I gave you all the love I got...I gave you more than I could give...I gave you love...I gave you all that I have inside...And you took my love...You took my love...I keep crying...I keep crying...I keep trying for you...There's nothing like you and I baby...This is no ordinary love...No ordinary love...This is no ordinary love...No ordinary love -- Sade

No Ordinary Love

Chapter -- 0
by JT Poole

Orlando, FL -- Sunday Morning -- The Poole-Kirkpatrick Home


"Good morning baby," I say, rolling over in bed just in time to see my loving husband yawn and start to stretch. Kissing him on the cheek, he smiles at me and pulls me closer to him.

"Morning baby," he says as I smiled this time. "How are you feeling? Is the headache gone?"

"Yeah I feel better now," I tell him, sitting up in bed. "Are you sure you want to go visit your sister today?"

"Well we have no choice in the matter baby. Mom wants us there and she wants the kids there too. She wasn't taking `no' as an answer to this," he tells me, frowning.

"I know, but are you sure you want the boys there? They might be young, but they still remember her and the things she did," I tell him as he frowns again.

It's a beautiful morning and here we are sitting here thinking about the past. We shouldn't be here thinking about those things, but it's a hard not to, considering what was done to us and them. I know it hurts him as much as it hurts me, but like his mom says, we have to look past that and try to move on. She wants the boys there today and as much as I've tried, Bradley isn't happy about that. He's just as stubborn as me. I guess that's one of the genes I passed on to him.

"Come on handsome get that cute bottom up and let's get this day on the road," I say as he smiles at me and grins.

"Isn't there something you want to do with this cute bottom?" He asks me, wiggling his ass seductively in front of me. "You know we didn't get to finish playing our game last night."

"Maybe later on, you know we have somewhere else to be," I tell him as I lean in and kiss him on the cheek. "Let's go get the boys up and ready."

"Okay, but I expect to get some loving later on when we get back," he tells me, smacking my ass as he walked past me. "I'm not joking handsome husband of mine."

"I know baby," I say, smiling as we both walked down the hall to the boys' room.

"Boys it's time to get up," he says, turning on the light in the room and sitting down on Bradley's bed. "Come on Brad wake up."

"Morning Skyler," I say as he opens his eyes and yawns, acting like his daddy.

"Come on guys, bath time," he says, helping Bradley up out of the bed.

"Come on Skyler, time to get up," I say, trying to get him up, the little boy, not helping me at all in the process. "I'm not in the mood for trying to move your dead weight. Come on sonny boy, time to get up."

"I don't want to get up daddee," the little boy tells me, laughing as he sounds just like Chris whining when he didn't want to get up.

"Well I know that, but get up anyway," Chris tells him as I got him up and on my shoulders carrying him into the bathroom as he carried Bradley into the bathroom behind me.

Here it is a beautiful morning and we're struggling with the boys to get them up. When Bev called and suggested this get together, I was hesitant. I know she means well, but I don't want this to cause anymore unneeded stress in our family. I know Bradley doesn't want to see Kate again for what she did. The last time we were all together, her actions were despicable! She had no right to do what she did to him or us. She might be his birth mother, but she has no claim to my son.

Sighing, I got Skyler undressed and into the tub. Looking over at Chris, still struggling with Bradley, I'd always wondered what Kate's actions would do to him. Seeing him struggle with Chris the way he is gives me a good enough answer.

** Flashback **

January 21, 1997 -- Clarion, PA -- Crawford General Hospital

Chris' POV

We've been here for hours since Kate went into labor. When we got the call, we were all out doing a little bit of shopping. JT had told us earlier to stay home, that he felt that she would go into labor while we were out. I guess we should have listened to him, my husband with the strange intuition. She went into labor around seven and it's almost three in the morning. Since this is her first child, the doctors believe that it's going to take awhile, but I'm just scared as hell that something's going to happen to her and the baby. Why is this taking so long?

"Chris are baby you alright?" JT asked, walking over to me and wrapping his arms around me.

"I'm fine baby, just a little bit scared. I hope they're alright," I told him as I turned around in his arms and laid my head in the crook of his neck. "I'm scared baby. I'm scared that something's going to happen to her and the baby. What...what if she..."

"Chris don't talk like that," he told me, smoothing my hair back and kissing me on the forehead. "Kate's going to be all right."

"How can you be so sure?" I asked him as he smiled at me.

"I have faith that the Lord won't take her and the baby from us," he stated, smiling at me, as a few tears fell from his eyes too. "I'm sure he knows how much we want a family baby. Everything will work out like it's supposed to."

"I hope you're right baby," I told him as he pulled me back to his chest and hugged me tighter.

A Few Hours Later

"Excuse me sirs," the nurse said, shaking JT and Chris to wake them up.

"Yes? Is there something wrong?" JT asked, standing up quickly.

"No sir, there isn't anything wrong. Calm down sir, everything is all right. I just believe there's someone down the hall I think you two would like to meet," the woman says as JT and Chris looked at each other and took off down the hall running.

Down in Maternity Ward -- Observation Room


Oh my God, he's here, he's finally here. She's holding my little boy, Adam Bradley Poole. This is a joyous day after all. The both of us stood there just holding each other as the young lady held our baby up for us to see. Kissing Chris, I grabbed his hand, smiled at the young lady and pulled him in the direction of Kate's room. Happy and content as we walked, we could hear heated voices coming from the room that Kate was supposed to be in.

Knocking on the door and coming face-to-face with Chris' mom, she hugged Chris, then me and stepped aside as we looked into the room. We could see Kate lying in the bed and she was carrying on a scream fest with the doctor and our lawyer. Looking back at Chris' mom, she looked down at the floor and then up at the two of us.

"Mom what's going on?" Chris asked her, looking back into the room and then back at her.

"Bev what's going on?" I asked her as she looked up at me, a few tears in her eyes.

"She's trying to change the terms of you guys' agreement," Beverly said, grabbing both of our hands.

"What? What do you mean Bev?" I asked her, the anger apparent in my voice.

"She says if you want your child, she wants $100,000 from you. She can care less about the doctor bills being paid and such, she wants more money and she says if you don't pay, she's going to make it so you can't take custody of your child."

"What?!?" I shout as both of them tried calming me down.

Joyous was the word I used a few minutes ago when I saw my son, but now after hearing what Beverly had to say about what Kate was doing, I was angrier than a daddy on father's day that didn't get any recognition. Turning my attention to the door, I was about to go into the room when Chris stopped me.

"No baby, let me go," he said as he kissed me and walked into the room.

Chris's POV

I can't believe she wants to change things now that she's had the baby. I don't know...know what to say to right now. What do you say to your sister that has given birth to the child of your husband? Please God, please instill in me some nice and kind words to solve this problem instead of me using the harsh ones I have in mind. I want this to be solved quickly, not end badly. Mom says if she doesn't get what she wants, she'll make it hard for us to take custody of the baby. Why would she do this to me? I'm her own flesh and blood. Why does she want to hurt me like this?

"Hello Kate," I said, walking over to the bed and sitting opposite of her, the doctor and our lawyer.

"I didn't say you could come in here Christopher," she tells me, turning her attention back to the doctor who was writing some things down on her chart.

"Chris, maybe it's a good idea for you to go back outside," Daniel West, our lawyer said as he got up and walked over to me. Standing up quickly and glaring at Kate, I walked out with Daniel, leaving the doctor in the room to talk to Kate.

"Yeah whatever," I said, as I walked over to JT, glared at Daniel and then wrapped my arms around JT, holding him as he cried.

Kissing him, I pulled him along with me down to the waiting room. We sat down as he continued to cry. I could clearly see that this whole ordeal was hurting him. It's hurting me, but it's hurting him more. His fondest wish, besides having me in his life was to have a somewhat traditional family. Being gay and all, he knew he couldn't have that real traditional family. When we told mom about the idea of having children, the first thing that came to mind with her was adoption. In JT's eyes, adoption wasn't the answer and he wanted a child with his genes, his likeness, his habits and so forth. After weeks of looking for ways of making his wish come true, Kate approached us and told us about finding a surrogate mother. We both jumped at the idea and all we needed to do was find someone that we felt would be a perfect match for what we wanted.

To say the least, we didn't find anyone that either of us were happy with. After talking with lawyers, nurses, fertility clinics with ads for surrogate mothers and many of our friends, we had just about given up on this until Kate stepped up to the plate and said she would do it. I at first disagreed, but after she laid out the specifics of what it would be like to have a child with JT and my genes, well the family's genes, we agreed and decided to do it. A few weeks later, after dealing with the OB/GYN and other strange people, Kate was pregnant and me and JT were making plans. During her pregnancy, Kate moved in with us so that she along with the baby could get a feel to what our household was like. I know it sounds strange, but a few people said that during the pregnancy, the baby will get to know us by our voices. That the baby can actually hear what's going on outside of the womb. I was surprised, but after reading up on it, I learned a lot of new things.

Now that the baby is here, I don't know what's going to happen. What is it that Kate is thinking? Why is she doing this to us now? If she wanted more money, why didn't she just ask in the beginning instead of threatening us now...

"Mr. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Poole, could you two please follow me?" The doctor asked, stepping into the waiting area, walking over, closer to us.

"What's wrong doc?" I asked as he held the door opened for the two of us. "Where are we going?"

"You are going to get your son," the doctor stated, opening the door to the observation room.

"What...what happened with Kate?" JT asked him, wiping at his eyes.

"She's decided to go ahead and not cause any problems for the two of you. She only asks that you take the baby now and not let her see him," the doctor told us.

"Is he able to leave now?" JT asked, looking up at the doctor.

"So far, I don't see why not," the doctor said, smiling as the young lady from before brought the baby out to us.

"Here you are gentlemen," she said, handing the baby over to JT.

At that very moment, it was like his heart had healed itself and everything was right again. Looking at his face, he smiled and leaned down and kissed the baby's forehead. Looking over to me, we kissed and turned to see mom standing there with us.

"Did you decide on which name you wanted to give him?" Mom asked as he handed the baby over to her.

"Yes, I've decided on Adam Bradley Poole-Kirkpatrick," he told her, hugging me as Daniel came over to us and the young lady shook her head.

"Only the family of the child can be in here sir," the young lady said as Daniel motioned for the two of us to follow him.

"Mom could you hold on to him while we talk to Daniel?" I asked her as she nodded. "Thanks."

"So what is it?" JT asked him.

"Why did Kate change her mind so fast again?" I asked as he opened his briefcase and produced what looked like our contractual agreement with Kate.

"She signed it as is. She's sorry for what she did, she won't plague you two about this again, you two just need to take the baby out of her now so she can't see him," he explains, closing his briefcase and turning around. "I don't believe this matter is over between the four of you. Chris, I suggest you go ahead with your plan to adopt the baby so you would be considered his legal guardian just in case something happened to JT."

"Well we are going to get that taken car of Daniel," JT told him. turning his attention back to mom and the baby. "All we need to do is give you back the paperwork you gave us."

"Once that is filed, you two can hopefully forget this matter," Daniel told us as he shook our hands and then hugged us. "You two take it easy. I'll see you in the office on Friday afternoon to complete the other paperwork we talked about."

"Alright Daniel, you take it easy," I tell him as he turned and walked away from us, heading towards the elevator.

** End Flashback **

I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I wonder what's going to actually happen today that she wants to see him again.

Across Town -- The Bass Home

Lance's POV

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm lying here with my lovely wife. I'm the luckiest man on the planet, I think. I ended up with this beautiful woman, when she could have chosen so many other men. The day she agreed to marry me was the happiest day of my life. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't have her in my life.

It's a little after eight and we'll need to get a move on if we'd like to get to church on time. For the last few Sundays, she hasn't felt well enough to go, but last night, she assured me that she would join me today. Leaning over and kissing her on the lips, she opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around me. Just being here with her made me feel like I'd died and gone to heaven.

"Morning Mister Bass," she says, smiling at me.

"Morning Missus Bass," I say, smiling back at her. "How do you feel?"

"I'm feeling much better honey," she tells me, sliding up in the bed and looking into my eyes.

"That sounds good baby. Are you up to joining me at church still?" I ask her, leaning back against the headboard of the bed.

"Yes Jamie, I told you last night I was going with you, no matter what. So let's get going, the sun is shining and we have the whole day ahead of us," she tells me, leaning in and kissing me on the cheek. "I feel like a shower, how about you?"

"Oh I feel like a shower too," I tell her, hopping across her and pulling her out of the bed as she laughed at me.

"Slow down handsome," she tells me as I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed in the doorway of the bathroom. "The way you're going, we might not make it to church."

"Oh we're going to make it to church baby," I tell her, picking her up and carrying her into the bathroom.

Placing her on the sink basin, I kissed her quickly and opened the shower stall door. Turning the water on and setting the controls for the temperature that suited us, I stepped back over to her to help her get out of her nightgown.

Standing in front of her, I let my hands linger on her thighs a few seconds, teasing her skin as she squirmed a bit. Leaning in and kissing her again, I slid my hands under her gown and worked my way up her legs to the top of her panties. Sliding my fingers in the sides, I started my task of getting them down her legs. Lifting her hips up off the sink basin, I let my hands tease the edge of her buttocks, causing her to moan.

"Jamie don't tease me baby," she says in a seductive tone as I got her panties down and into the hamper.

"I thought you liked it when I teased you," I tell her as she captured my bottom lip and her hands found their way to my ass as she pulled me closer to her so she could slide my boxer briefs down.

"This is different baby," she tells me, massaging my ass now as I could feel myself harden for her love.

"How so baby?" I ask her, pulling her nightgown over her head and tossing it behind me, missing the hamper.

"This isn't like our early morning quickies," she tells me, wrapping her legs around me, pulling me closer to her and kissing me again as I picked her up off the sink basin.

Walking over to the shower stall, I opened the door and stepped in with her still in my arms. Maneuvering her around a bit, we got into a familiar position, leaning up against the back shower wall.

"Mmmm baby, the water feels so good," she moans, grabbing a hold of the towel rack as she still held onto me with her legs.

Kissing her again, I entered her slowly, savoring the feel of her hot love canal surrounding my blade of sexual lust. Setting the pace and rhythm, I started thrusting in and out of her faster as her moans got louder.

"Ohhhh Jamie!" She screams, tightening her grip on the towel rack. "Oh God, make me yours baby, make me yours!"

"You are mine baby, you are!" I shouted back at her, thrusting in and out of her faster now.

I was thrusting so hard and fast into her, the only sound that could be heard was the connection of our skin. Not hearing her moan, I opened my eyes to see that she was smiling at me as she started gyrating her hips in a downward circular motion, causing all kinds of pleasures to flow through me. Looking at her face, she closed her eyes again and before I knew it, she was using her legs to pull me deeper into her as I felt her squeezing me to orgasm.

"Oh God baby! I'm close, I'm really close!" I shout, thrusting faster, our bodies slapping together now, her back hitting the wall with an audible smack.

"Come with me baby! Come with me!" She screams, letting go of the towel rack and wrapping her arms around my neck as I grabbed the towel rack this time, using it to hold myself up for the oncoming onslaught of my orgasm.

"Shit baby!" I screamed just as my orgasm hit, curling my toes as she squeezed me more, drawing more of my seed out of me. "Oh God!"

"That's it baby! That's it!" She screams, holding on to me tight as all I could see was fireworks.

"Oh yeah baby, I love you," I whisper in her ear, kissing her neck as I tried to get my breathing under control.

"I love you," she says, leaning in to kiss me as we both experienced our sexual high.

The Home of Justin Timberlake

"Yo Justin my man, what's shaking ?" Trace asks, walking through Justin's front door, letting it slam behind him.

"Owww!" Justin screams, walking out of the kitchen and into the living room, sitting down on the sofa, holding a bottle of water and a cold compress for his head.

"Are you alright Justin?" Trace asks, rushing to Justin's side, sitting next to him, wanting to touch him, but didn't.

"No man, I'm not alright," Justin states, holding the compress to his head as he groaned.

"Justin did you go out drinking again?" Trace asked, turning Justin to look at him.

"Don't fucking touch me! Just fucking leave damnit! I'm not in the mood!" Justin shouts, holding his head as he got up to walk out of the room.

"Justin calm down," Trace tells him, holding his hand now.

"I said don't touch me! Don't you fucking understand English?" Justin asks him, yanking his hand out of his own. "I already told you that it's not going to happen!"

"But Justin..." Trace says, a few tears sliding down his cheeks.

"Get the hell out Trace!" Justin shouts, pushing Trace to the floor. "Stop wasting my fucking time! If we weren't friends, I wouldn't allow you to keep hanging around here!"

"Justin why are you acting like this?" Trace asks, rubbing the side of his hip where he landed.

"I'm not acting, I mean what I say damnit!" Justin shouts, turning around and walking into the kitchen.

"Justin please...please don't do this, I love you," Trace says in a whisper as he hears what sounds like a glass breaking. "I'll win you...your love one day. You say you're not gay, but I know you are. The things we've done together can only mean...mean you're gay."

Getting up off the floor, Trace walked to the front door and let himself out. Walking out to his car, Trace opened the door as he heard another crashing sound. Wanting to run to Justin to make sure he was okay, he shook his head and got into his car instead.

Later that Afternoon -- The Sheraton Hotel -- Hotel Banquet Hall

Chris's POV

We've been here for the last four hours and I've seen no sign of Kate. Mom said she was around, but neither I nor JT have seen her. Since getting here, Bradley latched on to JT's leg and hasn't left his side yet. Bradley is so upset about being here that he won't let anyone and I mean anyone, including mom near him. I know his actions are upsetting a few people, but what do you expect from an traumatized eight year old being forced to see his biological mother. I know she's my sister and all, but it's hard to forget about the things she did in the past.

"Hi baby," I say, walking up behind JT and handing him a drink.

"Thanks Chris, I need this," he says, looking down at the sleeping form of Bradley in his arms.

"How long has he been out?" I ask him.

"He fell asleep a few minutes ago," he tells me, taking a sip of the wine. "Where is your mom?"

"She's back there with Molly and her boyfriend," I tell him, sitting down next to him as Skyler ran up to me, hopping into my lap and hugging me around the neck.

"Dad, can we go home now? Me bored," Skyler says as we both laughed at him.

"No we can't leave right now buddy," JT tells him, smiling as Skyler crossed his arms across his chest and pouted. "Sorry buddy, that's not going to work for you, it doesn't work for your dad. Looks like he picked up that too baby."

"I guess he did," I say, smoothing Skyler's hair back as he lay against my chest. "Are you hungry little me?"

"No dad, I wanna go home. Why can't we go?" He asks in a whiny tone, almost sounding like Justin for a moment.

"Because it's not time," JT tells him as a door opens in the room and in steps Kate with mom.

"Baby there," I say, pointing to mom and Kate walking towards us.

"Let's get this over with," he says, rubbing Bradley's chest, tickling him a little bit as he woke up. "Brad son..."

"No daddee, no!" Bradley screams, hugging JT around the neck as Kate and mom got closer to us.

"Brad it's going to be okay," JT tells him as mom and Kate stopped in front of us.

"Hello Bradley," Kate says, leaning down to touch Brad and he pulls away.

"No!" Bradley screams, struggling to get away from her, hurting JT in the process.

"Kate dear, I think you should just go over there for a few moments," Mom tells her as she gets this angry look on her face, looks at JT and then me.

"Fine then," she says, walking away from us.

"Baby are you okay?" I ask him, looking up at mom as she took Bradley out of his arms.

"I'm okay Chris," he tells me, looking up at Bradley and then rubbing his jaw as Kate watched us from across the room.

"It's apparent that he doesn't want her to touch him at all," Mom says, rubbing his back as he cried on her shoulder.

"Why did you think this was a good idea again Bev?" JT asks her, standing up and taking Bradley from her.

"I'm sorry JT," Mom tells him as he hugs Bradley to his chest. "I thought that it would be nice for us to try to be a complete family again."

"I know you mean well Bev, but like you said, it's apparent that he doesn't want to see her or be around her. I'm not going to force this on him. We're going home now. You're welcomed to come back with us if you want, but I don't want to deal with Kate and I don't want him to have to be traumatized more about this situation."

"I know JT, but she is his mother and she's expressed interest in wanting to see her child," Mom tells him.

"Bev you know good and well...no, I'm not going to go on with this anymore. We're going home and now," he tells her as she pleads with her eyes to me.

"Mom he has a point," I say as she looks down at the floor. "We don't have a good history with Kate."

"I know you don't, but you two could at least try to bridge the gap a little," Mom says as JT turns back around.

"We tried that already Bev and she tried to kidnap Brad! Did you forget that part of history Bev?" He asks as mom started to cry. "That's why she's just now getting back to Orlando. If she hadn't tried kidnapping him, she wouldn't have gone to prison!"

"I went to prison because you wouldn't let me see him," Kate says, standing up and walking over to us.

"You didn't want to see him Kate, you wanted to take him from us and get more money!" He shouts, scaring Bradley. "Don't you dare come any closer to us!"

"Baby calm down, you're scaring Brad," I tell him as he wraps his arms around Bradley tighter.

"Stay away from us Kate or God help me..." He says as some hotel security guards walked into the room.

"Is there a problem here?" The first guard asks, stepping up behind Kate.

"No there isn't," JT says as he starts walking towards the exit.

"Baby come back," I call out, following behind him with Skyler in my arms.

This was a big fucking mistake! I should have listened to him and we should have just stayed home. If we had, we wouldn't be having this problem right now. I feel he's about to flip out and we're going to go through the same things all over again from two years ago. Please God, I don't think he's going to survive this again. Last time he almost killed himself, I don't know what he'll do this time.



I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay). This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that. This is for entertainment value only folks.