Nsync, the Backstreet Boys, and Me

Written by: Shawn

Co-Authored by: Jayson & Joshua Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer

This story is totally fictional and not meant to imply anything about Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys or Justin Timberlake of Nsync. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, enjoy the story.

A Note From The Author:

This is really my first time writing this type of story, so I hope you enjoy it. Two very good stories are written by the co-authors of this series, that you really should check out. They are Loving BSB and Nick & Brian. And now on with the story!

Chapter 1

My name is Shawn Hollingsworth, I'm 16 years old, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. I stand 5'9" and have a slim build. I have known for awhile that I am attracted to other guys, but it was never as apparent to me as it was after I attended a Backstreet Boys concert last summer. I had originally not wanted to go, but a friend of mine had gotten her hands on two tickets, and didn't have anyone else to take, so I went with her.

And am I glad I did! For it was then that I realized that not only is their music good, but they're all pretty damn cute too! Especially Nickolas Carter. Ever since that night I have been lusting after him, dreaming of meeting him, and my bedroom has become a shrine to the Backstreet Boys and Nsync.

Nsync is the other music group that I love. Not only is there music really good, but they're also good looking, my absolute favorite being Justin Timberlake. I've had several dreams about meeting Nick and Justin, but I figure it probably will never happen. So, I just continue on with my life, my posters, books, and CDs keeping me going.

My parents never have really had that much time for me, as they are always attending fancy parties and such. I was born into a family of high standing I guess. My mother, Amanda von Omberg-Hollingsworth, is a member of a removed branch of the Prussian royal family, and as such people do refer to her as Princess Amanda. My father is Lord Charles Hollingsworth. So, I never really see them, and I am cared for by a kindly elderly woman who was hired as my nanny when I was born.

Being the son of a Lord and a Princess can be quite hard, especially when I hardly ever even see my parents, who would rather spend time with all of their rich and important friends then their own son.

Here it is July and I am just sitting in my room, listening to my Backstreet Boys cd. I would go outside and enjoy the warmth of the day outside, but my father has ordered me to stay in my room and has even placed a guard outside the door to make sure I don't go anywhere. Then suddenly the door opens, and my father walks into the room.

"Turn that stereo off, I need to talk to you," replies my father.

I quickly done as I'm told and then my father begins to speak.

"Your nanny died this morning, and your mother and I will be flying to Europe in the morning."

"You're leaving me here all alone?"

"No, you will be attending the same boarding school that your mother attended in Orlando, Florida."

"Yes, sir, I understand."

Without saying another word, my father turns on his heel and walks out of the room, and I turn my stereo back on as I get off of my bed and begin packing. As I'm packing, I begin to think about my parents. Even though I hardly even know them, I still love them. Which may seem very weird. They hardly ever spend time with me and when they do, they're always so distant, as if they'd rather be doing something else.

The next day came quickly and my bags were loaded into a black stretch limousine, while my parents' luggage was loaded into a white stretch limousine. I stood outside the house awaiting my parents to come out and say goodbye.

My mother and father came out about twenty minutes later, but didn't even acknowledge that I was even there. They just walked past me and got into their limo, which sped off down the driveway. I couldn't believe it! We'll be apart for months, with several thousand miles between us, and they can't even find it in their hearts to say goodbye to their own son?

"The hell with them," I muttered as I climbed into my limousine, which jerked forward and headed down the driveway. The drive to the airport was short, and when I got there, I was in for another shock. My parents were flying to London on a private jet, while they got me a coach ticket on a commercial airline to Orlando. I quickly grabbed my ticket and took it to the counter.

"Could I return this and get a first-class ticket to Orlando?" I asked the woman at the counter.

"I'm sorry sir, but all of our first class flights to Orlando are filled, unless you're a king or something, there's nothing I can do."

I laughed at that and the woman just looked at me funny as I replied, "Well, then you can get me a first class ticket, for I am the son of Princess Amanda von Omberg-Hollingsworth and Lord Charles Hollingsworth."

"Yeah right, and I am President of the United States!" replies the woman with a smirk on her face.

She very quickly stops laughing when I pulled out my wallet and showed her my id, which reads, "Lord Shawn Hollingsworth" and son of "Lord Charles and Princess Amanda Hollingsworth."

"I'm so sorry sir, I didn't realize. Let's see here, ah yes, we do have an opening in first class on our 12 o'clock flight to Orlando."

I looked up at the clock, it's a little after 8 right now, my flight was originally scheduled to take off at 9:30. I thought about it for a moment before saying, "Can I get anything earlier? A private jet perhaps?"

"I'm sorry sir, we don't have any private jets available at the moment, but let me look through the computer one more time for open first class seats."

The woman at the counter looks through the computer, and says, "Oh, I'm sorry sir, we do have an earlier flight, it leaves in half an hour."

"That'll be fine, I'll take that."

"Okay, well, that will be an extra $120," replies the woman, as I pull out my wallet again, and quickly hand her the cash. She gives me the ticket, and I quickly run my luggage through the baggage check, and then sit down near the gate to wait for the plane to be boarded. Half an hour passes quickly, and within minutes I hear a voice saying, "Flight 348 to Orlando, Florida is now boarding at Gate 7A."

I stand up, grab my carry-on, and walk over to the gate and hand the young man my ticket, who then waves me onto the plane. I board the plane and find my seat, A-5, which is a window seat, and sit down. That's when it happened. The event that totally shocked me. Before my very eyes stood Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, JC Chasez, Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake of the music groups the Backstreet Boys, and Nsync.

To Be Continued...

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