Nick & Brian
Parts 1-6
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi

This story is dedicated in loving memory
Ashley Nicole Vascardi
December 22, 1998 - April 14, 1999
Joshua Corin Vascardi
January 27, 1981 - September 25, 1999

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Nick & Brian - Part 1 Written by JCV

Nick lays in his bed sleeping peacefully. Last night's concert in Central Park really tired him out, and he just barely made it back to his and Brian's hotel room at the Plaza. He fell asleep the second his head hit the pillow, he knew Brian was saying something to him, but what, he couldn't say. The only think on Nick's mind last night was falling asleep, not listening to Brian talk.

Nick starts to wake up to somebody shaking him, and it takes him a few moments to realize that it's Brian.

"Hey, Nick, wake up you sleepyhead, breakfast is here," says Brian as he continues to shake Nick, before Nick finally wakes up fully and pushes Brian's hands away, "Alright, Bri, I'm up, I'm up!"

Nick pushes back the covers, pulls a pair of green silk lounge pants over his white CK boxer briefs, and stands up. He stretches, puts on a green silk robe, and joins Brian at the table.

"Are the others joining us for breakfast?" Nick asks as he notices there is more food here then Brian and him could ever even think about eating.

"Yeah, they should be here soon, I hope."

Suddenly, there's a knock on the door, and Brian gets up to answer it. AJ walks in wearing exactly what Brian and Nick are wearing, silk lounge pants, and a silk robe, except in yellow, instead of midnight blue and green.

AJ seats himself at the table, and says, "Good morning," as he begins to put some food on his plate.

"Good morning AJ, sleep well?" asks Nick.

"Yeah, after that concert last night, I slept like a log."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," says Brian, "Nick was so tired last night that I had to undress him and tuck him in."

AJ laughs, and Nick playfully punches Brian in the shoulder. The three of them start a light conversation, doing more eating then talking. Eventually Howie and Kevin arrive, Howie wearing purple silk lounge pants and a purple silk robe, and Kevin wearing blue silk lounge pants, and a blue silk robe. They both join the others at the table and start eating.

"So, cuz, what's on today's schedule?"

"Well, we have a photo shoot at noon, but other then that, we have the day to ourselves," replies Kevin as he sips a cup of coffee.

"Cool," says Howie and AJ in unison.

The conversation continues for quite some time, however, Nick, quickly becomes lost in his thoughts, and doesn't hear a word of it. Nick has been struggling with some stuff for awhile now, and he isn't sure if he should ask the guys' help. He's found that lately women don't do anything for him, and he's found himself increasingly attracted to other men.

One of the more apparent objects of Nick's affection is Brian, but Nick isn't sure how to relay his feelings to Brian. He's afraid to tell Brian that he's attracted to him because, well, he's afraid that Brian will slap him across the face and tell him he's sick. That would be the end to 'Frick & Frack' and Nick doesn't want to lose Brian as a friend.

"Earth to Nick! Come in Nick! Are you still with us?" asks Brian as he places his hand on Nick's shoulder and shakes it. Nick slowly comes out of his dream world, before replying, "Huh? What do you want?"

Brian removes his hand from Nick's shoulder, and Howie says, "Where were you just now? You seemed a million miles away."

"Oh sorry, I've just had a lot on my mind lately."

"Care to talk about it?" asks AJ.

"No, I'd rather not," says Nick with a smile, hoping that his friends will drop it.

"Come on, Nick, we're your friends, talk to us," says Kevin, as his parental side kicks in.

"NO!! Okay?! NO!!" screams Nick.

"Okay, okay, don't get defensive, we're just trying to help!" says Howie with a slight frown.

"Well, you can't, so forget about it."

'God knows I'd love to tell the guys right here and now that I think I'm gay, and that I'm highly attracted to Brian, but I can't, as much as I want to, I just can't,' thinks Nick.

"Okay, well, its 10:30, so we should probably get ready for the photo shoot," says Kevin, "Oh by the way, AJ? They would like you to have black hair instead of red."

"Well, gee thanks for the notice, Kev!" says AJ with a slight laugh, "Well, then I better get going, and dye my hair back, huh?"

AJ doesn't wait for a reply, as he gets up and walks out of the room. Kevin, and Howie leave shortly there after, and Brian calls down to have the breakfast cart removed, as Nick begins looking through the closet for something to wear.

"Nick? If you ever decide that you want to talk, just let me know. I consider you to be my best friend, and if something is bothering you, I want to help," says Brian with sincerity.

"Thanks, Bri, I'll let you know," says Nick with a smile, "Now, come on we have a photo shoot to get to!"


Nick grabs some clothes from the closet and throws them onto his bed. After wrestling with Brian for a few minutes, Brian concedes to let Nick use the shower first. Nick showers, shaves, and emerges from the bathroom, naked, "Showers all yours Bri," says Nick as he walks over to the bed and begins getting dressed.

Brian looks at Nick for a moment, and then goes into the bathroom. Unknown to Nick or anyone else but Kevin, is that Brian is bi-sexual, and even though he has been dating a girl named Leigh Ann Wallace, he has feelings for Nick. Plus, Brian never really loved Leigh Ann, management set them up with each other, but the other guys don't know about it.

Brian quickly pushes all of these thoughts out of his mind, showers, and shaves. He emerges from the bathroom, to find Nick dressed and sitting on the sofa watching TV. Nick is so engrossed in the program, that he doesn't notice that Brian did the same thing that Nick had done, come out of the bathroom naked.

Brian just sighs, and pulls on a pair of midnight blue boxers, and pulls some black jeans, a midnight blue t-shirt, black leather vest, and a pair of shoes from the closet, and gets dressed.

After that, he quickly combs his hair, and sits down on the sofa next to Nick and watches TV with him. As 11:30 rolls around, Kevin knocks on the door, and says, "Come on guys, photo shoot is in half an hour, we have to go."

Brian turns off the TV, as Nick stands up. Brian and Nick grab some baseball caps and dark sunglasses, and walk out. The other guys, took the same precaution, but more then likely the mob of girls outside will recognize them long before they ever get to the Blazer that they had the hotel rent for them, instead of the usual limousine, because they do not want to be recognized, and mobbed.


Well, it would seem that Lady Luck was on their side, because they made it into their car and away from the Plaza without incident. The only person who did recognize them, was the doorman, but he was under strict instructions not to use their real names, so he used made up names for all of them. When he said good morning to them as they walked out, he said, "Good morning, Mr. Jones," to Kevin and so on, referring to AJ as Mr. Smith, Howie as Mr. Denning, Brian as Mr. Brady, and Nick as Mr. Newman.


They arrived at the photo shoot just in time, and quickly got into the studio. They began posing for the photographer as he went through an entire roll of film in 10 minutes.

"Okay, you guys have a ten minute break while I get more film, then I'll need separate shots of you, then some head shots, then more group shots," says the photographer as he enters his storage room.

Kevin, Nick, Brian, Howie, and AJ walk over to the water dispenser and all get a cup of water to drink. Then they just chat until the photographer comes back and loads his camera.

"Okay, Kevin, you're first, get over here," replies Mike, the photographer.

Kevin walks over and begins to pose, as Mike snaps photo after photo. Upon finishing a second roll, Mike reloads his camera, and says, "You're next, Howie."

Again, Mike starts snapping photos, this time of Howie. Howie continues posing, until Mike goes through a third roll of film. The others just watch, as Howie smiles for the camera.

"Brian, you're up next," says Mike as he reloads his camera. Mike begins taking the photos of Brian, and then Leigh Ann Wallace appears.

"Hey guys, hello Brian," she replies as she walks over to Brian and kisses him.

"Hello, Leigh Ann, I'm kinda busy right now," says Brian as he pulls away from the kiss and pushes Leigh Ann away.

When Mike finishes the roll of film, he says, "Okay Leigh Ann, Brian is all yours, get over here AJ."

Brian walks over to the couch and sits down next to Nick, and Leigh Ann comes over and sits down on Brian's lap. Brian flinches slightly, but says nothing, as he starts in on a conversation with Nick, totally ignoring Leigh Ann.

Nick notices this and has mixed feelings about it. On one hand - he's happy that Brian would rather talk to him then Leigh Ann, on the other hand - He knows that they love each other and he can't understand why Brian is talking to him and ignoring Leigh Ann.

Mike uses up a fifth roll of film on AJ, then replies, "Okay, Nick come on over here, you're next."

Nick reluctantly gets up and begins posing for Mike.


"Well, now that he's gone, could you pay a little more attention to me?" says Leigh Ann with a forced smile to Brian.

"Why did you come?"

"Because I love you and I want to resolve our problems," says Leigh Ann.

"Well, now is neither the time nor the place," snaps Brian, a little too loudly, which draws Kevin's attention.

"Neither the time nor the place for what Bri?" asks Kevin.

"Brian and I are having some relationship problems, and he doesn't seem to think that now is a good time to resolve them," says Leigh Ann, visibly saddened by it.


Kevin looks at them for a moment, and then says, "Hey, Mike? Could I use your storage room for a minute?"

"Sure, go right ahead," says Mike as he continues snapping photos of Nick.

Kevin stands up and motions for Leigh Ann and Brian to follow. They get up and follow Kevin into the storage room, and Kevin closes and locks the door.

"Okay, what's up?"

"It's nothing you need to concern yourself with, cuz."

"If it affects you, then it does concern me, Bri, now talk!"

"No, Kevin!"

"Leigh Ann, what's going on?"

"Well, Brian has been becoming somewhat distant, and he has totally stopped saying 'I love you Leigh Ann', or showing me any affection what so ever," says Leigh Ann, a tear in her eye.

"Anything else?"

"Well, whenever I come see him, he always goes and talks to Nick, and ignores me. I'm beginning to think that he enjoys spending time with Nick, more then he does me. I also get the feeling that he's hiding some stuff from me, important stuff."

"Stop talking about me as if I'm not here!" says Brian.

"Sorry, Bri, but you wouldn't tell me what was wrong, so I had to ask Leigh Ann," says Kevin.

"Leigh Ann, I know my cousin, and the only important thing I could think of that he might be keeping from you, is that fact that he's, nah, he wouldn't keep something that important from you."

"Kevin, why don't you tell me what you're talking about, and then I'll let you know, if he's kept it from me," says Leigh Ann.

"Don't even think about it, Kevin," says Brian, "You promised me you wouldn't tell a single living soul!"

"Well, Brian, I think Leigh Ann has a right to know that you're bi-sexual!" says Kevin, "I can't believe that you haven't told her, I mean I've known for 6 years!"

"You're what, Brian?!"

"Bi-sexual, I like women and men," says Brian, as he looks down at his feet.

"I can't believe this, I have to go," says Leigh Ann as she heads for the door, and opens it.

"Leigh Ann, wait!"

"Shutup Brian! You can just crawl into a hole and die for all I care. We're through, I never want to lay eyes on you ever again, Brian Thomas Littrell!" says Leigh Ann as she bursts into tears and runs from the studio.


Kevin runs after her, to make sure she doesn't tell Brian's secret to the whole world, and Brian emerges from Mike's storage room to be met by 4 sets of questioning eyes, belonging to Mike, Howie, AJ, and Nick.

"Brian? What's going on?" asks Howie.

"Yeah, why did Leigh Ann just tell you that she doesn't ever want to see you again?"

"We broke up, AJ," says Brian, showing absolutely no remorse over it.

"Oh, Brian, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, Nick, I have been trying to break it off with her for over a month, but just never had the heart to do it," says Brian, "Then, Kevin told Leigh Ann the secret that up until then, only him and I knew. That did the trick."

"What secret?"

Just then Kevin comes back in, and says, "Okay, Leigh Ann has agreed not to tell the entire world your secret Brian."

"Thanks, Kev."

"No problem cuz."

"What secret about Brian, Kevin?" asks Nick with a curious face.

"Yeah, what exactly are we talking about here?" asks Howie and AJ in unison.

"Um, Mike, could we have a few minutes alone?"

"Sure, I was going to go get a bite to eat anyway, before I finished up your session. I'll be back in about half an hour," says Mike as he grabs his sunglasses and walks out.


"Well?" ask Nick, AJ, and Howie impatiently.

"Do you want to them or should I?" asks Kevin.

"Tell us what!?" asks Howie.

"Kev, I'll tell them. Guys this is isn't easy to say, so I'll just come out and say it, I've been keeping a secret from you, a major secret."

"You didn't kill anybody did you?" asks AJ with a grin, laughing slightly.

"No, its nothing like that, AJ. But, it's something that I've known about myself since I was 18. I'm. well, I'm. I'm bi-sexual," Brian finally manages to say.

"That's it? That's what has Leigh Ann so upset?"

"Yeah, Nick it is. Brian didn't tell her, so she got upset," says Kevin.

"Why? Doesn't she realize that it doesn't matter? He's with you, not some other woman, or another man, but her."

"Um, Howie, could I please out that Leigh Ann and I are no longer an item?"

"Oh yeah, sorry," replies Howie.

"Anyway, here's something else I bet you guys didn't know," replies Brian, "I never loved Leigh Ann, management set me up with her."

"No, we didn't know that, replies Nick, Kevin, Howie, and AJ in unison.

Not much else is said, and Mike soon comes back and they finish the photo shoot. Everybody decides to go back to the hotel, as the photo shoot was long and tiring. It didn't help that Mike's studio air conditioner was broken and that New York was in the middle of a major heat wave.


In the car, Howie, AJ, and Nick did their best to make Brian understand that they didn't think any less of him, now that they knew he was bi-sexual, and that they still valued him as a friend. Brian was relieved, and thanked them all with a hug.

Nick thought, "Wow, Brian is bi-sexual, maybe that means I have a chance with him, now that him and Leigh Ann have broken up."

The car stops in front of the hotel, and one by one five guys emerge, all wearing dark shades and baseball caps. Well, this time they weren't so lucky, and the fans recognized them. They were soon mobbed, and ended up signing roughly 125 autographs and posing for 100 pictures, before they were finally allowed to get out of the burning heat, and into the air conditioned hotel, away from all of the screaming fans.


They all board the elevator and head up to the 7th floor, which is totally reserved for them.

Everybody goes into his or her rooms, to relax and cool off.

Nick sits down on the sofa, and asks Brian to sit down next to him. Brian does so, and says, "What's up, Nick?"

"Well, you said you were bi-sexual, and I was wondering, well, um, if maybe you might have some feelings for me?"

"What do you mean, Nick?"

"Well, I have a little secret of my own, Brian, something that I've realized just recently after thinking and rethinking it several times over."

"And what might that be?" asks Brian with a grin.

"That I'm gay, and that I have a serious crush on you Brian."

Brian just looks at him in shock, and Nick gets up and walks away, figuring that Brian does not return the feelings.

Nick & Brian - Part 2 Written by JCV

Brian sits on the sofa in shock from what he's just heard Nick confess. Nick plops down onto his bed, and begins to read a book, figuring that Brian does not return his feelings.

Brian gets up, walks over to Nick's bed, and sits on the edge of it. Just as Brian was about to say something, Nick replies from behind his book, "It's okay Brian, I didn't expect you to return my feelings for you. Just forget I said anything."

Brian grabs Nick's book and throws it across the room, as Nick looks at him funny, for a few moments. Just as Nick was about to get up and get his book back, Brian puts his arm over Nick's chest preventing him from getting up. Brian leans down to Nick and kisses him lightly on the lips, before whispering in his ear, "Does that answer the question you asked earlier, about if I had feelings for you?"

Instead of answering, Nick pulls Brian into another very passionate kiss. Brian responds to this by pushing his tongue against Nick's lips. Nick parts his lips, and Brian's tongue slides into his mouth and begins wrestling playfully with Nick's tongue.

The two hot young men kiss long and deep for several minutes, before they both come up for air.

"Wow," was all Nick could say as he just starred up at Brian's smiling face. "So, Nick, did you enjoy that?"

"Hell yeah, it's something I've wanted to do with you for a little over a year!"

"Wow, you have loved me for quite some time, huh? Why didn't you ever say anything?"

"Yeah, I have loved you almost since the first day we met Bri. I never said anything because I thought that since you and Leigh Ann were an item, that you were completely straight. Plus, I thought that you would think I was sick, and it would be the end of our friendship."

"Never, Nick! I'll still consider you my best friend even in death!"

"Thanks Bri," says Nick as he kisses him lightly on the lips again.

"So is all this with you being gay and having a major crush on me what had you so distracted this morning?"

"Yes, I really want to tell the guys, but I'm not sure how to," says Nick, "And now its taking all the will power I have not to pick up that phone and tell them that I'm gay and that you love me, Bri!"

Brian laughs and replies, "Well, no offense meant here, but I think you should wait a little while to tell the guys about your orientation and us."

"No offense taken, you could never offend me Bri, I love everything about you, well I take that back. I hated seeing you kiss a woman that is about 5 years your senior, and in my mind ugly. Why don't you think I should tell the other guys?"

"Well, think about it. First they find out that I'm bi, then they find out you're gay, they'd probably have heart attacks. Plus, if you tell them about us, my cuz will give me the "You're on the rebound from Leigh Ann" lecture."


They both laugh, then Nick pulls Brian into an intimate embrace, and they gently kiss each other on the lips. The two of them stay like this for an hour, just enjoying laying in each other's arms. Then, there's a knock on the door, Nick gets up and answers it.

"Hey Kevin," says Nick.

"Hello Nick, how are you doing Bri?"

"Okay, Nick has been helping me get over this whole ordeal. He really is a good friend," says Brian with a smile.

"Well, thank you Nick, for helping my cousin."

"Hey, no problem, he's my best friend."

"Well, okay, I was talking to AJ and Howie, and they want to go out clubbing, I decided to join, and now the big question is are you going to join us?"

"Sure, better then sitting here in a hotel room talking with boring old Brian," says Nick with a mischievous grin.

"Hey!" says Brian as he playfully punches Nick in the arm.

"Just kidding, Bri, you're not boring. Old yes, boring no," says Nick, laughing.

"Who are you calling old?" asks Brian, "Need I remind you who the oldest person here is?"

"Shut up Bri!" says Kevin with a slight grin.

Both Nick and Brian burst out laughing, and eventually Kevin comes around and laughs too. After they all have had a good laugh, Kevin leaves Brian and Nick alone so that they can change clothes, and tells them to meet AJ, Howie, and himself in the hotel kitchen in twenty minutes, and to take the service elevator.


Nick and Brian nod, and then change clothes, well, actually only Nick changed clothes. Brian kept the black jeans, Nike shoes, midnight blue t-shirt, and black leather vest that he wore to the photo shoot on. Nick, pulled a pair of Nikes out of the closet, along with a pair of black jeans, a green t-shirt, and a black leather vest. Nick quickly removes the clothes he was wearing, in front of Brian, who just smiles from ear to ear as he enjoys the sight.

Nick walks over to the dresser, and takes Brian's bottle of Safari and sprays a small amount on himself. He then takes his bottle of Gravity and sprays a small amount on Brian, who just smiles. The two of them kiss each other for another minute of so, before walking out of the room.

The hallway is completely empty, so Brian and Nick hold hands on their way to the service elevator. They reach it, and Brian lets go of Nick's hand as he pushes the call button. A few minutes go by, before the elevator reaches their floor, and the step in. Nick pushes the button marked Kitchen, and the elevator begins its descent.

The elevator doors open, and Nick and Brian walk out to find AJ, Howie, and Kevin waiting. They all smile, and then head out of the hotel through the loading dock, get into their rented Chevrolet Blazer, and head off to find a good club.


They soon find one, pull into the parking lot, and head inside. Being the Backstreet Boys, they had absolutely no problems whatsoever getting in. Everybody goes and finds a table, as Brian goes to the bar to get everybody the drinks they requested. Brian comes back and hands out the drinks and they all sit their chatting for a little while, as they sip their drinks, listening to the music.

Then the announcer comes on, "Hey all, I just found out that we have 5 very special guests in the house tonight, The Backstreet Boys!"

Everybody cheers, as the music to "Everybody" comes on. Nick, Kevin, Howie, AJ, and Brian walk out to the center of the dance floor, and begin to perform their dance skit while lip-singing the song.

They all stay out and dance for a few more hours, and they also probably all had a bit too much to drink, well except for Kevin. Being the "surrogate parent" he only had one drink, and then he drove them all back.

Everybody goes into their rooms, and collapses onto their beds, exhausted after their night on the town. Brian and Nick collapse into each other's arms on Brian's bed, and start kissing. They would have done more, but being kinda tired and knowing that they'll both have major hangovers in the morning, undress each other down to their boxers and crawl into Brian's bed.

They kiss each other again lightly on the lips, and soon fall fast asleep in each other's arms.


Eight hours later, Brian wakes up with a major headache and the sun shining in his eyes. He gazes down at the sleeping Nick, and wonders to himself, "How did I ever get so lucky?"

Brian leans down and kisses Nick lightly on the forehead. He then gets out off bed very slowly and carefully, trying not to wake Nick. Brian makes his way into the bathroom and looks in the medicine cabinet. He quickly takes out the bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol, and downs 4 pills, 2000 mg.

As Brian walks out of the bathroom, Nick looks at him with relief.

"Oh thank god, there you are, when I woke up and you weren't in my arms I got scared," says Nick with a grin.

"Well, Nick, I had to do something about this blasted headache."

"Yeah, now that you mention it, I have a really bad headache myself," says Nick, "I think we both had a bit too much to drink last night."

"Yeah, here, let me get you something for that headache," says Brian as he ducks into the bathroom and grabs the bottle of Tylenol and a glass of water. Nick takes out 4 pills and downs them with the water.

Brian sits down on his bed and pulls Nick close to him. The two of them sit like this for several minutes, before Nick suggests, "Perhaps a nice hot bath in the whirlpool will help relax us, care to join me Bri?"

"Need you even ask?" asks Brian as he kisses Nick's forehead and gets up. The two of them walk into the bathroom, and Nick turns on the hot water and Brian turns on the whirlpool jets. They both remove their boxers, admire each other's naked bodies for a moment, before they both sit down in the whirlpool.

"Oh, Nick, you were right, this is very relaxing."

"Thanks, Bri."


The two of them sit in the whirlpool relaxing for several minutes. After they begin to feel better, they start kissing each other passionately.

Suddenly, there's a knock on the bathroom door, and AJ shouts, "What are you two doing in there?" Nick and Brian quickly get out of the whirlpool, and are pulling on their boxers just as AJ walks in. "What's going on?" asks AJ as he notices that Nick and Brian are dripping wet, and pulling on their boxers, "Were you two bathing together?"

'Oh god how are we going to explain this,' thinks Nick to himself.

"None of your business AJ," says Brian calmly.

"The hell it isn't any of my business, I mean I know Brian is bi-sexual, but Nick you're straight, aren't you?"

Nick looks at Brian for a moment, hoping he'd give him some sort of as to what to say. Brian stayed quiet and so against what Brian had told him not to do earlier, Nick replied, "No, AJ, I'm not straight."

AJ looks at him for a moment, "So, you finally decided to tell us what AJ, Kevin, and I have known all along?" asks Howie as he and Kevin walk into the bathroom.

"What? You knew?" asks Nick in disbelief.


"Yeah, Nicky, we knew. I mean come on it isn't that hard to figure out, you've never even dated a girl, you seem to hover around Brian as if he was the object of your affection, and do I even have to mention your subscription to Playgirl magazine?" says Kevin with a smile. "Playgirl magazine? You have a subscription to Playgirl?" asks AJ shocked.

"Yes, AJ, well, it comes addressed to Nickola Cartier, to a post office box in Orlando, but, that's just what I wrote on the subscription form." "You have a subscription to Playgirl and you never shared it with me?" asks Brian looking a bit hurt. "You know why I didn't, Bri, up until yesterday I thought you were totally straight. I never ever dreamed that you were bi-sexual and that you returned..." Nick stops himself mid-sentence realizing what he almost said. "Returned what?" asks Howie, looking very suspicious.

Nick looks at Brian for a moment, who just nods, and then Nick replies, "Well, I have feelings for Brian, hell, its more then feelings, I'm in love with him."

"You're in love with him?" asks Kevin, "Cuz? Did you know this?"

"Not until today, Kev. Although, I have to admit that I do have very strong feelings for Nick, I don't think I can say I'm in love with him. Maybe once I get over Leigh Ann though, although, Nick does make for a better companion then Leigh Ann."

"Believe me Bri, I'll do everything I can to help you get over Leigh Ann."

"Thanks, Nicky," says Brian as he leans over and kisses Nick on the cheek.

Well, the conversation continues like this for about 10-20 minutes, before AJ, Howie, and Kevin leave Nick and Brian alone so that they can get dressed, and then they all go down the service elevator and out the loading dock of the hotel to a restaurant to eat lunch.

Nick & Brian - Part 3 Written by JCV

Kevin, Brian, Nick, AJ, and Howie arrive at the restaurant, and as they walk in, the maitre-d replies, "Ah, Mr. Richardson, your table is ready."

The BSB follow the maitre-d to their table, which is very secluded thanks to three oriental screens and several potted palm trees. The maitre-d hands them all a menu, before leaving them alone.

"So, what are you guys having?" asks Kevin as he skims and scans the menu.

"I'm not sure," says Nick.

Well, after about 20 minutes of just looking through the menu, they all finally decide what to eat. The waiter comes up to the table and replies, "Okay, Mr. Richardson, what'll it be?"

"Um, a Caesar salad, and the grilled chicken fingers," replies Kevin, "With iced tea to drink."

"Okay, Mr. Dorough?"

"I'll have a plate of the zesty chicken wings, the Mexican pizza, and a Coke to drink."

"Okay, got it. Mr. Littrell?"

"Hmm, a Caesar salad, and macaroni and cheese," replies Brian, "With Sprite to drink."

"Okay, what'll ya have Mr. McLean?"

"Same as Kevin, only with a Coke to drink."

"Got it, and Mr. Carter, what can I get for you?"

"Well, first of all you can scratch Brian's mac and cheese, he's sharing the house spaghetti with me," says Nick.

"I am?"

"Yes, Brian you are, and I'll have the beef vegetable soup and a Sprite to drink."

"Okay, got it, you're food will be here in about half an hour," replies the waiter with a smile, and heads for the kitchen.

"Why did you that Nick?"

"Do what?"

"Change my order and tell him that I would share the house spaghetti with you?"

"Because you eat far too much cheese, Brian, it's not good for you. Anyway, if you want to feel me laying next to you tonight, you won't complain."

"Better watch out Brian, Nick looks serious."

Everybody laughs and Brian replies, "Okay, Nick, I'll share the spaghetti with you, on one condition."


"That we get to know each other on a more intimate level before we jump into the sack for anything more then kissing, hugging, and sleeping."

"Okay, sounds fair."


The conversation continues for awhile, and then the food arrives. Everybody begins to eat their lunch, and they continue a conversation.

"So, Kev, I know we have the rest of today to ourselves. What's on tomorrow's schedule?"

"Tomorrow we have some interviews to do in the morning, then we have the studio rented for the afternoon to work on the new album."

"So, in other words, rest today?" asks AJ.

"Yeah, tomorrow promises to be a busy day, but the next day is less busy," replies Kevin, "We work on the new album in the morning, and then have the afternoon off, before we depart for Chicago the following day."

"Okay, sounds good," says Brian, as both Brian and Nick put forkfuls of spaghetti in their mouths, not noticing that each of them had one of the longer noodles ended up with one end in Brian's mouth and the other in Nick's mouth, just like in Disney's Lady and the Tramp. Kevin notices this and quickly stands up and blocks the entrance to the secluded booth as Nick and Brian continue to eat until their lips touch, and they kiss briefly.

"Awww, isn't that cute," says Howie with a grin.

Nick and Brian pull away from the kiss, and Kevin sits back down. Everybody finishes their lunch, Kevin insists on paying, and then they all leave and go back to the hotel. They all go into Kevin's room for a quick chat. "Okay, so what is everybody doing now with their time off this afternoon?" asks Kevin in a slight parental tone.

"Well, dad, I thought I'd go do a little clubbing or something," says AJ with a smile.

"Hey, that sounds good AJ, I think I'll join you," replies Howie.

"Okay, what about you Nick and Brian?"

"Well, I had the hotel rent me a few videos, and I thought maybe Brian could watch them with me."

"Sure, sounds good, Nick."

"What are you going to do Kevin?"

"Well, AJ, I thought I would do a little work, and lots of sleep."

"Hahaha, well, sleep well, cuz. Nick and I are off to our room to watch some videos," says Brian as Nick and him stand up and leave the room.


Nick and Brian flop down on the couch, and Brian asks, "So what videos did you have the hotel rent you?"

"Well, I felt like getting some horror films, so that if I get scared, I would have an excuse to cuddle up to you," says Nick with a mischievous grin.

Brian laughs and says, "Okay, so what do we have?"

"Um, let's see here," says Nick as he starts to remove videos from the bag that the hotel sent up, "The original Alfred Hitchcock Psycho, Psycho 2, Psycho 3, and Psycho 4: The Beginning."

"Well, I guess we'll be watching a Psycho film festival."

"Yeah, I guess so Brian," replies Nick as he removes the original Alfred Hitchcock Psycho from the bag and pops it into the VCR. Brian pauses it for a moment, and replies, "Before we start watching, why don't we get a little more comfortable?"

Nick just looks up at Brian's smiling face, and nods. Brian gets up and leads Nick over to the bedroom area of their hotel suite, and begins to strip Nick. He stops when he reaches Nick's white CK boxers, wraps his arms around his waist for a moment and kisses him passionately on the lips. Brian then lets go as Nick begins to strip him down to his boxers, and they kiss again.

Nick pulls on his green silk lounge pants and his green silk robe, and Brian his midnight blue silk lounge pants and his midnight blue silk robe, and they kiss each other passionately on the lips for a few minutes, before heading back into the living room area of their suite.


They sit down on the couch and Brian presses the play button, and the movie starts. During the more boring parts of the movie, Brian and Nick tell each other their deep dark secrets and other stuff about themselves. Nick jumps slightly when Norma Bates yanks the shower curtain open and cuddles up to Brian as she begins to stab Marion Crane several times with the butcher knife. Brian holds Nick for awhile, just enjoying the feel of him in his arms. Brian and Nick kiss each other briefly as the story ends with Norman Bates replying in his mother's voice, "Why she wouldn't even harm a fly."

Nick reaches over to the VCR and replaces the tape with Psycho 2, and presses play. He cuddles up to Brian as he watches the movie, and they kiss each other every once in awhile. They hold each other and ward off each other's fear when Norma Bates murders Mr. Toomey in the motel parlor, the young stoned boy who sneaked into the Bates house fruit cellar to make love to his girlfriend, and when she shoves a butcher knife into Lila Loomis' mouth. Of course, later they find out that this was not Norman dressing up like his mother, it was Norma's sister, Emma Spool doing the killing, saying that she was Norman's real mother.

Norman makes Emma a cup of strychnine-laced tea, and she begins to convulse as he hits her over the head with the shovel he used to shovel coal into the furnace. He carries the now dead Emma Spool up to his mother's bedroom and the movie ends with Norman saying in his mother's voice, "Remember Norman, only your mother truly loves you."

"You want to watch the other two?" asks Brian.

"Sure, why not, unless there's something else you'd rather do," replies Nick with a hopeful look.

"No, no Nick. No sex yet."

"Oh, okay, put Psycho 3 in then."

Brian replaces Psycho 2 with Psycho 3 in the VCR and they cuddle up to each other and begin watching. Both of them are slightly surprised when the movie starts in a religious convent, but they quickly get over it and watch the rest of the movie.

This time, Norman was again dressing up like his mother, and going on a murderous rampage, killing guests who had the unfortunate luck of ever seeing the Bates Motel. His first victim was a young prostitute who Norman's new day-time motel manager had brought out, as she was trying to call a cab in the pay-phone booth. Second was one of the girls with the college who had rented a block of rooms to celebrate a homecoming victory, who got her throat cut as she sat on the toilet in the motel parlor bathroom.

The next person to die was by accident, the girl who looked a lot like Marion Crane from Psycho 1, and who had the same initials. She was hugging Norman at the top of the stairs, when Norman heard his mother call out in his head, and Maureen fell backwards down the stairs and was stabbed in the back of the head by the arrow in the Cupid statuette's hands, which adorned a pedestal at the bottom of the stairs.

Eventually, the truth came out, this time the real truth, that Norma really was Norman's mother. Emma was in love with a man, who Norma stole away from her, got pregnant by, and married. Emma killed the man and kidnapped Norman, for which she was locked up in a mental institution for. Norman who had been threatening the reporter who informed him dressed as his mother, removed the wig and the dress, and began to stab Emma's corpse instead of the reporter.

The movie ends with Norman sitting in the back of Sheriff Hunt's squad car, handcuffed, holding Emma's severed arm in his hands, rubbing the hand. This sends chills down Nick and Brian's backs and they hug each other, and kiss.


"Are you sure you want to watch 4?"

"Well, we might as well, Bri, we watched the other 3, and its not like we have anything better to do."

"True, lets see what this is one is about," says Brian as he looks at the cover of the box, "It reads Psycho 4: The Beginning. You've met Norman. Now meet Mother."

"Sounds interesting, pop it in Bri."

Brian somewhat hesitantly removes Psycho 3 from the VCR and replaces it with the final chapter of the Psycho saga. The movie starts at a radio station, where a guy named Raymond Lanette, who committed matricide, is being interviewed by Fran Ambrose, on her radio talk show. Eventually the restored to sanity and now married, Norman Bates calls in and relays his story to Fran and the viewing audience, using the alias of Ed.

"Did you kill your mother, Ed?"

"Oh I've killed before, and now I'm going to have to do it again."

As Norman says this Brian and Nick cuddle up in each other's arms, only a tad frightened.

He tells of his childhood and how horrid his mother was to him. For example when he was 6 and in attendance at his father's funeral, his mother began to tickle him, knowing that he was severely ticklish. Well, when we giggled out loud, his mother scolds him saying, "Don't you have any respect for the dead!"

Another time is when Norman is older, and it's the summer just before he kills her, and its exceedingly hot. Norman is blotting Norma's legs with Orange Flower Water, when she lunges at him and pushes him to the ground. They roll around for a moment, and stop with Norman laying on top of her. Suddenly, she has what I guess you could call a psychotic episode, pushes Norman off of her.

"I'm going to make you forget all about that nasty thing of yours!" says Norma angrily, apparently thinking that Norman was trying to make love to her or something. She puts a dress and lipstick on Norman and locks him in the closet, "You're going to stay in there until you learn not to say no to your mother when she tells you that you're a girl, you got me, Norma?"

Well, there's plenty of killing in the movie as well, during which scenes Brian and Nick hug each other and comfort one another. Especially during the scene in which Norman, dressed as Norma, strangles a middle-aged woman who has the hots for him. Well, apparently, Norman didn't do a very good job strangling her, because as her car rolls down into the swamp with her in the trunk, she starts screaming and pounding on the trunk lid.

Norman then tells Fran how he murdered his mother and her boyfriend Chet Rudolph. He served them strychnine-laced iced tea. After that he hangs up, and drives out to his mother's old house, calling his wife Connie Bates, and telling her to meet him there. Norman made it quite clear to Connie that he did not want any children because he believed that his kind of psychotic behavior was inherited through the genes, and he didn't want another monster to be released on the public.

Well, Connie tricked him, stopped taking birth control, and got pregnant. Norman now wants to murder his wife for doing it. Well, he doesn't, and he instead starts his mother's house on fire. The movie ends with a rocking chair in the basement rocking by itself, and then the cellar doors slamming shut. With the ghost of Norma Bates yelling, "Let me out of here! Norman! You hear me boy? Let me out!"

Nick stops the tape, and cuddles up to Brian. They stand up and walk over to Nick's bed and collapse in each other's arms, tired, and soon fall fast asleep in each other's arms.

Nick & Brian - Part 4 Written by JCV

Nick wakes up at about 6 am, and looks over at the sleeping beauty known as Brian Littrell. Nick smiles and asks himself, "How did I ever get so lucky as to be with Brian?" Nick smiles again for a moment, and adjusts himself in bed. The movement wakes Brian up, and as he slowly comes around, Nick looks over at him and kisses him on the forehead. "Good morning, Bri."

"Good morning, Nicky."

"You know, Bri, I wish that I could stay like this all day, but I know we can't. We do have interviews to do, plus if we were to stay like this all day, I don't think I could keep my hormones in check. It's taking all the will power I have not to do anything with you, you're so hot, and I'm so horny!"

Brian just laughs, "Well, thanks Nick. I just want to get to know you a little better on a more intimate level then friendship before we consummate this relationship."

"Kinda like dating, huh B-Rok?"

"Yeah, actually."

Nick just leans over and kisses Brian on the cheek, and then gets out of bed and walks over to the bathroom door.

"I don't suppose it would be too much to ask for you to join me would it? After watching Psycho yesterday, I'm a little scared to shower alone."

Brian laughs and jumps out of bed, "Well, okay, I'll shower with you, as long as you don't try anything other the kissing."

"Hey, no problem, same goes for you, Bri."


Brian and Nick go into the bathroom and Nick closes the door and gets some towels ready, while Brian turns on the shower. As Brian and Nick remove their boxers, two gorgeous hard-ons are revealed. "Looks like we both have a morning hard-on," says Brian as he laughs slightly and jumps into the shower. Nick jumps into the shower with Brian and they stand next to each other and let the warm jets of water cascade over them. "Bri? Would it be okay if we at least jacked ourselves off in the shower?"

"Well, I guess, as long we both do ourselves, and not each other."


Brian lathers up his hands and his gorgeous nine inch cock, before handing the soap to Nick. Nick quickly lathers up his hands and his own nine and a half inch cock, and begins to work his hand up and down its length.

Brian and Nick run their hands up their cocks, slowly at first, getting gradually faster and more vigorous. Both Brian and Nick moan a bit with pleasure as they run their hands over the lengths of their shafts and the very sensitive heads. Brian's body tenses up, and before he can say anything, he begins to shoot his load all over the shower stall.

Well, seeing Brian shoot, pushed Nick over the edge, and he begins to shoot his load, most of it hitting Brian's chest and stomach, as that is where Nick was aiming.

Brian just laughs, and they quickly wash each other off, and clean up. They get out of the shower and dry off.

"That was great, Bri."

"Yeah it was."

"Perhaps we could do it again sometime?"

"Sure, why not," says Brian with a grin.

"Alright, lets get going!" says Nick as he slaps Brian's rear with a wet towel.

Brian laughs as he does the same to Nick, and then they both leave the bathroom and pick out some clothes to wear.


After pulling on some white CK boxer briefs, Nick quickly pulls on a pair of socks, some baggy blue jeans, and a Nike t-shirt. Brian wears a pair of baggy black jeans and a midnight blue silk shirt. Upon getting dressed, Nick and Brian walk over to the mirror and comb their hair, before pulling each other into a very passionate kiss.

They grab some baseball caps and sunglasses, as they open the door, just as Kevin was about to knock.

"Good morning cuz."

"Hello, Kev."

"Hello, Nick and Brian," replies Kevin with a smile.

Nick and Brian walk over and wait by the service elevator while Kevin gets AJ and Howie out of their rooms. Soon they're all on the way down the service elevator to the underground parking lot, and into the waiting limousine. Kevin tells the driver where to go, and he nods as the partition goes up.

The guys just make small talk on the way to their interview, Nick and Brian spending most of their time talking to each other, ignoring the rest of the group. Kevin, AJ, and Howie for the most part give up even trying to talk to them because they never reply, they're just so caught up in each other. Soon the limousine stops and 3 of the 5 members of the Backstreet Boys emerge. Howie and AJ head in to the building that the interview is taking place in, while Kevin stay. He pokes his head into the limousine to find Brian and Nick locked in a passionate kiss.


Kevin grabs Nick and pulls him back, "So very sorry to break this up, but we've arrived and we have an interview to do."

"Well, why didn't you say something sooner Kevin?"

"I did, so did AJ and Howie, but you two lovebirds haven't been paying any attention to us."

Nick and Brian grin, laugh, and get out of the limousine. They then follow Kevin into the building for their interview. The interview is long and boring, with the same questions asked over and over, the same questions asked at all of the interviews, except for one.

"So, Brian, is it true that you and Leigh Ann Wallace have broken up?"

"Yes, it is. Things just didn't work out, and I'm single again."

"Well, I'm so sorry to hear that."

"Don't be, now I'm free to pursue other relationship possibilities. And trust me there are quite a few tempting possibilities," says Brian with a huge grin as he glances over at Nick.


The interview lasts until noon, and the guys head back out to the limousine. They all get in and go out to the studio to work on their new album.

The five of them enter the studio and go immediately to work recording new material for the album. They sing their hearts out, and finally at 6:45, the producer tells them that they can go for the day, but to be back by 8 tomorrow morning. They all nod and walk out. They pile into the limousine and head back to the hotel, all five of them drifting in and out of consciousness, and they all just barely make it to their hotel rooms before they collapse from being very tired.

Nick and Brian quickly strip each other, and both yawn very loudly, before they both simply fall over onto Brian's bed, and fall fast asleep.

Nick & Brian - Part 5 Written by JCV

Brian wakes up in Nick's arms, with a huge smile, and sense of contentment. Brian still can't believe that Nick likes him in a sexual way, but he certainly doesn't mind it. Nick is such a hot young stud, and actually, its taking all of Brian's will power to keep his own hormones in check. Who says that teenagers are the only ones with overactive hormones?

Brian carefully gets out of bed, pulls on a pair of boxers, and walks out onto the balcony. The sky is still a dark blue, but Brian knows that sunrise will come soon. Brian just sits down in a lounge chair and enjoys the morning air.

Nick wakes up alone in Brian's bed, and gets severely scared when he wakes up alone. He looks over to his own bed, which is made, and the bathroom isn't occupied. For a moment, Nick thinks that maybe Brian left him, but then he notices the curtains on the balcony doors fluttering in the light breeze.

Nick quickly gets out of bed, pulls on his boxer-briefs, and emerges out onto the balcony. Upon seeing him, Brian stands up and pulls Nick's lips into a passionate kiss. The two of them just stand their on the balcony overlooking the streets of New York City, kissing passionately for several minutes, their tongues wrestling.

Finally, Nick pulls away from this kiss and sits in one of the lounge chairs, and pulls Brian down into his lap. They cuddle each other as the sky begins to turn brilliant colors of orange, pink, and red. As the sun pops over the horizon, Brian pulls Nick into another kiss, and an intimate embrace.

The two of them stay in each other's arms for several minutes, until a knock can be heard on the door. Brian and Nick just groan for a minute, before standing up and going back into the room. Nick closes the balcony doors while Brian answers the hotel room door.


"Hey cuz," says Brian as Kevin walks into the room, wearing nothing but boxers.

"Hello, Bri, good morning Nick."

"Hey, Kev, so what brings you by?"

"Well, I was wondering if we could have breakfast in your room today guys. I'm kinda tired of hosting it."

"Sure, no problem, I'll just call the other guys on my cell phone, and one of you can call room service," replies Brian as he takes his cell phone from the dresser and dials Howie's room.

"Hello?" says Howie, sorta groggily.

"Hey, Howie, this is Brian. Time to get up, breakfast is on its way up, we're eating in Nick's and my room today."

"Okay, I'll be right there."

After hanging up with Howie, Brian calls AJ and gets him up and out of bed, and tells him the same. Kevin called room service, while Nick took a quick shower. Nick, totally forgetting that Kevin is in the room, emerges from the bathroom naked, "Oops, I forget you were here Kevin," says Nick as his face turns a very deep crimson red.

Kevin just laughs slightly and replies, "That's okay Nick." Nick quickly pulls on a clean pair of boxers, his green silk lounge pants, and his green silk robe, and sits down on the bed. Brian goes in and takes a quick shower, and Kevin goes back down to his room to put a little more clothing on. Ten minutes later, Kevin comes back wearing blue silk lounge pants and a blue silk robe. Howie comes in moments later wearing purple silk lounge pants and a purple silk robe, and AJ comes shortly after, wearing yellow silk lounge pants and a yellow silk robe.

Brian looks at his own midnight blue silk lounge pants, and midnight blue silk robe, then everybody else's silk attire and replies, "Ya know, this silk thing is getting out of hand."


Everybody just laughs, and they all sit down on Nick's bed and chat, until room service brings up their breakfast. They stuff themselves with food, and then get ready to go. There bags are all packed and are taken directly to the private jet waiting at the airport to take them to Chicago. The five young men climb into the limousine, which takes them to their studio appointment.

They sing their hearts out until about 5pm, before leaving the studio and going to the airport. They get onto the jet and are soon being taxied down the runway.

"So, what's the schedule for Chicago, cuz?"

"Well, Bri, we go to Chicago, rehearse, do a concert, record one more day for the new album, then we leave."

"Where are we going from there?" asks AJ.

"Lexington, for a concert, a day to visit with Brian's and my family, and then its off to Orlando for a concert, and then we get a month off."

"Cool," says Howie.

"Brian are you going to tell your parents about us?" says Nick as he plants a kiss on Brian's cheek.

"Well, I'm not sure. Kevin is the only biological family member I ever told that I was bi-sexual."

"Biological family member?"

"Yeah, AJ, I consider you, Howie, and Nick my family too, but Kevin is my biological family."

AJ just nods in understanding.

"So, I guess you won't be telling them, huh?" says Nick with a frown.

"Well, I'm going to have to, Nick, for two reasons."

"What are they?" asks Nick, who perks up a little.

"Well, one, I can't stand to see you sad, and I know me not telling my family that you and I are a couple would make you sad. Second, my brother will try to set me up with someone once he finds out that I've broken up with Leigh Ann. But, if he knows that I'm dating you Nick, he won't, at least I hope not."

Everybody just laughs at that, and Nick pulls Brian into a passionate kiss. After that the guys talk for a little while, but soon go off to their own little corners of the jet to get some sleep. About an hour or so later, the captain comes on and replies, "We are readying for our descent into Chicago, guys. Time to buckle your belts."


All the guys quickly buckle their seatbelts, as the plane begins to descend into Chicago's O'Hare Airport. The guys undo their safety belts, grab their carry-on luggage and leave the jet. They are of course greeted by a huge crowd of screaming teenage girls, and they are soon mobbed.

After posing for a few pictures and signing a few dozen autographs, they finally manage to escape to the waiting limousine, which takes them to their hotel. Even though they all slept on the plane from New York to Chicago, they're still tired, so they go off to their rooms for some more sleep.

Kevin, AJ, and Howie are all in their own suites, and Nick and Brian are sharing one, and this time, there's only one bed.

Nick and Brian strip down to their underwear, kiss each other briefly, and then get under the covers of the soft and very comfortable king-size bed, and fall fast asleep in each other's arms.

Nick & Brian - Part 6 Written by JCV

After sleeping for about six hours, Nick and Brian are awakened by the sound of the telephone ringing. Nick leans over and answers the phone, while Brian just lays his head down on Nick's chest and begins to drift off again. "Hello?"

"Hey, Nick, its Kevin."

"Hey Kev, what's up?"

"Well, we need to head for rehearsals soon, are you and my cuz up yet?"

"No, we're still in bed."

"I really hate to do this."

"Do what, Kev?"

"WAKE UP!!" shouts Kevin as loud as he can into the phone, which causes Nick to go temporarily deaf in one ear, and Brian to sit up in bed.

Brian takes the phone from Nick and says, "Thanks for the wake up call, ya jackass!"

"Hey cuz, well, I had to do something. We have to leave for rehearsals in like 20 minutes from now."

"Oh, shit, Nick and I will get ready as quickly as we possibly can."

"Okay, meet us down in the limousine in the underground parking lot."

"Alright, c-ya soon, cuz."


Brian reaches over Nick and hangs up the phone. He gives Nick a quick kiss, before dragging him over to the bathroom. Nick and Brian take a shower together, for two reasons, Nick is still afraid of showering alone after watching Psycho, and they're pressed for time.

They quickly throw on some clothes, brush their still damp hair, and head for the service elevator. They take the service elevator down to the underground parking lot and get into the limousine. As the limousine pulls out of the underground parking lot, some of the obsessed fans start banging on the windows of the limousine.

After a few minutes, the banging stops, and the limousine drives down to the venue, without further incident. The arrive, rehearse until 6:30, and then head into make-up and wardrobe to prepare for the concert at 7.

Seven o'clock comes, and the announcer comes on and replies, "I would like to welcome everybody here tonight, and now ladies and gentleman, it is my pleasure to announce, the Backstreet Boys!"

The music to "Everybody" starts playing and they come out and do their dance skit and sing. After the song ends, they all sit down on a stool, and take a microphone.

"Hey Chicago!" says Nick into his microphone.

All of the girls in the audience, and the few and far between, guys, start screaming. Kevin, AJ, Brian, and Howie all say their hello's to the audience, before Nick starts singing again, "I don't have a fancy car, but to get to you I'd walk a thousand miles."

The guys perform about thirteen more songs, before they call it quits, being very tired, and practically dripping wet with sweat. They go back to their hotel, shower, and within minutes are fast asleep. Morning comes way to early, and they all struggle to get out of bed.


Eventually, they arrive at the airport, and board their plane to Lexington, Kentucky. Upon landing, they go to their hotel, despite Jackie Littrell's offer to let them stay with her and the family, and then off to rehearse for the concert. The concert goes well, and they go back to the hotel. Brian and Nick shower together, and then crawl into bed. They kiss each other passionately on the lips for several minutes, before Brian breaks the kiss, and calls his mother. "Hello, this is Jackie."

"Hey mom, its Brian."

"Brian! So good to hear from you, when are y'all coming tomorrow?"

"Oh we should be there about 9 or so."

"How about y'all come a little earlier, and I'll make y'all a home-cooked breakfast?"

"Sounds good, mom, thanks!"

"So how was the concert?"

"Tiring, but good."

"Okay, Brian, you don't have to answer this, but Leigh Ann called and told me that you two broke up, is that true?"

"Um, yeah it is mom."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Don't be mom. Leigh Ann is great and all, but she can be how can I put this gently, annoying?"

"Well, as long as you're happy Brian, that's all I care about."

"Oh, I'm happy, and actually I do have someone new in my life, I'll have to bring them by to meet you one of these days," says Brian as he mouths the words, "I love you," to Nick, who just smiles.

"Okay, that'd be great. Well, I'm sure you're tired so, I'll let ya go and I'll c-y'all tomorrow."

"Okay, bye mom, c-ya tomorrow."

Brian hangs up the phone, and pulls Nick close to him. Brian runs his hands through Nick's gorgeous blond hair, and they kiss passionately. After a few moments, they again fall asleep in each other's arms.

To Be Continued...

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