Nick & Brian

Parts 51-56

Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer: This story is fictional and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned here in. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or if such material is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story.

Author's Note: THIS IS THE FIFTY-FIRST STORY!! I really can't believe that this story has come this far, but it has. I really hope that everyone is enjoying reading this story as much as I am enjoying writing it. I know that you all are probably beginning to wonder how much longer Nick & Brian will last. The answer is quite simple. Nick & Brian will be carried on up to Chapter 100, at which point a 25-chapter spin-off entitled Nick & Brian: A New Beginning will be written, and then the Nick & Brian saga will most likely be over forever. I might do a few 1-chapter spin-offs around the holidays or something, but there's no guarantee on that.

Now I would also like to say that the next installment, Nick & Brian Parts 57-64, are going to be delayed. I know that it's been quite awhile since a new installment of this story has been issued, and all that's been issued are these HTML format re-issues. However, the new installment is being worked on as much as possible at the moment. I am a member of a writer's book club, and I have ordered a writer's guide entitled, "Order In The Court," to serve as a guide to the several courtroom scenes that will be occurring in the next installment. So, as soon as the book arrives, I will try to get the new installment out as quickly as I possibly can.

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Nick & Brian - Part 51 Written by JCV

It's been almost two weeks now. Two weeks since the crash that has left so many lives hanging in uncertainty. Uncertainty and pain. Mechanics who examined the tour buses after the crash, have concluded that the brake line was cut, but by whom, they have no idea. They can only hope that the person responsible is plagued by guilt until they come forward to face the punishment that they deserve.

True, the tour buses were not the cause of the accident, the jackknifed semi-truck was. However, had the tour buses had their brakes, they wouldn't have rammed into the side of the semi, and the bus carrying the nineteen summer tour performers wouldn't have flipped over and crushed to death the four occupants of a cream-colored 1987 Buick Skyhawk, which was involved in the accident. All in all this accident has caused so many lives to be dumped into turmoil, that otherwise could have been avoided.

The District Attorney of Colorado has made it his personal mission to find out who cut the brake lines on the two tour buses and to prosecute that person to the full extent of the law. Had the two tour buses not been involved in the accident, the total death toll would only have been 2, the driver of the semi, and his passenger. But, with the two tour buses added on to the scenario, the death toll has unfortunately shot up to 15.

As for the amnesia ridden Brian and Justin, they still have not gotten their memories back. They're set to be released from the hospital today, and they still think that they're married to one another. Although I suppose that that isn't at all hard to believe, considering that the information provided to them by the man in the black pinstripe suit is so convincing, that Brian and Justin would probably have a hard time not believing it even if they didn't have amnesia.

This whole ordeal is leaving Nick and JC totally distraught. They haven't been to the hospital to visit anyone since the day after the accident, which is when both Brian and Justin woke up from their comas. Neither Nick or JC have talked with anyone other then each other in those two weeks. They want to figure this out for themselves, without involving the other guys. Of course, they should have realized that it would be quite impossible to hide this from the guys, considering that Brian and Justin have not been hiding it from the other guys, since they see no reason why they should hide their love for each other, even if it never did exist. Of course this is something that Brian and Justin don't know, they don't really know anything actually.

Brian and Justin honestly do believe that they are married, even though all they have to go by is a Hawaiian marriage license, wedding pictures, wedding bands, and an audio cassette of them saying their wedding vows to one another. Of course they won't admit it to each other, but occasionally they have had a few doubts about the validity of this information provided to them by the strange man in the black pinstripe suit. I mean, how could this information so intensely contradict what their friends tell them is true?

But then too, how can they not trust the man in the black pinstripe suit, I mean he provided them with copies of a marriage license with their names on it, pictures from their wedding, and even a recording of their vows to one another.

"Oh well, no sense dwelling on this," thinks Brian to himself, as he gently strokes Justin's blonde curls, "All of this thinking and trying to remember is giving me a headache."

Brian is sitting up in his hospital bed, with Justin laying between his legs, his head resting in Brian's lap, as Brian runs his hands gently through Justin's curls. Justin doesn't really know what to make of this whole situation himself, but he does know that he does feel something for Brian, something which is deeper then mere friendship. He isn't sure if its love, or if its just lust, but he knows that it exists, whatever it is.

"So, are you two ready to get out of here yet?" replies Dr. Downey with a sweet smile, as she walks into the room, with a clipboard in her hands.

"Yes, please tell me that you have our release papers with you," replies Justin, as he sits up.

"Yes, actually, I do, Mr. Timberlake," replies Dr. Downey, "All you and your husband have to do is sign them, and you're out of here."

Brian and Justin just look at Dr. Downey for a moment, realizing that she is really the first person to actually acknowledge the fact that they're married, and they smile at her as Brian takes the clipboard and pen from her. Brian quickly signs his name, which he signs as Brian Thomas Littrell, since even though he is married to Justin, he still uses Littrell on all documents like this, just to make sure the media doesn't get suspicious. After he signs it, Brian hands the clipboard and pen to Justin, who quickly signs his own release papers before handing them back to Dr. Downey, who simply smiles.

Soon after that, Brian and Justin are picking up their stray belongings, and heading out the door. They head over to a small hotel, a different one then everybody else is staying in, and rent their most expensive room, which just so happens to be called, "The Sweetheart Bungalow."

Brian and Justin are for the most part over their injuries from the crash, as the hospital staff paid very close attention to them and the others, to make sure that they healed up as quickly as possible. Everyone is still going to have take some time off from touring, because some people were much more badly hurt then others, such as Lance with 4 broken ribs, or Justin Jeffre who has severe swelling of the brain and has yet to awaken from his coma.

The room is somewhat large, with a heart-shaped bed in the center of it, a mirror is hanging on the ceiling above. The bathroom is large and luxurious, a two-man shower stall, two sinks, two toilets, and a whirlpool tub, just big enough for two people. Brian and Justin set down their luggage, they stopped by their other hotel to pick up all of their things, and sit down on the bed together.

Brian wraps his arms around Justin and begins to kiss him passionately on the lips, his tongue dancing around Justin's mouth, exploring it. Justin wraps his arms around Brian, and begins to massage Brian's back through the soft material of his midnight blue silk shirt, as he gladly returns the kiss that Brian initiated, his tongue beginning to wrestle with Brian's.

After some time has passed, the two of them pull apart, and Justin starts lighting the several candles in the room, making it more romantic. Brian looks through the small refrigerator in the room and finds a bottle of champagne, and a silver tin of heart-shaped milk chocolate truffles. Brian sets those down on the nightstand, as Justin lights candles in the bathroom, turns on the whirlpool jets, and lastly starts a fire in the fireplace.

Brian walks over to the stereo, and turns it on, it begins playing a love song, and Brian notices that he can't change the radio station, the motel has apparently locked the station onto one that plays nothing but love songs. Of course Brian is not about to complain about that. For he too does feel something very real for Justin, however, he doesn't believe it to be love, but he does now that it is something much deeper then friendship, and he desperately wants and needs to have Justin in his life.

"Brian, my love, come join me," replies Justin, as he peeks his head out of the bathroom, a smile covering his face.

Brian walks into the bathroom, and smiles as he sees Justin sitting on the edge of the whirlpool tub, totally naked, wearing only a big smile, and holding a white rose in his hand.

Upon seeing Brian, Justin stands up, and places the rose on the edge of the tub, before pulling Brian into an intimate embrace and a passionate kiss, as he slowly begins to undress his lover. It's true that Brian and Justin are not at all married, even if they don't know that, but they are still lovers, even if this was caused by one drunken night of passion.

However, at this moment, neither of them are drunk, and they know full well of what they are doing, and, that tonight they will make love to one another, under the false pretense of marriage.

Justin removes the last bit of clothing from Brian's muscular body, before Brian carefully and gently lifts his husband and lover up into his arms, their lips never ceasing to touch, and carries him over to the whirlpool tub. They break their kiss just long enough to climb into the hot steaming water, before they quickly resume their tongue action.

Roughly an hour later, both Brian and Justin climb out of the whirlpool, as they have begun to resemble prunes from staying in the water too long. Brian grabs a large white towel, and proceeds to carefully and gently dry Justin off, paying special attention to his rock hard cock and balls. After Justin is dry, he takes a towel and just as carefully and gently, dries Brian off, before the two of them head back into the main room of their motel room.

Justin lies down on the bed, and motions for Brian to join him. Brian simply smiles before laying down on top of Justin, as the two of them begin kissing passionately once again. This goes on for several minutes, until Justin pulls away from the kiss, looks deep into Brian's eyes, and sees nothing but what he can only interpret as love. It's this that prompts Justin to smile up at Brian and reply, "Brian, baby, make love to me, please."

Brian simply smiles at Justin, before replying, "Anything for you, Just, anything for you."

Brian rolls off of Justin for a moment, and goes over to his suitcase, opens it, and rummages through it. After removing a few articles of clothing, just tossing them on the floor, not caring where they land, Brian finds what he's looking for, and he returns to the bed, as Justin lifts his legs up and rests them on Brian's shoulders, as Brian begins to apply the lubricant to Justin's hole, and Justin moans with pleasure.

Brian then applies additional lube to his raging tool, before placing it at Justin's entrance, and ever so gently and as carefully as possible so as to not hurt his beloved, Brian begins to push forward. Justin winces in pain for a moment, and Brian stops to allow Justin to adjust to the feeling, before he once again begins to push his way into Justin, until he's completely inside of him.

Brian leans downward and kisses Justin on the lips, their tongues wrestling, as Brian begins a very slow, very gentle in and out movement. Justin wraps his arms around Brian's neck, and moves his hands up to massage his brown hair as they continue their kissing.

Brian speeds up his thrusts occasionally, but continually slows down, as he is very much so enjoying this and wants it to last as long as possible. Justin feels the same way, however, even though he isn't saying anything to Brian, he for some reason feels as if this is wrong.

"But how could this possibly be wrong?" Justin thinks to himself, "Brian and I love each other, and we're married. Aren't we?"

Now as Brian speeds up his thrusting for about the tenth time, he just can't stand it anymore, and he lets out a moan of pleasure and calls out Justin's name as he begins to shoot load after load of his warm juices deep within Justin's body.

Brian's now softening member slips out of Justin's ass, and the two of them cuddle up to one another, and stay like that for several minutes, before Justin starts shivering slightly. Brian notices this and looks at Justin with a concerned look, "You cold, baby?"

"Just a little, yeah," replies Justin, as he shivers again.

Brian quickly untangles himself from Justin and goes over to his suitcase, from the floor nearby he grabs a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, not noticing at the time that Justin will need company when wearing them.

"Here, baby, wear these," replies Brian with a smile as he hands Justin the sweatpants and sweatshirt.

As Justin prepares to put them on, he notices that this particular sweat suit is not a normal one, as it is in fact, Nick and Brian's novelty sweat suit, which was given to them last Christmas by Brian's mother and brother, but of course in their current state of amnesia, neither one of them know this.

"Brian, baby, would you care to join me?" asks Justin, once he's wearing the sweatpants, motioning to Brian that there is another set up pant legs that he could occupy. Brian simply smiles, and lays down on top of Justin, putting his legs into the extra legs. Justin then grabs the sweatshirt, and they put it on, before they kiss each other passionately one last time, before they slowly drift off to sleep.

Another two weeks have passed, and everyone is out of the hospital, with the exception of Justin Jeffre, who is still in a coma. As much as they wanted to stay, everyone has headed back to Orlando, leaving Justin's family to watch over him, and make sure that he recovers fully from this terrible accident.

"Oh god, my head," thinks Jeff to himself as he opens the medicine cabinet in the bathroom of his and Drew's apartment to get some aspirin. Jeff grabs the bottle, opens it, and removes three of the pills, which he quickly downs with a glass of water. He then runs a washcloth under some warm water, and goes into the bedroom. Jeff lays down on the bed, and puts the warm cloth on his forehead, hoping that his severe headache will go away soon.

After resting peacefully for about twenty minutes, Drew comes into the room and sits down on the bed, and plants a passionate kiss on Jeff's lips.

"Hey honey," replies Drew, "You feeling okay?"

"Not really, Drew."

"What's wrong?"

"A very, very severe headache."

"Oh, damn."


"Well, I made reservations for two at Tuscany tonight."

"Oh, Drew, you're so good to me," replies Jeff, "But with this headache, I really wouldn't be very good company. Could you take Nick instead?"

"Well, I guess I could," replies Drew, as he pulls out his cell phone, "I'll give him a call."


"Hello?" asks Nick, as he answers his cell phone.

"Hey, bro."

"Hi Drew, what's up?"

"Do you have any plans for tonight?"

"No, why?"

"Well, I made reservations for two at Tuscany," replies Drew, "I had planned on taking Jeff, but he's got a really bad headache, so I figured no sense in letting reservations at one of the best restaurants in town go to waste. Can you come?"

"Sure, I'm not doing anything tonight," replies Nick, "Two problems though."


"First of all, my car broke down, second, my tux in being cleaned," replies Nick, "Last time I checked Tuscany is a very formal restaurant."

"Yeah, that's true," replies Drew, "But, no problem, bro. I'll pick you up in my car, and I can lend you my spare tux, that is if you don't mind dressing like twins."

"No, I don't mind," replies Nick, with a slight laugh, "When should I expect you?"

"Well, the reservations are for an hour and a half from now," replies Drew, looking at his watch, "So, I'm going to shower, get on my tux, and then come on over to get you dressed and picked up."

"Okay, sounds great, c-ya soon bro," replies Nick, as both Drew and him turn off their cells.

"Well, Jeff, I'm going to take Nick to Tuscany tonight," replies Drew, "But don't think I'm not going to make reservations again very soon, and you'd better feel like going."

"Okay, honey, I'll try," replies Jeff, "And have fun with Nick."

"I'm sure I will," replies Drew, as he walks into the bathroom, and replies to himself in a sarcastic tone, "Who wouldn't have fun taking their brother to one of the best, not to mention one of the most romantic restaurants in town?"


Lance sits alone in his bedroom, thinking about Kevin. He knows its wrong, the feelings he has for Kevin, but he just can't help it. There's just something about him, that turns him on and makes him feel so good. He knows that Kevin doesn't love him, as Kevin is very obviously head over heals in love with Joshua Morrow, but that doesn't mean that Lance can't have feelings for Kevin, even if he never will have him the way that he would like.

Lance and Kevin have been spending a lot of time together lately, what with Josh gone, Lance has tried to be a good friend to Kevin, and help him to not just sit around moping because Josh is roughly 2000 miles away in California. But, during this time, Lance, who is very lonely for a relationship, a relationship that does not involve a long distance romance, which Lance has never thought himself capable of handling, can't deny that his feelings for Kevin have changed.

They used to be nothing more then friendship, but, lately, his feelings have been growing deeper and deeper, to the point of just hearing Kevin's name or seeing him for even the briefest second, get Lance hard.

"God, Lance, how could you be so stupid?" Lance's conscience repeats over and over, "Falling in love with Kevin? Come to your senses! He loves Josh, not you, JOSH!!"

"Josh is so lucky to have Kevin, god, I can't help it! I want him!" replies Lance, almost in comment to what his conscience keeps telling him.


Drew and Nick arrive at Tuscany right on time, wearing matching black tail-coat tuxedos with navy blue cummerbunds and navy blue bow ties. Jacques, the maitre'd smiles as they walk in and replies, "Hello, Mr. Lachey, and who is this?"

The maitre'd knows full well, who Drew's dinner guest is, but when he's working he has to continue to be professional. And acting as though he doesn't know who Nick is, makes it less hard to lose his professionalism when coming face to face with his dream man, well, that, and picturing his ninety-year-old Aunt Abigail, naked.

"This is my brother, Nick, I would have brought Jeff, but he had a headache, and I didn't want my reservations to go to waste, so I brought this knucklehead instead."

Jacques, who is only about nineteen years old, replies, "Ah, well, let me take you to your table."

Jacques leads Drew and Nick into the Tuscany Private Dining Room, "I know that you did not rent the Private Dining Room, Mr. Lachey, but my father over-booked the restaurant, and there are no tables in the main dining room available for another four of five hours, so, luckily we had a cancellation on the private dining room tonight, so you two can dine here, with no extra charge."

"Thanks, Jacques," replies Drew, as Jacques leaves the room, and Nick and Drew sit down at the table.

"I take it you know him?"

"Yeah, Jacques, is really a cool guy," replies Drew, "His father owns this place, actually."

"That's cool, although I can't really say that I could go through life with that name."

"What Jacques?"

"Yeah, I don't know, I mean no offense meant to him, but I just don't really like it."

"Well, actually, Jacques is his middle name, his full name is actually Damien Jacques Prescott."

"Oh, cool."

"Yeah, he's actually really nice, and single if you want him bro."

"Now, Drew, you know I don't go that way."

"Come on, Nick, this is me you're talking to! Your brother!" replies Drew, "I know you've had feelings for guys, and I'm not the only one in the family."

"What do you mean?"

"Zac and Kaitlin know it too."

"Well, you're all wrong," replies Nick, "I don't like guys! I'm straight!"

"Okay, bro, whatever you say," replies Drew, "But just to let you know, no matter what you say, Zac, Kaitlin, and I will never believe you."

"Can we just order please?" replies Nick, slightly frustrated as he picks up the leather-bound menu and starts looking it over, as Drew just laughs at him one more time, before looking at his menu as well.

After eating dinner, which both Drew and Nick enjoyed very much, they talked for quite awhile, about nothing in particular, until Jacques appears in the room.

"Um, excuse me, Mr. Lachey, but we're closing early tonight," replies Jacques, "The cook's wife just went into labor, and we can't get a replacement."

"Oh, okay, well, then we'll be on our way, then," replies Drew, "Dinner was great as usual, and give our best wishes to your cook and his family."

"I will, it was nice seeing you again, Mr. Lachey, and it was nice meeting you, Mr. Lachey."

"Okay, Jacques, could you please stop referring to me as 'Mr. Lachey'" replies Drew, "That's our father, we're just Drew and Nick. I mean come on I know your whole name, and I don't call you Mr. Prescott, do I?"

"No, you don't," replies Jacques, with a grin, "Okay, Drew, Nick, have a good evening."

Nick and Drew head out to Drew's car, and get in. Drew decides that he's not quite ready for this evening out to end, plus, he wants to give Jeff some more time to recover from his headache, so he decides to go to a club with Nick. Drew calls Jeff's voice mail, and leaves a message saying that he's done with dinner, and that Nick and him are going to a club, and he'll probably spend the night at Nick's. Drew also tells Jeff that he loves him, and that he hopes he's feeling better.

Drew and Nick go to a local club, taking off the cummerbunds, ties, and tail-coats before entering, and then head inside. Nick goes to find them a table, while Drew goes to the bar and orders their drinks. The club they went to is a popular hang-out for celebrities while here in Orlando, because in this particular club they can be themselves, and do whatever they want, without worrying about anything that they would rather not have everyone know getting out. This club has a "Nothing Leaves" policy, which means that everything that goes on inside the club stays in the club, and all of the people in the club have to sign a voucher agreeing to these terms before they're allowed in.

Drew and Jeff have gone to this club a lot, and it just seemed like a good place to go, even if Jeff isn't here tonight. Drew sits down at the table that Nick got for them, and gives Nick an empty glass. Nick then takes the pitcher of beer and fills first his glass, and then Drew's, as they sit at the table and listen to the music, while looking around to see who is all here.

The night progresses, both Drew and Nick dancing and having a good time, also drinking about ten pitchers of beer, which is definitely way too much. Nick calls a friend to come pick them up and make sure that Drew's car gets safely over to Nick's house, and Nick and Drew head upstairs to Nick's bedroom, very drunk. It would not be an understatement or an exaggeration to say that the hangovers that they will have in the morning will be about ten times worse then the hangover from hell. It's amazing that they're even still able to stand, and that they haven't passed out yet.

Drew and Nick strip down to nothing, and lay down on Nick's bed, and before they even realize what it is that's going on, Drew is sucking Nick's cock like crazy, and Nick isn't doing anything to stop it. Obviously, if they weren't so drunk, Nick would stop Drew, considering that at this very moment, they are committing incest, however, Nick's senses are too gone from drinking to much to know that this is wrong, and all he cares about is the exceedingly good feeling of his cock being sucked.

Drew continues to suck on Nick's cock with a drunken fury, not caring about anything but tasting Nick's cum, and soon, Nick's entire body begins to tighten up, and he explodes inside Drew's mouth, shooting volley after volley of his succulent salty-sweet cum into Drew's mouth, who swallows every last drop of it. Now, that Drew has given Nick's cock the attention that is so desperately needed, Drew is seeking pleasure from Nick.

Nick, who even in his drunken state doubts that he would be capable of a giving a good blowjob, reaches over to his nightstand and takes a bottle of lotion from it, and squirts in onto Drew's cock, before laying down on his stomach and giving the lotion to Drew. Drew gets the idea rather quickly, and squirts the lotion into Nick's hole, before placing his cock at the entrance and pushing in very quickly. Normally, this would have made Nick scream out in pain, but after drinking so much, there's hardly any part of his body that hasn't begun to go so numb that he can't feel anything.

Drew rams his cock in and out of Nick, not caring if it is hurting him, but only on getting off. Of course considering that the two of them are drunk out of their minds, this isn't all that surprising. A drunk person doesn't care about tender loving care as much as they do about cumming. Although, then again, this particular couple wouldn't be doing this if they were sober, considering that they are brothers.

Drew continues to ram his cock into Nick's hole as fast as he possibly can, and soon his body begins to tighten up, and even in his drunken state knows that his orgasm will soon take place. Nick, by this point, has already passed out from drinking to much. Drew cums in Nick's ass, and then collapses on top of his brother, also passing out from having too much to drink.


Kevin lays in his bed, sleeping peacefully, probably for the first time since Josh left. Getting a good night's sleep has been hard for Kevin since Josh left, because Kevin had gotten used to having Josh sleeping in his arms, and now, Josh isn't there, and its been very hard for Kevin to get used to. The first couple of nights Kevin actually went to extremes to make it seem as though Josh was actually in bed with him, such as taking extra blankets and stuffing one of Josh's sweatshirts, and a pair of Josh's pants with them, and then trying to imagine that that was Josh.

It worked for like two days, but, then Kevin's brain kicked in, telling him how stupid he was being, and he just settled for wearing Josh's clothes to bed. Before Josh left, Kevin had after all swapped an outfit of Josh's with one of his own, so that he could wear Josh's clothes and feel at least somewhat close to him, and so that Josh could in turn wear Kevin's outfit. Kevin made sure that he took an outfit of Josh's that he had not had time to get washed, so that it would have Josh's scent on it, and Kevin gave Josh an unwashed outfit of his own, so that Josh could wear it.

This night, however, is different, because Kevin is having a sex dream, a dream in which a person is making love to him. He isn't sure who it is, because there is absolutely no light on, and he can't see the face in the dark. But, after the love-making is over with, the room slowly begins to light up, and Kevin screams in horror as he sees the face of his lover. It isn't Josh, its... its... Lance!!


Drew slowly begins to wake up, as the sunlight pours into the room though that partially opened blinds. At first, Drew doesn't know where he is, as the surroundings are very odd, but then, he does realize. He's in Nick's bedroom. Drew soon becomes aware of someone laying underneath him, and Drew looks down in horror, to see that its not Jeff, but Nick, his brother.

Drew hopes that he didn't do anything with Nick, however, when he gets up and off of Nick, he can feel his soft cock sliding out of Nick's ass, and Drew realizes with horror, that he made love to his brother!!


At about the same time, in another part of Orlando, Brian and Justin are sleeping peacefully in Justin's bedroom in the apartment that Justin had leased for him and JC. Since this whole nightmare began, JC has been staying with Nick, sleeping in one of the guestrooms at his and Brian's house. The house didn't originally have a guest room, but Nick and Brian decided it would be nice to have a guest room or two, so they bought the house next door, and while they were on tour, had that house torn down to create more space, and then had two guestrooms added on to their own house.

Justin and Brian soon start to wake up, but this morning, something is different, very different. Over the course of the night, both of them were having what seemed like dreams, but as it would turn out, they were memories, memories returning. And now, as Brian and Justin wake up in bed together, wearing the novelty sweat-suit that was given to Brian and Nick by Brian's mom and brother, the two of them scream out in horror, "Oh my god, what have I done??"

Nick & Brian - Part 52 Written by JCV

Justin Jeffre lays in his hospital bed, the same way that he's been for the last four weeks since the accident, in a coma. He has yet to show any signs of waking up, and the doctors are beginning to worry, because the longer he stays in a coma, the more severe the brain damage that he will suffer. Throughout this entire ordeal, Justin's parents, Sue and Dan Jeffre, his brother Dan, step-sister Ann, step-brother Jeff, and his half-sister Alexandrea have tried not to leave him alone very long.

The only time that they do leave is to either go to the bathroom, go down to the hospital cafeteria to eat, or go the chapel to pray that Justin wakes up soon. The doctors estimate that if Justin were to wake up within the next day to a day and a half, he would need at least two months of rehabilitation, has he will have forgotten how to do a lot of things, including how to walk and how to feed himself.

Now, as Justin's family sit in his room, in silence, other then the sounds of the clock on the wall, and the equipment that is hooked up to him, Justin's right index finger begins to move, and very slowly, he comes out of his coma. His father jumping out of his seat, completely excited and happy, and runs to go get the doctor.


"Are you sure, Drew?"

"Of course I'm sure, Nick," replies Drew, "When I woke up this morning my cock was still in your ass, now if you can think of a reason other then the obvious, I'm all ears."

"I can't," replies Nick, "Okay, so what do we do now? I mean you made love to me, and I'm not sure, but I think you also sucked me."

"Yeah, as much as I wish it didn't happen," replies Drew, "I do seem to remember doing that. God damn it, why did we have to get so drunk?"

"I don't know, but I suppose dwelling on something that's already done isn't going to help us out much."

"A very good point, we have to come to terms with this," replies Drew, "Okay, its true that we committed incest, but its in the past, and there's really nothing we can do to change it. I mean it's not as if it's ever going to happen again."

"Right," replies Nick, while thinking, 'Do I dare tell you, Drew? Tell you that I'm bisexual? Or that as sick as this is, I enjoyed last night? No, I can't, you'll hate me for all eternity."



"This may seem like an odd question," replies Drew, "But did I..."

"Did you what, Drew?"

"Did I take your virginity last night?"

"Yes, Drew, you did," replies Nick, "Up until last night, I was a virgin."

"Oh man, I'm so sorry Nick," replies Drew, "Man I wish this didn't happen, I feel so bad."

"Well, little bro, not half as bad as I feel."

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it, Drew, last night I lost my virginity to my younger brother! I'm very jealous of you now, you know."

"Why is that?"

"Well, because your first time was probably a very beautiful and romantic evening with Jeff, the man you love, mine was a drunken night of pleasure with my brother. Your first time was definitely better then mine."

"I can see your point," replies Drew, "But, god, what am I going to tell Jeff?"

"Don't tell him."

"Nick! I can't not tell him," replies Drew, "He knows me so well that he knows when I'm lying to him, and you know Jeff. He likes it better if you get straight to the heart of the matter and not beat around the bush, and most definitely tell the truth and not lie to him."

"Yeah, you're right," replies Nick, "Well, then, let's sit down and we're formulate what to tell him, and whatever happens, Drew, I'm here for you."

"Thanks, Nick."

"Hey, no problem, we're already closer then brothers are meant to be anyway, so I might as well back you up whenever I can."

Nick gives Drew a hug, and then they sit down on the sofa in Nick's living room and start thinking about what to tell Jeff.



"Oh my god what have I done??" screams Brian, and Justin, in unison as they wake up in the same bed, wearing the novelty sweat-suit. Brian and Justin quickly get out of the sweat-suit, and just look at each other for a moment.

"We did it again, didn't we Brian?"

"Yes, Justin, I'm afraid so," replies Brian, "We slept together for the second time, only this time we weren't drunk."

"Yeah, we thought we were married!"

"Who was that man, anyway? And more importantly, where the hell did he get a Hawaiian marriage license, with our names on it? Not to mention photos of us and all our friends at what seems to be our wedding."

"Even more scarier then that, Brian, where did this guy get an audio cassette, containing our voices saying wedding vows to each other?"

"I don't know, but at the moment, I don't care," replies Brian, "The most important thing right now, is that we get cleaned up, get dressed, and get back together with Nick and JC. This whole ordeal must be tearing them up inside."

"Yeah, you can shower first, I'm going to pick up all our clothes here, and get them put away."

"Okay," replies Brian as he gets up off the bed and quickly gets into the bathroom, to shower.

"Oh, god, Josh, how could I do this to you? Again?" thinks Justin to himself, as he starts picking up his and Brian's discarded clothes from their previous night of passion.

An hour and a half later, Brian and Justin get out of Justin's Mercedes, and head up to the front door of Nick and Brian's house. Brian quickly uses his key, and lets them in, and they drop their bags by the front door. Brian and Justin search the entire house, but there's no sign of Nick or JC. Then, Brian looks out of the kitchen window, and sees them. Nick and JC, sitting on two of the chaise lounges out on the patio, both seemingly asleep, probably after crying themselves to sleep.

Brian and Justin go out onto the patio as quietly as possible, and Justin tip-toes of to JC, as Brian does the same, heading towards Nick's general direction. Brian kneels down by the chaise lounge, and begins to gently stroke Nick's face, pushing a few stray hairs out of his eyes. Nick soon begins to wake up, and looks down to see Brian smiling up at him.


"Yes, Nick, I'm back."

"How'd you get in?"

"What do you mean, Nick? I own this house, I have a key."

"I knew I should have had the locks changed."

"Nick, I really hope that was meant as a joke," replies Brian, "considering that when I say I'm back, I mean I'm back here where I belong, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally."

"You mean?"

"Yes, Nick, I got my memory back, so did Justin."

Nick looks over to see Justin leaning over JC, kissing him passionately on the lips, before Nick turns his eyes back towards Brian, smiles, and pulls him up into a hug, and a very passionate, very erotic kiss, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths.

"Oh thank you god!" replies Nick, as his kiss with Brian ends, "I was so miserable without you!!"

"Nick, in the time that I've had my memory back, which is since about 8:30 this morning, when I woke up in bed next to Justin, wearing our novelty sweat-suit, I have felt so bad, and so guilty for putting you through what must have been hell."

"Oh it was, Brian! When you told me in the hospital that you loved Justin, and that you were married to him, it was like a flaming dagger was shoved through my heart, I was so miserable."

"I only wish that I could have gotten my memory back sooner then I did," replies Brian, "because then I know that I wouldn't have done it."

"Done what, Bri?"

"Justin and I didn't only sleep in the same bed last night, we fucked each other," replies Brian, "And trust me, I feel so horrible. I never said anything to Justin, but I was having doubts that we were married, and when I was fucking him, I could feel that something was missing, or not quite right, and now, I know what that was. Something was missing, love. Love, and you, Nick. You are the only one that I love, and the only one that I ever will."

"Oh, Brian, I love you," replies Nick, "I'll always love you, but I don't know if I can ever forgive you, or get back together with you. I mean you slept with Justin, and this time you weren't drunk. You thought you were his husband, Brian, you forgot, you actually forgot our love."

"I know Nick, and for that I'm truly, deeply sorry," replies Brian, "and I don't blame you if you never take me back."

"I have just one question."

"What's that, Nick?"

"Why? Why did you think you were Justin's husband?"

"That's actually very weird," replies Brian, "A man, in a black pinstripe suit, came into my hospital room, shortly after I woke up. He supplied me with a manila envelope, containing a Hawaiian marriage license with Justin's and my name on it, pictures from what was supposed Justin's and my wedding on a beach in Hawaii, and the scariest, and the most convincing piece of evidence, an audio cassette of the wedding ceremony. Nick, I don't know how it was done, but on that tape, is Justin's and my voices, saying wedding vows to each other.

"I know this may sound bad, but I think even if I did remember our love and that I loved you and only you," replies Brian, "I think I still would have had a hard time not believing the fact that I wasn't married to Justin, with all of the evidence that this strange man gave me."

"You believed a strange man, a man whom you've never seen before over me?"

"Nick, I didn't remember anything! I had amnesia! You were just as much of a stranger to me then the man in black pinstripe suit! I couldn't even remember who I was, and the only reason why I knew your name was because the strange man pointed you out in the pictures."

"Brian, part of me wants to forgive you, but part of me just can't."

"Please, Nick, I'm begging you! I need you in my life! You've made my life worth living, and without you, I just can't live! Nick, I know I hurt you, and I'm truly very sorry for that, but please let me make it up to you!"

"I don't know how you plan on doing that, Brian," replies Nick, "But, you can try."

Brian thinks for a moment, before he reaches into his pocket and removes a small velvet box. He opens the box and shows its contents to Nick. Inside the box, are two diamond engagement rings, Nick and Brian's engagement rings, the diamonds glittering in the light of the sun.

"Nick, I love you, more then anything or anyone, and I will never love anyone else," replies Brian, "If you don't take me back, then I will be alone and lonely for the rest of my life! Nick, I would do anything for you, including giving up my own life just to save yours! I love you Nick, with every fiber of my being, and I'm begging you to please say that you'll be my fiance again."

"Before I say anything, I want to make sure that you really do have your memory back," replies Nick, "What are our dogs' names, and what breed are they?"

"They're collies, there names are Brandy and Briannick."

"Where did we kiss for the first time?"

"In a hotel room in New York City, after you found out that I was bisexual and then told me that you were gay and had feelings for me."

"Okay, one more question, what day did we set as our wedding day?"

"June 8, 2000."

"Okay, Brian, I can see in your eyes, that you really do have your memory back, and as I love you more then life itself," replies Nick, "I'd be a fool not to take you back, so, my answer is, yes, I'll be your fiance again."

"Yes! Oh Nick, you've just made me the happiest man on Earth," replies Brian, "I swear to you that I will never betray your trust or hurt you ever again!"

After saying this, Brian removes Nick's ring from the box, and carefully slips it onto Nick's ring finger, before Nick grabs the box from Brian, removes his ring, and gently slides it onto Brian's ring finger. The two of them smile at each other, and kiss each other passionately, before heading inside to consummate their making up, not even noticing that Justin and JC have already left, to do the same thing.


Drew and Nick arrive back at Drew and Jeff's apartment shortly after ten in the morning, and enter to find Jeff sitting in the living room watching television. When Drew and Nick walk in, Jeff looks up and smiles, before turning off the tv and walking over to Drew, and kissing him passionately on the lips. Drew, who feels like a worthless, betraying, bag of shit, doesn't return the kiss, and Jeff soon picks up on this. He pulls away from the kiss and asks, "Drew, baby, what's wrong?"

"Jeff, you'd better sit down, you'll need to."

Jeff looks at Nick for a moment, giving him a strange look, before he simply shrugs and sits down on the sofa.

"Last night, after Tuscany, Nick and I went to a club and started drinking," replies Drew, "Drinking way too much."

"Suddenly I don't like where this conversation is going," replies Jeff, with a worried look on his face.

"Well, we got a ride home, and got someone to take Drew's car back to my apartment, and then we went to bed."

"So, what's so bad about that?"

"We went to bed together, Jeff, we both slept in Nick's bed."

"Well, Drew, considering that Nick's apartment is only one bedroom, and his couch is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever had the misfortune to lay on, I don't blame you."

"Jeff, we slept together."

"Okay, I get that, but what's so bad about that?"

"No, Jeff, you don't understand! Nick and I SLEPT with each other, in our drunken state, we slept together, we made love, I took my brother's virginity!" replies Drew, as he breaks into tears, and drops to his knees, crying his eyes out.

Jeff simply sits there in shock for several minutes, before he stands up, and kicks Drew in the stomach, "We're through, Drew! Do you hear me? We're through!! Now both of you get the hell out of my sight."

"Jeff, please..."

"I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!" yells Jeff at the top of his lungs, which causes Drew to sob even harder, and Nick to help Drew to the door, and the two of them leave as quickly as possible, as Jeff walks over to a nearby table, and shoves everything off of it, out of anger. His eyes fall upon a picture of him and Drew, in a heavy gold frame. Jeff hurls it across the room, and it slams into the television screen, breaking both the tv screen and the glass covering the photo, on impact.

Nick & Brian - Part 53 Written by JCV

Nick and Brian wake up the next morning in each other's arms in the master bedroom of their Orlando home, totally content. Nick has completely forgiven Brian, but then again, who couldn't? After Brian made love to Nick about 3 times over the course of 6 hours. Brian kisses Nick on the cheek, knowing that he probably has morning breath, before getting out of bed and going into the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a shower.

Nick comes in a moment later to brush his own teeth, and hops into the shower with Brian, and they take turns washing each other up, not to mention kissing and fooling around. After about an hour and a half in the shower, they finally run out of hot water, and they quickly get out, and dry each other off.

Nick and Brian walk back into their bedroom and both of them put on white socks and midnight blue CK boxer-briefs, before going downstairs to fix breakfast.

Nick starts slicing up oranges to run through the electric juicer, and Brian begins to put some toast in the toaster, and to make a few other simple breakfast foods, like bacon, and eggs, as well as turning on the coffee maker. About fifteen minutes later, Nick and Brian sit down at the kitchen table, and eat their breakfast, the whole time, staring at each other and smiling from ear to ear. Once finished with breakfast, they quickly rinse the breakfast dishes and load the dishwasher, before going into the living room to relax.

Nick lays down on the sofa, with Brian laying down on top of him, and they relax in each other's arms as they watch the morning news. Brian soon looses interest in the news, and starts kissing Nick's chest, as Nick gently massages Brian's soft brown hair. Brian slowly works his way up, kissing Nick's neck and collar bones, before finally reaching his lips, and initiating a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing erotically in each other's mouths.

Nick and Brian are drawn into their own little world, where nobody other then them exists, and nothing other then each other matters, as they kiss each other passionately. The kiss continues for some time, until, finally, the real world interrupts in the form of the doorbell ringing. Both Nick and Brian groan, as they climb off the couch, and Nick goes over to the door and answers it.

"Good morning, Nick," replies Jackie Littrell, "I have two little people who would really like to see you and Brian."

Upon saying this, Jackie walks into the house, carrying two pet cages, and setting them down on the hall floor, as Nick closes the front door, and Jackie opens the doors of the two cages. Brandy and Briannick run out of their cages and scamper over to their potential masters, and start licking them like their was no tomorrow, as both Brian and Nick laugh and giggle at the attention from their beloved puppies, which aren't really puppies anymore.

In the time that Nick and Brian have been away on tour, Brandy and Briannick have both grown quite a bit since they last saw them, and are now about halfway to the point of being full-grown. Jackie looks on with a smile as Nick and Brian play with their dogs, and just laughs as the two dogs continue to lick their masters' faces. Once both Nick and Brian's faces are wringing wet with dog slobber, they push Brandy and Briannick away, and Brian goes into the kitchen to retrieve two dish towels, one which he uses to dry his own face, and the other for Nick to dry his face with.

"Well, they were certainly happy to see you," replies Jackie, "Now, why don't you too come over here and give your mother a hug?"

Brian and Nick smile at Jackie, and give her a big hug, before Nick replies, "You know, Jackie, I'm not your son."

"Well, I know, not biologically perhaps, but, Nick you are engaged to my son, so you will eventually be my son-in-law, so I just think of you as my son already."

Nick smiles at Jackie's comment, and kisses her on the cheek, before Brian and Nick go over and sit down on the sofa, and Jackie sits down in a nearby armchair to talk and catch up a bit, before Jackie has to leave to head back to Lexington. After about two-and-a-half hours, Jackie stands up, with a slight frown on her face, and replies, "Well, you two, I have to head back to the airport, my flight back to Lexington leaves in about forty-five minutes."

"Okay, well, thanks for stopping by mom, and dropping off Brandy and Briannick," replies Brian, as he stands up and gives Jackie a hug, "I love you."

"I love you too, Brian," replies Jackie, as she returns the hug, "Now, Nick, you get over here, and give your future mother-in-law a hug, or I'll have to make your worst nightmares come true and be the mother-in-law from hell."

Nick quickly gets up and joins in on Brian and Jackie's hug, and says his goodbyes, before Jackie leaves, and Nick and Brian lock Brandy and Briannick onto the back porch so that they can have some fun in the living room.

As Jackie is driving to the airport, she thinks in the back of her mind, "Should I have told them? Should I have told them that I caught Brandy and Briannick? Nah, they'll find out soon enough, when Brandy starts gaining weight, if she is indeed pregnant."


"What is happening to us? Ever since Josh got back you have been very distant, what's wrong, David?" asks David L.

"Nothing is wrong, David, I love you," replies David T.

"Well, you certainly haven't been showing me that much lately," replies David L., "Do you realize that he haven't made love in over a month? Or that you haven't kissed me even once since Josh got back, over a month ago?"

"Has it really been that long?"

"Yes, it has been, and I'm beginning to wonder if you even love me anymore," replies David L, "I'm beginning to think that maybe you have feelings for Josh, and that you want him, and not me."

"What? I do not want Joshua Morrow! David, I love you! You are my one and only, my soul mate!" replies David T, "Anyway, need I remind you that even if I did feel anything for Joshua Morrow, which I don't, that I wouldn't stand a chance compared to Kevin?"

"Well, I hear what you're saying, but how do I know that they aren't just words?" replies David L, "I mean you haven't shown me hardly any affection at all the last month, and I'm really beginning to feel very neglected."

"Well, if that's the way you feel, then I suppose I'll have to show you that I love you more then anything, now won't I?" replies David T, in a seductive voice as he picks up his boyfriend and carries him into their bedroom, before stripping him of his clothes, and then removing his own clothes, before laying down on their bed, in each other's arms, and begins kissing each other passionately on the lips.


Several hours later, David Tom sits alone in his dressing room at the Y&R studio. Most of the actors have left by this point, however, David Tom has stayed, because he happens to know that Joshua Morrow is working late tonight, going over his lines and the script with William Bell, the Senior Executive Producer of the Young and the Restless. William Bell has always been more then happy to help with anything involving the Young and the Restless, and it's sister-show, the Bold and the Beautiful, considering that it was his wife and him who originally created the two series.

David Tom lied to David Lago earlier. Even though David knows that he does love David Lago, as they have been dating very seriously for about six or seven months, David cannot deny the fact that he has always had a serious crush on Joshua Morrow. Now, David realizes that its unlikely that he will ever get to act on any of the feelings he holds for Josh, as Josh is head over heals in love with Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys.

However, David, is not going to dismiss his feelings quite so easily. He can't tell David about them, because, well, he's the jealous type, and if he found out, David would probably break up with him, and that is definitely not something that David wants, he does after all love the guy. But that doesn't mean that he has to tell him the truth. Especially if he knows that the truth would only cause problems between them, not that having an affair with Josh wouldn't do that.

"Oh come on, David, think clearly," David Tom thinks to himself, "You'll never have Josh, he loves Kevin, and you run the risk of endangering your relationship with Dave."

No matter how much he knows its wrong, David just can't stop thinking about Josh, and he wants him so badly. David stands up from his seat, and turns off the lights in his dressing room, and walks down the hall towards Josh's dressing room. The door is ajar, and David peeks in to see the most beautiful sight he's ever seen. There, on the twin bed in Josh's dressing room, lays Josh, totally naked, stroking his fully erect cock.

Just looking at this makes David hard in less then a second, which is the shortest time its ever taken him to get hard. David begins to rub his tool through the fabric of his khakis, hoping that Joshua Morrow won't catch him spying outside of his dressing room door.

David knocks lightly on the door, and Josh can be heard saying, "Just a minute," from within the room. About a minute or so later, Josh opens the door, now wearing Kevin's Backstreet Boys underwear, and a robe.

"Hey, David, come on in," replies Josh, with a smile on his face, as David comes in.

David sits down on the bed on which Josh was just laying, and smiles at Josh, as he too sits down on the bed.

"So, Josh, not to sound rude or anything, but just how serious is your relationship with Kevin?"

"Well, it's very serious, I love Kevin, why?"

"Oh just wondering," replies David, "I've lately been trying to figure out whether or not my feelings for David are real or not. In a way, I think they are, because I just feel good whenever I'm around him, but then too, sometimes I just can't picture myself being with him, I mean, for one thing, we have the same first name. I swear during sex I feel like I'm talking to myself."

Josh laughs at this comment, as he pulls his robe more tightly shut, trying to hide his raging hard-on. David did after all interrupt him while he was having a fantasy about Kevin. Josh is hoping that David isn't going to stay long, as Josh honestly doesn't know how much longer he can wait. If he doesn't get back to his fantasy soon, he's afraid that if he talks to David about sex, he might just be overcome with lust and do something he'll regret, something that could jeopardize his relationship with Kevin.

Unfortunately, that is what happens. David stays, and during the course of their talking, Josh's robe comes undone enough for David to see that Josh has a hard-on, not that he didn't already know this tidbit of information, and Josh who by talking about sex has been overcome with lust, plus being very tired and kinda out of it from a long day at the studio, allows David to give him a blowjob, which he thoroughly enjoys. Afterwards, the two of them fall asleep on the small bed.

Nick & Brian - Part 54 Written by JCV Co-Written by Shawn (NSync-BSB-Me)

Another week has passed, and in this time, David Tom and Joshua Morrow have been running into each other a lot, and David has been helping Josh to get rid of many hard-ons in the past week or so. And now, Joshua Morrow is very confused at the situation that he is finding himself in.

Originally, he did not mean for his encounters with David to turn into anything, however, now that David has given him so many blowjobs, and Josh himself has given a few to David, Josh is beginning to feel something for David Tom. This really scares him, but at the same time confuses him to no end, because he knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is head over heels in love with Kevin.

The strange part of the whole situation is that Josh has yet to feel any pangs of guilt. One would think that he would by now feel guilty for having sex with someone other then Kevin, but for some reason, he isn't. Whether its just that Josh is finding it increasingly harder to deal with a long-distance relationship, or he's just plain insensitive and unfeeling, one can only guess.

All Josh knows is that he does indeed love Kevin Scott Richardson, I mean come on, this is the man who took his virginity, and then in turn gave his own virginity to Josh. Kevin was the first person that Josh can honestly say that he had real feelings for. Kevin was not like the others that Josh had dated. True, their was a slight attraction for Josh to many of the guys he'd dated, but nothing like what he felt for Kevin.

But now, he's beginning to feel like that for David Tom, which really scares Josh, because he's coming to the realization that he's in love with Kevin, and falling in love with David, which is a very bad place to be. He can only hope that Kevin never finds out about this, and that if he does, he's able to find it in his heart to forgive him. Of course the thought of Kevin cheating on him has never crossed Josh's mind...


Joshua Morrow is not the only one who is beginning to have feelings for another man, when he's already in love with someone else. Kevin is also experiencing this problem. He knows that he loves Josh, however, he has been becoming increasingly fond of Lance, even though Lance doesn't know this. Kevin doesn't want to jeopardize his future with Josh, just so that he can have Lance. But, Kevin can still not deny the fact that he is feeling something for Lance which is deeper then friendship, much deeper.



"God damn you! I thought you said that my son would not be on that bus!" yells a man, "I don't know where the hell you got your information, but obviously your sources are no good."

"Oh shutup, will you?" replies another man, "In case you forgot my sons were on that bus too."

"Oh yeah, that's true, but sometimes I have to wonder if you even care," replies the other man, "I mean sometimes I think that what we're doing is wrong."

"Oh you are such an idiot, sometimes I'm ashamed to even have the same initials as you. But anyway, what we're doing is not wrong! We're breaking up our sons, from their sickening relationships with other men."

"I guess you haven't talked to your eldest lately have you?"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Your eldest is back with his boyfriend. They made up! And my son is back with his boyfriend, so as you can see our master plan to set our sons straight has back-fired, and almost killed them in the process."

"Well, then we'll have to think about another way to do this."

"Oh will you just give up! It's becoming increasingly obvious to me that no matter what we do, it won't work. We've already caused so much pain and suffering from this plan, and have you even stopped to think about what is going to happen to us if we get caught?"

"Of course I've thought of that!! But, don't be stupid, we won't get caught, we'll just turn in our employee, let him take the wrap."

"Yeah, and we can still be charged with Accessory to Murder, and then we'll end up in prison. And that could have some very bad consequences for our kids."

"What on earth is that supposed to mean?"

"Think about you damn idiot! If we're arrested and sentenced to serve time, the media will undoubtedly find out! And then there'll be a lot of questions being asked. Such as why would the fathers of three of the performers on the tour pay somebody to cut the break-line on their tour bus? At which point the truth about our sons being gay might very well come out, and their careers will be flushed down the toilet so fast they won't even have time to deny it! And you know how much the Backstreet Boys mean to your eldest son, I mean hell, he did help found the group when he was 13! As for my son, well, 'N Sync is the best thing that ever happened to him, and he loves it!"

"I know all of this already! Now stop worrying, or you'll give yourself an ulcer. We'll figure something out, trust me. And if the PR people for the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync are worth the exorbitant salaries that they're paid, nothing that shouldn't get out will get out. Now don't talk anymore, you're giving me a headache!!"


"Oh, yes! That feels so good, keep going!!"

"Anything to please you, David, my love."

"Oh yes! Josh, I'm gonna.. I'm gonna.. CUM!!"

Just as this occurs, David Lago wakes up from his dream. And he realizes that he was having a sexual fantasy about Joshua Morrow. Which is unusual considering that most of his sexual dreams and fantasies tend to be about his boyfriend, David Tom. But, David Lago cannot deny the fact that he has always been attracted to Joshua Morrow, and even though he knows that Josh loves Kevin, he also knows that Josh has been sleeping with his boyfriend, David Tom.

David Lago knows this because David, who seldom wears cologne, has come home the last few days smelling as though he was wearing it. And the scent is that of Joshua Morrow's cologne, David has smelled it for himself. Plus, lately, David Tom has been spending more and more time with Josh, and they seem to be getting very close, so close actually, that David Tom called and cancelled his plans with David Lago to go to the movies and have a romantic dinner afterwards.

David Lago can't believe that his boyfriend would be this stupid as to exploit the fact that he's having an affair so bluntly, but, oh well. David now vows to get even with David, by proving that he's not the only one who can successfully seduce Joshua Morrow, while in the process, getting the man who he has had a small crush on for several months now.


Jeff sits in his and Drew's bedroom, thinking about his life as it has been over the past week without Drew, and he can't stand it much longer. True, he was angry at finding out that Drew slept with another man, especially considering that that other man was Drew's own brother. However, Jeff's anger receded about two days ago, and now the only thing stopping him from calling Drew and asking him to come back is his own ego.

"Oh who am I kidding?" thinks Jeff, "I thought I could live without him, but I can't. I don't care if he did commit incest, I still love him, and I can't live much longer without him. I mean I know his being drunk isn't a very good excuse, but, oh god, I can't take this anymore, I'm calling him."

With that Jeff picks up the phone on the bedside table and dials Nick's apartment, where Drew has been staying for the past week. Drew answers, sounding very down, until he here's Jeff's voice, then he comes across as having a mix of emotions, somewhere between fear and happiness. Jeff quickly invites Drew over to talk, fearing that if he didn't do it right away, that he would lose his nerve. Seeing as how Jeff has already tried to call Drew and tell him to come back about six or seven times in the last two days but always lost his nerve to complete the call while still dialing the phone number.

Drew tells Jeff that he will be over in an hour, and hangs up, as Jeff smiles to himself and quickly begins to rush around the apartment, cleaning up, and making things perfect for what Jeff hopes is the night that he can get back together with Drew.


Justin and JC are relaxing with each other in the hot tub in their bathroom, just enjoying their time back together as a couple. The last few days that they've been back together have been great, and probably some of the most romantic days of their almost two-year romantic relationship. Soft music is playing in the background, with a few candles lit, their dancing flames adding to the soft ambience of the room.

After about twenty minutes of sitting in the hot tub, Justin and JC climb out, and slowly and gently dry each other off, before JC surprises Justin by picking him up, planting a very passionate kiss on Justin's soft pink lips, before carrying him into their bedroom and gently placing him down on the bed. Justin simply smiles up at JC, as he lays down on top of Justin and begins to kiss him passionately, JC's tongue probing into Justin's mouth erotically.

JC soon places one hand behind Justin's back and begins to gently massage and caress Justin's lower back, as he grinds his hips into Justin's, and gently runs his other hand through Justin's curls, which Justin has always loved. After several minutes of this, Justin takes over, and rolls JC off of him, before he lays down on top of him, and continues their passionate kiss.

Very shortly after this, JC pulls away from the kiss, and pushes Justin off of him, before getting off the bed and walking across the room. Now at first, Justin thinks that he's done something wrong and that JC is mad at him for something. But, then when he sees JC reaching into his dresser drawer, removing something from it, and walking back with a huge smile on his face, Justin realizes that he didn't do anything wrong, JC just went to get something that he wants to show him.

JC sits back down on the bed, indian-style, and looks at Justin, a huge smile spreading from ear to ear, before replying, "Justin, I love you more then I ever thought possible. In the time that you had amnesia, and thought you were Brian's husband, it got me to thinking about what I would do if I didn't have you. And, well, I came to the conclusion that I simply couldn't go on without you, so that's why I bought this."

JC opens a small box and shows its contents to Justin, who gasps.

"Justin Randall Timberlake, will you marry me?"

Justin looks at the engagement ring, then at JC, then back at the ring, before breaking down in tears.


Drew arrives at his and Jeff's apartment right on time. Since Jeff didn't answer the door, Drew uses his key, and walks into the living room of the apartment, to see candles lit everywhere, a trail of white rose petals on the floor, which seem to lead down the short hallway to the bedrooms. Drew takes off his coat, and his hat, before he follows the trail, which he finds out leads directly into the master bedroom of the apartment.

There on the bed, lays Jeff, wearing absolutely nothing, laying among a multitude of white rose petals. Jeff smiles at Drew, and motions him to come over to him. Drew cautiously walks over to Jeff, and Jeff pulls Drew's head down, and whispers into his ear, "I forgive you," before pulling him into a passionate kiss.

The kiss doesn't last long however, because kissing Jeff from a standing position is not the most comfortable position in the world, and seeing as Jeff is totally naked, Drew feels very overdressed. Drew quickly removes all of his clothes, which are actually Nick's since all of his clothes were here at the apartment and Drew was too afraid of what Jeff might do if he showed up again, even if it was only to pick up some of his clothes. After Drew removes the last shred of clothing from his body, he gently lays down on the bed beside Jeff, and the two of them start kissing again, passionately, their tongues wrestling playfully and erotically in each other's mouths.

The kiss continues, long and deep, passionate and erotic, for several minutes, before Jeff pushes Drew up, and with a smile on his face, replies, "Drew, baby, make love to me, please."

Drew just smiles back at Jeff, and replies, "Anything to make you happy, Jeff my love, anything."

Drew reaches over to the nightstand, and pulls open the drawer. Just where it always has been, Drew grabs the bottle of lubricant, and begins to gently lubricate Jeff's hole, caressing it gently, which makes Jeff shiver and moan in delight. After there is a sufficient amount of lube on Jeff's hole, Drew quickly lubes up his raging tool, before he sets aside the bottle of lubricant, and places the head of his cock at Jeff's tight entrance, before pushing himself in every so slowly and gently.

Drew pauses his pushing inward to give Jeff a moment to adjust, before once again pushing in as gently as possible. After everything that has already happened, the last thing that Drew wants is to hurt Jeff anymore then he already has. Upon pushing his entire length deep within Jeff's body, Drew leans over and begins to kiss Jeff passionately on the lips, as he gently caresses Jeff's tongue with his own.

Drew starts a very slow, very gentle, in and out motion as he works up a rhythm with Jeff, who by this point is jacking himself off. Drew continues the kiss and his gentle in and out motion, as Jeff continues to return the kiss and keeps up with his slow and erotic up and down motion on his own cock.

This continues for close to an hour and a half, both Drew and Jeff slowing down their thrusting and movement trying to make this wondrous moment last as long as humanly possible. Then, when they can't take it any more, Drew speeds up his thrusts into Jeff's hot hole, and Jeff speeds up his up and down motions on his cock, and both can feel themselves crossing that oh so familiar point of no return as their bodies tense up and they both begin to shoot cum like crazy. Drew's warm juices flowing like a raging river deep within Jeff's body, and Jeff's exploding like a geyser, as it shoots all over his and Drew's chest.

As their orgasms subside, Drew slowly pulls out of Jeff, and cuddles up to him, as the two of them, begin to feel sleep overtaking them, and they soon fall fast asleep in each other's embrace, totally exhausted from their making up.



As Justin looks at the ring, he breaks into tears, and begins to cry his eyes out, as JC looks confused and scared. Justin throws his arms around JC and hugs him tightly as he cries on JC's shoulder, before he manages to collect himself a little, and replies, "Yes, Josh, nothing would make me happier. Yes, I will marry you!"

All of JC's fears and confusion disappear at that second. At first he thought that maybe Justin was crying because he was afraid to tell JC that he wasn't ready for marriage or something, but now he knows that Justin's tears are tears of joy and happiness.

JC leans over and starts planting several kisses on Justin's face and neck, as he softly begins wiping the tears away with his thumb. JC stops his kissing of Justin's neck, and moves his mouth upwards to meet Justin's, as he initiates a very passionate kiss.

As he leans forward moving on top of Justin, their kissing becomes even more sensual, while JC's tongue explores Justin's mouth, probing deeper and deeper, as Justin's tongue begins massaging JC's tongue with his own. Justin moves his hands up from their previous position on the bed and begins to roam up and down JC's back, stopping to massage lower back and his tight, muscular ass. JC starts pushing his tongue even deeper into Justin's mouth, as he grinds his rock hard tool into Justin's hard cock, as both of the hot rods begins leaking precum, as they rub against each other.

JC breaks off the kiss, and resumes kissing Justin's neck, working his way downward, making sure to stop and pay attention to Justin's rock hard pecs. JC swirls his tongue around on first Justin's left, and then his right pec, before kissing and licking his way ever downward until his nose is buried in the bush of Justin's blonde pubic hair. JC kisses the head, tasting the mixture, of his and Justin's precum, and smiles, before he quickly engulfs Justin's swollen member into the wet, warm confines of his mouth and begins to suck on Justin's tool ever so slowly and passionately.

Justin's eyes are closed tightly, while he runs his fingers through JC's soft brown hair. Justin moans with pleasure as his fiance begins to go up and down on his tool faster, and begins to suck on it with a vigorous yet gentle passion which could only signify JC's intense love and admiration of Justin.

Justin screams in ecstasy as he feels his body tightening up and he begins to shoot volley after volley of his sweet, succulent juices into JC's mouth. JC is fully enjoying this familiar taste, a taste which he has always loved, the salty, yet sweet, succulently delicious taste which is Justin.

Looking deep into Justin's beautiful blue eyes, which sparkle like a thousand sapphires gleaming in the sun, the unasked question is answered. Justin rolls JC off of him and begins to kiss and massage every inch of JC's hot, muscular body. He starts to passionately kiss JC's neck and work his way down to JC's pectorals, copying the movements of his beloved JC, as JC just moans with pleasure. Justin moves his mouth down to JC's tool, and licks the drop of precum off of the head, before he goes down on JC's cock and begins to suck on it with a passion.

Finally, yet somewhat reluctantly, Justin pulls his JC's cock out of his mouth, and gives JC a bright smile which could melt both of the polar ice caps in two seconds, as he reaches over to the nightstand and grabs the container of lube that he and JC keep their for their love-making sessions, and starts to lube up JC's hot tool with the slippery substance. Justin then begins to rub some of the lube onto his hole, before tossing the container aside, and positioning himself over JC.

Justin ever so slowly begins to sit down, and winces in pain for a moment, as he feels JC's cock push against the entrance to his hole and enter. But, Justin knows the pain will soon be replaced, replaced with pleasure, ecstasy, and total delight. As the pain subsides, Justin continues to sit, and JC's cock pushes even further into Justin's hot hole, as both Justin and JC moan in pleasure.

JC sits up, as Justin wraps his legs around JC's waist to give him some leverage, as he starts a slow and gentle up and down movement on JC's tool as it slides in and out of Justin's hot hole. JC smiles at Justin, and the two of them begins kissing each other passionately, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths as if their wasn't going to be a tomorrow, as Justin continues his up and down motion on JC's tool.

Justin slows down this movement several times so as to slow down the whole experience and make this moment last. Justin wants this wondrous moment to last forever, because he loves JC more then he ever thought possible, and because he now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt, that JC feels the same way. Then, when Justin can't stand the suspense anymore, he speeds up his movements, as he continues kissing JC, and JC helps out by pushing his tool into Justin's ass, their moaning and groaning being muffled by their kissing.

Justin and JC break from their kiss, and shout out each other's names as JC comes deep within Justin's ass, and Justin shoots a second load of cum all over his and JC's chest. By this point, both of them are heaving, and dripping wet with sweat, as they try to recover from the most intense orgasms that they have ever shared. They slowly climb off the bed, and get cleaned up, before they lay back down in each other's arms and smile at each other.

"I love you Justin."

"I love you, too, Joshua."

As Justin says this he kisses JC on the nose, as they both slowly drift off to sleep, totally content with each other, knowing that their lives together from this point on will be happier then they could have ever dreamed possible.

Nick & Brian - Part 55 Written by JCV

"Well, by this time, they've probably already made up, and fallen asleep in each other's arms after making wild passionate love to each other," thinks Nick, to himself, "God, why can't I have that?"

Nick Lachey is beginning to feel very confused again. He has known since he was 15 years old that he was bisexual. He's also known that also around that time, he began to have weird and unnatural feelings for Drew. Nick realizes that having such feelings is definitely wrong, and he has tried his best to forget those wrong feelings. He had succeeded in doing so actually, that was until the other night.

Even though he was drunk, he was still aware of what was happening. He knew full well that what was happening was wrong, and he was not drunk enough that he couldn't have put a stop to it. However, it's something that he'd wanted to happen since he was 15 years old, what do you expect? But, now that it has happened, he feels bad that it did.

In the time that he's spent with Drew, after Jeff found out about their drunken night of pleasure and broke up with him, he knows that what Drew feels for Jeff and vice versa, is very real, and also a very beautiful thing. However, Nick still wishes that he could have Drew, or at the very least somebody to love. Even if it isn't his incredibly gorgeous younger brother, anybody who was at least semi-good looking, and had a good personality would do, whether it be a man or a woman.

Nick has been so starved for love in the past couple of years, that he's pretty much forgotten what it's like to be in love. He's getting to the point that he's beginning to think that he will never ever in a million years find Mr. Right. Nick knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he likes women, because he's been attracted to several, and had relationships with women that he felt very satisfied with.

But, despite these feelings, Nick also knows that he prefers men, even though he's never had any experience in having a boyfriend. Nick longs to have the feeling of a warm muscular masculine body pressed up against his own in bed at night. Unfortunately, that would mean telling everyone in the group, as well as everyone on the tour, that he was bisexual. I mean he knows that he would be accepted, that isn't the issue here.

The issue is that he can tell him that he's bisexual forever, but that won't get him a man. He'll still be all alone, no matter what he tells the others. All of the gay or bisexual men on the tour are taken, or at least any of the ones that Nick even feels the slightest attraction to.

Like most nights, Nick strips down to nothing, and collapses on his bed. He gets under the blanket and stares up at the ceiling for what seems like an eternity, although its only a few short minutes. Soon, Nick is crying. Crying again. He thanks god that Drew didn't ever find out while he was staying here with him, but Nick is so depressed about not having anyone to love, that he cries himself to sleep almost every night.


The room is dark, with the exception of the small flickering lights from the several candles surrounding the bed. The long white damask curtains on the bed, flutter in the light breeze, as romantic music can be heard playing in the background. The two young men on the bed are just enjoying the company of each other. They kiss passionately on the lips, their tongues wrestling wildly in each other's mouths, as they act upon their intense feelings for each other.

Their faces for some reason are obscured, but slowly, very slowly, the faces come into view, and a loud gasp and someone screaming, "NO!!!" can be heard, but that doesn't seem to do anything to stop Joshua Morrow from making love to David Lago, in fact, they didn't even hear a sound, other then the moaning and groaning that they're both doing.

"NO!!! STOP!!! NO!!!" screams Kevin, as he wakes up in a cold sweat, "Oh, thank god, it was only a dream. Calm down, Kevin, it was only a dream."

Despite the fact that he knows better, that this horrible nightmare could not possibly be true, Kevin reaches over and turns on the lamp on his bedside table, and picks up the phone. He quickly dials a number and waits patiently for someone to answer.

One ring.

Two rings.

Three rings.

Four rings.

Five rings.

Kevin begins to get worried, as nobody has yet to pick up the phone, and the telephone receiver begins to shake in his hand.

Eight rings.

Nine rings.

Ten rings.

Finally, the click of someone answering the phone! For a moment, Kevin's hope comes back, only to crash down around him with the recorded message, "We're sorry, the cellular customer you are trying to reach is not answering. They are either out of range, or they have better things to do then talk to you at the moment. Have a nice day!"

Kevin sadly hangs up the phone, and looks over at the clock. He quickly does a little math in his head, and concludes that it is way too late for Josh to still be at the studio, but also way too early for him to be in bed. Kevin lays back down in bed, and tries to sleep, but finds that to be impossible, because even though he knows that it was only a dream, he just can't seem to get the image of his beloved Joshua making love to David Lago!

Then, suddenly, the images of Joshua and David disappear and Kevin sighs with relief, only to be once again frightened to death by another image that comes to his mind. An image of himself, making love to someone, making love to.. to.. to.. ..Lance!!


Blake Winters slowly crawls into bed, his blonde hair still damp after his shower. As usual, he's sleeping in the nude, something which he has done since he was about 12 or 13. He yawns and lays back, as his head hits the pillow, and his eyes begin to flutter shut. He is very tired after a long day of working on all of the PR work that is required of him, plus, he spend some time with Fatima today going over some of the things that she wants him to teach the guys at their next rehearsal.

Blake yawns once more, before his eyelids, which are by this point as heavy as rocks, close over his emerald green eyes, and he falls fast asleep. The second that he falls asleep, a dream starts. Only this dream is unlike any that Blake has had. Blake always thought it strange that he'd never in his life had a sexual fantasy. Here he is 24 years old, he's known that he was gay for 10 years know, but he's yet to have a single fantasy about any guy.

Blake really doesn't understand this, because he works with so many cute guys, I mean there's the guys on the tour, and then there's also Jeremy Prescott, his executive assistant, who has always seemed to be somewhat flowery. Suffice it to say that every time that Blake looks at Jeremy, his gaydar goes off, and he somehow knows that Jeremy is gay, even though he never has admitted it, not that Blake has ever brought it up.

However, this dream isn't about Jeremy. Of course then again, it could be, Blake isn't sure. As hard as he tries, he cannot see the face of his mysterious lover as he slowly and gently pushes his cock in and out of Blake's tight, and muscular ass. After the mysterious man cums, he gets up from the bed, and without a single word to Blake, disappears, and Blake wakes up, the sheets of his bed covered with his cum, as he realizes that he has had his first official "wet dream."

Nick & Brian - Part 56 Written by JCV

Josh is feeling very depressed at the moment. He can't believe that he cheated on Kevin with David Tom, but then too, he can't deny that he didn't enjoy his time in bed with David. That probably sounds bad, and trust me, Josh knows this. This is something that he is painfully aware of. But, no matter what he tells himself or what he tries, he just can't seem to get out of this depressed state that he's in.

He's in this state because he knows what he did with David Tom was wrong, but he also knows that he enjoyed it, and that is both depressing, and confusing. He knows that he loves Kevin with all of his heart, and he honestly did think that sex with anyone else would pale in comparison to what he shared with Kevin before he left to return to the set of the Young and the Restless.

Only problem is that he was wrong. Despite his feelings for Kevin, he did enjoy what he shared with David Tom, and he has to admit that it was good, perhaps as good as what he shared with Kevin. I mean it can't possibly be quite the same, since when Josh did it with Kevin, they were giving each other their virginity, and when Josh did it with David, he knew full well that David was not a virgin, having lost his virginity over a year ago to the boyfriend that he had before David Lago.

And now, speaking of David Lago, Josh doesn't understand what happened last night either. What was supposed to be a friendly night out to help him forget his troubles, turned into David Lago making advances on Josh, and in his weak emotional state, he gave in to them. Before Josh even realized what it was that he was doing, he was upstairs in a rented room above the club that they had gone to, getting undressed, and allowing David Lago to make love to him!

And now, the worst part of all of this is, is that Josh also cannot say that he didn't enjoy this either. And as he lays in bed now, David Lago's arms wrapped around him tightly, Josh can't deny the fact that he is beginning to feel something for him. Now this is really depressing. He's in love with Kevin, no questions about that, but he's also feeling very strong romantic feelings for David Tom, and now he's beginning to feel something deeper then friendship for David Lago.

Again, before he even realizes what's going on, Josh leans down and kisses David on the lips, passionately, as he probes his tongue into David's mouth, exploring it. This causes David to start to stir, and as he wakes up, he begins to return the kiss, and once again, David and Josh are making wild, passionate love to one another, and once again, Josh is enjoying every minute of it.


Kevin and Lance sit next to each other at the kitchen table in Kevin's apartment, going over all of the managerial, and organizational materials that they normally handle most of for their respective groups. Kevin can't help but look at Lance through the corner of his eye, and he catches Lance several times doing to same thing.

Kevin takes his eyes off of his work and just looks up at Lance, who soon becomes aware of this, and looks up at Kevin. Before Lance can say anything, Kevin grabs the back of Lance's head in his hands and pulls him into a passionate kiss, as Kevin finally gives in to the feelings he has been feeling for Lance as of late.

The kiss continues for several minutes, before finally, the two young men pull away from each other, and with nothing but passion and lust and desire in their eyes, stand up from the table, and start walking toward Kevin's bedroom, undressing themselves on the way. When they finally reach Kevin's bed, Kevin pushes Lance down, and then collapses on top of him, as they continue their passionate kiss.

Lance's hands are roaming all over Kevin's back, and he begins to gently massage his flesh. As their kiss ends for the second time, Kevin rolls off of Lance and the bed and runs into the bathroom. He comes back a moment later, with a small container of lubricant, which he quickly opens, and begins to apply to his cock, before he lifts up Lance's legs, which he gently places on his shoulders, before he quickly lubes up Lance's hole, and begins to push his way into Lance, as Lance whimpers in pain for a moment, before his whimpers of pain are replaced with moans of pleasure, and groans of total ecstasy.

Kevin speeds up and slows down his thrusts several times, before finally, he speeds up one last time, and cries out Lance's name as he begins to cum deep within Lance's hot body. As his orgasm subsides, Kevin collapses on top of Lance, and they both kiss each other one last time, before they both drift off to sleep, neither of them feeling even the least bit guilty about what they have just done.

To Be Continued...

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