Nick and the Altos, Part 1

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Now I guess I need to incorporate some disclaimers in here. I doubt that anything I write will make any difference since if you found this little gathering place on the World Wide Web you're probably going to go ahead and read what's here no matter what anyone says. But here it goes anyway...

If you have a problem reading about guys who like other guys as something more than just friends, you need to go find some other place to poke around. If you are under the legal age to read erotic fiction where you live, you probably wouldn't get in trouble for reading this story, but you really don't belong here. And most importantly, many of the names mentioned in this story have been changed to protect the guilty (or is that supposed to be the innocent?). Under no circumstances will I disclose whether or not I actually know any of The Backstreet Boys or any other celebrity who may make an appearance. Nor do I believe in outing people, so I will not disclose any information about the true sexual orientation of anyone mentioned in this story.

Before I get started with the next installment, I want to remind you that the first part was written based upon the third hand recollections of a number of the people who were involved. I can't make any representation that it is entirely accurate. The beginning of this part is different; it is in my own words because it is my recollection of what happened on my sister's tenth birthday. Later in this part it switches back to what others have told me. So here we go...

As usual I awoke before my alarm went off at the insane hour of 5:30 a.m. It's Friday, April 28th, 2000. Today is my little sister's birthday. As I lay in bed trying to convince myself to get up and take my dog, Gracie, for her morning walk, I think about the day ahead. It is going to be a happy day because I am going home for Angela's birthday and I love my little sister so very much. Unfortunately, there is a sadness to the day too. You see, Angela has terminal cancer. It is in a very advanced state and the doctors all agree that she won't survive until her next birthday. For the past couple of months I have been going home every two or three weeks to visit her, but I think it is time that I visit even more frequently, even though I talk to her every day. I wish I was half as brave about what lies ahead as she is. I am going to miss her so much when she is gone.

After a few minutes the distinctive smell of dog breath gets very obvious and then I feel this cold, wet nose nudging my shoulder. I know that Gracie won't let me go back to sleep so I crawl out of bed and pull on some shorts and a sweatshirt. After stopping to pee, I grab some socks and my tennies and head towards the stairs. Gracie makes the mad dash down to the first floor. I follow her slowly, being drawn forward by the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen. I disarm the security system and open one of the doors into the back yard so she can go out and hopefully take care of everything before we go for a walk. Just in case she gets distracted, I stuff some plastic bags in my pocket and then fix a large cup of coffee.

Once I let Gracie back inside, she runs down the hall and sits by the courtyard door where her leash hangs. She has our routine pretty well figured out. If I just come downstairs in the morning in my boxers, then she knows we aren't going anywhere. But when I get some clothes on and bring my shoes it means we are going for a walk and she will sit there until I'm ready to go. Anyways, I clip the leash to her collar and we step out into the courtyard and go out the front door.

Mornings are still pretty cool this time of year, so I am glad for the sweatshirt as we start down the hill. Don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but my house is towards the top of the coastal hills along the ocean. It is about a mile down to the bottom of the hills where the Pacific Coast Highway is the only thing between you and the ocean. This morning we walk down to the beach and then I take the leash off of her so Gracie can run around and play in the surf. It is so peaceful with no sounds other than the waves crashing on the beach. After about 20 minutes I call Gracie over and, after putting the leash back on, we start walking back home.

Since I am not going to work today, I head back to the kitchen where I turn on the television and fix another cup of coffee to drink while I look at the newspaper. As I am browsing through the Business Section (ok, I read today's Dilbert comic), the television news anchor announces a "Breaking News Story" so I turn my attention to the tube. A few moments later a news reporter is standing next to a couple of buses and relating a story about how The Backstreet Boys tour bus was forced off the road early this morning and the five members of the band were kidnapped. Now, I'm not a fan of the group, but my little sister thinks they are the greatest performers in the world. I think to myself 'only in Southern California...' and let myself daydream a bit about how much I miss living in Colorado.

I don't know how long I let my mind wander, but Gracie eventually brings me back to reality by starting to pester me to feed her. Once I take care of her, I pour yet another cup of coffee and head upstairs to get ready. After shaving and showering I put on my usual clothes: tee shirt, shorts and sandals. I pack a few things in my overnight bag and as I start back downstairs, the phone rings.


A quiet but cheerful voice on the other end says "Hi Mikey, when are you leaving?" It's my little sister.

"Hey, Ang. I'm not exactly sure, but I'll be home sometime in the early afternoon. How are you feeling today?"

"Ok, I guess. I'm pretty tired but I am so excited you and Jen are both coming for the weekend. I can't wait until you get here. Daddy said he has a big surprise for me, so I'm going to stay in bed and rest until you show up."

"Listen, Angela, I need to take Gracie over to Karen's before she leaves for work. I'll call home from Ventura so they can get you up by the time I get there and then we can go do something."

"Ok, Mikey. Oh, and I love you."

"I love you too, Ang."

I grab the keys to my BMW 328i and head towards the garage and yell "Gracie, let's go for a ride." She come hauling ass down the hallway from the great room where she had been sleeping in my chair. I open the door into the garage and she runs over to the back door to the car. I open it, fold down the back seat and she jumps inside.

I drive the three blocks to Karen's house, getting there just as she is pulling out of the garage. I pull up behind her ML430 so she can't leave. I get out of my car and open the door for Gracie. She jumps out and runs over to Karen's car.

Getting out of her car, Karen exclaims "Mikey, I'm going to be late to work because of you! Why can't you ever be on time? You are such a brat!"

"Jeez, who woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning? It's not like it matters whether you are on time or not anyway. Since when have you guys ever had clients show up early in the morning. You just sit around and drink coffee and swap lies for at least an hour every morning. Don't forget, your partner is my best friend. I know what really goes on... So get out of your car and let us in the house."

"Michael," Karen says as she gets out of the car, "this time I really am going to talk to Jeff about dumping you as a client. I can't take your bs any more!"

"Aw, you know you love me." I said grinning at her.

Karen walks into the garage and opens the door into the house. As Gracie and I follow her inside she looks over her shoulder and says "So, cutie, you up for another cup of coffee or have you already had a whole pot by yourself?"

She pours a couple of cups from the coffee maker and reheats them in the microwave. I go over to the refrigerator and get out a carton of Chocolate Raspberry creamer.

"Oh, so all is forgiven... You know I always have room for more coffee as long as it is still morning. So what happened to the big rush to get to work?"

"I'm really just supposed to meet Jeff for breakfast at The Raft. It will do him good to wait. You want to join us?"

"Much as I like that place, I really need to get moving pretty soon. I have some errands to do before I head up to Montecito. Got any big plans for the weekend?"

"Not really. Gary gets home tonight after two weeks in Boston, so we are just planning to relax. So what did you get Angela for her birthday?"

"Well, she really loves taking to boat out to Catalina, so I am going to take her out for a weekend. Then when we get back we are flyng to Orlando where we are going to be able to go in this big pool and swim with dolphins. She will love it!"

"Mikey, do your parents know about this?"

"Of course not."

"They are going to shit!!! There is no way they will let her do that."

"Since when have I ever done anything they wanted? They don't call me Mikey the Rebel for nothing."

"I thought it was Mikey the Brat."

"Up yours, bitch!"

"Watch who you call a bitch, fag boy. I might just kick your cute butt."

"Yeah, right. You're just jealous cause all the nice guys prefer me to you."

"So, if that's the case, why am I the one with the boyfriend and not you?" Karen says laughingly.

I sit quietly for a minute before replying. "Do you know how hard it is for me to meet someone? People make all these assumptions about me because of whose son I am and don't bother to take the time to find out who I am. I'm starting to feel like I'll never find Mr. Right."

"Hey, don't go and get all depressed on me. You and Terry went together for what, two years?"

I took a sip of my coffee. "I sure love this Chocolate Raspberry stuff. I'm going to have to get some when I get home. Yeah, Terry, the only love of my life and he turned out to be a cheating asshole. I would rather be alone than have someone who jumps into bed with every guy he meets. I can't believe it took me so long to figure out what was going on."

"Cheer up, Mikey. You are going to have a nice weekend with Angela. Listen, I'm surprised Jeff hasn't been calling me to see where I am. I need to get moving."

"Uh, maybe he is. I think you left your phone in the car. Thanks, for keeping Gracie for me." I say as I kneel down and give Gracie a hug. "You be good and don't dig too many craters in Karen's backyard."

"Yeah, Gracie, no digging allowed! On second thought, why don't you dig a hole big enough for a pool and then I'll send your owner the bill for the post excavation expenses to finish it."

We walk out through the garage. When we get to Karen's car, I turn and hug her. "Thanks, again."

"You know we enjoy having her stay here. I would hate to have you put her in a kennel. Give Angela a hug for me and say hello to the rest of the family."

"Will do. I'll call ya when I get back. Wouldn't want to interrupt anything by just stopping by."

"Ok, bye."

I go over and get in my car, back out and drive back home. I walk into the library and sit down at my computer. After checking my email I turn on an out of office auto reply and log off. I grab my Palm Vx and my phone and head to the kitchen to get my bag. I pick up the keys to my new Fly Yellow 360 Modena and think to myself 'might as well give the parents another shock'. I take my stuff out to the garage, trigger the master locking system for my house and arm the security system. Then I open the garage door, toss my bag on the passenger's seat and climb in. This will be my first road trip in the car and I can't wait to get going.

I pull out of the garage, close the door and head out towards the 73 Toll Road.

Meanwhile, about 150 miles to the North, the story continues to unfold...

Around 9 a.m. after a none too restful night's sleep, Kevin wakes up and gets out of the bed. Still somewhat sleepy he feels disoriented in the strange surroundings. He pulls on a tee shirt and walks into the bathroom where he takes a leak, washes his face and brushes his teeth. Then he goes back in the bedroom and opens the door and walks out into a large sitting room. None of the other guys have awoken yet, so he walks across the room and tries the door. It opens into a wide hallway. There are two guards sitting across from the door. One stands when he sees the door opening.

"Is everyone awake?" the guard asks.

"No, no one else is up yet. When are we going to find out what is going on?" Kevin says.

"Mr. Alto had to leave for a couple of hours. He will talk with you when he returns. Are you ready for coffee and breakfast?"

"Um, I don't think anyone else will be awake for a while, so coffee is all for now."

Kevin closes the door and looks around the room. There are a couple of couches and several chairs around a large coffee table. On one wall is a large projection television and entertainment system. The exterior wall has several windows and French doors out onto a balcony. He walks over and looks out the window. Early that morning when they arrived he had realized that the house was large, but now that it is daylight he is overwhelmed by how big and beautiful the place is. The stucco walls enclose what looks to be almost a half acre. The patio has a large outdoor kitchen and several tables with umbrellas. Raised planters divides the area into what appears to be several rooms. At the far end of the patio is a large pool surrounded by more tables, chairs and lounges.

Two gardeners are busy working in the gardens. Then he notices a woman pushing a young girl in a wheelchair out from under covered area of the patio. They head towards the back of the yards and stop under a big tree. The woman, who appear to be very beautiful, turns the wheelchair around so it faces a bench and then sits down on the bench. The girl hands her a book and the woman appears to begin reading to her.

Kevin hears a knock at the hallway door and walks over and opens it. An older man, a butler, is standing in the hall with a rolling cart. Kevin opens the door all the way and the man wheels the cart into the room.

"Here is coffee, hot water for tea and some muffins, sir. I know you aren't ready for breakfast yet, but I thought you might be hungry." the butler said.

"Thank you, can you tell me where we are?"

"I'm sorry, sir, but I have been told not to give you any information. Mr. Alto will return soon."

"This is like a scene out of a really bad movie." Kevin exclaimed. "I can't believe what kind of insane person would do something like this. There is no way he is going to be able to get away with kidnapping us!"

"I'm sorry, sir, but there is nothing I can tell you. Unless you need something more, I will be leaving. When you are ready for breakfast, let Anthony or Mark know."

As the butler turns to leave, Kevin pours himself a cup of coffee from the silver coffee pot. He walks back into the bedroom and turns on the television and flips through the channels until he finds a news broadcast. After a couple of minutes there is a segment that talks about the mysterious disappearance of The Backstreet Boys. He sits and watches the segment in disbelief. How could this have happened? Why didn't their security staff intervene?

Kevin gets up off the bed and goes into the bathroom. He takes off his tee shirt and shorts and turns on the shower. While he waits for the water to get hot, he shaves using the razor that has been provided. Then he steps into the shower and lets the hot water flow over his body. Gradually he begins to relax. He shampoos his hair and then picks up the bar of soap and begins to wash himself. After a few minutes he rinses off and steps out of the shower and dries himself.

He goes back into the bedroom and realizes that he doesn't have any clean clothes. He starts getting tense again as he remembers he has absolutely no control over their situation. He walks over to the wall by the door into the sitting room and slams his fist into the wall. He is shocked to find that he has actually punched a hole in the wall. As he withdraws his hand he is relieved to discover than he hasn't cut himself.

Kevin walks back in the bathroom where he washes and dries his hands. He puts on the shorts and tee shirt he had worn earlier that he had dropped on the floor. Back in the bedroom he finds the pants and shoes he had brought with him that morning and puts them on. Then he picks up his coffee cup, takes a sip and then goes back into the sitting room. He moves over to the window and looks towards where he had seen the woman and the girl earlier, but they are gone. The only people still outside are the two gardeners. He turns and walks over to the coffee table, sets his cup down and looks through the magazines that is on the table. He finds an issue of Santa Barbara Magazine and wonders if that is where they are. sd one of the other bedroom doors open. He looks over his shoulder and sees Nick walk into the room. It feels good to have one of the guys join him.

"Hey, Nick," Kevin says, "did you sleep ok?"

"I guess. The bed was more comfortable than a bunk but I think I would rather be on the bus."

"You and me both! If I ever get the opportunity to bitch about being stuck on a tour bus again, you have my permission to smack me in the head."

"Kev, can I get that in writing?" Nick asks.

"Fat chance, doughboy. Tell you what, if we get out of this mess, then I'll think about it." Kevin replies.

"Hey, enough with the doughboy stuff, I have lost a lot of weight."

"I know, but you are stuck with the nickname, Nicky. Oh, if you want some coffee, there is some over there on the cart. When we are ready the butler said they would bring up breakfast."

Nick goes over to the cart and pours himself a cup of coffee and picks up a muffin. "Hey Kev, did you have the butler sample one of the muffins to see if they are safe to eat?"

"Sounds like you have been watching too many gangster flicks, Nick. Toss one over, I'm getting sort of hungry."

Nick places a muffin on a plate, picks up the coffee pot and walks over to where Kevin is sitting.

"Wow, good service. I could get used to this." Kevin says.

"Enjoy it while you can, Kev. Careful I don't spill hot coffee on ya!"

"You had better not, these are the only clothes I have."

"Shit, I forgot about that! This really sucks! I guess I'll go take a shower and put my dirty clothes back on. See you in a bit, Kev."

"Ok, Nick."

Nick heads back into the bedroom where he had spent the night. He picks up the jeans and sweatshirt he had brought with him and goes into the bathroom. He starts the shower and then uses the toilet and brushes his teeth before getting in. He takes a pretty quick shower for a change. After drying off he puts on the clothes he had brought and goes back to join Kevin in the main room.

"Guess I should have them bring up breakfast." Kevin says as he gets up and heads towards the door. He speaks briefly to the guards in the hallway and comes back into the room. "Nick, why don't you go wake Brian. I'll get Howie and AJ up."

"Ok." Nick replies and goes over to the door to the room Brian had chosen. He opens the door and walks in. He goes over to the bed and sits down next to his sleeping friend. Brian is laying on his side with his head on the pillow. Nick sits there for a couple of minutes looking at his friend's angelic face and thinking about how much he loves Brian. He is brought back to the present when he feels Brian shift and start to stretch.

Brian is startled to see someone sitting next to him. "What are you doing in here?"

"Oh, sorry, Bri. Kevin sent me in to wake you up but you looked so peaceful, I didn't want to disturb you." Nick replies.

"It's ok, Nick. Guess with everything that happened last night, waking up and seeing someone sitting there, I sorta freaked out a bit. Sorry, Nick."

"It's ok. Kevin just asked them to bring up breakfast. There's already coffee in the other room. Want me to get you a cup?"

"No, that's ok. I think I will go take a shower and wait until breakfast for coffee."

Nick gets up off the bed and heads towards the door.

"Hey Nick, you can stay if you want. I wasn't meaning you had to leave."

"Actually, I think I'm going to go back and finish my coffee. See you after your shower, Bri."


As Nick opens the door and walks out of the bedroom, Brian throws back the covers and gets out of bed. He walks into the bathroom and goes through his morning routine. In their respective rooms Howie and AJ, having been awakened by Kevin, are doing the same.

Back in the main room Nick is poking around. He opens one of the doors to the entertainment center and looks at what he has found. "Hey Kevin," he says excitedly, "look what I found. A computer and a phone!"

"You're kidding, a phone?"

Nick picks up the handset, puts it to his ear and says "Shit, no dial tone. Guess I should have expected that."

"Yeah, these guys seem to be pretty organized." Kevin replies.

There is a knock at the hallway door. Nick goes over and opens the door. The butler is there with large rolling table. Nick opens the door wider and the butler rolls the table into the room and places it against the wall.

"Mr. Alto just returned a few minutes ago. I suggest you begin eating your breakfast, gentlemen. He will be up as soon as he has gone to see his daughter." the butler says.

"Is that the young girl I saw in a wheelchair out in the garden earlier?" Kevin asks.

"I'm sorry, sir, I can't answer any questions. Mr. Alto will be up shortly." the butler replies as he walks to the door. "Do you gentlemen need anything else?"

"No, we're as good as can be expected." Kevin says.

Nick and Kevin pick up plates and begin to serve themselves breakfast. Within a few minutes, Brian, Howie and AJ join them.

"Have you learned anything about what is going on yet?" AJ asks Kevin.

"No, apparently that Alto guy has been out all morning and just got home. He will be up in a while. He is stopping to check on his daughter. There is something wrong with her, I guess."

Brian asks "How do you know that, Kevin?"

"Well, when I first came out here this morning, I saw this woman pushing a little girl in a wheelchair around the patio. So I am guessing she is the guy's daughter." he replied.

The hallway door opens suddenly and in walks Michael Alto, dressed in a navy blue suit, followed by the two guards who had been sitting in the hallway. The two guards stand by the door. Michael Alto walks over to where the guys are sitting around the coffee table eating their breakfast.

"Good morning. I trust you slept well. I had hoped to come see you earlier this morning, but I had some pressing business at my office. I guess you are wondering why I had you brought here?" he says to them.

Well, that's it for Part 2 of Nick and the Altos. Hope you are enjoying the story so far. I have quite a bit more outlined out at this point. Depending on how my work schedule goes this week I hope to have another part posted around Wednesday. Any comments, suggestions or whatever, email me at

Thanks for reading... Mikey