Interview with Schuyler

<CrunkSimba> When were you introduced to Nifty?
<Schuyler> Um, tricky one. Years ago I guess. All my friends were gayboys and they were readers. I sort of stumbled into it out of curiosity maybe a year ago.
<Schuyler> But I only ventured into Boybands for the first time around the beginning of August.
<Schuyler> So I'm new here.
<CrunkSimba> Can you remember what your first was that you read?
<Schuyler> It was Kevin and Nick, just two parts, but it was incredible.
<CrunkSimba> oh..good story
<CrunkSimba> Do you have any favorites?
<Schuyler> Um, let's see. Right now I'm very heavily into "Devotion" and "Next Window Please," but I think that "Josh and Just" is one of my absolute favorites.
<Schuyler> And "Brian and Nick!"
<CrunkSimba> Where did the name Retreat come from?
<Schuyler> I wrote the first installment during a long car trip and it was only supposed to be a one time thing, so I named it after the place they were.
<Schuyler> But people liked it, so I kept going.
<CrunkSimba> What was the reason behind it?
<Schuyler> I'd been reading on the Archive and talking in the chat room, but I never had the guts to post anything.
<Schuyler> I figured that, hey, since I'm a writing major, I should probably put something up. And Kevin and Joey were my favorite boyband members then.
<Schuyler> I really wanted to do something that wasn't quite like the "normal" story.
<Schuyler> And I ended up with Retreat.
<CrunkSimba> Yeah anything 'orginal' on Nify nowadays is like Gold!
<Schuyler> I wanted to be a little different, and I ended up with a meeting of the boyband leaders in California (cause no one ever writes about California)
<CrunkSimba> Thats true there.
<CrunkSimba> Why do you choose to write slash fiction?
<Schuyler> I write a lot of stuff, slash was somethig I'd never tried before, and I got this idea, this inspiration, and just ran with it.
<Schuyler> It's another form, like poetry or novels.
<CrunkSimba> True, What inspired you to write?
<Schuyler> Hmm, that's hard.
<Schuyler> I think it was the idea of all these guys sorta being in charge of their groups. I took a lot of cues from other stories, especially in respect to Lance.
<Schuyler> And a lot of the stories that talked about Justin.
<CrunkSimba> Ah so your a Justin/Lance girl then.
* Schuyler laughs
<Schuyler> I never said that
<CrunkSimba> Oh..
* CrunkSimba laughs
<Schuyler> I like the Justin/JC stories, but I never said what would happen in Retreat
<CrunkSimba> If nobody read your story and you got no feedback would you still write it?
<Schuyler> That's an interesting question.
<Schuyler> I've had a lot of response in the chat, but not a lot of emails. And it does get really discouraging sometimes.
<CrunkSimba> That's true.
<Schuyler> After the third chapter, I didn't want to post anymore. But some people sent some really nice emails with their thoughts and ideas, and I think four and five are going to be the best yet.
<CrunkSimba> Besides writing for Nifty, what do you do in your spare time?
<Schuyler> Well, I'm in college, and that takes up quite a chunk.
<Schuyler> You can find me in chat most nights.
<Schuyler> And the rest of the time I'm running from my friends, trying to hide my dark boyband-loving secret.
* CrunkSimba laughs
<Schuyler> Hey, it's hard in a Radiohead/Moby world.
<CrunkSimba> Oh, good choices.
<CrunkSimba> Ok, some authors don't get along with each other. How do you fare with the other authors?
<Schuyler> I love practically everyone in the chat (does that sound fake?)
<Schuyler> Really, everyone's been great and I couldn't ask for better friends.
<CrunkSimba> That's the way to go.
<Schuyler> And it's nice, when you're writing about a subject this specific, to get to talk to other people who are doing the same thing.
<Schuyler> And I get to write to some of my favorite authors and they write back.
<CrunkSimba> True.
<Schuyler> It's fantastic!
<CrunkSimba> Where do your ideas for your story come from?
<Schuyler> I'm not sure. I see pictures and I infer my own weird things.
<Schuyler> I read way into some things.
<Schuyler> And, most of the time, I read the first few lines of a story on the Archive and my mind goes in a completely different direction than what the author eventually does.
<Schuyler> So I write my own story with my own strange vision.
<CrunkSimba> Do you look to any authors for inspirations?
<Schuyler> I have to say Rachel, but I don't know if that's inspiration or if I just like reading her stuff.
<CrunkSimba> LOL..She's a great author. I love all of her stuff.
<Schuyler> She's fantastic. I love her work. But I try to be a little lighter in my work.
<Schuyler> I can promise that everything I write will have a happy ending.
<CrunkSimba> How long have you been writing?
<Schuyler> Probably since I was like twelve.
<CrunkSimba> Ahh.Thats cool.
<Schuyler> I've been writing in this gay vein for about three years.
<Schuyler> I do a lot of gay male love stories, but I'm not sure why.
<CrunkSimba> Who would you love to do a collaboration on a story with?
<Schuyler> I'd love to collaborate with Mike Ellis (another favorite of mine). He's got those "shake up Nifty" ideas too, you can see that in his work. And I'd like to write with Drew, who hasn't actually posted yet (hint, hint).
<CrunkSimba> LOL...A couple of years ago. Did you ever think you be writing gay slash?
<Schuyler> Definitely not. A couple of years ago I was a good girl in a Catholic school, but things change so quick.
* CrunkSimba laughs
<CrunkSimba> Do you plan on writing any other stories?
<Schuyler> Maybe, but I want to focus on Retreat.
<Schuyler> I work best when I'm only doing one story at a time.
<CrunkSimba> Thats true. Do you follow the real lives of Nsync, for your story?
<Schuyler> Not really. That would probably just mess me up.
<Schuyler> the terrible thing is that I probably get most of my info from other stories.
* CrunkSimba laughs
<CrunkSimba> Nah.
<Schuyler> So as long as everyone else does their homework, I'm okay.
<CrunkSimba> lol
<CrunkSimba> Ok, last question. If you could change one thing about your story what would you change?
<Schuyler> Ummmm, I think I'd give myself more time for it. I don't think I'm updating fast enough. If I were reading it, I would be going insane.
<Schuyler> Does that count?
<CrunkSimba> LOL Yeah!
<CrunkSimba> Thanks for letting me interview you.
<Schuyler> It was a blast. Thank you so much!