Nick & Brian

Parts 57-62

Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer: This story is fictional and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned here in. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or if such material is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story.

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Nick & Brian - Part 57 Written by JCV

About a month has passed, and for the most part, everyone is doing well. True, there are still some who have not completely healed from their injuries caused by the bus accident, such as Lance, whose broken ribs will take quite awhile to heal, but most of the other less severe injuries have healed now. The exception is Justin Jeffre, whom after spending almost 4 weeks in a coma, is now in a rehabilitation center, having to learn almost everything over again. How to walk, talk, eat, and pretty much everything else.

It's almost dawn now, as Nick and Brian sit in each other's arms in a lounge chair on the balcony which wraps almost completely around the second floor. The morning Orlando sky is a very light pink and orange color as the sun begins to rise over the horizon, as the two young lovers sit in each other's arms, totally content. As the sun continues to rise, turning the sky beautiful colors of pink and orange, Nick and Brian pull each other into a passionate kiss, their tongues wrestling playfully in each other's mouths, doing the erotic dance that they know so well.

The kiss continues for several minutes before Brian pulls away, and repositions himself so that he's sitting on Nick's tool, as he leans down and begins to rub his hands all over Nick's muscular chest, as he plants small kisses on Nick's hard pecs. Nick simply closes his eyes, a smile on his face, as he gently runs his hands through Brian's brown hair. This continues for several minutes, before Nick pushes Brian upward, smiles at him, and replies, "Baby, I can't take much more of this, you're getting me hard."

"That's my intention Nicky," replies Brian with another of his dumb grins, "Any suggestions on what we should do about it?"

"Well," replies Nick, as he takes a moment to think, "Since you're already in such a good position for it, how about I make love to ya, Bri?"

"Sounds good to me," replies Brian, as he raises himself up off of Nick long enough to pull his blue Backstreet Boys boxer-briefs down, as Nick pushes his own white CK boxer briefs downward. Nick, who expected this, produces a bottle of lubricant from under the lounge chair. He quickly applies some to his raging hard-on, before handing it to Brian, who applies some more to his tight asshole.

Nick then smiles at Brian, as Brian takes Nick's cock in his hand, and begins to slowly sit down on it, as he guides it inside. Both Brian and Nick let out a small moan, as it begins to enter, although Brian soon winces in pain, but that doesn't last long. The pain is soon replaced by pleasure as Brian begins to move up and down on Nick's cock, as Nick groans with ecstasy.

Brian continues to move up on Nick's cock, before going back down just before the head would have popped out of Brian's hole. This continues for several minutes, Brian alternating between a fast and slow pace, and then from a slow pace to a fast pace, and so on. Several times, Nick tells Brian to slow down or stop, as he can feel himself getting close, but he wants this moment to last.

Then, when he can take it no longer, Nick grabs onto Brian's hips and helps Brian to speed up his pace, and to keep himself at a fast pace, as Nick feels himself crossing that oh so familiar point of no return.

"Oh Brian! Yes! Oh god, YES!!" screams Nick, as he begins to shoot off load after load of his warm juices deeply within Brian, who just moans in delight, and screams, "NICK!!" as his own cock, which he hasn't even touched, explodes, shooting his warm and succulent juices all over Nick's face and chest.

As Nick and Brian recover from their orgasms, Nick looks around briefly, and as if just noticing where he was, replies, "I hope the neighbors didn't hear us."

"Fuck the neighbors!" replies Brian, "I don't care what they did or didn't hear!"

Nick smiles at Brian, and then kisses him on the nose, before they head into their bedroom to get dressed, before going down to the kitchen to make breakfast.


Meanwhile, in a house behind and to the left of Nick and Brian's house, a young well-built man of about twenty-two, with long blonde hair and sparkling emerald green eyes, wearing a black bow tie and a pair of tight black string-bikini briefs, which leave nothing to the imagination, stands on the servant's quarters balcony. The young man adjusts a piece of equipment that looks very similar to a telescope, so that it is pointing directly at Nick and Brian's balcony. However, this is no telescope, as the videotape door and the flashing red recording light would indicate.

"There," replies the young man, "The next time they decide to have sex on the balcony, I shall get it all on tape, again."

"Jeffrey!!" yells a woman from inside the house.

"And then I can sell the tape to the highest bidder, and get away from her," replies Jeffrey, before yelling, "Coming, Madame!" as Jeffrey heads into the servant's quarters, thinking, "Oh god, how did I ever get to the point of working as a butler and whore for an ugly 58-year-old sex-crazed bitch? Her only redeeming quality is her money, and even that doesn't help much, especially when I have to have sex with her."

As Jeffrey heads off to his mistresses' bedroom, the wardrobe door, which was partially ajar, swings open, revealing several black pinstripe suits...


Nick and Brian enter the kitchen and begin to make breakfast. Nick is wearing his white CK boxer-briefs, a pair of white socks, and a light gray athletic t-shirt. Brian is wearing his usual blue Backstreet Boys boxer-briefs, a pair of white socks with gray ankles and toes, and a blue Kentucky Wildcats t-shirt. As Nick begins slicing oranges to run through the juicer, Brian fills Brandy and Briannick's food and water dishes, as the two collies trot into the kitchen.

When Brian sees Brandy, he walks over to Nick, and asks, "Nick, is it just me, or does it seem like Brandy has been gaining some weight?"

Nick looks carefully at Brandy for a moment, and then replies, "Yeah, she does look slightly heavier. Do you think it's possible?"

"I don't know, but I think we'd better find out," replies Brian as he goes over to the phone, and pages through the small black telephone book that Nick and Brian keep the frequently dialed numbers in.

"Who you calling, babe?"

"The vet," replies Brian, as he dials the phone number, "I'm going to try and see if I can get Brandy in for a checkup today."

"Norwood Animal Clinic, how may I help you?"

"Yes, this is Brian Littrell, I was wondering if I could get my dog Brandy in today?"

"Well, we happen to just had a cancellation for noon," replies the secretary, "What seems to be wrong with your dog, Mr. Littrell?"

"Well, I'm not sure, but we noticed that she's been gaining a little weight," replies Brian, "And since we also have the male dog, Briannick, I figured that there might be a possibility that she's pregnant."

"Oh, okay," replies the secretary, "Then bring Brandy in, and actually, bring Briannick too, I'm looking through my records here, and they're both due for routine examinations."

"Okay, we'll see you at noon then, bye," replies Brian as he hangs up the phone.

"Okay, both Brandy and Briannick have an appointment at noon," replies Brian, as he hangs up the phone, just as Nick finishes putting breakfast on the table.

"Okay, honey," replies Nick with a smile, as he walks over and pulls Brian into his arms and kisses him passionately on the lips, before leading him over to the kitchen table, as the two of them sit down to eat their breakfast.


Joshua Morrow paces back and forth in his bedroom, thinking. Josh is wearing Kevin's blue Backstreet Boys boxer-briefs, a pair of light gray socks belonging to David Lago, and a white t-shirt belonging to David Tom. This is exactly Josh's problem. He knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loves Kevin. Every minute that he spends with Kevin makes him happy, and before he met him, he can honestly say that he never thought that he would find that one special person that he wanted to grow old with.

However, Josh also knows, that as hard for him to believe as this is, that he is also in love with David Tom. What started as a strictly sexual relationship, has developed into a full-blown love affair, and Josh certainly could never have predicted that he would fall so head over heels in love with two people at the same time.

But, then there is also another problem to this whole sordid situation. David Tom is also in love with David Lago. And, Josh would be lying to himself if he told himself that he was not in love with David Lago. So, in short, Josh most certainly has a lot to deal with, seeing as how he is actually in love with three people at the same time. A situation that he could not ever have even imagined himself being in, even in his worst nightmares. And this is exactly what this is, a nightmare.

Josh knows that David Lago knows about his relationship with David Tom, and vice versa, neither one of them seem to mind, probably because they're both head over heels in love with each other, as well as with Josh. But, Josh knows that if Kevin ever found out about this, his relationship with him would be over. This is most certainly not something that Josh wants to happen.

Josh would be lost if he lost Kevin's love. Kevin is the first man that Josh can honestly say that he loved, and everyone knows that first loves are hard to get over. Josh drops face down until his bed, as his knees give way. Josh decides that he can't loose Kevin, no matter what he has to do. Josh takes a little time to think, before getting up, and closing all of the curtains and blinds in the house, and locking all of the doors and windows.

He quickly removes David's shirt, and David's socks, and throws them into a darkened corner of the room, and quickly removes any and all reminders of the two young men from his sight. Josh lights some candles, and then curls up on the bed looking at a picture of Kevin, listening to his Backstreet Boys cd.

Josh hopes that if he does his best to think about nothing but Kevin, and cuts himself off completely from David Tom and David Lago, that he can forget about his love for the two of them, and concentrate on his and Kevin's relationship. Of course, Josh is not thinking clearly at the moment, because the thought of the fact that he has to go to work or get fired never even once crosses his mind. And of course going to work means dealing with the Davids, as they both work on Y&R.

Nick & Brian - Part 58 Written by JCV

Kevin sits on the bed at his apartment, wearing nothing but a pair of black silk boxers, thinking about Josh, and thinking about Lance. Kevin knows that he loves Josh, but he also cannot deny that he loves Lance. As Kevin thinks he realizes that deep down, he always did have doubts that he could handle a long-distance relationship, and seeing as how he is now sexually involved with two different men, both of which he is head over heels in love with, he knows that his doubts were well founded. He can't handle a long-distance relationship.

After spending so many nights alone, and then, finally finding someone to love, Kevin finds it completely impossible to go back to sleeping alone. Kevin has grown accustomed to sleeping with someone else, feeling their warm body pressed up against him, as they wrap their warm and comforting arms around each other, and drift peacefully to sleep.

Kevin realizes that that may have been the reason behind his relationship with Lance, originally, the need for a warm body sleeping next to him at night. But, that is not the reason anymore, maybe it was the first night or so that he slept with Lance, but Kevin knew by the third night that it wasn't a desire for a warm body next to him that kept him in this relationship with Lance. It was also not just simply for sex, despite the fact that even though Lance was a virgin when they started out in this relationship, he is absolutely wonderful and totally amazing in bed.

Kevin knows for sure and certain, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is head over heels in love with Lance, and that is the reason why this relationship is lasting, not the need for a warm body, or sex, but true and undeniable love. Of course this fact does scare Kevin, beyond all comprehension. Because, if he is in love with Lance, how can he also be in love with Josh? Has he lost his feelings for Josh? Or are his feelings for Josh as strong as they ever were, and there's just more room in Kevin's heart?

Either way, Kevin knows that somebody is going to get hurt. If he chooses Josh over Lance, then Lance will be hurt, but if he chooses Lance over Josh, then Josh will be hurt. This is most definitely not something that Kevin wants to do. He would commit suicide if it meant that both of his loves could be happy for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes, as sick and unromantic as this thought is, Kevin wishes that he could just live life with both Josh and Lance. That the three of them could just be together forever, loving one another, and never leaving one another. But, Kevin knows that this is an unrealistic dream, and that at some point, a point that Kevin is dreading with every fiber of his being, he will have to choose between Josh and Lance, or possibly run the risk of loosing them both, forever.

Kevin is brought out of his reveries when a pair of strong, muscular arms wraps around him, encircling him in a loving embrace. Kevin sighs with content as a head nuzzles his neck, and the other person begins to plant soft kisses on Kevin's neck and shoulder.

Kevin turns around, and pins Lance down on the bed, before pulling him into a passionate and highly erotic kiss, their tongues dancing around in each other's mouths, eager to chart every last inch. The kiss continues for quite some time, before the two pull apart in order to catch their breath. Kevin smiles down at Lance, and Lance simply smiles back, a message without words passing between the two of them, as they look deep into each other's eyes.

Kevin leans back down and begins to plant small kisses on Lance's neck and shoulders, as Lance wraps his arms around Kevin and begins to massage his back, occasionally moving up to play with Kevin's soft black hair. Kevin gently kisses his way down Lance's chest, stopping to kiss and swirl his tongue around on both of Lance's rock hard pecs, before continuing to move down Lance's abdomen. Kevin kisses Lance's navel and swirls his tongue around in it, which causes Lance to giggle with pleasure. Kevin moves down to Lance's rock hard member, and begins to lick the head. The sensation of Kevin's velvety tongue licking him sends shivers through Lance's body as he moans in pleasure.

Kevin licks a few drops of precum from the tip of Lance's purplish cock-head, before he goes down all the way, taking in Lance's entire length. Kevin begins to go up and down on Lance's cock, as Lance moans in pleasure. Lance places his hands on Kevin's head and plays with his hair while also pushing Kevin's head down on his tool.

Kevin begins to speed up his pace, as Lance begins to moan and groan even more. Lance knows that Kevin is involved with Josh, and to an extent he feels really bad and really guilty about sleeping with someone else's boyfriend, but at the moment, Lance simply cannot think of such things. The only thing on Lance's mind right now is how much pleasure Kevin is giving him. Lance moans, "Oh god Kev! I'm going to, I'm going to, going to, cum!"

Lance screams in ecstasy as he cums, shooting load after succulent load deep into Kevin's mouth. Kevin drinks as much of Lance's salty-sweet juice as he can, some of it running out of the corners of his mouth and down his chin. When he's drank all that he can, Kevin comes up to Lance's mouth, and kisses him passionately on the lips, as he shares the cum in his mouth with Lance.

Kevin and Lance break their kiss and just hold each other, as they slowly drift off to sleep, totally content.

A couple of days pass, and now, everyone sits in the living room of Nick and Brian's house, enjoying their break from touring. Even if that break was granted due to the very undesirable reason of the bus accident. Everybody also realizes however, that they had better enjoy this time because once they go back to touring, they not only have to do all of the concerts that were missed to due the accident, but also all of concerts on the original schedule.

Justin and JC smile at each other, as JC stands up and replies, "Everybody, I have an announcement I'd like to make."

"Go right ahead, JC," replies Howie, "We're all listening."

"Well, I already asked Justin and got his answer, but I haven't actually made it official," replies JC, "And I think know is as good a time as any."

JC pulls a small black velvet box from inside of his pocket and kneels down in front of Justin before saying, "Just, will you marry me?"

"My answer is the same as it was last time," replies Justin, with an evil grin, "Hell no!"

JC looks shocked and very hurt at Justin for a minute, as everyone else just looks at Justin with slight anger in their eyes.

"JC, I'm just kidding," replies Justin, "Of course I'll marry you, I love you with all my heart. Yes, I realize that that joke was not at all funny, and I would take it back if I could, but I can't. What's done is done."

JC smiles broadly at Justin, as he opens the box to reveal two matching gold bands. JC takes one out of the box and replies to Justin, "I got it engraved," as Justin takes the ring and holds it up to the light to read the inscription, "Just & JC, Now & Forever."

Justin lunges at JC, causing him to fall backwards, as he hugs him tightly, pulling him into a passionate kiss. When the kiss ends, Justin replies with sincerity, "JC, I love it, but, I love you even more. Thank you. Thank you for making me the happiest man alive."

JC smiles at Justin and places the ring on his ring finger, as Justin takes the other ring and places it on JC's ring finger. The two of them kiss each other passionately on the lips again for a few more minutes, before they break apart and shout out to the whole room, "We're engaged!"

Everyone in the room cheers and applauds their friends, wishing them only the best in their lives together.

Once everyone settles down from Justin and JC's announcement, Nick and Brian stand up, hand in hand, as Nick replies, "Okay, Brian and I have an announcement to make, and, well since they can't talk, we also have an announcement to make for Brandy and Briannick."

"First off, Nick's and my announcement," replies Brian, "We've set the date for our wedding. It's June 8, 2000."

"Congratulations, Bri," replies Kevin, "You too Nick."

"Yeah, congrats," replies Chris, "Now, what is Brandy and Briannick's announcement?"

"Well, Chris, I'm sure you've probably noticed, as everyone probably has, Brandy has been gaining some weight," replies Nick, "Brian and I took her and Briannick to the vet yesterday for their check-ups, and it was confirmed. Brandy is pregnant."

"Wow, Nick and Brian aren't even married yet," replies AJ, "And they're going to be grandparents!"

Everyone laughs at AJ's comment, before they all congratulate Nick and Brian on their wedding date, as well as the puppies.

Nick & Brian - Part 59 Written by JCV

The next afternoon, Nick and Brian are sitting on the floor of the kitchen with Brandy, with Aaron, Kevin, Justin, and JC nearby to help. Brandy has gone into labor and is laying in her bed, which has been lined with newspapers, ready to give birth to her litter of puppies.

"Here comes the head!" replies Brian, as the head of the first puppy can be seen. Shortly after, a small newborn puppy is being handed to Kevin, who gently places it in a large basket with a blanket in it, until all of the puppies are born.

This process is repeated over and over, until finally, Brandy gives birth to her last puppy, her tenth puppy. The ten newborn puppies are cleaned up, and then Kevin gently sets the basket down on the floor next to Brandy's bed, so that the new mother can see her pups. Briannick stands next to Brandy's bed, licking Brandy's face occasionally, and looking quite proud as he too looks down at his children.

Nick smiles at Aaron, and replies, "Oh, Aaron, as soon as they're old enough to leave Brandy, you can have one of them."

"Really?" asks Aaron, obviously happy.

"Yes, really," replies Nick, "Brian and I can't possibly keep up with 12 collies!"

"Yeah, we'll also be sending one off to Angel," replies Brian, "And, if he'd like one Justin, we can send one off to Jonathan."

"I'm sure he'd love one," replies Justin, as he rests his head on JC's shoulder.


Meanwhile, in another part of Orlando, Howie and AJ are enjoying a night of unbridled sexual pleasure and passion, or at the very least, what they're calling and interpreting as passion. Candles are lit all over the bedroom, and soft romantic music plays in the background, as Howie and AJ hold each other and slowly dance.

AJ puts his hand behind Howie's head and ever so gently pulls his lips to his own, and initiates a passionate kiss between the two of them, as their tongues wrestle playfully in each other's mouths. Howie starts dancing AJ over toward the direction of the bed, and when they reach it, Howie, breaks from the embrace, and pushes AJ down on the bed so that he's laying on his stomach.

Howie in turn straddles AJ, and begins to massage his lower back and buttocks, as AJ lets out small moans of pleasure. This goes on for several minutes, before AJ moans out, "Oh, D, please, fuck me."

Howie doesn't respond, instead, he simply reaches over to the nightstand, and grabs a condom and a container of lubrication. Howie unwraps the condom and places it over his long and incredibly hard tool, before he begins to lubricate AJ's asshole. He does this in such a way that it isn't exactly gentle, but it's also not forceful or causing AJ any pain.

After sufficiently lubricating AJ's hole, Howie places the head of his cock at the entrance and pushes forward, rather gruffly, and hard. However, AJ doesn't cry out in pain, considering that recently, he and Howie have gotten into the habit of having rough sex with each other, instead of gentle love-making.

Howie pulls his cock out of AJ's ass, before ramming it back in with quite a bit of speed and force, and all the while AJ is not only moaning in pleasure, but telling Howie, "Come on D, harder! Fuck me harder!"

Howie complies with AJ and starts to ram his tool in even faster and more vigorously, as AJ moans and groans with pleasure. Howie can feel himself crossing the point of cumming, and he informs AJ of this, who replies, "Don't stop, I'm about to... about to... to... cum too."

AJ, whose rock hard tool has been being rammed into the mattress for the past several minutes due to Howie's vigorous fucking of him, begins to shoot his load all over the sheets, as Howie also cums, sending his loads deep within AJ's ass. Howie pulls out of AJ, and then lays down next to him on the bed. The two of them get into the bed, and rather quickly fall asleep, with their backs turned to one another, not showing each other any more love or attention...

Nick & Brian - Part 60 Written by JCV

Robert and Jane Carter, as well as Jackie Littrell, and Tim Richardson, are visiting with Nick & Brian at the home in Orlando. Kevin is in the kitchen with his other brother, Jerald, his mother, and BJ and Leslie Carter , showing them Brandy's new puppies, who are now three weeks old. This would have been a very happy gathering of family, that is if, the knock on the door hadn't disturbed the moment.

Nick walks over to the door, and before opening it asks, "Who is it?", just as those who were in the kitchen, come out.

"Police." replies the person on the other side of the door, as Nick quickly opens the door, to find two Orlando police officers, and a man wearing a dark brown suit.

"Can I help you?" replies Nick, wondering why the police are at his front door.

"Yes, is there a Robert Carter, here?" replies the man in the brown suit, as he and officers walk into the living room.

"Yes, I'm Robert Carter."

"Robert Carter, I have a warrant for you arrest," replies the man in the suit, "Cuff him, and read him his rights."

"My arrest? On what charges?" demands Robert.

"Quite a lengthy list actually," replies the man in the suit, who is actually a representative of the Colorado District Attorney's office, "Let's see here, Conspiracy, Solicitation, Forgery, and the most disturbing charge, Second-Degree Murder. All stemming from your direct involvement with the sabotage of two tour busses in Colorado, which resulted in several very serious injuries, and several deaths."

"There must be some sort of mistake," replies Robert.

"I would suggest that you be quiet."

"You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford one, one will be provided to you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?" replies one of the officers as Robert is handcuffed.

"Yes," replies Robert, as the two officers lead him out of the house in handcuffs.

"Who are you, and how could you think for one second that my husband was involved with that crash? Both of our sons were on one of those busses, for Christ's sake!" replies a rather distraught Jane Carter.

"I am not at liberty to discuss that madam," replies the man, as he gets ready to leave, "Please send any questions to the Colorado District Attorney's office."

The man then walks out of the house, leaving everybody totally and completely stunned, confused, and to an extent furious.

About half-an-hour later, Justin and JC appear at Nick and Brian's house, along with Heather, Tyler, and Karen Chasez. Karen is visibly upset, as Heather and Tyler comfort her as best they can.

"Just, JC, what are you doing here?" asks Kevin, "And what's wrong with Karen?"

"You'll never believe what just happened!" replies Justin, "JC's father was just arrested in connection with the bus accident."

"I believe it," replies Nick.

"What the hell does that mean, Nick?" asks JC, "Do you think my father actually was involved?"

"JC, I don't know what to believe," replies Nick, "All I know is that my father was arrested for the same reason, about half-an-hour ago."

"Oh God, if he has anything to do with this, ANYTHING!!" yells Jane, "I swear I will not be held accountable for my actions!"


Two weeks has passed, and since, all of the performers who were involved with the bus accident, as well as their families, have flown to Denver, Colorado, and after speaking with the District Attorney, realize that what none of them would have thought possible, not in a million years, is in actuality the truth.

Robert Carter and Roy Chasez were indeed involved with the accident, they've both admitted it, however they have for some strange reason given pleas of "Not Guilty". They have been arraigned, and denied bail. The preliminary hearing has been held, and they both now sit in the county lockup, awaiting to stand trial. The trial has been set to take place in two weeks.

"I can't believe that they would do this!" replies Nick, totally outraged with his father.

"Neither can I," replies JC, who is also furious, "However, if they truly are behind it, I want them punished to the full extent of the law."

"And that they will be," replies the Colorado DA, "Now, if you all don't mind, we should go over a few important things before the trial comes."

JC and Nick simply nod, as they, accompanied by Jane and Karen, sit down with the DA to go over several of the important aspects concerning the trial. JC, Nick, Jane, and Karen make it quite clear that they are most definitely on the state's side here, even if two of the defendants are two people that they at one time loved and trusted. Now they feel nothing but mistrust and hatred for Robert and Roy. Of course, then again, who could blame them for that? Robert and Roy have committed a deed far beyond being unforgivable.

Nick & Brian - Part 61 Written by JCV

Two weeks have passed, and now, the trial is ready to begin. The District Attorney, as well as the Assistant District Attorney, are both in attendance, and they feel that they have strong enough of a case to send all three of the defendants to prison for several years. The truth be told, the defense doesn't have all that strong of a defense, at least not any kind of defense that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the defendants are truly not guilty.

"Court is now in session. All rise, the Honorable Judge Robert Sheffield presiding," replies the bailiff, as Judge Sheffield enters the courtroom and takes a seat at the bench, and replies, "You may be seated." The court clerk hands the judge a folder, and replies, "Your Honor this is case number 526 on the calendar, The State of Colorado vs. Robert Carter, Roy Chasez, and Jeffrey Reynolds."

The trial begins, as the Prosecution makes their opening arguments, followed by the Defense's opening arguments. After the defense attorney finishes his opening arguments, the District Attorney calls the first witness.

"The Prosecution calls Jeffrey Reynolds to the stand," replies the District Attorney, as Jeff Reynolds goes up and gets sworn in.

"Please state your full name and occupation, for the court," replies the DA.

"Jeffrey Bryan Reynolds," replies Jeff, "I am a butler."

"When did you first come in contact with Robert Carter and Roy Chasez?"

"I encountered them while running some errands for my employer."

"And how is it that they decided to hire you to cut the brake-lines on the tour busses?" asks the DA.

"I don't know, it all happened so fast."

"During the course of all of this, did you ever stop to think that your actions were wrong? Or that innocent people might end up dying because of them?"

"No. I never thought of my actions as being wrong."

"No further questions, your honor."

"Defense? Do you wish to cross-examine?" asks Judge Sheffield.

"Not at this time, Your Honor," replies the Defense, "I would however like to reserve the right to call this witness again later, if necessary."

"Request is granted," replies Judge Sheffield, "Prosecution, please call your next witness."

"The Prosecution calls Robert Carter to the stand."

After Robert is sworn in, the ADA begins his questioning.

"Mr. Carter, the fact that you would hire someone to sabotage the bus on which two of your children were on, as well as several of their best friends," replies the ADA, "raises some questions in my mind. And I think the court would be really interested to know what your reasoning for doing such a horrible thing would be. What is the reason?"

"Um... the reason.... I... um..." stammers Robert.

"Please answer the question, Mr. Carter!" replies Judge Sheffield.

"Because I cannot and I never will accept my son for what he is," replies Robert, "And I was hoping that if the bus crashed, that he would die, so that my son could move on to a healthier and normal relationship. And I was informed by their management, that Nick and Aaron would not be on the bus, otherwise I never would have gone through with this."

"You say that you cannot and never will accept your son for what he is," replies the ADA, "May I ask which of your sons you are talking about?"

"I'm talking about my eldest son."

"So, that would be your son Nickolas Carter, the youngest member of the musical group the Backstreet Boys, correct?"

"Yes, that is correct."

"Now, what is it that you cannot accept about Nick?"

"I cannot... I will not... never... accept..." replies Robert, "I refuse to accept it. No son of mine is going to be a... a..."

"A what, Mr. Carter? Please stop stammering, and speak clearly!" replies Judge Sheffield.

"A faggot!" yells Robert, as Nick begins to cry, and buries his face in Brian's shoulder.

"Watch your tongue! Their will be no fowl language in my courtroom!" yells Judge Sheffield.

"So, am I correct in assuming that the person you hoped would die is your son's homosexual partner?"


"Oh God, Dad! How could you say that! I hate you! I HATE YOU, YOU BASTARD!!!"

"Order! I will have order in my courtroom!" yells Judge Sheffield, as he slams the gavel down, "Any more outbursts like that, and I will hold you in contempt!"

"No further questions, your honor," replies the ADA, as he sits down.

The Prosecution continues in much the same way, and when Roy is put on the stand, he outs JC, and also relays that even though at first he thought that this plan would work, he realized too late that it was all a big mistake. Something that should definitely never have happened. After presenting several pieces of evidence to the court, which prove that Robert and Roy were indeed working together, and that their back-up plan after Brian and Justin survived the accident was to make them think that they were married by providing them with, among other things, the forged Hawaiian marriage licenses, the prosecution rests.

The defense attorney then takes over, and tries to create some degree of doubt in the minds of the jurors, however, even he doesn't think that it's working very well. As I said earlier, the defense really does not have a strong case, in fact, their case is almost non-existent. However, the matter was still taken to court, to at least give them the chance to create doubt, and perhaps stop the defendants from being sentenced to several years in prison.

Nick & Brian - Part 62 Written by JCV

Very soon, this whole ordeal will be over. The jury went into deliberations yesterday, and now, court has been called back into session, because the jury has reached their verdicts.

"All rise, court is back in session, the Honorable Judge Robert Sheffield presiding," replies the bailiff, as Judge Sheffield enters, and replies, "You may be seated.

"Now, this case has been exceedingly trying on everyone I realize, and I would also like to stress that all necessary and possible precautions have been taken to make sure that the media not get wind of anything said or revealed in this courtroom over the course of this trial.

"Now, the jury has reached it's verdicts," replies Judge Sheffield, as the bailiff hands him the verdict forms, and he quickly scans them to make sure that they are all in order, before the bailiff gives them back to the jury foreman, to read to the court.

"On the charges of Conspiracy, we the jury, find the defendant, Robert Carter, guilty.

"On the charges of Conspiracy, we the jury, find the defendant, Roy Chasez, guilty.

"On the charges of Solicitation, we the jury, find the defendant, Robert Carter, guilty.

"On the charges of Solicitation, we the jury, find the defendant, Roy Chasez, guilty.

"On the charges of Forgery, we the jury, find the defendant, Robert Carter, guilty.

"On the charges of Forgery, we the jury, find the defendant, Roy Chasez, guilty.

"On the charges of Forgery, we the jury, find the defendant, Jeffrey Reynolds, guilty.

"On the charges of Murder in the Second Degree, we the jury, find the defendant, Robert Carter, guilty.

"On the charges of Murder in the Second Degree, we the jury, find the defendant, Roy Chasez, guilty.

"On the charges of Murder in the Second Degree, we the jury, find the defendant, Jeffrey Reynolds, guilty."


Later that night, at the hotel that everyone has been staying in since coming to Denver for this whole trial ordeal, JC sits on the bed, seemingly a little depressed, with occasional tears running down his face. JC really can't believe that his father could be so uncaring and mean that he would go to the extremes that he did. He really can't understand why some parents are so bad when it comes to accepting things. If Roy really loved JC, then that love would be unconditional, and he wouldn't turn against him for loving Justin in a romantic way.

But, it's quite obvious that Roy's love was conditional. Roy would rather see his son in misery and pain, rather then happiness. And that is exactly what would have happened had Justin died in the bus accident, as Roy was probably hoping that he would. JC loves Justin with all of his heart, and all of his soul, and will never love anyone else. JC will love Justin for all eternity and wants to spend the rest of his life with him.

Justin comes in after going out to run some errands, and quickly runs to JC's side when he sees that he's been crying. Justin wraps his arms tightly around JC, wipes the tears away, and rocks him gently. No words are necessary, because that is how deep Justin and JC's love is. There is after all the old saying that a person's actions speak louder than their words. That's how it is with Justin and JC. They will always be there for one another, always madly in love, and even though they are not married yet, they both hold this relationship as lasting until death do they part, and even then through all eternity.


"Yes, JC?"

"Could you make love to me?"

"Of course."

Justin smiles at JC, before standing up as he begins dancing around the room, performing a strip tease for JC, which he thoroughly enjoys. Once Justin is in his birthday suit, he pushes JC back on the bed and kneels over him as he slowly begins to undo JC's belt and pants. Once they're undone, JC lifts himself off the bed slightly to make it easier for Justin to slide his pants off. Justin slowly pushes JC's pants down to his ankles and JC kicks them off, as Justin grabs the waistband of JC's cotton boxers in his teeth and slowly and seductively begins to remove them as well, as JC simply smiles at his younger and oh so gorgeous lover.

JC lifts his legs slightly and spread them apart to give Justin access to his hole, as Justin grabs the bottle of lubricant and begins to apply generous amounts to his rock hard tool, and JC's hot asshole, as JC begins to let out small moans of pleasure. The unspoken words pass between Justin and JC, as Justin positions his cock at the entrance of JC's hole, and begins to push forward ever so slowly and as gently as possible.

JC winces in pain for a second, but the pain is quickly replaced with feelings of total pleasure and complete ecstasy. Justin continues to push himself into JC as slowly and gently as possible until his entire length is buried deep inside of JC. Justin then leans over, and kisses JC on the lips, before doing something quite unexpected.

Justin lifts up the bottom of the over-sized sleeveless t-shirt that JC is wearing and begins to kiss his six-pack and chest, slowly working his way up, until his head comes out of the neck opening next to JC's, and his arms join JC's in coming out of the two large holes where the sleeves should be. Even with the two of them wearing this t-shirt, the shirt is still quite lose, being at least three sizes larger than what JC would actually need to wear.

Justin wraps his arms around JC's back, as JC's does the same. JC and Justin then sit up, the t-shirt keeping them bare-chest to bare-chest, as JC begins to move himself up and down on Justin's cock, as they both moan in pleasure.

"Oh, god, yes, that feels good," moans JC.

"Oh yes, it certainly does," moans Justin.

JC and Justin continue their movements, as both of them begin screaming out in pleasure and total ecstasy, totally oblivious to everything other than the feelings of pleasure that are running through their bodies like electrical pulses. Justin can feel himself reaching the point of no return, as can JC, whose cock is about ready to explode from rubbing in between him and Justin.

"Oh god, yes, baby, I'm gonna... gonna... cum!" screams out JC.

"So... am... I... baby, oh god... JC... I love you!" screams Justin as JC begins to shoot loads of warm cum between the two of them. The tightening of JC's hole causes Justin to start cumming, as he shoots his loads of cum deep within JC's ass, as the two of them collapse down unto the bed, writhing in pleasure and ecstasy, as they struggle to catch their breaths from the incredibly intense orgasms.

Justin pulls out of JC, as the two of them snuggle up to each other, still wearing JC's oversized-sleeveless t-shirt, and kiss each other passionately on the lips.

"I love you Justin."

"I love you too JC, with all my heart, now and forever!"

To Be Continued...

Originally, this installment was supposed to include Parts 63 and 64, but I decided to shorten it because I got a little writer's block on 63, and since this story is already extremely late, I decided that I should get something out at least. I hope you enjoyed the story! Stay tuned for the next installment, which will be two parts longer than I originally had planned, Parts 63 to 70.

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