Nick & Brian
Parts 31-36
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi
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Nick & Brian - Part 31 Written by JCV

Nick looks into Brian's blue eyes, which are sparkling like a million sapphires. Tears begin to form in Nick's eyes, as he throws his arms around Brian's waist and hugs him.

"Oh Brian, yes. Yes, I will marry you," replies Nick as he pulls Brian into one of the most passionate kisses that the two of them have ever shared. When the kiss is broken, they both smile at each other, and Brian replies, "It's engraved."

Nick gives him a curious stare, before Brian says, "The ring, silly, the ring is engraved."

Nick takes the ring and holds it up to the light to read the inscription, and reads the words, "Brian loves Nick, Always."

"Oh Brian, I love it, but I love you even more."

Brian smiles as he takes the ring back from Nick, and slips it onto his ring finger. As Brian slides the ring on, Nick suddenly gets a look of disappointment on his face. Brian notices this, and replies, "What's wrong, babe?"

"Oh, its just that here you are giving me this wonderful diamond ring, and I don't have anything to give you.

"Already a step ahead of you," replies Brian as he removes a second ring box from his other robe pocket. Inside, is a ring identical to the one that Nick is wearing, only the inscription is different. Nick takes the ring and reads the inscription, "Nick loves Brian, Always." Nick smiles from ear to ear, before taking Brian's left hand, and replying, "I know this is kinda dumb, since you just proposed to me, and I accepted, but Brian Thomas Littrell, will you marry me?"

"Yes, Nick, I will marry you," replies Brian with a grin, "And Nick, nothing you do could ever be dumb. I love everything about you and nothing will ever change that."

Nick just smiles as he slides the ring onto Brian's finger, and pulls him into another kiss. Brian and Nick kiss each other passionately on the lips for several minutes, their tongues wrestling around in each other's mouths. After a few more minutes, Nick grabs a bowl of fresh strawberries from the refrigerator, and Brian grabs a container of whipped cream, as they go into the living room and lay down on the sofa.


Considering their attire, Nick is laying on the sofa with Brian laying on top of him, not that he's complaining about this. Brian opens the container of whipped cream, and grabs a strawberry. He dips it in the whipped cream and feeds it to Nick. Nick eats the strawberry, before taking another strawberry, dipping it in the whipped cream and feeding it to Brian.

As Brian eats the strawberry, he begins to grind his hips into Nick's, which certainly helps in keeping their raging hard-ons fully erect. The two of them continue to feed each other strawberries for a few more minutes, before they are totally overcome with the desire for each other. They quickly remove the sweatpants, and Brian begins kissing Nick's neck and chest.

They're interrupted by a soft whimpering from the floor nearby. Nick and Brian look done to see Brandy and Briannick looking at them curiously. Brian gets off of Nick, and they both quickly tie their robes shut.

"Perhaps, we shouldn't do this right now," replies Brian.

"Brian, please, I need you!" begs Nick.

"I don't think we should do this in front of the puppies," replies Brian, as Brandy and Briannick jump up onto the couch and begin to lick Nick and Brian's faces.

"Why not Bri? Dogs do it too."

"That's what I'm afraid of Nick."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, in case you've forgotten Nick, Brandy is a girl, and Briannick is a boy. If they do it with each other, Brandy will be having puppies soon."

"Oh, yeah, I suppose we don't need puppies right now," replies Nick as he stands up, and picks up Brandy and Briannick.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to go put the puppies out on the patio, and lock them out there. Then they can play outside, while their masters play inside," replies Nick with a big smile, to which Brian can't help but smile to himself.


Nick ducks into the kitchen and opens the sliding glass door. He walks out onto the patio, and sets Brandy and Briannick down on the ground as they start sniffing around. Nick tosses a ball over to the other side of the patio, as Brandy and Briannick run to go get it. Nick quickly goes back into the house. When Brandy and Briannick see what Nick plans to do, they quickly start running back to the door, but don't quite make it as Nick closes the screen door.

Brandy stands up on her hind legs with her front paws against the glass of the door, and Briannick whimpers as he scratches at the glass. Nick closes the blinds on the sliding door, and goes back into the living room to see Brian sitting there staring off into space.

Brian is brought out of his trance when something hits him in the face. He quickly realizes that it's Nick's silk robe, as he looks over to see Nick standing in the doorway to the kitchen, wearing only a smile, and sporting one major hard-on. Brian stands up, removes his robe, and then lays down on the sofa. He points first to Nick, then too the sofa, as he gestures for Nick to come join him. Nick gladly does this as we hurries over and lays down on top of Brian.

The two of them begin to kiss each other passionately as their tongues explore each other's mouths with such ambition that you would think that they've never done it before. This is partially true however, since this will be their first time making love to each other as an engaged to be married couple.

Nick breaks the kiss after a few minutes and begins kissing Brian's neck and chest, while Brian gently massages Nick's back. Nick begins to slowly and seductively kiss his way down Brian's well sculpted chest, making sure to pay special attention to his pecs. Nick plants several kisses on first Brian's left, the his right pec. Nick swirls his tongue around on both of them, before gently biting each of Brian's rock hard pecs, which causes Brian to let out a small moan of pleasure.

Nick runs his tongue down the scare left from Brian's heart surgery, before continuing his downward descent. But, instead of stopping at Brian's raging tool, Nick continues to kiss his way further and further down, until he is kissing each of the toes on Brian's left foot, which causes Brian to giggle.

Nick gently places Brian's legs on his shoulders, as Brian reaches over and pulls open the drawer of the coffee table. From within the drawer Brian grabs one of the bottles of lubricant that he has strategically placed throughout the house, just in case. As Nick lubes up his raging tool, and Brian's hole, Brian dips a strawberry into the whipped cream, and offers it to Nick.

Nick simply shakes his head, before saying, "You take the first bite, it'll taste sweeter."

Brian smiles at Nick, before he takes a small bite of the strawberry and then feeds the rest to Nick. Nick chews the strawberry, and smiles as he prepares to enter Brian. Brian winces in pain for a few minutes as Nick begins to gently enter his hole, but the pain is soon replaced with a feeling of absolute pleasure and ecstasy.

Nick begins to slowly work his way in and out of Brian, as Brian takes turns feeding himself strawberries and whipped cream and feeding Nick. Brian finds a larger than most strawberry in the bowl, and quickly grabs a small pocket knife from the coffee table drawer. He cuts off the topmost part of the strawberry, where the leaves are, and then dips it into the whip cream, making sure to cover it completely.

Brian puts the strawberry halfway into his mouth, and as Nick continues his thrusts, Brian leans upwards as far as he can, before pulling Nick down, and the two of them begin to kiss each other passionately as they share the strawberry. Nick begins to quicken his pace, and he soon feels his body beginning to tighten up, as his orgasm draws closer.

In a minute or two, Brian screams out Nick's name as Nick begins to shoot volley after volley of his warm juice deep inside of Brian. As he continues to shoot into Brian, Nick leans back down and they kiss each other passionately on the lips.

Nick's now softening member slides out of Brian, and they cuddle up against each other, as they fall fast asleep, totally content with each other.

Nick & Brian - Part 32 Written by JCV

A few hours later, Brian and Nick wake up, and head upstairs to shower and get dressed. Nick is the first one down, wearing a pair of loose- fitting black denim jeans, one of Brian's Kentucky sweatshirts, and a pair of white socks. He goes into the kitchen, opens the blinds and looks out over the patio.

Nick spies Brandy and Briannick sleeping peacefully in one of the lounge chairs on the patio, and Nick smiles as he scans the yard. It's more then he could have ever asked for out of his own home. There's a large spacious patio, with an in-ground swimming pool, built-in grill, a spa, and a lovely garden of flowers, and palm trees. Beyond the patio is a basketball court, which is settled to the left side of the two-and-a-half car garage.

Nick loves everything about this house, and the feelings intensify several times over as he thinks about who bought it for him, and who he lives with. Nick is brought out of his trance as a set of strong arms wrap around his waist, and a head rests on his shoulder.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh just thinking about how much I love this house," replies Nick.

"Well, I'm glad that you like it," replies Brian, "I hoped you would."

Nick turns around in Brian's arms and looks him in the eye.

"Brian, I love this house, but I love you more," replies Nick as he pulls Brian into a passionate kiss.

Nick and Brian kiss each other long and deep, their tongues playfully exploring each other's mouths for several minutes, before the soft sound of whimpering and a scratching noise on the glass can be heard. Brian and Nick break their kiss and look down, to see Brandy and Briannick on the other side of the sliding glass doors, wanting to be let inside.

Brian unlatches the door and slides it open, as Brandy and Briannick run inside and straight to their water dish. Obviously they got thirsty sitting outside in the sun.


As Nick watches the puppies drinking their water, a look crosses of his face as he gets an idea. Brian notices this and looks at Nick with curiosity, before asking, "What is it Nick, my love?"

"I have an idea. How about we invite the guys over, and some friends, and announce our engagement at a pool party?"


"Yeah, I know its short notice, but it's perfect weather for a pool party and a barbecue," replies Nick with a smile.

"Well, okay, sounds good. Who do we invite?"

"Well, Kevin, Howie, and AJ, of course," replies Nick, "And maybe Justin and JC could come too."

"Okay, sounds good," replies Brian, as he walks over to the wall phone and calls his cousin, while Nick calls Howie and AJ on his cell phone.

"Hey Kev, its me Bri," replies Brian into the phone.

"Hey cuz, what's up?"

"Are you doing anything today in about an hour?"

"Nope, I was just going to sit home and watch tv I guess."

"Well, come on over here, and bring your swimwear."


"Nick and I are having a pool party and a barbecue today."

"Oh, cool. You mind if I call Josh and see if he can come? I know he's still in town."

"Josh? You mean Joshua Morrow?"

"Yeah. We really hit it off after the show, and I want to get to know him a bit better. Which might be a good thing, ya know, if he goes on tour with us."

"Yeah, okay, go ahead and call him," replies Brian, "Bye Kev."

"Bye Bri," replies Kevin as he hangs up.

Brian hangs up the phone, and thinks to himself, "Is it possible that Kevin has feelings for Josh? No, what am I thinking, of course he doesn't."


Brian quickly calls Justin and JC, and invites them, and they ask if Joey, Lance, and Chris can come too, and not to worry, they know all about JC and Justin being together, and are okay with it. So, Brian says that they can come, too, and he quickly hangs up the phone, to see Nick talking on the phone with someone.

Nick already finished his call to Howie and AJ, and thought he'd call Britney Spears up, since she was in town now that her tour with the Backstreet Boys was about to start in about two weeks. Nick tells her about the pool party, and invites her, and she says that it sounds cool, and that she's on her way.

As Nick gets off the phone, he sees Brian rummaging around in the refrigerator, with a frown on his face.


"Yeah, Bri?"

"Could you go to the store and pick up a few things for this party? We don't really have that much here besides cold cuts and a few other things."

"Sure, I'll go, but can I borrow your car?"


"My Durango has a flat tire, and if I try to change it now, two things will happen."


"I'll get all dirty, and I'll never get back before everybody starts getting here."

"Oh, sure, here," says Brian as he tosses Nick the keys for his BMW.

"Thanks, hun, I'll be back as soon as possible," replies Nick as he gives Brian a kiss on the cheek and heads out to the garage.


Brian heads out onto the patio, and turns on the heater for the pool to make sure that the water is warm, turns on the spa jets, and then goes into the garage to get a few things to pull of this party.

Brian gets out more of the lounge chairs from the garage, so that there's twelve of them all together on the spacious patio. He also checks the gas tanks for the built-in gas grill to make sure that they're full, before heading back into the garage to get the umbrellas for the twin picnic tables.

Forty-five minutes pass, and just as Brian is opening up the second of the two picnic table umbrellas, Britney's car pulls into the driveway, thankfully its in front of Nick's parking space in the garage, so that Nick will be able to get Brian's car back into the garage when he gets home.

Britney gets out of the car, wearing some cutoff denim shorts, a white shirt, a hat, and some sunglasses, and walks over to Brian.

"Hey Britney, glad ya could make it," replies Brian as he gives her a hug.

"Thanks for inviting me Brian, where's Nick?"

"He went to the store to get some things, he should be back soon."

"Okay, so what's this I hear about you two being together?"

"Well, since we're going to tour together, you're bound to find out at some point. Nick and I are a couple," replies Brian with a smile.

"A pretty serious couple judging by that rock on your finger," replies Britney as she takes Brian's left hand and admires the diamond ring that adorns his ring finger.

"Yeah, Nick and I have been engaged now since 7 this morning," replies Brian with a grin before adding, "That's sorta what this party is for, to announce the fact that we're engaged."

"Well, that's so cool, I'm so happy for you," replies Britney as she pulls Brian into another hug.


Just as the stop hugging, they see the garage door opening, and Brian's BMW pulling into the garage. Nick soon emerges, carrying four grocery bags in his arms. Brian and Britney run over to help him, to which he just smiles and thanks them for.

The three of them carry that grocery bags into the kitchen, and Nick starts putting things where they need to go, as Brian and Britney go back out to the garage to get the remaining two grocery bags and the case of soda that Nick bought.

Just as Brian finishes putting the last of the soda into the refrigerator to chill, the front doorbell rings, and Britney goes to answer it. She pulls open the door, and lets the guests in.

"Hey guys," replies Britney with a smile.

"Hey Britney," replies Justin as he hugs her, followed by JC, Chris, Joey, and Lance.

"Hey Brian and Nick? 'N Sync has arrived," Britney yells into the kitchen.

"Tell them to head back here, the party is on the patio out back," Nick can be heard yelling.

The six of them head out back and out onto the patio, and start to chat while waiting for the other guests to arrive. About another fifteen minutes later, Howie and AJ arrive, followed by Kevin, Josh, Eddie, and CJ. "Hey cuz," replies Brian as he gives Kevin a quick hug.

"Hey Bri, I hope you don't mind but I told Josh it was okay if Eddie and CJ tagged along to this little party," replies Kevin, motioning towards Eddie Cibrian and CJ Huyer, the other two members of 3 Deep.

"No, not a problem, hi guys, welcome to my house," replies Brian with a smile.

"Your house?" asks Nick as he walks up behind Brian, wraps his arms around Brian's waist, and rests his head on his shoulder, "Bri, last time I checked this was our house."

"It is Nick, it is," replies Brian as he turns his head and gives Nick a kiss on the cheek.

"Okay, um, Josh, CJ, and Eddie? You're going on tour with us, so you might as well know now, that Brian and Nick are a couple," replies Kevin.

"I can see that," replies Eddie.

"Yeah, that was quite obvious," replies CJ.

"I hope that's okay?" asks Nick, with a slightly worried look.

"Yeah, that's fine," replies Josh with smile, as Eddie and CJ just nod their heads.


"Okay, shall we get this party under way?" asks Brian as he ducks into the house and flips a switch. Soon the sounds of "Let's Have A Party" are coming out of the speakers which are hidden in various area around the patio. Everybody just laughs, and they begin to mingle around and chat.

One by one everybody ducks into the house for a few minutes to change into their swimwear, as Nick walks over to the grill and starts it up and begins to grill some hot dogs and hamburgers. Britney sits in a lounge chair near the grill with a plate of hot dog buns, and a knife cutting them for Nick.

Brian goes into the kitchen and gets out a tray and starts putting all kinds of snacks on it, like black olives, pickle slices, carrot sticks, celery sticks, and a large assortment of fresh fruit, including fresh watermelon slices, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, orange wedges, apple wedges, and just about every other kind of fruit you can think of, and carries it out and sets it on one of the tables.

Kevin and Josh fill a cooler with ice, and then put assorted cans of soda that Nick bought into it, before carrying it out onto the patio as well.

During the course of the evening, Josh, Eddie, and CJ learn that Nick and Brian are not the only Backstreet Boys that dating each other, and that Howie and AJ are together as well, but they don't mind, as long as Howie and AJ are happy. They all promise not to tell anyone, since they know that that would ruin the careers of the Backstreet Boys and that's not something they want to do. They also find out that Justin and JC are seeing each other, but they again promise not to tell another living soul.

Nick finishes with the grilling and everybody takes what they want and they all sit down around the patio to eat and chat some more. After eating, Nick and Brian quickly go into the house to get some more clean towels, as over half of the guests jump into the pool for a swim. Kevin and Josh pretty much hang out together all night, never leaving each other's sides.

Nick & Brian - Part 33 Written by JCV

At about six, Nick and Brian call for everybody's attention. Everybody gathers around and awaits the reason why Nick and Brian called them over.

"Okay, well first of all, Nick and I would like to thank all of you for coming to our party," replies Brian with a smile.

"And now for the real reason that we invited you all over here today," replies Nick.

"Nick and I have an announcement to make," replies Brian.

"Well, go ahead cuz, we're all listening," replies Kevin for everybody else, as they all nod.

"We're engaged to be married," replies Nick and Brian in unison as they both hold up their left hands to reveal their matching diamond engagement rings.

"Engaged?" asks Kevin, totally shocked.

"Yeah, cuz, I'm going to marry Nick," replies Brian with a huge smile, as he wraps his arm around Nick's waist.

"You have to admit, that they do look kinda cute together," replies Britney, "If it makes you two happy, then hey, I'm all for it."

As Britney says this she walks over to Nick and Brian and gives both of them a hug.

"Are you sure you're ready for this? I mean marriage is a big step," replies Kevin.

"Yes, we know that, daddy, now just chill," replies Nick.

Kevin eventually gets over the initial shock, and manages to congratulate the happy couple. The party continues, well into the night, before everybody begins to leave. Eddie Cibrian and CJ Huyer go out clubbing with Justin, JC, Chris, AJ, Howie, and Joey, while Kevin and Joshua Morrow go back to Kevin's apartment to talk.

Britney stays to help Nick and Brian clean up after the party, before she too heads off to go get some sleep. Tomorrow is their last day of freedom before the tour kicks off after all.

Nick and Brian head upstairs, strip down to their underwear and climb into bed, Brandy and Briannick sleeping peacefully at the foot of the bed.

"I love you Nick."

"I love you too Brian," replies Nick as he turns off the lights, and Brian and Nick settle down in each other's arms and fall fast asleep.

Nick & Brian - Part 34 Written by JCV

Their last day of freedom seemed to fly by at the speed of lightning, as Brian and Nick wake up in each other's arms on the day that the tour begins. They quickly get out of bed, shower, shave, get dressed, and grab their luggage, before heading downstairs. They both grab a quick breakfast, before putting Brandy and Briannick in pet cages, and taking the cages and all of their luggage out to Nick's Durango.

Nick pulls out of the driveway, and is soon heading toward the Orlando airport. Brandy and Briannick are going to be put on a flight to Lexington, Kentucky, and a member of the BSB's PR team is going to drop them off at Brian's parents house, since Jackie volunteered to watch the puppies during the tour.

Brian, Nick, Kevin, AJ, Howie, Britney, Aaron, Joshua, Eddie, and CJ are flying to New York, where the tour will begin. From New York they'll be travelling by bus everywhere. Everybody sits in the VIP lounge at the airport awaiting their flight to be called.

"Flight 2380 to New York's JFK Airport is now boarding at gate 12, all first class passengers please come to the gate. Thank you," replies a woman over the intercom.

"That's us," replies Howie as everyone stands up and grabs their carryon luggage and head for gate 12. They quickly get their tickets checked and one by one are waved onto the airplane. On the airplane, Nick and Brian sit in the front two seats on the right, with Howie and AJ behind them, and then CJ and Eddie. Kevin and Joshua sit across from Nick and Brian, with Britney and Aaron behind Kevin and Josh.


Everybody fastens their seatbelts as the "Please fasten seatbelts" sign comes on, and the airplane lurches forward as its taxied over to the runway. Aaron holds Britney's hand for a little comfort, as the airplane begins to speed up and lift off of the ground.

The flight from Orlando to New York City doesn't seem to take long at all, and soon Howie, AJ, Nick, Brian, Kevin, Josh, CJ, Eddie, Britney, and Aaron are all getting off the plane. They're all greeted by a huge group of screaming fans, as the security team does their best to hold them back. They all pose for a few quick pictures and sign some autographs, before heading to the baggage claim to get their luggage, and then out to the awaiting limousines. Kevin, Josh, Nick, Brian, and Aaron in one, and CJ, Eddie, Britney, Howie, and AJ in the other.

Everybody arrives at the hotel and gets checked in. Howie and AJ in one room, Nick and Brian in one room, Kevin and Josh in one room, and CJ, Eddie, Britney, and Aaron in their own rooms. They all get upstairs and get situated for their 3 day stay in New York City. Today the have a meeting with management and an appearance on TRL, tomorrow is a day off, and then the next day is the first concert of the tour.


Two hours later, Howie, AJ, Kevin, Nick, Brian, Britney, Aaron, CJ, Eddie, and Josh all sit in a private meeting room at the hotel, with Johnny Wright. The other management had other things to attend to and couldn't make it, but faxed the itinerary to Johnny to relay to everybody.

"Okay guys, today you all are appearing on Total Request Live with Carson Daly to announce the beginning of the tour," replies Johnny as he looks over his notes, "Tomorrow, you all have off."

"Alright!" replies all the guys and Britney in unison.

"Then, the following day is the concert. Now we need to go over a few things for that."

"Okay, let's see, first Aaron, you'll be the first to perform."

"Okay, cool," replies Aaron with a smile.

"You'll need to do about 2 or 3 songs max, and try to keep it under 15 minutes if possible."

"Okay, I can do that," replies Aaron.

"Alright, now, 3 Deep, you'll be going on after Aaron, and you can perform probably 2, maybe 3, songs, you'll get another chance a little bit later on during the show, so will Aaron, while BSB and Britney are backstage, resting, or changing clothes, etc."

"Okay," replies Josh, as CJ and Eddie nod in understanding.


"Now, Britney, you're going on after 3 Deep. We need you to perform about 4 songs, then the Backstreet Boys will come out, perform 2 of their songs, then the Backstreet Boys will do their solos, followed by Britney performing 4 more songs, then 4 songs by the BSB, then Aaron, you'll be performing 1 more song, before Britney does her finale for the show, then 3 Deep you'll be performing 1 more song, then BSB will do their finale. Then you'll all come out on stage, bow, and the concert will be over. Any questions?"

"No, I think that pretty much covers it all," replies Nick.

"Any truth to the rumors that 'N Sync might be joining us on tour?"

"Well, Kevin, 'N Sync is doing a tour with 98 Degrees right now, but yes, there's a chance that they might hook up with the tour at a later date, I'm not sure though at the moment."

"Okay, well, I guess we should all be heading over to the MTV studios now for our appearance on Total Request," replies Britney, as she stands up, and everybody follows her lead out of the door and back out to the limousines.

Nick & Brian - Part 35 Written by JCV

"Alright, that was Joey McIntyre with "I Love You Came Too Late" at number 4 today on TRL," replies Carson, "When we come back, we have some very special guests and the top 3 videos, so stay tuned."

During the commercial break, a production crew quickly puts out some stools, and the Backstreet Boys, Britney, Aaron, and 3 Deep come out.

"Okay, we're back, and I am here with the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Aaron Carter, and 3 Deep," replies Carson, "Hey guys, and gal."

"Hello Carson," they all reply in unison.

"So what brings you to New York?"

"Well, Carson, our tour is officially beginning," replies Kevin, "The Backstreet Boys are co-headlining with Britney, and Aaron and 3 Deep are our opening acts."

"Alright, well, that should be a really fun concert," replies Carson with a smile.

"Yeah, we're all hoping that it will be," replies Nick.

"Now, two of the members of 3 Deep look vaguely familiar, where have I seen you guys before?" asks Carson, motioning towards Joshua Morrow and Eddie Cibrian.

"Well, when I'm not performing with 3 Deep, I'm recording for 'The Young and the Restless'," replies Josh, "I play Nicholas Newman."

"And I play Cole Deschanel on 'Sunset Beach'," replies Eddie.


"Okay, well, now to move on to our number 3 video, perhaps you'd care to announce it Britney?" asks Carson, "It is yours after all."

"Oh, cool, here's 'Sometimes' by me on TRL," replies Britney with a smile as the video starts playing.

After 'Sometimes' ends, Carson talks with the BSB, Britney, Aaron, and 3 Deep again.

"So, are there going to be any major surprises on this tour? Or any other artists joining at a later date?" asks Carson.

"Well, at the moment, as far as we know, there won't be any major surprises, its just the normal tour," replies Howie.

"As for artists joining at a later date, nothing has been confirmed, but its possible that 'N Sync, and maybe 98 Degrees will be joining the tour later on as well, but again nothing is confirmed," replies Brian.

"Well, it would certainly the hottest tour of the summer if 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, the Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears all toured together," replies Carson, "Anyway, now back to the videos."

"Today at Number Two, here is 'N Sync with 'I Drive Myself Crazy', replies Carson, as the video starts playing. The video runs, and then TRL goes into commercial break, before announcing the number one video in the country.


"Alright, here are the totals for the #1 video, 43% of your phone calls and 40% of your emails," replies Carson, "BSB? Why don't you do the honors."

"Alright, here is our video, 'I Want It That Way', #1 today on Total Request Live," replies Kevin, Nick, Brian, Howie, and AJ in unison, as the video begins to play.

That night, they all go out to dinner with each other, before retiring to their hotel rooms to get as much sleep as possible. Everybody enters their room and begins to get ready for bed.

When Kevin gets out of the shower, he finds Josh already fast asleep in the bed. They had tried to get a room with double beds, but all that the hotel had available for them was a room with a king-size bed. Normally, Kevin would sleep in the nude, but since he will be sharing a bed with Josh, he quickly pulls on a pair of royal blue boxer-briefs, and an athletic t-shirt before lifting the covers and crawling into the bed. Kevin settles into bed and is soon on his way to dreamland, his head filled with more than pleasant dreams about Josh, little does he know that only a few inches away from him, Josh is dreaming about Kevin.


At about 7am, both Kevin and Josh begin to wake up to find that at some point during the night they had both hugged onto each other, and were now so tightly intertwined with each other that they could easily be conjoined twins. Only thing is neither Josh nor Kevin are able to do anything, but stare deep into the other's eyes. As Kevin stares deep into Josh's eyes he thinks that he sees a loving desire, but he is not sure. Josh can see the same thing in Kevin's eyes, but he is too afraid to act upon it, fearing that he is misreading him.

Eventually, the two of them manage to break free of their trances and pull away from each other, and get out of bed. They both try their best to avoid eye contact as they walk around the hotel room with the intent of getting ready for the day, still wearing nothing but their underwear, both guys sporting quite a tent in front.

As Kevin puts his hairbrush back on top of the dresser, he accidentally knocks Josh's bottle of cologne from on top of the dresser. Both Kevin and Josh hurry to kneel down and grab it before it hits the floor and shatters. Kevin catches it just in time, and looks into Josh's eyes and smiles as he hands the bottle to him. Josh takes the bottle from Kevin, and sets in on the floor, as he looks into Kevin's eyes. 'That's it, I can't take this anymore, I have to do this, god I hope he won't hate me,' thinks Josh as he quickly grabs the back of Kevin's head and pulls him into a very passionate kiss.


Kevin is slightly shocked by this, but not enough to not be able to react. Kevin lays down on the floor, pulling Josh down with him, as Kevin wraps his arms tightly around Josh's waist. Kevin and Josh roll around for a minute until Kevin is on top of Josh, more then willing to return the passionate kiss that Josh initiated. After several minutes of this, Josh and Kevin finally pull away from each other, and just stare deep into the others eyes again, before finally Josh speaks up.

"Um, Kevin, I hope you don't hate me," replies Josh.

"Hate you? Why would I hate you?"

"Well, the kiss."

"I don't hate you Josh, god, you don't know how much I wanted to kiss you. I wanted to when we woke up in each other's arms this morning, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, cause I though that you would hate me," replies Kevin, "I couldn't handle it if you ever hated me."

"Kevin, I could never hate you," replies Josh, "I love you."


"Um, well, I think I'm, I mean, I'm not sure, but Kevin, I think that I am, well, falling in love with you," stutters out Josh.

Kevin doesn't say anything, and just gets up off of Josh, and turns around. Unseen by Josh is the huge smile that forms on Kevin's face as he thinks, 'Oh god, Josh is falling in love with me, so I wasn't wrong about him. Yes!!'

When Kevin doesn't say anything Josh starts to get worried, and turns to head into the bathroom to take a shower. Just as he's about to close the bathroom door, Kevin stops him and in a seductive, erotic voice replies, "Mind if I join you?"


"Would you mind if I joined you in the shower?"

"What, why?"

"Well, Josh, if we're going to make anything work between us, we're going to have to get to know each other on a much more intimate level then friendship," replies Kevin with a grin.

"What do you mean, Kevin?"

"Well, you said that you were falling in love with me right?"

"Yes, I am."

"Well, I'm falling in love with you too, so please, let's not block out our feelings, and see if we can make this work."

Josh gets a smile on his face as he hears Kevin say this, and he quickly grabs him and pulls him into a passionate kiss, their tongues playfully exploring each other's mouths.


Meanwhile, in Howie and AJ's hotel room, Howie and AJ lay on their bed in each other's arms, nude, sipping champagne, and feeding each other raspberries. After a few more minutes of this, Howie and AJ pull each other into a passionate kiss and a very intimate embrace, just enjoying to no end being in each other's arms.

Howie and AJ, not really feeling like having sex at the moment, spend the day watching old movies, and just enjoying being together. Late that night, they fall asleep, knowing that they will need their sleep for the concert tomorrow.


Britney spent most of the day with CJ of 3 Deep, and got to know him a bit. Their night together ends just outside Britney's hotel room, with a very intimate, very passionate kiss. The two of them pull away from the kiss and look at each other and smile.

"CJ, I know this is kinda sudden, but I think I love you," replies Britney.

"You love me?" replies CJ.

"I hope you're not mad."

"Mad? I could never be mad at somebody as pretty and fun to be with as you Britney! I, well, I've never said this to anyone before, so its kinda hard, but, Britney, I love you."

Britney and CJ smile at each other again, as they kiss again. After this kiss, Britney runs a finger down CJ's cheek, and then lightly taps his nose before replying, "I'll c-ya tomorrow, Ceej, I love you."

"Love ya to, Brit," replies CJ as Britney heads into her hotel room, and CJ into his.

Nick & Brian - Part 36 Written by JCV

Today is the day. The first concert of the Backstreet-Britney tour. The concert is in Central Park and is totally sold out. The fans have begun to take their places behind the barricades in front of the stage, as the make-up artist and hair dresser puts the final touches on Aaron, since he is the first to perform. Aaron quickly stops off in wardrobe and puts a pair of baggy jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black baseball cap, which he wears backwards, before a stage hand quickly clips the microphone battery pack onto the back of his belt as he situates the headset.

The music for "Crush on You" starts playing as Aaron runs out on stage and begins to perform. After this song, he yells, "What's up New York?"

He receives several cheers from the gathered fans before he begins to perform "Get Wild" followed by "Crazy Little Party Girl." Aaron takes his a bow, before he looks out at the crowd and replies, "Now, all of you please give a warm New York City welcome to 3 Deep!"


Aaron runs off the stage as the music for "Never Gonna Give Up" begins playing and the trio known as 3 Deep comes out and performs the song. While 3 Deep is performing, Britney is backstage getting her hair and make-up done, and then goes into wardrobe and changes into a pair of tight fitting denim cutoffs and a pink halter top.

After finishing "Never Gonna Give Up," 3 Deep performs "Lost In Your Eyes," and "Get Down on It" before they all take a bow and reply, "And now the one, the only, Britney Spears!" The crowd of fans goes totally crazy, as the music for "(You Drive Me) Crazy" begins playing, and Britney comes out on stage with her dancers and begins to perform. Britney also performs "Sometimes," "Born to Make you Happy," and "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart," before she looks out at the crowd, smiles, and replies, "New York City are you ready?"

The crowd yells and screams as Britney replies, "Here are the one and only, not to mention very cute, Backstreet Boys!"

The music to "Don't Want You Back" begins to play as they all come out on stage and begin to perform the song. The BSB also perform "Quit Playin' Games," before AJ, Brian, Kevin, and Nick run off the stage, leaving Howie to perform his solo. After his solo, Howie goes backstage, and Nick comes out next to perform his solo. After Nick, Brian performs, followed by AJ, and then Kevin.


After Kevin's solo is over, Britney comes out and performs "Soda Pop," "Email My Heart," "The Beat Goes On," and "I Will Be There," before the Backstreet Boys come out to perform "I Want It That Way," "Everybody Backstreet's Back," "The Perfect Fan," and "We've Got It Going On."

Aaron comes out and performs "Surfin' USA" in order to give Britney time to get ready for her finale. Britney performs "Baby One More Time" as her finale, and the crowd of fans cheer and applaud. While 3 Deep is out performing "Rain," the Backstreet Boys are backstage preparing for their finale, and Britney is resting in her dressing room, calmly sipping Evian, trying to cool down.

The Backstreet Boys go out and perform, "Larger Than Life," as their finale, before Aaron, Britney, and 3 Deep join them on stage and they all grab each other's hands and bow as the audience yells and cheers. As they say their good-byes to the audience sparks begin shooting up from under the stage as small explosions pop and crackle in the background.

They all head back to their hotel totally drained, knowing that they only have a few hours to sleep before they have to pack up and get onto the bus to head for the next city on their tour.

To Be Continued...

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