Hello everyone! If you've read "Rob and Lance" then, 'tis I, Rob's friendly neighborhood mystery author! (If you haven't, well then, go do it!  lol)  You can call me Phantom if you like though, many of my friends do.
I, like many of you, suffer from an overactive imagination and, when I had this dream a while back, I just had to write it down to get it out of my head .. kinda like a literary exorcism or something. lol  Well, when I told Rob about it, and that Lew -- the character I created in his story -- was in it, he suggested making it part of the "Rob and Lance" story ... "It would be kinda nice to have another look at the lives of our friends in the 'Rob and Lance' universe." Or something to that effect. lol
I'll warn you now ... to borrow a quote from Prince, "I was dreamin' when I wrote this, so sue me if it goes astray." Actually, it's a combination of ideas from a couple of dreams and a nightmare.  Be forewarned that portions of it (the ones from the nightmare maybe?) may be rather disturbing, but if you can make it through those parts I'm sure you'll find it well worth it.
This is not a continuation of "Rob and Lance" ... Rob ended that one and he's not bringing it back.  This is my story based on his characterizations, and I have his full permission as well as his best wishes to write it.  Still, thanks for taking the time to revisit one of your old haunts and returning to see what's happening with the characters you fell in love with.  Remember, it's me writing this one, not Rob's edit of my work, so it's gonna be a little different. You'll also notice that this one's done in the third person. Rob's off on his own tour making a name for himself without the guys, getting to know his new sister, and moving on after his break up with Lance.  So, he's not in this one full time to tell you himself.
This is also a ... 'tweenquel'. Okay, admittedly a made up word, but it's set after the 9.9.99 VMA's, which, as we all sadly remember, marked the break up of Rob and Lance. It's set before the last chapter though, around present day, and well in advance of Rob's GREAT ending.
A little reminder for those of you joining us for the first time or for those of you that might have forgotten ... the characters in this story are just that, characters, and even though they may bear a striking resemblance to the members of *NSYNC ... they're not them! This work also doesn't pretend to imply ... ok it does pretend ... but it's not meant to be truly indicative of the actual personalities or sexual orientations of any of the group's members or any real person. Okay, enough of that ... now, in those immortal words which my bro, Rob, has now made so famous ....

Nightmare Before Dawn

Copyright © 2000
Virtual Phantom
All Rights Reserved

NOW ENTERING ROOM: if you like music come on in:1 created by KryptoniteKid

YOU SEE HERE: 98s_hardest_thing, AJ_rocks_my_world, AmIoldenough, BILLYBOB, Chris_is_my_man, doMEalloveragain, Donteventhinkit, Doogiegood, Duckling3, hatrak4Drew, JCsMine, Justin_can_be_digital_with_me, KryptoniteKid, lil_Rob_ridin_hood, Limeymine, Lucky_d0g, Nicks_trick, NoWorNeVeR, SteelerMomma, the1ROBwants.

KryptoniteKid will be highlighted

BILLYBOB says, loves justin(you not the other one') hehe
BILLYBOB says, gave up

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Hey Kiddo, how's my favorite man of steel?"

Donteventhinkit says, yes.....i am

KryptoniteKid tells you, "uhhh ... excuse me ... but do i know you Duckling3?"

AmIoldenough says, insink isnt the correct spelling anyways. in synch
BILLYBOB says, is all

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Well I guess that all depends on last time you saw a full moon in broad daylight while shootin hoops doesn't it?"

AmIoldenough says, is
Donteventhinkit says, 'cause i'm an asshole

KryptoniteKid tells you, "ummm ... i made the shot anyway!  LMAO ... who is this??"

the1ROBwants says, me and my friend were joking around one day and we were talkin about what food was better in bed

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Now that would be telling! Besides I never give out the answers, no matter how much you might beg ... just ask your other two J initialed friends. lmao"

the1ROBwants says, thats all ima say
AmIoldenough says, denis leary is my hero

KryptoniteKid tells you, "o-K .... well Tyler's definitely out ... he's a firm believer that actual sentences are somehow sacrilegious during chats lmao"

you tell KryptoniteKid, "LMAO"

KryptoniteKid tells you, "who else was there that day?"

Donteventhinkit says, ROB

you tell KryptoniteKid, "<shrug>"

Doogiegood says, it's all about al sync, alright?

KryptoniteKid tells you, "well you're not Steve ... cause i've got our computer! lmao and Chris is still talkin to Beth and me on his other screen name"

BILLYBOB says, F1x

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Chris is in here too? lol"

KryptoniteKid tells you, "damn no one else who was there would know my screen name ... sure you're not a stalker? lol yeah he's here too"

Donteventhinkit says, woo

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Didn't notice, he changes his screen name too often lmao"

KryptoniteKid tells you, "the only other person i can think of is ... wait a minute ... Duckling3?   OMG LMFAO ... LEW??"

BILLYBOB says, wow

you tell KryptoniteKid, "LOL very good!  I guess that dye didn't seep into your brain after all!  LMAO"

lil_Rob_ridin_hood says, leary is awesome

KryptoniteKid tells you, "OMG ... hey man, what's up? And how the hell did you find me in here?"

AmIoldenough says, HAHA NOT FUNNY
AmIoldenough says, no..

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Room's name and your screen name ... I made an educated guess. lol"

AmIoldenough says, *NSYNC

you tell KryptoniteKid, "How in the world did you end up in the middle of this conversation anyway? lmao"

Doogiegood says, jello, that's all i'm gonna say..lol
Donteventhinkit says, nsink

KryptoniteKid tells you, "don't ask me ... they just came in and started lmao"

lil_Rob_ridin_hood says, nosync

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Ahhh, gotchya! lmao So which one is Chris? lol"

doMEalloveragain says, *'N Sync
BILLYBOB says, strawberries is better with wine---wooo hoooo calls fo rgreat sex

KryptoniteKid tells you, "oh now that is sooo not fair! you made me guess so i should make you! lmao"

Doogiegood says, "joey"
BILLYBOB says, oh sorry

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Oh, ok ... I see how it is! OK I got it!"

doMEalloveragain says, : |

Duckling3 says, Well I can tell you one member that the real *NSYNC could do without ... that's Chris ... I mean without the wild hair, what use is he anyway??"


KryptoniteKid tells you, "OMG you are SOOOO evil!!"


you tell KryptoniteKid, "I know! ;-)"

lil_Rob_ridin_hood says, actually a more fitting name for them would be lip sync
Lucky_d0g says, HEY!! and just what's so wrong with Chris?? i mean with out him there wouldn;t even BE a band??
hatrak4Drew says, night room

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Got him!! LMAO"

KryptoniteKid tells you, "ROTFLMFAO"

Lucky_d0g will be highlighted

Donteventhinkit says, that avatar fits.....

you tell Lucky_d0g, "Of course you know all about how *NSYNC got started don't you Chris?"

Donteventhinkit says, with the : |
BILLYBOB says, night Drew

Lucky_d0g tells you, "ummm ... yeah well prolly more then you anyway"

AmIoldenough says, they dont lip sync, so really it wouldnt

Lucky_d0g tells you, "who is this? do i know you?"

doMEalloveragain says, lol
the1ROBwants says, i prefer whipped cream and ice...lol..but thats just me
Donteventhinkit says, or not

KryptoniteKid tells you, "damn youre totally freakin him out LMFAO"

doMEalloveragain says, : |
Doogiegood says, please, johnny knight only hired bob cause he felt bad about his crutch/bone disorder

KryptoniteKid tells you, "check this LMFAO .... Lucky_d0g tells you, "joe dude this guy must be a psycho or somethin!! and shit man he just called me chris!!!""

hatrak4Drew leaves

KORNkid enters

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Hey Joe, how bout we get a private room they're starting to give me a headache. lol"

lil_Rob_ridin_hood says, they nonetheless suck
Donteventhinkit says, whipped cream

KryptoniteKid tells you, "sounds good to me ... just lead the way!"

i_wanna_lick_Abs_abs enters

Doogiegood says, he knows he's gonna die anyway

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Ok gimme a sec to get it set up."

Joey_in_my_bed enters

AmIoldenough says, i think nsync is the most damn convienient name for them

you tell KryptoniteKid, "Umm ... Joe ... you been holdin back on me?"

AmIoldenough says, NO!NO!

KryptoniteKid tells you, "huh?  what d ya mean?"

you tell KryptoniteKid, "<points at screen name that just entered>"

i_wanna_lick_Abs_abs says, who's justin timberlake?

KryptoniteKid tells you, "ummm ... no comment!  LMFAO"

BILLYBOB says, is justin

NOW ENTERING ROOM: Duckling3's private room:1 created by Duckling3

YOU SEE HERE: Duckling3.

KryptoniteKid enters following Duckling3

KryptoniteKid says, hold up a sec lemme get chris

Lucky_d0g enters following KryptoniteKid

Lucky_d0g says, ok i'm here now what did you want?

Lucky_d0g says, oh great the nut!

Duckling3 says, I love you too Chris ... and you're one to talk! :-P

Lucky_d0g says, ummm

KryptoniteKid says, ITS LEW CHRIS LMFAO

Lucky_d0g says, oh man you are soooo dead when i get my hands on you! JUST WAIT

Duckling3 says, You may get your chance fairly soon...

Lucky_d0g says, lew man you freaked the shit outta me!!

KryptoniteKid says, what do you mean we may get the chance soon?

Duckling3 says, That's part of why I tracked you down ... that and freakin Chris out. lmao

Lucky_d0g says, oh shuttup!

KryptoniteKid says, what's up man?

Duckling3 says, Well you guys are gonna be in LA in a few days right?

KryptoniteKid says, yeah

Duckling3 says, Well I'm at JPL which is a few miles northeast of LA, and I was wonderin if you could hook me up with some passes so I can surprise Josh and Jus?

KryptoniteKid says, oh yeah man sure!

Lucky_d0g says, yeah definitely ... cause THEN I CAN HIT YOU IN PERSON!!

Duckling3 says, LOL You gotta catch me first! :-P

Duckling3 says, Well I'm sure you've got some showgirls to chase or something so I'll leave ya to it!

KryptoniteKid says, HA ... i can tell you one thing ... if they'd let me out to chase showgirl i would NOT be online talkin to YOU LMFAO

Duckling3 says, GOOD POINT!! LMAO You still checkin your mail regularly?

Lucky_d0g says, yeah ... what else is there to do on the road? LOL

Duckling3 says, True that! I'll send the details for meeting you in an email.

KryptoniteKid says, k man ... see ya in a few days!

Duckling3 says, See ya guys ... stay out of trouble!

Lucky_d0g says, yeah see ya lew!

KryptoniteKid says, YEAH RIGHT!!!

Duckling3 logged out of chat