Nick & Brian

Parts 45-50

Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer: This story is fictional and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned here in. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or if such material is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story.

Author's Note: THIS IS THE FORTY-FIFTH STORY!! I really can't believe that this story has come this far, but it has. I really hope that everyone is enjoying reading this story as much as I am enjoying writing it. Well, that's enough talk from me, on with the story!

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Nick & Brian - Part 45 Written by JCV

The concert is over. The venue is emptying of the crowds of fans. As far as the fans are concerned, not to mention every performer on the summer tour, the new song, "Secretly Yours", was an instant hit. Absolutely everybody, especially the four to whom the song was dedicated, absolutely loved it. And even now as the fans are leaving the now quiet venue, they can still hear the angelic voices of Nick Carter, JC Chasez, Joshua Morrow, and Drew Lachey singing the beautifully well-written song.

The nineteen performers on the summer tour all sit in a large lounge in the back of the venue. All of them are completely exhausted after the concert. Putting on a three-and-a-half hour show is not exactly the easiest thing on Earth to do. But, when you have four headlining acts and two opening acts, concerts tend to get long. However, unknown to anyone but the guys of 3Deep and their management, at the moment anyway, 3Deep will only be able to perform for one more week, which is only one more concert.

The reason for this is because Joshua Morrow and Eddie Cibrian have to leave the tour. Josh's summer break from The Young and the Restless will soon be over, as will Eddie's summer break from Sunset Beach. Josh is confident that he and Kevin can handle a long distance relationship. However, Eddie is not so sure that Lance and himself can handle a long distance romance, as their relationship is still very much so in the relationship developmental stage.

Josh stands up and clears his throat to get everybody's attention. Slowly but surely he gets the attention of everybody in the room, and gets ready to make the sad announcement that he must make.

"Everybody, I have some bad news," replies Josh, "Eddie and I have to leave the tour in one week."

"What?!" asks Kevin.

"Why?!" asks Justin.

"What did we do wrong?!" asks Lance.

"Guys they're not leaving because of anything that anyone did wrong," replies CJ, "they just have other commitments."

"What other commitments?" asks JJ.

"The Young and the Restless," replies Josh.

"Sunset Beach," replies Eddie.

Before anyone can comment on this news, the door to the lounge bursts open and Johnny Wright and PR Rep Blake Winters walk in. Both of them look exceedingly happy.

"Congratulations, Nick, JC, Josh, and Drew," replies Blake, "Secretly Yours is a major hit!"

"The phones at Jive Records, Wright Entertainment, etc, are ringing of the hooks," replies Johnny, "all with people asking where they can get copies of Secretly Yours."

"Okay guys, here's what we want to do," replies Blake, "we've already run it by all management and labels involved, and they all like the idea, so now we need your opinions."

"Our opinions on what, Blake?" asks AJ.

"A joint album," replies Blake, "A compilation of songs written completely by performers on the tour."

"I like the idea," replies Kevin.

"So do I," replies Britney, "It sounds like fun.

Everyone's reaction on a joint album is a very positive opinion.

"I'm glad you all like the idea," replies Johnny, "Because Dave Holmes is outside with a camera crew. You're going to be on MTV, live in about 3 minutes."

"Damn! You two were certainly confident," replies Lance, "What would you have done if we said we didn't want to do the joint cd?"

"Look very stupid," replies Blake.

Everybody laughs at Blake's comment as Johnny Wright shows Dave Holmes and the camera crew where to set up.

"Hi, I'm Dave Holmes and I am here in the lounge at the venue that that Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, Britney Spears, 98 Degrees, 3Deep, and Aaron Carter performed in tonight. They're all here with me along with Johnny Wright and Blake Winters, to make an announcement."

"Two announcements actually," replies Joshua Morrow, as Blake Winters and Johnny Wright give him odd looks.

"First the good news though," replies Kevin.

"Tonight, Nick, JC, Josh, and I sang a brand new song at the concert," replies Drew, "And we're told that Secretly Yours is a major hit and everybody wants it."

"Yes, I heard the song, it is really good," replies Dave Holmes.

"Well, we want to officially announce that we have decided to release a joint album," replies Brian, "A compilation of songs, all brand new, both performed and written by people on the tour."

"Every person on the tour will be involved in the sing-writing process," replies Johnny, "And I'm thinking we can have between 12 and 14 tracks on the cd."

"Any idea when the cd will be released?" asks Dave.

"Considering that we just decided to do the joint cd about five minutes ago," replies Britney with a laugh, "No, we don't have a release date."

"Now, Britney, you, the Backstreet Boys, and 'N Sync are all with Jive Records," replies Dave, "But 3Deep, 98 Degrees, and Aaron all have different labels. So which label will it be released under?"

"We haven't worked out all of the details," replies Blake, "But, more then likely it will be released under the Jive label."

"Now what's the other announcement?" asks Dave.

"Ah, the bad news," replies CJ.

"Joshua Morrow and I have to leave the tour in a week," replies Eddie Cibrian, "I have to get back to the set of Sunset Beach, and Josh needs to get back to the set of The Young and the Restless."

"Depending on how far from the West Coast the concerts are," replies Josh, "Eddie and I may be able to fly in on weekends to perform, but we won't be able to do concerts during the week."

"So how will Secretly Yours be performed?" asks Dave Holmes, "After you leave that is."

"Well, I suppose that Secretly Yours will either be taken out of the show, or Nick, JC, and Drew could probably split up my part and perform without me," replies Josh, "Or, CJ could also fill in for me."

"But, when we do record the cd," replies JC, "It will be Josh singing his part."

"So, 'N Sync, any comments on the lawsuit that BMG, Trans Con, and Lou Perlman have filed against you?" asks Dave.

"No comments at this time," replies Blake, on 'N Sync's behalf.

"Okay, what about the rumors that the Backstreet Boys are accusing Jive of breaching contract and that you're label shopping?"

"Um, no comment on that either," replies Blake, on the Backstreet Boys behalf.

"Okay, well, that's all the time we have right now," replies Dave, "It was a pleasure talking with all of you."

"Same here," replies everyone in unison.

An hour late at the hotel that everyone is staying at, Nick and Brian lay in bed together. Neither of them saying a word. No words are needed. They simply enjoy spending time together, and as long as they're together, nothing else matters. Nick lies on the right side of the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of black CK boxer-briefs. Brian lies on the left side of the bed, wearing only a pair of blue CK boxer-briefs. The fingers of Nick's left hand are intertwined with the fingers of Brian's right hand. They are both drained from the concert, but that doesn't mean that they have to go to bed right away.

The fact that they're not speaking to each other doesn't matter. Their love is strong enough to transcend words. There is no word in the world that can possibly or accurately describe Nick's love for Brian, and Brian's love for Nick.

"Brian?" replies Nick, breaking the silence.

"Yes, Nick?"

"What would you say to getting married here in Las Vegas?"

"You mean elope?"


"Well, I'd prefer a wedding with our families and friends," replies Brian, "But I guess it doesn't really matter where I become Mr. Brian Carter, as long as I do. So, if you want to elope, we can."

"No, Brian, you're right. A wedding with our families and friends would be better," replies Nick, "Besides now that I think about it, I'd prefer not to get married in a cheap quickie Las Vegas wedding chapel, by an Elvis impersonator."

Brian smiles at Nick before pulling him into an intimate embrace and a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing erotically in each other's mouths.

Slowly and hesitantly they pull apart and break the kiss as they stare deep into each other's eyes.

"I love you Nick."

"I love you more, Brian."

"No, I love you more."

"Trust me Brian, I love you more."

"Okay, Nick, you win, you love me more."

"Hey! You're supposed to object and say that you love me more!"

"Normally, Nick, I would, but after that concert I'm too tired to sit here arguing with you about something as silly as which one of us loves the other more."

"Oh, so now our love is a joke?"

"I didn't say that! I love you more then life itself," replies Brian, "But think about it Nick. Isn't it kinda silly to argue about which one of us loves the other more?"

Nick takes a moment to think, before replying, "Yeah, you're right Bri, let's go to sleep."

Brian smiles at Nick before they settle down into the bed, kiss each other passionately, their tongues doing a highly erotic dance, before they fall asleep in each other's arms.

At 8:30 the next morning, everyone is gathered in Drew and Jeff's room for breakfast. Drew and Jeff lay on the bed, feeding each other toast and bacon. Everybody else is somewhere in the room eating the food that Jeff had sent up. Jeff probably did order too much food. Drew says that he ordered enough food to feed a small country. Of course Jeff's philosophy is that it's always better to have more then not enough.

"So what's up for today?" asks Howie as he feeds AJ an orange slice.

"Today we have the day off," replies Lance, "Tomorrow we're flying to San Diego."

"Why are we going to San Diego, Scoop?" asks Justin.

"We have to do a photo shoot, Curly," replies Lance, "A photo shoot on the beach."

"Yeah, it should be nice," replies Kevin, "The concept is nineteen people having fun on the beach."

"For all of you couples, that does not mean the kind of fun you'd like it to bed," replies NL.

"We're not stupid, bro," replies Drew, "None of us are stupid enough to show affection for each other in front of a camera."

"Well, I should hope not," replies Joey.

"Anyway, after the photo shoot, we have the afternoon off," replies Lance, "And then everybody except for Nick, JC, Josh, and Drew have the following day off."

"Why don't we have off?" asks Nick.

"You four have an internet Q&A session with the fans to do," replies Kevin, "That's at noon, so Blake says to figure on about an hour and a half to two hours."

"Well, that'll be easy," replies JC, "The Backstreet before the concert certainly doesn't apply."

"Oh, you mean this?" replies Nick as he and the other Backstreet Boys reenact their traditional before the concert ritual, "It's time to go to work y'all. What kind of work? Hard work!"

"Yeah that," replies Josh, "and JC is right, it doesn't apply to an internet Q&A session with fans."

Two hours later, Kevin and Josh are in one of the many casinos here in Las Vegas. Unknown to Kevin, Josh has $25,000 worth of chips in his pocket. Josh is also very skilled, or at the very least very lucky, in picking the correct number in roulette. Josh leads Kevin over to a roulette table, minimum bet $10000, maximum bet $25000.

Josh pulls out his chips and bets all of them on 10, as Kevin gives him the "have you lost your mind?" look.

"Are you crazy Josh? Do you know what the chances of getting 10 are?" asks Kevin, "And you bet $25000?"

"Calm down, Kevin," replies Josh as the croupier starts the wheel spinning, "I know what I'm doing, and yes, the chances of getting 10 are 1 in 35."

Kevin and Josh watch the wheel spinning as the ball bounces around on the slowing wheel. When the wheel stops, Kevin's jaw drops as the croupier replies, "10, Black," and hands Josh his $25,000 bet and his winnings of $875,000.

"Oh my god," replies Kevin, "You just won."

"Yes, I did Kevin," replies Josh as he places another $25000 bet, this time on 4. Kevin looks at Josh with nothing but envy and admiration has the croupier once again starts the wheel spinning.

The excitement builds until it's so thick you could cut it with a knife, as the wheel comes to a stop.

"4, Black," replies the croupier as he hands Josh his winnings.

As Kevin sees Josh making another bet, he pulls out his wallet and from within it pulls out a credit card. He quickly sticks it in a nearby ATM and takes a $25000 cash advance. He buys $25000 in chips from the croupier and copies Josh's bed of $25000 on 32. The croupier spins the wheel as Kevin smiles at Josh. Josh smiles back and so wishes that he could kiss Kevin, but of course, he can't.

The wheel begins to slow until finally it stops.

"32, Red," replies the croupier as he hands Josh his bet and winnings and hands Kevin his bet and winnings.

Josh bets another $25,000, this time on 24, and Kevin once again copies this bet as the croupier sets the wheel turning again.

As the wheel slows down, the excitement and suspense continues growing. Finally the wheel stops and the croupier replies, "24, Red."

"Let's just test my luck one last time, shall we?" asks Josh as he takes $25000 worth of chips from his very large stack of winnings and bets them on 15, as does Kevin.

The croupier spins the wheel once again. By this time several people have gathered around to watch, several people also betting on 15 as well. Everybody is silent as the roulette wheel begins to slow down and stops.

"15, Black!" replies the croupier as he gives everybody their winnings. The croupier is more then happy to be seeing Kevin and Josh gathering up all of their winnings and leaving. This is because the croupier would not have had enough chips to cover their winnings again, and would have to issue promissory notes. The croupier informs everybody else of this, and quickly closes the table, the locked casino chip dispenser holding only about $250.

Kevin and Josh head over to the cashier's cage with their winnings. Josh cashes in first and the cashier carefully counts up the chips before handing him a check for $4,500,000. Kevin cashes in next as the cashier carefully counts up his chips before handing him a check for $2,700,000.

"So what are you going to do with your winnings, Josh?"

"I figure I'll keep half a mil for myself, and donate the other four mil to your cousin Brian's charity."

"Thanks, that'll make Brian very happy."

"It'll make me happy too, because I'll be helping kids with cardiovascular problems," replies Josh, "What are you going to do with your money?"

"Keep 700k and give the rest to Brian's charity," replies Kevin with a smile as he walks out of the casino with Josh and they head back to their hotel.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Nick and Brian lay on their bed, feeding each other strawberries dipped in milk chocolate and sipping ginger ale from champagne flutes. Nick takes a strawberry, removes the leaves and covers it in chocolate before putting it half way into his mouth and leaning towards Brian. Brian gets the hint as he leans over to Nick and takes the rest of the chocolate strawberry into his mouth. Nick and Brian kiss each other passionately and erotically as they share the chocolate covered strawberry.

As they finish the strawberry, Nick inserts his tongue into Brian's mouth and continues the kiss. Brian gladly returns the kiss as he too slips his own tongue into Nick's mouth as their tongues wrestle and dance erotically around each other's mouths. After several minutes they pull away from their passionate kiss to get some air, before they pull each other back into the kiss as their tongues continue their erotic dance.

As the kiss finally ends, both Nick and Brian simply stare deep into each other's eyes. This is another moment in which, no words are needed. Their love is so deep, strong, and never-ending, that there are so many moments in their relationship when they don't have to talk to know how the other is feeling. They can simply sense it, just by looking at each other.

Nick lightly taps the end of Brian's nose which causes Brian to giggle. Nick smiles as he dips his finger into the milk chocolate and offers it to Brian, who gladly takes it into his mouth, and ever so gently begins to suck and lick the chocolate off of Nick's finger. Even after the chocolate is gone, Brian continues to gently suck on Nick's finger, as Nick simply smiles at Brian.

Eventually, Brian lets Nick remove his finger from his mouth, and Brian leans over and kisses the tip of Nick's nose gently, before licking it with his tongue, which causes Nick to giggle, as Brian just smiles at Nick.

"I love you Nick."

"I love you too, Brian."

"Make love to me," replies Brian in a soft seductively erotic tone.

"Of course, my angel," replies Nick as he slowly and seductively begins to undress Brian. Brian lifts himself up off the bed slightly so that Nick can remove his jeans and boxer-briefs. As Brian's boxer-briefs are removed his fully erect member springs to attention, and Nick plants a kiss on the head, licking off a few small drops of precum. Brian moans with pleasure and absolute ecstasy as Nick begins to give him a blowjob. Brian massages the back of Nick's head, running his hands through his blonde hair as Nick goes up and down on Brian's hard member like a four year old sucking on a lollipop.

Nick can sense that Brian is getting close as he can see his body beginning to tighten up, and Nick who does not want Brian to cum just yet, stops his sucking on Brian's member and removes it completely from his mouth. Brian gives Nick a pouting face, but Nick resists it, even though it is very, very hard.

Nick stands up from the bed and in a very slow and seductive manner performs a strip tease for Brian, who of course, thoroughly enjoys it. After Nick is standing in the room naked, he walks into the bathroom. Brian can't help but whistle as he admires Nick's tight, muscular ass. Nick returns a moment later with a huge grin on his face and a container of lubricant.

Nick kneels on the bed between Brian's legs and begins to apply a generous amount of lube to Brian's hole and begins moving first one, then two, and finally three fingers in and out of Brian's hole, causing him to moan with pleasure. Nick very gently and slowly places the head of his rock hard tool at the opening of Brian's hole and begins to push in, making sure to do it as slowly and gently as possible, in an attempt to insure that Brian endures as little pain as possible.

Brian winces in pain for a moment, and Nick stops his movements to give Brian a chance to adjust. Brian nods his head at Nick and smiles to tell him to continue. Nick smiles down at Brian, and continues to push into Brian, until he can go no further.

Nick leans down and begins to kiss Brian passionately, their tongues doing a slow rhythmically erotic dance as Nick begins a very slow, very gentle in and out movement. Nick pulls away from the kiss after a few moments, and while keeping up with his slow movement in and out of Brian's ass, feeds Brian another chocolate covered strawberry.

Brian smiles up at Nick, and once again, lets out an intense moan of pleasure. Nick dips his finger into the milk chocolate and begins to trace the words "I LOVE YOU, B-ROK" onto Brian's chest, as Brian simply giggles as the cold melted milk chocolate comes in contact with his skin. Nick then begins to slowly lick up the chocolate letters, his soft velvety tongue making Brian giggle, as well as moan.

Nick speeds up his thrusts for a moment, and then slows down again, as he wants this moment to last as long as possible. Nick once again leans down to Brian and the two of them start in on yet another passionately erotic kiss, their tongues wrestling playfully.

While Nick and Brian continue their kissing, and as Nick continues to thrust himself ever so slowly and gently into Brian's hole, Brian reaches down and begins to slowly jack himself off with one hand and uses the other hand to gently massage Nick's gorgeous blonde locks. Nick breaks the kiss with Brian to come up for air, and to let out a moan.

Nick once again reaches over to the tray of strawberries and removes the leaves from a large plump strawberry before covering it completely in the milk chocolate and putting it partway between his lips. He leans down towards Brian, as if motioning for Brian to take the exposed half of the strawberry into his mouth.

But, just as Brian is about to do so, Nick pulls back, deciding to tease his lover a bit. Brian leans a little further up, but still not enough to get to the milk chocolate strawberry, or what he really wants, Nick's succulent lips. Finally, Nick leans forward and allows Brian to take the other half of the milk chocolate covered strawberry into his mouth, and the two of them eat it as their tongues begins to probe each other's mouths, and they once again kiss each other passionately.

Nick begins to speed up his thrusts again, this time, not slowing down, and Brian also begins to speed up his jacking on his cock. They break the kiss and they each let out loud moans of pleasure and ecstasy as they feel themselves coming closer and closer to orgasm.

"Mmmmph! Oh Brian!"

"Ooohhhh! Oh Nick, yes, baby!"

As Nick and Brian's bodies continue to tense up, they know that their orgasms are in sight. As much as they both would at this point like to slow down and postpone their orgasms so as to make this moment last even longer, they both know that they have crossed the point of no return.

Nick continues his thrusts at a fast, yet as gentle as possible, pace, as Brian continues to jack himself off as a fast pace. Both of them begin to moan and groan in total pleasure and complete ecstasy as their bodies tighten up even further then they can ever remember them being, and begin to shoot their loads. Nick's going deep within Brian's hot ass, and Brian's shooting all over his and Nick's stomachs.

As their orgasms begin to slow, both of them are dripping with sweat, and their hearts are racing from their incredibly intense orgasms. Nick carefully slips himself out of Brian, and collapses on top of him on the bed. They lay in each other's arms, panting, and heaving, trying to catch their breath and trying to relax and slow their heartbeats. This was most definitely their most intense love-making session thus far.

As Nick manages to catch his breath, he rolls off of Brian, and glances at the clock radio on the nightstand.

"Oh my god!"

"What's wrong, Nick?"

"Brian? Would you believe me if I told you that it's 5 o'clock?"

"No, I wouldn't."

"Well, Bri, believe it. It's five o'clock, we've been making love for over 3 hours!"

"Well, I enjoyed every minute of it!"

"So did I," replies Nick, "I enjoyed every second of it."

"Well, I enjoyed every microsecond of it," replies Brian, one of his dumb grins spreading across his face, as Nick can't help but laugh.

"You're so corny, you know that?"

"That's what people tell me."

"Because it's true."

"It's also why you love me right?"

"Well, yeah, that, and you have such a cute butt!"

Brian giggles, before replying, "Not as cute as yours."

Nick playfully swats Brian on the cheek before leaning down and kissing him on the lips briefly, "I'm kinda tired after that love-making session, would you mind..."

"...if we got a little sleep?" replies Brian with a grin, as he finishes Nick's sentence for him.

"Yeah," replies Nick with a grin.

"No complaints here," replies Brian.

Nick simply smiles at Brian before settling down under the covers and cuddling up to Brian, as Brian cuddles up to Nick.

"I love you, Nick."

"I love you too, Brian."

Nick and Brian settle down into bed, and after their highly intense and long love-making session, they fall asleep very quickly, not being able to remember a time in their lives that they were more content.

Nick & Brian - Part 46 Written by JCV

The next day, everybody wakes up at the very early hour of 3:15am, since their flight to San Diego leaves at 5:45am, and they want time to grab breakfast before that. The photo shoot starts at 8am sharp, and they only have the use of the beach until 1pm, otherwise, they'll have to pay more, so management wants this photo shoot to go off without any problems or delays.

After this photo shoot, with the exception of Nick, JC, Josh, and Drew, everyone has the rest of the day as well as the following day off. Management is of course hoping that at least a few of the people on the summer tour will use this time to start thinking about and possibly writing material for the joint album. Which, believe it or not, has already been signed into definite happening, and all labels and management have met and agreed to release this album under the Jive label. Talk about fast business. Of course then again, as they say in business, time is money, never waste it.

Everybody gets their luggage into the back of the van that management rented for them, and they all head off to eat breakfast at Old Country Buffet. Despite the fact that its Thursday, and Old Country Buffet only serves breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, they made an exception today, probably because management offered them a somewhat large sum of money to open this morning at 4:15am, which by the way, is also much earlier then the normal Saturday and Sunday breakfast open time of 8am.

They all arrive at the restaurant shortly after 4:25am, to see about ten other cars in the parking lot, which they assume to be all employees. Upon getting inside however, they find that only nine of the cars belong to employees, the other one, which they should have known did not belong to an employee of Old Country Buffet, considering that it was a black '99 Corvette, belongs to the head of their PR team, Blake Winters.

"Hey Blake, I didn't expect to see you here," replies NL, as he pulls Blake into a tight hug, as Blake thinks to himself, "Oh god I hope Nick doesn't feel that," referring to his morning hard-on.

"Yes, well, management wanted me to come and go over a few things with your guys, and to make sure the restaurant actually opened up when they were supposed to."

Blake, Britney, and the guys all sit down in the main dining room of the restaurant to talk about the agenda for the day, while the restaurant manager, and other workers work on getting all of the food out and ready for them to eat.

"So, Blake, how's it going?"

"Well, I'm okay, I wish I could find a b- I mean, girlfriend, but other than that, I'm just fine," replies Blake, "Thanks for asking Chris."

"You were going to say boyfriend, weren't you?" asks Kevin.

"No! Of course not!" replies Blake, getting slightly defensive.

"You can admit it Blake, we don't really care that much, as you probably know," replies Nick, as he eyes Brian.

"One second," replies Blake, as he gets up from the table and walks over to the restaurant manager.

"Here, take this," replies Blake as he hands the manager two hundred dollar bills, "Make sure that nothing that you and the other employees may see or hear this morning makes it out of this restaurant, or you'll have a major lawsuit on your hands."

"I understand," replies the manager as he goes over to inform his employees of this new stipulation.

"Why did you just pay the manager two hundred dollars?" asks Justin.

"Alright, guys, yes, I'm gay and I was going to say that I wanted a boyfriend," replies Blake, "Oh, by the way, to the couples other then Britney and CJ, you can show affection for each other."

"Is that why you paid the manager?" asks Joey.

"Yeah, so, if you're gay, and your significant other is here, show affection until you're blue in the face," replies Blake, "I paid the manager $200 to make sure that nothing that he or the employees see this morning leaves this restaurant, and I threatened him with a lawsuit if anything did."

"Thanks, Blake!" replies JC with a huge smile as he pulls Justin into a passionate kiss, Drew and Jeff, Kevin and Josh, Lance and Eddie, Howie and AJ, and Nick and Brian soon following suit.

"Oh, please, will you guys stop that?" asks Chris, "You're going to make me loose my appetite."

"Good, more food for us," replies Justin, as he breaks his kiss with JC and grins at Chris.

Chris just gives Justin an annoyed look, before sticking his finger in his mouth and pretending to gag at Justin and JC, Nick and Brian, and all the other gay couples.

"Chris, stop pretending to gag," replies Drew, "At least we're getting some, unlike you."

"That's only a temporary situation," replies Chris on his defense.

"Yeah, right, a hundred bucks says that you're more likely to sleep with Joey before you get a girl," replies Jeff.

"Hey, don't bring me into this!" replies Joey, "This is between you guys, I want no part in it."

"Okay, come on, people," replies Britney, as she stands up from the table, "Enough chit chat, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm hungry, so I'm going to go get some food."

The other eighteen people quickly follow Britney's example, all of them being quite hungry after all.

"Wow, AJ, lay off there man, this is a buffet you can back as many times as you want," replies Joey, as he spies AJ piling the food onto his plate like it was going to be his last chance to ever eat again.

"I know that," replies AJ, "I'm just very hungry."

"Yeah, I can see that," replies Joey, "And with all that food you're stacking up there, you're going to gain a ton of weight."

"Ah, will you lay off my man, Joe?" replies Howie, "I don't care of AJ gets to be 400 lbs., I'll still love him. Eat up, love."

AJ smiles at Howie, and kisses him on the lips briefly before sticking his tongue out at Joey, who mumbles, "Punta," under his breath.

"Hey Fatone, you call my boyfriend a bitch again, and I'll shove my foot so far up your ass you'll need to have it surgically removed," replies Howie, in a "I'm not kidding" voice, as Joey decides to lay off, and quickly darts over to the other side of the room.

Everybody finishes eating their breakfast, all of them perhaps suffering from a case of "my eyes were bigger then my stomach," and they all head for the airport. Airport security leads them into the VIP lounge to wait for their flight to be called. Luckily, since this trip to San Diego for a photo shoot was to an extent an unscheduled and last minute change in plans, no mobs of teenage fans are crowded around in the airport to mob them. This is of course something that they are profoundly happy of.

"So, Blake, can you tell us anything about this photo shoot?"

"Well, Jeff, as you already know it will be on the beach," replies Blake, "We've had several styles of swimwear sent to the beach that it's taking place on, so you guys will get to choose what you want to wear, of course then too you'll have to change swimwear repeatedly during the course of the shoot. We're going to try to get about 50 rolls of pictures, and we don't want 50 rolls of the same pictures over and over."

"Is 50 rolls really necessary?" asks Britney.

"Well, we'll probably only be using about 25-30 of the rolls," replies Blake, "But, it's always a good thing to have extra in case they don't turn out right, or if any of you would like copies of some of the pictures."

"Flight 374 to San Diego, California is now boarding at gate 11H," replies a woman on the intercom, "Will all coach passengers please report to the gate at this time."

"Okay, well, we're in first class," replies Blake, "So, that's not us."

"Well, thank god they decided to load the coach passengers first," replies Kevin, "At least this way we won't have a riot on our hands when the coach passengers are going back to their seats and see us sitting in first class."

"Good point, Kev," replies Aaron, as he rests his head in his brother's lap, while Nick gently plays with Aaron's hair, and Brian watches with envy, wishing that he had a little brother. Brian thinks to himself, "Oh, well, soon enough I will have a little brother, once I marry Nick."

"Final call for Flight 374 to San Diego, California," replies the woman again, "Will all first class passengers please report to gate 11H at this time."

Everybody stands up, grabs their carry on luggage, and heads for the gate. They all get on the plane and fasten their seatbelts, and soon the plane is being taxied over to the runway. Since Brian is comforting Nick on his slight fear of flying, Nick couldn't sit with Aaron, to comfort him, so Nick Lachey volunteered to sit with Aaron, since Britney wanted to sit with CJ.

Soon the plane begins to speed down the runway and begins to lift off into the air, and is soon on its way to San Diego, California, as most of the first class passengers relax and try to get a little more sleep, knowing full well that a photo shoot, even if the concept is a day of fun at the beach, will be very tiring.

The plane soon lands in San Diego, and first class is unloaded first, with airport security and the flight attendants physically restraining coach passengers from reaching the first class area, since they found out just as the plane was landing that the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, Britney Spears, Aaron Carter, and 3Deep were on the plane in the first class section.

Airport security manages to get the nineteen performers safely out to the limousines which will take them to the beach. Each and every one of them hoping that this photo shoot goes smoothly. The limousines stop on the street near the beach's boardwalk, and the nineteen passengers get out and head down the boardwalk to the beach. A few fans have found out about the shoot today, and they all stand behind barricades, several San Diego police officers stand ready to use any means necessary to keep the fans off of the beach during the photo shoot.

Six of the beach's lifeguard towers serve as makeshift dressing rooms, one for the Backstreet Boys, one for 'N Sync, one for 98 Degrees, one for 3 Deep, and the other two for Britney and Aaron. They all quickly go into their dressing rooms to change into their swimwear, and one by one, they all come out wearing various styles and colors of swimwear, ready for the shoot to begin.

A team of six photographers stand ready with their cameras to start taking pictures. The Backstreet Boys recognize one of them as the photographer who did the photo shoot when they were in New York City.

"Hey Mike," replies Nick, as he walks over to him.

"Hi Nick," replies Mike, as the two shake hands.

"What are you doing here?" asks Brian.

"Well, Jive and The Firm were so pleased with my work the last time," replies Mike, "that they had me and some of my associates flown out here to do this shoot."

"Ah, well, you did do a good job last time," replies Kevin, remembering their last photo shoot.

"Alright, well, let's get this shoot going," replies Mike, "We only have use of the beach until 1, otherwise management will have to rent it for another day, which is something they told me to try and avoid at all costs."

Everybody gets into position, and does exactly what Mike and his five associates tell them to do, and the photo shoot goes very smoothly. After shooting about 42 rolls of film, Mike looks at his watch and announces, "Alright, well, its almost 11 now, so I think I can safely give you all an hour break, and we can get in the other eight rolls afterwards and still meet the 1pm deadline."

Everybody cheers, and they all head off in different directions to enjoy their hour off. Drew and Jeff walk down the beach a ways, before they stop behind a large outcropping of rocks, which blocks anyone's view of them.

They pull each other into an intimate embrace and a passionate kiss, as their tongues dance erotically around each other's mouths. After several minutes of kissing, they pull apart and sit down on the beach. They wrap their arms around each other's waists, and just look out at the ocean for a few minutes, totally content.


"Yeah, Jeff?"

"Have I told you today that I love you?"

"Oh, only about a million times, but you can say it again if you want."

"Okay, Drew, I love you."

"I love you too Jeff, with all my heart."

Jeff pulls Drew into an intimate embrace and just holds him for a few minutes, before he pulls out of the embrace and in one quick motion removes both his and Drew's swimwear.

"Jeff? What are you doing? We're on a public beach!" replies Drew, as he turns red with embarrassment at the thought of anyone seeing him sitting here on the beach, naked.

"At the moment, this beach is anything but public, anyway, we're surrounded by rocks on three sides Drew, nobody's going to see this," replies Jeff, as he makes Drew lay down in the sand. Drew decides to simply trust Jeff, and do whatever he wants, as he knows that he will more then likely enjoy it.

Jeff kneels over Drew's head, his rock hard cock pressing against Drew's lips as Drew opens his mouth to let Jeff's meat in. Jeff moans slightly as Drew begins to work his magic on his tool. Jeff, wanting to give this same pleasure to Drew, leans down and takes Drew's tool into his mouth, and begins to suck on it.

Jeff knows that Drew likes this because he can hear Drew's muffled moans of pleasure as he continues his sucking. The two of them go up and down on each other slowly at first, but getting faster and more vigorous, possibly a bit faster then they normally would, but then too they are pressed for time, and the last thing they want is to be late getting back to the photo shoot and having a crew member coming looking for them.

Soon, both Drew and Jeff can feel their bodies beginning to tense up, their moans of pleasure being muffled by the other's cock in their mouths. Then before they even realize it, both of them are cumming, shooting their massive loads into each other's mouths. Drew manages to swallow all of Jeff's load, however, Jeff is unable to swallow all of Drew's, and some of it leaks out from the corners of his mouth and runs down his chin.

Drew releases Jeff's cock from his mouth, as Jeff takes his mouth off all Drew's and turns around. Drew gently licks his cum off of Jeff's chin and neck before pulling him into a passionate kiss, their tongues wrestling playfully in the other's mouth. After several minutes of kissing, Drew and Jeff pull apart, and quickly put their swimwear back on, knowing that they should be heading back to the photo shoot soon.

The rest of the photo shoot just as smoothly as before, and they wrap at quarter to one. Everybody quickly goes into their dressing rooms to change clothes, and are then escorted back to their limousines by San Diego police officers, to make sure that they aren't mobbed by the ever growing crowd of fans who found out that they were here. Once the limousines are out of sight, the police open the beach up to the public, and everything returns to normal, to the point that you never even would have known that their had been a photo shoot here today.

The next day, Nick, Drew, JC, and Josh all sit in a rather large office with Blake. There are five computers in the room, one for Blake, who will be acting as the Chat Host in the room, and the other four for Nick, Drew, JC, and Josh.

"You guys ready?" asks Blake.

"Yeah, ready," replies Nick.

"Ready," replies JC.

"Yeah, let's get this show on the road," replies Drew.

"Ready," replies Josh.

"Okay, then, we'll start now," replies Blake.

<PRBlake> Hey all! Welcome! I'm Blake, the head of PR for the summer tour. Today we have Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, Drew Lachey of 98 Degrees, JC Chasez of 'N Sync, and Josh of 3Deep. Say hi to your fans guys!

<BSBNick> Hello all!

<98DegreesDrew> Hey!

<NsyncJC> Hi!

<3DeepJosh> Hello everybody!

<PRBlake> Okay, let's get this chat rolling. Start submitting your questions to the guys now.


<BSBNick> :)

<BSBNick> Somehow, I knew we wouldn't get through this chat without that question. Sorry, MrsCarter, but I'm already involved in a very serious relationship, so, no, I won't marry you.

<MrsCarter> Who are you involved with?

<BSBNick> That's personal. All you need to know is that I am with a person who makes me very happy.

<~sNICKers~> I was at your concert in Las Vegas, I have to tell you that Secretly Yours was really, really good!

<BSBNick> Thanks!

<NsyncJC> Thanks!

<3DeepJosh> Thank you!

<98(Drew> Yeah, thanks! We really enjoyed writing the song, and performing it.

<~sNICKers~> When will the fans be able to get a copy of it?

<NsyncJC> It will be on the joint album. We don't know when that will be out though, because at the moment we only have 1 song, although I think that Nick is working on another one?

<BSBNick> Yes, Aaron, Justin, Brian, and I are working on a song right now.

<BSBNick> It's almost done actually.

<~sNICKers~> What's the title of this new song?

<SapphireEyes> I can tell you that.

<PRBlake> Who are you?

<BSBNick> An interesting handle. Odd that that is the name of the song that Brian, Justin, my brother, and I are working on.

<SapphireEyes> Yes, you're right Nick. That is the name of the song that WE are working on.

<98DegreesDrew> Who exactly are you, Sapphire?

<SapphireEyes> Nick has known me for quite some time, my whole life actually.

<BSBNick> Aaron?

<SapphireEyes> You got it bro.

<3DeepJosh> How do any of us know that you really are Aaron Carter?

<PRBlake> He is.

<PRBlake> He asked for my help to play a small trick, I gave it to him.


**<SapphireEyes> changes his name to <AaronCarter>

<AaronCarter> Hello all!

<PRBlake> Please welcome Aaron Carter to the room.

<PRBlake> Now, let's continue with the questions.

<#1BSBFan> Hey Nick! I love the BSB!

<BSBNick> Hi!

<BSBNick> We love you too.

<BSBNick> What's your question?

<#1BSBFan> Are you really going to be leaving Jive Records?

<PRBlake> Nick, you don't have to answer that.

<PRBlake> An announcement will be being made on MTV News tomorrow.

<BSBNick> Well, I'll answer it.

<BSBNick> This is our #1 Fan after all, :)

<PRBlake> :)

<BSBNick> The answer is no. The Backstreet Boys will not be leaving Jive Records.

<#1BSBFan> But what about the breach of contract accusations?

<BSBNick> It's true that our contract with Jive was breached when they signed 'N Sync. However, we've settled everything, and have signed a new contract with Jive.

<IloveDrew> Hi Drew! I love you!!

<98DegreesDrew> :)

<98DegreesDrew> I love you too.

<IloveDrew> Are you dating anyone?

<98DegreesDrew> Yes, I am.

<IloveDrew> :(

<98DegreesDrew> And I'm very happy.

<IloveDrew> :) Well, at least you're happy.

<IloveDrew> Who are you dating?

<98DegreesDrew> That's personal.

<Zackary~Scott> I read somewhere that you were dating Jeff Timmons.

<98DegreesDrew> Okay, you got me.

<98DegreesDrew> Yeah, Jeff and I are dating.

<Zackary~Scott> Seriously?

<98DegreesDrew> LOL

<98DegreesDrew> NO!! You fell for it, though!

<98DegreesDrew> The truth is I'm not dating Jeff, and I never will.

<98DegreesDrew> We're both straight.

<IloveY&R> Hey Josh!!

<3DeepJosh> Hi!

<IloveY&R> What was it like doing all those fight scenes with Eddie Cibrian on Y&R?

<3DeepJosh> Well, it was all fake.

<3DeepJosh> Eddie and I are good friends, and the fact that we're in a group together proves that.

<JoeCiurro> Are any of you single? Are any of the other guys single?

<BSBNick> I'm involved.

<NsyncJC> I'm taken.

<3DeepJosh> So am I.

<98DegreesDrew> As I said earlier, I'm taken too.

<AaronCarter> I'm single.

<BSBNick> That's because you're too young to date, bro!

<AaronCarter> :)

<PRBlake> As for the other people on the tour...

<PRBlake> Justin Timberlake is dating, Eddie Cibrian is dating, Lance Bass is dating, Kevin Richardson is dating, AJ McLean is dating, Howie Dorough is dating, Brian Littrell is dating, Jeff Timmons is dating, Britney Spears is dating, and CJ Huyer is dating.

<PRBlake> Nick Lachey, Justin Jeffre, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Joey Fatone are all single at the moment.

<JoeCiurro> I can't believe that Nick Lachey is single.

<98DegreesDrew> Why?

<JoeCiurro> Because he's so HOT!

<JoeCiurro> I'd die to go out with him.

<98DegreesDrew> :)

<98DegreesDrew> Well, judging by your name, I'd say you're a guy?

<JoeCiurro> Yeah.

<98DegreesDrew> Well, I'd say your chances are VERY good!

<NsyncJC> Don't believe that, Joe.

<NsyncJC> Nick is the farthest thing from gay. Drew just THINKS that Nick is gay because he's never dated anyone.

<JCVascardi> Well, it doesn't really matter.

<3DeepJosh> Why is that, JCV?

<JCVascardi> Because Joseph is MINE!!

<98DegreesDrew> Oh.

<JMorgan> Well, Jays, I'm sure Joe would drop you in a heartbeat to date Nick Lachey.

<JMorgan> He's always saying how much he adores him.

<3DeepJosh> Okay, I'm assuming you all know each other?

<JCVascardi> Yeah, obviously.

<JMorgan> Yeah, we're all good friends.

<JoeCiurro> Yeah, that's true. And JM?

<JoeCiurro> You're wrong. I wouldn't drop Jayson in a heartbeat.

<98DegreesDrew> Even if given a chance with my brother?

<JoeCiurro> Even then. As much as I do think Nick is cute, my heart and soul belong to Jayson.

<BSBNick> Your names sound strangely familiar to me.

<JMorgan> Who's?

<BSBNick> Yours, JMorgan and JCVascardi. I think I've heard or seen them somewhere before.

<BSBNick> Oh yeah! Now I remember. A friend of Brian's sent him a link to an internet site, the Nifty Archive, I believe it was.

<BSBNick> He sent it because there was a bunch of gay erotic material about Brian on the site. Not that B-Rok is gay, but his friend just wanted him to see that screaming pre-teenage girls aren't his only fans.

<JMorgan> Yeah, Jays and I are both writers.

<JCVascardi> We both have a series posted on Nifty, about the BSB, 'N Sync, and Britney.

<JCVascardi> Mine also includes 3Deep and 98 Degrees.

<3DeepJosh> What are these stories about?

<BSBNick> From what Brian told me, JM writes a story which places Brian with Justin Timberlake, they're married, and a few other side relationships include me dating JC Chasez.

<NsyncJC> Wow. Interesting. What's Jay's story about?

<BSBNick> I can't really remember, he has two I think.

<JCVascardi> Yeah, I do. My first series, Loving BSB, places me with Nick and my late twin brother Josh with Brian. As well as a few side relationships like Justin and Lance.

<JoeCiurro> The second series, Nick & Brian, has Nick C and Brian engaged to be married, with Kevin dating Josh of 3Deep, Justin and JC dating, Drew and Jeff dating, Britney dating CJ of 3Deep, and as hard to believe as this may be, Howie and AJ dating.


<BSBNick> That last one is really FUNNY!!

<AaronCarter> Yeah, that it is.

<NsyncJC> Well, too all you fans out there, none of that is true, just so you know.

<JCVascardi> Yeah, and we make sure to include a legal disclaimer. Mainly stating that the story is fiction and not meant to imply anything about the celebrities contained within.

<PRBlake> Well, that's a good thing that you put that in.

<PRBlake> Otherwise, there'd be a possibility of a slander lawsuit.

<BSBNick> Not that any of us would ever sue fans for harmless fiction.

<NsyncJC> That's right. We know that its not true, so that's all that really matters.

<PRBlake> Alright, well, as much as I know everyone is going to hate me for this...

<PRBlake> It's time to bring this chat to an end. I'll try to schedule another one sometime soon, if I can find some time in the tour schedule.

<PRBlake> Say goodbye guys.

<BSBNick> Goodbye guys.

<BSBNick> :)

<NsyncJC> Bye, everyone. Thanks for coming!

<3DeepJosh> Bye, all.

<AaronCarter> C-y'all.

<98DegreesDrew> Later!

**<BSBNick> has just left the room.

**<NsyncJC> has just left the room.

**<3DeepJosh> has just left the room.

**<ACarter> has just left the room.

**<98DegreesDrew> has just left the room.

**<PRBlake> has just left the room.

Later that night, Nick and Brian are walking along a stretch of the San Diego beach, holding hands, and just enjoying the feel of the soft sea breeze as it blows in from the pacific. The sky has already begun to turn brilliant shades of pink as the sun gets ready to set over the horizon. It's been a long day, and Nick and Brian decided that this would be a good way to take some time for each other and to relax.

They find a nice little grotto, surrounded on three sides by rock, which incidentally is the same place that Drew and Jeff were during their lunch break from the photo shoot, and sit down. The two of them gaze out at the ocean, the waves rolling ever so gently in the light breeze. It truly is a romantic and very peaceful and serene location. As Nick looks at the setting sun, he sees a glint of gold from the corner of his eye.

He happily looks down at his ring finger and stares at his gold engagement ring for a moment, before looking over at Brian, who is just watching Nick happily, a smile covering his face.

"I love you so much, Brian."

"I know you do, Nick, cause I love you just as much."


"Yes, my darling?"

"Let's set a date."

"A date?"

"For our wedding," replies Nick with a smile, "I want to marry you so much, that it hurts."

"Well, okay," replies Brian, "Any suggestions?"

"How about," replies Nick, as he takes a moment to think, "July 23, 2000?"

"No can do."

"Why not?"

"Because we leave for our European tour on July 24, 2000 at 2:30am," replies Brian, "I don't think the wedding night would be very fun at that point, plus we'd have no time for a honeymoon."

"That's true, and I definitely want us to have a honeymoon," replies Nick, with a huge grin.

"Why so you can make wild passionate love to me every second?"

"Well, there's that," replies Nick with a laugh, "And I just don't think a wedding would be complete without a honeymoon."

"You are so horny, you now that?"

"Only for you, babe, only for you."

"And so romantic," replies Brian, as he pulls Nick into a soft and passionate kiss. The kiss continues for several minutes, as Nick's and Brian's tongues explore the already well-charted territories of each other's mouths. Finally, Nick pulls away from the kiss and looks deeply into Brian's eyes.

"How about June 8, 2000?"

Brian thinks over the date for a moment and then smiles at Nick.

"I think that will work just fine," replies Brian, "Consider the date for our wedding set, my darling."

"I love you, my angel."

"I love you too," replies Brian, as he taps the end of Nick's nose, as the two of them lay back in the sand, and cuddle up to each other as they watch the sun setting over the Pacific.

Nick & Brian - Part 47 Written by JCV

A couple of days later finds Britney and the guys prepping themselves for their concert here in Denver, Colorado. The show is of course sold out, as every other show on the tour has been. This tour is definitely the hottest tour of the summer. But, this tour is also important in other ways. For one thing, it disproves the idea of the feud between the boy bands. With three major boy bands, the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, and 98 Degrees, and the opening boy band act, 3 Deep, it proves that the boy bands aren't feuding with each other, or that they hate each other.

This really is a good thing, because so many people seem to think that they don't get along, and that they see it as nothing more then a competition. Some people have even gone so far as saying that the Backstreet Boys think of 'N Sync as second-rate clones. Which of course is the farthest thing from being true, considering that they are touring together, and they are all very good friends.

Anyway, the nineteen performers all hurry around backstage getting the last minute details taken care of, as well as making sure that everybody has been gotten into costume, and gotten their hair and makeup taken care of. As usual, Aaron is the first one in line to perform, followed by 3 Deep, and then Nick, JC, Josh, and Drew performing "Secretly Yours".

The crowd begins to go wild as the music for "Get Wild" comes on, and Aaron comes out to get the crowd pumped up. Aaron also performs "Crush on You" and "Shake It" before he looks out at the audience and smiles.

"What's up Denver?"

The audience all shouts a multitude of responses to the young performer, who then replies, "Are you ready?"

The crowd goes wild with applause and yelling "yes", and Aaron smiles, before saying, "Okay, then, now for the final time performing on the tour, here is 3 Deep!"

Aaron stands in the center of the stage, and calls out each of the guys names and they run out. As the run out they all give Aaron a high-five, before CJ and Josh quickly help Aaron with something. The arena goes dark for a minute, before finally, Aaron goes flying out over the audience for a moment, doing quite a good job of imitating his brother. The crowd goes wild, and smiles up at the young performer, before finally, he disappears backstage, and the music for "Get Down On It" comes on, as 3 Deep begins to perform.

3 Deep also performs "Lost In Your Eyes" and "I Can Only Think Of You" before they all wave goodbye to the audience and head backstage. Josh hurrying back to wardrobe to quickly change clothes, and then meets the other guys back on the side of the stage, as stage hands quickly get the microphones reattached, and get four stools set up in the center of the stage.

Nick, JC, Drew, and Josh all walk out onto stage and sit down on the stools, as Tommy Smith of the Backstreet Band sits down at the white grand piano and begins to play the melody of the song. As before, Nick and Drew are wearing matching white Armani suits with black t-shirts and Josh and JC are wearing matching black Armani suits with white t-shirts.

"This song is dedicated to those special people in our lives," replies Nick, as JC gets ready to start the song with his solo.

When your eyes look into mine
The world can't see what we share
Our deepest emotions for each other
The love that will always be there
Simple words could never explain
The way you opened my eyes
Now the world seems so empty when I'm alone
But you'll always be mine

Now, Nick, Drew, and Josh join JC on the chorus, as the audience continues to listen intently to the almost new song.

I'll always be secretly yours
The world will never know
Our feelings we don't have to show
Because we speak them through our love
And I'll always be secretly yours
Sometimes I want us to show
But I won't ever let go
Baby, our love is so pure

Nick stands up and begins to sing his solo, as he looks at Brian through the corner of his eye, who is standing in the wings of the stage, along with Kevin, Justin, and Jeff, listening to the song, which is dedicated to them.

When I see those tears in your eyes
I won't to lose all of my hopes
Because the love that we share in the dark
Is something beyond love's control

Nick sits back down as Drew stands up to sing his part of the song.

You still have the biggest part of my heart
Every song I sing will be for you
And even if its hidden to sight
You'll forever know the truth

All four of the guys stand up and do a very light dance as they sing the chorus.

I'll always be secretly yours
The world will never know
Our feelings we don't have to show
Because we speak them through our love
And I'll always be secretly yours
Sometimes I want us to show
But I won't ever let go
Baby, our love is so pure.

Nick, JC, and Drew sit back down as Josh begins to sing his solo.

Holding on through winter's snow
Holding on through spring's rainfall
Holding on through summer's sun
Holding on through the midst of fall

Now all four of the guys stand up to finish the song, singing with a passion that is so powerful that the audience is even more moved this time around then the audience in Las Vegas was.

I'll always be
Secretly yours
I'll always have
The depth of your heart
I'll always be
Secretly yours
I'll always share
The depths of my love

I'll always be secretly yours
The world will never know
Our feelings we don't have to show
Because we speak them through our love

And I'll always be secretly yours
Sometimes I want us to show
But I won't ever let go
Baby, our love is so pure

I'll always be secretly yours
The world will never know
Our feelings we don't have to show
Because we speak them through our love

And I'll always be secretly yours
Sometimes I want us to show
But I won't ever let go
Baby, our love is so pure

Forever and ever
Secretly yours

Nick, JC, Drew, and Josh all take a bow as the audience gives them a standing ovation, applauding and cheering like there was no tomorrow. The rest of the concert goes off without a hitch, and just after Britney leaves the stage after performing her finale, Nick, Brian, Justin, and Aaron run out onto the stage.

All four guys are wearing baggy black jeans, with Brian wearing a midnight blue t-shirt, Justin a baby-blue t-shirt, Nick a green t-shirt, and Aaron a white t-shirt.

"And now, we'd like to perform a new song, which will be on our next album," replies Brian, "So here for you now, is Sapphire Eyes."

The Backstreet Band as well as members of 'N Sync's band, begin to play a very upbeat and fast melody, as Nick, Brian, Justin, and Aaron all begin to do a very high powered, high energy dance.

Come on, come on, come on
Please talk to me
Come on, come on, come on
Please talk to me
Come on, come on, come on
Please talk to me
Come on, come on, come on
Please talk to me

Nick begins to dance all over the stage as he sings his solo.

It's something about the way you smile
Or maybe it's the way you touch me
I've come to the conclusion
That without you, I'm nothing
I've got to have your heart
Please tell me I can win you over
I can't tell you how much you excite me
But I know there'll never be another

With Nick's help Aaron does a back-flip, and Brian helps Justin to do a back-flip in which Justin flips over Brian's head, as they get ready to sing the chorus of the song.

You've got those sapphire eyes
And cotton candy lips
Your kisses taste like strawberries
Your scent is like peppermints
I love the way you walk
And the way you say "I love you"
I get so lost in your love
I just don't know what to do
Oh yeah baby

Come on, come on, come on
Please talk to me
Come on, come on, come on
Please talk to me

Justin quickly does another back-flip, this time over Nick's head, as he begins to sing his solo.

My craving for you grows deeper day by day
You make my body warm like the middle of May
I can't express the feelings I get
When I'm around you, no one else is there

Now for a much practiced move on Aaron's part, he does a series of flips and back-flips before he finally ends up standing on Nick's shoulders as Nick kneels on the stage, with Brian and Justin dancing wildly around him, as Aaron sings his solo.

I'm never gonna love somebody like you
You're just too pretty for the truth
If you'd come out and play with me today
Maybe I can show you how I really feel

Aaron leaps forward from Nick's shoulders and does a flip in mid-air as the guys once again get ready to sing the chorus.

You've got those sapphire eyes
And cotton candy lips
Your kisses taste like strawberries
Your scent is like peppermints
I love the way you walk
And the way you say "I love you"
I get so lost in your love
I just don't know what to do
Oh yeah baby

Now, Brian does a back-flip over both Nick and Justin's head, with their help of course, as he gets ready to sing his solo.

No one knows how I really feel
Sometimes I think it can't be real
But only you make my heart beat so fast
I've got thoughts of you that I want to last
I get just so lost in your love
And I don't know what to do

Once again, the four guys show off a multitude of high-powered and very complicated moves, as they prepare to finish the song.

You've got those sapphire eyes
And cotton candy lips
Your kisses taste like strawberries
Your scent is like peppermints
I love the way you walk
And the way you say "I love you"
I get so lost in your love
I just don't know what to do
Oh yeah baby

You've got those sapphire eyes
And cotton candy lips
Your kisses taste like strawberries
Your scent is like peppermints
I love the way you walk
And the way you say "I love you"
I get so lost in your love
I just don't know what to do
Oh yeah baby

I get so lost in your love
I just don't know what to do
Oh yeah baby

As the song finishes and the music ends, Aaron is standing on top of Nick's shoulders, with Brian and Justin on either side of Nick, leaning against him, as several explosives go off.

The next evening, Kevin and Josh lay in each other's arms, content with just being together, however, also very sad, because Josh has to leave tomorrow morning. The two of them aren't saying anything, they're just enjoying their time together, wishing that they could remain together. But, alas, they cannot. Kevin is under contract and cannot leave the tour, and Josh is under contract with Y&R and has to show up for taping, otherwise, he'll be fired. And as much as Josh really wants to be with Kevin, he also does not want to lose his job on Y&R, because like singing, acting is something that he enjoys.

Sometimes Kevin has wished that he hadn't joined the Backstreet Boys, for various reasons, but at the moment his most apparent reason is because its being a Backstreet Boy that is preventing him from being able to be with the man he loves. Of course then again, if it wasn't for his being a Backstreet Boy, he would have never been on the episode of Rosie O'Donnell, and he never would have met Josh to begin with. So, Kevin is very mixed in his feelings, he enjoys the singing and performing, and the fame of being a Backstreet Boy, but then again there are times when he just wishes that he was an ordinary guy who was able to spend a quiet evening at home with the man he loves.

There's also a part of Kevin who desperately wishes that he could tell the world that he's gay, but he's afraid to do it, as it would probably ruin not only his career, but also Brian's, Nick's, Howie's, and AJ's careers. So sometimes being a celebrity can be a major inconvenience, but, all in all it can also be fun and enjoyable. It's just that there's some parts of yourself that you have to hide from everybody but your closest friends to avoid falling out of popularity and becoming a washed up jobless person.

Of course then again, Kevin has also thought a lot about Stephen Gatley of Boyzone, who is very much so openly gay, and that doesn't seem to take away from their popularity. Of course Boyzone is very different from the Backstreet Boys in the way that one of their members is married, and one is openly gay. True this doesn't take away from their popularity, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't take away from the popularity of the BSB, especially if all five of them came out of the closet. Their record sales and merchandise sales would probably plummet faster then the speed of sound.

So even though Kevin hates keeping a part of himself from the fans, and not being totally honest with the people who are partially if not completely responsible for his and the other guys' phenomenal careers, that's just the way it will have to be. One day, perhaps, he'll be able to safely come out of the closet, perhaps once the popularity of the BSB dies down. Even though Kevin obviously doesn't want that to happen, he knows that in the music business, very few acts will last very long, before something new and better arrives, and the fans will dump the old for the new.

Anyway, Kevin and Josh simply lay in each other's arms, totally content for a long while, before Kevin talks.

"Hey Josh?"

"Yeah, Kev?"

"Could you run over to that Italian restaurant we ate at the other night and get some take-out?"

"I'm not hungry."

"Please, Josh?"

"Oh, alright, Kev. Be back in about an hour."

Very reluctantly, Josh gets up from the bed, grabs his jacket, and heads out. The minute that Josh is gone, Kevin leaps up off the bed and runs around the room in a frenzy to get everything set up just the way he wants it. Since the room is one of the finer suites that the hotel offers, the room has a fireplace, and since it is a tad cold out, Kevin lights a fire, and spreads out a blanket in front of it. Kevin then goes into the bathroom to slip into something more comfortable.

An hour later, Josh arrives back at their hotel room with the take-out, and is surprised to find the room aglow with dozens of candles, with a crackling fire burning in the fireplace. Scattered around the room are white rose petals, the bed is almost completely covered with them. Josh squints in the low light, and then he sees him.

Kevin, laying on the bed, wearing a huge smile. Josh can tell that Kevin is completely naked, with just his torso completely covered with white rose petals. Kevin motions for Josh to come over, and he doesn't need anymore encouragement then that. Josh quickly drops the bags from the restaurant, and strips out of his clothes on his way over to the bed.

Josh lays down on top of Kevin, and the two of them kiss each other passionately, their tongues dancing erotically in each other's mouths, as Kevin reaches up and massages Josh's wonderful ass. Then, in one quick motion, rolls over so that Josh is on the bottom, and breaks the kiss as Kevin begins to kiss Josh's neck and shoulders.

Kevin continues to kiss his way down Josh's body, until he reaches Josh's tool. He plants a big kiss on the tip, and licks away the drop of precum, before he completely forgets about Josh's cock. He slowly and gently lifts up Josh's legs and rests them on his shoulders, to give him access to what he wants. Before proceeding further however, Kevin looks deep into Josh's eyes as if asking for permission, as Josh simply nods.

Kevin smiles, before he reaches over and grabs some lubricant, which he quickly uses to lube up his tool, and Josh's hole. Then, Kevin places the head of his cock at the entrance to Josh's hole, and slowly, and gently, begins to push forward. Kevin stops when Josh winces in pain, and gives him some time to adjust to this new feeling.

Then, after a few minutes, Kevin continues to ever so slowly and gently push his way deep into Josh, who is moaning and groaning in total pleasure and ecstasy.

"Oh! Yes, Kevin!" moans Josh, as Kevin begins a slow, gentle in and out motion.

Kevin is also moaning from the pleasure that he's getting from this. Kevin speeds up his thrusts a bit, and then slows down again. He does this over and over, wanting this moment to last, until he can feel himself cross the point of no return. From this point on, no matter how slow Kevin moves in Josh's ass, he's going to cum any second now.

"Oh, god! Yes! Josh!" yells Kevin, as he can feel himself begin to shoot load after load after load deep into Josh's ass. This was most definitely the most intense orgasm Kevin has ever experienced in his 27 years. Kevin pulls out of Josh, and the two of them lay in each other's arms for awhile.

Then, they get up, and sit in front of the fireplace, feeding each other the Italian take-out, before Josh gives Kevin a full-body massage, and then takes Kevin's virginity as well. After this, both of them are totally exhausted, so, Josh starts blowing out candles while Kevin puts out the fire. They then crawl into bed, and cuddle up to each other, and shortly there after fall fast asleep.

The next morning, everyone is at the airport, sitting around the VIP lounge, waiting for Josh and Eddie's flight to be called.

"I really wish that you didn't have to go," replies Kevin, as he pulls Josh closer to him.

Josh adjusts himself in Kevin's lap and kisses him on the forehead, "I wish I didn't have to go either."

"Then don't."

"Baby, if I had that choice, I'd take it in a heartbeat," replies Josh, as he messes up Kevin's hair, "But, I just have to go."

"I know, I know, but I don't like it!"

"Well, trust me, I don't like it either baby, but I have to do it all the same."

"I know, I'll miss you, J."

"I'll miss you to, Kevy."

"We'll take care of Kevy for you, while you're gone," replies Brian with another one of his dumb grins.

"Hey! Only Josh has permission to call me Kevy. Brian, if you call me that again, and this goes to all of you, I will kick your ass so hard that not even surgery will remove my foot."

"Well, that certainly does sound painful, and I know Nick would just hate that," replies Justin.

"Of course I would! I don't want to see my gorgeous boyfriend hurt!" replies Nick, as he pulls Brian close to him and holds him tightly in his arms, as Brian simply grins from ear to ear.

"Well, Brian getting hurt isn't what I meant," replies Justin, "You would no longer be able to make love to him Nick, cause Kevin's foot would be stuck up his ass."

"Plus, then Kevin and Josh would have to move in with you guys, cause Kevin and Brian would pretty much be siamese twins," replies Chris.

"Alright, alright, shutup people, please!" replies Kevin.

Lance and Eddie sit alone in a corner of the room, talking.

"Maybe we should just break up now," replies Eddie, "I don't know about you but I don't think I can handle a long-distance relationship, I mean I care for you deeply, Lance, but..."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, Eddie, I really don't think I can the long-distance thing either. Maybe we should just go our separate ways, and for the moment, feel free to date other people," replies Lance, "Then, if at some time in the future we find that we want to be together, well, we'll deal with that if and when the time comes."

"Yeah, well, that sounds like a very good plan, Lance," replies Eddie, "Can I just have one last kiss though?"

"I thought you'd never ask," replies Lance, as he lightly places his hand in back of Eddie's head, and pulls him into a passionate, yet friendly kiss, with no tongues.

"Flight 2381 to Los Angeles, California is now boarding at gate 11B, all first class passengers please come to the gate now," replies a man over the intercom.

"Well, that's us," replies Eddie as he stands up and picks up his carry-on.

"Yeah, well, c-y'all real soon, I hope," replies Josh, "You especially, Kevy."

"Bye, Josh, I love you, and I'll miss you!"

"I know, I'll miss you too, but I'll try to call or at the very least email you everyday."

Josh and Eddie get their tickets out of their carry-on luggage and head out of the lounge to the gate. As soon as Josh is out of sight, Kevin bursts into tears, sobbing heavily. Brian and Nick walk over to him and pull him into a tight hug, to console their friend, as they all get ready to head back to the hotel.

About an hour later, in Justin and JC's hotel room, JC lays on his stomach on a towel in front of the fireplace. The crackling fire is a relaxing and soothing feeling, compared to the cold outside. Even though its only late August, Denver has been pretty cold lately, what with some pretty high winds blowing the cold down from the Rockies. Justin sits on JC's ass, as his hands gently massage oil into JC's back and shoulders.

"Oh, Justin, that feels so good," replies JC, enjoying the feeling of Justin's strong hands massaging his muscles, wiping away any and all aches and pains.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it," replies Justin, as he continues to massage JC's back, getting rid of the tightness.

"I know something that I would enjoy even more," replies JC, as a sly grin that Justin can't see spreads over JC's face.

"And what pray tell is that?" asks Justin, with an equally sly grin, "As if I don't know."

"If you made love to me."

"You want me to?"

"Oh hell yes, it's been way too long since I've felt you inside of me," replies JC, "and you feel so good, and I want you so bad!"

"Okay, JC, anything to make you happy," replies Justin, as he moves off of JC's ass, and uses the massage oil as a lubricant.

Justin applies a generous amount of oil to JC's hole, and then too his rock hard member, before inserting a single finger into JC's hole, which causes JC to emit a low moan of pleasure. Justin moves his finger in and out of JC's hole for a minute, before inserting a second finger, and then a third finger. When Justin feels that JC has been properly loosened up, he places the head of his cock at the entrance to JC's hole, and begins to slowly and gently push forward.

JC winces in pain and squirms a bit underneath Justin, which signals Justin to stop for a moment, to allow JC to adjust. The last thing Justin wants to do is to hurt JC. JC is not a great friend, a fantastic lover, and the kindest person that Justin has ever known, but also the one and only love of Justin's life. Before Justin met JC, he was very afraid that he would die unloved, but now, he knows that this will never happen, because he is head over heels in love with JC, and he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that JC feels the same way.

JC signals to Justin that he continue by giving Justin a thumbs up, to which Justin simply smiles, and continues to ever so slowly and as gently as possible push forward, until his pubes are resting against JC's ass. At this point, Justin momentarily leans down, and plants several kisses on JC's back. After planting about fifteen kisses on JC's back, Justin begins to pull his cock out of JC's ass, until just the head of it remains inside of him.

Justin pushes forward again, being as gentle as possible, and starts massaging JC's shoulders with one hand, while using the other to keep his balance. Justin pushes all the way in again, before once again, pulling out until just the head of his tool remains inside of his lover, before he gently pushes back in once again, all the while, JC moaning and groaning in total pleasure and complete ecstasy.

"Oh, Justin! Yes!" moans JC, as Justin continues his thrusts.

"I take it you're enjoying this?" replies Justin, as he too lets out a moan of pleasure.

"Definitely," replies JC, as he let's out another moan.

"That's good, I love it knowing that I can give you pleasure," replies Justin, a smile spreading across his face as he continues his slow and gentle thrusts.

Justin repeatedly speeds up his thrusts, and then slows them down again. He wants this moment of total pleasure and complete ecstasy that he's sharing with JC to last as long as humanly possible. Now, however, as Justin speeds up his thrusts, he can feel himself crossing the point of no return, as he begins to moan and groan louder, knowing that his orgasm is in sight.

Justin can suddenly feel his body beginning to tighten up, and within seconds he's yelling, "Oh god, JC! Oh, yes!" as he shoots load after load of his warm juices deep within JC's ass. Justin lies down on top of JC as he recovers from his exceedingly intense orgasm, and the two of the fall asleep right there in front of the crackling fire, both totally content.

Nick & Brian - Part 48 Written by JCV

"And that's a wrap! Good job people, see you here bright and early tomorrow morning," replies William Bell, the Senior Executive Producer of The Young and the Restless, as they finish taping the last scene for the day.

All of the actors head to their dressing rooms to change out of their stage clothes, and into their own clothing, and to get ready to head back home. Joshua Morrow, who just finished filming a scene in the Newman Ranch swimming pool, finishes drying himself off, and is just about to put on his boxers, which are actually Kevin's, when four of his co-stars walk in.

When Josh sees them standing their he quickly pulls them on, before blushing about a million shades of red, which causes his co-stars to burst into laughter.

"Nice show," replies David Lago.

"I've got to agree with you," replies David Tom, "You've got one great body, J."

"Could you possibly get any redder?" asks Heather Tom, "I've never seen anyone get so red."

"Haven't you guys ever head of knocking?" asks Josh, as the normal color begins to return to his cheeks, "It's customary to knock on a door before entering."

"Yes, but sometimes some very great sights can be seen by not doing it," replies Sharon Case, "And what we all saw was a great sight."

"Not as if you haven't seen it before, Sharon," replies Josh, "You do after all play Nick's wife."

"True, but I'm always up for seeing it again," replies Sharon, with a grin.

"There's something different about you," replies Heather as she sits down on a sofa, "I can't quite put my finger on it, though."

"Different? What could possibly be different?" asks Josh, while thinking, 'Its not possible for her to be able to figure out that I'm not a virgin anymore just by looking at me, is it?"

Sharon looks very closely at Josh, before replying, "You've been plucked haven't you?"

"Excuse me?"

"Didn't you ever see the movie "Shakespeare In Love"?"

"Yes, I did see it, Sharon."

"Don't you remember what Queen Elizabeth said to Juliet's fiancÚ after she slept with Will?"

"Not off hand no," replies Josh, getting quite nervous by this point, considering that he knows exactly what Sharon is talking about.

"She said, and I quote, "She's been plucked since I saw her last, and not by you, it takes a woman to know it." Sound familiar to you Josh?"

All eyes fall on Josh as they await an answer from him.

"Well, come on Josh, spit it out," replies David L., "have you had sex or not."

"I hardly think that's any of your business," replies Josh, getting defensive.

"Okay, this may sound a tad strange, but Josh, come over here," replies David Tom, as Josh, walks over to David, not knowing the he is soon going to wish he never did.

As soon as Josh is close enough, David Tom takes him by the shoulders, turns him around and holds him, while David Lago, puts his hand down the back of Kevin's underwear, and examines Josh.

"Yeah, he's been plucked alright," replies David Lago, "By another man, in the ass."

"How can you tell?" asks Heather.

Josh struggles free from David and quickly gets to the other side of the room.

"Well, first of all, he's been walking slightly strange all day, it's the same way that David walked the day after I made love to him for the first time," replies David L, "Second, well, let's just say that I know how to tell when someone has been fucked, and trust me, Josh has been fucked."

"By who?" asks Sharon, looking directly at Josh.

"None of your business!" replies Josh, getting very defensive.

"Well, know at least we know that he was definitely fucked, but by who?" replies Heather.

"That's easy, I can tell you," replies David L.

"You can? How?" asks Josh.

"Look at the waistband of his boxers," replies David L, motioning for everyone to look at Josh's underwear.

"Backstreet Boys?" asks David T., "Josh is wearing Backstreet Boys underwear."

"Well, how does that tell us who he slept with?" asks Heather, "A lot of people have Backstreet Boys underwear, they're sold in a lot of stores in Canada, or at least I know they were. I know a lot of people who bought them."

"Because I happen to know that they don't belong to him," replies David L. with a huge grin.

"And how do you know that?" asks Sharon.

"Because I read the name tag in the back of them," replies David L., "And it doesn't say Joshua Morrow. It has the name of one of the Backstreet Boys on it."

"Why would one of the Backstreet Boys wear underwear with their name in it?" asks David T., giving his boyfriend a questioning look.

"Well, first off, these boxers are blue, and from what I know about the Backstreet Boys, two of the members favorite color is blue," replies David L., "Which would explain the nametag, the owner didn't want his underwear to get mixed up with the other person's."

"Well, I suppose that makes sense," replies Sharon, "But who did Josh have sex with?"

"Well, the two people in the group whose favorite color is blue would be Brian Thomas Littrell or Kevin Scott Richardson," replies David T., "Which one is it?"

David L. looks over at Josh, to see him shaking his head no, as if to tell him, "Please don't tell them."

"The person that made love to Josh, is none other than..."


"Come on Kevin, you've got to stop thinking about Josh," replies Lance, "I know you miss him, but moping around all day is not going to bring him back."

"I know, I know," replies Kevin, as he collapses on the bed, and continues to think about Josh, while getting sadder and sadder by the moment, "Its just that every minute that I'm away from him hits me like a knife to my heart."

"You really do love him, don't you?"

"Yes! More then life itself!" replies Kevin, "I would give up my life if it meant saving his!"

"Wow. I hope I'll find a love like that someday," replies Lance, as he looks down at his feet.

Kevin looks up at Lance for a moment, before replying, "But I thought that you and Eddie were dating?"

"We broke up," replies Lance, "Neither of us thought that we would be able to handle a long distance romance, so we just decided that it would be better to break up."

"Oh, Lance, I'm so sorry," replies Kevin, as he pulls Lance into a hug, "I'm sure you'll find someone."

"Thanks Kevin," replies Lance, "How about you and I go out to a club and have some fun. I think we both could use some of that right now."

"Well, I suppose you may be right," replies Kevin, "Just let me shower and change clothes, and I'll be with you in about fifteen to twenty minutes."

"Okay, c-ya then," replies Lance, as he watches Kevin leave his hotel room.

"God, these feelings are wrong," thinks Lance, "I have got to stop having them! He'll never love me!"


"...Kevin Scott Richardson."

"Oh my god," replies Sharon, "Josh you had sex with Kevin of the Backstreet Boys?"

"Well, I guess there's really no way that I can deny it can I?" replies Josh, "Yes, I did have sex with Kevin, well, it was more then sex, he took my virginity, and he was so gentle, and loving."

"So, is this a one-night stand?" asks Heather.

"No, its not," replies Josh, "I love Kevin, and he loves me. In case you hadn't already figured this out, I am gay, so is Kevin. But you can't tell anyone! If you do, you'll ruin not only Kevin's career, but also the careers of all of the Backstreet Boys, and mine as well."

"Relax, Josh, we're actors too here," replies David T., "We know what its like to be in the public eye, and that if certain things got out, that careers can very easily be ruined."

"Okay, so, Kevin Richardson is gay," replies David L., "Any other people on the summer tour gay?"

"I can't tell you guys that!" replies Josh, "Anyway, I'd hate to name someone and then have Sharon or Heather here getting upset because their secret crush is gay."

"If you told Sharon and Heather that their secret crush was gay, you'd be making them very happy, actually," replies David T., knowing something that everyone in the room other then Josh already knows.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Josh, Sharon, who plays your wife, and Heather, who plays your sister, are a couple in real life," replies David L., "Their secret crush is Britney Spears, so, if you told them that she was gay, they'd be very, very happy."

"You two are together?" asks Josh, pointing at Heather and Sharon, his mouth hanging wide open, "Seriously?"

"Seriously," replies Heather with a smile.

"Seriously," replies Sharon, as she wraps her arm around Heather's waist.

"Prove it," replies Josh, not believing his ears.

Without another word, Sharon and Heather turn to each other and kiss each other passionately on the lips, allowing Josh to see that this is not the simple screen kiss that Sharon and Nick do on the set, but a very passionate kiss, involving tongues.

"Okay, well, I'm sorry to report, that Britney is completely straight," replies Josh, as Heather and Sharon break their kiss, "And dating CJ actually."

"Well, that's cool," replies Sharon, "I don't need Britney, I have Heather."

"Ditto," replies Heather, with a smile, as she rubs her nose against Sharon's.

"Any of the other guys gay?" replies David T.

"Well, I guess since all of us here are gay, I can answer that," replies Josh, "Yes, several of the people on the tour are gay."

"That's not a good enough answer," replies David L., "We want names, now spill!"

"Alright, alright," replies Josh, "Nick Carter and Brian Littrell are engaged to be married, Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez are together, Howie Dorough and AJ McLean are together, Drew Lachey and Jeff Timmons are together, Kevin and I are together of course, and Lance Bass and Eddie Cibrian were together for a little while, but they broke up because they didn't think that they could handle a long distance relationship."

"Nick and Brian are engaged to be married?" asks Sharon, "Oh that's so romantic. So I guess those rumors about why they moved in together were true?"

"Yeah, they were true," replies Josh, "Actually, Brian bought that house for Nick. It really is very nice, I was there earlier this summer for a pool party, before the tour kicked off."

The conversation continues on like this for about another half an hour, before Sharon, Heather, and the Davids leave, and Josh finishes getting dressed, before he too heads home for the night.

Nick & Brian - Part 49 Written by JCV

"Did you do it?" replies the voice of a man, using a voice scrambler, as he speaks into the phone.

"Yes, it has been done, the brake line on their bus has been cut," replies another man, "When do I get my money?"

"Patience! You'll get your money," replies the first man, "Just as soon as my associate and I know for sure and certain that the bus has crashed."

"Why do you want the bus to crash anyway?"

"That is not something that you need to know," replies the first man, "Now, remember, once I get confirmation, your money will be dropped off at the drop site, it will be in a black gym bag."

"Okay, whatever you say boss."

"Goodbye," replies the first man, as he hangs up his phone.

"So, has it been done?" asks another man in the room.

"Yes, it has been done," replies the first man.

"And you're sure that our sons are not going to be on that bus?"

"Yes! Do you think I'm an idiot? Do you honestly think that I would have the bus sabotaged if my children were on it?"

"Well, I guess not. But if anything happens to my son, I'll kill you."

"Nothing will happen to your son, nothing."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I have very reliable sources, and our children are not going to be on that bus. So trust me when I say that they will not be hurt."

"I have a bad feeling about this, a really bad feeling."

Meanwhile, the nineteen performers on the summer tour load their luggage into the luggage compartments in the bus, and get on board. They'll now heading for Phoenix, Arizona for their next concert, little do they know that they'll not be getting there anytime soon.

The bus pulls out onto the freeway, and is quickly traveling at the maximum speed of this stretch of road. The freeway is surprisingly not very busy at the moment, which is strange because this is about the time that one would think would be considered to be rush hour traffic.

The driver quickly turns on the cruise control, since there is no traffic in sight, and gets up from his seat for a moment, to get a drink. About two minutes later, he's back, and quickly turning off the cruise control, and slamming his foot on the brake. A semi-truck has jackknifed up ahead, causing about ten other vehicles to crash. That must be why the freeway has so few cars on it, the radios and such are telling people to avoid the freeway if possible due to an accident.

Normally, the freeway would probably be shut down, but since only three of the four lanes are blocked by the accident, the freeway wasn't shut down. As the driver continues to slam his foot on the break, he realizes in horror, that the bus is not slowing down. The driver's eyes quickly look down at the flashing brake light on the control panel, as he realizes that he has no brakes.

Before he can do anything else, such as warn everybody about the situation, the bus rams right into the jackknifed semi truck, and with the tour bus carrying the PR, dancers, and various other tour performers rear-ending it. The bus carrying the nineteen performers flips over, and is badly damaged from the other bus crashing into it, also at top speed, since it didn't have brakes either.

About an hour later, the local hospital is strained to its limits with an influx of patients, all injured in the accident on the freeway. Some of the people made it through with only minor cuts and bruises, however some were not so lucky and are either in critical condition, or on their way down to the morgue, until their families can be contacted to come identify them.

Chris Kirkpatrick sits in the waiting room of the hospital calling the parents of every member of the groups, at least those whom he knows the phone numbers for. Chris was the least injured, having only suffered from some very minor cuts and bruises.

Shortly after Chris gets off the phone with Justin's mother, Blake Winters walks in. Blake was on the second bus, but was lucky enough to only suffer from minor cuts and bruises and a broken left wrist.

"Oh, Blake, thank god you're here," replies Chris, "Please tell me that you know emergency contact numbers for people's parents. I already called the parents of everyone in 'N Sync, but I don't know the rest of the phone numbers."

"Yes, Chris, here," replies Blake, as he pulls out a pad of paper and write down some numbers and names on it, "These are the phone numbers for the parents of the Backstreet Boys, you call them, and I'll call Britney's parents, Josh and Eddie, CJ's parents, and 98 Degree's parents."

Chris simply nods, and dials the number for Kevin's mother, while Blake pulls out his cell phone, and dials Jeff Timmons' parents.

Two hours later, Lynn and Paul Harliss, and Randall and Lisa Timberlake race into the emergency room of the hospital, having taken the first flight they could get, and coming straight here. Luckily, they were nearby, having been visiting friends in Salt Lake City, when they got the call from Chris.

"Where's Justin? Is my son alright?" screams a horrified Lynn, as Paul tries to console her.

Chris waves the four distraught parents over, and replies, "Well, Justin was pretty badly hurt in the accident. I don't know what his condition is, but I've been able to find out that he is currently in surgery."

"Oh my god!" replies Lisa, as she begins to cry, and lays her head on Randall's shoulder. Lisa may only be Justin's step-mother, but she has come to love him like her own flesh and blood.

"Can't you tell us anything more, Chris?"

"I wish that I could, but I can't," replies Chris, "Roughly a hundred people were hurt in the accident, and all of them were sent here, so the doctors have been too busy treating the influx of patients to inform families of any news."

"Well, they'd better make time!" yells Lynn, as she frantically searches for a doctor or a nurse.

"Shhhh, be quiet Lynn, Chris makes a point," replies Paul, "Right now its important that the doctors work and treat injuries, and not run around informing families with information. We wouldn't want anyone to die because the doctor was talking with us instead of helping someone who needed it."

"I suppose you're right," replies Lynn, as Chris leads the four of them into the waiting room, where Blake, Kevin, CJ, Drew, Joey, Aaron, and Nick all sit around the room.

Kevin dislocated his left shoulder, and broken his left leg, Aaron sprained his ankle and broke his arm. Drew sprained his ankle and suffered a few cuts and bruises. CJ suffered some cuts and bruises and a broken ankle, and Nick dislocated his shoulder, broke his leg, and got some minor cuts and bruises on his face.

"How's JC and Lance?" replies Randall, wondering about the condition of the other members of 'N Sync.

"I don't know about Lance," replies a voice from behind Randall, "But, I'm fine, I guess."

Randall turns around to see JC wheeling himself into the room in a wheelchair, having suffered from a dislocated shoulder, a broken arm, and a sprained ankle.

A few hours pass, and still no doctor has arrived to fill in the growing number of parents of the conditions of their children. Then, finally, around midnight, a doctor walks in with a clipboard in her hand.

"Okay, I know you're all anxious to know what's going on, so, I'm here to fill you in," replies a woman, "I'm Dr. Janet Downey. Sorry it took me so long for me to get here, but I was very busy trying to make sure that nobody died."

"Please tell me that nobody died!" replies Jackie Littrell.

"I'm happy to report that none of the performers on the summer tour are dead, some are in critical condition, but nobody is dead," replies Dr. Downey, "Now, let's see here, Ms. Robinson broke her hip and two of her ribs, Ms. Spears has suffered a minor concussion, some cuts and bruises on her arms, and a broken rib, Mr. Lachey broke 2 of his ribs, and there is serious damage to his lumbar vertebrae.

"Mr. Bass broke 4 of his ribs, and has some minor cuts and bruises, Mr. McLean broke his foot, which is currently being set, Mr. Dorough is also getting his broken wrist and broken leg set at this time," replies Dr. Downey, as she looks at her clipboard, "Mr. Timmons suffered a concussion, and now for the more seriously injured.

"Mr. Jeffre broke 3 of his ribs, and is currently in a coma, we've run a cat scan, and it would appear that his brain is very badly swollen, he is in very critical condition," replies Dr. Downey.

"What about my son?" replies Lynn, "Justin Timberlake."

"Mr. Timberlake just got of surgery, he ruptured his spleen, which had to be removed, he's in ICU, in a coma at the moment."

"Oh god," replies Lynn, as she starts sobbing.

"How's my brother, Brian?" asks Harold III.

"Mr. Littrell was bleeding internally, but we were able to stop the bleeding, he also suffered from a severe concussion, and is currently unconscious."

"Any problems with his heart?" asks Jackie.

"We are aware of his heart condition, and we are monitoring him very closely, but so far there haven't been any problems," replies Dr. Downey.

"I want Nick Carter to be allowed in to see my son," replies Harold, "He's my Brian's fiance, and it may help him to have Nick near."

"Yes, that it might," replies Dr. Downey, "Please come with me, and I'll show you to Brian's room."

Nick follows Dr. Downey to Brian's room, and sits down in a chair next to his bed. Nick grabs Brian's hand, and replies, "Please god let him wake up, I can't lose him, not now, I need you Brian, please wake up."

Nick & Brian - Part 50 Written by JCV

Nick has not moved from the chair all night long. He has just sat there his eyes fixated on Brian, watching for any sign of movement. There hasn't been any. Nick hasn't slept all night, the beeping noise from the heart monitor has kept him awake. However, Nick would rather have the heart monitor's beeping keep him from falling asleep for a few hours, instead of having it stop beeping, and have Brian going to sleep for all eternity. That's definitely not something that Nick could handle.

If he were to loose Brian, Nick would quickly lose his will to live, and very likely become suicidal. But, one can only hope that that will never happen, and that Brian will pull through this, not that there is any doubt in Nick's mind that Brian won't live through it.

Nick is so engrossed with watching his unconscious fiance that he doesn't notice the door to Brian's hospital room opening. Dr. Downey comes in and places her hand on Nick's shoulder, which finally gets Nick to realize that someone else is in the room.

"Hello Doctor," replies Nick, in a tone that suggests that he is very, very tired.

"Have you gotten any sleep at all?" asks Dr. Downey, as she notes the sleepiness in Nick's voice, and notices that he does have bags under his eyes, from not getting any sleep this past night.

"No, I can't sleep, I have to stay awake, Brian needs me awake," replies Nick, "Brian, you need to be awake."

Nick starts crying and puts his head down on the bed. Dr. Downey rubs Nick's back in an attempt to console him, and finally Nick stops crying, and regains his composure.

"Come on, Nick, you need your sleep," replies Dr. Downey, "It's okay for you to leave the room for a few hours and rest."

"No, I can't leave! Brian needs me!"

"Nick, he's unconscious, and there's no guarantee that he'll even wake up today, we hope that he will, however, when he does wake up, I can tell you this much," replies Dr. Downey, "You will be a lot more capable of helping him, if you are rested and alert."

"Look at yourself, you've almost fallen asleep three times since I've gotten in here," replies Dr. Downey, "Now come on, you're going to get some sleep, even if I have to have you tied to a bed."

Nick can tell that he is not getting out of this and stands up and follows Dr. Downey out of the room.

Shortly after Nick and Dr. Downey leave, a man dressed in a black pinstripe suit walks in, and sits down on the bed, next to Brian, just as he begins to come out of his coma. Within minutes, Brian is out of his coma and fully alert.

"Who are you? Where are we? Who am I?" replies Brian, not knowing the answer to any of these questions.

"You are Brian Thomas Timberlake, and you are in the hospital," replies the man.

"Well, who are you?"

"Who I am is not important," replies the strange man, "Suffice it to say that I am a friend.

"Now, listen carefully. Inside this envelope, you will find a complete and totally true account of your life," replies the man as he hands Brian a large manila envelope, "There will be people who try and dissuade you from believing some of the things in this folder, but you mustn't listen to them. Everything in this folder is the god honest truth. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand," replies Brian.

Upon hearing those words, the strange man gets up and leaves the room without another word. Brian opens the envelope and reads through the documents inside, which to the best of his knowledge is all true. Among the items in the folder, there's a small binder of song lyrics, which has a note saying that Brian is a member of the Backstreet Boys, an all boy singing group.

There's also pictures of his family, his friends, his band mates, and pictures from his wedding, his wedding to his husband of about three months, Justin Randall Timberlake, as well as a Hawaiian marriage license and a few other trinkets and various items.

Two hours pass, and by this time, Brian has hidden the envelope under his pillow, he can't understand why really, he just thought it to be the best thing to do under the circumstances. Suddenly the door opens and in walks a young boy of about nineteen, with blonde hair.

"Hi, Nick."

"Brian? Oh Brian, thank god you're awake. I was so worried that I was going to lose you."

"Lose me? Oh, come on Nick, I'm not going anywhere," replies Brian, "Why would I go anywhere now? When my life is going so good?"

"Well, you gave me quite a scare, don't do that! I can't live without you."

"Now, Nick, you really need to stop that."

"Stop what?"

"This play-acting that you and I are together," replies Brian, as Nick gets a look of horror on his face, "We're not together, nor will we ever be together. We're just friends, Nick, I was hoping that my marrying Justin would stop all this foolish nonsense, but I can see that it hasn't."

"Brian, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing's wrong with me, Nick."

"There must be, because we're more then friends, we're lovers, we're engaged to be married."

"You and I are not lovers, and we're not engaged," replies Brian, "I am not an adulteress, and I am certainly not a bigamist."

"Brian, stop kidding around, you're scaring me."

"I'm not kidding, Nick."

"Really, Brian, please stop."

"No Nick, not until you realize that you can't have me! I don't want you! If I wanted you I wouldn't have married Justin!"

"You didn't marry Justin! And you do want me!"

"No I don't! I want Justin, I love Justin. I don't want to be anything more with you then just friends. We're Frick and Frack, nothing more, and we never will be anything more."

These last words of Brian's are like a thousand knives suddenly hitting

Nick in the heart, and he starts sobbing his eyes out and runs from the room.

Blake Winters is sitting in a chair beside Fatima's bed, chatting with her.

"I'm going to have to find someone else to choreograph, while I'm incapacitated, but I don't know who," replies Fatima, "Do you know anyone with dance training?"

"Well, my mother made me take dance lessons when I was younger, and creative movement and dance were my minors in college," replies Blake, "I could probably do it."

"But what about your PR work? Could you do both?"

"Well, I could delegate most of my responsibilities to my assistants, so yeah, I think I can handle it."

"Well, I'll have to see you in action, but I think you'll work out just fine," replies Fatima, "Plus, you have the added advantage of knowing how to deal with Britney and the guys."

"Yeah, that's true, and trust me that was one of the hardest skills I've ever had to learn in my entire life."

Both Fatima and Blake laugh at that, because as funny as it is, they both know from experience that it's the truth.

Nick soon finds himself in a small waiting room. The room is empty,

and Nick collapses onto one of the couches and continues to sob. It's not for about five minutes that Nick realizes that the balcony doors are open, and that someone is crying outside. Nick gets up and goes out onto the balcony to see JC, sitting on the railing of the balcony, his feet dangling in mid-air, sobbing his eyes out, looking as though he's ready to jump.

Nick pulls JC backwards, and drags him into the room. After consoling JC a bit, Nick gets him to him what's wrong.

"What's wrong JC?"

"It's Justin."

"What about Justin?"

"Justin doesn't remember loving me, he thinks he's married to Brian."

"Oh god, and I was hoping that Justin would be able to set Brian straight."

"Set Brian straight about what, Nick?"

"Brian thinks he's married to Justin."

"What's going on here, Nick?"

"I wish I knew, JC, I wish I knew."


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