I gave you all the love I got...I gave you more than I could give...I gave you love...I gave you all that I have inside And you took my love...You took my love...I keep crying...I keep crying...I keep trying for you...There's nothing like you and I baby...This is no ordinary love...No ordinary love...This is no ordinary love...No ordinary love -- Sade

No Ordinary Love

Chapter -- 4, Part A
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

December 23, 2005 -- Orlando, FL -- Mall at the Milenia


Hell's Bells!  It's almost six and I'm still out here doing last minute Christmas shopping for Christopher.  I'm glad Nikki decided to take the boys, or they would be here with me, getting a good bird's eye view of the presents Chris called me to go pick up for them.  He would have been here to do this himself, but Jive made arrangements for the guys to be in Japan to give a benefit concert for some strange charity.  Now that they're on their way back over here, I can relax.  For the past few weeks, I've been having bad feelings that something bad is going to happen and soon.  Oh well, I'm not going to worry about that now, I'll keep my attention on the occasion at hand.

"May I help you sir?"  The salesperson asks as he walks over to me.

"Yeah, I'm here to make delivery arrangements for a item that was purchased here," I tell the young man as he starts walking over to the service desk.

"Would you happen to have a receipt or order number?"  The young man asks as he presses some keys on the computer at the counter.

"Yeah I sure do," I say, pulling out the piece of paper that I wrote on while Chris was giving me the information.  "The order number is W2100-98E541."

"Thank you sir.  Just give me a moment and let me pull that up,' he tells me as he typed the number in and waited for the computer to do its thing.

While standing there waiting on the young man, I pulled out my beeping cell phone.  Apparently someone from an unknown number had sent me a text message.  Selecting the message to read it, I wondered who in the world would send me a message that says `Turn Around'.  Doing what the message says, I came face-to-face with Chris standing there with his arms open for a hug.

"Chris what are you doing here?"  I ask him as I picked him up and spun him around in my arms.  "You said you guys wouldn't be back until early tomorrow."

"We were able to get an earlier flight baby," he tells me as we kissed as the salesperson cleared his throat and waved at us to get our attention.

"So you're here picking up the surprise for the boys?"  He asks me as I nod at him and turn back to the salesperson that stood there star struck with his mouth hanging open catching flies.

"Excuse me," I say, trying to get the young man's attention as I waved my hand in front of his face and he finally snapped out of his trance.

"I'm so sorry sir," he says, blushing a bit as he smiled weakly at the two of us.  "Where would you like the purchase delivered?"

"Just have it sent to the billing address," Chris says as he took my hand in his and we waved at the young man and walked out of the store.

"You made his day handsome," I tell him as he laughs and we head down to the parking garage.

Chris' POV

This has been one of those days for me and for the guys.  If I had my way I would put my foot so far up Johnny Wright's ass it would take multiple surgeries to get it out.  He had no damn right making a commitment for us to do a show in damn Japan without telling us about it.  It would've been different if he had asked us, but he didn't give us that option, he just took it upon himself to do what he wanted.  I know the benefit was for charity, but he could have given us the option to go or not.  Hell under other circumstances it would have been okay, but now isn't.  It's the holidays and I didn't want to be around from JT or the boys.

I know the Japanese promoters are upset that we didn't stay longer to hang out with the fans and sign autographs, but we jumped on the first plane back here.  I'm so glad that we're back home, I'm back with my man and soon I'll be with my sons too.  Seeing the look on his face tells me he's doing much better and that things have been okay with him and the boys.  I was kinda worried about leaving, but he along with Nikki assured me that everything would be okay. 

"Baby are you okay?"  He asks as we get to the jeep.  "You haven't said anything since we left the store.  What's on your mind?"

"You are baby," I tell him as I pull him close to me and we share a passionate kiss.  "I'm glad to be back with you baby."

"I'm glad you're back too," he tells me as I wrap my arms around him and feel on his ass.  "Someone's being naughty."

"I have to be naughty around you baby.  You're too damn sexy for me not to be," I tell him as he starts smiling widely.  "I can't wait to get home so I can have some fun with you."

"What kind of fun is it that you think we're going to have mister?"  He asks as he wraps his arms around me as we're leaning against the jeep passing kisses back and forth to each other.

"The kind that involves the two of us, this," I tell him, squeezing his ass for emphasis of my words.  "And lots of motion.  I'm sure when we're done, we'll both have lost some weight."

"Oh yeah?  We're going to do some pull ups on the floor?"  He asks me, clearly teasing me.

"If that's what it takes to get us to making love, then yeah we can do some pull ups on the floor," I tell him as he shakes his head and starts laughing.

"Come on silly husband of mine, let's get home.  I'm sure the boys would enjoy having their daddy home a day early," he tells me.  "They've been with Nikki most of the day, they're probably driving her crazy."

"Oh really?  Is she going to keep them over night?"  I ask him, wondering if we can get a lil freaky for the night.

"I don't know baby, we can always call her and see.  Why do you want to know?"  He asks me as I give him an evil smirk and he caught on to what I was thinking.

"You know why I want to know," I tell him as he starts smiling.

"Well we can always ask her.  But I'm sure Jamie wants to have fun with his face just as much as you want to have fun with me," he tells me.

"Probably so, but they get to fuck like minx anytime they want.  They don't have rugrats around to ruin the mood," I tell him as he smacks my leg playfully.

"Well handsome, that's the price we have to pay sometime for our desire to have kids.  If I can handle it, you can too," he tells me.

"I can't handle it tonight baby.  I've been away from you for three days, I need to be with you," I tell him as I slid my hand up his though, letting my hand move closer to his crotch every so often.

"I need you too, but there are times we have to sacrifice and wait," he tells me as another idea flashed through my mind.

"Why don't we check into a hotel for the night?"  I ask him as he looks at me while driving.

"What?  Why would we check into...okay you trying to get freaky in a hotel room now?"  He asks, smirking at me.

"Hell right now, I don't care where it is that we do it as long as we do it," I tell him as he starts laughing.

"Well why don't we do it right here in the car," he says, pulling over to the side of the road as I look at him like he was crazy.  "What?"

"Baby you must be kidding?  People would see us.  Get back on the road and let's go home.  I want my bed," I tell him as he starts laughing again.

"Ummm hmmm," he says, patting my leg, his hand grazing my hardness.  "Damn, someone's hot and bothered."

"That someone would be me," I say, doing my damndest to maintain control of my hormones.

Half An Hour Earlier -- The Bass House

Lance's POV

Thank God we're back in the States.  When I found out that we had to go to Japan, I was mad as all hell.  How could Johnny do this to us at a time like this?  It's the holiday's damnit.  He knows we want to spend as much time as we can with our families and we didn't want to be off doing shows.  I believe he only did it to get back at Justin and Josh for the way they treated him with not letting him or his company handle any of their solo projects.

Oh well, I'm home now and I'm not going to let that get me down.  It's all in the past now.  We've done it and we're back home again.  I can finally spend some quality time with my lovely wife and...and Chris and JT's kids it seems.  Walking into the room, I see her running around playing with the boys.  Spotting me, she stops running and falls down on the sofa.  Walking over to her and leaning down to kiss her, the boys spot me next and they rush over to give me hugs.

"Unca Lance!"  Brad screams as he jumps on my back, followed by Skyler attaching himself to my leg.  "You're home!"

"Yes I'm home," I say, wishing he would use his indoor voice.  "What's going on here?"

"JT had some last minute things to get so I offered to take the boys while he handle that," Nikki tells me as Skyler finally let go of me and sat next to her.

"We call daddy now?"  Skyler asks as I looked at her and she looks down at him and frowns.  "I wanna talk to daddy now."

"He's not home yet you big babee," Brad says as Skyler hits him and crosses his arms across his chest.

"Shut up you big ole meanie beast," Skyler says as the two of us watched the two of them argue.

"I'mma tell daddy you called me a meanie beast!"  Brad shouts as I covered my ears.

"I'm not a baby you meanie beast," Skyler says as he hopped down off the sofa and ran from the room as Nikki hopped up to.

"I'm I missing something here?"  I ask, wondering what was going on between the boys to cause them to argue and call each other names like this.

"Brad don't you move from this spot," Nikki told him as she walked out of the room in search of Skyler.

Back at the Mall at the Milenia

Justin's POV

I looked up from the shirts I was searching through to see one of the most gorgeous men I'd ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on.  I knew the man in passing since we'd toured the world with each other on more than one occasion.

I couldn't take my eyes off of the guy.  In fact, I stood pretty much frozen in the middle of the store and watched as the hottie went over to a table to rummage through the items there.  Pretty much wrapped up in his thoughts, he looked up from his shopping and made eye contact with me.  He had the most piercing green eyes that felt as though they were looking into my soul.  I tried to shake the look off, but I couldn't do it.  He flashed a very cute smile at me and I felt my legs get a little weak.  Feeling a little bit awkward, I looked away from the guy to continue what I was doing.

Still looking at me, he tore his eyes away and walked over to a rack of jeans.  Feeling a little bit self-conscious, I checked myself in the mirror that was on the back of the door and started smoothing my clothes out.  I could feel my heart fluttering and the area below my belt twitching.  Damn, what the hell am I doing in here watching him?  He's straight as an arrow, but he is watching me too.

Pushing some shirts aside and maneuvering around another rack, I got a good view of his ass.  Those 501's were hugging his ass very nicely.  The outline of his ass showed through those jeans and I was being turned on to the point where I felt that my dick was going to push past my boxers and pop out of my jeans.  Shit this guy was turning me on beyond reason...

"Hi Justin," the guy says as I grabbed a pair of pants off the rack and placed them in front of me.

"Ahhhh yeah, ahhh hi Nick," I say, catching a glimpse of the bulge in his pants. 

Damn with a bulge like that he must be huge.  Oh God, why are you torturing me like this?  I don't need this kind of attention right now.  Johnny, Mom and the guys will freak if another scandal surrounding me hits the news.

"Can I help you with something Justin?"  Nick asked, trying to sound like a store clerk or something.  "Possibly help you find something?"

"Well I was ahhhh...ahhh well I was looking for...wait a minute, I don't have to tell you that," I tell him, looking down as his perky expression changed.

"Well...I'm sorry Justin, I was only teasing," he says, blushing as he was stepping backwards away from me.

"No, I'm sorry Nick, I shouldn't have snapped at you like that," I tell him as he flashed that famous Carter smile at me again.

I was close to blowing my load right then and there.  At this point, I wanted to pounce on him in the worst sexual way.  I don't know how long I'm going to be able to keep my composure around him.  He knows he's hot and I'm sure he knows I'm bothered by it.  If we were alone right now, he wouldn't be standing there teasing me with his body and looks.  I would put that smiling mouth of his too use and touch every hill and valley of that island he calls a body.

"I think these look good," he says, taking a pair of pants off the rack and holding them up to my waist.  "Yep, you can style those man."

"Ah yeah, I probably could," I say at a loss for words.

A few minutes later, Nick was running around in various areas of the store collecting items that he thought I should wear.  When he was done, I was in a dressing room trying on different pairs of pants and a variety of colorful shirts.  Looking at the black denim jeans and the silk blue shirt, Justin admired himself in the mirror before there was a knock on the door and Nick was letting himself in.

"Looks pretty good.  Why don't you put this on with that," Nick says, handing me a black vest.

"Looks alright," I say, checking out different poses in the mirror, smiling at my reflection as Nick's smile grew wider.

"Why don't you try on these," he says, handing me a pair leather pants.  Dang, these things look like something Josh would wear.

Closing the door and removing the pants, along with the boxers I had on, I put on the leather pants.  Because the pants were tight as hell, I couldn't button them all the way up.  Looking in the mirror, I noticed that these pants were too damn tight and too low on my hips since I could see my damn pubic hair.  I can't go anywhere wearing these; I'd be mobbed and probably arrested for dressing lewd.  These pants are so damn tight; I can see the outline of my hardon.  Picking up the pants I just took off, I was about to take the leather pants off when the door opened and Nick was standing there watching me with a big grin on his face.

"Oh yeah, I think those are a little bit too tight," Nick says, still smiling as I turned away from him, not wanting him to keep staring at my cock.

"Yeah they are," I say, watching him on the sly, trying to figure out what his expression meant as he watched me.

"Are you going to be able to get those off?  I think I can see the veins in your legs," Nick says, giggling a bit.

I got the pants unzipped and by gosh, I didn't know if I was going to get those things off or not.  I could actually feel my legs going numb, the damn things were so tight.  Nick just stood there watching me hop around and trying to get those things off.  When I turned around with the top of the pants open, he stepped back and his eyes went straight down to my crotch.  Looking down, my hard cock was in plain view, giving him a show.

"Nick!  Nick snap out of it!"  I shout, turning around as he shook himself out of the trance he was in.

"I'm sorry Justin," he says, frowning now.

"I think you're going to have to help me get these off," I tell him, grabbing him by the hand and pulling him close to me, placing his hand at the top of the pants, close enough to my cock that I was able to feel his body heat.

Nick grabbed me around the waist and pushed me up against the wall.  He leaned in and pressed his lips hard against mine.  The connection of our lips sent sparks soaring through my body and made my knees weak.  I've always wanting to experience something exotic and erotic as this and now I'm getting a chance to.  Nick noticed that I was sliding down against the wall and stopped me from moving by placing his hands on my hips again and pulling us together.  In one quick motion, Nick's crotch was connected to mine and we were grinding like we were two lovers dancing in a nightclub somewhere.  With my dick already exposed, the sensation I felt when my dick rubbed across his jeans was unimaginable.  This was getting hot and it seemed like this kiss was getting deeper and moving towards a more passionate level.  I couldn't control myself now and I couldn't handle all the things that were going on in my body.  Nick had me so hot and turned on, I just wanted to screw him right here and now.  Our crotches grinding together took on a new frantic rhythm as Nick actually unzipped his pants and let our cocks rub together as he held me between his body and the wall.

I couldn't take it any longer, I had to get some air.  I pushed him back so that I could catch my breath, but kept my hands connected to his so that he knew that I wasn't trying to get away from him.  We both were breathing hard and heavily now as we looked up into each other's eyes.

Getting a little bit bold, I pushed Nick down on the stool that was in the room and then got between his legs.  Rubbing and kissing Nick's clothed leg, I made my way up his leg until I was at the fly of his pants were his cock hung, just waiting to be savored by me.  Nick's cock twitched a little as I reached up to touch it.  Stroking it a few times, Nick moaned and I smiled at him.  This was going better than I thought.  Reaching up to undo his belt and to help him get out of his pants, he stood up and his pants slid down his legs.  He stood there watching me with those green eyes as I reached up and pulled on the waistband of his underwear and brought them down to where his pants were around his ankles.  My eyes widened when all of his beautiful glory was out in the open.  Damn, Nick must be at least nine inches and thick as hell.  I don't know if that's going to fit.

This was getting more erotic by the second and I'm liking every minute of it.  I looked up into Nick's eyes again as he watched me move up and down and around on his dick as I placed kisses all around his dick.  Smiling up at him, I snaked my tongue out and licked the underside of his dick causing him to moan, somewhat louder this time.  Looking up at him, I kissed the tip of his dick as he let out another moan, much quieter this time.

"Nick you have to be quiet.  We don't want any and everybody up in here with us," I tell him as he smiled down at me.

Licking around his dick again, I went down to his balls and licked there as well.  Coming back around, I went down on his dick, taking as much of it as I could, without gagging.  Damn, if you ever need something widened out, I'm sure Nick can help with the matter.

"Oh God Justin," Nick silently gasped, gripping the side of the stool, making his knuckles change colors.

Nick's POV

Oh God, I'm actually in a dressing room in the middle of a store with my dick planted down Justin Timberlake's throat.  With all that's happened to me in the last couple of weeks, this is enough to make me believe that there must be a God up there watching over me because my life just keeps getting better and better.  I've admired Justin for a while and I might just get my chance to make him mine.

The feeling Justin was giving me right now was so intense I wanted to scream and shout.  Knowing I couldn't do that, I tried to maintain some control and practiced my breathing like I was a pregnant lady going into labor.  My cock was pouring precum down Justin's throat and he was leaking it all over the floor.  God knows, if someone comes in here and collects DNA, we're busted...  Justin was teasing me now.  He was going up and down on my dick now.  He would go fast and then he would slow down quickly.  I would be ready to shoot my load, but then he would pull back, causing my juices to settle down a bit.  You could say that Justin was driving me crazy with what he was doing.  He was driving all of my senses wild.  Still practicing my breathing and the feeling of wanting to cum was getting stronger and stronger, I was about to let go and I needed to warn Justin now.

"Oh God...yeah...oh yeah," I moaned out, running my fingers through his hair as he kept on sucking.

I was close now and I was ready to give him what I'd been holding on to and just as quickly as he had me going, he stopped sucking, letting my dick slide out of his mouth as my orgasm died on the spot.  I was mad as hell at that moment.  Whether he knew it or not, stopping like that when someone is close to shooting is an ass whooping worthy offense.  We were both sitting in the room breathing hard and he smiled up at me.  I wanted to wipe that smile off of his face, but something in his eyes told me that we were not finished yet.  He lucky my dick is still hard or I would have to pop him for getting me all hot and bothered the way he has.

Justin's POV

The look on his face told me he wasn't happy with what I just did.  Whether he knows it or not, I don't want our time together to end.  All the passion we felt in that kiss early, I want to go with that feeling.  Josh has been on my back for weeks to get out and start dating someone.  Hell in my eyes, I think I've found a suitable companion.

Looking up at Nick, it seemed that all of our passion was communicated in that one brief stare.  The wave of my orgasm had died down but my dick was still hard, same as Nick's.  Smiling at him, I laid down on the floor with my legs in the air so he could finally help me get those tight ass leather pants off of me.  Untying his shoes while I was close to his feet, Nick stopped out of his shoes, leaving his pants and underwear in that spot and knelt down next to me.

"I bet your legs feel so much better now that they're not constricted by tight leather," he says, leaning in and kissing me on the lips upside down.

"It's nice to feel the breeze in this room," I tell him, looking into his eyes as he got an evil grin on his face.  "What are you thinking about Nick Carter?"

"I'm still hard and you were teasing me," he tells me, leaning in to kiss me again as he reached over to his pants and grabbed his wallet out of his back pocket.  "I think it's time we remedy that situation for the both of us."

"How do you plan on doing that?"  I asked him in a seductive tone.

"I'm sure you already know," he said, pulling the condom from out of his wallet and smiling at me.  Glad these things are already lubed because I didn't think to include a tube of lube.

I took the condom from him and opened it up.  Smiling at him, I wrapped my fingers around his dick and started stroking him, hoping to get him back to his full mast.  When he was hard as a rock, I placed the condom on the tip of his dick and began rolling it down.  He moaned while I did this and looked as though he had gotten a lil flustered.  Stroking his dick some more, I straddled his hips and prayed that this wasn't going to hurt as much as I imagined it would.

Stopping my movements down on his dick, I leaned up and pulled him into a kiss.  I needed something to take my mind off the size of the monster that would be begging for entry.  Damn, I never had this problem with Josh.  Our tongues started a fierce battle for control as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him.  While we kissed, Nick pushed his hips up, causing the his dick to move into the crack of my ass, right at my doorway.

My fear was overtaking me now and I didn't know if I wanted to go through with this or not.  We were still kissing as he continued to press his dick against my asscrack.  I was getting uncomfortable now when I shouldn't be.  It's only dick.  It's going to hurt at first, but the pain will go away.  I just have to remember that.  I pulled out of the kiss and wrapped my arms around Nick's neck.  Holding on tight, Nick put his hands on my hips and held me in place as he guided me down slowly.  Oh damn, this is going to kill me.  When they ask how he died, they'll say with a big ass dick in his ass.

"Justin are you okay?"  He asks me, caressing my sides now as we were both still.

I nodded my head at him and just closed my eyes.  The pain started to go away slowly and I could tell that my ass was relaxing and opening up to him since I slid the rest of the way down on him, stopping when my ass came in contact with his pubes.

"Oh God," I say as Nick laid back on the floor.  I can feel every vein, ridge and imperfection of his dick.  It'll get better the next time, if there is a next time.

Nick was holding my hips again and had started moving in and out of me slowly.  I opened my eyes to see him looking directly at me with a smile on his face.  Pushing the rest of his dick deep into me, he pulled me down to hug his chest as he held me in place so he can move in and out of me in perfect rhythm.

"Oh God," I moaned out this time out of pleasure instead of pain.  Nick was hitting something in me that Josh never hit before.  I'm sure that's my prostate he's working on, because every time he thrust in and taps it, it sends a spark to my dick and also causes my ass to tighten around his dick a little bit more.

I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning louder than I already was.  I was enjoying this and the way he was holding me like this made it all the better.  I turned my head so that we could kiss and it felt as though I had died and gone to heaven.  I'm starting to like this and I don't know what will happen if this is just a one timer. 

Nick had his eyes closed now as he moved in and out of me.  He had established a good steady rhythm that kept me on the edge of cumming with each of his thrust.  Sitting back up, I started working my ass on top of him, giving him that little extra something he could feel and from the look on his face, he was feeling it very well.

"Mmmmm, I love what you're doing," he says, reaching around to play with my dick now.  "Keep doing that, don't stop."

"I'm not going to stop Nick, I'm enjoying this just as much as you are," I admitted, squeezing a little bit more as he started moaning too.

Lying back down on Nick's chest, I started sucking on his left nipple while I pinched and rolled the other one.  Not expecting that sensation, Nick moaned again and picked up the pace of his thrusting.  Holding me tighter now, I gasped for air as he started hitting that magical spot deep within me over and over again.

"Oh God Justin," he says, thrusting faster now, his legs slapping against my ass, making a loud noise now.  "I'm getting close."

With that, I felt my own orgasm building so I decided to play this on out.  Squeezing his dick and using his body along with mine to create some friction, I rubbed my dick between our bodies and the next feeling that hit was my orgasm coating both of chests.  Feeling my warm juice splatter his skin, he sped up his thrusting and within that same moment, he was cumming too, holding me tight as he shook and convulsed.

I thought I was done with my orgasm, but with the final thrusting and pounding of my prostate, my body was able to produce another load and it expelled itself just like the first.

"Oh God, I can't take no more," I say, trying to catch my breath as I smiled down at Nick and kissed him as he continued hugging me.

"I can't either," he says, breathing hard too.  "This is one of the most amazing experiences in my life."

"Mine too," I tell him, kissing him again as realization hit and I got a little bit self conscious about things.

Looking away from him quickly, I slowly moved up so his dick would slide out of me.  Getting up off the floor I turned away from him and stood in the corner of the room, trying to put my clothes on.

"Justin?"  He said as I looked up at him with tears in my eyes.  I can't do this.  This was cause trouble and I would never hear the end of it from mom and dad  "Justin what's wrong?"

I finished dressing and looked at him one last time before I walked out of the room in a hurry, leaving him standing there, probably wondering what the hell just happened.



I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.