A Interview With SuperJoey

Ok someone in the BoyBands Chatroom thought it would be a good idead to keep interviewing people. So, I did and am. Send all questions to blairboy81@hotmail.com

<CrunkSimba> When were you introduced to Nifty?
<SuperJoey> I'd say about back in ‘96
<CrunkSimba> You are one of the vetrans on Nifty. Your story Backstreet Lust, first appeared on Nifty on March , . How do you think the stories have change since yours?
<SuperJoey> well, I think when I first started reading, before there was even a BB section, it was more focused on the sexual aspect rather then on romance
<CrunkSimba> Yeah, more of the stories actually have morals..so to speak anyways..
<CrunkSimba>How come you didn't finish your stories?
<SuperJoey> which one?
<CrunkSimba> Backstreet Lust
<SuperJoey> well, It's a work in progress, I'm rewriting it. bad grammer and such, but I have scenes and plans for it
<CrunkSimba> thats good to know it didn't fully end
<CrunkSimba>What were the reasons behind Backstreet Lust and When You Wish Upon A Star?
<SuperJoey> well, after reading some of the stories, I just wanted to write a story with an ending that no one has done yet
<SuperJoey> so BSLust was born
<SuperJoey> then I got hooked on Joey and so I wanted to do a switching places story. thats when Wish came about
<CrunkSimba>So there's no more to be added to Wish then?
<SuperJoey> no, chapter two is almost complete
<SuperJoey> I'm a procrasternator
<SuperJoey> or however you spell that
<CrunkSimba> LOL..i guess so
<CrunkSimba>Do you have any particular favorites on Nifty?
<SuperJoey> Well, Studio, S+R, Brian and Me
<SuperJoey> LISA
<SuperJoey> anything with Joey
<CrunkSimba> LOL..I so agree with you there. Although, I got attached to 98* thanks to Sprout.
<CrunkSimba> You have written about both Nsync and Backstreet Boys. Who do you prefer to write about?
<SuperJoey> I think I like them equally. Depends on my mood on which story I work on
<CrunkSimba> Where do your ideas for your story come from?
<SuperJoey>partly from my life
<CrunkSimba>How do you relate to the main characters in either of your stories?
<SuperJoey> I try to base them on myself. It also allows me to express things that I can in my life.
<SuperJoey> I can be free to be or do anything I wish
<CrunkSimba> Good answer.
<CrunkSimba>If nobody read your story and you got no feedback would you still write it?
<SuperJoey>of course i would
<CrunkSimba> How do you feel your stories or writing have progressed since your first story.
<SuperJoey>I think with the help of some of my friends, I've been able to add more storyline and character to my characters
<CrunkSimba> Sweet.
<CrunkSimba> Besides writing for Nifty, what do you do in your spare time?
<SuperJoey> I work and I go to school
<CrunkSimba>Where did the name Backstreet Lust and When You Wish Upon A Star Come From?
<SuperJoey> well, Backstreet Lust was just something random
<SuperJoey> and Wish, well, that one came from the story line
<CrunkSimba> Ahh,Kewl..
<CrunkSimba>If your life was being made into a movie, who would play you?
<SuperJoey> I've always like Freddy Prinze Jr.
<CrunkSimba>AHH, good choice
<CrunkSimba>Nifty is not known for it's male writers anymore now that we have both male and female writers. What do you think of this?
<SuperJoey> I was surprised at first, but they do a good job
<CrunkSimba> Can you remember the very first story you read?
<SuperJoey> I dont think it's around anymore
<SuperJoey> i remember it was in the athletics section, and it was just....increadable
<CrunkSimba> Besides slash, do you writeanything else?
<SuperJoey>I have a few things on my website
<CrunkSimba>Could post your website for the readers?
<SuperJoey> sure
<SuperJoey> http://www.geocities.com/jakedane
<CrunkSimba> Your a regular in the BoyBands Chatroom, do you think the chat was a good
<CrunkSimba> idea or bad?
<SuperJoey> I like it
<SuperJoey> at first i was way in awwwe of everyone
<CrunkSimba> Yeah, my first time in here i lasted all of minutes. It was crazy
<CrunkSimba>Ok.Last question. If you could have one wish and one wish only..what would it be?
<SuperJoey> I would wish that my little sister never had gotten menengitas
<CrunkSimba> Well thank you for letting me interview you..It was a pleasure
<SuperJoey> thanks for lettin me chat )