Interview With Danni Author Of Decisions
This was a spare of the moment thing. I had fun interviewing Danni. If you have any questions you can email me at

CrunkSimba: Ok..When were you introduced to Nifty?
dannibailey:I guess about 6 months ago. I was reading a story that was sent to me that was
off of Nifty. After reading that one, I started to visit the site and read other stories
CrunkSimba: Do you have any particular favorites?
dannibailey:Right now I'm reading "No Painless Way" and "This Gift", but probably my
favorite so far has been "The Lifeguard". The author has a very mature style to his writing
CrunkSimba:Ah ok so you read out side of the boybands area?
dannibailey:Yes, but I haven't strayed very far. The boy band stories are my favorites.
CrunkSimba: Cool, what are you plans after Decisions?
dannibailey: I've started a new story about Jeff from 98 Degrees. I have to admit it was
hard not to write about Justin again, but I wanted to try to write about someone I didnt
know as much about.
CrunkSimba:Not a bad idea most authors like to stick to just one person, it's good to see
dannibailey:Well, I'm gonna give it a try.....just makes it more of a challange I guess
CrunkSimba:: True..Ok, what was the reason behind Decisions?
dannibailey: started out as short and sweet story for a friend. It was supposed
to be just a couple of pages, but once I started writing, I found out I really enjoyed writing.
It was kind of relaxing. And why NSYNC, that part is easy.....MR. Timberlake!
CrunkSimba: LOL...did you think it would ever turn out as big as it did?
dannibailey: No way....I never intended it to happen, but I've enjoyed it.
CrunkSimba: That's good it worked out then. Since you are a female author, do you find the
female or male written stories better?
dannibailey: Wow, talk about putting someone on the spot. I don't know that I could say
females are better than males or the other way around. I can say that for the most part I
see a difference is style. From what Ive read women tend to show the more emotional
side of characters. Guys like action
dannibailey:Both are good....It just depends on what you are looking for in a story, or what
mood you're in
CrunkSimba: True, and most of the females have no idea what goes in with sex between
two guys.
dannibailey:Exactly..and that was the hardest part for me....when it came to the sex, I was
in uncharted waters!
CrunkSimba: Cool. Ok, some authors dont get along with each other. How do you fare
with the other authors?
dannibailey: Never found one yet that I haven't liked. Most of the responses I have gotten
regarding Decisions has been from other authors. All have been very encouraging. I dont
see this as a competition. There is room for everyone.
CrunkSimba:True. Where do your ideas for your story come from?
dannibailey:Strictly imagination. I just try to envision how the characters might react to
certain situations. Since its all fantasy, you cant really go wrong
CrunkSimba: True, I know some authors like to go by what's going in that celebrities life,
ie.Award Shows, Tv Apperances and Tour Shecdules..
dannibailey: Well, I do have those elements in my story, but I dont necessarily use those as
a guideline for what happens. If it fits into the story that fine, if not then I just ad lib it
CrunkSimba: How do you relate to the main character?
dannibailey: Well both of the characters in my story are supposed to be gay males, so its
kinda hard to put myself in their shoes. I have several gay men as friends so I have some
insight, but obviously being a straight female I wont pretend to know what its really like.
CrunkSimba: If nobody read your story and you got no feedback would you still write it?
dannibailey:Definately.....I write because I enjoy it. It's a hobby, but if other people like it,
that's even better.
CrunkSimba:Why did you choose to write about the subject matter?
dannibailey: Good question....Since I've never written ANYTHING before in my life I
guess this was an unusual place to start. To be honest, I find two men making love very
erotic. (one of them being Justin Timberlake didnt hurt that visual at all) So why not write
about something you like.
CrunkSimba: Ohh Good answer.
CrunkSimba: Besides writing for Nifty, what do you do in your spare time?
dannibailey: Spare time?? What's that? Well, I have two great daughters (15 and 12) so
most of my "spare" time is consummed by being a mom. Its a job I take very seriously.
(and no, the girls don't know mom writes for Nifty!)
CrunkSimba:: What do you think they would say if they found out?
dannibailey: Well, I think they would be surprised to say the least. They know I write, but
have no idea its sexual stories about the guys covering their walls.
CrunkSimba: LOL..thats the truth. Where did the name Decisions come from?
dannibailey: Actually, the guy that inspired the story came up with the name. Basically,
everthing you do in life is a decision. In my story, the guys had plenty of decisions to
make, some easy and some hard, so it fit perfectly.
CrunkSimba: Do you look to any author for inspirations?
dannibailey:No not really....there are several authors that I think are very talented, but I'm
more inspired by the people themselves, who they are and how they handle their lives. Its
not the fact that they write or what they write that impresses me.
CrunkSimba:Cool..ok last question. If you could rid the world of one thing what would it
dannibailey: That is an easy one....intolerance. I dispise it. If I teach my daughters nothing
else I hope I can instill in them to be accepting, whether is be race, religion, political views
or sexual orientation.
CrunkSimba: Good answer.
CrunkSimba: Thank you for taking time out and letting me interview you!
dannibailey: No problem.....I enjoyed it!
dannibailey: Thanks for asking
CrunkSimba: Anytime
CrunkSimba: Take Care!