I gave you all the love I got...I gave you more than I could give...I gave you love...I gave you all that I have inside...And you took my love...You took my love...I keep crying...I keep crying...I keep trying for you...There's nothing like you and I baby...This is no ordinary love...No ordinary love...This is no ordinary love...No ordinary love -- Sade

No Ordinary Love
Chapter -- 4, Part B
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

Dec 23 -- Orlando, FL -- The Bass House

Nicole's POV

"Skylar--Honey, where are you?" I called softly, pausing briefly outside the bedroom that he and his brother used when they came to spend the night with me and Lance. The icky queasy feeling that I'd been dealing with for the past few weeks came again, so breathing deep to quiet my stomach while I dealt with the mini crisis among the boys was now the order of the day.

I heard sniffling, but it wasn't coming from their room. Well it seems my favorite boy decided to go hide in my room. I entered as quietly as possible, barely able to make out the lump in the bed that was Skye. I had a feeling that something major was bothering him, so I thought that now would be as good a time as any to find out what it was.

"Hey baby boy," I said, lying in bed behind him and hugging him. "Are you feelin' okay?"

"I guess," he mumbled in response, not moving or even turning to look at me.

"Skye, why were you arguing with Brad?" I asked point blank, interested in knowing what was going on between them since I'd seldom heard them argue when they spent time with me.

"He's a big meanie beast for callin' me a babee!" he exclaimed, facing me now. "He always mean to me Titi! He hate me!"

"Oh sweetie, your brother doesn't hate you!" I stated, kissing his forehead as I cuddled him to me. "Brad is just bein' a big brother. And trust me when I tell you, those big brother make it their mission in life to make us younger kids as miserable as possible. Just ignore him and hopefully he'll grow out of it. Is that the only thing that's bothering you, Little Man?"

"I dunno," he replies, shrugging. He cuddled into me, enjoying the companionable silence. We lay like that for awhile, not talking, but simply being together.

"How about we go make some cookies?" I asked, struck by a sudden craving for fresh baked chocolate chip ones. Skye's black mood lifted instantly at the mention of his second favorite food.

"Yah... let's go make cookies!" he shouted enthusiastically, bouncing around in the bed and causing the nausea to come back full force. Just as the smell of Skye's shampoo hit my nose, I took off for the bathroom, barely making it before I began throwing up everything I'd managed to eat that day.

"Are you okay, Auntie Nikki?" Skye asked as I rinsed my mouth. I smiled weakly, not wanting him to worry, but I was starting to do that myself. These spells are getting to be a regular thing and the last thing I want or need is to end up in the hospital for Christmas.

"I'm fine sweetie," I told him as I took his hand and led him back to the bed so I could get my bearings. I had my suspicions about what was making me sick, but I didn't want to test my theory while the kids were in the house. Skye sat next to me on the bed, resting his head against my arm until I hugged him against me again. "I think I need to get something in my stomach. Man, this flu bug is really getting' nasty--I guess I'll go try to eat some soup while you guys have all the fun eating all the..."

"Titi Nikki... are you gonna die?" he asked, throwing me for a loop. I looked down at him, wondering where he'd gotten such an idea.

"Skye, why would you think I'm gonna die?" I asked, wondering where he was getting this from. "I just have an upset stomach--see? I feel better already."

Ok, what normal 7 year old thinks that somebody's going to die just because they have a stomach ache? I thought with a frown. His next words shed some serious light on where his mind was... and at the same time made me want to kill both his fathers.

"I heard Daddy said that he's scared that Daddy J gonna die because of the bad pills," he explained, making me wish the Halfling was there so I could rip his head off.

Nice move Christopher, I thought angrily as I looked down into Skylar's worried face. The things these kids think of... Oy vey!

"Skye, listen to me," I said gently, holding him tight. "Your Daddy J is fine--and contrary to popular belief, he's not going to die. He's not even sick, so you stop worrying about that okay?

"But Daddy might die," Skye said earnestly, looking like he was about to burst into tears. I sighed, wishing yet again that Chris was there so I could rip his head off.

"Skylar, JT is healthy and happy and he loves you and your big brother so much that he would never even think about leaving you guys on purpose," I told him vehemently, smiling to take the edge off my words. "Trust me, he and your Daddy have been through too much together to give up on each other at this stage in the game. JT isn't gonna go anywhere, and I want you to promise me that if you ever feel like this again that you'll go talk to your Daddies, okay?"

"Okay," he replied, smiling brightly again. "We make cookies now?"

"Only if you make pinky swears," I told him, holding up my pinky finger as he giggled and hooked onto me, hugging me again. He shot out of the room, running downstairs calling for Brad in the loudest voice he could as I laughed and headed for the kitchen to get ready to bake. I could hear the three of them in the living room horsing around, and all I could do was shake my head.

So much for having help, I thought as I mixed the cookie dough, happier than I had been in a long time in spite of my upset stomach. Maybe I should make an appointment to see Dr. Tyler after Christmas, just to make sure nothing is wrong.

By the time the cookies were done, I'd fixed a big dinner for us complete with hamburgers and French fries, lemonade and salad. I'd forgotten just how much little boys could eat because Jamie ended up having to grill more burgers for the little bottomless pits. Once it was time for them to go home, Jamie volunteered to drive them since Justin had called and asked him to meet him at JT & Chris' house, adding that I was looking really tired anyway and he was still on Japanese time.

"I'll be back in a few hours max," he said as he kissed me with a worried frown. "Why don't you go on to bed... you look like you could use the rest."

"I guess," I retorted, stifling a yawn as I spoke, but my mind was a million miles away as I kissed the boys good-bye and watched them leaving. I was going over dates and times in my head, and when I finally arrived on a date for my LMP, I just knew that date just couldn't be right! I ran to get my calendar, flipping through the last two months, but nope, no mention of my period.

"Oh man... I can't be," I whispered, tugging on my bra for the gazillionth time that day. I ran to grab my purse, driving like a bat out of hell to the local drug store and purchasing four different early pregnancy tests, not even batting an eyelash when the clerk looked at me like I'd lost my mind.

I drove home at top speed again, thanking G-d that the police didn't catch me. Once I was there I went back upstairs to our bedroom, not even stopping until I was in the bathroom with the bag containing the tests. I drank as much water as I could hold, peeing on stick after stick until I was done. I left them on the counter, sitting on the bed and trying to remember when Jamie and I might have made this baby--if indeed there was one--and the only day I could come up with was the day I went to Church with him.

"Damn it Jamie--you are so in trouble," I muttered darkly as I walked closer to the bathroom, afraid to actually go inside. I rolled my eyes at my chicken shit attitude, declaring, "It's just a darned pregnancy test girl! Dang, just go do it!"

I walked into the bathroom, grabbing the first test I came to and looking at it. It took my mind a few seconds of staring at it for the `+' sign to effectively sink in, but as I threw that one away and picked up each new one in turn, I realized that I was, without a doubt pregnant with my first child. I went on auto pilot, throwing away the tests and taking the bag downstairs to the garbage can to be buried under the rest of the garbage in there. I went back upstairs, stopping at the door to one of our spare bedrooms and looking in.

So much for an in home office for me, I thought sarcastically as I closed the door and went to our bedroom again. I took a shower, donning a pretty black silk nightgown and crawling into bed to wait for Jamie to come home, but by the time he did, I was fast asleep and not waking up for him or anybody else. Just before I fell asleep, I thought better of telling him when he got home. Tomorrow's Christmas... I think I'll tell him then... what a present this is gonna be!

A Bit Later at Chris and JT's House

Chris' POV

Whew!  I'm glad this day is almost over; I'm dog-tired and ready for a good night's sleep.  After being trapped on a plane for half the morning with Diva Justin and JC and then getting back just in time to help JT with the rest of the Christmas shopping, I'm in need of a whole lot of sleep.  I don't think it was this day that was so tiring to me; it's just been the whole week in general.  While over in Japan, we went from place to place nonstop and we were constantly moving.  It was like I was moving through everything we did on autopilot.  I don't even think I had a thought about anything; I just did it and moved on.  Oh just wait until I get my hands on Johnny, I'm going to kick my foot so far up his ass that it'll take multiple surgeries to get it out.  He had no damn right to schedule us for some shows like this during the holidays.  That contract shit could've waited until some other time.  He was being spiteful, but he just wait, I can be spiteful too.

Now that I'm home again with JT, my body is trying to adjust itself to where I am, but I don't think the process is working right.  I feel tired, but not sleepy, I'm a little wired, not too much.  I don't know what's going on with me, but after the holidays, I'll pay a visit to the doctor for a check up.  I just hope this doesn't affect my life too much.  The boys will be back with Lance soon and I know they'll probably want to play around for a while.  I just hope my body can last long enough to have fun with them.  This could be a glitch with me, could be the lapse in time between here and Japan.  Hopefully, I'll return to normal after the holidays go by.

Walking into my office, I sit down at the desk to see that I have messages waiting to be heard.  Pressing the buttons to play my messages, I listen to each of them and stop at one from Dr. Lansing that requests that I call him back as soon as I have the time.  It seems he has something to discuss with me about JT's medical condition.  I hope JT isn't getting worse, he's been doing so well and we don't need him backpedaling right now.  Writing down the information from the doctor, I listen to a few more messages and take a few more notes and get up to leave.  Before I could get to the door, the phone rings again and I walk over to the desk to answer the phone.

"Hello?"  I say into the phone, not even looking at the caller id.

"Just who I wanted to speak to," I hear Nikki say as I smile.

"What's up lovely lady?"  I ask her as I sit back down behind the desk and recline back in the chair.

"Chris," she said, sounding tired.  "Listen, the boys are on their way home with Jamie, but you and I need to talk right now."

"Talk about what Nikki?  Is something wrong?"  I ask her, getting a little bit worried that maybe something happened to one of the boys while they were with her.

"I had a little talk with Skye, it wasn't a good one Chris.  It seems he overheard you talking on the phone to someone about being scared that JT is gonna commit suicide or something."

"What?  Oh no," I say, remembering the conversation I had with Dr. Lansing the day before we left to go to Japan.

"Yeah, big oh no.  He overheard you and he thinks that JT is going to die and that's too much for a seven year old to carry inside," she tells me, sounding like she was teary-eyed now.

"I guess I have to talk to him and assure him that JT or me for that matter isn't going anywhere," I tell her as I think about what could be going through his mind.

"Good," she says sniffling.  "You need to be careful when you're talking.  You never know where small ears are hiding."

"Don't go getting' all weepy eyed on me now, lady," I quipped, trying to get her to laugh.  "I'll talk to him when he gets home."

"You do that...but promise me that next time you'll be more careful of what you say around him and Brad," she says, sniffing again.  "They might not show it, but they do hear what you say and it affects them just like it does you or I."

"I promise that I'll be more careful Nikki," I tell her as I hear the front door open.  "They're here.  I'll talk to you later girl and thanks for the head's up."

"You're welcome, what are auntie's for anyway," she says as I smile.  "Night Chris."

"Night," I say, hanging up the phone and thinking over what Nikki just told me.


Why is this day going by so slowly?  I've been up since a little after six and here it is almost eight and I'm still up.  I'm so glad that Chris and the guys are back from their little excursion over in Asia.  My mind kept playing stupid scenarios over and over in my mind about their fucking plane.  Now that he's back, I think I can finally get some real rest.  I don't have to worry about anything happening to him, he's all right and I can concentrate on other things.

"Hey anyone home?"  I hear as the boys come running into the kitchen where I was, with Skye wrapping himself around my legs, almost making me fall in the process.  "Well hello JT."

"Hi Jamie," I say, reaching down to pick up Skye and place him up on top of the counter.

"Daddee Skye called me a meanie beast," Brad says as I turn to look at Skye.

"Well if he hadn't called me a big babee, I wouldn't have called him that Daddy," Skye says, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Boys behave yourself.  Go on up to your room and get ready for bed," I tell them as Jamie sits down at the table just as his cell phone rings.

"Hello," Jamie says as he looked at the phone strangely and then back at me.  "Hello?"

"Is something wrong Jamie?"  I ask him as he presses a button on the phone and looks at the screen.

"Justin is that you?"  Jamie asks, holding the phone back to his ear again.  "Come on Just, I'm not in the mood for games."

"Hey Scoop, what's going on?"  Chris asks, walking into the room and hugging me.  "Baby we need to talk later."

"Talk about what Chris?"  I ask him as Jamie stands up now and places the phone down on the table.

"I tell you later on," he tells me as he walks around the island to the refrigerator.  "Where are the boys?"

"I just sent them upstairs to get ready for bed," I tell him, wondering what it was that we needed to talk about.

"Alright, I'll go up in a few to tuck them in," he says, popping the top of his beer and taking a swig.  "Scoop was that Justin?"

"I don't know Chris.  If it was, all he did was sniffle and cry," Jamie says as both of us looked at each other and then back to him.  "What you two looking at me like that for?"

"Why would Justin be calling you and why would he be crying?"  I ask him, wanting to know what was going on with the baby blonde of the group.

"I don't know JT, that's what's bothering me," he says as Chris joins him over at the table.

"Do you know where he could be?  What phone was he calling from?"  Chris asks him, sitting down at the table.

"He was on his cell," Jamie answers as the phone rings again and this time they both check the caller id screen.

"I think we'll all listen to him," Jamie says, pressing the button on his phone and then pressing another.  "Hello?"

"Lance I need to talk...talk to you.  Where are you?"  We all hear Justin say through the loudspeaker on Jamie's phone.

"I'm at JT and Chris' house," he tells him as we hear Justin sniffle and the sound of tires screeching can be heard.  "Justin where are you?"

"I was on the way to your place, but I guess I will head there," he says as we all hear the dial tone.

"I guess Justin's on his way over here," I say, going to the refrigerator to get myself a drink.  "Do you want something to drink Jamie?"

"I think I'll have what Chris is having," Jamie says as I grab a beer for him and toss it over to him.

"Daddee Brad's picking on me again," we hear as Skye came running down the stairs with Brad hot on his heels.  "Make him stop, make him stop!"

"Boys cut that out," I say, grabbing Brad and pushing him into the nearest chair as Skye wrapped his arms around my legs tightly.  "Skye you're cutting off the circulation in my legs."

"Sorry daddee, I'm sorree," he says as Chris looks at me and then down at the table.

"Skye are you alright?"  I ask him, picking him up and sitting him on the countertop in front of me.

"Yeah I'm okay daddee," he replies, not looking at me.

"Are you sure son?"  I ask him as he nods his head, still not looking up at me.  "Okay."

"He's okay dad, he's just a big babee," Brad says, hopping up from the chair and sticking his tongue out at Skye.  "Big babee, big babee."

"Hush boy," I say as he closed his mouth and stepped closer to Jamie and Chris.  "Apologize to your brother."

"But why?  He is a big babee, why apologize for telling the truth?" Brad asks as I glare at him and he steps back again, falling into Jamie's lap.  "Sorry Unca Lance."

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to," Jamie tells him, taking another sip of his beer and placing the bottle on the table.  "You two have been at it most of the day.  You two need to get this over with.  You're brothers, you're not supposed to be fighting, especially now."

"What do you mean they've been going at it most of the day?  Were you two fighting like this while you were with Nikki?"  I ask as Skye nods his head slowly, still not looking up at me.

"He started it dad," Brad says as I glare at him.

"I don't care who started it, you two shouldn't have been fighting and arguing in the first place," I tell them in a scolding tone.  "You two are lucky it's the holidays."

"It's not my fault dad, I can't help it if he's acking like a big babee," Brad says as Chris got up and stood in front of me, noticing the angry look on my face.

"Brad hush," Chris says, wrapping his arms around me.  "JT we need to talk right now."

"Talk about what Chris?"  I ask him, not taking my attention off of Skye and Brad

"He's nothing but a big ole meanie beast," Skye says as Chris glared at him and he hopped down from the counter and ran out of the room.

"What's that all about?"  I ask, watching as the door kitchen door swung shut and Skye was gone.

"Baby we just need to go talk first," Chris says, pulling me out of the room, leaving Jamie and Brad in the kitchen.

In the Other Room

Chris' POV

This is fucking great.  How can I explain to him that our youngest son overheard me talking about his condition with his doctor?  I'm glad Nicole told me what was going on, but I'm shocked that neither I nor JT saw what was actually going on with Skye.  I know he's been acting strange, but I never would've guess that it had something to do with him thinking JT was going to die.  I just wish he would've came to me or JT and told us what was on his mind.  He's too little of a guy to have that kind of stuff on his mind.  I'm sure this is really tearing him up.

"Chris what's going on around here with the boys?  What am I missing here?"  He asks me as he sits down on the sofa.  "What's wrong with our children?"

"Baby, take a breath and calm down," I tell him, sitting next to him on the sofa and wrapping my arms around his waist.  "I need you to be calm and hear me out before you say anything."

"Hear you out about what and why are you telling me to calm down Chris?  I have a right to be a little bit angry right now.  I'm getting tired of the fighting between them and most of the time its Brad's fault," he tells me, looking around at the kitchen door and then back at me.

"Baby just calm down and listen to me," I tell him as he sighs.

"Fine Chris, talk," he says as I leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

"Well before we left to go to Japan, I had a conversation with Dr. Lansing.  While talking to him, I talked about my fears for you," I tell him as he looks at me funny.  "While I was talking to Dr. Lansing about how I thought you were going to get really depressed and might try to kill yourself, Skye overhead the conversation.  At the time I didn't know, but Nikki called me today and told me that she and Skye had a talk and that's what he told her.  That's one of the reason's he's been upset."

"What?  You're joking right?"  He asks me, getting up now.

"Baby you are supposed to stay calm," I say as he turns around quickly.

"Like hell I will!"  He shouts.  "Our baby is upset about me dying because he overheard you talking to Dr. Lansing about it!  Why the hell were you talking to Dr. Lansing about me fucking dying?"

"Baby please calm down.  We don't need the boys hearing us argue, it'll only cause more problems," I tell him as he shakes his head and turns away from me.  "You know things were a little bit touch and go after Kate left us and when I told you that Johnny had booked us to go to Japan, you started pulling away from me."

"That wasn't reason enough for you to go behind my back and call Dr. Lansing!"  He shouts at me as he sat down on the sofa and starts crying.  "Maybe if I'd killed myself back then, you could have found someone to be happy with."

"What?!?  I'm happy with you, always have been, always will be JT," I tell him, sitting down next to him again and wrapping my arms around him as he cried on my shoulder.

"You got to admit it; your life will be a whole lot better if I wasn't in it," he tells me as he pulls away from me and gets up.  "Kate isn't the cause of the problems in this family, I am."

"No such a thing baby," I tell him, getting up and walking over to him.  "If I didn't have you in my life, I'd most certainly not want to live.  I love you JT, I need you hear with me.  Without you, my life isn't much of a life to live."

"Yeah, but without me, you wouldn't have to put up with a guy that's like me," he tells me, pulling out of my arms and walking towards the door.  "I'll go find Skye, you go handle Brad."

"Okay baby," I say, sighing as he left me in the room.

Upstairs in the Boys' Room

"Skye?  Skye are you in here son?"  JT called out as he walked into the room and looked around for any sign of Skye.  "Come on out son, I need to talk to you."

Walking farther into the room, JT opened the bathroom door and looked around and then looked into the closet, still not finding his youngest son.  Walking around to where the beds were, he knelt down where the bed separated from the wall and he found Skye hiding there.  Reaching down, JT picked up Skye and brought him into his arms.

"Baby boy we need to talk," JT told the little boy as he kissed him on the forehead and carried him out of the room and down the hall to his and Chris' bedroom.

"Daddy I'm sorry for what I did," Skye told him as JT closed the door and sat Skye down on the bed.

"Sorry for what son?"  JT asked him as he knelt down in front of the little boy.

"For being mean to Brad," Skye answered him as he sniffled.  "But if he hadn't been bad, I wouldn't be bad."

"What did he do?  How was he being bad?"  JT asked him, wiping the boy's face.

"He kept calling me names daddy," Skye said, sniffling as more tears came.

"And?"  JT said, not taking his eyes off of Skye.  "Is that all you're upset about son?"

"I...I'm scared for you daddy," Skye says, hugging JT around the neck.

"Scared for me why?"  JT asked him, not letting on that he and Chris talked.

"I don't want you to die daddy," Skye says, tightening his grip around JT's neck.  "Please don't die daddy.  I don't want you to go."

"Sonny boy, I'm not going anywhere.  Both me and Chris are going to be here for long long time," JT told the little boy as he pulled back and kissed him on the forehead.  "I don't care what you or anyone else say or do Skye, I nor Chris is going anywhere, anytime soon."

"You sure daddy?"  Skye asked, wiping his own eyes now.

"Yeah Skye I'm sure.  I'm not going anywhere, I'll always be right here for you," JT told him, crying a little bit now too.   

"Okay daddy," Skye said, hugging JT around the neck again.

"Is that all you're upset about Skye?"  JT asked him, while ruffling Skye's hair.

"Brad still don't like me," Skye said, sniffing more.  "He doesn't like having a brother."

"That's not true Skye," JT told him.

"Yes it is daddy, he don't like me at all," Skye told him as he turned away from JT.

"Come on buddy, Brad loves you, you two are brothers," JT told him as he smoothed the little boy's hair back.

"No we're not," Skye said, more tears now.  "He don't like me because you're not my real daddy too."

"Huh?  What do you mean I'm not your real daddy too?"  JT asked the little boy.

"You not my real daddy too," Skye said, looking down at his hands.  "Some kids at school told us that we're not really brothers and that's why he don't like me."

"Some kids did what?"  JT asked, standing up now.

"Uh huh and they said that since Auntie Kate was his mummy and Auntie Sam was my mummy, that we weren't really brothers," Skye said, crying again now as JT just stood there watching the little boy with anger in his eyes.

"Son that's not true.  Brad is my son and you are my son.  You are Chris' son and Brad is his son too.  Regardless of what people say, you are our children and you always will be," JT told him.  "Yes you two have different mothers, but you both have the same fathers and we both love the both of you very very much."

"But they said..."  Skye said as JT shook his head and picked Skye up.

"It's not important what they said son," JT said, kissing Skye on the forehead.  "We're your fathers, Brad is your brother and that's how it is.  We're your family son and don't you ever forget that."

"I won't daddy," Skye said, hugging JT around the neck.

"Let's get back downstairs, I'm sure you're hungry," JT told him as Skye nodded his head in agreement.

20 Minutes Previously -- Downstairs in the Kitchen

Jamie's POV

I don't understand what's going on here.  What the hell is wrong with Justin?  He's been acting strange since before we went off to Japan.  Now that we're back, he's getting stranger to me.  What's the deal with the crying?  Did he and Josh have another fight or something?  This is getting to be a habit with them getting on each other's nerves.  If they can't get along, they need to part ways and leave each other alone.

"Are we clear young man?"  Chris asks, walking back into the kitchen with Brad.

"Yes sir, we're clear," Brad says as he sat down at the table.  "When is dinner?  I'm hungry."

"When JT and Skye get here, we'll eat then," Chris tells him as the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," I say, getting up from the table to go answer the door.  "It's probably Justin."

"Probably is," Chris says as I walk out of the room to open the door.

I hope this doesn't take long.  I have other things to do with my time and hanging around with Justin and his whining isn't one of them.  The boy made it clear along time ago that he didn't want to have anything to do with any of us, so I don't know why he's even wanting to come around here.  I'll just get this over with as soon as possible, call it a night and get home to Nicole, I'm sure the two of us can find something to do with our time.

"Lance, I'm so glad to see you," Justin says as I stepped back and allowed him to come in.

"What's wrong with you Justin?"  I ask him.

"I need...need to talk to you and Chris about something," he tells me.

"Talk to us about what?"  I ask him, walking along with him towards the kitchen.

"I...I'll wait until we're together talking," Justin says as I pushed the door to the kitchen open and he walked in and I followed him.

"Hello Justin, what's wrong?"  Chris asks him as he walks over to the stove and turns a pot off.

"N-nothing's wrong Chris," Justin says, sniffling as Chris turns around and motions for Brad to go up the backstairs.

"The look on your face says otherwise Justin," Chris tells him as Brad got up and walked up the stairs.

"Honest Chris, I'm alright," Justin says, motioning for the chair that Brad had just gotten out of.  "May I sit down?"

"Go ahead," Chris says, walking around the table to sit down across from Justin as I did the same.  "So what did you want to talk about Justin?"

"I...I did something today and I don't know what to think about it all," Justin says, a few tears falling from his eyes.

"What did you do Justin?"  I ask him as we hear a door close and then another door and then another door as Chris looks over in the directions of the stairs.

"I...I did something nasty," Justin says, getting up from the table now as we hear another door close and then another and then we both see JT walking down the stairs.

"What did you do Justin?"  Chris asks him, getting up from his spot and walking over to JT whom had a worried look on his face.  "Baby, everything alright?"

"Yeah, we can talk about it later," JT said as he kissed Chris on the cheek and walked over to the stove.

"Maybe this is a bad time," Justin says, getting up now.

"No, it's not a bad time," Chris says, turning around and pushing Justin back over to the table.  "Whatever it is you wanted to talk to us about, you need to get started."

"Maybe another time," Justin says, moving to pass Chris, but I grab him this time.

"You are not leaving until you tell us what's going on Justin," I tell him, standing in front of him now.  "You called my phone crying and shit and I want to know why you did that."

"So you might as well tell us what it is you did that was so nasty that had you crying and calling Lance to talk to us," Chris says as he crossed his arms across his chest and Justin sat back down.

"Fine," Justin says as he sniffled again and wiped at his eyes.  "I had sex...sex with Nick Carter today."

"And?"  Chris asks as I just stood there with my mouth open.

"And what Chris?"  Justin asks as I just stare at him, not being able to think of anything to say at that moment.

"And did you like it?  What happened?  Are you two going to date?  Are you finally coming out to us?"  Chris asks him.

"Yeah I liked it, I liked it very much Chris.  I'm scared to death of what happened between us today.  I very much liked what happened, but I know...I know I will be risking a lot to be with him.  I'm scared this is going to fuck everything up for me, for you guys if we happen to do another album and possibly for him and his group.  I want to be with him, but I'm scared what mom and dad will say," Justin explains, not taking time to get a breath in.

"Well it's about time you went on and did something about that thing you needed in your ass," JT says, walking past the three of us and heading for the refrigerator.  "I should have taken bets about this.  I knew the lil boy was gay, but no one listened to me.  Hell all the time he and Josh spent together alone should have been a sign."

"JT don't start," I tell him as he sticks his tongue out and closes the refrigerator door.  "So you're gay and scared how Lynn and Paul will react to that?"

"Yeah I am," Justin answers me.  "I don't want them to hate me for being gay and possibly fucking up my career."

"Child ain't nothing wrong with your career.  Most of your fans figure you're gay or bisexual anyway so don't sweat it," JT says, stirring the contents of the pot on the stove.  "I say it's about time. Now go on and get with Nick Carter and let him make an honest man out of you."

"JT..."  Chris says as Justin stands up and turns around to face JT.

"You already knew about me?"  Justin asks, walking over to JT now.

"Yeah I did, why?" JT asks him, placing the lid back over the pot and walking around the island.  "Justin you can't hide being gay from other gay men.  You swish more than me and Chris do.  Hell you swish more than Josh do and he claims to be bisexual.  Hell I knew you were gay, when I saw you in bed why Josh, so why even bother hiding?"

"You've seen us in bed together?"  Justin asks, sweating more and blushing.

"Remember that time when we all went to Jamaica?  The trip we all took after the you guys were done with the `No Strings Tour'?"  JT asks as Justin nodded his head.  "You should learn to lock your suit door."

"Oh God," Justin says, turning away from JT and then looking at Chris.  "So I take it you knew about me and Josh already?"

"Well not much about it, I just knew you and him had done something, just didn't know what," Chris replies, looking over at JT.  "That husband of mine wouldn't go into detail."

"Why should I?  It wasn't my business to tell you what they were doing," JT replies, walking over to the table.

"So you being gay is what has you so upset?"  I ask him as he nods his head.

"Why be upset Justin?"  Chris asks him.  "You think we're going to hate you more than we already do?"

"You hate me?"  Justin asks, looking back at Chris, then me and then around to JT.  "Why do you hate me?"

"Maybe you need to ask yourself that question Justin," JT answers this time as he sat down at the table where Justin was previously.

"We don't hate hate you, but we are upset with some of the things you've done in the past.  You have to admit that you've done some shitting things to us," I tell him as he looks down at the floor.

"I'm sorry," Justin says, barely audible.  "I didn't mean to do those things.  I was trying to live up to a fucking image that Johnny and the other PR execs created."

"Well you didn't have to actually play to their games Justin," JT says, tapping his fingers on the table.  "Since you went solo, you've done nothing but trashed the people that are truly your friends.  I hope you don't expect any of us to just start jumping up and down and hugging you Justin.  You hurt us and it's going to take a lot on your part to somewhat heal that hurt."

"I know that JT, but I'm really sorry.  I wish I hadn't tried to live up to that image, I closed all of you out and when I need you the most, you won't be here," Justin says as he looks down at the floor and turns around.  "Thanks for listening to me.  I'll go now."

"You ain't going nowhere blondie, sit your lil ass back down at that table," JT says as the three of us watched him.  "It's almost dinner time.  So make yourself comfortable."

"JT I..."  Justin started, but JT shook his head.

"It's almost Christmas and we don't need to think about that stuff from the past," JT says, getting up.  "I'm going to get the boys washed up.  You three talk or whatever amongst yourselves."



I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.