approached the hostess and was attacked with kindness before he could speak.

"Hi Mr. Bass.  We've been expecting you and the other band members.  Might I add that it is a pleasure to have you dine with us this evening.

"Thanks."  Lance said with a chuckle.

"Great let me show you to your table."

The hostess lead the group to a somewhat secluded area, where only a few groups were dining.

"Here you are?  Your waiter will be with you shortly.  If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to notify me."

"Thanks."  Chris said  "She was a happy one."

"Yeah.  Almost to damn happy."  Joey laughed

Not to far away, Rob and I  finished up our appetizers and the remainder of the the wine.

"To us, for being great individuals with a lot to offer and enough sense to know when someone is unworthy."  I l said while raising the  glass.

"Here, here."  Rob said as he clicked his glass with mine.

Our entrees arrived and we immediately dug in while ordering another bottle of wine.  At this point, the sweet liquid had taken it's affect and we both were on cloud nine.  The food was delicious the night was going quite well.  I was content.  A little bit of laughter and wine filled the void left from the previous night's events.  Rob was right; love would fine me when I least expected it.  It was just that I spent so many moments lusting after the famous Joey Fatone from NSYNC.  At one point, he was just a fantasy.  Unfortunately, the disappointment attached to actually having had been a  little overwhelming. I guess I expected him to be different and for us to live happily ever after.  It isn't everyday that you get to be intimate with someone who appears on your CD covers.

A smile spread across my face as I came to terms with the moment that I spent with Joey.  "It was fun."  I mumbled under my breathe.  Just as I was about to raise the wine glass to my mouth and take a drink, Rob grabbed my hand.

"Hey Rob.  What's up?"  I asked somewhat startled.

Rob had a dumb smirk on his face and he just pointed over my shoulder.  I followed the direction of his extended arm and my eyes fell directly on Joey and the rest of NSYNC.

"Damn!"  I sighed 'So much for moving on.'

"This night is going to be quite interesting."  Rob giggled.

"This is just my luck.  Out of all the restaurants he and his friends could've  gone to.  He had to come here.  ARRGHHH!  Does my luck suck or what?!"  I said while banging the table.

"Phil.  Would you stop it.  You are attracting attention to us and they just looked over here."

Meanwhile at the NSYNC table.

The guys were looking through their menus when they heard a load bang.  When they looked in the direction of the noise, they just saw two guys at the table.  One was clearly frustrated with his head resting in his hand, while his friend smiled and tried to comfort him.

"OOOH!  Joey.  Isn't that your friend over there."  Lance asked.


Joey looked over at the table with the two men and sighed deeply.  The man that he spent a glorious night with and who ran from the hotel, was now sitting in spitting distance.

"Shit!" Joey mumbled.

"Don't worry about it Joey.  I don't even think he saw you."  Lance said

"Do you want to leave, Joey?"  JC asked

"No.  I will be fine."

They guys ordered drinks and appetizers and everyone was pretty lively except for one.

"Joey, will you snap out of it.  I am going to be tempted to go try some of that guy, because he's got you whipped after one night.  What is up with you?"  Chris asked

"Leave me alone Chris.  You wouldn't understand.  I wanted to get to know him.  I know it was strange the way we met and it happened in an instant, but I like him.  I felt like we clicked."

"Ok so you experienced lust at first sight.  He is pretty attractive guy.  Why don't you go over there and talk to him?"  Justin Asked

"He doesn't want to talk to me.  He knows about Keri.  What I'm I supposed to do.  Tell him that I'm not connected to her."

"You and Keri's situation is about to end.  Regardless of what anyone thinks Joe, it is up to you decide what you want to do."  Chris encouraged.

"So, do you think I should go over there and say something?" Joey asked hopefully

"Joey, it if means that we can have a peaceful dinner, I suggest you go over there and have sex with him at the table."  Chris laughed

Joey got up and started walking towards the table.  Before he could get to where Phil and Rob were sitting.  Phil got up to go to the rest room and walked right into Joey.

"Hi Phil."  Joey said nervously.

Joey's voice sent chills down my spine.  I recognized the New York Italian accent immediately.

"Hi."  I said while looking at the floor.

Joey lifted my chin so that our eyes could meet.  I was trying not to cry, but The tears that I was trying so desperately to hold in, spilled down my face.  I didn't' want to be emotional, but his was the culmination of every shitty thing a guy ever did to me.

"Can we talk."  Joey asked

I just nodded.  I could not speak and I could not  let our eyes meet again.

As Rob and the rest of NSYNC watched,  Joey lead me into a single bathroom and locked the door.  He lead me to the sink, lifted and sat me on top of it.

Although the stream of tears wouldn't stop, I couldn't help but to crack a slight smile.  'Damn he is strong.' I thought

My eyes were still cased towards the floor until he lifted my face.  The tears came stronger and I sobbed lightly.  He grabbed me close and I was comforted by his scent and his embrace.

"Phil.  I am sorry.  You don't know the whole..."

"Story?!"  I interrupted
"Please Joey.  Save me the melodrama.  I like you but I'm willing to accept it was just a one night thing."

"I didn't mean to hurt you.  I wasn't sure if I was going to tell you about Keri or not."

"Keri is her name.  That's a nice name." I said sarcastically


"Look Joey, you don't owe me anything.  I mean, I like you.  You are a nice guy, but even pop stars have one night stands.  I guess I reacted so strongly because you are who you are.  I didn't mean to be emotional."  At that point I was trying really hard to toughen up and pretend that everything was ok.  "Don't worry, we are cool.  No hard feelings."  I said while extending my hand for a hand shake.

"Phil, don't take this the wrong way, but don't give me that SHIT!  Keri has been my girlfriend for a while, but things have been fading for the past two years.  Especially since I came to terms with being bisexual.  I didn't lie when I said I wanted to get to know you."

I looked at Joey with icy eyes.  "Well get to know this, I don't share!"

"You won't have too.  Trust me."

"Yeah, my dad told my mother to trust him on the night I was conceived."

I scooted back up against the mirror and crossed my arms.

"Look Phil, Keri means a lot to me.  She has seen me through a lot.  I love her, but I'm not in love with her.  At this point in my life I really want to date a man.  I'm interested in you."  He said lifting my head to meet his eyes.

Joey caressed my hands and he pierced my soul with his big brown eyes.  I was trying not to give into his advances, but i was failing miserable.

"Why Joey?  Why me?"  I asked

"I don't know.  I saw you at the Music Awards and something just clicked.  I can't explain it."

"Forgive me if I don't jump up and down.  Joey, I've been through a plethora of relationships and none of them have lasted.  I make my self vulnerable to other men and they can't deal.  It isn't like I'm some unlovable person.  I know you are going to say your different, but how can your life accommodate me?  You travel and I travel.  You'll see tons of cute gay guys in the front rows of your concerts.  What makes me special?  Can you tell me that?"

At this point the tears began again.  I really wanted to just give myself to him, but I couldn't go through another mediocre relationship.  Not with him.  Not with anyone.

Joey grabbed my hands and placed them on his chest, while pushing himself between my legs.

"There is a certain mystery to you. You are the 1st man to capture my interest and maybe my heart.  "

"I can't function on a maybe."

"Can you at least take a chance?  Please Phil."

His face became larger in my field of vision as he leaned forward.  The initial touch of his lips was so surreal; almost to good to be true.  My lips ware as tight as a virgin on prom night, but he pried my mouth open with and caressed my tongue with his.

All of my insecurities told me this was wrong.  My mind and heart kept telling me otherwise.

I broke way from the kiss to take a breath.  The sincerity in his eyes slapped me and I yield with a simple "Yes."

"What?"  he sighed with hope.

"Yes.  I will get to know you."

His embrace seem to crush the ice around my heart and I was captured.  His shoulder held my head as I stroked his back, praying to be in his arms forever.

"Don't be scared.  We can learn together."  he whispered in my ear.

"This is almost to good to be true."  I said

"Hey, what can I say.  I'm a man of action.  When I want something I go after it."

"I see.  I guess you can get brownie points for that."

"Can't I get something else."  he said while grinding his hips into mine.

"Oh no you don't."  I said, pushing him back.  "We are starting over.  No sex."

"No Sex!  I mean, no sex?"

"Yeah, if we are getting to know each other, we shouldn't do the do until after our first date."

"Cool.  I can do that."

We stared at each other intensely.  Nether person was willing to break the eye contact until a load knock broke the moment.

"Hello in there"  Rob screamed  "Did Mr. Fatone pull a Interview with the Vampire and eat you?"

"Not yet!"  Joey laughed

"Good!  A boy only gets one best friend and I'm very, VERY protective."

"Well Sir, I promise not to hurt him."

Joey pressed his lips against my ear and whispered, "I promise."

Before opening the door, he planted the softest kisses on both sides of my neck and on my lips.
The feeling was almost to much for me.

Joey and I exited the the bathroom and met Rob outside.

"It is nice to see that you guys are getting along."  Rob said while pushing past us and running into the bathroom.

"Sorry guys.  I had to piss like a race horse"  he screamed through the bathroom door.



"I am a little embarrassed.  I can't go back out there.  Your friends must think I am so kind of star struck whore."

"Honestly Phil, they think I am the crazy one.  I was moping around all day.  They think your sex is magic or something."

My cheeks got really warm when I flashed back to last nights debauchery.

"I think they're right.  My sex is magic."

We laughed as Joey hesitantly dragged me back out into the dining room.  When we reached the table that he and the rest of his band members were sitting at, I noticed that me and Rob's things were moved to the table with they guys.

"Hey Phil.  The guys and I chatted and we thought you and Rob might like to join us.  Also, Rob came over here and reamed you two out while you were in the bathroom.  We feel in love with him and decided to have you guys join us.  Is it ok?"

"Absolutely!  I just want to apologize to you guys.  I am sorry."

"Sorry for what?  You didn't do anything wrong, besides whipping our friend.  Chris."

I turned my head and chuckled with embarrassment.

"Chris?"  Justin said while slapping him on the back of my head.

"Hey!!!  Watch the hair.  I am just being honest.  They met last night and Joey flipped out.  I was wondering if Phil will let me watch next time."  Chris laughed.

I walked behind Chris chair and leaned really close to his ear ran my hands up and down his chest.

 "Actually Chris, I was talking to Joey and he thinks it would be a good idea if I rode you like a pony.  I mean, since you guys are best friends, I want to spread the wealth.  I can use muscles that you never even heard off and I can make your toes curl.  What do you say."  I whispered with my lips almost touching his ear.

Chris' body shuttered and then he  said a dumbfounded "Huh?"

The whole table cracked up.  I was trying my hardest to remain serious, but I just busted out laughing.  Joey had to hold me up and lead me to my chair.

"Oh my goodness.  No one has ever been able to do that Chris!  He's speechless!  Joey yelled

"That was great Phil.  We need to keep you around."  JC laughed.

"Your not mad at me Chris, are you?"

"N...No.  I'm fine."  He said still looking a little nervous.

Rob returned to the table taking his seat next to  JC.  He and JC seem to hit it off nicely.  Justin didn't seem to pleased that JC wasn't paying him much attention, but everyone was still having a good time.

After dinner was over, we all had my favorite, Tirimisu.  Joey even fed me a little.  It was a sweet gesture, but it was a little embarrassing.  The guys were really nice, but they still seemed a little resistant.

"Guys, I would like to propose something to you."  I said.

"I don't know what your plans are, but I would like to invite you back to my house.  I live in a 3 story brownstone in Brooklyn Heights.  My view overlooks the water and the city scape is beautiful.  I figure, the best way to get to know Joey is to interact with you guys with a group."

Joey looked a little surprised, but smiled at the thought.  The guys all looked at each other and all said, "Sure!"

I guess when you spend a lot of time with someone, nonverbal communication is easy."

Lance whipped out his cell phone.  "I just have to run it by management.  We don't have to be up the late afternoon, so I guess it will be ok.

"Great!  You guys will be happy to know that I have a small game room downstairs, equipped with a Nintendo 64 and a Sega Dreamcast."

"Of my goodness Joey, we have to marry this man."  Chris screamed.

"Whatevah Chris."  Joey said

"I also have a fully stocked bar, a small mini theater, and..."

"Wait a minute Phil, can I ask you a personal question?"  Justin asked

"Sure.  Anything."

"Do you live with your parents?"

"Hell no.  I love my family, but they are to overprotective and my mom is to much of a diva."

"Amen."  Rob said.

"Whatevah Rob.  You love my mom."

"She is a diva and we can tear up some shopping together."

Everyone just sort of laughed and we continued chatting until Lance got off of the phone.

"It is all clear guys.  We can go!!!  Lonnie just has to come and get some information from you Phil, and we are all set."

"Who is Lonnie"  I asked.

"He is one of our beloved security guards."  JC said

We paid the bill and dashed out of the restaurant.  Lance had called Lonnie from his phone and had him meet us outside of the restaurant.  While, riding down in the elevator, he had me review some forms and sign some confidentiality and security forms.  It was like I was applying for a government position.  Once we got down stairs I told the limo driver to follow me and I gave him directions and my phone number just in case I got lost.

Thank goodness traffic wasn't to bad for a Friday night.

"Thanks a lot guys.  I am glad that we are going to hang out with Phil tonight."

"Joey, if you are actually pursuing someone, we betta investigate.  God knows you are usually a  "hit and run" type of guy."  JC said.

"I am not.  I can get to know someone."

"Ok.  So what is Phil's last name."  Chris asked

"Uh...I don't know, but I am going to ask."

"Guys, leave Joey alone.  Can't you tell that he really likes this guy."  Lance defended Joey

"Thanks Lance."

"Phil seems like a nice person and this will be a change from the club.  Also, Rob is cute." JC said

"What?!"  Justin asked, somewhat surprised.

"I think Rob is cute.  I mean you guys must know that I'm at least bi because you've been harassing me about it for years."

"Good for you JC. We were waiting for you to come out."  Chris said

"I'm not coming out of any where.  I am just exercising my right to have fun."  JC laughed.

"Whatever."  Justin said snidely.

"What's up Curly."  JC asked

"I think someone is Jealous."  Chris said

Justin just flipped Chris off and turned his back to the group.  Before JC could go into his usual role of comforting Justin.  The limo came to a halt.  The limo pulled into the garage which was right under the house.  I thought it would be best to enter the house that way, so that we could avoid any wandering teens that would recognize the boys.

I parked my car and ran over to the limo.  I guess I was more excited then they were.  I ran over to the car and opened the door before the driver game around.  He seemed a little annoyed, but I was was to excited.

"Make sure that you guys call me when at a reasonable time so that we can come pick you up."

"Okay."  They said in unison.

Lonnie and the driver pulled out and we were on our way up to the entertainment area.  This was my favorite part of the house.  The mini theater seated about 20 people with a cute little popcorn machine.   To the right of the theatre was a door that lead to a  game room that contained several arcade machines, fooz ball, ping pong, a lounge with two large televisions that had Nintendo and Sega games attached and a bowling lane.  Next to the kitchen/bar area was a door that lead to a basket ball court and mini-gym.

I took the guys all over the house and they were in awe.  They  especially loved my bed room, which was decorated in mutlicolored crushed velvet with a picture of the sky painted on the ceiling.  after much coaxing ,I finally was able to get them from playing on the water bed and we went down stairs to hang.

"Phil, when you said this house was a brownstone that was an understatement.  This is a mansion!"  Justin said

"Oh Stop."
"So what do you guys want to do first?"

"Games"  everyone screamed.

Even Rob was having a good time and that was a novelty.  He was the oldest 22 year old that I knew.

"Phil, do you have some gym attire that JC and I can use for basketball?  Rob asked

"Sure.  You know where the clothes are."

While the Rob and JC changed into basketball attire and the other guys busied themselves in the game room, Joey helped me make Strawberry Banana Daiquiris.

"Phil, I know that you work with your own business, but how can you afford all of this?"

"Joey, it is a long story that I will tell you some other time."

Joey grabbed me around my waist and nuzzled his face into my neck.  "Now if we are trying to get to know each other, you shouldn't keep secrets.

I paused for a second and thought about the pain centered around my wealth.  Sure money was nice to have, but getting it wasn't always that fun.

"Well, I am a result of a interracial relationship.  My mom came from a middle class black family in Westchester and my dad comes from a very affluent family in Boston.  My grandfather was doing some business with my dad.  My dad, Jon, had just graduated from Yale and started working for his family.  At the same time my mom had just graduated from Brown and was interning at my grandpa's investment firm.  Lets just say that when my dad walked into my grandpa's office, he saw what he liked and decided that he only wanted  his coffee black."

"Hum, I know how he feels."  Joey said while kissing my neck

"Wait.  There is more." I giggled

"Ok.  Keep going."  Joey encouraged

"My father says that he fell in love with my mother instantly.  Mom wanted no parts of him.  He would invite her out and she would decline all the time.  She thought he was just some pompous frat boy with jungle fever.  My dad thought my mother was a sexy shrew that needed to be tamed. Needless to say, it was a pure cat and mouse game.

Now, my mother is sucker for puppies.  Especially Dalmatians.  In fact, her desk at my grandpa's office was decorated in spots and 101 Dalmatian memorabilia.   So after 3 weeks of business negotiations, one day after grandpa and dad finally closed the business deal.  As a gesture of kindness, grandpa had my father over for dinner.  Mom was on her way out, but was forced to stay for dinner because "It would be inappropriate for you to walk out until after dinner.  Do you want my colleague to think my family is unstable"  Grandpa said.  Anyway, my mother sat through dinner rolling her eyes at my dad every time he tried to include her in the conversation.  Of course my grandparents were mortified, but even today she is still the rebellious one.  After dessert, my grandpa made my mother walk my dad out to the car.

"It was a pleasure to have dinner with you Rain."  My dad said.

"Thanks Jon."  My mother said smugly.

"Oh, before I forget, I have a gift for you."

"That is quite all right..."

Before my mother could say another word, my father pulled the carrying case from the back seat and out popped a beautiful Dalmatian puppy.

My mom started crying and she and my dad started dating.  My mom says that she always liked my dad but was concerned about him being white.

"Ok, Phil.  I still don't see why that story is so traumatizing."

"That is because there is more."

"Well, my mom and dad started dating.  They were really in love.  My mom's family was extremely liberal and thought Jon was great!  Unfortunately, my dad's family didn't feel the same.  My grandfather who was the most racist bastard on earth, hated my mom.  He thought black and white people shouldn't be together.  Like my mom, my dad was the rebellious one in his family.  Instead of going to Harvard, where he would be a legacy, he went to Yale just to oppose his father.  Needless to say, my dad's father wasn't happy when my parents got married.  If it wasn't for my paternal grandmother, my father would have been disowned.

Anyway, a year later I was born and my paternal grandmother adored me while my grandfather was distant and mean.  I remember when I was five and we had just had Christmas dinner and  my grandfather told my mom that she really did well for herself, marrying rich and all.  Grandpa never looked better with white wine all over his face and clothes.  I thought it was funny and I couldn't wait to be old enough to drink white wine."

"Sounds like your mom is something else."

"Yeah.  She is pistol."

"To make a long story short, my grandfather was diagnosed with Leukemia.  His health plummeted really quickly and all of the family was called to Boston because he wasn't expected to live.  At that point, we lived in New York City.  My mom and dad were getting ready to go to Boston and leave me with my other grandparents.  I cried and told them that I wanted to go.  After throwing a tantrum they let me go with them.

I remember walking into my grand dads room with a stuffed Dalmatian that looked just like our dog, Daisy.  I stood on a chair and stared at Grandpa Taylor.  He looked like something out of a sci-fi movie with all of the tubes and stuff.  I jumped when his eyes fluttered open.  I kissed his forehead and gave him the stuffed dog and I said ' I know it is hard for you to like me and my mom Grandpa Taylor, but I love you a lot and I really want you to get better.'"

At this point Joey held me tighter because I was beginning to cry a little.

"You don't have to continue honey.  I understand if it is to much."

"No.  I want to.  It is painful,  but a happy ending."

"It seemed like grandpa was going to recover.  Some how he had gotten better.  I didn't know until recently that my dad had given him a bone marrow transplant.  Grandpa lived for another six months and it was the best time I ever had in my life.  I moved to Boston for that time because he wanted to get to know me.  My mom was adamantly against it, but I told her that I really wanted to go.
So, she decided to leave the firm she worked for and we all moved to Boston for a while.  I was so excited because I also found out that she was pregnant with my sister."

"Wow your life really changed."

"Yeah, but I was devastated when my grandfather died.  I felt like I was just starting to know him and love him.  I still have the stuffed animal that I gave him when he was in the hospital.  It reminds me of the love that we shared and the obstacles that we over came.  So, to answer your original question, my granddad had restricted his will before he died, leaving my father and I a very huge chunk of the estate and assets.  That is how I have this house and was able to fund my business."

Joey turned me around so that we were facing each other.  He planted a very soft kiss on my lips.

"Thanks for sharing that story with me Phil.  I am glad that you got to know your grandpa before he died."  Joey whispered in my ear

We were just about to kiss when Rob ran into the kitchen area.

"I am the man!"  He yelled

"What happened?"  Joey and I yelled simultaneously

"I just whipped Josh's ass in a little one on one."

JC came stumbling into the kitchen drenched in sweat.

"Man Phil, you didn't tell me that Rob was a good basket ball player."

"Well, I knew he played a little in High School, but he was to much a prima donna for sports in college."

"Whatevah loser."  Rob said while splashing me with some water."

"Your friend conned me!"  JC laughed.

"How?"  Joey asked

"If I won, he would have to give me a massage.  If he won, I would have to kiss him."

"Rob, you are so bad."

"Oh please Phil.  You got to kiss one of the NSYNC boys, did you think I was going to sit around and not try to get some of him."  He said while pointing at JC

"I am not kissing you Rob. I am not a piece of meat."

"You are going to kiss me loser because I won."  Rob said while tickling JC.

JC ran around the kitchen and tried to get out of Rob's reach, but he couldn't escape.  Finally, Rob fell on top of JC on the floor.

"So do I get my kiss, or not."  Rob asked

"If you want it, take it."  JC oozed

JC and Rob locked lips for what seemed like an eternity.  JC flipped Rob over and they began wriggling around on the floor like puppies in heat.

I reached for the bottle of water that Rob was drinking out of and splashed them both.

"Hey!!"  JC Yelled

"You are such a party popper."  Rob sulked

"Rob you stink.  You can take a shower upstairs while JC showers down here so that you guys aren't' naughty."  I laughed

"You know JC, I knew you had it in ya."  Joey said while patting him on the butt.

Rob and JC parted to have there showers.  In the meantime Joey and I set a table up for the guys.  Before I made the daiquiris, I ordered 4 large pizzas, mozzarella sticks and wings from the local pizzeria.  Joey went up stairs to pay the delivery guy.

"Honey, could you help me?"  Joey yelled

"Honey?"  I mumbled "I like the way it sounds."

By the time Rob and JC returned, the food was laid out on the table.  Chris and Lance ran into the kitchen area when they smelled the food.

"Phil, this is awesome!"  Chris screamed.

"Yeah Phil.  Thanks a lot.  This is a lot better then going out to some sweaty club."  Lance said

"Where is Justin?"  I asked.

"Oh, he is playing Ms. Pac-Man.  He is obsessed."  Chris said

"I am not!"

Everyone turned around when Justin walked into the kitchen/lounge area.

"Hey, why didn't anyone come and get me?"  He said while digging in.

"You have a nose like a bloodhound Curly.  We knew the food would lure you to the kitchen."  JC teased.

"You're right!"  Justin agreed

I poured everyone some of the strawberry bananna daquri.  Rob added the pineapple slices, orange slices and cherrys.

"Everyone grab a glass.  I would like to propose a toast.  I am so glad to have met such wonderful people.  Not only are you guys wonderful artist, and one of my favorite groups, but you are geniune people who like to have fun. So, here's to new friendships that I hope will last for a while..."

"I would like to add something."

Everyone turned around to Joey.

"I would like to also thank Phil for his kindness and hospitality.  I would also like to thank his mother for his body and his cut face.  Most of all, I am glad that I've found someone who really likes me for me and not for the Joey they see on stage.  Cheers!!!"

"CHEERS!!"  We all said in unison.

Everyone clinked ther glasses and busied themselves with eating and joking around.  I grabbed Joey by the hand and pulled him over to the side.

"Joey, you are so sweet.  I am glad that we have been able to spend this time together and I really do like you for you."

"Well, we have two more days to hang out.  We have to leave Sunday evening for California.  We start rehearsal for the Latin Grammys on Monday."

"Well, I don't have any plans this weekend, so I can be all yours."

"Good!  I mean, if you want to."

"I want to."

I rested my head on Joey's chest and inhaled deeply.  He was wearing what smelled like Estee Lauder Pleasures for men.  It drove me wild.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a very passionate kiss.  I felt his hands trail down my back and cup my ass, as he grind his crotch into mine.  I released a slight moan.

"Getting excited."  Joey purred

"Something like that."  I said

"Will you guys please get a room."  Rob said

"Can we get one as well."  JC said as he came close to Rob

"If you are nice we can."

"Look, there isn't going to be any pairing off.  Britney isn't here for Justin and I'm not hooking up with Lance."

"You didn't say that when we had our concert in Denver."  Lance said

Everyone stared at Chris.  While Lance tapped his left foot with his arms crossed.

"First of all Lance, you have a big mouth, it was supposed to be our secret."

"OHHH.  Scandalous."  Rob said while laughing hysterically.

Lance stormed out of the Kitchen and went into the game room.  It was really funny to see all of the group dynamics.  Chris followed Lance and they came back five minutes later laughing.

"What's going on guys?"  JC said

"Nothing."  They said in unison

"I was just kidding.  Chris and I didn't hook up in Denver."  Lance said unconvincingly.

Everyone decide not to probe any further.  Instead.  We decided to drink a little.  I turned on the entertainment unit and put my CDs on auto rotation.

The daiquiri mix was all gone, so we started taking shots.  In between drinks we all danced.  I was having a good time.  Joey and I danced until  we fell on the floor.

"That is enough drinks for me."  I said

"Are you sure.  If you have one more, it will be easier for me to take advantage of you."  Joey said while rubbing my back.

"Why don't we pop in a movie."  Lance suggested.

"You guys seen Scary Movie."  I asked.

"Yeah, but we will see it again.  It is funny as hell."  Justin said


The rest of the night seemed to run by quickly.  Joey and I cuddled up in the back of the mini theater.  The remainder of the night was filled with non-stop laughter and the group stopping JC and Rob from practically having sex during the movie.

Joey fell asleep on my shoulder and drooled a little on my shirt.  I thought it was very cute.  Lance called Lonnie when the movie was over, so that they could be picked up.

"Wake up loser." Chris said, pushing Joey's head off of my shoulder.

"What...What!  I'm up already."

Before we knew it, the horn beeped outside and I felt like I was going to cry.  Joey and I didn't have much time to spend together before they were off to L.A.

Each one of the guys said their thank you(s) and gave me a hug.  I really enjoyed getting to know them a little better.

"Thanks a lot man.  You are really nice guy."

"Aww.  That means a a lot Chris.  Thank you."

Joey turned to me and gave me a tight hug and a kiss.

"I guess I will see you tomorrow."  He said staring into my eyes.

"Yeah, I guess.  I wish you could stay though."  I said sadly

"Whew.  I thought you would never ask!"

"Are you serious Joe."


Once again, Joey grabbed me into a big bear hug, lifting me from the floor and swinging me around.

"Let me just talk to Lonnie and leave management a message.  It shouldn't  be a problem."

Joey went outside to the waiting limo and chit chatted with Lonnie.  Lonnie got on his cell and I imagined that he was calling management.  After about five minutes and talking to JC, Joey came running back inside the house.

"Is everything ok?"

"Everything is fine.  Management was a little skeptical, but Lonnie helped me convince them to let me stay."


I grabbed Joey's hand and we walked back inside of the house and bumped into Rob as he was walking out of the door dressed in the clothes he had on earlier.

"Hey Rob.  I thought you were staying over."

"No.  I am joining JC for a night cap.  Thanks for hooking us up Joey."  Rob said giving Joey a high five.

"What are you thanking Joey for."  I asked curiously.

"Since I have my own room back at the hotel, I gave JC the key so that he and Rob could use it for privacy."  Joey said winking his eye at me.

"Yeah.  JC just called me my cell from the limo.  I was just going to get a room for the night, but this will be much cheaper and more fun."

Rob and I hugged and said our good-byes before he dashed down the street to get a cab.
Joey and I held hands as we walked back inside of the house.  Although I was exhausted, I was so happy that he was spending the night with me.

When we got back inside of the house Joey and I decided to take a shower.  It was evident that we were both aroused, but we didn't have sex.  We just kissed and washed each other.  It was the most erotic and sensual experience that I had ever had.  We just kissed and hugged.

Afterwards, we laid in bed and talked about everything.  We talked about his childhood his family, my family, our dreams, everything!  It was a perfect end to a wonderful night.

"Wow.  I think the sun is about to rise.  I think we better go to sleep."  I said

"Yeah.  I don't want to be all ugly for TRL tomorrow.  Good night Mr. Taylor."  Joey said, kissing me softly.

"Good night Mr. Fatone."

We feel asleep in each other's arms dreaming of endless possibilities.  If our relationship progressed, I just hoped that he would be able to except all of the complications in my life.

Sorry for the wait folks.  I was trying to tie up loss ends in this chapter.  I really wanted to clear the way for all of the drama that lies ahead.  I appreciate all of the feed back that everyone has given me.  Please keep it coming because that is what really fuels the writing process.

What type of complications could Phil be talking about?  Is he keeping something from Joey?  Is everything is as fine and dandy as they seem.  We will just have to see.

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