'Twas the Night Before Christmas....
by Justin

'Twas the night before Christmas, as I laid back in bed,
Josh had just pulled off my swollen cock head
The chains and the whips hung on the wall in there place,
As I leaned forward and licked the cum off of his face.

The rest of the guys were in their bunks sound asleep,
So soundly they were, they didn't utter a peep.
I watched in amazement as Josh tied a bow 'round his dick,
I thought to myself, "Geez, he's sure thick!"

Licking my lips as I thought of his shaft,
I opened my mouth and plunged down over half.
His eyes closed tightly and his head snapped back,
As I swallowed him whole and pulled on his sac.

The light from the streets illuminated his skin,
As he writhed and he bucked as my finger slid in.
I wiggled it around trying to find the spot that I sought,
I found it and rubbed it making him hotter than hot.

The bus hit a bump sending us for a ride
Josh gasped aloud when another finger slide inside.
"James, I need you inside of me plunging away
Please don't make me way until Christmas day."

"Now, Josh! Now, love! My soul, my heart and my air!
I thought you said that you wouldn't go there."
But, as the words left my mouth I looked at the clock
Past midnight it was and I began stroking my cock.

I grabbed Josh and pushed him down on the small bed,
Against his tight ring, I positioned my leaking head.
As I held the base and with a push hard and fast,
His ring opened wide and I plunged into his ass.

I waited a moment inside his spasming hole
Josh was beneath me impaled on my pole.
I began to pull out until only the head remained inside
As I plunged balls deep, Josh's eyes opened wide.

Harder and faster, I picked up the speed,
I craved to fill Josh with my fiery seed.
The springs on the bed groaning with force
I hollered out "Giddy up" and rode him, of course.

My balls began churning and my dick swelled inside
Neither of us saw the rest of the guys standing beside
The contractions of orgasm rocketed through my being,
As I began climaxing, it felt like I was peeing.

"Oh James!" Josh groaned out as he felt the warmth of my cum
That's when the rest of the guys started to hum
I looked at them weirdly as their clothes hit the floor,