Nick & Brian

Parts 67-70

Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer: This story is fictional and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned here in. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or if such material is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story.

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Nick & Brian - Part 67 Written by JCV

Kevin and Lance get dressed, and as they're getting out of Kevin's bunk, are met by a set of questioning eyes. Apparently, Kevin and Lance were not alone on the bus after all, as there now stands Brian, looking at his cousin and Lance with a confused look on his face.

"What in the hell is going on here?" replies Brian, as Kevin and Lance look at each other, and then back to Brian.

"Brian, it's not..."

"The hell it's not Kev!" snaps Brian, interrupting his cousin, "I heard you two. You were having sex! Kevin you should be ashamed of yourself!"

"I know, I know," replies Kevin, in a somber tone, as he hangs his head in shame, and Lance tries to comfort Kevin.

"And you!" yells Brian, pointing at Lance, "You're no better! You're just the other man. Do you realize that you may be directly responsible for the breakup of Kevin and Josh's relationship? Josh was the best thing that ever happened to my cousin, and you had to go and ruin it didn't you?"

"Brian stop it!" replies Kevin, "This isn't Lance's fault, it's my fault. I'm the one who let Lance in, and who allowed this relationship to continue. Okay, so I can't handle a long-distance relationship. I thought that I could, but obviously I can't. Not everybody can you know Brian. If Nick was 2000 miles away can you honestly say that you could remain faithful to him?"

"Don't even think about bringing Nick into this," replies Brian, "Of course I could stay faithful to Nick. He's my heart, he's my soul, he's my everything!! I could never consciously cheat on Nick, and I never thought that you would ever be able to cheat on anyone either, Kevin. All my life I've looked up to you, and I thought you were better then that, but I can see that I was wrong."

Not wanting to hear anything more from them, Brian pushes past Kevin and Lance, and goes into the rear lounge. Brian puts on a pair of headphones and starts listening to a cd in Nick's walkman. Kevin and Lance, realizing that Brian needs some time to cool down, go off to the front of the bus and sit down at the table to go over some business-related papers and such.

Time passes and now the tour is almost over. After several long months and tons of hard times, the tour is finally almost over. Just one more concert remains on the US Tour: Orlando, Florida. All of the guys and Britney are exceedingly happy that the tour is finally ending and that they're all back home in Orlando, even if it is only for a week. Originally, they were supposed to have six weeks off from touring after the US Tour ended, and the Canadian Tour began. However, what with the bus accident, they lost those six weeks of vacation, and the concerts for the first week of the Canadian Tour were all rescheduled at the end of the tour so that the performers would have a little time to rest and relax between the two tours.

Still working on putting together the joint album, Britney and CJ have written a song together, entitled "I'll Love You, Always," and now, just before the Backstreet Boys come out for their finale, Britney and CJ come out and sit down on the two stools in the center of the stage. Britney is wearing a small pink t-shirt and a pair of pink shorts, and CJ is wearing a pair of blue denim shorts and a white t-shirt.

"Hello Orlando!" yells Britney into the microphone, "It is so good to be home!"

"Hey Orlando!" yells CJ, "Brit and I have written a duet, which we want to dedicate to those special people in our lives."

"Yes, so it is our great pleasure to debut our song, "I'll Love You Always." replies Britney as she gets ready to sing her opening solo, which will be followed by CJ's solo and then the chorus.

From the first time that I heard your voice
The first time that I saw your angelic face
I knew in my heart and in my soul
That I will love you, always.

For you I would do anything
For your love I would walk a million miles
Baby you are what makes my life worth living
And I will love you, always.

Oh baby I cannot survive without you
Because without you my life would be so empty
You give my life meaning and you
Fill me with happiness and joy
Oh I will love you with every fiber of my being
Oh baby, I will love you for all time.

Britney and CJ stand up and start to do a very light dance, as Britney's dancers come out and start doing slow dances in the background, as Britney sings another solo, once again followed by CJ, and then the chorus and closing of the song.

Oh baby I love everything about you
Your face, your voice, your body
They all send shivers down my back
Oh I will love you, always.

Oh when you are near I feel so happy
But when we are apart, I feel like I could die
Oh yeah baby you are all that I ever want
And I will love you, always.

Oh baby I cannot survive without you
Because without you my life would be so empty
You give my life meaning and you
Fill me with happiness and joy
Oh I will love you with every fiber of my being
Oh baby, I will love you for all time.

Oh baby I cannot survive without you
Because without you my life would be so empty
You give my life meaning and you
Fill my heart, and you fill my soul, with happiness and joy
Oh I will love you with every fiber of my being
Oh baby, I will you for all time.

Oh yes baby I will love you for all time
I will love you, oh, I will love you
Oh baby, I will love you, always.


Meanwhile on the Pacific Coast in California, David Tom is thinking about Josh, and the fact that he has begun to develop very intense feelings for him. Feelings that are very strong, despite the fact that David Tom is head-over-heals in love with his co-star, David Lago. He has been with David now for a little over a year, and it has been the happiest time of his life. However, he also can't deny his feelings for his other co-star, Joshua Morrow, who he has loved now for about three or four months. David Tom is also perfectly aware of the fact that David is also in love with Joshua, or at least has some sort of feelings for him, because he knows that David is sleeping with Joshua.

David Tom is actually hoping that at some point, he can get both David Lago and Joshua Morrow into bed with him for a threesome. He figures that he does indeed love both of them, and he knows that David and Joshua have feelings for each other, so a threesome is the natural course of action. David Tom doesn't think for one minute that such an action could prove to blow up in his face...

Nick & Brian - Part 68 Written by JCV

"Is that everything?" asks Brian, as he carries two grocery bags into the kitchen and sets them down on the kitchen island.

"Um, I think there's still one more bag, plus a few cases of soda out in my car," replies Nick, as he and Brian walk back out to Nick's car in the driveway for the fifth time.

Nick and Brian were out shopping most of the morning, working on restocking their kitchen now that they're back home. Of course they bought a lot more then what they actually needed, because they're having all the guys over later this afternoon for an end of the tour pool party. That's the nice thing about living in Orlando, the weather is still nice enough that a pool party is okay, even now in mid October. Of course the pool is heated anyway, so even if it was a little chilly outside, the water in the pool would be just the right temperature.

While they were on tour, Nick called an Orlando based pool and spa company and have them install a new heating and filtration system in the pool, and had a small backyard spa house built. The spa is big enough for six people, though Nick was thinking it would also be nice for some romantic nights with Brian. Brian was quite surprised to come home and see the addition to the backyard, but was quite pleased with Nick's decision, and since they got back home yesterday afternoon, they've already made good use of it twice.

Brian walks back into the kitchen carrying a case of soda under his arm, and the last remaining grocery bag and sets them down on the island, before taking two more cases of soda from Nick, so he only has two to carry.

"Did you manage to get a hold of Bryan and RJ?"

"Yeah, I did, Nicky," replies Brian, "They can't make it to the party today, but they're still going to be joining us for our Canadian tour."

"Okay, that's good," replies Nick, "You know something, even though they're with the jackass's company, I've almost thought that that new group might be a good opening act on one of the upcoming tours."

"You mean O-Town?"

"Yeah, them," replies Nick, "I don't know why I watched that damn show, cause I had to see Lou, but they're pretty good. Ikaika reminds me a little of Kevin, and Jacob a little of Justin."

"Yeah, you're right there," replies Brian, "Though I'd have to say that my favorite member of that group is Ashley. He's quite the stud."

"Whoa, should I be jealous?"

"Hmm, maybe, I mean Ashley is just so hot!" replies Brian with a straight face.

"Oh I see how it is," replies Nick, knowing that Brian is only joking around, "I'm just a fling, and now Ashley is the one you want."

"Yeah, he is," replies Brian, as he looses his straight face and bursts out laughing for a little while before replying, "Just kidding Nick. Ashley may be sexy in his own way, but you are just so much sexier."

Nick blushes slightly, before pulling Brian into a short yet passionate kiss, before they start putting away all of the groceries.

Two hours later, Howie, Kevin, JC, Justin, Nick L, and Chris are all splashing around in the swimming pool, while Lance does his best to swim a few laps. Britney, CJ, Joey, Drew, Jeff and AJ are all chatting and relaxing in the new spa, while Brian stands at the grill, grilling up some chicken breasts and burgers. Nick is in the house making a jug of lemonade and cutting some of the freshly-baked buns that he bought from the store. Nick may know how to cook and bake some things moderately well, but he's never quite grasped the art of making bread products, without burning them to a crisp, or putting in too much yeast and ending up with something the size of a beach ball.

Nick soon walks out of the house carrying the jug of lemonade, which he sets down on a small table near the grill, where they decided to setup a little buffet. Before going back into the house, Nick opens up the umbrellas on the two glass-top picnic tables. The reason they have two is because they figured they'd be hosting a lot of little parties with the guys, and *NSYNC, etc, so they bought the two tables, which both will seat 6 comfortably.

Upon returning to the kitchen, Nick grabs an empty tray for Brian to put the meat on, as it will soon be ready to take off the grill, and grabs the basket of buns he just cut, as well as a tray full of fresh fruit, as Lance walks in drying himself off with a towel, and asks if there's anything he can do to help.

"Yeah, Lance, could you grab that tray on the island?" asks Nick, motioning toward the kitchen island which has a tray with two bowls of potato salad, American and German styles, and some other little treats.

"No problem," replies Lance as he grabs the tray and follows Nick back out the sliding glass door onto the deck.

"Alright, everyone, lunch is served," replies Brian as he starts taking things off the grill, and those still in the pool start getting out and drying off, and those in the spa house also start appearing. The 15 performers all get some food and sit down at one of the two tables or in the lounge chairs to start eating, as the conversations start .

After lunch, some of the guys decide to play some basketball, and they pick teams. Justin, JC, Drew, and Jeff against Nick, Brian, Nick L., and Kevin, with Lance volunteering to keep score, since he sucks at basketball so much.

"Don't worry Lance," replies Nick, "One of these days I'll convince B-Rok to teach you how to play. I used to suck so bad at this game, until he taught me."

"B-ball isn't the only thing that you used to suck at doing," replies Brian, with a mischievous grin, as Nick L. quickly replies, "Okay, please their are some straight people here, don't make me sick."

Of course secretly Nick knows that he's had feelings for men before, even if he isn't willing to admit it to himself. The two teams start playing basketball, Brian's team quickly getting into the lead. Britney, CJ, Chris, Joey, Howie, and AJ all dive back into the pool and soon everyone is getting splashed.

Several games of basketball later, Justin's team, having won only 2 games, and Brian's team having won 6, all decide to stop and rest for awhile. When nobody is looking, Kevin and Lance sneak off into the seclusion of the spa house.

"Oh god, Lance, I wish I could be open about how I feel about you with the other guys," replies Kevin, as he wraps his arms around Lance's waist and kisses him passionately on the lips.

"Yeah, that would be nice," replies Lance, as the kiss ends, "But, you know what Brian said, they would all say, that it's so wrong for us to be together, considering that technically even though he's over two thousand miles away, you and Josh are still an item. And you know that Brian isn't very happy about this, especially in having to keep it from Nick."

"Yeah, that's true," replies Kevin, "Well let's not think about that, and just relax in the spa for awhile."

Kevin and Lance, now in the spa, were just about to kiss, when Nick and Brian walk in, and join them, shortly there after by Drew and Jeff, all wanting to relax a bit in the spa's warm and relaxing waters after the strenuous workouts they all got from the eight games of basketball they just played.

All the while however, despite putting up a very good front of relaxing and enjoying himself, Brian can't help but think back to when he found out about Kevin cheating on Josh with Lance. He is still so angry at his cousin, and Lance, because Brian believes that love is sacred and that they are making a mockery of it. Of course, part of Brian can also understand why Kevin and Lance got together. Lance was lonely what with having nobody after his short relationship with Eddie Cibrian, and Kevin obviously can't handle a long distance relationship.

Two hours later, shortly after eleven-thirty pm, everyone starts to head home, and Nick and Brian decide to wait until tomorrow morning to clean up the mess left by the party. Nick wraps his arms around Brian's waist as they kiss each other passionately on the lips before heading upstairs to go to bed.

Nick and Brian both remove all of their clothes, and crawl into bed. The two share another passionate kiss on the lips, before Brian turns off the bedside lamp. Just before falling asleep in his fiancÚ's arms, Nick replies, "I love you, B-Rok."

"I love you to Nicky," replies Brian, as he gently kisses Nick on the forehead and pulls him close, before he too falls asleep.

Nick & Brian - Part 69 Written by JCV

Now that the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, and Britney have finished their tour of the United States together, it is time to say goodbye. Goodbye that is to Nicholas Lachey, Drew Lachey and Jeff Timmons, as they will be heading off to Europe for their European tour now. Justin Jeffre is still in the rehabilitation center, making progress, but still not capable of walking without a walker. So, for the first couple of weeks of their European tour, 98 Degrees shall be forced to perform with only three people, because obviously Kevin and Lance can no longer take turns filling in for Justin, because both Kevin & Lance have to leave with their respective groups for the joint Canadian tour in three days.

Of course the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and Britney are getting a new addition for their Canadian tour at least, and very possibly their European tour. All ten of the members of *NSYNC and the BSB are to say the least afraid of how Britney will react to the new addition, because obviously they have heard all of the rumors, and Justin and JC used to work with Britney on the Mickey Mouse Club, and know from personal experience that she doesn't really get along with Miss Christina Aguilera very well. So everyone is hoping that they can put their differences behind them and move on for the good of the tour.

Christina's plane from New York's La Guardia Airport is due in any minute now, and 98 Degrees' plane to New York's John F. Kennedy Airport is supposed to take off in half-an-hour. Nobody really understands why they had Christina come here to Orlando, instead of just having her remain in New York. Considering that they still have three days off before the Canadian tour starts, and then they'll be flying to New York City's Kennedy Airport to catch a connecting flight to Toronto anyway for two concerts before getting a short break for the Halloween weekend.

"The bitch in a bottle's plane is late," replies Britney, with a scowl on her face.

"Britney, come on!" replies Justin, "I know you and Christina have your problems, but please for the good of the tour, can you at least try to put them behind you."

"I'm willing to try I suppose," replies Britney, "But if she tries to pull anything..."

"Here she comes," replies JC, as he stands up and opens the door to the VIP lounge, as Christina comes in. She sets down her carry-on bag, hugs JC and Justin, and is able to put a weak smile on her face and shake hands with Britney.

"Hey Christina, I'm Kevin, on behalf of the BSB, welcome to the tour."

"Thanks, Kevin," replies Christina with a smile, as she shakes hands with Kevin, and then each of the other members of the BSB, who despite the fact that she probably already knows who they are, introduce themselves to her.

"Flight number 183 to New York City's John F. Kennedy Airport is now boarding at gate 11H," replies a woman over the intercom, "All first class passengers please report to the gate at this time."

"Well, that's us," replies Nick L., as he quickly hugs everyone, as Drew and Jeff do the same.

"We'll see you all in June," replies Jeff, with a smile to Nick, Brian, Justin, and JC, as the three members of 98 Degrees all pick up their carry-ons and get their tickets out.

"Make sure to keep us informed of Justin's condition," replies Kevin, with a smile, "We all want him to get better."

"So do we," replies Drew, "And I'll make sure to call you every now and then."

"Bye guys and gals," replies Drew, Jeff, and Nick L in unison as they head out of the VIP lounge to head for the gate and catch their flight to New York City for a long day of meetings and such, before flying off to London to start their European tour.

(Author's Note: Just to avoid confusion here, in the upcoming scene, David Tom will be referred to as David, and David Lago as Dave.)

Meanwhile, back on the Pacific coast, David races around his apartment trying to get everything in order for tonight. He's invited both Josh and Dave over tonight, though neither of them know that the other is coming. They both think they're just coming over for a romantic evening for two, not a romantic evening for three. Just as David finishes putting on some soft music, and lighting the candles on his dining room table, the doorbell rings.

David takes a deep breath, and takes a quick look in the mirror, adjusting his blonde hair. David quickly adjusts his blue silk shirt, before opening the door to find Dave standing their, with a smile on his face, and a dozen red roses in his hand.

David smiles, as he invites Dave in. Dave is wearing a pair of khaki shorts, a pair of sandals, and a white t-shirt. As David closes the door, Dave wraps his arms around him and pulls him into a very passionate kiss, as their tongues start wrestling playfully in each other's mouths. As the kiss breaks, Dave hands David the roses, and David heads into the kitchen to get them put in water. Dave follows him and in passing through the dining room notices something on the table.

"David, honey, why is the table set for three?" asks Dave, with a curious look on his face, as David comes back out and sets the crystal vase with the roses on the dining room sideboard, just as the doorbell rings again.

"That must be Josh," replies David as he walks out to the front door and finds Josh standing there, wearing a pair of tight black jeans, and a tight black ribbed t-shirt, holding a dozen white roses in his hand.

"Hello Josh," replies David with a smile as Josh comes in, and pulls David into a passionate kiss, before handing him the roses.

David was just about to head into the dining room to add Josh's roses to the vase, when Dave comes out of the dining room, much to the surprise of Josh.

"I'm just going to go put these in water," replies David, "You two go ahead, kiss and say hello, I know you want to."

Josh and Dave look at each other and then at David as he walks into the dining room, confused for a moment at the fact that David knows that they're together, but then comply with what David said, and kiss each other passionately, before following David into the dining room.

"Something sure does smell good," replies Josh, as he walks into the dining room and smells the cooking food wafting in from the kitchen.

"Yeah, it sure does," replies Dave, with a smile.

"Yes, well, I made lemon chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, biscuits, applesauce and a French apple cream cheese pie for dessert."

"Wow, you've been slaving away haven't you," replies Dave with a smile.

"Should I be worried?" asks Josh, who's never eaten David's cooking before, "I mean about getting food poisoning or something? I mean no offense, but you really don't look like the culinary type."

Dave just starts laughing, and David replies, "Well, looks can be deceiving. Dave here has eaten my cooking now probably thirty or so times since we got together, and he's still alive, and has never gotten sick."

"Okay," replies Josh with a smile, as he wraps an arm around Dave to stop him from laughing. David wraps one arm around Dave's waist, and the other around Josh's waist, and asks, "I hope you two don't mind me inviting both of you over tonight."

"No, it's no problem," replies Josh, "I just wasn't expecting it is all."

"Yeah, neither was I," replies Dave, "But I really don't have a problem with it."

"Good, now before I go in there to finish dinner," replies David, "I saw this once in a movie, and I've always wanted to try it."

David quickly motions that he wants to kiss both Dave and Josh on the lips at once, so the three of them move their heads together and soon each one of them is kissing the other two, as their three tongues wrestle around with each other, enjoying this new experience. This 'triple' kiss lasts for about three minutes, before a mechanical ding can be heard from the kitchen, and David breaks the kiss, because the oven timer just went off. He motions for Dave and Josh to seat themselves at the dining room table, as he disappears into the kitchen to put the finishing touches on the meal and serve it.

David quickly brings out all of the food on a large silver tray, and sets it down on the table, before the three hungry young men fill their plates with the food. After each of them has seconds, Josh replies, "My god, I must admit, David, you are a culinary magician. I could never cook this well. Teach me please! I'd love to cook like this for... um... never mind."

"You were going to say Kevin, weren't you?" asks Dave, "It's okay Josh, David and I know that you love him, and there's nothing wrong with that. He's quite the stud. I'm sure that he'd love you to cook for him the next time you see him."

"Yeah, Josh," replies David, "I'd be more then happy to teach you how to cook, and I'm sure that Kevin will love it."

"Alright, well, let's not talk about Kevin right now," replies Josh with a small smile, "Let's talk about why you invited us both here, David. Do you have some kind of ulterior motive?"

"Ulterior motive? Me?" asks David, shocked that Josh would even ask, though after a minute he ends up laughing because Josh did hit the nail on the head.

"Okay, so I guess that tells us you do have an ulterior motive," replies Dave, "Only question is what is it?"

"Let's just say that it involves the three of us," replies David with a grin, "And my bed."

After saying that, David gets up from the table and walks out of the dining room, hoping that his boyfriends will get the idea. Dave and Josh are right behind him.


"Carter, you have a visitor," replies one of the prison guards, as he comes to collect Robert from his cell and take him to the visitor's room. Robert sits down on the stool, and looks through the thick glass at his wife, Jane, as he picks up the telephone receiver.

"Hello, Robert," replies Jane, obviously not very happy.

"Hello, Jane," replies Robert, happy to see his wife, despite the fact that she obviously isn't very pleased with him.

"You know, Robert, I really don't know why I'm here," replies Jane, "You were involved in the planning of an accident which could have killed Nick and Aaron, and their friends. I'm never going to be able to forgive you for that."

"Well, I'm sorry, Jane," replies Robert, "Call it temporary insanity."

"Temporary insanity!?" yells Jane into the receiver, "Oh no you didn't just say that, Robert. You almost killed both of your sons, their friends, and made your eldest son cry his eyes out by saying that you were hoping that Brian, his life partner, would die! Not to mention calling your son a faggot! I'm sorry, Robert, but all of this is all just so unforgivable."

"No it isn't Jane," replies Robert, "You know what I did was right. Any means necessary to break off that sick relationship! I know you don't want our son burning in hell for all eternity."

"Don't call him that, Robert!" screams Jane, so loudly that Robert has to take the receiver away from his ear for a moment, "You gave up the right to call him your son when you tried killing him."

"Nick will always be my son, as will Aaron, Angel, Leslie and BJ will always be my daughters," replies Robert.

"Not anymore, Robert," replies Jane, "After you were put in prison, I petitioned the courts for full custody of all of our minor children, and I got it. Also, should you be paroled, which is doubtful to begin with since the punishment for second degree murder is life in prison, add on all of those other charges, I don't expect that you will every have to worry about getting out of prison. But, should it happen, there will be restraining orders on you, forbidding you to get within 1000 yards of Nick, Brian, any of our children, or any of their friends and family."

"Aren't you going overboard here Jane?"

"No, I'm not, Robert," replies Jane, "How the fuck do you think I was going to respond when you try to kill my sons? No, we're through Robert. I'm divorcing you, I just can't stay married to the man who tried to kill my sons. So, Robert, you better go back to your cell now, and if I were you, I would suggest that you get really close to your cellmate. Because it's the only sex you'll be having in a long, long time."

That said, Jane hangs up the phone and spits at the glass, though she would much rather have spit in Robert's face, before getting up and leaving the prison.


Later that night at the prison, the prison warden, James Remington, Sr. and his son, the senior guard, James Remington, Jr. walk down a small cramped hallway, between Cell Blocks A and B. The hallway is actually more like a secret passage, very similar to the one used as an escape route by the three men who escaped from Alcatraz many years ago. Only difference here is, this is an actual secret passage, and as they reach their destination, James Sr., quickly takes out his keys and unlocks two large padlocks on a metal bar that goes across the back of a wall, which prevents it from being opened by the prisoner in the cell.

This passage was built several years ago, when Cell block A was used as Death Row. To avoid problems with the other prisoners making fun of those being led off to the electric chair. In those days, there were several mentally disturbed people on Death Row and there were always problems when other prisoners were led off to be executed, so this prison was renovated to include this secret passage, so that guards could go get prisoners after lights out and take them to be executed. When the death penalty was dropped, the secret passage was locked, and never used again, until now.

James Sr., and James Jr. push open the wall, which luckily still opens with very little sound, as it was designed to do.

"Jeffrey?" replies James Sr., "Come on, let's go."

Jeffrey Reynolds quickly gets out of bed and hurriedly goes through the small panel into the the small passageway between the cellblocks, and into the company of his biological father, and half-brother. Jeffrey was given up for adoption when he was born, but James Remington Sr. is his biological father, and James Jr. is his half-brother. James Sr. quickly closes the wall back up and securely locks it.

"How are you going to keep my escape a secret?" asks Jeffrey, "I mean won't people get suspicious in the morning when they see that my cell is empty?"

"No, they won't," replies James Jr., "Father has arranged for you to be moved into solitary confinement in Cell Block D. Due to the fact that there are only five prisoners in that block, and that those cells are padded rooms, for the less then sane prisoners, I'm the only guard for that cell block."

"I see," replies Jeffrey, "Well, I hope this works."

"Yes, okay," replies James Sr. "Here is everything you'll need to make sure that you don't get caught. Be very careful, and go straight to my house. Once there, hide out in the fruit cellar in the basement, until I get home. Okay?"

"Alright, will do," replies Jeffrey, "And thanks for getting me out of prison, dad, bro. I don't deserve to be in there."

"Well, that's not an issue right now," replies James Sr. "Now go."

Nick & Brian - Part 70 Written by JCV

Romantic music plays softly in the background. The room is lit only by the flames in the fireplace and several candles. The den is what made him buy this house, because he liked the idea of having romantic evenings at home with his fiance in front of that large limestone fireplace. He's happy that whoever built this house put it in, despite the fact that there isn't the occasion to use it often in Orlando. The fireplace adds just the right look of comfort to the room.

In the front of the fireplace, a table and two chairs are setup. On the table, a beautiful crystal vase with a dozen red and white roses sits in the center, surrounded by small tea candles. The table contains a place setting for two people, and the smell of gourmet cooking wafts throughout the house from the kitchen.

As Nick unlocks the front door, and comes into the house, he immediately sees the sign which has been affixed to the railing of the stairs, pointing him towards the den. Nick is curious to say the least what those fabulous smells from the kitchen are, but decides to ignore it for now and goes over to the den. Nick slowly opens the doors of the den, and is in awe by what he sees.

Laying on the sofa among several hundred red and white rose petals, is Brian wearing nothing but a black bow-tie, and pair of black string-bikini briefs. In his mouth he holds a red rose. Nick kneels down beside the sofa and looks at Brian for a second before removing the rose from his mouth and pulling him into a very passionate kiss, which Brian is more then happy to return. Brian wraps his arms around Nick's back as they continue their kiss, their tongues engaged in the erotic dancing that they have practiced so much.

The two young lovers kiss for several more minutes, before they finally break the kiss to get some air, all the while smiling from ear to ear. Brian sits up and kisses Nick on the forehead gently before unbuttoning Nick's shirt, all the while kissing Nick's chest with each button that gets undone. Brian stands up and pulls Nick up with him, as they start kissing passionately for the second time since Nick got home. Brian puts his hands into the back pockets of Nick's tight black jeans, as they start to dance to the music.

It isn't until the sound of a woman clearing her throat does Nick and Brian stop dancing, and look over towards the door to see the smiling form of Lance's mother, Diane Bass. Brian had invited her over to chat with her about Lance's relationship with his cousin. Diane was to say the least very upset to know that Lance was the other man in Kevin's life, because she certainly doesn't want to see Lance hurt. She also helped out Brian, by cooking a home-cooked dinner for two.

When Nick sees Diane standing there, he starts blushing like there was no tomorrow, since he's standing there half naked, dancing with Brian who's only in his underwear. Diane must have picked up on the fact that Nick is embarrassed by this, because she soon replies in her thick Southern accent, "No need to be embarrassed Nick. This is nothing compared to the time that I walked in on Lance having sex with his ex-boyfriend Chad."

Hearing this makes Nick blush less, since being the smart young man that he is, he can see that Diane is not one bit flustered or disturbed by the sight in front of her, and just knowing that, makes him feel just a little less embarrassed.

"Anyway, I'll be going now," replies Diane, "I just wanted to tell you that dinner was ready and is waiting for you two in the dining room."

Diane turns to leave, and just before leaving, she calls out, "Have fun you two!" before closing the front door and walking across the street to where her car is parked in Justin and JC's driveway.

"Right this way, sir," replies Brian with a grin, as he holds out his arm for Nick, who takes it in his, as they head off to the dining room to eat the wonderful smelling dinner that Diane prepared for the two of them. Nick and Brian sit down at the dining room table and dig into the home-cooking, fully enjoying the wonderful tastes that simply melt in their mouths. Lance is lucky to have a mother who can cook so well, especially since he can't do it very well himself.

After eating, Brian smiles at Nick, and despite the fact that Nick is larger, Brian picks him up and carries him upstairs to their bedroom so that they may continue their romantic evening. The bedroom is decorated very similarly to the den downstairs. Several candles glow throughout the room, as soft romantic music plays in the background. Several vases full of red and white roses also surround the room, with red and white rose petals spread around on the floor and on the bed. Upon getting to their bedroom, Brian gently places Nick on their bed, and smiles at him, as he undoes the belt buckle on Nick's jeans and then the button and zipper. Nick moves his hips upward so that Brian can easily pull the jeans off of his legs. Brian pulls the jeans down to Nick's feet, and quickly unties the laces on Nick's shoes. Brian removes Nick's shoes from his feet before pulling Nick's jeans off the rest of the way.

Brian straddles Nick's lap, and kisses him passionately for a minute before moving down to suck on Nick's neck and run his tongue along Nick's collarbones. The feel of Brian's soft velvety tongue running across his flesh sends little electrical bursts throughout Nick's body, and Nick lets out a few soft moans of pleasure as Brian continues to run his tongue over Nick's body. Brian moves down to Nick's chest and licks both of Nick's rock hard pecs, before lightly biting them, and then moving down to Nick's navel. Brian swirls his tongue around in it a bit, which causes Nick to let out a combination of a moan and a laugh.

Brian quickly moves down to Nick's black CK boxer-briefs, and just stares at Nick's member for a moment. It's as hard as a rock, and straining against the black material, begging to be released. Brian plants several kisses on it, before moving up to the waistband of Nick's underwear and grabs them in his teeth as he starts to slowly pull them down. Nick once again lifts up to make this easier for Brian. As the black material goes further and further down, Nick's member suddenly pops out from the confining material and slaps his abs, standing straight and tall.

Shortly after Nick's underwear hit the floor, so does Brian's bow-tie and his string-bikini briefs. All Brian is wearing now is a pair of white socks, identical to Nick. Brian looks over at Nick seductively as he replies in an equally seductive voice, "You know Nicky, you look very sexy in nothing but socks."

"So do you," replies Nick with a grin, as Brian lays down on top of him, and the two resume their kissing, their tongues wrestling around, exploring each other's mouths once again, as Brian starts to grind his hips into Nick's. Nick wraps his arms around Brian's back and starts to massage the muscles gently which causes Brian to moan through their kiss.

Brian soon breaks the kiss with Nick, and gets up. Brian smiles down at his lover, as he lifts up Nick's legs, and spreads them apart a bit. Brian reaches over to the nightstand and grabs a small container of lubricant, also quickly hitting the track change button on the cd player. As Brian starts to spread the slippery substance on his rock hard tool and apply it to Nick's hole, the song "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" by 98░ starts playing. When Brian is satisfied that he's used enough lubricant, he slowly insets a finger into Nick's hole, and begins to move it around inside, causing Nick to let out several moans of pleasure. Brian soon inserts a second finger into Nick's hole, followed by a third, as Nick continues to moan in pleasure. When Brian is certain that Nick's hole is loosened up sufficiently to take his meat, Brian places his head against Nick's hole and very slowly and gently begins to push forward.

Nick hisses in pain for only a few seconds, as he is getting increasingly used to the pain of entry by this point that it doesn't bother him quite as much anymore. Brian continues to push forward, ever so slowly and gently, until his entire shaft is buried deep inside of Nick. Brian leans down and starts to lick and kiss his way up Nick's chest as he begins to withdraw for the first time. Just as his head is about to come out, Brian pushes forward, sending his tool back into Nick with a little bit of speed, as Nick lets out another moan, "Oh god, Brian, yes, that feels so good!"

"Anything to make you happy, Nicky, anything to make you happy," replies Brian before sealing his lips over Nick's, muffling the moans of pleasure that both of them are letting out, as Brian continues his thrusts in and out of Nick. Nick wraps one arm around Brian's back and slowly massages Brian's back, and starts to run the other hand through Brian's soft brown hair, loving the silky feel of it against his skin.

"Mmmmph, oh Brian, yes, oh baby!" moans Nick as Brian continues his thrusts. Brian quickens his pace a bit, causing Nick to moan even more, before once again slowing down and almost stopping his thrusts so as to slow down the crossing of the point of no return, as Brian wants this loving moment between him and Nick to last for as long as possible, and he is sure that Nick does as well. Brian continues his slow thrusts for a few more minutes, before once again speeding up his thrusts as he seals his lips onto Nick's once again as their tongues begin wrestling around.

By this time, both Nick and Brian are covered in sweat, and Nick's cock is about ready to explode from being rubbed between his and Brian's abs. Brian stops the kiss as he can feel himself crossing the threshold of the point of no return, as Nick moans out, "Oh yes, baby, I'm gonna... I'm gonna... gonna..." is all Nick manages to get out before he explodes, shooting his cum between him and Brian with the force of a geyser. Nick's orgasm and the resulting tightening of his muscles pushes Brian all the way over the edge as well as he screams out, "Oh, yes, Nick!" as he shoots his warm load deep into Nick's body.

Brian collapses on top of Nick, as they both heave and try to catch their breath after their orgasms. Brian slips out of Nick, and rolls off to the side, holding Nick in his arms, as they finally begin to catch their breath.

"I love you Nicky," replies Brian with a smile as he kisses the end of Nick's nose.

"I love you to B-Rok," replies Nick, also smiling, as he too kisses the end of Brian's nose.

Sleep soon washes over the two young lovers, as they fall off into dreamland, dreaming about none other then each other, as they sleep peacefully, protected and safe, in each other's arms.

To be continued...

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