Nick & Brian

Parts 37-44

Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer: This story is fictional and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned here in. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or if such material is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story.

Author's Note: THIS IS THE THIRTY-SEVENTH STORY!! Some new characters are being added in this installment. 'N Sync and 98 Degrees are joining the tour. To avoid confusion between Justin Jeffre of 98 Degrees and Justin Timberlake of 'N Sync, Justin Jeffre will be referred to as Just, or JJ. Justin Timberlake will be referred to as Justin, or JT. To avoid confusion between Nickolas Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Nicholas Lachey of 98 Degrees, Nick Carter will be referred to as Nick or NC. Nick Lachey will be referred to as Nicholas or NL. Also, please watch the spellings for the two Nicks. If you see 'Nickolas' then that is Nick Carter, if you see 'Nicholas' then that is Nick Lachey. The nicknames of these people might be used as well.

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Nick & Brian - Part 37 Written by JCV

Its been a full month since the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears began their tour together, and now, Nick and Brian walk through the Minneapolis Airport on their way to the VIP lounge to pick up the guys of 'N Sync and the guys of 98 Degrees. It was decided by management that 'N Sync and 98 Degrees would merge their tour with that of the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears, making it one of the hottest summer tours in history.

This merger has already been announced to the general public, dates set, and shows that are still over a month away are totally sold out. Anyway, the fans begin screaming their heads of as the nine guys of 'N Sync and 98 Degrees walk off the airplane. They all quickly pose for some pictures, and sign a few autographs, before airport security gets them safely to the VIP lounge, telling them that their luggage will be sent there shortly.

"Any idea who is supposed to pick us up?" asks JJ, as he take a sip of a bottled water.

"I have no idea," replies JT.

"Well, I hope whoever it is picking us up that they get here soon," replies Drew, "I just want to get out of this airport."

"Yeah, and break in a bunk on the tour bus," replies NL mocking his brother, "having wild passionate sex with Jeff."

"Shutup Nick," replies Jeff, "I can't help it if your brother is the sexiest guy on the planet."

"ILL!!" replies Nick, Just, Chris, and Joey in unison.

"Maybe to you he is," replies JC, "But, Curly here is hands down the sexiest guy on the planet."

"Can we change the subject please?" asks Chris as he pretends to vomit in the waste basket.

The nine guys make idle conversation for about 10 minutes before two guys wearing dark black sunglasses, Kentucky Wildcats hats, matching black leather jackets, and baggy blue jeans walk into the lounge.

"Hey," replies one of the newcomers.

"Hello, do we know you?" asks Joey.

"Um, yes, Joey, you do," replies the other one as he removes his sunglasses and hat to reveal the fact that he is Nick Carter, and the other is Brian Littrell.

"Oh, hey guys, I assume you're here to pick us up?" asks Lance.

"Well, what else would we be doing here?" replies Brian with one of his dumb grins.

"Okay, come on guys, grab your luggage, and let's head out," replies Nick as he puts his Wildcats hat back on, "the tour bus is waiting outside."

"Hurry, hurry, we need to get back to the bus, because we have to get going so that we get to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on time," replies Brian, as the eleven guys run through the airport concourse as quickly as they possibly can. This is partially so that they won't be recognized, but also because they're pressed for time. The arrive at the bus, and everybody quickly helps the driver stow most of their luggage in the luggage compartments on the bus, each of them taking a small overnight type bag so that they'll have a change of clothes while on the bus, before they board the larger than normal tour bus.

Kevin quickly shows the guys of 98 Degrees and 'N Sync where the empty bunks are, and they quickly get their overnight bags stowed into them and get settled before everybody meets in the rear lounge for a meeting.

"First of all, I think I speak for everyone here, when I say welcome to the tour," replies Kevin with a smile to the guys of 'N Sync and the guys of 98 Degrees. The newcomers all smile and say quick thank yous to Kevin.

"Alright, well, the guys of 'N Sync already know this, but 98 Degrees doesn't I assume," replies Brian, "Nickie and I are engaged to be married."

"I hope that won't cause any problems," replies NC.

"No, it won't, we don't mind gay guys, since two of our own are seeing each other," replies NL, pointing at Jeff and Drew.

"Yeah, these two go at it like rabbits," replies JJ with a laugh, Jeff punches him in the arm, and Drew gives him a dirty look.

"Hey, that's okay, guys, we're used to it. Nick and Brian, and Kevin and Josh go at it like rabbits too," replies Howie, "Of course, AJ and I do it a lot too."

"You mean, Howie and AJ, and Kevin and Josh are gay too?" asks NL, "Okay, who here is gay, and who isn't? Say gay or straight."

"Gay, engaged to Brian," replies NC.

"Gay, engaged to Nickie," replies Brian.

"Bi-curious, but dating Howie," replies AJ.

"Bi-curious, but dating AJ," replies Howie.

"Oh will you two come off of it already?" asks Josh, "You two have been dating each other for months now!"

"Yeah, just admit that you're gay and live with it!" replies Kevin in a slightly parental voice.

Howie and AJ look deep into each other's eyes, before replying in unison, "Okay, okay, we're gay."

"Bi, dating Josh," replies Kevin.

"Bi, dating Kevin," replies Josh.

"Straight, dating Britney," replies CJ.

"Too young to date, or now my sexuality," replies Aaron.

"Straight, dating CJ," replies Britney.

"Straight, single," replies Chris.

"Straight, single," replies Joey.

"Straight, single," replies NL.

"Gay, dating Jeff," replies Drew.

"Bi, dating Drew," replies Jeff.

"Straight, single" replies JJ.

"Gay, dating Curly," replies JC.

"Gay, dating JC," replies JT, "What about you two?"

"I abstain," replies Eddie.

"Yeah, me too," replies Lance.

Just as Nickolas was about to try and convince Eddie and Lance to tell everybody their sexuality is, Kevin looks at his watch and replies, "Okay people, we have an early day tomorrow, so everybody off to bed now, its after 11:30 already."

Everybody begins to file out of the lounge and heads for their bunks. The couples all share a bunk, and the single people all take their own bunks, as the bus continues to speed down the highway.

The next morning, they all grab a quick breakfast at McDonalds, before heading off to an early morning meeting, then rehearsal's for tomorrow's concert, and then off to the hotel that they will be spending the next two nights that they spend in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Kevin did everything he could to get management to allow them to sleep in a hotel on stops that would be more then 1 day, or nights that they had a concert, so that they could all get a better nights sleep then they would on the bus.

Nick and Brian, who are not at all tired, stop by Justin and JC's room and invite them out to dinner and a movie with them, and they agree. Nick decides that this would be a good opportunity to get to know Jeff and Drew, so as the others head for the elevator, Nick stops at their room and knocks. After a minute or so, Drew answers the door.

"Hi Nick," replies Drew.

"Hey, um, Brian, Justin, JC, and I are going out for dinner, and maybe a movie or something afterwards, and we were wondering if you and Jeff would like to tag along?" replies Nick, "Brian and I really would like the chance to get to know you better."

"Well, it sounds good, one second, just let me ask my other half," replies Drew with a smile as he walks into the room, leaving the door ajar.

After about 2 minutes, Drew comes back and says, "Okay, count us in. Is it okay if we meet ya downstairs in the lobby in about 10 minutes?"

"Sure, we need to arrange for a rental car anyway, so see ya downstairs in ten minutes," replies Nick as he walks off to the elevator.

Nick arrives in the lobby wearing baggy black jeans, a midnight blue silk shirt, and a black leather vest, and tells the guys that Drew and Jeff will be down in about ten minutes. Brian is wearing a pair of baggy black jeans, a hunter green silk shirt, and a black leather vest. They both have matching black leather jackets over their arms which they will put on before going outside, since it is a bit cold outside. Justin is wearing a black t-shirt with a North Carolina Tar Heels jersey over it, and baggy blue jeans. JC is wearing a white t-shirt, black sweater vest, and baggy blue jeans.

Justin quickly has the hotel desk clerk get them a rental car and asks if she can recommend any nice, quiet restaurants in the area. The clerk looks through the files and finds one. Justin has the hotel call the restaurant and make reservations for Timberlake, party of 6. About ten minutes later, Drew and Jeff show up in the lobby. Drew is wearing a navy blue t-shirt, and stonewashed jeans, and Jeff is wearing a blue t-shirt and khaki pants.

"Thanks for inviting us Nick," replies Jeff with a smile.

"No problem, as I told Drew, Brian and I would like to get to know you two a bit better, since we're going to be seeing a lot of each other for awhile," replies Nick.

The hotel desk clerk hands Justin a valet parking ticket and just tells him to hand the ticket to the valet outside and their rental car will be brought around front. Justin takes the ticket, and then heads outside with the other guys in tow. Justin hands the valet the ticket, and he runs down to the hotel's underground parking garage to get the car. A light blue minivan pulls up in front, and the valet get out and hands Justin the keys. Justin unlocks the doors for Drew, Jeff, Brian, Nick, and JC, before going around to the driver's side and getting in. Once everybody is in the van, and wearing their seatbelts, Justin starts up the van and pull out into traffic, following the directions to the restaurant that the clerk had given him.

After about 15 minutes of driving, Justin pulls into the parking lot of a medium sized restaurant, which doesn't seem exceedingly busy. The six guys get out of the car, and head inside. Once inside Justin walks up to the hostess and replies, "Hello, we have reservations."

"Name?" replies the hostess with a friendly smile as she opens the reservations book.

"Timberlake, Justin Timberlake."

"Ah, yes, party of 6, your table is ready sir, right this way," replies the hostess as she grabs six menus and heads all the way to the back of the restaurant to a highly secluded table. The hostess gives them the menus, and summons a bus boy over with 6 glasses of water as they look over their menus. The hostess quickly takes their coats to the coat check for them as well.

About 10 minutes later, a waiter, who must be in his 50's, comes over to take their orders?"

"What can I get for you?" the waiter asks, smiling at Drew Lachey.

"I'll have a bacon cheeseburger and fries," replies Drew, "With a sprite to drink."

"I'll have the same, with a coke," replies Jeff.

"Okay, got it, and what about you?"

"Um, the meat lover's pizza," replies Nick, "with a coke to drink."

"Okay, sir, and for you?"

"Grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and the cheddar fries," replies Brian, a sprite to drink."

"Okay, and for you sir?"

"I'll have the spaghetti," replies JC, "and a root beer to drink."

"Okay, and for you?"

"I'll have the lasagna with a sprite," replies Justin.

"Okay, did you want your drinks now, or with your meals?" asks the waiter with a kind smile.

"Well, we have water here to drink, so I guess with our meals," replies Drew, and the other guys simply nod their heads.

The waiter smiles, nods, and heads of for the kitchen to give the cook the order.

"So, Drew, Jeff, how long have you two been together?" asks Brian.

"About a year now," replies Jeff, "And its been one of the happiest years of my life."

"Mine too," replies Drew, as he leans over and kisses Jeff on the cheek. Since this booth is highly secluded, they figure that they can show some affection for each other in public, since the restaurant isn't very busy, and no one sitting at any of the other tables could see what's going on at this table unless they had x-ray vision.

"What about you two?" asks Drew, "How long have you been engaged?"

"About a month now," replies Nick, "Brian and I dated each other for a few months, moved in together, and then Brian proposed to me."

"Oh, that sounds so nice," replies Jeff, "One of these days I'm going to make Andy here my husband."

"Jeffrey Brandon Timmons," begins Drew.

"Oh no, he used the full name, I'm in trouble," replies Jeff, sounding like a scared five year old.

"You know I don't like being called Andy!! Don't call me that!!" replies Drew, as he playfully punches Jeff in the arm.

"So, what about you two?" asks Brian, "How serious is your relationship?"

"Well, Bri, I think you should now that very well after our one night stand," replies Justin with a small laugh.

"One night stand?" asks Drew intrigued, "Brian, you slept with Justin?"

"Just one time, near the beginning of my relationship with Nick. Management forced Nick to go out of town, and I was very depressed, so Howie and AJ dragged me out to a club," replies Brian, "While they were out trying to find girls, they weren't together at that time, and were still denying the fact that they were gay, I was at the bar, getting severely drunk."

"I was out of town with Lance too, so Justin was depressed, and Chris and Joey took him to a club, the same one that Brian was at. Anyway, both Bri and Just got severely drunk, and then ended up in Nick and Brian's bed at their house," replies JC, "Nick found them the next morning."

"Yikes, sounds painful," replies Jeff.

"Yeah, well I broke up with Brian, but eventually, we got back together."

"What do you mean eventually Nick?" asks Justin, "You broke up with Brian at 8am, and got back together at a little after noon the same day."

Everybody laughs at this, and Nick replies in his own defense, "The time I spent after breaking up with Bri seemed like an eternity to me. I can't live without this bum."

"Bum? Who are you calling a bum?" asks Brian, as he pretends to be offended.

"Just shut up and kiss me," replies Nick with a smile.

"Okay," replies Brian as he plants a quick peck on Nick's lips.

"Anyway, to answer your question, Bri, I'd say our relationship is pretty solid," replies Justin, "I think there may just be wedding bells in Josh's and my future."

JC smiles as Justin says this and kisses the end of his nose, before he gives him a second kiss on the earlobe, to which Justin giggles.

The conversation continues on like this for awhile, the guys not really noticing the time passing.

Meanwhile, in the restaurant's kitchen...

"Kurt? Your wife called, and said that your son is in the hospital and you need to get there as soon as possible," replies the hostess as she steps into the kitchen.

The 50-year-old waiter, stops putting together the order for table 49, the table that the guys are sitting at, washes his hands, removes his apron and leaves.

"Amy? Can you take this order over to table 49?" asks the hostess of a young waitress, who must be about eighteen years old.

"Sure, no problem," asks Amy as she puts the rest of the food onto a large tray, quickly consults the check, before getting the six drinks, puts them on the tray and heads off for table 49.

The waitress doesn't really notice anything around her until she arrives at table 49 and sees Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Justin Timberlake, and JC Chasez sitting there. The waitress screams and says, "Oh my god!" as the tray flies up out of her hands, the food and drinks soon landing all over Jeff, Drew, JC, Justin, Nick, and Brian.

"Um, when we ordered our dinners, we were hoping to eat them, not wear them," replies Brian with one of his dumb grins as he pulls a strand of JC's spaghetti off of his ear. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" replies the waitress as she pulls two bus boys over to clean up the mess.

"I'm so, so, sorry, I'll have the cook remake your orders, and I promise this time I won't make you wear it."

"Gee, thanks, I wish ya could have done that the first time," replies Justin as he takes a napkin and does his best to wipe the hot melted cheddar from Brian's cheddar fries out of his curls. The six guys get up from the table and head into the bathroom, luckily without being seen. They quickly check that no one else is in the room, before locking the door. They start trying to clean themselves up, as Brian pulls out his cell phone and calls Kevin.

"Hey Kev, its Bri."

"Hey Bri, what's up?"

"Could you lend some spare clothes to me, Nick, Justin, JC, Drew, and Jeff?"


"Um, well, there was an accident."

"Oh my god are you okay? Where are you?"

"We're fine Kev, we're in the bathroom of a local restaurant. A 50-year-old waiter took our orders, but he wasn't the one to bring them back. A young girl was, and now we're all wearing what was supposed to be our dinner."

"Oh, I see," replies Kevin, as he starts laughing.

"It's not funny Kevin! Just please get over here with some extra clothes, and don't tell the other guys about this! Please?"

"Okay, Brian, just give me the address and I'll be right over."

Brian gives Kevin the address, and hangs up. Thankfully for Kevin, Josh is fast asleep. Kevin gathers together six pairs of pants, and six shirts from his and Josh's luggage, and puts them in a gym bag, along with some extra pairs of socks, some wash clothes, soap, towels, and just in case, six pairs of boxer-briefs. Kevin throws the gym bag over his shoulder, quickly writes a note for Josh in case he wakes up, and heads downstairs to get a cab to the restaurant.

Kevin arrives at the restaurant, and the hostess leads him to the restroom. Kevin knocks on the door, and replies, "Brian, its Kevin."

Brian unlocks the door, lets Kevin in, and then locks the door again.

"Thanks for coming, cuz," replies Brian.

"No problem, well, I can see that you've all seen better days," replies Kevin with a grin and a laugh as he looks around to see the six guys standing around with stained and wet clothes.

"Haha, very funny, you have clothes for us?" asks Drew.

"Yeah right here," replies Kevin as he sets the gym bag down on the counter and opens it. The six guys who had their dinner spilled on them begin to take off all of their clothes, somewhat reluctantly, but of course then again, everyone in the room is gay after all, and being on tour together, they'll more then likely see each other naked at some point.

They quickly use the soap, towels, and washcloths to clean up a little bit better, before they take the spare clothes that Kevin brought, and begin to get dressed.

As Brian pulls on the boxer-briefs, another one of his dumb grins comes across his face as he replies, "Ya know, I can honestly say that I never thought the day would come that I would be wearing your underwear, Kevin."

Kevin and the other guys laugh at Brian's statement, before Kevin replies, "Actually, Bri, you're not wearing my underwear. Drew, Jeff, and JC are wearing my underwear, Justin, Nick, and you are wearing Josh's underwear."

"What! You promised you wouldn't tell anyone else!" replies Nick, slightly angry.

"Well, I didn't tell Josh, he was asleep when you called. But, I probably will have to tell him why I had to lend you guys some of my clothes, and some of his clothes."

"Well, as long as you don't tell anyone else, and you swear Josh to secrecy, I guess its okay," replies Jeff.

"I promise I won't, and I'll make sure that Josh doesn't either," replies Kevin as he puts all of the dirty clothing into the gym bag, "I'll just take these back to the hotel, and get them cleaned."

"Thanks Kev," replies Justin.

"Yeah, thanks Kevin," replies JC.

"Hey, no problem, but you know, I am kinda jealous of you Brian, and you too Nick, and Justin."

"Why is that Kevin?" asks Nick.

"Well, Josh and I haven't been together all that long, and here you three are wearing his clothes," replies Kevin with a grin, "I haven't even gotten to do that yet."

Everybody laughs, as they exit the bathroom, Drew asks, "Hey, Kev do you want to join us for dinner?"

"No, that's okay, Josh and I ordered room service earlier," replies Kevin as he says goodbye to the guys before leaving to go back out to the waiting cab and back to the hotel, and the other guys back over to the now cleaned table to have dinner, praying and hoping that they don't end up wearing their dinners again.

After about ten minutes, the waitress comes back out with the food and drinks on a roll around dessert cart. She looks at them and then replies, "Just in case," to which the guys all smile at her as she passes out the food and drinks.

"Okay, well, your meals are on the house, and you can all have a complimentary dessert when you're ready," replies the waitress with a smile.

"Um, could we have a check?" asks Drew.

"Your meal is free," replies the waitress with a slight look of confusion.

"No, I mean a blank one," replies Drew.

The waitress looks at him oddly for a moment before she pulls out her pad, and removes a blank check and hands it to Drew, who takes a pen and signs his name, before handing it to Jeff, who signs his name, and so on. Finally, Justin hands the check back to the waitress, who simply smiles and thanks them before going back to the kitchen.

The six hot young guys all eat their dinners, thankfully it didn't get all over their clothes again, well, Kevin and Josh's clothes actually. They finish their dinner, all order dessert, and then the waitress gives them all an after dinner mint on their way out. They all stop by the coat check, grab their coats, and head back to the hotel. The original plan was to go the movies, but they all need a shower, plus, they are wearing Kevin and Josh's clothes, so it's a bit baggy, or a bit tight on them.

Meanwhile, in a small coffee shop near the hotel, in a secluded dark corner, two young men sit next to each other sipping coffee and talking. The one with blonde hair gently rests his head on the other's shoulder, and the one with black hair just gently rubs the other guy's knee.

"I know I haven't known you long, but I think I'm falling in love," replies the blonde.

"Funny you should say that, cause I think I am too," replies the other guy.

"I don't know, I just feel, somehow complete when I'm with you."

"I feel the same way, James, I feel the same way."

The two guys finish their coffee, look deep into each other's eyes, and share a very passionate first kiss, before they get up, pay their bill, and head back to the hotel. They get into the elevator and go up to the floor reserved floor 3Deep, Aaron, Britney, and 98 Degrees, before going into the hotel room belonging to the guy with black hair.

Meanwhile, on the floor above, which is reserved for 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys, four guys get off to the elevator and head for their rooms, as their new friends say goodnight to them and head back downstairs to their floor.

Nick & Brian - Part 38 Written by JCV

The next morning, Joshua Morrow wakes up to the wonderfully secure feeling of Kevin's arms wrapped tightly around him. Kevin is still fast asleep, and Josh takes a few minutes to just admire his sleeping friend's features. Josh has been denying that little voice in his head for so long that keeps telling him that he likes both girls and guys, but once he met Kevin in person, he knew he couldn't do it anymore. Josh has had a crush on Kevin now for close to two years, but never in his wildest dreams did he ever think for one minute that he would have a chance with Kevin.

Even though Josh was in total denial of his feelings for other men, and considered himself to be straight, Kevin was always the one exception. No matter how hard he tried to deny his feelings, looking at pictures of Kevin, or seeing him on tv, always made Josh hard. As he thinks about his life over the past two years, a smile comes over his face as he remembers the several times that he has had dreams and fantasies about Kevin. Josh's hand is very good friends with his penis, but even though he does find himself attracted to women, the only way he could ever get himself off was to think about Kevin.

Josh thinks over the past month that he has been with Kevin, and again, a huge smile covers his face. It has been the happiest time of his life. In all the fantasies and dreams, Josh never even imagined just how sweet, loving, romantic, and caring Kevin is. There was a time that Josh would never have thought this in a million years, but now, he can honestly say that he not only loves Kevin with every fiber of his being, but that he could see himself spending the rest of his life with Kevin, as his husband.

Josh laughs lightly at the thought of one day marrying Kevin, but he knows that it would make him happy. As for Kevin, well, Josh hasn't discussed the matter with him yet, but plans on doing it soon.

Josh leans over and begins to kiss Kevin on the forehead, and the nose, as Kevin begins to stir. As Josh sees this, he begins to kiss Kevin on the lips, and soon Kevin is returning the kiss, as Josh uses one hand to gently caress the back of Kevin's head, and the other to gently massage his exposed cock.

That's another thing that Josh can honestly say he has never done much in his life until he started dating Kevin, sleep in the nude. I mean, sure, he did a few times as a teenager, but he normally always slept in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. Once he met Kevin, he started sleeping in the nude, and he has to admit, that it is very nice to feel another person's warm naked body pressed up against his own naked body.

As their kiss ends, Kevin and Josh smile at each other, as Josh replies, "Good morning, Kev."

"Morning, J," replies Kevin with a smile, as he just lays in Josh's arms, totally content for several minutes, but soon begins to fall back to sleep.

Josh sees this, and stops him, "Oh no you don't Kev! We have to get up now, the guys are all coming over for breakfast in an hour and we then we have to get to rehearsals for the concert tonight."

Kevin tries to ignore Josh and go back to sleep, but Josh obviously won't allow it. Josh manages to untangle himself from Kevin, and quickly ducks into the bathroom and turns on the shower, before returning to the room to see Kevin sound asleep again. Josh pulls the covers off, takes a moment to take in the gorgeous sight of Kevin's naked body, before he picks him up and carries him into the bathroom.

Josh then steps into the shower with Kevin still in his arms, uses his teeth to pull the shower curtain closed, and then holds Kevin's head under the stream of hot water, which quickly causes him to wake up.

"Okay, okay, I'm up, I'm up!" replies Kevin as he wakes up fully. Josh backs Kevin up against the shower wall, as Kevin wraps his legs around Josh's waist and places his arms around his neck. The two of them again begin to kiss each other passionately on the lips and grind their hips together, while they stand under the stream of hot water as it cascades over their bodies.

After about fifteen minutes of making out in the shower, Josh lets Kevin down to his feet, and they begin to wash each other, knowing that they are pressed for time. Ten minutes later, Kevin and Josh emerge from the shower, kiss, and then gently dry each other off, before going back into the room to get dressed.

As Josh looks in his luggage, he finds that three sets of clothes are missing from his luggage, and he gets a weird look on his face, a look which Kevin picks up on.

"Something wrong, darling?"

"Yeah, Kev, I could have sworn that I had four sets of clothes in this bag, but, now there's only one," replies Josh as he pulls out a pair of black boxer-briefs and puts them on.

"Well, Josh, I have something to tell you," replies Kevin, "But before I do, you must promise to me that you won't tell a single living soul."

"Okay, I promise," replies Josh as he sits down on the bed and puts on a pair of white socks and pulls on an white athletic t-shirt.

"Last night, I got a call from Brian, he had gone out to dinner with Nick, Justin, JC, Drew, and Jeff," replies Kevin as he pulls on a pair of blue boxer-briefs, some black socks, and a black athletic t-shirt.

"Okay," replies Josh, not fully understanding where Kevin is going with this, as he pulls on a pair of black sweatpants.

"Well, to make a long story short, they were all locked into the bathroom of a local restaurant, because a young female waitress, who was not the one who took their orders, freaked out when she saw who she was serving, and the tray went flying out of her hands, landing on Drew, Jeff, Justin, JC, Brian, and Nick," replies Kevin as he pulls on a pair of white sweatpants.

Josh bursts out laughing, finally understanding, "So, that's why some of my clothes are missing?"

"Yeah, I sorta borrowed three outfits from you and took three of mine and went to the restaurant to save them so to speak," replies Kevin, "They're coming a few minutes early today to return the clothes, which they had sent down to the hotel laundry to be washed after they got in last night."

"Oh, okay, cool, at least I know that I am not losing my mind," replies Josh with a grin, as Kevin sits down next to him, and pulls him into a hug.

"You could never lose your mind Josh, and if you did, I'd do everything in my power to get it back for you," replies Kevin with a grin, as Josh just smiles and pulls Kevin into a passionate kiss.

Kevin pulls back after a few minutes, and grabs the telephone to call down to room service and tell them to send up enough assorted breakfast foods to serve twenty-nine people. True, there are only nineteen people who will be in Kevin and Josh's room for breakfast, but Kevin figures that they way the other guys eat, they'll need plenty of food. After Kevin hangs up, he goes back to kissing Josh.

Kevin lays back on the bed, with Josh laying on top of him, as they kiss each other passionately, their tongues exploring every inch of the other's mouth. Josh has his arms wrapped around Kevin, as he massages his back. Kevin slowly and gently massages his way down Josh's back before he reaches Josh's ass. He squeezes both cheeks in his hands for a moment, before he inserts his hands into the back of Josh's underwear and begins to massage the bare flesh, which Josh thoroughly enjoys.

Kevin and Josh's kiss is interrupted by a knock on the door. They quietly curse under their breath, before getting up off of the bed, as Josh goes over to the door and answers it.

"Good morning, Drew, Jeff, JC, Justin, Nick, and Brian," replies Josh with a friendly smile as they all walk into the room.

The six guys all say good morning to Kevin and Josh, before Drew, Jeff, and JC all hand clothes to Kevin, and Justin, Nick, and Brian all hand clothes to Josh. Kevin and Josh thank them, and quickly return the freshly washed clothes to their luggage.

The eight guys all sit down and start talking while waiting for the others, and the food to arrive. One by one, the other guys, and Britney, arrive to Kevin and Josh's room for breakfast. Room service delivers the food and everybody begins to eat.

Brian sits on the floor next to Kevin and Josh's bed, with Nick sitting between his legs, as they feed each other orange slices and toast. Kevin and Josh are laying on top of the bed feeding each other, while the other guys and Britney all scattered around the room, enjoying their breakfast.

"So, what's on today's schedule?"

"Well, Drew, we have to go rehearse for tonight's concert from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm, then we have some time off," replies Kevin, "We need to be back to the venue by 7:15 for sound checks, wardrobe, make-up etc, before the concert starts at 8."

"Sounds like a busy day," replies JJ.

"Yes, it is," replies Lance, "And after the concert we get to come back here for about 5 hours of sleep before we have to get on the tour bus and head for the next stop on the tour."

"Where is the next stop?" asks CJ.

"Sioux Falls, South Dakota," replies Kevin.

Everybody stays in Kevin and Josh's room chatting and eating their breakfast for about another half an hour, before everybody, except for Kevin & Josh, go back to their own rooms to get ready for rehearsals.

At 9 am, everybody is boarding the tour bus. As soon as everybody is on board, the driver closes the doors, starts up the engine, and proceeds to leave the hotel and go to the venue.

The tour bus comes to a stop in front of the venue at 9:25 am. Kevin, Brian, Nick, Howie, AJ, JC, Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance, Britney, Aaron, Josh, Eddie, CJ, Drew, Jeff, Nick, and Justin all get off of the bus and hurry into the venue, so that Fatima, and the other choreographers don't start yelling at them, "You're late!!"

"Oh, my god!" replies Fatima, as the groups walk in, "They're not only on time for once, but 2 minutes early!"

"Anything for you Fatima, babe," replies AJ, as he flirts with her.

"Down boy! I'm sure your boy toy over there wouldn't like you flirting with me," replies Fatima, as she points to Howie, "Not that I'm saying I want you to flirt with me either, cause I don't."

"Oh, come on, lighten up Fatima, I was just having some fun," replies AJ with his fake English accent.

Fatima walks up to AJ, grabs his ear and pulls his face near hers before yelling, "You're not here to have fun, you're here to WORK!!"

"Yes, ma'am!" replies AJ as he salutes Fatima.

"Okay, okay, okay, enough playing around," replies Fatima, "BSB, 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, you need to practice some vocals. Aaron, Britney, and 3 Deep, get up on that stage and get ready to dance!"

Everybody follows the orders that they have just been given, as the BSB, 'N Sync, and 98 Degrees go off to the other side of the venue to practice vocals, while Aaron, Britney, and 3 Deep get up on stage as Fatima and her choreography team begin to show them some new moves for tonight's concert.

It was decided that all of the groups participating on the tour, whether opening or headlining acts, would have not only more time up on stage, but would begin to perform together. After about an hour, Fatima is satisfied that Aaron, Britney, and 3 Deep have their moves down, and she calls Britney's dancers up on stage, to learn the new choreography while Britney, Aaron, and 3 Deep get a short break.

At about 1 pm, Fatima gets the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, and Joshua Morrow from 3 Deep, up onto the stage to learn the routine for the concert tonight, in which all three groups and Josh (Josh was added so that their would be 5 people in each "group") will be performing together.

After a very long day of rehearsing, the guys all go back to the hotel for a little rest, to pack, and eat dinner. At 7:15 they all arrive back at the venue for sound checks, wardrobe, and make-up, hoping that they can put on a good show tonight.

Aaron is on stage first, so the make-up artists, hair stylists, and wardrobe consultants put top priority on the young performer, as they get him ready to go out there to bring the concert to a start. The woman in charge of wardrobe has the ten year old put on a pair of baggy black jeans and a white t-shirt, as he runs over to the side of the stage to get ready to go out. A stage hand quickly helps him with attaching the microphone's battery pack onto the back of his jeans, as he puts the headset on himself, positioning the microphone in front of his mouth, and running out onto the stage.

"What's up Minneapolis?" yells Aaron into his microphone as the music for "Get Wild" begins to play, and Aaron performs the song, doing his best to hype up the crowd a bit before the headlining acts come out.

Aaron also performs, "I Will Be Yours," "Swing It Out," and "Please don't go girl," before looking out at the audience and smiling widely as he yells into his microphone, "And now, here is 3 Deep!"

Joshua is the first to run out, wearing baggy black jeans, and an oversized black t-shirt, and gives Aaron a high five. Josh is followed by Eddie and then CJ. Eddie is wearing baggy black jeans and an oversized white t-shirt, and CJ is wearing baggy white jeans and an oversized black t-shirt. Eddie and CJ both high five Aaron, before he runs off of the stage, and the music for "Never Gonna Give Up" begins pouring out of the speakers as the fans continue going wild.

3 Deep also performs, "Get Down On It," "Love Charade," and "Rain," before the three guys grab each other's hands, bow, and then look out into the audience.

"Minneapolis? Are you ready?" yells Josh into his microphone. The audience screams.

"I can't hear you, I said are you ready?" yells Eddie into his microphone, as the audience screams even louder.

"Then, here is the lovely, incomparable, Britney Spears!" yells CJ, as Britney appears on stage, giving a hand shake to Josh, Eddie, and CJ, and a quick peck on the cheek to CJ, as her dancers line up in back of her and start dancing, as she begins to perform, "The Beat Goes On," followed by "(You Drive Me) Crazy."

"And now, the one, and only, Backstreet Boys!" yells Britney as she runs off the stage, and five guys run out wearing matching black Armani suits, different colored shirts, and hats.

The announcer begins calling off their names, as each of them turns around to face the audience, their faces not visible with the low lighting. The audience members begin to wonder, if these are the Backstreet Boys or not, considering that they don't all appear as though they're the right height or build.

Suddenly, five more guys run out onto the stage, dressed exactly like the others.

"What's going on here?" replies one of the newcomers, "Who are these guys?"

"We're the Backstreet Boys," the other five guys reply.

"No you're not! We're the Backstreet Boys," replies the five guys who just came onto the stage.

Now the audience is totally quiet, as they haven't a clue who is telling the truth and who's lying, and just as some of the audience members decide they've figured it out, five more guys run out onto the stage wearing black Armani suits, various colored shirts, and black fedoras.

"Whoa! What's going on?"

"Who are these guys?"

"We're the Backstreet Boys!" yell the first group that ran out.

"No, we're the Backstreet Boys!" yells the second group that ran out.

"How can you be the Backstreet Boys? We're the Backstreet Boys!" yells the third group.

By now the audience is totally bewildered as to who is the real Backstreet Boys, and who the impersonators are, and they stay quiet as they try to figure it out.

"Alright, audience, we need your help," replies the third group out, "We're all going to sing the first verse and chorus of our song "Larger Than Life", and then you decide who you think the real Backstreet Boys are!"

The crowd goes crazy as the music to "Larger Than Life" begins blaring through the speakers, and all fifteen guys begin doing the dance moves to the song perfectly.

The first group claiming to be the Backstreet Boys steps out in front of everyone else, and begins to sing the first verse.


I may run and hide
When you're screamin my name, alright
But let me tell you now
There are prices to fame, alright
All of our time spent in flashes of light

All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life

As the first group finishes, one of them yells out, "Audience, now aren't we obviously the Backstreet Boys?"

The audience suddenly yells, "NO!!!" as the first five guys step into the background as the third group out steps up front, and begins to sing.

I may run and hide
When you're screamin my name, alright
But let me tell you now
There are prices to fame, alright
All of our time spent in flashes of light

All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life

The audience again shouts "NO!!!" as the third group goes to the back, as the second group comes forward.

I may run and hide
When you're screamin my name, alright
But let me tell you now
There are prices to fame, alright
All of our time spent in flashes of light

All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life

As the second group finishes the first verse and chorus of "Larger Than Life", the audience screams and yells, thinking that they have now found the correct Backstreet Boys.

"Audience you're right," replies Kevin as he and the other Backstreet Boys remove their hats and five spotlights shine down on the real Backstreet Boys, "And now, to identify our impersonators."

"First group please step forward," replies Howie, as the first group out steps forward.

"Please give a warm welcome to Drew Lachey, Nick Lachey, Justin Jeffre, and Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, and Joshua Morrow of 3 Deep," replies Brian, as the five guys remove their hats, bow, as the crowd goes wild.

"Third group please step forward," replies AJ, as the third group out steps forward.

"Please give a warm welcome to JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Joey Fatone of 'N Sync!" replies Nick, as the five guys remove their hats, bow, as the crowd once again goes wild.

Joshua Morrow runs to the side of the stage to watch his love perform with the other guys.

Once again the music for "Larger Than Life" begins to play, as the real Backstreet Boys sing, and dance in front, with 98 Degrees and 'N Sync perfectly pulling off the dance moves associated with the song.

About half way through "Larger Than Life," the Backstreet Boys move back as 'N Sync comes forward, and the music is replaced with the music for "Tearin' Up My Heart," as the guys of 'N Sync sing and dance in the front, with the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees doing the dance moves perfectly in the back.

Again, about half way through "Tearin' Up My Heart," 'N Sync moves into the background as 98 Degrees steps forward and begins performing, "Heat It Up."

Half way through, "Heat It Up," the music changes to "Larger Than Life" again, as the Backstreet Boys come back up front and finish the song. Then 'N Sync finishes up "Tearin' Up My Heart," and then 98 Degrees finishes up "Heat It Up."

All of the guys of 98 Degrees, 'N Sync, and the Backstreet Boys bow, and then run off the stage as several explosives go off, filling the air with smoke. When the smoke clears, the music for "Crazy Little Party Girl" begins to play as Aaron performs his song. When it ends, Aaron runs off stage, and Kevin runs out to perform his solo.

After Kevin, comes Howie, Brian, Nick, and finally AJ doing their solos, before 98 Degrees comes out to perform "Still," "I Do (Cherish You)," and "Because of You."

Then comes 'N Sync, performing "Sailing," "I Want You Back," and "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You." Then Britney comes back out to perform "Email My Heart."

After Britney, the Backstreet Boys come out to perform "All I Have To Give," "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" and "We've Got It Going On." All the time the fans absolutely loving the show, none of them seemingly upset by the fact that the concert has just entered its 3rd hour.

3 Deep comes out on stage to perform "Lost In Your Eyes," before the music for "Baby One More Time" begins playing as Britney and her dancers run out on stage for her finale.

Once Britney finishes her finale, the music for "The Hardest Thing" starts playing as 98 Degrees runs out and performs their finale. Then comes 'N Sync performing "I Drive Myself Crazy," as their finale, and finally, the Backstreet Boys performing "I Want It That Way," as their finale.

Upon the finish of "I Want It That Way," all the performers run back out on stage and bow for the audience as sparks begin shooting up into the air, and several explosives begin going off, as the concert ends.

Nick & Brian - Part 39 Written by JCV

About an hour and a half after the concert, Joshua Morrow, sits in the room of Eddie Cibrian, talking with Eddie and CJ, a group meeting of sorts. Now, in reality, this meeting could have waited until they were all on the bus tomorrow, but the reason that they're meeting now, is because Kevin asked them to delay Josh for awhile, so he could set some things up in their room.

Suddenly, Eddie's cell phone rings, and Eddie walks over to the bathroom door, goes in, and closes the door behind him.

"Hello, this is Eddie."

"Hey, Eddie, its me Kevin."

"Oh, hey Kevin."

"I just called to ask you to send that cute boyfriend of mine over here," replies Kevin, "Everything is ready.

"So, if you don't mind me asking, I assume tonight you will be taking away Josh's virginity?"

"You mean?"

"Yes, Kev, Josh is still very much so a virgin," replies Eddie, "You didn't know that?"

"No, I didn't, of course, the truth be told, I'm still a virgin myself," replies Kevin, "I know, for a person my age, that probably sounds bad, but I just haven't found the right guy yet, at least, that is until I met Josh."

"Yeah, I know the feeling," replies Eddie, "I think I may have found Mr. I mean, Mrs. Right, myself."

"No, no, no, Eddie, you said Mr." replies Kevin, "So who's the lucky guy?"

"Think, who besides me abstained from that vote that we had the other night?"


"Yeah, James is the best."


"You mean you didn't know? James is actually his first name, Lance is his middle name."

"I knew, its just that I've never heard anyone call him that before, that's all."

"Oh, okay, well, I'll talk ta ya later, and I'll tell that sexy boy in my room to get over to you."

"Hey, watch it, that's my man you're talking about," replies Kevin with a laugh.

"Okay, well get ready, cause that man is heading your way," replies Eddie, as he presses the 'End' button on his cell phone and exits the bathroom.

"Hey, Josh, that was Kevin, he wants his sexy hunk of a man downstairs to your room asap."

Josh turns a few shades of red as Eddie says that, in front of CJ. He must have picked up on it cause he then replies, "Nothing to be embarrassed about Josh, if I was gay, and I didn't have Britney, I'd probably go after Kevin myself, so get downstairs, and be snappy about it."

Josh simply smiles as he leaps up from the chair he was sitting in and bolts out of the room. Eddie and CJ start laughing at Josh's quick exit, and CJ replies, "Sheesh, you would think that he thinks he's getting some tonight."

Eddie laughs at that, before leaning over and whispering into CJ's ear, "He is Ceej, he is."

"You mean?"

"Yeah, Ceej, Kev is going to take Josh's virginity tonight, and Josh will more then likely end up taking Kevin's."

Meanwhile, downstairs on the floor reserved for the Backstreet Boys & 'N Sync, Joshua Morrow walks calmly off of the elevator and heads for the room that he shares with Kevin. He arrives at the door, takes out his wallet, and removes the card key from it, which he quickly puts into the slot on the door, and opens it.

When Josh enters the room, he cannot believe his eyes. The room is bathed in the soft glow of at least fifty candles, dozens of red and white roses are scattered about the room, and "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You" plays softly in the background, as Josh comes further into the room.

When he does, is when he finally spies Kevin, laying on their bed, wearing a blue silk robe, and blue silk lounge pants, holding a box wrapped with shiny gold paper and a huge red and silver bow. Upon seeing him, Kevin beckons Josh to come over and sit down between his legs. Josh quickly strips himself down to his black boxer-briefs and complies.

"Hello, my gorgeous angel," replies Kevin in a sweet tone as Josh sits down between his legs. Kevin wraps his arms around Josh, and begins kissing his neck, as Josh reaches back and gently rubs the back of Kevin's head.

"I have something for you," replies Kevin as he gently places the box in Josh's lap, "Open it."

Josh quickly removes the bow, and then rips open the shiny gold paper, to reveal a white box. Josh carefully opens the box, and pushes aside the tissue paper, to reveal a matching blue silk robe, and blue silk lounge pants, just like what Kevin is wearing. Josh smiles as he removes the two articles of clothing from the box, and sets it aside, before standing up, and pulling the silk lounge pants onto his legs, and then pulling the robe on.

Before Josh can tie the robe shut however, Kevin stands up, and stands in front of Josh, their chests pressing together tightly, as Kevin ties the belt of his own robe around Josh, and Josh then ties the belt of his robe around Kevin, and they smile brightly at each other as they pull each other into a deep and passionate kiss, their tongues exploring each other's mouths.

They gently and carefully lay themselves down on the bed, with Kevin laying on top of Josh, as they begin to grind their hips together. The two of them continue to kiss each other on the lips for several minutes, before Kevin breaks the kiss, and the two of them get up off the bed. They untie the belts of their robes, as Kevin pushes Josh's from his shoulders, and Josh pushes Kevin's from his shoulders, and the two robes fall swiftly to the floor as Josh and Kevin pull each other into a deep embrace, hugging onto each other as if their lives depended on it, as they enter yet another deep and passionate kiss.

As the kiss continues, Kevin works his hands gently over Josh's back, massaging every inch of it, before his hands drop down to the waistband of Josh's silk lounge pants, as Kevin deftly pushes them down, and they too fall to the floor in a heap. Josh, now feeling that Kevin is overdressed, gently pushes down Kevin's blue silk lounge pants, and the two of them step out of them.

During the course of their relationship, this is as far as they've ever gotten, as in down to their underwear. They've yet to even see each other completely naked, except for in the shower. The closest they've come to actually having sex, is frottage, while still wearing their underwear. But tonight, Kevin plans on changing that, and Josh hopes that's what Kevin plans on doing.

As "All I Have To Give" by the Backstreet Boys begins to play on the stereo, Kevin and Josh begin to dance, simply enjoying being in each other's arms, feeling immensely comfortable.

As they dance, Kevin works his way into the back of Josh's underwear, and Josh works his way into the back of Kevin's underwear, as the two of them carefully massage the cheeks of their asses, while dancing, and grinding their hips together in a rhythmic pattern.

Soon, both Josh and Kevin become very aware of the raging hard-ons that are begging for release from their boxer-briefs. They look into each other's eyes, and smile at each other, as Josh begins to push down Kevin's blue boxer-briefs, and Kevin begins to push down Josh's black boxer-briefs. Soon the boxer-briefs are falling to the floor and Josh and Kevin are stepping out of them as their raging hard ons rub against each other.

Kevin and Josh lay down on their bed, and Kevin begins to gently kiss Josh's neck, before beginning his descent lower. Kevin stops for a few minutes to pay attention to Josh's pecs, as he plants a kiss on first the right, then the left, before continuing downward, Josh totally enjoying the sensations that Kevin is giving him. As Kevin reaches the main event, he simply admires it for a few minutes. And what a sight it is, Josh's tool must be at least 9 1/2 inches long, rock hard, and thick.

Josh is suddenly in total ecstasy as Kevin takes his manmeat into his mouth and begins a very slow, very gentle up and down movement. As Kevin does this Josh reaches down and begins to gently rub the back of Kevin's head, running his fingers through his hair, and totally enjoying the new sensations that Kevin is giving him.

"Oh, my god, Kevin, that feels so good," replies Josh, more in a moan of ecstasy and pleasure, as Kevin begins speeding up in his up and down movements on Josh's raging cock. Kevin continues his up and down movements, getting faster and faster and much more vigorous as Josh's body begins to tense up, and Josh realizes that he is very close to cumming.

"Oh, god Kevin! I'm gonna..." is all that Josh can get out before he begins to shoot volley after volley of his thick salty sweet cum into Kevin's mouth, who begins to greedily drink as much as he possibly can, some of it escaping and dripping from the corners of Kevin's mouth.

As Kevin removes his mouth from Josh's tool, he moves up to Josh's mouth and the two of them kiss each other passionately on the lips, as they share the cum in Kevin's mouth that he wasn't able to swallow. When they break the kiss, Josh gently licks away his cum from the corners of Kevin's mouth before he gently kisses Kevin on the nose.

The two of them roll around on the bed so that Kevin is on the bottom and Josh is on the top as Josh begins to mimic Kevin's movements, kissing his way down Kevin's neck and chest, stopping to plant two large kisses on first Kevin's left, then his right pec, before continuing to kiss his way down Kevin's well-sculpted chest and abdomen. Josh however decides to prolong the experience a little bit longer by continuing past Kevin's tool, and kissing his way down Kevin's left leg, before he eventually takes Kevin's foot in his hand and begins to kiss each of the toes on Kevin's left foot, which makes Kevin giggle.

Josh then takes Kevin's right foot, kisses the toes on it, before kissing his way back up Kevin's right leg to the main event, Kevin's rock hard tool which must be at least 8 1/2 to 9 inches long. Josh sticks out his tongue and licks the drop of precum off of the large reddish-purple head of Kevin's tool, before engulfing it. Surprisingly, Josh is able to take almost all of it into his mouth without choking. Josh begins a slow up and down movement on Kevin's cock, while Kevin gently runs his hands through Josh's hair.

Josh's movements begin to get gradually faster and faster and much more vigorous, the entire time, Kevin is wreathing in total ecstasy and pleasure. Its true that neither Kevin or Josh has never done this to anyone, but that seemingly doesn't matter, as Kevin performed like a pro, and Josh is doing it just as well, if not maybe a little better, than Kevin.

Josh continues his fast and vigorous up and down movements on Kevin for quite awhile, until finally, Kevin can feel his body tensing up, and the orgasm mounting. "Josh, baby, I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." is all Kevin can get out before volley after volley of Kevin's succulently salty sweet cum begins to flood Josh's mouth, and Josh does his best to drink as much of it as possible, some of it escaping from the corners of his mouth.

Josh slowly removes his mouth from Kevin's tool and works his way back up to Kevin's mouth, as the two of them kiss each other passionately, their tongues wrestling playfully in each other's mouths, sharing the cum that Josh didn't swallow. Upon the end of the kiss, Kevin looks up at Josh, and smiles.

"You know, I had planned on taking your virginity tonight, and I was hoping that you could do me the same favor," replies Kevin, "But, its after midnight now, and we have to wake up in about another 2 hours to get onto the bus and head for Sioux Falls."

"I don't care if I lose my virginity to you tonight or two weeks from now," replies Josh, "As long as we can do what we just did, I'm content."

"Sure no problem, Josh."

"Oh, and no more frottage," replies Josh, "Only sucking off, and eventually making love, but no frottage!"

"No problem, honey," replies Kevin with a slight laugh as he pulls Josh into an intimate embrace and yet another passionate kiss, their tongues once again wrestling around playfully in each other's mouths.

Before they fall asleep, Kevin and Josh quickly blow out all of the candles, turn of the portable stereo, and then get into bed.

"I love you Kev."

"I love you more, J."

Kevin and Josh kiss each other one last time, before they cuddle up to each other and fall fast asleep in each other's arms, totally content.

Exactly two hours later, the telephones in all of the rooms reserved for BSB, 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, 3 Deep, Britney, and Aaron ring with the morning wake up calls which were set for 2:30 am. Everybody reluctantly gets out of bed, grabs showers to wake up, gets dressed, grabs their luggage, and heads downstairs.

They all quickly stop off at the front desk to check out, before the bellhops grab the majority of their luggage and carry it out to the tour bus, as the driver is unlocking the under-the-bus luggage compartments.

"You know, I really hate tour buses," replies Britney as she walks out with the others, "Especially when I have to share one seventeen bums, but Ceej makes it a little bit more bearable."

Everyone laughs at that as CJ blows Britney a kiss, as they all get onto the bus, and the driver starts it up and heads off for Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Nick & Brian - Part 40 Written by JCV

Its been a month since the tour took the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, Britney, 3 Deep, and Aaron to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And now, everyone sits in the rear lounge of the tour bus, waiting for Kevin to go over the itinerary that was faxed to him early this morning.

"So, what's up Kev?" asks Brian.

Kevin replies, "We're headed for Los Angeles, California, where we have a concert the night we arrive, and then a week off, before we head for our next destination.

"Any idea where we're going after Los Angeles?" asks NL.

"Well, yes, actually," replies Kevin, "We have a concert in Las Vegas."

"Hmm, I wonder what we should do for those days off?" replies Drew, with a huge grin as he gives Jeff an erotic stare.

"Oh no you two," replies Lance, "Unfortunately for you guys, you won't be able to spend every waking moment in bed together, we have plans."

"What?" asks AJ.

"Well, having concerts and several days off while in Los Angeles means that we can have some fun..." begins Kevin.

"But spending every waking moment in bed with my hot stud of a boyfriend would be fun!" replies Drew, interrupting Kevin, as he hugs onto Jeff tightly, and Jeff turns several shades of red.

"Not that kind of fun," replies Kevin with a grin, "Even though, trust me I know that it is very fun."

As Kevin says that he throws Josh an erotic stare and Josh mouths the words, "I love you Kev."

"Okay well, what kind of fun did you have in mind Kev?" asks Justin.

"Well, there are several theme parks in Southern California," replies Kevin, "Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Disneyland."

"Well, that sounds good," replies Chris, "Coasters here I come!"

"Ya know Chris? You are a 5-year-old trapped in a 27-year-old's body," replies Joey.

Everyone bursts out laughing at Joey's comment, as Chris decides to prove Joey correct by jumping around the room like a 5-year-old who's had too much sugar.

After about another 3 hours of driving, the driver stops the bus in front of the Park Hyatt Los Angeles, and tells the guys and Britney, that they have arrived. The hotel staff helps unloading the luggage, and the guys are all quickly checked into their rooms at the hotel, before they get into the three waiting limousines and are taken over to the venue for their Los Angeles concert, before they get their three days off, starting tomorrow.

Several hours later, nineteen exhausted performers enter the Park Hyatt Los Angeles and all go up their rooms, completely drained and totally exhausted from their concert.

The next morning, about half an hour before sunrise, Drew wakes up and gets scared when he realizes that not only is Jeff not holding him, but Jeff is nowhere to be found. Drew looks over to the bathroom door, and sees it open and the lights off. As Drew contemplates where his boyfriend might be, he happens to notice that there's a very light breeze blowing in the room, and that the curtains on the balcony doors are blowing gently in the morning breeze.

Drew quickly gets out of bed and pulls on a pair of white cotton boxer-briefs and an over-sized white t-shirt and steps out onto the balcony.

"Good morning," replies Jeff as Drew comes out.

"Good morning, my gorgeously beautiful angel," replies Drew as he straddles Jeff, and starts kissing him passionately on the lips. Jeff reaches his hands under Drew's t-shirt and begins to gently rub his back as they kiss each other, their tongues probing into each other's mouth in a highly erotic dance.

As the kiss ends, Drew smiles widely at Jeff and replies, "That's a much better way to wake up."

"Compared to?" asks Jeff with a smile, as he kisses the tip of Drew's nose, which causes him to giggle.

"Compared to waking up without your arms wrapped around me," replies Drew, "God, Jeff, that was scary. For a minute I almost thought that you had left me."

"Never! I could never leave my baby," replies Jeff, "Drew, babe, I love you more then life itself, and I always will. Don't forget that."

"I won't, as long as you don't forget that I feel the same way," replies Drew as he pulls Jeff into yet another passionate kiss, their tongues continuing their erotic dance as Drew grinds his hips into Jeff's.

There kiss lasts for several minutes more, before Drew gets up from the chair, and pulls Jeff along with him. The two of them go back into the bedroom, and Drew closes the balcony doors. Both Drew and Jeff strip down to nothing, and lay down on the bed in each other's arms and begin kissing each other passionately again, continuing the erotic dance of their tongues as they grind their hips into each other's.

Drew breaks the kiss, and looks deep into Jeff's eyes. "Jeff, baby, make love to me," replies Drew in a seductively erotic voice to which Jeff simply cannot resist.

"Okay, babe, anything for you," replies Jeff in an equally seductive voice, as he reaches over to the nightstand and pulls out lubricant and a condom. Drew lays on his stomach, as Jeff unwraps the condom and carefully slips it over his rock hard eight-and-a-half inch tool, before applying some lubricant to Drew's hole, which causes Drew to moan slightly.

Jeff slips a finger into Drew's hole to try and loosen him up a little. Jeff then inserts a second and a third finger into Drew's ass, as Drew moans from the pleasurable feeling of Jeff finger-fucking him. When Jeff is satisfied that Drew is lose enough, he positions the head of his cock over Drew's hole, and whispers, "Ready, babe?"

"Yes, J, come on babe," replies Drew in an even more seductively erotic voice then he used before, as Jeff smiles and leans forward. Drew winces in pain as Jeff's member begins its entrance into him, but Drew knows from experience that this pain will not last, and that pleasure will very soon follow. Jeff slowly and gently moves his member deeper and deeper into Drew, once he's all the way in, he stops for a moment, and leans down to kiss Drew's neck.

Jeff kisses and licks on Drew's neck for a few minutes, before sucking on Drew's left shoulder for a minute, giving him a rather large cranberry-colored hickey.

"Okay, babe, I'm ready," moans out Drew as he has now recovered from the pain of Jeff's entry into his body. Jeff smiles and sits up, and begins a very slow in and out movement in Drew's ass, as Drew arches his back up off of the bed, and takes Jeff's hands. Drew quickly applies lubricant to Jeff's fingers and his own raging hard nine-inch tool and has Jeff make love to him while also jacking him off. Drew reaches behind him and grabs Jeff's hips to make his in and out movement a little easier.

"Oh, Jeff!" moans Drew at the pleasure that Jeff is giving him, "Oh god, that feels so good!"

Jeff continues his in and out motion in Drew's hole, beginning to go slightly more faster and get more vigorous in his thrusts. Jeff also begins to speed up his movements on Drew's cock, all the while Drew is moaning and groaning in complete pleasure and total ecstasy.

As Jeff continues his movements in and out of Drew's ass and up and down on Drew's tool, Jeff leans forward and begins to kiss Drew's neck, both of them experiencing more pleasure then they've ever felt before in their love-making sessions.

Drew can feel his body beginning to tense up, as Jeff quickens his pace on Drew's tool. Drew begins to moan uncontrollably and replies, "Oh, god, Jeff, baby, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, gonna." Drew suddenly lets out a loud resounding moan and yells Jeff's name as he begins to shoot load after load of his sweet and succulent juices onto the bedsheets.

Drew's orgasm tightens his hole around Jeff's cock, and Jeff begins to moan in pleasure, as he too feels his body tensing up, and he knows that he will be coming soon.

"Oh, God, YES!! Drew, baby, yes!!" yells Jeff as he begins to shoot volley after volley of his warm cum into the condom buried deep inside of Drew's ass. By this time both Jeff and Drew are covered in beads of sweat, as they collapse on top of each other on the bed and try to recover from their recent orgasms.

After about fifteen minutes, the two of them get up off of the bed, and Jeff discards the condom in the wastebasket, as Drew leads Jeff into the bathroom for a shower.

An hour and a half later, everybody is gathered in Kevin and Josh's room eating breakfast, and trying to decide where they should go today.

"So, where should we go today?" asks Kevin, as he feeds grapes to Josh, "Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios Hollywood, or Disneyland?"

"Remember to keep in mind that we have a week off," replies Lance, "So no matter where we decide to go, we'll be able to get to all three parks at least once."

"Okay, well, how about this," replies Josh as he grabs a pad of paper from the nightstand and two packages of pens, "Everyone take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down your choice, and then which ever park gets the most is where we'll go today, the next highest tomorrow and so on?"

"That sounds cool, Josh," replies Drew, as he takes a piece of paper and a pen, everybody else following in suit.

Everybody folds their papers in half and then hand them to Kevin for vote counting.

"Okay, lets see, one for Universal," replies Kevin as he reads the first piece of paper, "1 for Six Flags, 2 for Universal.."

The results are 10 for Six Flags, 5 for Universal, and 4 for Disneyland.

"Alright, we're going to Six Flags Magic Mountain today, Universal tomorrow, and Disneyland on Wednesday," replies Kevin, "Alright, come on people, lets go, Six Flags awaits!"

Everybody gets up and puts their discarded breakfast plates on the room service cart which is wheeled out into the hallway before the guys and Britney, all head down the elevators to the lobby. Kevin stops by the front desk and picks up the keys for the rental that he earlier this morning, and everybody then goes out back to the loading dock to get into their rented blue Dodge Caravan. They of course used the rear exit to avoid being ambushed by the seemingly hundreds of fans camped out in front of the hotel.

The drive to Six Flags Magic Mountain was relatively short, and soon Kevin is parking the van in the parking lot, and everybody is getting out and heading for the park.

As they approach the ticket booths, some of the guys start pulling out their wallets. Kevin notices this and stops them, "Oh no you guys, as weird as this may seem, management has already taken care of the tickets," replies Kevin as he pulls out a manila colored envelope marked "Six Flags." From within it, Kevin pulls out eighteen adult admission tickets and one child admission ticket. The child ticket of course is for ten-year-old Aaron Carter.

Kevin hands out the tickets and replies, "These are 2 day passes by the way, so we can come back later in the week if we want."

"Alright," replies Chris, a little over-anxiously, to which everyone just laughs, as they all head for the turnstiles, showing the guard there 2 day passes, who waves them into the park.

Once inside, they all break up into five smaller groups, deciding to meet for lunch in three hours. The groups are as follows: Group 1 - Britney, CJ, Lance, and Eddie; Group 2 - Kevin, Josh, Justin, and JC; Group 3 - Nick, Brian, Aaron, Drew, and Jeff; Group 4 - Howie, AJ, Chris, and Joey; Group 5 - NL and JJ.

"So, where should we go first?" asks Nick, as he sits with Brian, Drew, Jeff, and Aaron perusing a map of the park.

"Well, I don't do roller coasters, so, if you guys want, I can just watch," replies Brian.

"Why don't you do roller coasters, Brian?" asks Drew.

"My baby is deathly afraid of heights," replies Nick, as he gives Brian ones of the dumb grins that Brian is famous for.

"Well, come on Brian, roller coasters aren't that bad," replies Jeff, "Anyway, you'll have Nick there with you to protect you."

"Yeah, come on, babe, I won't let anything happen to you," replies Nick, "Roller coasters are actually very fun, you just have to give them a chance."

"Yeah, Brian, come on," replies Aaron, as he starts pulling on Brian's hand.

"Oh, okay, as long as Nick is there with me, I guess I can handle it," replies Brian, "I hope."

"Alright! Well, how about the Riddler's Revenge?" asks Jeff.

"Sounds good, lets go," replies Drew, as the five guys head off towards the ride. Nick and Aaron pulling Brian along, as he still is highly afraid of getting onto a roller coaster.

When the five guys arrive at the entrance to the Riddler's Revenge coaster, Brian tries to chicken out, but Aaron and Nick get Brian onto the ride with help from Jeff and Drew.

The Riddler's Revenge is the world's tallest and fastest stand-up roller coaster. It combines standard roller coaster technology with a twist, riders stand, not sit, as they race at sixty-five miles an hour head-over-heels six times over nearly one mile of twisting, looping, inverted steel track for nearly three out-of-control minutes.

"Brian, we're off the ride now, its okay to open your eyes," replies Nick, "And could you let go of my hand, you're cutting off my circulation."

"Oh, sorry," replies Brian, shakily, as he tries to recover from the threshold of absolute terror, and loosens his grip on Nick's hand.

"Ready for another coaster, Bri?" asks Jeff.

"NO!!!" replies Brian in complete and total terror at the thought of getting on another roller coaster.

"Well, too bad, you're going on one," replies Drew, as Nick, Aaron, Jeff, and Drew drag Brian, who by this time is practically kicking and screaming, to the next ride, Superman The Escape.

"Oh god, please don't make me get on another coaster," begs Brian, "Please Nick, I'm begging you, for the love of god, no!"

"Brian, I hate to exercise tough love with you," replies Nick, "But the only way that you will overcome your fear of heights is to face it."

"Nick is right Brian, you have to face your fear," replies Jeff, "That way you can overcome it and be a stronger person because of it."

Brian's pleas do not stop Drew, Jeff, Nick, and Aaron in their quest to make Brian overcome his fear, as they get him onto Superman The Escape. Guests escape through a special-effects tunnel in 15-passenger vehicles before experiencing the thrill of a life time. State-of-the-art electromagnetic motors blast the aerodynamic vehicles out of the station, accelerating from zero to one hundred miles per hour in seven seconds just before shooting straight up the forty-one story tower. An unprecedented 6.5 seconds of weightlessness is experienced as riders rocket to the top and then slowly begin the terrifying backward descent. As trains free fall straight down the skyscraper, they will once again enter the one hundred mile per hour speed zone, before safely returning to Earth. Spanning more than nine hundred feet across the theme park and looming four hundred fifteen feet above the ground, the dual track coaster forms a gigantic "L" shaped superstructure, dramatically changing Six Flags Magic Mountain's skyline.

"Okay, okay, I'm over my fear of heights," replies Brian, hoping that his friends will not pick up on the fact that he is lying through his teeth.

"Don't believe him," replies Nick, "Brian, I know you. Remember I am your fiancÚ, I can tell when you're lying, and you are lying."

"Please, Nick, god, I'm begging you," replies Brian as he gets down on his hands and knees, "Don't make me get on another roller coaster!!"

"Alright, Brian, you don't have to get on any more roller coasters," replies Nick.

"Thank you Nick!!" replies Brian as he jumps up and hugs him.

"I suppose I'll just have to break up with you," replies Nick, as he gives Brian a look which says, "I am dead serious."

Brian looks at Nick for a moment, and contemplates which he fears more. Heights, or living life without Nick.

"How about we go on Batman the Ride now?" asks Brian, hoping this will change Nick's mind on breaking up with him.

"Nope, not good enough," replies Nick, still very serious.

"Oh god Nick, please! I'll do anything! Just don't break up with me," pleads Brian, as Aaron, Jeff, and Drew watch the show with confusion, and slight amusement. They aren't really sure if Nick's threat is serious or not. If this is just a form of reverse psychology to get Brian to go on more roller coasters and attempt to overcome his fear, or is Nick really willing to break up with Brian.

"Brian, in order to prevent me from breaking up with you," replies Nick, "You have to ride Superman the Escape again."

"Alright, sure, let's go," replies Brian as he starts walking back to the ride entrance.

"Alone," yells Nick after Brian, who stops dead in his tracks, and turns to look at Nick and then up at the coaster.

Brian spends about a minute looking at Nick and the coaster, before turning around, and walking to the ride entrance. Drew, Jeff, Nick, and Aaron run after him, to make sure that he actually does get on to the ride, and believe it or not, he does.

Before the ride's operator starts the coaster, Nick jumps in next to Brian, motioning for Jeff, Aaron, and Drew to do the same. Brian looks at Nick with confusion in his eyes.

"Brian, just the fact that you were willing to ride this all alone is enough for me," replies Nick with a smile, "It's a step in the right direction."

Nick takes Brian's hand, and gently kisses it, before the ride starts, and Brian realizes that maybe roller coasters aren't so bad. Compared to losing Nick, they are the least most terrifying things in the world. Brian realizes that riding a roller coaster, won't kill him, but losing Nick in his life would.

Meanwhile, Kevin, Josh, Justin, and JC are getting onto another roller coaster in the park, the Psyclone. The Psyclone is a classic wooden roller coaster, built to be a replica of New York's legendary Coney Island Cyclone built in 1927 during the "Golden Age of Roller Coasters." Psyclone's massive wooden structure provides a traditional and relentless riding experience because of the unnerving sounds of creaking wood and screaming wheels combined with the steep drops and high-banked twists and turns.

After Drew, Jeff, Brian, Nick, and Aaron get off of Superman the Escape for the third time, Brian tells the others to go on to Batman the Ride alone, as he has something that he needs to take care off first, and that he'll meet them in front of Batman the Ride in about twenty minutes. They agree, and Brian goes off in one direction, with Jeff, Drew, Nick, and Aaron going off in the other.

Fifteen minutes later, Brian is walking back to Batman the Ride, thinking to himself, "Well, if this doesn't prove to them, and myself, that I'm over my fear of heights, nothing will."

Drew, Jeff, Nick, and Aaron try to get it out of Brian what he had to go take care of, but Brian refuses to tell them, saying, "It's a surprise, you'll find out on Thursday."

Everybody meets back at the designated meeting place on time, and they all head over to one of the park's restaurants to eat lunch, before splitting up into their individual groups again to go out and enjoy more of the rides. The group of nineteen performers stay at Six Flags until closing time, before finally heading back to their hotel, completely tired out after their long day of fun, knowing that they will need their sleep for tomorrow's excursion to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Nick & Brian - Part 41 Written by JCV

The next day at eight o'clock am, after having gathered in Brian and Nick's room for breakfast, everybody heads downstairs via the service elevators, and heads out to the hotel's loading dock, where the rented Caravan is. Everybody gets in, Justin starts the car, and they're off for today's activity; Universal Studios Hollywood.

Again, management was gracious enough to pay for 2 day passes into USH, which still is a slight surprise to everyone, but they decide that it would be stupid to complain to management for paying their admission fees into the theme parks of Southern California. Everybody breaks off into the groups that they were in yesterday, and heads off in different directions hoping to have a marvelously fun time. They all agree to meet back at the Ristorante Italia in the Upper Lot for lunch in three hours.

Kevin, Josh, Justin, and JC are sitting around in the Upper Lot of USH trying to figure out where to go first.

"Hmm, well, where should we go?" asks Justin as he looks at the map of the park, "Let's see here, Back to the Future, Jaws, Psycho House and the Bates Motel, Dante's Peak, Terminator T2: 3D, King Kong, Jurassic Park the Ride, Streets of the World, Backdraft, Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue, Earthquake, E.T., Cinemagic, Wild Wild Wild West, or Waterworld.

"How about Jaws first?" asks JC.

"It's okay with me," replies Justin, "What about you two?"

"It's okay with me," replies Josh, "What about you Kevy?"

"Sure, okay, sounds good," replies Kevin, "Ya know you're the only person that I will allow to call me Kevy, don't ya J?"

"Which J?" replies JC, Justin, and Josh in unison, to which they all start laughing as the head off to ride Jaws.

In another part of the park, Britney and CJ are coming out of Cinemagic, while holding hands. They split up from Lance and Eddie, as they wanted to go to the Psycho House and the Bates Motel before they went to Cinemagic. Britney and CJ find a secluded bench under a tree and sit down as they begin to make out. They're so wrapped up in their kissing that they never notice the two others approaching them.

"Ya know you two are so lucky!" replies one of them.

"Why is that?" replies CJ, as he reluctantly breaks his kiss with Britney.

"Because you two can show your affection for each other in public," replies the other guy, "We can't."

"Well, Howie, AJ, this is a pretty secluded spot, under this weeping willow," replies Britney, "Why don't you two sit down, and kiss for a few minutes, and Ceej and I will keep watch for you."

"Really?" asks AJ, happy at the thought of getting to kiss his beloved boyfriend, Howie.

"Yeah, go ahead, just don't make it a really long kiss," replies CJ, "Brit and I want to be able to go on a few more of the rides before we have to meet back up with everybody for lunch."

Howie and AJ nod in understanding, and sit down on the bench, as they begin to passionately kiss each other on the lips.

"They actually do look kinda cute together," replies Britney, "Don't they Ceej?"

"Yeah, actually, they do," replies CJ with a grin, "But not as cute as us."

Britney smiles at CJ and plants a kiss on the tip of his nose, to which he just grins, as Howie and AJ enter their third minute of lip exercises. Britney and CJ watch them for about another minute, before they start kissing themselves.

After about seven minutes of non-stop kissing, Howie and AJ finally come up for air, to see Britney and CJ standing near them, passionately kissing each other on the lips.

After watching Britney and CJ kiss for about four minutes, Howie clears his throat, and the two of them break their kiss.

"Oh, sorry," replies Britney, looking slightly embarrassed.

"Don't be," replies AJ, "You two look cute together."

"Thanks," replies CJ.

"So, how about we all go and ride something?" asks Howie.

"What happened to Chris and Joey?" asks Britney.

"Oh, well Howie and I wanted to go on the Back to the Future ride, and they wanted to go on Jurassic Park the Ride, so we split up," replies AJ.

"Oh, same here," replies CJ, "Britney and I went to Cinemagic, while Lance and Eddie went to the Psycho House and the Bates Motel."

"So, where should we go?" asks Britney.

"How about Jurassic Park, and the Psycho?" asks Howie.

"Oh, I don't know," replies Britney, "I might get to scared going into the Psycho House, and the Bates Motel."

"Don't worry Brit," replies CJ, "Howie, AJ, and I will protect you."

"Yeah, Brit, we won't let Old Mrs. Bates hurt you," replies AJ with a grin, as he and Howie stand up and head off with Britney and CJ for Jurassic Park the Ride, and then the Psycho House and the Bates Motel.

Brian and Nick walk through the park, having just gotten off of the Terminator T2: 3D ride. Drew and Jeff took Aaron and went to Cinemagic. Brian and Nick come to a small bench overlooking the river for the Jaws ride, two large weeping willow trees giving the area a very secluded feeling. Something Brian and Nick certainly have no problems with.

The two of them walk over and sit down on the bench, and look down over the people on the Jaws ride. Nick is wearing a pair of khaki shorts, a blue t-shirt, a tan sweater vest, a pair of dark sunglasses, and a Kentucky Wildcats hat. Brian is wearing a pair of denim shorts, a green t-shirt, a light blue sweater vest, a pair of dark sunglasses and a Kentucky Wildcats hat. Brian and Nick are confident that with the low hanging branches of the two weeping willows, and their hats and sunglasses, they can safely kiss in public without being recognized.

Brian and Nick pull each other into an intimate embrace, and Nick puts his hand behind Brian's neck as the two lovers kiss each other passionately on the lips, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths. Their kiss lasts several minutes, before somebody taps Nick on the shoulder. Nick quickly pulls his lips away from Brian's, and looks to see who interrupted them. Thankfully, it was Aaron.

"Hello Aaron," replies Nick with a smile to his younger brother.

"Hi Nick," replies Aaron as he sits down between Nick and Brian.

"Where's Drew and Jeff?" asks Brian, not seeing them around.

"Well, we were walking past here, because Drew and Jeff had to use the bathroom, well, I didn't, so when I saw you two over here, I thought I would come over here and sit with you," replies Aaron.

"Oh," replies Brian.

"Do you guys ever stop?" Aaron suddenly asks.

"Ever stop what?" asks Nick, confused slightly by his younger brother's question.


"Oh, well, Aaron, your brother and I love each other," replies Brian, "People who love each other as much as Nick and I do tend to kiss a lot."

"Oh, like Drew and Jeff?"

"Yeah, Drew and Jeff love each other too," replies Nick, "Only Brian and I are more committed to each other then they are, at least as far as I know."

"What do you mean, Nick?" asks Aaron.

"Well, Aaron, Brian and I are engaged to be married," replies Nick, as he and Brian put their left hands in front of Aaron, so that he can see their matching diamond engagement rings.

"Married? You mean like mom and dad?" asks Aaron.

"Yeah, just like mom and dad," replies Brian, "And, Aaron, you'll have two more brothers when Nick and I get married."

"Really?" asks Aaron, obviously happy.

"Yeah, when Nick and I get married, I'll be your brother," replies Brian, "and so will my brother Harold."

"And, Kevin will be yours and my cousin," replies Nick.

"Cool," replies Aaron, as he reaches around Nick and Brian and hugs them, and Nick and Brian gladly return the hug.

Nick looks at his watch and breaks the hug, "Well, we should be heading over to the Ristorante Italia now, it's almost time to meet the others for lunch."

Brian, Nick, and Aaron get up and head over to Ristorante Italia. Nick holding one of Aaron's hands, and Brian holding the other. Nick and Brian desperately wish that they could hold each other's hands, but alas, that would draw suspicion if anyone recognized them, which would not be very hard with Aaron around, as his hair is blowing in the wind, and he isn't wearing any shades.

Brian, Nick, and Aaron arrive at the meeting place about 10 minutes early, and go in and sit down at a large table to wait for the others. A woman comes over from behind the counter to ask them if they would like anything, and they just tell her to bring them so glasses of water, as they're waiting for some people. The woman smiles, and goes back to get the water.

One by one, everybody arrives at Ristorante Italia for lunch, and they all pig out on Italian food. They each probably gained at least a pound or two from the meal. They all sit around talking for about half-an-hour after they finish eating, letting their stomachs settle a bit before they go back out to go on more rides, all agreeing to meet back at the Soft Serve Shoppe in the Lower Lot at 7:30pm to have some ice cream before heading back to the hotel.

7:30 comes rather quickly, as the time seems to fly by, nobody even noticing what with all the fun they've been having. They all go into the small shop and all order something. Britney, CJ, Lance, Eddie, NL, and JJ get frozen yogurt with various toppings, and Kevin, Brian, Nick, Justin, JC, Aaron, Drew, Jeff, Chris, Joey, Howie, AJ, and Josh all get soft serve ice cream in waffle cones.

After finishing their delicious ice cream treats, they all head for the gate and out to their rented Caravan to go back to the hotel for some sleep, before tomorrow's excursion, Disneyland.

Nick & Brian - Part 42 Written by JCV

Howie wakes up shortly before 6am the next morning, and looks down with nothing but love in his eyes at AJ, who is cuddled up next to him in the bed. Howie really cannot believe that it took him ten years to figure out that he liked AJ in a way much more then friendship. But, as far as Howie is concerned, all that really matters is that he found out, and that AJ returns his feelings. Howie would be completely crushed if he had told AJ how he felt and then have AJ turn him down. That's probably one of the reasons it took Howie so long to say anything.

He actually knew that he liked AJ more then a friend for about six months before they started dating, but did his absolute best to ignore that part of himself, knowing that society is not kind to homosexuals, especially not homosexual celebrities. Howie knows all to well that if it were to leak out to the public that all of the Backstreet Boys are gay, that their careers would be over in a heart beat. As bad as it really is, a lot of the fans only like them because they're cute, and they have dreams of dating somebody famous. But, if their fans, who are mostly female, found out that they were all gay, Howie really isn't sure if their music would be enough to keep their strong fan base. Of course one would hope that it's the music that the fans like, and not simply the sex appeal of these five guys who they wish they could date.

That's how it would be in a perfect world, but unfortunately, this is hardly a perfect world, and Howie, as well as the other Backstreet Boys, know all to well that their popularity would sink faster then a 500lb lead weight if their sexualities ever became public knowledge. Of course the Backstreet Boys, as well as their management, will do everything possible to make sure it never happens, as their personal lives should remain just that, personal.

Howie continues to look down at his sleeping angel for a few more minutes, before he begins to gently rub a finger across AJ's cheek, which causes him to stir slightly. When Howie sees this he leans forward and begins to passionately kiss AJ, who at first doesn't return the kiss as he is still asleep, but gradually, AJ begins to return the kiss, until finally, the two of them are kissing passionately, their tongues wrestling around in each other's mouths as if their lives depended on it.

As the kiss breaks, Howie smiles at AJ, and replies, "Morning Alex."

"Morning D," replies AJ as he returns the smile, "Man, what a great way to wake up."

"Oh, I think we can do better then that," replies Howie with a grin as he throws the covers off of the bed, exposing both his and AJ's naked bodies to the open air of the room. AJ grins widely at Howie, as Howie sits up on the bed and straddles AJ. Howie and AJ begin to grind their hips together, their morning woods rubbing together feverishly, as Howie leans down and pulls AJ into a passionate kiss and an intimate embrace.

This keeps up for several minutes, before AJ pushes Howie up, and smiles at him, replying, "Howie? Could you make love to me?"

Howie looks deep into AJ's eyes, deep into his soul, and sees nothing but love and adoration. Howie simply nods, as he gets off of AJ, and gets some lube from his bag. Howie comes back over to the bed, and kneels between AJ's legs as he begins to lube up his tool.

AJ lifts his legs up and rests them on Howie's strong muscular shoulders as Howie begins to apply lube to AJ's hole. Howie inserts first one, then two, and finally three fingers into AJ to loosen him up a little, which causes AJ to moan in pleasure.

"Ready?" asks Howie with a smile to his lover.

"Ready and waiting," replies AJ with a grin to Howie, which Howie can't help but smile even wider at. With each passing minute that Howie spends with AJ, he loves him even more then he did previously.

Howie positions the head of his meat at AJ's opening, and begins to ease forward as AJ winces in pain as Howie's cock head tries to penetrate the tight ring of his ass. Once the head of his cock is inside, Howie stops, to give AJ a chance to adjust to the feeling of having Howie inside of him. AJ simply nods to Howie when he's ready, and Howie again begins to gradually push himself in, as AJ's pain is slowly replaced with pleasure.

AJ is soon screaming Howie's name, and moaning very loudly with the pleasure Howie is giving him with his slow in and out movements. Howie slowly and gently pulls himself almost completely out of AJ, until just the head of his cock is still inside of him, before he begins to slowly push back in. Howie continues his movements as he leans down between AJ's legs, and begins to kiss AJ on the lips, the two of them kissing passionately, totally oblivious to anything around them, including time.

Howie reaches down and begins to jack AJ off, as AJ's moans of total pleasure and complete ecstasy intensify ten fold. When AJ first met Howie, he would never have thought in a million years that they would one day be lovers, but then again, he met him ten years ago, when he was only about 13. AJ didn't really think about anybody in a sexual way until he was about 14 1/2 or 15, and even when he did, he never thought about Howie in a sexual way, he just thought of him as his best friend.

It wasn't until AJ was about 17 or 18 that he started seeing Howie in a different way, as a highly attractive sexual being rather then his friend. It was then that AJ realized that he was gay, only he did everything that he could do deny it, and to suppress his feelings. AJ too had the same fear that Howie had. AJ was afraid that if he told Howie how much deeper than friendship his feelings ran for him, that Howie would reject him. AJ knew that he couldn't handle it if Howie rejected him, it would quite literally make AJ lose his will to live. That's how much Howie means to AJ, he can honestly say that he would rather die then not know Howie.

Howie's stroking on AJ's penis begins to get slightly more faster, as does his thrusts into AJ's ass. Both AJ and Howie can feel their bodies beginning to tense up, and they know that ejaculation is coming in a very short period of time. Both Howie and AJ are moaning and groaning by this time, both lost in a sea of pleasure and ecstasy, lost in their undying love for each other. Nothing else matters to them at the moment, except being together.

"Oh god Howie, yes, I'm, I'm, cumming!" yells AJ as he begins to shoot volley after volley of his warm fluids all over Howie's chest, and stomach. "Oh, AJ, god, I love you!" yells Howie as the constriction of AJ's ass caused by his intense orgasm pushes Howie over the edge, and he too begins to shoot several loads of his juices into his lover's ass. Both of them have to admit that they have just probably had the most intense orgasms that they have ever had before during the course of their relationship, and their lives for that matter.

Howie slips out of AJ, and collapses onto of him, both heaving, trying to recover from their exceedingly intense orgasms. When they finally manage to catch their breath, Howie looks at the clock and says, "Oh my god, Alex, do you realize that we've been making love now for a half an hour?", as Howie sees that the clock know reads 6:30 am.

"Wow, no, I didn't notice it, but I certainly loved every minute of it," replies AJ, "I think that was probably our best yet."

"I have to agree with ya there, it was the best."

"Well, we should get out of bed, shower, and get ready now, D," replies AJ, "We're supposed to meet the guys at 7:30 and go to the Plaza Inn in Main Street USA at Disneyland for breakfast."

"Yeah, come on," replies Howie as he climbs off of the bed and to his feet. Howie offers AJ his hand, which he gladly takes, and Howie pulls him up off of the bed. Before AJ can walk toward the bathroom however, Howie pulls him up into his arms, and kisses him passionately, before carrying him into the bathroom so that they can take a shower together.

At 8:00 am, the nineteen performers arrive at Disneyland, and Kevin hands out the management-paid for tickets, as they all go into the park. The park is not actually open today, being one of those days that the park is simply closed. But, management asked Disney if they could open the park up just for the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, 3 Deep, Britney Spears, and Aaron Carter, to which they gladly obliged.

As they enter the park, they are greeted by all of the Disney characters, who will be traveling around the park with them all day, instead of just wandering around, since there's only nineteen guests in the entire park today. The nineteen people then head over to Main Street USA to eat breakfast with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and all of the other famous Disney characters at the Plaza Inn.

"Okay, on behalf of everybody here at Walt Disneyland, we are happy to have the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, Britney Spears, Aaron Carter, and 3 Deep here today," replies Belle.

"Thanks," replies Kevin, followed by the rest of the guys.

"Okay, now, um, Disney management had us all sign contracts yesterday," replies Belle, "I guess they were privacy statements, mainly saying that anything we or any of the other Disneyland employees see or hear today is to be kept in total confidence. Anyone who breaks the contract will lose their job here, and face a lawsuit."

"There was a note affixed to the envelope," replies Cinderella, "Which read, 'The guys can safely show their affection for one another now.' What does that mean?"

"Okay, well, since you're bound to keep it a secret," replies Kevin, "I guess we can tell you. Some of us are gay."

"Oh, okay. Let me guess, it would ruin your careers if it got out?" asks Beast.

"Yeah, that's pretty much the idea," replies Drew.

Kevin stands up from the table and replies, "Okay, a quick rundown of the roster. Drew and Jeff are together, Nick and Brian are engaged, Howie and AJ, Lance and Eddie, Josh and I, Justin and JC, Britney and CJ, Aaron is of course too young to date, and the others are single."

"Alright, well, that's no problem for us," replies Princess Aurora, "Because unknown to the public of course, Prince Phillip here is dating Prince Charming."

To quickly prove Princess Aurora's statement correct, Prince Phillip and Prince Charming quickly kiss each other on the lips, before Prince Phillip returns to Princess Aurora's side, and Prince Charming to Snow White's side.

The nineteen guests split up into two groups. Group 1 - Kevin, Josh, Nick, Brian, Drew, Jeff, Aaron, Justin, and JC, and Group 2 - Britney, CJ, Lance, Eddie, Chris, Joey, Howie, AJ, JJ, and NL. The Disney characters split up between the two groups, as tour guides so to speak, and the two groups head off. Group 1 heading outside to tour Main Street USA, and Group 2 to explore New Orleans Square. It is agreed that they will all meet up in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle two and a half hours before the fireworks show to explore Fantasyland as one large group, before heading back to the hotel.

As there are not many actual attractions in Main Street USA, group one decides to do some shopping in the several stores. While Brian takes Aaron into the Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen, Nick slips off into the Crystal Arts store. After looking around at the several pieces of handcrafted crystal and glassware, Nick picks up three items and takes them to the counter. Two crystal champagne flutes, and a lovely crystal music box with a dove and a rose on top.

"Oh, those are all lovely," replies the woman behind the counter, "Did you want them engraved? It's free with purchase."

"Yes, that would be great," replies Nick with a smile.

"Okay, what do you want the engravings to read?" asks the woman with a smile to Nick.

"Hmm, let's see, on the two flutes," replies Nick, "Nick & Brian, Always."

"Okay, Mr. Carter," replies the woman with a smile as she picks up her tools and begins to engrave. When she finishes, she replies, "I hope that you and Mr. Littrell are very happy together by the way."

"Oh, we are," replies Nick, talking freely with the woman since she is legally bound not to tell anyone about anything that she sees or hears today.

"And, what did you want the engraving on the music box to be?"

"Well, um, "To Brian, I'll always love you, Nick."

"Okay, that's so sweet," replies the woman as she picks up her tools once again and sets to work with the engraving of the music box.

When she finishes, she carefully wraps the precious crystal in tissue paper so it won't break, placing the two champagne flutes in one box, and the music box in another. She then bags up the purchase and replies, "Let's see here, your total is $273."

Nick smiles and quickly pulls out his credit card, to which the woman takes, scans, and gives Nick the receipt and a pen. Nick quickly signs the receipt, and the woman hands him his copy, his card, and his bag, before wishing him a good day.

After about an hour of shopping in the stores on Main Street USA, group one boards the Disneyland Railroad, as Belle, Beast, Prince Charming, and Snow White take their purchases to a storage area, so that they won't have to carry them all over the park all day. The old fashioned steam powered locomotive and train quickly pull out of the Main Street USA station, and head for group one's second destination, Tomorrowland.

While in Tomorrowland, the group rides several of the rides, including Space Mountain, Tomorrowland Autopia, Astro Orbitor, Rocket Rods, Star Tours, and "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience." As well as visiting Innoventions, and Starcade, which is a two-level arcade with about 200 games.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans Square, group two is on there way into the Haunted Mansion. Princess Aurora relays some interesting facts about it as they head inside, "Many of the props used in the mansion are from Disney movies. For example the organ in the ballroom was Captain Nemo's organ in '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.' Also, maintenance does clean the mansion every day. By cleaning, I mean adding new dust, by the five pound bag full, and liquid cobwebs to really give the mansion that extra unlived in look."

"Before we go in, I've always wondered, how exactly are the ghosts made?" asks Britney, "Are they holographs or something?"

"What do you mean how are they made?" asks Prince Phillip, "They're real ghosts."

"Can't divulge that information?" asks CJ.

"Yeah, that's the idea," replies Prince Phillip, "Just as we are bound not to tell anyone what we see and hear today, we are also bound not to reveal the secrets of the Disney Imagineers."

Everybody enters the Haunted Mansion, taking a few minutes before entering to read some of the epitaphs in the cemetery, to which everybody laughs. After the Haunted Mansion, they visit the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Disney Gallery, before hitting the stores of New Orleans Square.

The day passes by quickly, everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves. The couples who could not normally show affection in public of course love the fact that they can openly declare their love for each other today, and show affection for each other, without fearing the media. Everybody meets up at the designated time, and they all explore Fantasyland together, riding several of the rides, and hitting all of the stores.

In one of the stores, Josh finds a Disney costume that he just can't resist buying, and he buys one for both him and Kevin.

"You just had to buy that didn't you?"

"Yes, Kevin, I did. I never saw you when you worked at Disney World," replies Josh, "And, I think you'd look sexy in this."

"You're too much," replies Kevin as he kisses Josh on the lips, before reaching into the bag and putting on part of the costume, Aladdin's fez.

CJ buys Britney a gorgeous replica of Cinderella's ball gown, glass slippers and all, and Britney buys CJ a replica of Cinderella's Prince's clothing.

Everybody gathers in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, as the fireworks begin shooting up. The sky explodes into a sea of brilliant light, as the nineteen guests, Disney characters, and other employees of the park, all watch as the fireworks continue to be fired above the towers of Sleeping Beauty Castle, truly a beautiful sight.

Nick & Brian - Part 43 Written by JCV

The next day everybody heads back to Six Flags Magic Mountain, since Brian insisted upon it. This time, they all follow Brian, instead of splitting up to explore the park in their normal groups of five, and are mystified when they arrive at the entrance to the Dive Devil. A ride of sorts in which up to 3 people skydive without a parachute in a 150ft free fall at speeds of 60mph.

"Yes, I made reservations," replies Brian to the attendant as he hands him the extra fee required, "Littrell."

"Ah, yes, Mr. Littrell," replies the attendant as he looks at his books, "Are you going solo? Or did you want to take someone with you? You can take up to 2 people with you."

"Well, if I go solo, I'll probably chicken out, as I am trying to get over my fear of heights," replies Brian, "So, Nick and Kevin are going with me."

"We are?" asks Nick and Kevin, as Brian pulls them over.

"Yes, you are," replies Brian, "Kevin, you're my cousin, so I think you should be apart of this experience, and Nick, well, you're my best friend."

The attendant gets the three guys ready, Nick on the left, Brian in the middle, and Kevin on the right.

When its all over, and the attendant is undoing the straps and the like which held Nick, Brian, and Kevin together, Kevin replies, "Well, Brian, how do you feel?"

"Believe it or not?" asks Brian, "I feel fine."

"What brought this about Bri?" asks Howie, "I mean as long as I've known you, you have terrified of heights."

"Well, Drew, Jeff, Nick, and Aaron were forcing me to go on roller coasters when we were here last," replies Brian, "They were determined that I get over my fear, so, I figured that I would do something that would prove that I was over it. I'd say signing up for skydiving without a parachute, proves that."

"No it doesn't," replies JJ, "You were up there with Nick and Kevin, I bet you $50 you wouldn't do it alone."

"Okay, Just, you're on," replies Brian, "When I win, you have to give me $50, and do this yourself with Nicholas L."

"Okay, you're on!" replies JJ, without even consulting NL to see if he would be willing to skydive with him.

The attendant gets Brian ready to go alone, and he does. True, he's slightly edgier after doing it alone, but he did do it and he didn't chicken out, which means, JJ and NL have to do it.

JJ hands Brian a $50, before pulling Nick over to the attendant as the two of them are strapped together and they go skydiving. After everybody who wants to go on the Dive Devil does, they all head next door to Six Flag's Hurricane Harbor to spend the rest of their day.

One week later, Drew is on the phone with management, asking for permission to perform a song that he helped write in the next concert. He gets it, and he eagerly informs his co-authors.

Nick & Brian - Part 44 Written by JCV

Concert time has arrived once again, this time in Las Vegas, Nevada. As usual the concert goes off without a hitch, but with one slight difference. Before the Backstreet Boys go out to perform their solos, Drew Lachey, Nick Carter, Joshua Chasez, and Joshua Morrow step out onto the stage.

Drew and Nick are wearing white Armani suits and black t-shirts, and the two Josh's are wearing black Armani suits and white t-shirts. The four of them sit down on stools that have been set up in the center of the stage, while Tommy Smith of the Backstreet band sits at a white grand piano next to them.

"Now, we'd like to perform a special song for all of you," replies Nick.

"It's a song that we all wrote," replies JC.

"A song about those special people in our lives," replies Drew.

"The song is called, "Secretly Yours," replies Josh, as Tommy begins to play a soft melody on the piano, and JC gets ready to sing his part.

When your eyes look into mine
The world can't see what we share
Out deepest emotions for each other
The love that will always be there
Simple words could never explain
The way you opened my eyes
Now the world seems so empty when I'm alone
But you'll always be mine

Now, all four of the guys start to sing the chorus, as the audience listens intently to the new song.

I'll always be secretly yours
The world will never know
Our feelings we don't have to show
Because we speak them through our love
And I'll always be secretly yours
Sometimes I want us to show
But I won't ever let go
Baby, our love is so pure

Nick stands up from his stool and begins to sing in his angelic voice as the other softly sway to the music.

When I see those tears in your eyes
I won't to lose all of my hopes
Because the love that we share in the dark
Is something beyond love's control

Nick sits back down, and Drew gets ready to sing his part. The four guys in which the song is dedicated to, watching intently from backstage, with tears in their eyes, as they watch their boyfriends singing a song that is based on their secret love for each other.

You still have the biggest part of my heart
Every song I sing will be for you
And even if its hidden to sight
You'll forever know the truth

All four guys stand up, and begin to do a very light dance as they sing the chorus again.


I'll always be secretly yours
The world will never know
Our feelings we don't have to show
Because we speak them through our love
And I'll always be secretly yours
Sometimes I want us to show
But I won't ever let go
Baby, our love is so pure

Josh gets ready for his solo, as the audience continues to listen intently to the song, and Tommy continues the soft slow melody on the organ.

Holding on through winter's snow
Holding on through spring's rainfall
Holding on through summer's sun
Holding on through the midst of fall

Once again, all four guys start singing their hearts out, putting everything they have into this song, as it symbolizes their love for Kevin, Brian, Justin, and Jeff.

I'll always be
Secretly yours
I'll always have
The depth of your heart
I'll always be
Secretly yours
I'll always share
The depths of my love

I'll always be secretly yours
The world will never know
Our feelings we don't have to show
Because we speak them through our love

And I'll always be secretly yours
Sometimes I want us to show
But I won't ever let go
Baby, our love is so pure

I'll always be secretly yours
The world will never know
Our feelings we don't have to show
Because we speak them through our love

And I'll always be secretly yours
Sometimes I want us to show
But I won't ever let go
Baby, our love is so pure

Forever and ever
Secretly yours

To Be Continued...

**First and foremost, I want to thank JM for writing Secretly Yours. It was greatly appreciated. Expect to see more songs in this series written by the very talented JM, because you certainly will, as well as some songs written by myself.

**Also, I'd like to say that I'm sorry for the shortness of Parts 43 and 44, but I hope the fact that this is the longest installment to date of this series, and the first installment that I've ever written for any of my series that exceeded 100k makes up for that.

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