Nick & Brian
Parts 7-12
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer: This story is fictional and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or such material is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now, otherwise, please enjoy the story!

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Nick & Brian - Part 7 Written by JCV

Nick and Brian wake up in each other's arms as they have every single morning for the past week or so. They smile at each other, kiss briefly, before beginning to get ready to go visit Brian's parents. Just as they emerge from their suite, AJ, Howie, and Kevin appear.

"Good morning, you two lovebirds."

"Morning to you too, AJ," says Brian with a smile.

"Ready to go?" asks Kevin.

"Yeah, lets go!" says Nick.

"Anxious Nick?" asks Howie.

"Yeah! Now let's go!"

"Calm down Nick, we're only going to go see my family! You're acting like we're going to an amusement park or something!"

"Oh shut up!" says Nick, as he slaps Brian on the ass.

Everybody just laughs and heads for the service elevator. The five hot young men ride the elevator down to the underground parking lot and get into the waiting limousine. It was arranged for the fans to think that BSB left Lexington last night after their concert, so no fans were waiting outside the hotel, nor did anyone start banging on the windows of the limousine.


The limousine cruises the streets of Lexington, until finally it stops in front of the Littrell house. The guys get out and the second they reach front of the house, the door flies open and they are invited inside.

"Hello Brian, I missed you!" says Jackie as she hugs her son tightly, "Hello Kevin, its great to see you too, and as always its nice to see you Howie, AJ, and Nick."

Jackie hugs them all before heading into the living room.

"Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back into the kitchen before Brian's brother burns the entire breakfast I've been slaving away at."

Everybody just laughs, and Brian's brother Harold comes out shortly after. "Hey bro," says Brian as he stands up and gives Harold a high five.

"Hey bro, hello cuz, hello Nick, AJ, and Howie," says Harold as he quickly shakes their hands and then sits down.

"Okay, so where's Uncle Harold?" asks Kevin.

"Um, he sends his regrets and his love, but he had to work," answers Harold III.

"Oh, that's too bad," replies Nick.

"So, Bri, mom tells me that you and Leigh Ann have broken up," says Harold, "Looks like I'll have to save the day and play match-maker."

"Don't even think about it bro, I already have someone else," says Brian, "Anyway, none of the dates you get me ever work out."

"What are you talking about?" asks Harold in a poor attempt on defending his match-making skills.

"All of the girls you set me up with are only interested in Brian Littrell the Backstreet Boy, not Brian Littrell the person."

Before Harold can say anything else, Jackie pops her head in and replies, "Breakfast is served."


Everybody stands up and sits down in the dining room as Jackie sets the last of the breakfast trays out on the table. They make small talk while they eat, thoroughly enjoying Jackie's great cooking. Upon finishing their meal, Harold and Kevin help Jackie take the dishes into the kitchen and load the dishwasher, while everyone else goes into the living room and sits down.

Before Harold and Jackie get back into the room, Nick gives Brian a quick peck on the cheek, and says, "Tell them now, Bri."

Shortly after, Kevin emerges from the kitchen, followed by Jackie and Harold. They join Howie, AJ, Brian, and Nick in the living room.

"So how is everybody?"

"We're just fine, Mrs. Littrell."

"Now, Howie, how many times have I told you! Call me Jackie!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot, sorry Jackie."

"That's better. So how long are you in town?"

"Just today, then we need to go do a concert in Orlando, but then we have a month off," replies AJ.

"Well, that sounds good," replies Jackie.

"Okay, Bri, the suspense is killing me. You said before breakfast that you have somebody else in your life, so who's the lucky lady? And what's she like?" asks Harold, prying into Brian's personal life, like most brothers tend to do.

"Well, first of all, I think I should tell you something that I've only told Kevin, and the rest of the guys here."

"What is it?" asks Jackie.

"Well, there really is no easy way to say this, so I'll just come right out and say it, I'm, I'm..."

"You're what Bri?" asks Harold.

"I'm bi-sexual."

Nick & Brian - Part 8 Written by JCV

Everybody just sits in silence for a moment, before Jackie finally says, "Praise the lord! He's finally told us what we already knew!"

"Yeah, what took you so long Bri?" asks Harold.

"What, you mean you knew? How?"

"Well, son, Harold and I have eyes you know! Don't think that we never noticed that you looked at both girls and guys."

"Okay, well, are you guys ready for another, surprise?" asks AJ.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Harold, the new person in Brian's life is sitting in this room, and it isn't me, or AJ," replies Howie.

"Okay, well, I'm sure I raised Brian well enough for him to know incest is wrong, so it can't be Kevin," says Jackie with a laugh.

"You're right, Aunt Jackie, it isn't," says Kevin with a laugh.

"So I guess that just leaves you Nick," replies Harold, "Are you really my brother's boyfriend?"

"Yes, Harold, I am."

"Do you love my son?"

"Yes, Jackie, I love Brian with all my heart and soul."

"Are the feelings mutual?"

"Yes, bro, the feelings are certainly mutual," replies Brian.

"Prove it," says Harold with a devilish grin.

Brian just looks at Harold oddly for a minute, and then grabs the back of Nick's head and forces their lips together. They kiss passionately for a few minutes, before breaking the kiss, and Nick replies, "Is that proof enough for you Harold?"

"Yeah, it works."


Everybody just laughs, and continue the conversation for about another hour. Then Jackie goes out and rents a few movies and they spend the rest of the day watching videos, playing Nintendo 64, and just having a grand old time.

Brian is relieved that his mother and brother took his announcement so well, although, he is still slightly worried about his father. That night, they all go back to the hotel, tired after their day of fun with Brian's mom and brother, and go into their hotel suites.

Brian and Nick strip down to their underwear, and crawl into the king-size bed. The second their heads hit the pillows, they fall fast asleep in each other's arms, very content.

Nick and Brian - Part 9 Written by JCV

The morning sunlight pours into the room through the opening between the curtains. Brian awakes, and looks for a moment at his sleeping beauty, before he kisses him on the forehead. Seeing that this did not wake him, he decides to try a different approach.

Brian reaches down under the covers, and gently lifts the waistband of Nick's boxer-briefs. He carefully and slowly eases his hand in and wraps it around Nick's hardening member. Nick will soon have a very nice morning stiff. Brian gives it a gentle squeeze and begins to caress it, and kiss Nick's neck, cheek, and finally his lips, while continuing to caress and manipulate Nick's now almost completely hard rod.

Nick's eyes flutter open, and he smiles up at Brian, a look of pure love and adoration in his eyes. "What a wonderful way to wake up," replies Nick as Brian kisses him on the lips again.

"I thought you might like it."

"Does this mean..."

"... that we can start getting involved sexually?" says Brian, finishing Nick's sentence for him, as Nick just nods.

"The thought has crossed my mind."

"And?" asks Nick, a hint of impatience in his voice.

"I would love nothing more then to have sex with you right now."


Nick hugs Brian, kisses him on the lips, and then tackles him, and reaches for Brian's boxers. Brian quickly stops Nick and gets off of the bed, "But we can't, yet anyway."

"Why not?" says Nick, flashing Brian the sad-puppy face.

"Because we have one hour to get ready to leave for the airport."

Nick looks at him for a moment, and then realizing that Kevin tends to go totally ballistic if they're late, jumps out of bed and runs into the bathroom for a quick shower, Brian showering with him, since as of yet, Nick is still afraid of showering alone.

Its almost as if he really does expect Norma Bates to pull the shower curtain open and stab him repeatedly and throw his body into the trunk of a car and push it into the swamp. Whether or not though he is actually still afraid of showering alone, or he just loves showering with Brian so much and uses the "I'm afraid after watching Psycho" excuse, only he knows.

Brian and Nick emerge from the shower, dry each other off, and quickly get dressed. They quickly run a comb through their damp hair, and pick up their luggage and head out the door. Brian and Nick put their luggage onto the awaiting luggage rack, and knock on Kevin's door.


"Kevin?" shouts Nick through his door.

There's no answer, so Brian tries the door, and it unlocked, so he invites himself and Nick in. Brian and Nick walk quietly into Kevin's suite, and into the bedroom, only to see Kevin still fast asleep. Brian walks over to Kevin and shakes him a little, which doesn't wake him at all.

As Brian looks over at Nick, he can see him get a very devilish grin on his face, and as Nick does a few simple hand motions, Brian realizes Nick's solution to the sleeping Kevin problem. Nick goes into the bathroom and fills a glass with cold water. When he comes back out Brian pulls back the covers, revealing Kevin's naked body, and Nick throws the water on Kevin.

Kevin's eyes shoot open and he sits up faster then a bat out of hell.

"Why the hell did you do that?" demands Kevin as he stands up, his morning hard-on shaking as he yells at Nick and his cousin.

"Because we have only 45 minutes to get to the airport, Kevin."

Kevin looks at the clock, and says, "Oh my god, thanks for waking me."

"No problem, cuz. And um thanks for the show."


Brian just points at Kevin's torso and Kevin looks down, and turns at least 100 shades of red when he figures out that he's standing in front of Nick and Brian, totally naked with a morning hard-on. He quickly grabs his blue silk robe and puts it on.

"Sorry about that."

"No complaints here, anyway, cuz, you saw my lover boy naked, so I guess you're even now."

Kevin and Nick nod at each other, and then tackle Brian and start tickling him.

"Okay, okay! Mercy, please! Now come on, Kevin, we have to get to the airport, and Nick and I should probably go see if Howie and AJ are awake yet."

"Yes, you're right, see you guys downstairs."


"C-ya," says Nick and Brian as they head out of Kevin's room. Just as Nick was about to knock on Howie's door it opens, and Nick almost knocks on Howie's forehead instead of the door.

"Hey Nick," says Howie as we walks past him and places his luggage on the luggage rack with Nick's and Brian's.

"Good morning, Howie."

AJ emerges from his room shortly after, and places his luggage on the luggage rack, and replies, "Good morning all, where's Kevin?"

"Still getting ready, we had to wake him up before we woke up Howie."

"He was still sleeping?" asks AJ.

"Yeah, at that point we had 45 minutes to be to the airport and he was still fast asleep."

"That's not like Kevin," says Howie.

Five minutes later Kevin finally emerges from his room and puts his luggage on the rack as the bellhop takes it down to the underground parking lot. Brian, Nick, Howie, AJ, and Kevin take the service elevator downstairs to the underground parking lot, and get into the limousine while the bellhop and the chauffeur load their luggage into the trunk.

The arrive at the airport just in time to catch their flight to Orlando, and take their seats in the first class section of the plane, which they have all to themselves. They all for the most part sleep the entire way to Orlando.

After arriving in Orlando, their luggage is taken to their homes, while they're taken to the venue for rehearsals. They rehearse for the concert for about 8 hours, before they all go out for dinner, and then return for the concert which starts at 7pm.

After the concert, they're all very tired, and they all go to their homes in Orlando for a nice long night of sleep.

Nick & Brian - Part 10 Written by JCV

Later the next day, Brian decides to move out of the apartment that he shares with Howie, and move into a place with Nick. So, instead of going out with Nick, he goes house hunting, swearing Howie, Kevin, and AJ to secrecy.

After looking at about a dozen houses in the Orlando area, Brian finally finds one that he thinks would be perfect for him and Nick. He quickly purchases it, and goes back to his apartment to pack up his things and have them moved. When he's finished packing, and the moving company is loading his things into the moving van, he gets into his car and drives to the nearest furniture store.

Brian purchases all of the necessary home furnishings, bedroom set, living room set, kitchen table and chairs, etc. The house included a stove, refrigerator\freezer, washer\dryer, microwave, and even a riding lawn mower.

After the house is all furnished, and he has moved all of his things in, he calls Kevin.

"Hey Kev, could you take Nick out and keep him occupied?"


"So, that I can pack up all of his things and move them into our new place of course."

"Oh, okay, sure cuz, no problem."

"Okay, I'll call you when I'm done, and then bring him over here, blindfolded, and don't tell him where you're taking him."

"You want to surprise him, huh?"


"Okay, no problem, Bri."

After they hang up, Brian drives over to Nick's place and arrives just in time to see Kevin's car leaving the driveway, luckily Nick didn't see Brian's car stop. Brian quickly goes in and packs all of Nick's clothes and other personal belongings, before the movers come with the moving van and load all of his other belongings into it.

Three hours later, Brian calls Kevin, and says, "Okay, cuz, bring my gorgeous other half to our new home."

"Okay, Bri, we're be right there."


Brian sits down in the living room and waits for them to arrive. Kevin's car stops in front of the house that Brian has bought Nick, and helps the blindfolded 19-year-old out of the car.

"Kevin, where are we?"

"That's for me to know, and you to find out," replies Kevin as he leads Nick up to the front door and rings the bell.

Brian answers the door, and mouths the words, "Thanks, cuz," as Kevin pushes Nick into the house, and Brian closes the door. Brian wraps his arms around Nick's waist and kisses him passionately. At first Nick assumes wrong that this is Kevin, but then realizes that the person kissing him is slightly shorter then him.


"Yes, Nick, its me."

"Where are we?"

Brian leads Nick into the living room, and removes the blindfold as he says, "Welcome home Nick."

Nick's eyes widen for a moment before he replies, "What do you mean, Bri?"

Brian leads Nick over to the couch, sits down, and pulls Nick down on top of him. Brian kisses him passionately for about five minutes before he pulls out an envelope and hands it to Nick.

"What's this?"

"Just open it, Nicky."

Nick does as he's told, and opens the envelope. From within it he removes a set of keys and a piece of paper. The paper is a deed of ownership, proclaiming that Nickolas Gene Carter and Brian Thomas Littrell are the owners of a house, and Nick correctly assumes that the keys are the keys to the house.

"You mean?"

"Yes, Nick, this house belongs to us."

"But, how, and why?"

"Well, I bought it for us, because I love you with all my heart and I wanted us to live together."

Nick is at a loss of words, so instead he just throws his arms around Brian's neck and kisses him passionately on the lips, his tongue wrestling playfully with Brian's.

"Can I take that to mean that you like the house?" asks Brian as he breaks away from the kiss.

"I love it B-Rok, but I love you even more," says Nick with a grin as he hugs Brian and kisses him on the cheek.

"I was hoping you would say that, my darling Nicky, because I have another surprise for you."


Brian stands up, and despite the fact that Nick is slightly larger, Brian picks him up and carries him upstairs to the master bedroom. As they enter the room Nick is in total awe. The room has a vaulted ceiling, with skylights, and ceiling to floor windows, providing a great view. The room is decorated in light blues and white, with a huge king-size bed, a complete entertainment center, and a wrap-around balcony.

"Brian this room is huge!"

"I know, this room and the bathroom are the only rooms on the second floor. I think that's why I bought this house, because it had the best master bedroom of all that I looked at."

"And this is all ours?"

"Yes, Nick, everything here is ours, the house, the grounds, everything."

"I love you B-Rok!" says Nick as he wraps his arms around Brian's neck and begins to kiss him passionately on the lips as Brian carries him over to the bed.

Brian lays Nick down on the bed, their lips never stop touching. They kiss each other passionately for several minutes, just enjoying being together. After a few minutes, they both strip down to their underwear and climb into bed, falling fast asleep in each other's arms. It may only be 8pm, but they're both tired, Brian from looking for a house all day and buying all of the necessary home furnishings, and Nick from his day out with Kevin. Plus, they're inviting the guys over tomorrow for a house-warming party, so, they know that they'll need their sleep for that.

Nick wakes up in the master bedroom of his new home, and just is again in total awe at the largeness of the master suite. He can see why Brian bought this place, not only is the master suite very large and luxurious, but the rest of the house isn't that bad either. Nick leans over and kisses Brian on the lips, and Brian just wraps his arms around Nick's neck, returning the kiss. "What a great way to wake up!" exclaims Brian as he breaks from the kiss. "Come on B-Rok, time to get up."

"Yes, I know, the guys are coming over for a housewarming party today."

Meanwhile, at the Backstreet Market, Kevin, AJ, and Howie are doing a little quick shopping at their namesake, and run into some acquaintances.

"Hey, Kevin!"

"Chris Kirkpatrick, how in the world are you?"

"Just fine."

"Hey, Lance, Justin, JC, and Joey," replies Kevin.

"Hello Kevin," replies Lance, Justin, JC, and Joey in unison.

"Hello guys," says Howie and AJ.

"Hello, where are Brian and Nick?" asks JC.

"Probably still in..." Howie stops himself as he realizes he was about to say, 'Probably still in bed with each other."

"Probably still at their new house."

"They've moved in with each other, AJ?"

"Yes, Justin they did, they're really good friends after all."

The 8 guys sit down for awhile and talk, before Kevin stands up and replies, "Well, Howie, AJ and I have to be going."

"Its been nice talking ta y'all."

Just as they were about to leave, AJ turns around and replies, "Hey, are you guys doing anything today?"

"Nothing important really, why?" queries Joey.

"Well, we're actually on our way to Brian and Nick's housewarming party, and if you'd like to join us, you'd be welcome to," replies Howie.

"Sure, that sounds crunk," replies Justin.

"Okay, cool, here's the address, try to be there by about 1," says Kevin as he writes down the address and hands it to JC.

"Okay, c-y'all at 1, then."

Nick & Brian - Part 11 Written by JCV

Nick and Brian run around their new home in a frantic race to get everything ready for when Kevin, AJ, and Howie arrive for their housewarming party. Little do they know that they have five more guests than expected.

Nick and Brian finish preparing and sit down on the couch and kiss each other passionately until the doorbell rings. Brian gets up to answer it, and invites Kevin, AJ, and Howie inside, and then closes the door. Nick turns on the stereo, and "Everybody" starts playing. The guys start to dance and have a good time, and then they all sit down in the living room and begin to chat for awhile, as Nsync's "God Must Have Spent..." comes on.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Nick, with a funny look on his face gets up and goes to answer the door. 'Who could this possibly be?' thinks Nick, 'Brian told me that Kevin, AJ, and Howie are the only ones besides us who know our new address.'

Nick opens the door, and his mouth drops open in total shock.

"Justin Timberlake?" says Nick, as the blonde-haired youngest member of Nsync walks into the house, and replies, "Hello Nick."

Just as Nick was about to close the door, JC pushes it open and walks in, followed by Joey, Chris, and Lance.

"What are you guys doing here?" asks Brian.

"You mean, your cuz and the guys didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what, Lance?"

"That they invited us to come," says Chris.

"No, they didn't," says Brian, "Kevin? Can I speak to you in the kitchen? Now!"


Kevin and Brian walk into the kitchen, and Brian closes the door and the shutters that go across the counter that opens into the living room. Brian pushes Kevin down into a chair, and in as calm a voice as he can, replies, "Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why did you invite Nsync? How could you?"

"Well, we ran into them at the Backstreet Market, and thought we would invite them, since they had nothing better to do."

"Kevin! Nick and I were hoping we could be ourselves today, as in show our love for each other."

"You still can."

"Are you insane? We can't show our love for each other in front of them! We have to play the straight boys, and I have to play the part of poor Brian who's still trying to get over my breakup from Leigh Ann!"

"No you don't cuz, just tell them. They won't care!"

"I think not, now get out of my sight before I end up decking you! I'll be out in a few minutes, I just need some time to cool down."


Brian comes out a few minutes after Kevin, and like Nick, plays the part of the straight boy very well, of course, then again, he's had a lot of practice, since he's been doing it every day since he came to terms with his bi-sexuality at age 18.

The party continues on for about 3 hours, when Brian excuses himself. Brian goes upstairs to the master bedroom to prepare a few things. About an hour later he calls Kevin on his cell phone.

"Hello, this is Kevin."

"Kevin, it's me Brian."

"Why are you calling me on my cell phone, when you could just come down and talk to me?"

"Trust me Kev, I can't come down and talk."

"Oh, okay, I understand. So what's up?"

"Not to be rude or anything, but could you get out of my house, and get all the other guys out of my house, and sent Nick upstairs?"

Kevin laughs slightly and replies, "Oh ho, sure, Brian, consider me and the guys gone. You have fun with Nick and the bed, okay?"

"No problem, Kevin, and thanks."

"Hey what are cousins for? Bye."


Kevin emerges from the kitchen and says, "Okay, all, I think it's time we left."

"Why, Kev? It's still early!" says Justin.

"Well, I really think that we should leave and let the... I mean, Brian has a bad headache and asked me over the intercom in the kitchen to well, get the party moved somewhere else," says Kevin, as he mouths the words "Go upstairs" to Nick.

"Oh, okay, lets go then," says Lance.

Everybody else follows them, with Kevin being the last to leave. Once he's sure that all members of Nsync are out of hearing distance, he replies to Nick, "Brian does not have a headache, he called me on my cell phone from upstairs and asked me to get everybody out of here and to send you up."

Nick just nods to Kevin and smiles, and Kevin replies, "Have fun, Nick," before he closes the door behind him, and Nick runs up the stairs to his and Brian's bedroom.

Nick & Brian - Part 12 Written by JCV

As Nick enters the master bedroom, he is greeted by what seems like several thousand sparkling candles, roses, an ice bucket with champagne chilling, two sparkling crystal champagne flutes, and of course Brian, wearing midnight blue silk boxer shorts, a midnight blue silk robe, and a smile.

Nick walks further into the room, and Brian gets off of the bed and walks over to Nick. He wraps his arms around him, and they begin to dance as Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" starts playing on the stereo. Brian and Nick hold each other tightly in each other's arms and dance as the song continues.

When the song ends, Brian takes Nick's hand and leads him over to the king-size bed, and sits him down on the midnight blue silk sheets. Brian sits down on Nick's lap and begins to kiss him passionately, as Nick's hands begin to roam all over Brian's hot muscular body.

Brian slowly pushes Nick backwards on the bed, and is soon lying on top of him as he continues to kiss him passionately, their tongues wrestling playfully. Nick begins to massage Brian's back, and Brian moves away from Nick's lips and begins to kiss him on the neck. After awhile of this, Brian moves beside Nick, and begins to unbutton his shirt.

Brian begins to kiss Nick's neck again, this time moving his way down onto Nick's chest, making sure to kiss and swirl his tongue around on both of Nick's rock hard nipples. Nick just lays on the bed in complete ecstasy, running his hands through Brian's gorgeous brown hair.

Just as Brian reaches Nick's abdomen, he stops kissing him, and gets off of him. He pulls Nick to his feet and begins to kiss him passionately and grind their hips together as he pushes Nick's shirt off. Nick reaches down and unties the silk cord on Brian's midnight blue silk robe, and pushes it off of him.

Nick begins to rub Brian's lower back and pull Brian close to him. Their bare muscular chests pressed tightly together sends an electrical sensation down their spines. Brian moves his hands down to Nick's belt, which he quickly unbuckles, and then undoes Nick's jeans and lets them fall to the floor. Nick steps out of them, and is now wearing nothing but a pair of midnight blue silk boxers, which Brian made him put on this morning.

Brian and Nick stand their kissing and caressing each other for a several more minutes, before Brian breaks the kiss and pulls Nick into the bathroom. Just like the bedroom, the bathroom is aglow with the light of several candles, their flames shimmering brightly and strong, just like the love and burning desire to be with each other that fill Nick and Brian's hearts.

Brian kisses Nick briefly on the lips before he reaches down and pulls Nick's boxers off of him, as Nick does the same to Brian. They hold each other for a moment, grinding their naked hips into each other, before climbing into the hot, and steamy whirlpool tub.

Brian and Nick sit in the whirlpool tub, just holding each other, and kissing passionately for several minutes, before they begin to gently wash each other. About half an hour later, they're completely finished washing each other's gorgeous and muscular bodies, and decide its time to get out of the whirlpool before they shrivel up like prunes.

Nick gently towels Brian off, and Brian does the same, before grabbing a large white towel and a bottle from the counter and taking Nick back into the bedroom. Brian spreads the towel out on the floor and has Nick lay down on his stomach on the towel. Brian opens the bottle of massage oil and puts some on his hands. He then straddles Nick and begins to massage Nick's shoulders and back, all the while, Nick moaning from the pleasure that Brian is giving him.

Of course, the pleasure that Brian's massaging is not the only source of pleasure for Nick. The feeling of Brian's rock hard cock pressing against his ass is giving Nick a lot of pleasure too. Brian continues his massaging of Nick's hot and gorgeous body for several minutes until he has given Nick a full body massage.

Upon finishing the full body massage, Brian turns Nick over and kisses his passionately on the lips, before pulling him up to his feet. Brian walks over to the nearby ice bucket and retrieves the bottle of chilled champagne. He takes a corkscrew, opens the bottle, and pours it into the two sparkling crystal champagne flutes. He walks over to Nick and before giving him the flute of champagne, replies with a laugh, "Nicky, my darling, I know you're underage, but I won't tell anyone if you won't."

Nick just laughs as he takes the champagne flute from Brian. Just as Brian was about to take a sip from his flute, Nick stops him, and wraps his arm around with Brian's, so that they're sipping their champagne just like a newlywed couple would.

Brian and Nick finish their first round of champagne, and Brian who can't keep his hormones in check any longer, takes the empty flute from Nick and sets both of them down on the table, before he pushes Nick down onto the bed, with a devilish grin.

"Nick, I have a confession to make."

"Go ahead."

"You're not the only one who's had a hard time keeping their hormones in check, I've had a very hard time of it myself. So I guess you teenagers aren't the only ones with overactive hormones."

Both Brian and Nick laugh at that, before Brian begins to kiss Nick passionately on the lips, their tongues wrestling playfully in each other's mouths. After several minutes of kissing, Brian breaks away from Nick's lips and begins to work his way down, kissing and sucking on Nick's neck.

As soon as Nick feels that Brian is sucking on his neck he pushes his head away, "Oh no you don't! I don't need to have a hickey to explain to everybody we see."

Brian just laughs, and replies, "Too late, Nicky, I guess you'll be wearing a lot of turtle necks for awhile." Nick playfully slaps Brian, before he continues his way down Nick's muscular chest. Brian stops and kisses first Nick's left nipple, and then his right, before going back to his left and swirling his tongue around on it, and then does the same to Nick's right nipple, which causes Nick to moan in ecstasy.

As Brian continues his way down, Nick just can't help himself as his ecstasy continues to increase, and he softly sings the opening to "Get Down (You're the one for Me)."

"You're the one for me, you're my ecstasy, you're the one I need!"

Brian looks up at Nick briefly with a huge grin on his face before continuing his way down Nick's abdomen. He continues to kiss Nick all the way down his abdomen before he finally reaches Nick's large bush of gorgeous and soft blonde pubic hair.

Brian licks the drop of precum off of Nick's rock hard nine-and-a-half inch rod, and Nick moans in pleasure. Brian begins to lick his way down Nick's shaft, and then takes a moment to suck on Nick's balls. All the while Nick is just moaning in pleasure. After a few moments of teasing Nick's rod with his tongue, Brian swallows the entire length of it, causing Nick to moan and groan even harder.

"Oh Brian, yes baby, that feels so good!"

Brian continues his up and down motion on Nick's raging cock, getting faster and faster and more vigorous. Nick rests his hands on Brian's head, playing with his hair. Brian moves one hand up to Nick's chest and starts playing with his left nipple, and his other hand under Nick and gently inserts a finger into Nick's tight hole and begins to finger-fuck him.

The combined sensation of Brian sucking on his cock and of Brian's finger probing his ass, causes Nick's entire body to tense up. He manages to scream, "Oh Brian!" before his cock explodes in Brian's mouth, shooting volley after volley of Nick's warm juices flooding into Brian's mouth.

Brian manages to drink most of it, with just a little seeping out of the corners of his lips. Brian removes his mouth from Nick's now softening member and moves back up to his lips. Nick licks his cum off of Brian's face and savors its salty sweet taste, before pulling Brian into another passionate kiss.

Nick and Brian kiss each other passionately for several more minutes, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths. Soon Nick pulls away from the kiss and begins to kiss Brian's neck, as Brian just runs a hand through Nick's gorgeous blonde hair. Nick does the same thing as Brian, and slowly kisses his way down his chest.

Nick stops at Brian's left nipple and plants several kisses on it, swirls his tongue around on it, before moving on to his right nipple, and then moving further down Brian's hot, muscular chest, all the while Brian moaning in complete pleasure. Nick continues kissing Brian down his chest and abdomen, until his nose is buried in Brian's soft brown pubic hair.

Nick licks his way up Brian's nine inch cock. Nick kisses the head of it and licks the drop of precum off. He then takes one hand and begins to fondle Brian's balls, and takes the other and begins to finger-fuck Brian, as he swallows as much of Brian's hot manmeat as possible. Brian just continues to run his hands through Nick's gorgeous and soft blonde hair, all the while moaning in sheer pleasure and total ecstasy.

Nick continues his up and down motion on Brian's hot rod, getting faster and faster and much more vigorous. This doesn't last very long, because with all of the pleasure that Nick is giving him, Brian can't hold back his orgasm very long.

"Oh yes Nick!" shouts Brian as he begins to shoot load after load after load of his sweet nectar into Nick's awaiting and very eager mouth. Nick drinks every last drop, and swallows most of it. He removes his mouth from Brian's cock and moves back up to his lips. They kiss passionately, sharing what's left of Brian's salty sweet juice.

The two of them kiss each other passionately for several more minutes, before they both decide its time to go to bed, exhausted after their night of pleasure.

"Good night Nick, I love you."

"Good night Brian, I love you more."

Brian and Nick get off the bed, quickly blow out all of the candles, and then crawl into bed and fall fast asleep in each other's arms.

To Be Continued...

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